bottles of crestor lipitor and simvastatin cholesterol-lowering drugs

When Mevacor (lovastatin) was first marketed in 1987 it quickly became a game changer. That’s because it was perceived as extremely effective for lowering cholesterol with far fewer side effects than existing drugs.

Lopid (gemfibrozil) Never Became a Blockbuster:

Prior to this first statin-type cholesterol-lowering medication there was a certain amount of ambivalence about cholesterol lowering drugs. Lopid (gemfibrozil) was one of the best known and most successful medications prior to Mevacor. It lowered bad LDL cholesterol a modest 11 percent.

Although Lopid appeared to reduce the risk of heart attacks, it came with a list of side effects including gallstones, indigestion, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, dizziness, blurred vision, headache, numbness or nerve tingling, lowered libido and erectile dysfunction.

The Statin Revolution:

Mevacor seemed like a fabulous alternative and it quickly became the hottest cholesterol-lowering drug on the market. Its success spawned lots of other statins including Atorvastatin (Lipitor)
, Fluvastatin (Lescol)
, Pitavastatin (Livalo)
, Pravastatin (Pravachol)
, Rosuvastatin (Crestor)
, Simvastatin (Zocor)
 and Simvastatin + Ezetimibe (Vytorin).

Initially, most doctors believed that statins had few, if any, side effects. Tens of millions of people were prescribed these drugs even if they had hardly any risk factors for heart disease. In some cases doctors encouraged people to take a statin “just in case,” even if their cholesterol levels were relatively “normal.” The assumption was that the drugs were so safe there was no reason not to take them even if the person was in good health.

Side Effect Reports to People’s Pharmacy:

When we started hearing reports from people that they were suffering muscle pain and weakness, memory problems, erectile dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy or blood sugar elevations, we were told by some health professionals that these were old folks just showing signs of normal aging. These physicians insisted that such side effects could not possibly be due to statins.

We didn’t buy it, but it was hard to convince some statin enthusiasts that the drugs might be taking a toll on otherwise healthy people. Over the last two decades we have received so many stories from individuals that we could have written a book. In fact we did! We included these stories in two books, Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy and Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them. There are also hundreds of reports on this website.

What About Muscle Pain?

Most physicians now agree that statins can indeed cause muscle pain and weakness in some people. That is in part because many physicians have themselves experienced these symptoms after taking statins. There are also reports in the medical literature documenting these adverse reactions, even though the original clinical trials somehow missed these complaints. An article in the BMJ (October 22, 2013) points out this discrepancy:

“the prevalence of muscle pain in statin users is 50% greater than in non-users. In absolute terms, this increase in muscle pain is 100 times greater than that reported in clinical trials…”

Some health professionals acknowledge that there can be cognitive dysfunction for certain patients. There is even data to suggest that statins can cause fatigue, especially after exercise (Archives of Internal Medicine, Aug. 13/27, 2012).

Do Statin Side Effects Persist?

The unanswered question, though, is do some side effects persist even after the statins have been discontinued? There have been very few studies even examining this issue. One intrepid researcher, Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, has suggested that some individuals are especially susceptible to statin side effects. For them, adverse reactions can be devastating and may linger for a very long time.

We received a poignant comment from a visitor to this website. We felt compelled to share Donna’s story:

“Everyone needs to know that statins can do permanent nerve and muscle damage!

“I stopped taking them more than a year ago and I am still in pain, still can’t walk upstairs without pain and my CK (muscle enzymes) are still elevated; so are my liver enzymes.

“Those meds need to be taken off the market. Some people develop rhabdomyolosis from taking statins and some even die from it. They are harmful and there’s no getting around that.

“I have permanent damage to my muscles and they continue to deteriorate. I am frightened and I have undergone many tests, EMG’s (electromyography); MRI’s; multiple blood tests and a deep muscle biopsy. The results of the biopsy were ‘unspecified inflammatory myopathy.’ Since there was no absolute diagnosis of any disease I am left with no treatment.

