Hiccups are rarely serious, but they certainly can be annoying. There are dozens of remedies from holding your breath to drinking water from the far side of a glass. This is one we have been talking about since 1976. It's simple and easy. Q. My father has been plagued with hiccups at all hours of the day or night. His physician gave him samples of medications to try, but none worked. A friend of mine told me many years ago that a teaspoon of sugar stops hiccups. This is the only remedy that has worked. It is immediate and can last for hours. Sugar packets are easy to carry, too. A. We found this simple remedy published in the New England Journal of Medicine (Dec. 23, 1971) and have been recommending it ever since. Anyone who has prolonged hiccups, however, should have a diagnostic workup to rule out a serious medical condition.

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  1. SBS

    It’s not the graininess because it also works with confectioners sugar. I was out of regular this morning and tried it. Worked like a charm.

  2. RTS

    I have found chocolate ice cures hiccups immediately.

  3. julie phillips

    my parents and I have been using the a cure for well over 30 year.
    get a teaspoon of sugar. add several drops of vinegar to the sugar. then eat the spoonful. the hiccups will vanish!
    as far as we know the shock of the vinegar taste gets rid of the hiccups…the sugar was just to make it taste a bit better.

  4. Prem

    This tips worked well. When I got continuous hiccups, I swallowed the a teaspoon sugar. It worked.Try it …..

  5. AP

    My Mom told me to do this, WOW does it work! I get hiccups a lot and they are annoying! I ate a sugar cube, it doesn’t matter if it melts or not, and slowly dissolved it in my mouth-HOLY! It’s magic!

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