Q. My husband had hip replacement surgery in January. For two days after the surgery, he was a bit groggy. By the third day he was hallucinating.

I was trying to prevent him from injuring his new hip while he was seeing bobcats, raccoons, cattle trucks and airplanes, all in his hospital room. He threatened to divorce me because I wouldn’t take him home. We've been through Hell.

We thought he'd had a stroke but that was ruled out. We finally figured out it was probably the OxyContin he was given for pain.

Since this happened I've heard of other people on this drug who have had hallucinations. Why don't they get that drug off the market?

A. OxyContin (timed-release oxycodone) is a very effective pain reliever, but like other narcotics, it may sometimes cause hallucinations. Doctors should alert patients and their families about this possibility so they don’t have to go through the terror you experienced.


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  1. Nola
    Southern Ohio

    It is 3am, I don’t want to go back to sleep. I am on oxy’s due to vertebrae deteriorating in my neck. Have had 5 heart attacks and afib in last two years. This is my first week on oxy’s.

    Through the day, I feel good, can do tasks I am unable to withiut them. The last couple of nights, I start having crazy dreams, but they happen as soon as I close my eyes, before I actually fall asleep! They are very scary dreams. I woke up with my heart racing, which scared me, thinking I was back in afib again. I thought I heard sirens, then it was bugs clicking on the walls. The sounds didn’t scare me, but the dreams are the worst, scary, realistic nightmares. One dream was I was ha I g another heart attack. Another was animals running thru the house after me. I got up at 2:30 one night and stayed up and tonight I am up at 3am.

    So I decided to look up drug interactions. I started with the oxycodone since it was the latest drug added to the many heart meds I take. I ran across these comments! All the comments above make me understand what is happening to me! The hallucinations and wild dreams as soon as you close your eyes, before you are actually asleep are real people. No more oxy’s for me after these wear off tonight.

    • Abby
      Boise, ID

      My husband has epilepsy and broke his t12 during a seizure. He has been in the hospital for 5 days. On the third day he started hallucinations, and by the 4th day he was convinced I had poisoned him, and the hospital had kidnapped him. The Drs were trying to convince me that he was detoxing from drinking, which is stupid because he doesn’t drink that much. Finally, his neurologist came in and said it was the interaction between the pain meds and his seizure medication. He’s still in there and still confused. I’m so scared he won’t come out of this.

      • Lori

        How is your husband ? Did he come out of it? God bless you both. My mom is going through the hallucinations as well. Told the doctors to take her off of it!!!

  2. madrone
    venus California

    I started taking oxycontin again after years of being off it. I know better, and the stuff can cause an effect of more pain & inflammation. My bowels hurt, stomach hurts. Even low back which means my kidneys are upset. It is causing more pain then good. I think for a very short duration it is helpful, but long term NoWAy. The only med that relieves pain without terrible side effects is nucynta. Pricy but worth it. Its brand so you know what you’re getting, just as needed. And no costipation. It’s a miricle. To those interested I’d choose that over the big O ano

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