Q. Do you know of any ointment, poultice or herb that will get rid of skin tags? I had a dermatologist examine me. He told me this skin tag was not dangerous, but the cost of removing a small skin tag was beyond my budget. Insurance would not pay.

I have a larger skin tag on another part of my body, and I’m concerned that freezing it off might leave a scar.

A. We have heard from several readers about a completely unorthodox technique for getting rid of these small benign growths on the skin. A liquid bandage called New-Skin is applied repeatedly to the skin tag for a couple of weeks.

Here is one reader’s testimonial: “I just wanted to thank the person who wrote in about using liquid bandage on skin tags. I had a small skin tag that came off in a couple of days. A rather large skin tag that bothered me a lot came off in about two weeks. I feel like my shoulder is pounds lighter.”

This technique doesn’t work for everyone, but we have heard from many readers who have had success with this low-tech approach.

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  1. maria

    I too, noticed two skin tags around my eyes and I am very concerned around the eyes you have to be careful it can affects your eyes it can be dangerous… I wonder what we can do being in that area around the eyes… hope someone knows what we can do ! Maria

  2. L. K.

    I have several skin tags that I am trying to get rid of. I have tried the freeze on, didn’t work. Wart off worked but says not to be used by diabetics. I don’t have the nerve to tie the string around them. I am going to try the vinegar. If anyone knows anything else please let me know.

  3. Molly

    I think I have what is called “skin tags”…little benign things on my legs for the most part due to sun damage over the years. Is this what they are?
    If not, please describe.
    I just want to be sure before I go searching for these special bandage.

  4. dsg

    hi i read on earthclinic that tea tree oil will work for skin tags also someone mentioned castor oil and a lady i use to work with said she would take a hair and tie it around a skin tag and leave it till the tag dropped off,i hope this helps someone

  5. KC

    I tried the liquid bandage, but couldn’t use it. As soon as I applied the liquid bandage, it started burning like crazy.

  6. Tracey C

    I was wondering about this in regards to skin tags on the eyelids? I have a very bothersome one on my top eyelid and I’m afraid using something like liquid bandage on the eyelid could be damaging.

  7. BJ

    I hope someone can help me with this. I read an article someone posted about removing skin tags with liquid bandage. I was wondering if anybody had any other remedies besides that. I have several skin tags underneath my arms and the liquid bandage doesn’t work very well with friction.

  8. PF

    I purchased a bottle of the liquid bandage adhesive and applied it religiously to some skin tags under my arms, and they DID NOT come off. I think that perhaps it works for some people, but in my case it did not. I have had some luck with repeatedly twisting those that have a very thin connection to your body – eventually they wither and fall off.

  9. C.W.

    I had skin tags, and on a few of them I used a small piece of thread and tied it off close to the skin around it–not extremely tight, but a little tighter every day. There wasn’t any pain at all, and eventually the skin tags got black and fell off.

  10. chj

    I have not tried the liquid bandage, but have had very good luck with nail polish. I use clear, but I don’t imagine it makes any difference what color is used. I put it on the skin tag and surrounding area every day until the tag falls off — sometimes in just a couple of days.

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