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Sweaty hands can be embarrassing, and sweaty feet can lead to foot odor and increase the risk of athlete’s foot.

One dermatologist we consulted offered the following home remedy: Boil five tea bags in a quart of water for five minutes. When the solution cools, soak your hands or feet for twenty to thirty minutes nightly.

Tea contains tannic acid, which is also found in commercial products such as Ivy Dry, Zilactol, and Zilactin. The astringent properties of tannic acid are thought to be partly responsible for its antiperspirant action.

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  1. Dutch

    Am 27. Am also going through the same. Please help. Where do I get the tea from? Please, please.

    • Terry Graedon

      These are just ordinary black tea bags that you would use to make hot tea or iced tea.

  2. KRT

    My father used to sweat a lot and now I have it too. I can’t stop sweating, especially when I am nervous…..Please help!

  3. jkl

    Am 28yrs old and really embarrassed about this condition. I can’t wear closed shoes or heels due to this and my hands annoy me. This excessive sweating has made me to lose my self esteem and I wish for the day I will be rid of this condition. Cant wear bright clothes for fear of ruining them when I wipe away the sweat.
    Thank God for my boyfriend who accepts and understands my condition though at times I feel as if its too much of a burden for him with him helping me out by wiping my palms on his pants.
    Prefer wearing sandals even at my work place because they are odor free but at times people don’t understand what am going through.
    Wish someone could come up with a permanent and cheaper remedy on how to solve this problem once and for all. Actually don’t mind being a guinea pig for any tests/research etc necessary to make this dream into a reality. Will definitely give this tea method a trial and see whether it will also give me some sweat free period as indicated by some people going through the same here.
    Thank you all for sharing about your experiences and remedies…could not have thought that so many people are going through the same.

  4. Christian

    Where can i buy sage tea? Im from Philippines at chinese drug store help please. I also suffered this problem. :( since birth.

  5. willie

    Hi all, I have suffered palmer planter hyperhidrosis (hands and feet) for about 20 years now and have tried a lot of things to sort the issue. All the sprays I could get hands on did not work. Bought an iontophoresis machine as when I went to hospital to trial this I found some relief.
    So purchased machine, found some relief briefly but over time this was not as effective as I’d hoped. I was using a mix of water and baking soda, but the hospital used glycopyrrolate solution. I live in uk and there is no way to get that solution in uk. So found a pharmacy online in canada where I could purchase glyco capsules and mixed the water in my ionto with the powder in these capsules. Unfortunately no success.
    I then started taking these capsules in my mouth. My hands completely dry with 2 tablets a day, but with feet to get some relief I need to take 4 a day which is the max recommended amount. Side effects are dry mouth, blurry vision, and potential urinary issues. But this for me was little sacrifice to sort my problems.
    My feet were my biggest issue but glyco tablets didn’t completely solve this and due to cost which is about $100 for 60 tablets if I remember correctly, plus delivery to uk, and occasional customs charges it was not the best option for me.
    I’ve tried all the insoles etc, cedarwood, worked ok for a couple of days, summer soles the same couple of days. Wool socks etc. None has stopped the sweat and odour coming through though, and the expense could not be managed. I have started this tea bath experiment today. 6 teabags steeped in one quart (2 pints) of water for 15 mins. Then poured into one quart of cool water, squeezed tea bags before mixing with cool water, then removed. I shall post my results on here as will be doing it for the recommended 1 week.

  6. MH

    I am trying steeping my feet in the brewed tea which in essence is very cooling in this hot weather we’re currently experiencing in the uk. But, so far, all it is doing is turning my toenails brown, lol. But it has only been 3 days so I will post again in a few more days to say whether or not it has been successful.

  7. Mel

    This forum may be well and truly done with now, but to all those people who have suffered with this perspiration issue, please go to your gp and get referred to a dermatologist. I was referred many years ago, and was prescribed gycopyrolate tablets which completely transformed my life.
    They help with my excess perspiration to a huge degree. As it seems tho, my feet have become progressively worse in the last couple of weeks in-spite of the medication. Possibly I need to get my meds changed but in-between times, I’ll try the tea method and see if it helps any. But I’ll never stop the gycopyrolate tabs because they have helped so much. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone with this excessive sweating problem.

