two coconuts, one split open

Q. I am 51 and a seven-year breast cancer survivor. I went through chemo and radiation, took tamoxifen until my hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. Since chemo I have had severe vaginal dryness. Sex was painful with burning and irritation for days afterwards.

About a month ago I came across this website. I started using vitamin E and noticed a difference immediately. A couple weeks ago I switched to Organic Coconut Oil from Trader Joes in the morning and night. It’s wonderful. No more dryness!

Intercourse is pleasurable again (coconut oil is not sticky and smells great). There is no swelling, burning or irritation afterwards. Reading all of the comments on your website has been a life saver.

Thank you ladies and thank you Peoples Pharmacy.

A. We are so glad you have experienced good results from the coconut oil. Others report similar benefits from olive oil.

For those who would like more information about this personal problem, we suggest downloading our Guide to Menopause. We have quite a lot of information about olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and other lubricants such as Corn Huskers lotion and natural products like aloe vera and Sylk with kiwi-fruit vine extract. In addition, there are many suggestions for easing the symptoms of hot flashes.

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  1. Scottie
    Hampton, Virginia

    I use coconut oil for a complete body treatment. All I can say, it’s wonderful. I use it all over the body, hair, nails, face and Vaginal tissue. You name it, it’s good for it. I also use it to oil pull and eat a small amount daily, about a teaspoon. I use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed, method used to extract oil (chemical free method) and unrefined.

    • joyce

      How are you using coconut oil for skin, body, nails, dryness, face… etc.? Everyone tells us they use it and it works but no-one gives the specifics of what or how to apply or use…. please reply. Thank you in advance.

  2. Rmac

    Seems like everyone likes the virgin unrefined coconut oil. Some grocery stores sell it for less than $10. My wife has had one infection in about 5 years. I put it on myself. Lately I have warmed it to melting and added a little grapeseed oil. A little thicker and more slippery. Works great. Please let me know if you try it and like it.

  3. Kj

    I am 48 years old. I had hysterectomy back in 2010. Both of ovaries are taken out. People told me after hysterectomy, It’s going to be so much fun having sex. Oh they were wrong. I felt cheated! It hurts. It might be only me, but using lubricants burns me. I am so glad to find this site. I have a jar of coconut oil.

    Is it safe using coconut oil contains 62% MCTs? The brand is “Nature’s way “pure & unrefined coconut oil extra virgin 62%MCTs Natural energy. Organic

    • The People's Pharmacy

      Coconut oil is safe, but not for latex condoms. If you are not with a long-time monogamous partner, you still need to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

  4. Jen

    Many questions on here regarding application of the cocunut oil. I have tried freezing it, but it melts so quickly that it’s really messy! How about buying the gelcaps and inserting them? I’m going to try this! You can order them, but I’m going to my local vitamin shoppe or health food store to buy the gelcaps today.

  5. Marianne
    United States

    Where do I get an applicator? I am searching for one. I had an old applicator for progesterone cream (screws into the top of the tube and that does not work.

    Am contemplating the fridge method someone suggested. hmm

  6. deb

    the person who said they used coconut oil didn’t mention wether it was topical or ingested.

    • Rmac

      it is very healthy to eat (my wife takes a tablespoon every day) but it is topical. Your partner can put it on or you can follow the many suggestions people have listed here.

  7. Gma

    Hello Ladies, coconut oil is a gift from God! I have been eating it for years. My skin is radiant and it keeps my cholesterol under control. I am 59 years young and I am starting to experience dryness. I believe it is occurring because I take antihistamines. I am so thankful to hear all of the testimonials and success stories. I am not worried about how much to use or how to use it. It’s all natural, be creative it’s oil, it’s food, it’s medicine, have at it. Thank you soooooo much for the dialog, this is a real problem and now we have a real solution.

    • Drew

      Make sure to use organic virgin coconut oil. It is pressed not chemically removed from the coconut meat. Also the fatty acids remain in their long chain form. This keeps the oil from blocking your pores and causing irritation. The light scent goes away and can be masked by many perfumes or essential oils. It also works in your sensitive puppies ears if you keep battling yeast there too! Don’t be shy, just try.

  8. Shelley

    I bought a Vit E oil at Walmart, this formula also contains coconut oil, use it externally, also helps with dryness.

  9. Lisa

    Thank you for all the suggestions of coconut oil, will get some tomorrow, have tried Premarin, replens, yeast pills and know hydrocortisone cream for outside rash.

