Q. A freak razor blade accident sliced the edges of my nose. The bleeding wouldn't stop.

Before going to the emergency room I checked "Stop Bleeding" on the computer. I read that one can make a paste of cayenne pepper–enough to amply cover the wound. The bleeding should stop in ten seconds, it said. Mine took 15 seconds.

A. We have heard from many people who have used ground black pepper to stop bleeding. Although we have also heard that cayenne pepper works, your story is the first to describe success. We assume you made the paste by mixing it with water.

High-tech solutions for minor cuts can be purchased in pharmacies. Look for products such as QR Powder, QuikClot Sport or BloodSTOP.

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  1. Jocey
    new york

    Hi was wondering if I could use the cayenne paste on my nieces dog. She’s bleeding by her eye and it won’t stop.

  2. sm

    Take vitamin C every day. It is the natural remedy for nosebleeds. I used to get them when I was young. My mom started giving me orange juice every day. They totally stopped. I usually eat an orange a day, now, but either works. Good luck!

  3. pj

    Cayenne Pepper works. Just tried it on a shaving nick and bleeding stopped almost immediately.

  4. A.L.R.

    I have been on Warfarin for years. I have had three clots. Some near misses. Recently I have been taking Cayenne pepper capsules. I have read that Capsaicin which is in Cayenne and other peppers may increase the chance of bleeding if on blood thinners.
    Does the Cayenne pepper thin the blood like the Warfarin does?
    My INR # was high of Warfarin and Dr. said to stop for a week and then start on a lower dose. Dr. wanted me to go on new blood thinners that didn’t require blood tests to regulate. He suggested this because I wasn’t getting my pt blood test on a regular basis. I refused to go on the new meds because it hasn’t been out long and have researched and found negative results on them. I have found fewer negatives about Warfarin. You don’t see those lawyer commercials asking if anyone was hurt taking Warfarin.
    I started taking Cayenne the week I went on the lower dose. About a week later I’ve experienced some uncomfortable feelings in both legs and pelvic area. Some redness on my left thigh has appeared and hurts a bit to the touch. And it is slightly raised like a bruise but no dark blue color. It definitely feels above the muscle.
    I’ve been researching to find an alternative to thinning blood so I can get off the Warfarin and incorporate natural herbs and such. Need to find a licensed holistic, natural health care DR. I’m worried what the Warfarin is doing to my liver and other organs.

  5. Neal L. M., DC

    A friend of mine claims to use cayenne on cuts to stop the healing and promote rapid healing. I accidentally sliced the skin off the tip of my little finger on the edge of a sheet of glass today. I removed the paper toweling I was holding pressure with so my wife could sprinkle cayenne on the wound. It caused me to bleed even more than I had been and it burned like I was touching a red hot branding iron. There’s no way in heck that I’ll ever fall for that one again!
    I’d say from my experience that it doesn’t work at all.

    • NevadaS.

      I once used cayenne to get rid of a superficial clot in a varicose vein. It worked but took 6 weeks. I took 1 teaspoon three times a day. Next time I went to have an echocardiogram of my heart and aorta they said I had to get an MRI of my aorta because it was enlarged. So I stopped the cayenne because it dilates blood vessels. Then, some time later, I had three new superficial clots in the same leg. Instead of using cayenne, I switched to nattokinase and ginger. I take nattokinase twice a day and 1/4 teaspoon of powdered ginger three times a day. Those three clots went away in less than four weeks. I continue to take the nattokinase and ginger as a preventative. The last echocardiogram shows that my aorta is not getting any larger. That is a good thing.

  6. J. L.

    After internal scoping of prostate and bladder, urologist hit a blood vessel in the prostate which he cauterized during procedure. Very very significant Bleeding started again a week later with clots as long as 4in. Searching the internet found cayenne pepper as a possible remedy. Put 1 tsp, of the same stuff I use to season salmon before smoking it, in a cup of tap water and drank it UGHHHH! But within 15 minutes the (2 week long) bleeding had finally stopped!!!!
    It’s been 5 days since then and I am still taking “my Cayenne Pepper Tea” twice a day, while reducing the amount to 1/4 to 1/2 tsp, warm water, some honey and lemon (to improve the FLAVOR) along with a couple of slices of whole wheat bread. I think I’m know convinced the spice really worked for me!