“The doctor told me not to lift anything heavy and to drink lots and lots of water. I used to walk 2 miles a day and lift free weights to stay in shape. Now I can no longer do that. I can’t sleep soundly anymore. I wake up throughout the night from anxiety now, which I never had before this. I’m scared and don’t know what to do.

“I go for a blood test every 3 months to monitor the CK levels, which were at 2010 (the highest they’ve been yet) and that was in July of this year. I’m due for another blood test this month for my annual physical and I’m so afraid they will be higher.

“I hurt all over most of the time but I continue to go to work and try not to think about the pain. There should be a law against this sort of thing. My doctor frightened me into taking them. She told me if I didn’t take them I would die of a heart attack or liver disease. Please pray for me. I’m afraid.”

Even after 25 years of statin experience there is a lot we do not know about such drugs. A study now reveals what we have worried about for a long time and that is that statins may increase the risk for cataracts.

Whether these drugs also contribute to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) or permanent muscle problems such as those described by Donna above, we do not know. We do know that for otherwise healthy people, there are alternate ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. You can learn about them in our books and guides.

Anyone who would like to share a story (positive or negative) about statins may do so below.

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  1. Bonnie

    I am a 56 year old female. My dr. started me on Lipitor about 2 years ago I was a bit over weight at that time, but water skied all last summer and danced walked every day cut hair did upholstery and worked my Mary Kay business, since then I am now diabetic ,liver enzymes up, fatty liver I am not a drinker I have been diognosed with neuopathy . I am now 80 lbs over weight and have just been stricken ed with severe muscle fatigue pain weakness it has touched every muscle in my body even tongue and lips, cheeks, legs ,arms are the worst..Swollen tight sting hurt fatigue un-describable.. My dr. took me off of Lipitor as soon as he seen my inner forearms bulging and tight.. the effects are worse a week later they progressed over just a week.. I have done research and have started Coq10 200mg per day we will see if the effects of Lipitor will reverse any at all.. if not this has completly changed my active life.. to dormant because of the weakness in my muscles. I can only be up about 10 minutes at a time my lower back start to fatigue and stings as do my arms every step is like climbing a mountain I have to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. I can’t get laid down quick enough to get relief … We can only hope and pray that these side effects will go away..

  2. Naomi

    I took Atorvastatin (probably for 6-8 months) and stopped it cold BEFORE reading these comments. I had COPD by then but completed a stress test (why did I take that at age 83 and asymptomatic?) after which the cardiologist commented “I never thought you could ever do so well” (with COPD).

    I’ve developed terrible muscle aches, memory problems that are scary, tremors that make my writing very hard for ME to read, I am drinking and eating pretty much what I did all my life but am slowly losing weight. I am certain that Atorvastatin caused these problems or made them worse.

    AFTER READING the comments, I fear they will not improve.
    Research before you begin one of those drugs (statins). Maybe dietary/lifestyle changes will help you.

  3. Harmony1

    I always get notified when there is a contribution. I keep hoping someone is going to say they found a way to rehabilitate the muscle damage caused by the statins. I used them for years and had extremely painful bouts of “electric muscle attacks” but these came and went, so I never really understood that they were connected to the statins usage. But when I started systematic, robust exercise, THAT was when the debilitating muscle damage really set in. I went from biking everywhere, no matter how high the hill, I danced, lifted weights, did yoga, and for my “day off” swam one hour non-stop. I was 61 at the time. I have been off the statins for 3+ years and I am in a wheelchair. I can just barely walk. I swim twice a week, but can only manage about 20 minutes… more than that and I am totally unable to even get myself to the bathroom… I have so little tolerance of movement/exercise. I have tried to work out a routine where I do 4 minutes on a stationary bike and build up gradually. That has worked, to a certain extent… but if I get the flu etc. and am bed ridden for a week or two… I am back to scratch and have to start all over again. It is so discouraging. I contacted the research program in San Diego and was told that maybe, maybe I would regain muscle usage after 3 years. That didn’t happen. I’m afraid most people who read this have already been damaged, we need to reach the ones who haven’t started. I tell everyone I talk to in hopes of saving just one person from this suffering.