    • Lisa

      How are you using the coconut oil inside and out? I have same reddness outside and stinging and burning not sure if dryness trieD premarin, replens also and now hydrocortisone.

  10. Shelley

    I have been taking 4 caps Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil daily for last 2 months, this helps to lubricate the tissues from the inside out. It seems to be kicking in now, I am more comfortable now that I have been for last few years. Do the research on this oil high Omega 7, very impressive.

  11. JW

    I guess it must work. People come asking questions, but never return to say how it worked out. …it must have worked out!
    I only wonder about nature’s way liquid coconut oil. It’s in a bottle that you can straight up spray it all over the place with a good squeeze. May be God’s gift to humanity.

  12. Ms. Adriane

    I use Vitamin E oil it’s great for the first time in over a year I had no pain sex. I insert the Vitamin E oil with a ear dropper syringe, lay on your back and insert syringe in your Vagina so it will go in comfortable. Worked great for me Good luck ladies.

  13. Michele

    So I have a question. For those that use coconut oil for yeast infections, how long did it take for the yeast infection to be gone?

  14. June

    Hi Sarah!! Well done by the way!
    I too am a BMT recipient just January this year. I too am finding my vagina getting more and more dry and raw… I had bacterial vaginosis which I took antibiotics for a week. Those symptoms went away but vagina now red and sore so doctor prescribed anti thrush medications. Still no real improvements…in fact getting more and more sore each day.
    I have tried oestrogen cream applied internally and externally but that is not something I would want to use long term due to side effects.
    I too am considering natural alternatives….seeing doctor again today. I think is most likely GVHD……so I think it important to find a long term natural lubricant to keep that area moistened and soft is the way to go. I am gonna ask today if she thinks it ok to use coconut oil, or olive oil etc both internally and externally without any fear of causing any unwanted infections etc..
    I was also gonna ask her about bio-identical hormones to replace oestrogen….anythings worth a try I say!!
    Apart from that they may just increase immuno-suppressives etc until situation stabilises. But still we need a natural long term solution for this area.
    Please let me know how you go with this, I can keep you filled in if you like. Good to share info with someone in same situation!!
    I live in NSW Australia by the way. Where are you from?
    Regards June.

  15. TP

    Before I go to sleep at night I take a bath/shower and then I lay down on a towel on the floor and pour the oil inside (I warm it up a little first) not too much maybe about two tablespoons and then I insert a tampon and use the excess oil that runs down on my rear and thighs.

  16. ElizaK

    I am already using coconut oil in a recipe as a natural deoderant, as a skin and hair moisturizer. My gyn said last year that vegetable oil can be used as lubricant and vaginal moisturizer. She said at a conference they were told that if you could ingest it, it was safe to use it (I think referring to oils). I will definitely try the coconut oil. Thanks to everyone for the comments and tips.

  17. BaySally7

    I agree, I also use the premarin plunger and it works. But, my breast are swollen and tender since I started on Premarin, this will be my last tube. You will love the results you see after smoothing on Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil after shaving and it really gets the blood flowing. Take time to smooth it on daily,and see major results in a couple of days.

  18. DP

    I am so thankful for this info. I was paying a $45.00 for Premarin and did not like using it. Thanks!

  19. Ps

    Coconut oil is absolutely amazing to use for dryness but that’s not all. I recently suffered from a horrible yeast infection, it was so bad that it actually burned my vulva area:/ after being treated for the yeast infection I was not able to have sex for a week (I’m a newlywed btw so having a yeast infection in the first couple weeks of marriage is not ideal) even attempting to have sex brought such pain from the burn on my vulva from the yeast infection.
    I started using coconut oil not only on my vulva area but inside my vagina. Many people have asked how cause it’s a solid and what not, but the oil melts when it comes in contact with your skin cause your body temp is enough to melt the oil. I just want to say, coconut oil has really been an amazing factor in healing from a horrible yeast infection. I highly recommend for anti fungal uses and dryness!

