ginger root

We love this ginger tea remedy and use it whenever we feel a cold coming on. It came to us from a radio listener in the hills of West Virginia but originated with her grandmother in India.

Grind about half an inch of fresh ginger root into a paste and place in a mug. Add boiling water and “steep” for several minutes. Strain the clear liquid into another mug, sweeten, and sip. Our symptoms start to subside within about twenty minutes.

We drink this in the morning and evening, and our cold usually gets better by the second day.

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  1. Anne
    British columbia

    My mother used to make cough medicine with ginger, molasses, and onion 80 years ago in Nova Scotia. I’m not sure what else, except water and kept it on the back of the wood stove. I have tried to duplicate it, and it helps. I’m over 90. Does anyone know about using molasses and maybe garlic?

  2. Arthur aged 77

    I have had the symptoms of a cold for about 6 months with post nasal drip causing phlegm and coughing at night. Last night I made some ginger tea which I drank before bed… I did not cough once during the night and woke up with a clear nose and throat and I could breath without the rattle of excess phlegm in my throat… I am having some more tonight.

  3. FLUF

    I am having a bad cold. I have been using ginger tea made with grated fresh ginger, with a little apple cider vinegar. I heat a cup of water in the microwave, take a teaspoon of the grated ginger WITHOUT STRAINING, add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a pinch or turmeric and a little ground black pepper, anti-inflammatory. Drink/eat as hot as possible. My upper respiratory symptoms are gone withing 5 minutes of finishing the drink. I think that the raw ginger pieces are the best remedy, fiery hot all the way down to the stomach, but that is part of feeling better. Drink everything hot and stay warm until your cold is over.

  4. sivani

    I make one tea for colds to pull out all the stops. I buy Traditional Medicinal’s Gypsy Cold Care, that has equal amounts of yarrow, peppermint, and elder flowers. I boil 3 to 4 cups of water, grate an inch of ginger and let it cook, roll and squeeze a ripe lemon into it, and pour this over two tea bags. Then I add a little cayenne and cumin or, stir, add a generous amount of honey, and drink this all day. 2 pots a day does it. Kicks out the flem, raises immune system, and once you have the ingredients around doesn’t take long at all. Kind of my 1 in all concoction from all I’ve learned over the years. Good luck. I’m on it right now.

  5. ida

    I grate fresh ginger, put the juice in to hot black tea, add the honey, then drink it. not only it works for my cold but also it tastes delicious. the point is raw ginger.

  6. Adrian S

    I have a variation of the ginger tea. It’s in the form of ginger soup.
    wash ginger and strip off the skin. crush ginger with the side of the knife.
    boil ginger in water. once boiling lower the temperature and add chopped green onion.
    add 2-3 egg whites and mix until egg is cooked.
    I take these when I get sick and it helps remedy the symptoms. Most of the times it also cures the cold ^^ My family have been doing this for sick members and I will pass on the tradition to my young’uns when I have them XD.

  7. Mom of 2

    Can anyone tell me about REEDS Ginger candy…. some have sworn that it helps them with their stomach but I had it available and it cleared my airways somewhat as I am fighting a cold and congestion at this moment…

  8. Mitzi

    I guess my expectations are way too high from all the good reviews about ginger tea but I’ve got laryngitis right now from an upper respiratory infection that started last Sunday. I just started getting hoarse yesterday evening and then within a few hours of being hoarse I completely lost my voice. I’ve been voice free all day so far so after my DH got off work he went and got some fresh ginger root and I made tea. For the past 2 days I’ve been doing all the honey, vinegar and lemon juice tea and that’s done absolutely nothing.
    I’ve been congested through my chest and sinus’ and a severe sore throat that the soreness moved from the top of my throat where my sinus’ are to way down almost to the bottom of my throat. All that happened once I started drinking the concoctions yesterday so I thought I was getting better.
    I started on the ginger tea immediately as soon as I got home and nothing so far. I’ve had 2 big cups of just ginger. I didn’t want to put honey or sugar or anything since I read that sugar is bad if you’re using it for medicinal purposes. I want to do it correctly.
    I assumed that I would be a lot better by the time I drank the second glass since judging from the review people are swearing they were better within hours.
    I’m willing to try anything natural but I’m pregnant so I can’t take any OTC stuff. I don’t have a fever anymore but this stuffiness and sore throat is killing me. I’m up for any other suggestions anyone may have… hopefully ones I haven’t tried already.