    • Gene
      Palm Bay, FL USA

      Dear Harmony1,
      I wish I had some encouraging words for you, but from what I have experience and what others write about, I don’t think there is a lot of hope. Some hope yes but unless and until the Big Pharma owns up to the damage they have done, nothing will be done.
      I found out about statins by reading People Pharmacy and I credit Joe and Terry for saving my life. I have been off statins for four years and some of the problems do not go away. I have very little short term memory and I still have back pain although not as bad as it was. I think the Transient Global Amnesia was the worse and almost caused me to have a car accident.
      Anyway, my Prayers are with you and lets trust that soon Big Pharma and the medical community gets the truth soon.
      Best Regards

      • Gene

        Hello Everyone,
        Just heard on NBC News night before last that the Government (AMA?) has admitted that statins can cause severe muscle pain and muscle damage. (Duh). I did not hear all of the report but it is a start in the right direction. It may be years before any thing else is admitted. Odd, (why am I not surprised) there was no follow up on the news or news papers. It was probably hushed up by Big Pharma. Remember that the addictive nature of cigarettes was hushed up for a year or more by the tobacco companies because they advertised on the very networks that wanted to do the damning report. That puts the statin report in perspective doesn’t it?

  4. Carmen C. Montufar

    I stopped taking symvastatin more than a year ago (I did not take it for a long time) after I started to have knee pain and the sugar went up to a pre-diabetic range , the sugar went to normal levels after I stopped taking it, the joint pain/stiffness is still there (less than before but I wonder if this will last forever, the pain started in the right knee, now I just have it bad in my fingers joints (this pain did not start at the same time as the knees), the pain is not disabling; i’m 72 , with no one in the family with a history of arthritis or diabetes, (my mom past away at 105, in good health) I’ve always been an active person, walking , going to the gym, yoga and at home and still am, but I am wonder if it will change if the pain increases.

  5. Pattie
    Wilson's Mills, NC

    I first took Lipitor and had what felt like pins sticking in my legs and stopped taking it. After that I took different statins all ending with leg muscle pain. The last was atorvastatin and it was the worst ever. After taking it for about 2 weeks I could hardly walk. The dr. then told me I was one that couldn’t take the statins. My cholesterol was just a little elevated and not that high but with family history, he had me take it. After 6 months I’m still having trouble walking without great discomfort. I have weakness in my legs also and some days it feels like my legs will hardly hold me up and I have trouble walking straight. I’m a little overweight but not obese. I would like to exercise but it is too uncomfortable.

  6. Matt

    First I want to tell everyone on this forum that I believe all of you.I had a heart attack in 2007 and after a stent was placed I was put on 40 mg.Crestor.About 3 weeks afterwards I was having a low grade ache in my hips,pelvis and low back.I saw my physician who never acknowledged that it could be the statin but instead sent me on a long costly journey of nuclear medicine studies,MRI’S,cat scans,physical therapy,back specialist,nerve blocks,neurologist consults and more.Eventually the pain rachetted up to intolerable levels and I was in and out of emergency rooms being IV dripped dilaudid for relief.Because I had a HA(heart attack)I was told I had to take statins.I took myself off just to see if I improved and I did.I agreed to lower doses of statins and the pain returned like clockwork about 3 weeks into treatment.
    Here.s what I have taken and the result:
    40 mg.Crestor—ER visit
    20 mg Lipitor–ER visit
    10 mg vitorin–ER visit
    2mg.Livalo every 3rd day–extreme pain but will cope without ER visit.
    On the bright side I now take a new cholesteral drug that is injected once every 2 weeks called prauluent that has reduced my LDL to 39 with no side effects.There are no long term studies on the drug so the doctors would like me to still take 1mg.Livalo every 3rd day but I can’tcope with any amount of statin.My prayers to all of you.I understand your pain and suffering.

