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Warts are extremely susceptible to home remedies, and many have been developed for this common condition. One of our favorites is readily available at any grocery store. Tape a small piece of banana skin (with the fleshy side towards the wart) over the wart at bedtime. Leave it on overnight. Some people report that warts given this treatment daily disappear within weeks. One reader wrote:

“My insurance company paid $600 for a dermatologist to burn warts off my fingers (three treatments). Such pain! When I heard that you could rub the inside of a banana peel on warts I started treating my fingers. A month later my fingers are smooth and pain-free at no cost.”

Here is another report of success with the banana peel approach to warts:

“I went to the doctor with six warts on my arm. I wanted to get rid of them before my wedding in November. He froze them off but they came back worse, red and blistered.
I read on your site about banana skin for warts. I didn’t believe it would help but I tried it. After two days, my warts had dropped off.

“Before bed, I cut a piece of banana skin to cover my warts with the white fleshy side touching the wart. I wrapped a bandage over it and taped it up so I couldn’t scratch at it in my sleep. In the morning I removed the bandage and used the shower to hose them down. Whenever I got a spare minute throughout the day I put more banana skin on the warts; then at night I did the treatment again.

“My warts have dried up. I hope they will not grow back.”

Mike offered this:

“Banana peel as a solution to planter’s warts was offered several months ago on this site. I had them for decades, but decided to give the banana peel a try. It worked! It took some weeks, but I have been wart free for months.”

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  1. Heidi

    I had a wart on my finger that my Dr treated with liquid nitrogen which resulted in a massive blister. Unfortunately the blister must have been infected with the wart virus so I ended up with one rather large wart. At the time I was unsure what it was so used natural remedies. First tried cider vinegar which stung so switched to essential oils.

    When finally got Drs appointment she confirmed it was a wart and advised having more treatment. At that time they didn’t have any liquid nitrogen and she mentioned banana skin as a treatment which I looked into. well almost three weeks later my skin is smooth where my wart once was. I wore a plaster in the day and taped banana skin to my wart at night. The Dr said she had never seen anything like it

    I wonder what she would say now !

  2. Enda

    Just stated using banana peal and duck tape for verruca on ball of foot. Will take off in 3 hours time (on 18 hours ) shower and repeat. Will update

  3. JW

    I’ve had a wart (my first) on my finger for several years now, and I’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t work, including accidentally tearing the whole thing off walking through a door carrying a large box. It bled a whole lot but then grew straight back. I’ve also tried Wartner, self treatment with dry ice (this was the most effective but very painful and still grew back), salicylic acid plasters, salicylic acid & castor oil cream.

    Interesting about it being the latex and potassium in the banana that does it. Remembering back, I developed the wart not long after we changed over to latex free gloves at work, and I wear gloves nearly all day long normally. I’ve also been treated for low potassium levels during the time I’ve had the wart.

    So, I’m really hoping the banana peel treatment will work for me, as I’ve pretty much run out of options where I live. I’ve ordered some cinnamon oil also to put on it during the day and we’ll see how I go.

    I started the banana peel about ten days ago, after my young niece started talking about the white spot on my finger. I was also concerned because that’s the finger my nephew always grabs when I go to visit him. Already the wart seems different, whiter and softer and smoother somehow.

    It does seem a little bigger but I think that’s just the moisture. It also felt a bit tender today. I really feel like it’s working. I’m just using it overnight, 24 hours is a bit much for me and affects the surrounding skin too much.

  4. Arjoo

    Banana peel Worsened the planter feet on both of my toes. Doctor did nitrogen treatment for 2 times. It didn’t work. Then i found this website and followed the suggestion (from everyone’s experience) of banana peel. But now wart is increased in size, hurts more than before. I went to the doctor today and she found some liquid collected in my wart because of the banana peel i used. And said it is not safe to do the nitrogen treatment in current situation. I am left with no treatment. This is so frustrating !

    • bob

      I used tagamet and it worked wonders

  5. Inessa

    Banana peel for plantar warts is amazing! My 11 year old daughter had a lot of warts on her feet. They were inflamed and it was painful for her to walk. I applied a fresh skin of banana on her feet covering all warts and left it overnight. The next morning my daughter reported no pain, and the warts became darker! I’ll continue applying the peel and I believe all warts will go away soon.

