Q. While cutting a mat from my dog's ear I cut a little chunk off the tip of her ear accidentally. I lost it, and held her and screamed for my husband. He went outside and got some spider web. He put it over the injured part of the ear and the blood started to clot around the web instantly.

A. Spider webs are a traditional remedy to stop bleeding. We don't recommend using them for humans, though. They are far from sterile and would have to be collected with care to make sure you didn't collect the spider along with the web.

There are a couple of other home remedies that may help. Ground black pepper and ground cayenne will both help a cut stop bleeding more quickly. Surprisingly, pepper doesn't hurt in most cases. Pharmacy solutions for bleeding include products such as QR Powder, QuikClot Sport or BloodSTOP.

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  1. AM

    The tips of my black labs ears are bleeding and I don’t know how to stop it. By the time they scab over he shakes his head again and there is blood everywhere in my house. I don’t know what to do. It hurts him whenever we touch his ears and when we try to clean them he shakes his head more and the bleeding is worse. Is this something common in black labs, my brothers black lab is doing the same thing but it isn’t as severe. I haven’t tried any of these at home remedies but I don’t know if they will work in my case.

  2. mmm

    Go to a professional groomer to get matts out of you animals. You should not be using scissors.

  3. WC

    I tried many things but here’s what worked for me. Get the wound clean, then let the blood fill up the wound area. I then used a hair dryer set on low, intermittently flipping from cool to warm, drying the blood into a scab. Don’t hold it in one place too long, or hold it too close. This takes some time and patience, but it’s probably the most natural way to help the wound heal. If the dog shakes hard and it starts bleeding a little, I hit it again with the hairdryer. If the scab cracks or a small piece breaks off later, dry it gently with a swab, then hit it with some Kwik Stop or something similar. Once a large scab has formed, keep it dry and the dog won’t be able to shake it off like they can with the medical cement. Also use a collar cone at all times, so the ears are confined more, and they can’t touch the ear with a back paw.

  4. T.B.

    Cornstarch or flour will also help stop bleeding and they’re basically items that are found around the home.

  5. Marins

    My 9 year old black Lab has a skin tag on her elbow/front leg that has started bleeding. I guess I can try the coffee. Any other suggestions? Also, I now have blood all over my houser on light colored carpet. Any suggestions? Thanks

  6. carol miller

    I accidentally cut the tip of my dog’s ear off the same way. It did not bleed long; is there anything I can do for the dog for comfort? She yiped at time of cut but after that doesn’t seem to bother her. How long will she be in pain? Does it repair itself or grow back? Thanks for any help carol

  7. Joyce

    It works for humans also.

  8. DL

    In South America they use ground coffee. It works.

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