duct tape on a wart

Research on duct tape was published in the *Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine* (Oct. 2002). Parents were told to cover the wart with a piece of duct tape for six days. If it fell off, they were to replace it. At the end of the six days, they removed the tape, soaked the wart in warm water and then filed it down with an emery board.

The duct tape was replaced the following day and the process was repeated for two months or until the wart disappeared. In this study, 85 percent of the children treated with duct tape were cured. Most warts disappeared within the first month. In fact, the study found that duct tape worked better than freezing warts off.

There are many other remedies for warts, including banana peel, castor oil or turmeric. Search for “warts” on this website to find something that appeals to you.

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  1. swapna

    which brand of duct tape is better for plantar warts? please tell me. i’m seriously
    suffering with this warts.

  2. Tim

    When I turned 41 I noticed a large wart on my heel of the left foot and several small ones on the right foot. Went to the doctor he said if it did not hurt leave it alone otherwise he would freeze sections off but he said that may cause it to spread. Anyways I tried several treatments lemons which helped for a while but them became ineffective, ocean salt water while on vacation helped reduce it but then we had to go home, several wart kits, Vicks vapor rub helped but then stopped working. Ultimately what was the cure all was duct tape! I was amazed after just 2 days it dramatically improved not just reducing the size of the small wart but the smaller ones as well I am only 4-5 days in but at the rate it is going I expect this to be completely gone in a week or two. Very happy with the results…

  3. Joe

    It is this simple, shower every morning or evening, either one. Dry the wart area well. Put two coats of 17% Salicylic (compound W or generic brand is fine) acid over the wart, place a large piece of duct tap that completely covers the area and larger. Leave the tape on always. Everyday before the shower, remove the tape and toss it. The entire infected area will get white and soft looking, this is good. It will look much larger than the original wart but this is fine. Continue doing this everyday until the wart plug will completely pull out one day from the tape. For me it took two weeks. Bye-Bye wart!

  4. Nichole

    I used duct tape only for 2 full months and it didn’t get rid of my wart. I then put the salicylic acid on the wart and covered it with duct tape. The next day it started to ache a lot and I took the duct tape off. It had formed a blood blister so I left the duct tape off and within a week it dried up and fell off. I could still see evidence of the root so I did the same thing again and again it formed a blood blister and fell off within a week or so. It is now completely gone. The answer was to combine both methods. Neither one worked on its own but together it caused a reaction that worked.

  5. Jackie

    I got 3 plantar warts while I was pregnant and I did the duct tape method and it worked really well. Unfortunately, I stopped using the duct tape before the warts were completely gone and they came back. I went to the podiatrist thinking it would be more expensive but faster then the duct tape method. Wow was I wrong! They cut out one wart and froze another and more warts started popping up! I went through all of the painful treatments only to have all the original warts come back and then some! I am trying the duct tape method again and I am seeing great results! I will make sure to follow through a little longer then listed to see if it works. These warts are stubborn!

  6. Pamela Weltzien
    Arcadia Wisconsin

    My son had warts on his big toe. We tried the duct tape technique by just leaving duct tape wrapped around his toe for 7 days, remove, scrape it then another 7 days with never taking it off. The warts died and never came back. I recommend it to others because it worked!!

    • Jackie
      Cov La

      My 9 year old granddaughter had a planters wart on her thumb. Spent $ 15.00 at health food store and needed to get more. Was told about the duct tape & decided to give it a try. With in 3 days the wart is gone. I am guessing smothering the wart to breath is what killed it.

  7. Belinda W.

    I’m 20 years old, and I had a wart on my foot that had lasted about 10 years and did not go away! I just left it, but unfortunately that one wart became 8 more all over the sole of my foot. I tried many different things but nothing worked. So I tried duct tape. I wasn’t sure about it at first, and it was a lot of work to cut pieces and stick them on each day. But I stuck with it, and in about 2 months the warts were gone! It’s been a year now and I have no warts at all – none have returned. I am so happy they’re gone!! Just remember to be patient – it may take a few weeks to a few months to work. All the best!

  8. Daylm

    I am amazed at how well the duct tape works. I have been treating my son’s one foot that has four warts that nothing seemed to help. We actually super glued small patches of tape over the wart. It has been a week and they are almost totally gone. I am a believer and he is much happier!

  9. Jennifer P.

    I was at church and I felt something that was hurting on my thumb I tried to pop it but I couldn’t it was really hard I showed my mom and she didn’t know what it was as we’ll so we went to the doctor and the doctor said that it was a wart and she said that if I put on duct tape every night when I go to sleep and take it of when I wake up it will get off so I have been trying it and it has been working a lot it is really working.

  10. Emily S.

    Hi, I have warts in the same exact place, but on different legs. I have tried the duct tape technique and it really frustrates me and hurt me when I pull the duct tape off. Someone please help to find a faster remedy.