  6. Corinne

    Does anyone know if the banana peel works on skin tags. I Have tried everything else.

    • Tan

      I read than pure tea tree oil works for skin tags. I just started applying tea tree oil to my skin tags about twice a day and they’re actually getting smaller. I’d suggest rubbing some on with a cotton ball after showers, when you wake up and before bed. if you search the tea tree oil remedy, there are quite a few success stories. i think the key is persistence. you need to do it for a couple weeks, maybe longer. if that doesn’t work, doctors can remove them, but try this way first, as doctors usually will cut them off and that could leave a scar, or cause an infection. good luck!

  7. Jim

    I had warts on the back of my hand that spread quickly. My grandmother told me to make a paste of baking soda and water and apply once a day. They were gone in 5 days. Apparently the soda affects the acid balance and the virus causing the warts can’t survive in the altered area. takes it from acid to alkaline. Worked great for me.

  8. Susan

    Wish I’d known about the banana peel remedy forty five years ago. Had a wart on every finger of one hand, all near the nail bed. The dermatologist whittled at them & they kept coming back. One day, he told me to try taping my warts. I started out using the white bandage tape, but it kept falling off & got dirty. So I started putting bandaids on them. Within a week, the ‘mother wart’ (the first and biggest one) came off, & the others all fell off a day or two later. Haven’t seen them since.

  9. Betty Sher
    pittsboro, NC 27312

    I learned of this remedy in 1993 from an Australian Nurse (our
    houseguest). I tried it; four days later no wart (on my pointer finger).

  10. Debbie
    Norton, MA

    I have used banana peels to remove warts. It totally works. Takes a little time and patients. I have no warts now.

  11. KD4ML

    Years ago, there was a tradition in some parts of the south that when you had warts, your mother would take you to the “Wart Lady”, a kind neighbor, who would buy your warts for five or ten cents. You received the money which reinforced the “cure”. She would then tell you she would collect the warts while you were sleeping in a few days. The warts usually disappeared as if by magic. Perhaps it was another example of mind over matter or the placebo effect.

  12. Eleanor

    My grandson at age fifteen was greatly troubled by warts–lots of warts. The doctor froze them four times which made them worse and worse. I told him about the People’s Pharmacy banana peel remedy.
    He was thoroughly skeptical of this old grandma’s funny ideas, but he taped little squares of banana peel on some of the warts overnight, of course refusing to wear them to school. He was only half-heartedly compliant but in three days the warts diminished and every one of them, including the untreated ones, had vanished before a week was over! They’ve never come back. Whew!

  13. HG

    Potassium I heard.

  14. babu

    banana peel is very effective. I tried for 2 weeks and the pain went off.

  15. anne

    Ok well I’m not sure if what I have is a wart… but its right on my bottom lip on the left side. Its a raised brownish blackish bump with a pink dot right above it. I really hate it. Should I try the banana peel or does anyone know what it might be?

  16. David

    My wife suffered from persistent verrucas on her toe and after a recommendation from a colleague (she is a doctor) she tried the banana remedy which killed them off in a few weeks. I had to eat the bananas as she hates them, but applying a fresh piece of peel every other day or so did the job.

  17. sukie c

    We have not tried this approach (but my hubby has some rough warts that finally are responding now that Fluorouracil 5% is being tried so will keep this in the backs of our minds if that does not continue to work) but there are studies on several types of latex w antiviral properties, including fig latex used for warts if people look in PubMed, so it may be the latex in banana peels that does the work for those who have had success.

  18. sue b.

    My eldest son developed plantar warts on his foot. (almost definitely from an indoor swimming pool shower recess) We heard that its best to ignore plantar warts and they will disappear eventually. They started to become painful so I took him to GP and he had them frozen with liquid nitrogen. They haven’t returned and its been over a year.
    Unfortunately I developed them as well. I ignored for a very long time. They just got bigger and bigger and spread in different areas. They are excruciating to the point of not being able to walk without pain and even lying in bed I get severe pain. I can’t use salicylic acid treatment as I am intolerant to this. I have been getting liquid nitrogen treatment from GP but have had 5-6 treatments and not seeing results yet. This is also very painful.
    Just read about banana peel and I have applied it for the first time. I believe it will probably work but will let you know. I don’t think that the peel would have salicylic acid in it as bananas are one fruit that is safe for me as they don’t contain salicylic acid.