  7. Tina
    West Virginia

    I only took Lipitor for two weeks and I had severe muscle pain and knee pain and swelling in my knees. I stopped taking it and that is the only medicine I started taking so I know without a doubt that is what has caused my pain. I still can’t walk up and down stairs very well and can’t run at all. It is very painful! This meds should be illegal!!

  8. Mohamed

    I am a 69 years old man. 6 years ago, my family doctor prescribed 20 mg Lipitor and 81 mg of Aspirin/day as a prophylactic from heart attacks. I Kept on these drugs for 4 years without any problem. Almost 2 years ago, I visited a cardiologist for a re-exam. He checked my blood for lipid profile and prescribed 40 mg Lipitor/day. After one year on this higher dose of Lipitor, I started having unexplained morning fatigue felt all over my body. This feeling used to last 3-4 hours every morning. In addition, I noticed very thick saliva accumulating in my mouth and throat as I get up in the morning. The doctor recommended going back to Lipitor 20 mg/day. The side effects lessened but did not disappear completely. I had my blood tested recently. Whatever the results would be, I will request the doctor to discontinue Lipitor. I do not have a clue whether 1) the side effects are connotative of muscle affection 2) whether or not they are reversible 3) are the side effects dose-related. However, I do prefer to opt to other safer way to prevent heart attacks rather than keeping on Statin.

  9. Violette Rose-Jones

    I took statins of various types for two years after a diagnosis of type two diabetes. my cholesterol was only high by virtue of the fact diabetics are expected to maintain a lower number. without diabetes, I would have been considered within the normal range.

    within a couple of weeks my hands became sore. I have a family history of lupus/general autoimmune so I got tested for that. by the time the tests came back, I had full blown classic statin side effects but they just kept getting worse. I was taken off the drugs and the side effects have remained and continued to worsen. three years later, I am crippled. I have intractable pain.

  10. disabled RN

    here is my experience. I was prescribed statins and never tolerated them. All that was done were muscle enzymes which were rare elevated. They changed statins. I took them for years.

    Eventually I developed peripheral neuropathy, tendon rupture and eventually a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Saw probably 9 specialist locally who never told me to stop the statins.

    When I got fed up I went to a Center of Excellence in Peripheral Neuropathy. The first thing this guy asked me was “are you still taking the statins?” I said yes and he replied “you can never, ever, take them again”.

    I had also been given other neurotoxic antibiotics over the last few years so it is a crapshoot what really was the culprit.

    I am here to tell anyone that will listen, for a segment of the population these drugs are bad news. I cannot prove what really injured me but taking statins certainly was contributory in my opinion. We need to get the word out because the medical profession is ignorant regarding the risks. Sorry to be such a downer, but I have been irreparably harmed.

    • RW

      Disabled RN,

      For your MS diagnosis, I hope you have heard of Low Dose Naltrexone ( It is an FDA approved drug at 50 mg/day, but was found to halt progression of MS in about 85% of MS people at a low dose of 1.5-4.5mg/day. It is non-toxic (unlike the CRAB drugs or other MS drugs), has no side effects except initial sleep difficulty for some, which can be rectified by taking it in the morning), and is inexpensive because it is out of patent. There is a Yahoo LDN Group with over 12,000 members, about half of whom take it for MS. The address is listed on the LDN site shown above. Please join and ask any questions you may have. The group is helpful and friendly, much experienced with LDN and will be happy to give you their experience with LDN and answer your questions. The one caveat I can think of, however, is if the MS is caused by DNA damage due to statin drugs and accompanying mitochondrial mutations, the LDN MAY not be as effective, but it is cheap and worth a try. I, too, have had statin DNA damage and feel the same as you about the danger of statins. Best wishes.

