Q. When my daughter learned that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she did some research on the Internet. She found out that cinnamon capsules would be helpful. I have used cinnamon for about three years.

My family doctor does blood tests and has confirmed that cinnamon keep my blood sugar under control. This was also proven when I was admitted to the hospital for another problem. They tested me three times a day and found that my diabetes is well controlled.

A. There is research to support your experience. Cinnamon can keep levels of blood glucose from going too high after a meal. We don’t recommend using cinnamon from the spice rack, though, since some brands may be contaminated with coumarin. This ingredient can be toxic to the liver. Taking cinnamon capsules can be safer.

We discuss the use of cinnamon and other natural approaches for type 2 diabetes (oolong tea, prickly pear cactus, vinegar, fenugreek, bitter melon) in our book, Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy

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  1. LHM

    Cinnamon has changed my life with the blood sugar and several of my family and friends with cholesterol. I learned it from your newspaper column but now it seems I’m allergic to it. How have others coped with this problem? I do hope there’s a way I can continue the cinnamon.

  2. J


  3. Mrs. Barbara P Turner

    I read your articles 90% of the time and am continually intrigued by all the various home remedies. I’ve been studying my herbal pharmacy books for years, and I have to agree with this one on cinnamon. I honestly hate anything cinnamon, cookies, cakes, whatever. Although my husband loves it and ginger cookies, etc. I am now 53 and was diagnosed with Type II in April of 2004. I’ve never had my B.S. go over 220 at any given time, so my G.P. who actually is a diabetic specialist and spent 7 years with the Indian population in the S.W. of U.S. has had me on Metformin 250, 500, now 1,000 2x daily.
    But now all of a sudden, since 12/30/07, I started noticing my morning fast glucose levels were completely normal again, between 73-92, every morning! So, I’m now only taking 1 of my 1,000mg every a.m. I believe this is all due to two things. #1-I try not to eat ANY white flour, rice, breads at all and #2-I’ve been taking 2 capsules of cinnamon every morning with an Rx Essentials for Metformin, which contains the B vitamin complex 6, 12, etc. combo and my diabetes formulated multi-vitamin from Walgreens and I don’t have any eye-focusing problems that I used to in the mornings, no tingling, nothing! I’m great. I’ve also lost 8 pounds from 195 down to 187. I think that all this together has improved my particular case. Others might give it a try and see what combo of what I do works for them. Thanks,

  4. RRMolina

    I use cinnamon daily. There is no ingredients info on the containers that I use, to know if it includes COUMARIN.
    Is there a site I can go to so I can check ?

  5. Virginia Casciano

    After seeing your article about needing to use a coffee filter when using cinnamon, and how some had made coffee with cinnamon, I tried that, but found that the liquid would not go all the way through the filter with the cinnamon in it. I used just a 1/2 teaspoon. How do I solve this problem? Has anybody else had the same problem?
    Thank you for your help. Your advice about using Armour synthroid medication has helped me a lot… I took it to the doctor and he changed me from synthroid.
    Thanks again, Virginia

  6. ENM

    Regarding the question on cinnamon, you mention that cinnamon capsules ‘can’ be safer. Does this mean they are safer or the jury is still out?
    How do we know that the cinnamon used in the capsules doesn’t contain coumarin?

  7. Edie Irti

    My doctor has also put me on cinnamon and alpha lipoic acid to keep my sugar level from fluctuating. I hope it works.
    I also read an article in today’s paper about anxiety attacks. I used to get them a lot. When I felt them coming on, I would take 1/2 a Xanax and 1/2 a blood pressure pill, and it would calm me down. My doctor gave me some Altenol and wanted me to take 1/2 a pill when the attack occured.
    Since then I take 1/2 a tablet of Lisinopril at bedtime and I have had good results.
    Thank you

  8. chj

    I was taking Fortamet and Avandia for my Type II diabetes, but stopped the Avandia (with my doctor’s OK) after reading about the possible relationship to heart disease. Shortly after, I started taking two cinnamon capsules a day in addition to the Fortamet. My blood sugar is as well-controlled now as when I was also taking Avandia. I’m hoping that, eventually, I can try stopping the Fortamet, too, and see if the cinnamon is enough to control my sugar.

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