    • Tiago

      Hey Sue, did it work?

  19. SHD

    I see the dozens of positive comments but had to add my experience too. Our 3 year old son had an enormous verruca (wart) on his foot that was affecting the way he walked. We tried bazuka stuff with no success, then heard about the banana. Taped banana peel over the wart for 3 days, changing the peel every day. On day 3 the whole blasted wart came out, leaving a conical crater in his foot about 1/4 inch across. The crater soon healed and the wart never came back. Totally amazing!

  20. gem

    At the moment I am trying the banana peel method and hoping that it works, at the same time I am using white spirit and an dry foot enamel board in the morning and night. I have used the burning method (no good whatsoever if anything my wart just grew, even though I initially thought that it was dead), the freezing method for 3 months (nothing). Before the banana method I tried cutting the wart off. I managed to bleed all over the floor and I had taken the first layer of the wart off and it grew back even bigger. I was not impressed as it was a very painful process.
    I am hoping to rid of the wart in a few days from the banana skin if not I will consider potatoes and duct tape! This would be literally every method tried and have had my wart for five years now. Any other methods? Thanks. And one last thing, I believe that my wart is extremely deep rooted and is so sore when anything presses against it. I think that this is why my wart will not go away. It is so embarrassing around my friends and I am really self conscious towards it. I am desperate.

  21. LB

    I know from SEVERAL that are severely allergic
    to poison Ivy/oak, that rubbing the inside of
    a banana peel on the effected area stops the itch
    AND the healing time I was told went from ‘like three
    weeks to three days’ according to my ex. I heard this
    somewhere years ago, told him… the news went like wild fire through his allergic and constantly exposed family members.
    They all kept repeating it to my husband, who laughed he was the first to know from me.
    OH, the riper the better, and was told best to leave the icky stuff on as long as possible before washing off.

  22. Mr P

    The reason why banana peel can work (it doesn’t work on everyone) is because of the moisture that the close contact of something wet / air tight that happens.
    Warts can work well via freezing / salicylic acid, but the way to treat warts are from underneath.
    The roots are embedded in your skin, and the way to attack a wart is from underneath. Your body isn’t naturally fighting them off so a way to help your own immune system to fight them off is to draw away the moisture from underneath, therefor affecting the blood supply of the wart.
    Ever had a long bath and your fingers go all wrinkly? Moisture has been drawn out of your skin due to the damp / air free environment.
    It’s the same principle with banana peel (and I imagine anything else that retains moisture / close contact).
    Once the item is placed on your skin an close contact is made with no air flow, your hand / fingers (wherever) sweats and the moisture is drawn out of that area, which affects blood flow, which more importantly stops the blood flow to the wart and allows your own body’s immune system to fight the wart from the root.
    It’s as simple as that.

    • bobbi

      I don’t think moisture is the correct word-maybe oils? and a wart IS your body fighting off-it surrounds the invader. And if it was moisture/oil, why not a band-aid? I had tried the duct tape method and that did not work for me. I have had them burned off, but they manage to reassert themselves, so I am going to try the banana.

    • DS

      I do not agree. I read on People’s Pharmacy that the inside of a banana peel would sooth a mosquito bite. You don’t have to leave it on. You just rub it over the itchy spot and it calms the itch immediately. It works so well that I now save banana peels in the freezer. So there is something in banana peels that does more than just draw moisture.