  9. Len

    I have been taking ginger for many years now. I never have a flu or cough. Then last year I stopped taking it. It’s been 7 months already then 4 weeks ago I got sick got flu and have been coughing 24 hours. Because of being hard headed and not taking the ginger I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a cough medicine and a shot. I thought at first the medicine will work for few weeks of coughing. The medicine really don’t work out.
    I went to the doctor 4x and still giving me the same advise. I finally called my mom from the Philippines telling me to take Ginger “an old fashion way”. Because I was so stubborn and hard headed my mother was so mad at me. She told me I will never get better if I follow the doctors rule so when I reach home I finally took ginger.
    I let it soak into hot water, put a little honey and a few drops of lemon, and have been taking for a few minutes. Finally that night I could sleep well and keep continuing taking ginger. So guys if your mother tells you what to do then do it. It won’t hurt you. It’s for your own good and don’t be stubborn like me.

  10. Sally

    I made the tea–with garlic and maple syrup and my cough immediately disappeared!

  11. Sue L.

    Ginger tea is amazing, but what helps me most is sucking on raw ginger. This is not for the faint of heart. But if you are up nights with a cough and don’t want to sit around drinking tea, put a slice of raw ginger in your mouth and slowly suck out the juices.

  12. Sonia

    I chew on and eat candied ginger for a cold. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby they sell it. It has worked wonders on the last few colds I felt coming on with a sore throat.

  13. tiffany

    thank you all I will be trying ginger today. I have had a cold for a very long time my throat is so raw from coughing and my eyes puffy from lack of sleep I really hope this works. I assume it will with all the good feedback.

  14. Kristen

    Drinking some now. Such a great everything reliever. I can breath so much better.

  15. Subhashini A.

    Please sweeten with honey not with sugar. If you can get Indian basil (tulsi), please add that too. I am not sure about American/European basil, and please keep yourself warm during and after drinking it. Another very good remedy for ‘flu-ish’ symptoms including body pain – heat some turmeric powder in milk and add honey. Drink hot and go to sleep. Putting in a bit of saffron makes it even better. Subhashini A., India

  16. Gaz

    My wife and I had colds for over a fortnight and were wondering if we would ever get over it. We took every immune booster under the sun, but we just couldn’t shake it off. And then we tried Ginger tea…. and that thankfully was the turning point.

  17. Missy

    Thank you everybody for all of the Ginger comments. I had a severe cold for two days and have asthma with severe coughing that could not be stopped, and throwing up I was coughing so hard, and nothing seemed to be working. So I took Ginger, from the spice rack and put it in boiling water. Also I decided to add to my concoction, Cinnamon, Honey, Lemon, Fresh squeezed orange juice, apple cider vinegar, a dash of olive oil, and put a capsule of powdered Kelp.. Makes a fantastic tasting tea.. And I’m all better, no more breathing treatments. Hallelujah for Ginger!

  18. wishbone

    yes ginger is very useful. Just try to add little bit of honey to it and drink everyday it will fight lots of disease.

  19. Alice

    I found that using crystallized ginger is a quick and tasty way to make a cup of ginger tea. I simply put a piece or two in a cup of hot water and let it steep. It is sweet and tasty and I always have it on hand. Best of all it really seems to help when I feel like I’m getting a cold. I also use it if my stomach feels a little off and it helps that as well.

  20. Howard D S

    Wow it works fast on clearing your airway, I been fighting this cold (A bad one) for days. I used a potato peeler and put the peels in a cup and put the microwave on two minutes added a little sugar. I noticed a difference before I even finished the drink.

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