  11. Sally

    My doctor started me on Lopid about ten days ago for high cholesterol (about 290) and high triglycerides. I’m 66 yrs. old with few other health problems and have normal to low blood pressure. The very first dose gave me severe stomach pains, achy muscles, a bad headache and heart “flutters”.

    Called the doctor and she said to cut the dosage by half for a week or so until my body “adjusts”. OK…. not too bad effects for a few days, until my panic/anxiety went through the roof — what I call rolling panic attacks which I’ve NOT had for years and years.

    When the docs tried me, some years back, on Lipitor and Pravacol I had similar side effects and refused to continue on them. Looks like I won’t be taking Lopid either BUT I’m significantly improving my diet, have lost about 12 lbs. over the last 8 weeks, and am definitely upping my exercise. Maybe the statins work well for some folks, but my body has a very strong opinion of these drugs and it’s a bad one.

    As a side note, my 80+ year old neighbor has been on a statin for years and has progressively developed neuropathy in his lower legs and feet as well as achy leg muscles — the doctors have thoroughly checked him out and can find no cause for it. FINALLY, one of the docs told him to stop taking the statins, but also advised that improvement for him might be very, very slow. Another friend of mine, in his late-fifties and very fit (runs marathons), strongly claims that his statin is messing with his memory. I’m beginning to believe that statins can be a big time problem, at least for some people.

    Oh, and I’ve read that research has been done that suggests that elevated cholesterol is often found in folks who died at 90+ years old, so perhaps it’s not the ultimate boogey man. I’ve also read that statins may have some value to men who already have heart disease, but seem to do little for women in general. Just sayin’.

  12. Dannica

    I was also prescribed a statin (pravastatin) by my doctor. I was 35 at the time with cholesterol levels well above 275. My blood pressure was always spot on perfect, blood sugar normal, liver good and no other health issues. After taking it for 3 months I started having serious muscle cramps that would persist nonstop for 3-7 days at a time. I informed my Dr and he basically told me drink more water and exercise. A month or 2 went by and I developed very annoying muscle spasms that were extremely hard to hide. (Fingers, neck, and random large muscles) I again informed my Dr and he said its my body telling me I needed to work out more. I started getting horrible migraines on top of these other issues and I decided to see a neurologist. After several blood tests and an MRI of my brain (to rule out MS or tumor) she instructed me to immediately stop the statin.

    It’s been 2 years since I stopped the statin and I still have the non stop muscle spasms which tire me out physically and keep me from a good nights sleep. I have noticed that my muscles get tight if I stay in 1 position for more than 10-15 minutes, and I fatigue very quickly. This has made a serious impact on what used to be an active life of sports and overall health.

    I will NEVER EVER again take a prescribed med unless it is absolutely a matter of life or death.
    The doctors and pharmaceutical companies have no regards for the quality of people’s lives. It’s all about money and getting richer at any cost.
    To all of you that have similar stories, I’m right there with you and know what you are going thru.

  13. Maggie

    I don’t understand. Doctors are aware of this now yet still prescribe these strong drugs. I’m also on Lipitor. The Doctor placed me on a very high dose right off. I requested it to be cut in half however,it seems to be too late. The drug was also discontinued for a while however,there was not improvement. At this point,I had already been taking it for years. I suspect this drug has ruined my quality of life. Every day is a constant battle to keep moving. I’m pretty young yet however,my leggs are weaker during walking than most 85 yr. old’s I know!
    I don’t understand why Doctors continue to prescribe this drug. I begged for 2 years to be placed on a alternative medication. I finally just left that practice since they were very reckless with the manner of which my diabetic medicine and dosage were prescribed. My diabetes is now under fantastic control with a new Dr.