  23. billy

    I had a few warts on my hand once and one day I had been assigned to put a bag inched sized rocks on the floor of a shower. I had to clean the rocks all together. Anyway, the next day my warts were gone. Heard in another case the salt of the ocean can take them away. So I don’t think it’s just mind over matter, but the elements. I spiritually believe what you’re saying is in part true. But not 100% true. It’s not just mind over matter but matter in mind as well. We have to believe in something that we see. If you’d had told him to put it in water it may have not worked because there’s not enough belief in plain old ordinary water.
    Same thing can be said about practice which is what I believe. In spiritually analyzing-that none of this is real, and life is what we make it, I realize it takes constant belief in something to get rid of it or get it done. That’s the same thing we’re doing in any practice. In beginners luck we don’t have to do any of that because we’re not sure what to believe and just go with the flow. But once we get use to it, we fall at all with the situations and circumstances of the obstacles involved. so then we have build merit about them.

  24. David

    I have a large wart on my upper arm. I am in the midst of trying the banana peel solution. After the banana peel being taped for one night, the top of the wart was so soft, I was able to pinch quite a bit off the top of it. I will report progress. I am very interested to see if this works.
    I have a “colony” of senile warts on my chest. The difficulty is to tape the banana peel down as I have a lot of chest hair! Does anyone have a suitable solution for senile warts?

  25. Ta

    I used to have a bunch of warts all over both hand and they would not go away no matter what I did until I got a job where I had to wear latex gloves for 8-12 hours a day. You have to suffocate them to get them to go away, I’ve found if the root doesn’t come out then it can come back worse and as said above they are caused by a virus that spreads easily so be sure to make sure the root comes out.

    • Lucy
      United States

      Maybe it’s the latex?

      • Calvin
        S. Carolina

        Yes, it IS the Latex; there is Latex in Bananas, Latex gloves, and Duct Tape has a Latex based adhesive. The white Latex in Dandelion and Figs works also.

  26. Selena

    The comments on your website have been very helpful. Thank you so much for the information about banana peels removing plantar warts.
    Any helpful hints would be awesome, thanks for all the posts.

  27. RB

    Funny you should say that. My daughter’s doctor said he could prescribe Cimetidine (Tagamet) for her cluster Plantars warts. Tagamet is usually prescribed for antacid/heartburn.

  28. Brian

    So after over a month of applying OTC wart remover to this gnarly black wart on my daughter’s foot I stumbled upon this website. Last night I bought a banana and she ate it and give the peal to me. I took some scissors out and snipped a section of peal that was big enough to cover her wart and taped it in place with some medical tape. In the morning we took a look at her foot and the little bugger was still there and a little more painful than normal.
    A few hours later though she reached down to touch it and she seriously wondered if she was palpating the wrong foot. It was completely gone with a bit of dead skin in the spot. She’s pain free and happy as ever. Now where’s the vacuum? There’s a renegade speck on the loose.

  29. Julie

    My 4 yr old daughter has had a wart on her hand, at the base of her thumb. It was annoying her, though not painful. We tried a daily “Wart kill” treatment in the liquid form, covered with bandaids for over a month. A visit to our GP confirmed we were treating it correctly, and that though it was extremely painful it was not infected, and to keep persisting. The wart came off, and there seemed to be some residual black dots. So we gave the wart a rest for a week, then started the “Wart kill” treatment again. After the 2nd treatment, the wart came off after another 4 weeks of daily treatment, and being covered by a bandaid. We were still not happy with the skin after this 2nd treatment, and it was still very sensitive.
    A friend I was telling about it recommended the banana peel method. My daughter was more than happy to use a banana peel on her hand every night, taped on, and reapplied with fresh peel the next day, or removed for preschool, then put back on after her evening bath. It wasn’t painful for her, then she would also eat the banana. So we tried the peel for 7 nights of application. Her wart location was noticeably improved after a couple of nights, and the skin looks great now. No more black dots, skin is an even colour, and it isn’t sensitive anymore.
    As a result, I am trying the banana peel on my toe. I have used “Wart kill” product previously. There is uneven skin on my toe, it is still painful, and I’m keen to see if it improves for me with banana peel treatment. I’ll post again in a fortnight, and let you know how it goes.

  30. Lynne

    I have used everything you can think of, Bazuka that wart, Compound W, Duck tape and Actifreeze on three warts and nothing works – now I am using the Banana skin method and already the skin has changed colour, and feels different with one treatment. So hoping this works I have now had these blasted things for three years and the docs say they should be gone now, fingers crossed this works

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