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Soap for Leg Cramps?

Q. I have suffered from foot and leg cramps for years. Every night! No matter how much potassium and calcium I took, these minerals didn’t make a difference.

I need my feet and legs for my job. I would actually get up with bruises. I could barely walk the next day because my feet and legs hurt so bad from the cramps the night before.

A friend told me that a friend of hers did the bar of soap underneath the bed sheet. It sounded so dumb that I just blew it off.

A few days later, I was so sore I decided to try it, and I thought ‘I’ll try anything.’ I haven’t had a leg or foot cramp since!!  I know this sounds stupid, but it really worked for me.

A. You and hundreds of other people have told us that the stupid soap trick works. We have also heard from people who say it is worthless. But the good news is that soap doesn’t cost much and when put under the bottom sheet should produce no side effects.

Here are just a few other soap stories to support your experience and entertain you:

Mary Says:

“Read for years about soap stopping leg cramps and kind of laughed at the entire scene. Then I started getting jolting cramps in my calves upon wakening in the a.m.

“Finally, I recalled the soap story and skeptically put some smaller pieces under the sheets and on top of the mattress pad.

“Well, I totally forgot I did it. About a week later upon arising, I realized NO CRAMPS! Then I remembered: SOAP!

“If only all medical conditions could be alleviated so easily and safely; we need people to continue sharing their home remedies that have worked for them or someone they know. Thank you.”

Paula adds:

“I have 5 bars of soap in my bed. My husband was a skeptic and is now a FIRM believer! I put the soap between the sheets, over the end of the bed so there is no kicking it around and it seems to work wonderfully. Hope this helps someone else.”

Delia offers this personal experience:

“Coming from a ha-ha skeptical to a wow believer: I had heard from my daughter that a friend had told her about the soap. I laughed it out of my mind.

“One day while reading the Houston Chronicle I read an article in the ‘People’s Pharmacy’ newspaper column which mentioned soap for cramps and raisins for arthritis. I did the raisins, and years later out of desperation, did the soap. Both are a miracle for me.

“Since I had saved the newspaper article, I have made countless copies for family, friends, and unknown friends’ friends. Some have been disbelievers like me, but far too many have thanked me for the information.

“I bought two (2) copies of “The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies” book, one for me and one to lend out. Thanks for all your wonder help.”

Anyone else who would like to learn more about Bed Soap and Leg Soap can find information here. And if you too would like to read all about these and hundreds of other home remedy stories in our home remedy book, click on this link.

We came up with the idea of The People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap and Leg Soap because we knew that lavender might be an important scent in the cramp-relieving action of soap. We added that scent to the special flat bars so that the soap isn’t uncomfortable. The special soap chips in Leg Soap make it possible to put them in socks unobtrusively. People tell us that they help when traveling. Some people even wear socks with soap to bed.

Lucille in Texas shared this review of Leg Soap in our shopping cart:

“I like it and so does my husband. He uses it for restless leg and I for cramps. So far, it seems to work better than anything else I have tried.”

Cheryl in Richmond, VA loves the special fragrance in Leg Soap:

“I love this soap and use it every night. It does help me in preventing night time leg/foot cramps. Also love the smell! So does my 5 year old granddaughter!”

Of course not everyone loves the tea olive fragrance in Leg Soap or the lavender fragrance in Bed Soap. If you find either Bed Soap or Leg Soap not to your liking we will gladly refund your money.

Share your own soap for cramps story in the comment section below.

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  1. Paula
    Fresno, Calif.

    I started to have RLS and leg cramps was told to use a bar of soap in my bed didn’t think it would work. I was desperate to get relief so I tried it and it works for me.

  2. Joanne

    I just started this about 2 months ago. I totally believe in the bar of soap under the sheet. I am cramp free since I started this and I am so happy. I use Dove.

  3. Ruth S.

    I FEEL……..WHATEVER WORKS!!!……..Who cares if it sounds like magic thinking!!!

  4. Ruth S.

    With all the “Great Minds” who read these articles about the bed soap “cure”…..why don’t we hear anything about the possible scientific reason for the “Bed soap cure”?

  5. Marianne

    I have used a bar of soap at the foot of my bed for about 6 months and have found great relief from twitchy legs. Last week I had to do an overnight sleep study– never thought about taking a bar of soap. My legs began to twitch after about an hour. I stood up and did bends to help stretch the leg muscles. That helps 90%, but I am sure the soap would have helped. Really don’t think soap is a placebo, I really believe the soap helps. The reason is a real secret……

  6. Joan F.

    I place a bar of soap directly on my leg until the twitching stops or I fall asleep. I find this is faster than placing the soap under the sheet. Been doing it for years and it works for me.

  7. Sam

    Does it make any difference what brand of soap is used? My wife has a problem with RLS and leg cramps at night and any relief would be greatly appreciated.

    Raleigh NC

  8. BETSY

    Well, I finally tried it and it really does help. I have fibromyalgia and I think it has an overall effect on pain in general. I use a really large bar of soap I got at Marshalls.

