Q. I have a lot of swelling and pain in my joints. A cousin with arthritis recommended a compounded cream called ketoprofen gel. What can you tell me about this medicine, its side effects and interactions with other drugs?

A. Ketoprofen, like ibuprofen, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. You won’t find this on the shelf in a chain store, but some pharmacists can compound this topical treatment without a prescription. Putting the pain reliever right on the joint minimizes side effects such as stomach irritation or elevated blood pressure. Many people find it is helpful in reducing joint pain.

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  1. Lee

    I just started getting this cream from my pain doctor. The pharmacist makes a special compound of 20% ketoprophen and 5% lidocaine. It has helped quite a bit when nothing else has.

  2. Sophie

    Ketoprofen 20% gel works very well for me. I ruined my stomach on NSAIDS and have knee and neck arthritis. It is compounded specially, expensive, but worth it. Topical Voltaren did nothing for me. I think Voltaren only contains 1% diclofenac sodium….way too weak.

  3. Nique

    I’m currently on this gel and it hasn’t done anything for my pain. 3 knee surgies , neck , back , chest , leg and ankle pain.

    I get way better relief with my oral pain meds.

  4. Alecia B. W.

    I have just began to use this compound. It is amazing !!!!!! The relief is within minutes, moments!!!!!

  5. Alecia W.

    I have just began to use this compound. It is amazing! The relief is within minutes, moments

  6. Sandie H

    I was prescribed Ketoprofen 20% gel for arthritis of the hand. I used it for 3 months with wonderful results. However, last week I had an extreme allergic reaction on my hand to it. Today I am going to the dermatologist, as not only is the rash worse (I discontinued use of Ketoprofen when the reaction started), but it is spreading to other parts of the hand and wrist. Has anyone else had this experience?

  7. V Williams

    I couldn’t raise my right arm more than a few inches without feeling excruciating pain and since using ketoprofen I can now lift it above my head with no pain at all. It’s a miracle!

  8. VC

    Do topical anti-inflammatories have to be discontinued prior to surgery? Such as Ketoprophen or voltran. Just started on ketoprphen I don’t want to give it up, but surgery in 5 days and forgot to ask the doc. Will call the pharmcacy today. But this info should be available for folks. Thanks

  9. emma

    I used this on a bad burn from boiling water. Over my arm and my leg. It eliminated all pain and redness and I didn’t even get a blister. Should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

  10. Sandy

    My mother has severe Cirrhosis of the liver. She is on hospice. She also has a knee that gives her constant pain. Is there benefit from ketoprofen gel for her? Does any benefit out way the damage to her liver that can occur from using ketoprofen gel?

  11. jp

    My mother had cancer and was unable to take anything for her pain through the mouth. Hospice gave her Ketoprofen gel, it would relieve the pain for days.
    I also used it on my back from lifting her around and I will be asking my doctor for a prescription for my plantarfacitis since I read an earlier post.

  12. cfg

    I have severe osteoarthritis of the knee and have used Celebrex with fair results. My doctor then prescribed a compounded topically-applied ointment called Ketoprofen in a 20% gel. It has truly been very effective in relieving my knee pain, particularly at rest when the pain would “pulse” uncomfortably. The relief occurs around 20 minutes after applying the gel. At first I was doubtful that any topically-applied salve would help, but believe me, this one really does.

  13. J..M

    My pharmacists asked about the percentage when making Ketroprofen Gel.

  14. ken

    My compounding pharmacist prepares ketoprofen gel for use on plantarfacitis. It penetrates the thick skin of the heel of the foot and reduces pain and inflamation.

  15. KDA

    I get ketoprofen gel from my local compounding pharmacy, by prescription. It is wonderful stuff! I learned about it from the pharmacist when I was having a lot of back pain, and I had to tell my regular doctor about it. But recently I had a terrible knee incident and went to an orthopedist, who completely agreed that ketoprofen is the ticket. My pharmacy makes it in 10% or 20% concentrations. For severe pain, go for the 20%.

  16. Manley

    Just wondering where I could get this stuff–I have O/A of the knees. I love to play basketball but am limited due to the O/A.

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