  14. chuck

    I heard from a friend who told me that she was taking Statins medication at very strong dose because she had high cholesterol level. Unfortunatly, that statin medication was so harmful to her that it killed her muscles and kidney. The effect was so severe that she could hardly walk. Now after I experienced her problem, I also had a problem with the Atorvastatin too. It weakened and caused so much pain on my right arm. Be aware of this poison pills, it is a no joke. Do not be victimized yourself.

  15. chuck

    I had been taking Atorvastatin at 80 mg as prescribed for years. Started last year, I had muscle pain on my right arm. My right arm. I believed, was really strong. Now whenever I moved or try to compress, I feel pain. My wife did some research and found that Statin might have been the cause of the pain. Few weeks ago, I visited my cardiologist and explained to him my symptom, he said it was likely caused by this statin medication. He reduced it from 80mg to 40 mg and added another medication (Zetia 10 mg) to work in syc with that reduced 40 Atorvastin. I am still very concerned whether I should listen to him or just stop that poison altogether. By the way, he told me to stop temporarily for 2 weeks of this Statin, and call him back on Jan 4th to let him know whether the stoppage will do unharm. It has been over a week now my muscle pain still there. He also told me to take Co Q10 too. I have been taking CoQ10 for over a week, still feeling no improvement. Anyone wants to suggest anything to undo the effect of this poison pill? Please share.thank you.

    • Harmony1

      Chuck, I just had to reply to you. I took 5 – 10 mg of statins for about 6 – 7 years with no identifiable side effects. Then, one weird thing started happening… EXTREMELY debilitating cramping, spasms, electric pains that would shoot up and down both legs suddenly, unannounced and left me screaming and crying for hours. I lived with this, it happened about 10 – 12 times a year. My doctor couldn’t figure out what it was. It was most likely a warning signal that got ignored. THEN I started robust exercise, about 3 hrs a day (at the age of 58) and that increased these episodes considerably. Then after about 18 months of this exercise bout, I started losing muscle control, couldn’t even use my foot breaks going downhill on my bike. Nada. I left exercise groups in tears from the pain. Finally a cardio doctor made the link and I went off the statins completely. That was 3 years ago. I still can almost not walk, I use an electric wheelchair outside the house. It is pathetic. I have tried/am trying to build up muscle again, but it is just an extremely frustratingly slow process. I can only increase exercise by small, small increments and it is so easy to overdo it and then suffer for days after… not least of all electric cramping etc. at night. I got my 88 y.o. parents to drop the statins completely too (in dialog with their doctor). I took COQ10 while on the statins, the last 5 years… and have continued taking it. An alternative to statins? A healthy lifestyle. So simple and yet so difficult. But at least you might be able to walk in your senior years… something it looks like I won’t be able to do. Just devastating. Think about it.

    • Jerry

      I took a very low dose of atorvastatin 5mg daily for 3 years. I developed neuropathy in my feet, cataracts that prevent me from 20/20 with glasses, back pain, increased urination that I thought was due to blood pressure medicine which I still take and a general feeling of deadness in my legs. I stopped taking it and neuropathy is almost gone (still a tingling feeling along the bone that runs from the ankle to the big toe), sometimes sleep through the night wo urinating, back pain gone which also helps with sleep, my legs feel alive and connected and I feel quicker mentally too. Cataracts seem here to stay. My cholesterol was 220 but I believe my high blood pressure must have pushed me past some scientifically established risk level. I’m so happy I stopped taking the statin. These symptoms creeped up on me and since I was 51 when I started taking them I figured it was just natural aging. I don’t think that is true at all anymore.

      • Vinnie
        Chaska, mn

        Alpha lipoic acid 500mg twice a day relieves peripheral neuropathy in feet. I was cured from it after two years. But while taking Lipitor, it had zero effect on the relief.

