Recipe 1 cup applesauce 1 cup coarse, unprocessed bran 3/4 cup prune juice Mix all the ingredients together. They will turn into a pasty, stiff glop about the consistency of peanut butter. After mixing, it should be kept refrigerated. Take one or two tablespoons daily and wash it down with a full eight ounces of water.

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  1. Margaret

    I am a hospice nurse, and have used this successfully on elderly constipated patients. I highly recommend this!

  2. Diane

    Are you supposed to use oat or wheat bran?

  3. Gwen

    Grape Nuts cereal in place of Bran flakes is a real winner in my household but it must sit in refrigerator overnight before consuming to obtain the right texture.

  4. Angela

    Excellent trick:
    I bought these ice trays to make the long tube shaped cubes for water bottles,
    I put the mixture in them, freeze, transfer to Baggie and they’re like little Popsicle treats! Beware, they’re addicting and you don’t want to eat too many in a day!

  5. Ann

    can you use this daily? Due to a medical condition I need to ‘go’ without pushing.

  6. La Donna
    Sterling, Nebr.

    I am a little concerned about using prune juice as I am a diabetic.

    • The People's Pharmacy

      Prune juice does have natural sugars and would need to be calculated into your fruit allowance.

  7. Dianne
    St Paul NE

    I was a nurse for years until rheumatoid arthritis and lupus forced me to retire. This was a remedy we gave to all the residents in the nursing homes where I worked, so I fought like heck to not have to use it myself. But after failures with Amitiza, fiber capsules twice daily, huge amounts of water, and occasional doses of stimulant laxatives, this tried but true remedy has given me relief in 2 days!

  8. JWS

    I need help … I am in constant pain from scar tissue as a result of multiple abdominal surgeries. First a liver transplant in 2000 and (2013) small intestine adhesions. (Opened up a second time) I take a 4 mg Dilaudid tablet and a 10 mg Oxycodone slow release tablet. I have chronic gas and slow small stools. I have tried many home remedies for constipation. Is there a magic bullet for narcotics?! I have tried to reduce pain meds but cannot tolerate the abdominal pain. Help!

  9. mabel

    can they be use for toddlers..for age of 3 years old?

    • Angela

      My daughter and husband were on a capful of Miralax for years.
      1 in am, 1 in pm.
      After regulated, they went to 1 per day. I have used it too. Be sure to dissolve until water is clear.

  10. AC

    I was looking for something to help my eight year old go easier. If I gave her a tablespoon, would it be too much?

  11. MLJ

    My Step Mother was a registered nurse. When my Father had Parkinson’s Disease she gave him prune juice daily. I now also have Parkinson’s and find prune juice very helpful. Evidently constipation is a symptom of Parkinson’s.

  12. ms

    I got this recipe from my uroligist and just started using it. has anyone else had issues with too loose with this? I am doing the minimum of 2tbsp per day, but seem to be having very loose stool. just curious if anyone else had this issue.

  13. HW

    This was recommended by a doctor it works really well!!!

  14. SRB

    Does this concoction work on people whose constipation is caused by narcotic pain medications?
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We suspect it would, but we do not have proof.

  15. DM

    What is the consensus on mineral oil. One of my dogs has a chronic problem with constipation. He was diagnosed with ‘garbage gut’ a term our vet used to describe intestinal injury due to living his early life scavenging in the bush. The poor bugger had a tough time until Doc recommended a small amount of mineral oil with each meal. Now he is having trouble free movements and when I have the occasional slow time of it will ingest a tsp or so and also experience smooth results w/o any painful churnings or gaseousness. He has been on this treatment daily for over 3yrs w/o any noticeable contraindications. Would love any other feedback. Thank you – D
    People’s Pharmacy response: For humans, mineral oil should be reserved for very occasional treatments. It can prevent the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (such as A, D, E and K) if used on a regular basis.

  16. Lynn

    Too much SUGAR & too many ingredients. Depending upon body weight, 1-3 prunes every other day will help regulate your bms…& I first boil the prunes & toss the sugary liquid 2x before eating the prunes.
    Have used this approach for 25 years & at age 65 take no Rxs!

  17. JCL

    Two thumbs up! Heard on UNC-TV and used myself with success… also on my son recovering from side-effect of pain medication taken for ankle surgery. You don’t have to be a senior citizen to appreciate!

  18. JJ

    I have used this for patients that I see and it tends to work quite well! However, if you still have problems with constipation, you may have a pelvic floor dysfunction. You should see a WOMEN’S (and men’s) HEALTH PHYSICAL THERAPIST to help you with this problem!

  19. DW from MN

    I have used this recipe for years – as I have bowel ups and downs due to MS. I lost my recipe, and thus found this one today – I have to say that the percentage of how useful this substance is should rate at least above 50% in the community of people whom I know who have used it. In my family alone, it has helped many from mom-in-law to my own grandkids as toddlers –
    This recipe is a win/win deal. No doubt about it – regularity is its claim!
    We renamed it to “POWER PUDDING”!

  20. Sally

    When I worked in a adult foster care home we did a recipe of
    Applesause, cut up prunes, and ( ??? ). Does anyone know the missing item? It did work great. I am also going to keep this remedy.
    Thank you

  21. F. Mills

    Have a problem. Used different products like Benefiber, etc. but didn’t do much good. Rely on suppositories but would like to try just prune juice. How much to drink per day? Thank you.

  22. Sharon

    I tried the constipation trio: bran flakes, prune juice, & applesauce for about a month. It did not work for me. My sister, who is an RN recommended it to me. Now I am back to taking abdominal injections of Relistor (RX only). I hate taking shots, but it is the only thing that I’ve found that works.

  23. amy w

    This is what we call power pudding!! We use this in the nursing home all the time. It does the trick!!!

  24. Holly

    I tried this with ground flax seed instead of the wheat bran & have terrific results. Apple juice in lieu of prune is tastier. I eat approx 2 tbs morning and night & am proud to say I’m regular again! I shared this remedy with all my family at the holidays & they are grateful.

  25. ajs

    Where do I find coarse, unprocessed bran? What do I ask for at a health food store?
    I read someplace to not use oat bran in this recipe. Is this true?

  26. TW

    This was in my recipe box, and I used it when I was a caregiver for my husband. It is an amazing formula, but don’t forget the water!

  27. BK

    When are the best times to use this stuff?

  28. Joyce

    Plum juice has the same affect as prune juice, and also has a better flavor–not as thick.

  29. LH

    I have used a variation of this for elderly patients with good success. Instead of prune juice, I used cooked prunes and added one cup of Cool Whip (or any brand). Mix in blender & eat 1/4 cup a day. Increase gradually if necessary. One woman did not like puddings, so I spread it on graham crackers–even more fiber!

  30. Eleonore Minton

    My best friends–
    I had saved this recipe-but I can not find it anymore !!
    I am 81 and I realy have to use it–but I thought, that it was mixed with grinded flaxseed ???? I am wrong ??
    I will buy your book, which has all the “Home remedies”!!
    I never missing your articles
    in our “Palm Beach Post”
    sincerely Eleonore

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