  9. MimiB

    I have had my sleep interrupted by restless legs… my calves don’t exactly cramp, but the nerves make the muscles twitch. I remembered the soap suggestion and tried it… success! My legs are not keeping me awake any longer. I can’t even begin to imagine why it works, but it does. A couple weeks ago I put a couple little bars of “hotel” size soap between the lower sheet and bed pad and by the second night, was not being awakened by twitching leg muscles. Just to be on the safe side, I also take 250 mg of magnesium and 500 mg of calcium. My cardiologist suggested the magnesium a couple years ago for my somewhat irregular heart rate. What I’m doing differently now is taking the mineral supplements after dinner instead of in the morning.

  10. edna

    My leg cramps are alleviated (and my sciatia pain) with standard yellow mustard. I keep pouches by my bed and open and eat one when pain hits! Gulp of water, they go away in a couple of minutes. Haven’t tried the soap altho it could work well, the mustard works for me.

  11. MM

    No leg cramps for one and a half years. That was when I put the bar of soap in my bed. I have been told that it’s all in my head. I don’t care where it is – it works and that’s all that matters to me.

  12. Judy

    I have used Ivory soap under the fitted sheet on top of mattress pad for years. At home and in camper. Works for me. I am interested in the raisins too. Never heard of that… will do some research. I personally think that when you are asleep and your foot touches or brushes the soap your brain automatically causes your muscles to relax and no cramps. NO proof just an opinion as to why it works.

  13. VP

    A Florida doctor who understands how to treat RLS, told me to take 250 mg of magnesium when I get a cramp. It relaxes the muscle and it does not come back. So, if the soap does not work, try magnesium.

  14. ee

    I put it between the mattress pad and the fitted sheet. It works wonderfully well–NO cramps!

  15. blj

    I read in the Houston paper about soap-scented oil (SSO). Could you tell me where I could buy it, Thanks for your help,

  16. Paul

    Hi, While it’s true that magnesium relaxes the muscle, leg cramps are better relieved by a calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement. Take 1/2 to 1&1/2 in 15 to 30 second intervals, and the cramp should dissipate in about 2 minutes. A lot of times cramps are caused by cold. It is just another approach to relieving cramps quickly. It may work on restless legs too, I don’t know for sure. The coaches should know this for their athletes.

  17. Pascale Geck

    I have been using a bar of soap (Yardley) under my mattress for over a year now, and never had leg cramps again! I also was skeptical, but the cost of trying being $0.99 I thought why not? My husband still looks at me like I am insane but I don’t care. Thank you Terry!

  18. Beverly

    Laugh all you like, but I have had soap in my bed for years and had absolutely no cramps after learning of this. Last weekend I went to visit my daughter and in the middle of the night, suffered awful leg cramps. Believe me I quickly realized there was no soap in that bed. Upon returning home to my soap, all has been peaceful at night,

  19. D B

    This is a wonderful cheap way to get rid of night cramps in my legs and feet.
    I have been doing this for about a week and a half and haven’t had a cramp.
    I also have cramps in my hands, so carry around a small piece of soap in my hand and haven’t had hand cramps either. It’s wonderful!!!

  20. LP

    I am glad the soap under the sheets works for some folks, it did not work for me. I tried several brands of recommended soaps, including that sold by The People’s Pharmacy. Over time, I have found that reducing stress, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and stretching my leg muscles by lifting my toes up works best for me.
    Something I will concur with that I learned from The People’s Pharmacy is almonds for acid reflux. As my wife and I have gotten older we occasionally get acid reflux. We read about the almonds about 3 months ago and have not had acid reflux since. It is astounding, but it works. My wife uses the roasted and salted almonds, and I eat the raw almonds. They both work for us. If we eat something that would usually give us acid reflux, or if we feel it starting to come on, we eat 5 to 10 almonds and no problems.

  21. Paul C. Guley

    Hi, Remember, magnesium is the element that relaxes the muscle.

  22. rh

    I was fascinated by the soap in bed remedy but have never had leg cramps. Recently, my right hand and arm was “going to sleep” and waking me up in the night with numbness and tingling. Turning over to the other side did not relieve it but getting up and walking around made it go away. I wondered if the soap would work for this and tried it. Can’t say that it worked completely, but it definitely reduced severity and frequency. My husband, who is a physician, calls it “witchcraft.” I use the raisins and find them to be effective for joint pain when taken daily. I am using far fewer nsaids and Tylenol which I alternate. My theory is to distribute the side effects between the liver and kidneys and reduce the effect on each.

  23. edna

    so….between the sheets means it is next to your skin, correct? or under the bottom sheet? in a bag? loose on the sleeping bottom sheet? thanks

    • Mary

      I live where it is very hot and humid. My soap was causing mildew on the mattress pad.
      Now I am using hotel sized bars still in their wrappings on top of the mattress pad. No more mildew.

      I rarely get a leg/calf cramp.


    my soap is still working for me…

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