    • FM

      I have had a dry vagina since post menopause almost 2 years ago and tried all of the leading lubs (replense, silk, play etc) all with no success. I have recently been prescribed vagifem insertable capsules and alongside use of a lub has made very little difference. Sex was almost intolerable. I have recently been using coconut oil (raw extra virgin organic co) and the difference is unbelievable. It can be purchased from supermarkets. It is easily applied by using a spoon to remove from the jar and then simply insert (or have your husband / partner do it) and as soon as the co touches your body it instantly starts to melt. The smell is very light and pleasant and my vagina is moist and supple all of the time. My husband can fully penetrate me easily which was never achievable using the various lubs. If you havent tried co you are missing out. I now have my sex life back and even with spontaneous sex the co is fantastic. I had a dry skin condition on my leg which the co cleared up within days, none of the prescribed creams could do that.

  20. Tanja

    Easiest way is to put the organic coconut oil in the fridge and it will get solid. Cut out a piece with a knife (aprox 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter) and just push it up the vagina with your fingers at bedtime! No applicators needed!! The solid block will melt within a few seconds from your body heat.

  21. Tanja

    The easiest way is too put the organic coconut oil in the refrigerator, so it will become solid – cut a little block +/- 1/2 inch in diameter and insert it high into the vagina at bedtime!

  22. N. ford

    I think your gynecologist is misinformed. Many women who have had regular sex with no problems, find that after the menopause starts having sex becomes very painful, causing bleeding, etc. I use SUPPOSITORIES WITH NATURAL VIT. E, which I buy from online. For the first four months I inserted one, into my vagina, every night. Thereafter I insert one twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday nights. If I have sex, I also use KY Gel. Hope that this helps.

  23. Mel P

    To apply it, put a tablespoon or so in the freezer until it’s almost a solid or is a solid and insert with clean fingers. It’ll start dissolving right away

  24. Sarah

    I am about 6 months stem cell transplant for leukemia and have a sore, dry raw vagina from Chronic Graft vs Host disease. I want to try coconut oil. Steroids and Premarin are very sore. My vagina is raw and closing up (I am only 30). Does anyone have experience applying coconut oil to their sensitive or painful vaginas?

    • K

      Oh dear , its bad enough having menopause at 50 , let alone what you are going through at such a young age .
      I have stumbled upon this site and want to add my experience for all you poor sore ladies out there .
      Firstly I am 50 my periods just stopped one day , and then I notice soreness from sex , damn ! anyway I researched and have started using yeo old valley natural yoghurt , with good bacteria to fight and balance vagina ph ,6 months in , it doesn’t hurt ! but after 5 days of use It can smell of dried yoghurt , so hence I’m looking for a sweetest odour, I’ll try this coconut oil too but my sex life is bck to 3 times a week , so please consider your ph and get yoghurt too , use everyday two weeks then same as oil user recommendation , twice weekly perfect good luck xx

  25. NS

    So let me see if I understand everything I’ve read. Use the coconut oil to help with the dryness, in whatever method works best for me, nightly. Use cocoa butter as a lubricant during sex. This is a live saver thanks to everyone for your input.

  26. Susan L

    Chris – it is a solid but it melts very quickly once it touches the body….
    I am using it with excellent results. Good Luck.

  27. Jas

    Hi Ladies,
    Will the coconut oil actually help the vagina produce moisture by itself, or is it basically just a personal lubricant such as Astroglide or K.Y?

  28. TC

    How to apply coconut oil? I was not able to find an applicator by itself, so I purchased a yeast infection cream that had an applicator. I did not use the yeast infection cream because I only wanted the applicator. I melt the coconut oil and pour in the applicator and insert it. I have been doing this for a year now. It is wonderful and leaves the vaginal area soft and supple.

  29. ems

    I use non-GMO Certified Organic Raw Cacao Butter Wafers that I buy online. This cocoa butter already comes in little disk shapes, making it very easy to slip in with my fingers. It is easy to handle because it doesn’t melt in my fingers like coconut oil, but does melt quickly at body temperature. A disk can be broken in half for anyone preferring a little less. I slip one in after getting in bed so there is no problem with stains. If you need to use one during the day, a panty liner eliminates any stain problems.
    Another great solution to prevent dryness from starting is intercourse (this was recommended by my GYN &#9786). She said it brings blood to the vaginal tissue and keeps it thicker. Of course, you need to be well lubricated first and the cocoa butter works really good for that. She had me on Premarin Cream at first, but I just didn’t want to continue on it — besides the cocoa wafers are easier to insert than going through the process of opening the tube of Premarin, filling an applicator and then trying to put the cap back on without more cream squeezing out.

  30. NancyCL

    I use the “syringe” that I got with my Premarin cream and it works very well.

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