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Q. I read about the woman who uses olive oil as a personal lubricant. Is it safe to apply the olive oil directly inside the vagina?

A. Some women may have allergic reactions, so it would be prudent to do a “patch test” on the inner arm first. If it is safe enough to eat, though, it is probably safer than certain other things used as personal lubricants. Do keep in mind that all oils are incompatible with latex, causing it to deteriorate, so must not be used with barrier contraceptives such as condoms or diaphragms. For that, water-based lubricants are much safer.

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  1. Jessa

    I’m about to try. 31. Sometimes things don’t work like what used to. Bottoms up ;-)

  2. Kris
    New York

    I had breast cancer and the hormone blocking medication has caused terrible dryness, making intercourse very painful! I cannot use any estrogen. I understand some woman have been having good results using olive oil. Can you use it daily to improve the vaginal tissue? How much is recommended and best application. Any advice greatly appreciated!

  3. nadine

    I have been having dryness when having sex I could not get wet its my first time trying olive oil I hope it works for me does anyone know how often I should repeat this step?

  4. Debbie

    Hi everyone :)
    I was diagnosed with vaginitis. It was due to vaginal dryness. The onset of this was both surprising, and depressing. I have found taking a sterile small syringe of olive oil, and laying down on my back, and Inserting in the vagina every other day has been very very helpful. I hope this helps someone. :)

  5. syed

    Can almond oil be used as a sex lubricant? Olive oil or almond oil which is better for sexual excitement, removing vaginal dryness and making vagina lubricated from sexual excitement?

  6. Tj

    Hi Yes to get the olive oil inside the vagina without a mess…. go to any beauty supply and look for hair color application squeeze bottles with a long nozzle on the bottle or go to a health food store in the vitamin department and get a glass bottle with a eyedropper :) i hope this was helpful Put the oil in while laying down in bed before sleepy time :)

  7. kendra

    I have an impacted ear drum, and so, I use olive oil to help loosen things up…works great, I cleaned out an empty Visine bottle and put the olive oil in with a small funnel…the harder you squeeze, the more you get…it’s perfect!

  8. MP

    I used to get ‘honeymoon cystitis’ for over 29 years. After menopause I was listening to the TV and heard a few ladies were using this for the dryness. I was extremely and pleasantly surprised that it not only assisted with lubrication but NO CYSTITIS (urinary tract infection) following intimacy.
    Unbelievable. So happy. No more antibiotics!

  9. MP

    I use to get ‘honeymoon cystitis’ for over 29years. After menopause I was listening to the TV and heard a few ladies were using this for the dryness. I was extremely and pleasantly surprised that it not only assisted with lubrication but NO CYSTITIS (urinary tract infection) following intimacy. Unbelievable. So happy. No more antibiotics!

  10. Marissa

    No, it is not safe to put olive oil on condoms. It causes tears and holes into the condom. And that will be a messy situation.

  11. CC

    Thank you for the informative article! I know that olive oil should not be used with condoms, but can it be used along with spermicidal foam?

  12. GS

    hot dog or ketchup squirters.

  13. LC

    Olive oil as extra virgin is quite thick and does not have the prettiest fragrance. Is it safe to put a drop of lavender oil in a mix? Or alternatively, what about using sweet almond oil which is normally used as a carrier oil in massage therapy?
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: If olive oil does not appeal to you, almond oil would work just as well. We’d suggest leaving the lavender oil out. It has estrogenic activity and might sensitize those delicate tissues as well.

  14. BJ

    Thanks to all! My cancer meds dried me out terribly. I tried every lubricant, gel, bead I could find to no avail. Olive oil worked like a charm. It’s edible and left my skin feeling soft too!

  15. A.O

    well you can ask your man to help out.

  16. JR

    My husband and I used olive oil as a lubricant for years and have three beautiful children who were all conceived within the first month of trying – despite the olive oil! Definitely not a contraceptive on its own.