  11. CGM

    I tried everything under the sun like most people do. My insurance paid like $600 for Aldara and about $300 for two visits to the dermatologist who gave me injections.
    What worked best was apple cider vinegar and duct tape. The apple cider vinegar eats away the top layer of skin and makes a pretty scaly little sore while it’s working. Then the wart flakes off. The duct tape was an experiment because I read it works faster and doesn’t leave any marks on your face.
    Sure enough, after 3 nights of wearing it (only while I slept), 3 out of 5 of my facial flat warts were gone and the other 2 are clearing. Amazing! After all I’ve tried and a $3 roll of duct tape was all I needed.

  12. katelynn

    Where do you get sulpher powder from?

  13. GH

    The reason that your other wart went is because your immune system “recognized” the HPV virus that causes warts and not only attacked it in the wart you were treating but also the other wart(s) as well. This is not an unusual response. Somehow, HPV tricks the immune system into not attacking it and just letting it grow warts. When you irritate a wart with bananas or duct tape this somehow unmasks the HPV and your immune system begins to get rid of it.
    Source: I did this with the following daily routine. Wash my feet, paying special attention to affected areas, with sal soap, drying thoroughly with a hair dryer, applying copious amounts of wart stick (40% salicylic acid), dusting with sulphur, then applying duct tape which stayed on all day and night. Did this for a week or two and the warts just fell away and never came back. Had 5 on my right foot.

  14. Rick B

    I ran track and field since I was 12. I ran in high and college as well. You wouln’t imagine the filth and sweat my feet have been through. Well, through the years of running and running and running I developed a wart on the outside of my foot (I am a overpronator so all of the weight is focused on the outside of the foot). I have tried clipping it off with a nail clipper once a month only to have it grow back again. I will try this and let you know!

  15. Jen

    I’ve been working on a plantar’s wart on my foot for years, literally 5 years! Freezing it didn’t work, I’ve had it done twice. Using over the counter wart remover didn’t work either. I gave up for about a year but then I heard about duct tape. The first two weeks nothing seemed to happen except my skin would bulge up around the wart and I would file it down. At one point my foot started to smell from lack of oxygen. I would only remove the tape after a shower and then re-apply new tape after I filed it down. But once it started to smell I stopped taping it for a few days. I then started to use a OTC wart remover and taped it after the wart remover dried. The wart had turned black and I believe it is dying. However, because it is on my heel it is very painful to walk, but I’m hoping this will kill it for good!

  16. Don L.

    Had a wart on bottom of my foot, left foot about an inch from my small toe near the side. Had the bothersome thing for over a year. 65 year old male, type 2 diabetic. Used the duct tape for two weeks, changing the tape several times as needed. After two weeks no pain at all just a callous. It worked. No doctor bill either. I did soak the bottom of my foot for 30 minutes with apple cider vinegar once before I I started us

  17. Jared

    How do you know when the wart is gone? I have a huge home in my foot with a large white ring of skin around it. Every day after showering I file it down a bit, add salicylic wart remover stuff, and recover with gorilla duct tape. It’s been a few weeks now. When our how do I know it’s gone? I thought it was gone one and I stopped, went away for a week, and it was back and as big as ever.

  18. Cmerritt

    Last year I removed 5 planters warts with duck tape in a six week period. After bath dry foot well, place a 2 inch square reg. duck tape on area of wart. Try to keep on for two weeks. If it falls off replace with another 2 inch square. In the beginning I kept on for month. If there is a small amount left treat with new piece for a couple of weeks longer. One must be diligent because it works. When I think of the surgery my son had needlessly, I could cry.

  19. jr

    r u using emery board in between applications of tape? I used sandpaper and kept at them till they were just about ready to bleed then reapply tape.

  20. Alyssa

    About a year ago I had three or four plantar warts on my big toe. I used the duct tape method for about a month and they have not come back, but I have a VERY deep one on my heel now. I am trying the duct tape method once again.

  21. from California

    My husband also had a small wart/growth on his eyelid. You know with eyes you should really be careful and consider what a doctor might say. In my husband’s case, he does anything he wife says (he has learned that I’m always right. Hah!) and he tried sewing thread around the growth in a slightly tight knot. He added thread every day or so, each time a little tighter, not to the point of pain though. The growth swelled, turned dark, and fell off in about 10 days. Best of all, no scar, like you would have from surgery.

  22. sam

    Duct tape worked on my 16 year old son. He had about 10 warts on his hands that he had various medications for and had frozen but nothing seemed to work. I heard about duct tape and told him to just use it over night every night, within about 3/4 weeks they had just dissapeared! He was delighted and they have not returned. I now have 1 wart on my index finger and am going to be doing the same thing, not a myth it really does work!!!

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