  8. BIJAL

    Please can anyone will help me out that their are different types of tea bags, please recommend me exactly which type tea bag I should use and What is Sage Tea exactly???
    please please please help me out even I am fed up of this daily sweat in palms and feet. My life is disturbed because of this and I cant live happily. It feels so embarrassed, ot’s good to know that I’m not the only one with this problem. Now hope this Tea bag would give me positive result.
    Please revert back by return E-mail.
    Thanks a lot

  9. LB

    It is not Justin our heads. I have had sweaty palms and feet my entire life and I thought maybe it was psychological as well. But then my second daughter was born and when she was less than 6 months old, friends would comment that her hands were wet. She is now 13 and her hands and feet have sweat excessively for that entire time. I don’t think there is a single day that has gone by where both of us have not had sweaty palms and feet at some point during the day. So please don’t belittle other people’s problems by suggesting it is all in their heads.

  10. VPR

    I need to know if I can use the solution over and over again. Thanks please reply back soon.

  11. venki

    I am 27 years old, I had sweaty hands and feet since my birth, I had tried so many ways but not control my problem, if any better solution tell me please.

  12. joan

    I’m 22 yrs. old already and until now my hands and feet are sweating like a faucet of water hmppp…it started when I was in grade 5. I want to do things but because of this abnormality I can’t. I hope this will work soaking my hands and feet by using black tea. please please hope it will work

  13. Ars

    I have had sweaty hands and feet since birth that my mom had to change my socks at least 3 times a day when I was a baby. I think it is very embarrassing because some people tease me about it. I get sweaty if I’m nervous or even just thinking about it they get sweaty very quickly. I don’t have an odor but I will try this to see if it works.

  14. Traci

    I read your comment on here and I had to respond.. I am 26 years old and I feel the exact same way you do.. I am scared to meet anyone because I don’t wanna shake their hand.. and also when I think about it they not only sweat they drip.. It’s an awful thing and I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way but on the other hand I’m not happy to know that someone else has to feel as bad as I do on a daily basis.. If you figure out any cures let me know!!

    • Divyang

      Nobody else could have better described my condition. I wish I could get in touch with people or have a sort of group like fb or whatsapp maybe! For an old Indian saying it goes like this “Sharing for one doubles the happiness and halves the grief!”

  15. lids

    I’ve done research and hear Sage tea works the best, it’s harder to find though.

  16. pavan n.

    Hello everyone with sweaty palms and feet :D my palms are actually dripping at this very moment when I am typing this! I have just undergone similar situation as you ppl ! I am 20 and has been suffering from this problem since my childhood but I’ve never tried to fix it! Today my gal had bought a new i5phone to coll and she asked me not to touch it, tat was too humiliating in front of all my friends! Good too know many ppl are there wit me :P we’re lyk a family now :) try drysol deo I’ve heard it works ! I will try the tea thingy wish me luck :) I’ll let you guys know the result :) and I want be free of sweaty hands and palms for new year :)

  17. Michelle

    For me the cedar thing really works incredible! I bought special cedar insoles online and after a few days my smelly feet are already gone. I can only recommend these insoles instead of any home remedy.

  18. paul

    Wow this works great ! Only did it for 10min and my hands are bone dry ! How long does it last for ??

  19. MAAS

    Could u please any one let me know that a bag of tea account for how many grams?
    Because I would like to try out this for myself, but here we are not having tea bags. If any one tell me in grams it will be a great help……..

  20. Andrew^_-

    15 years old, I have same problem of you and I want to try this “6 bags tea xD” hope it will works ..

  21. Msr

    Hi. I have this condition since I am young. I have experienced same condition as most of the people who commented here. And I realized that a lot of us are also experiencing this very embarrassing problem
    It’s really very uncomfortable especially with my sweaty feet that my feet and shoes get stinky after work. And I’m just so scared that my live-in partner will know about it. I’m also scared to tell as he might find it disgusting. I tend to buy shoes every now and then. Coz whenever my shoes stinks, I just didn’t want to wear them anymore ;(
    I have tried Iontoporosis and it didn’t work for me. I have tried some creams and powders but no use. I will try this tea and will update you if there is any good result…

  22. jaz

    I have had sweaty hands and feet for quiet a long time and its very messy. I feel very uncomfortable when shaking hands with people. Please advice on what type of tea should be used.

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