  17. KiwiP

    BEWARE:- Olive oil alone DOES NOT WORK!!!
    DoctorM omits to mention the ALL-IMPORTANT PART of Stopes highly reliable olive oil contraceptive: THE SPONGE!
    “British birth control crusader Marie Stopes
    2,000 of her indigent patients – she recorded no
    unintended pregnancies in the follow-up visits.”

    My mother had a GP friend who worked in northern France in the post-war period. Local women in Brittany told her that they had traditionally used sponges soaked in red wine to good effect. Other historic reports exist of the similar use of sponges with vinegar, or even brandy; neither of which would be as neutral or as slippery as olive oil. Stopes had clearly hit on the right combination. See page 6 of the above PDF for historic details.

    NOTE:- The sponge is the vital element, not just plain olive oil! I know of a case of the use of olive oil alone which lead to a pregnancy within about three months!

    People’s Pharmacy response: We would never recommend olive oil for contraceptive purposes! It makes much more sense to use a product specifically designed for that, either a barrier contraceptive, a spermicidal gel (usually used in combination) or hormonal contraception.

  18. TERP57

    I have been using coconut oil by making my own suppositories which make them easier to insert vaginally. Go to Walmart. and buy the oval ice trays. that come three in a pack. Using maybe. 1/8 or 1/4. Spoon of the pure extra virgin olive oil pour into each oval then measure. another until all 12 are filled. Cover with plastic wrap and sit in icebox. Remember its oil so don’t use too much. Once they are chilled you just plop them out and store in a glass jar and use as needed. I prefer to use them at night as your body heat will melt it on contact.
    This way it saturates the vaginal walls. You decide how often u want to use them. The coconut oil was great moisture but I think the olive oil will be more beneficial for my vaginal dryness due to menopause. Don’t use any type of panty shield as this will suck up the oil n u wont get the benefits. Be sure to insert it while u r laying on your back n just wear a pair of cotton panties. GOOD LUCK.

  19. bkf

    My gynecologist specifically recommends inserting extra virgin olive oil into the vagina for dryness problems. She suggested I use the plunger that came with my Premarin. However, that is a disaster–can someone please tell me a non-messy way to get the olive oil into the vagina without spilling it everywhere?

  20. DoctorM

    Marie Stopes, DSc, PhD, (1880-1958), an early credentialed investigator and proponent of birth control, reportedly studied 2,000 women using nothing but olive oil as a contraceptive, with zero pregnancies. Stopes is quoted as saying: “… the best contraceptive in the world costs almost nothing and can be purchased from every grocers shop. It is pure olive oil.” Stopes reportedly also described in explicit detail the various ways in which olive oil may be applied for that purpose.
    Information promoted by Stopes seems to be suppressed or hard to come by in the US.

  21. C. I.

    Condoms would not be safe with olive oil. Since they are latex and oil breaks down latex it would not be unsafe contraceptive

  22. M.L.

    My boyfriend and I have been using olive oil for a few days and it makes a huge difference! We normally have problems with sex being painful because we both feel that he is abnormally large and I am abnormally small (down there). Nonetheless, I’ve learned that foreplay, taking your time and olive oil have definitely helped.
    The acidity of the extra virgin olive oil not only deeply penetrates the tissues of the vaginal wall to give lasting moisture, it also seems to work as some sort of a relaxant or protector. We have tried other lubricants but they tend to either burn, irritate with friction or dry quickly leaving a residue. The olive oil is pure, smooth and definitely long lasting. Olives definitely have healing power and what a way to keep it au naturel! ;)

  23. Ahsan

    My wife had a lot of problem due to use of pills for 4 months.
    We are using olive oil as lubricant and its completely safe…….Even in our religion Islam, Our Prophet PBUH had said “There is cure in olives so eat it and apply its oil on body”

  24. ft

    I admit, I have not been on this web page in a long time… however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.
    Great stuff as usual….

  25. GS

    My wife and I have been using Olive oil for years with no ill affects. We use it because it is safe to eat and it’s good for you too!

  26. at

    Is it safe to use with condoms? I always thought water-based lubes were the safest.

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