  7. B.L.

    My husband bleeds at the slightest touch. We were using “Quick Relief”, but can’t find it at pharmacy, so we now use cayenne pepper, much less expensive and woks just as well. I just shake it on the wound, and it stops bleeding. If really bleeding, it may take a second shake or so.

  8. dan

    I too take warfarin for the last year from a dvt and pe of both lungs… diagnosed with a factor 5 ‘mutation”… basically I inherited a gene that after a injury at 36 years old triggered a clot (former army paratrooper,was still a frequent flyer, and drove NC to OH at least once every 3 months… HIGH risk).. point… my nurse at work recommended carrying the cayenne pepper with me in my car after returning to work. Tonight, I closed my finger in the back door, and after one hour of bleeding, pressure, ice over the sink, tape and gauze… my finger would not stop bleeding (INR 3.2… in rage of 3-3.5 two days ago) he got the pepper from the car… it clotted the finger immediately, but it busted through twice.
    Each time, I did not wash again, but dumped more on, and it created a type of scab. (note.. it did not hurt or sting as I thought it would) I will always carry cayenne pepper.

  9. ChristinaG

    One day I came home to find my son bleeding on his face. While shaving, he cut a blemish that was bleeding for 1/2 hour. I pulled out the cayenne pepper and put some powder on the spot and it quit bleeding. I learned this from the director of a massotherapy school. She keeps a handful of cayenne capsules in her purse at all times, in the event that she becomes involved in an accident, she will take them all and it will prevent internal bleeding from occurring and would save her life.

  10. PegS

    I have constant nosebleeds. Can cayenne powder or Cool Cayenne be applied topically to the area? I’ve used Colostrum, alum, Vit. E and Castor Oil. The Colostrum comes closest to stopping the flow, but it still takes a half hour or more and usually I have another rupture in a couple days.

  11. MikeS

    As a teenager, I had constant problems with ingrown toenails. Once I cut out a deep one on my big toe and it resulted in a nasty infection and swelling. My grandmother made a paste of burnt alum powder which we applied along with a band aid, and within 24 hours the swelling was down, and within three days, what grandma called “proud flesh” simply fell off, revealing new pink skin. The alum powder was blanched in an iron skillet before adding water.

    • Nathan

      Re: Nose Bleeds.
      I have been having nose bleeds for about 50+ years. They have always been a hassle, taking 20+ minutes to stop. A few months ago I had the worse nose bleed of my life. I finally did get it stopped.

      I did a little research and found Cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding. I have stopped two nose bleeds with this method almost instantly. Here’s what to do:
      1.Take a cotton ball.
      2. Cover it with Cayenne Pepper, as much as you can..
      3. Insert into nostril.
      4. Wait a minute to see if bleeding stops. If not, repeat.
      One or two times should stop the bleeding.

      There is some mild burning for 30 minutes to an hour.
      I would rather deal with the burning sensation than the nosebleed.
      Gently blowing your nose will help remove excess Cayenne pepper

  12. Dick

    I am on warfarin also and I purchased a bottle of alum powder. This can be purchased in the grocery store or at your drugstore. I cut my arm and the blood was flowing I rinsed the wound with cold water and poured on the alum powder and the clotting was accomplished. The same ingredients in the alum powder is the same as in the styptic pencil.

  13. jsb

    I too take Wafarin. When I get an abrasion that won’t stop bleeding because the skin is gone, I put a piece of toilet paper over it and then glue it in place with NEW SKIN, and sometimes I put a Band aid over that. After about 10 days the paper and NEW SKIN fall off and the wound is healed.

  14. hb

    Flour can also be useful in stopping minor bleeding. I keep a small container of ordinary all-purpose flour with my dog nail clippers, in case I should ever clip a nail too close. If you have ever done this, you know that that there can be considerable and persistent bleeding. An apologetic dog treat and a quick dip in flour and it’s all over!

  15. David Dolgin

    Do you know if the cayenne pepper paste will work on one who takes warfarin? Simple razor nicks, abrasions which break the skin, paper cuts, etc., become real problems and the only thing that has worked for me is time and direct pressure. Any suggestions welcome. TIA.

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