        • Gene

          Hi Vinnie and everyone,
          I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid a month ago because of your posts. (It’s not expensive either). I really think it might be working as my feet and lower legs are less numb and sometimes my feet start to tingle. That is a good thing don’t you know because before I had very little feeling in them and could just barely move my toes and my feet and calf of my leg were cold to the touch. I was desperate for something that would help as I tried to talk to my doctor and was just plain ignored. I think I will find another doctor but where? They all subscribe to the theory that statins are harmless Sayeth Big Pharma. Anyway, I can now move my toes and hopefully my condition will get better. If I could only get my memory back it would be wonderful.
          Any way, thanks Vinnie and I am going to continue with ALA. I’ll post again for an update.

  16. GINA

    I would like to read something on the new statin drug Pravastin. I am using it and it do not have the side effects of the other three.

    I would also like to know where I can get an up to date copy of your peoples pharmacy? I keep using it all the time. It is much more useful than what I find on the internet.

    thank you

    • Terry Graedon

      Pravastatin is not new, but it may have fewer side effects than some of the other statins.

      Sorry to say, we do not have an up-to-date edition of The People’s Pharmacy book.

    • bobby

      I was prescribed that station almost four yrs ago ..I had heart attach at age 44 and had two stents placed in my heart.. I have high cholesterol mostly from hereditary issues I worked out most of my life could squat 400 pounds I took simviststatin for almost three yrs and all this crazy pain started overcoming me I couldn’t go up the steps without being winded and muscles burning like fire..I’ve been very intune with my body and the things that were happening were scary.. everything from fatigue to erictile dysfunction.headaches blurry vision all of it..I stopped taking them a yr ago and the symptoms subsided alittle they are still there..I believe that for some people this drug is detrimental to our health.. I am struggling thru my workouts to maintain good health but the muscle pain is still there I believe evry one of you and what you feel iside your body is real statins affect some people more severely than others…oh and my mother had the same problems

  17. cpmt

    I would really like to know what to take that has not side effects? What about MEVACOR? Is it still for sale? Does it works? My doctor wants me to take Lipitor… after reading so many bad and serious side effects I am afraid to take it. He said I needed for my kidneys because I am diabetic. Does any one has any suggestions that I can take or do to protect my kidneys without taking something so dangerous? (statins) I don’t want to happen like it happened with the medications to prevent bone fractures and then they did exactly that… destroying the bones but the time they found out, thousand of people had serious problems. PLEASE HELP

    • Terry Graedon

      Mevacor is the brand name for lovastatin. It is still available, and your doctor might be willing for you to use it instead of Lipitor (atorvastatin). We know you like to do your own research. This article may be helpful, and you could share it with your doctor:

  18. Eleanor

    My husband developed motor neuron disease after taking Lipitor for 5 years… doctors need to take note. There are too many side affects when measured against a small benefit… WE NEED CHOLESTEROL FOR HEALTHY NERVE ENDINGS… IT KILLED HIS NERVE ENDINGS…

  19. Sharon

    I was given a statin (Prevastatin) even though I reminded my doctor of my non-alcoholic fatty liver issues. When it did not lower my cholesterol enough by the next annual physical, my doctor doubled the dose. I again reminded him of my non-alcoholic fatty liver issues–his response was, “Are you challenging my medical expertise? They are as harmless as an aspirin! Every doctor I know is taking them as a preventative!”

    He did not suggest that I come back for monitoring, so when my next annual came around, my numbers were alarmingly high–blood pressure at stroke levels, liver enzymes at serious levels, blood sugar levels brought me into pre-diabetes. As a cancer survivor, I feared my leiomyosarcoma was back and that I was dying. My (former) doctor was angry at ME, asking “What did you DO?”

    Of course, I changed doctors and my new doc calmed me down and indicated she knew what was wrong, told me never to take a statin, asked me to record blood sugar and pressure daily, and she monitored me monthly. Those numbers I could assess came down, down, down every day as did the numbers she assessed with more stringent labs. I believe she saved my life. I would never take a statin ever again and caution anyone reading this to carefully monitor blood pressure and sugar if prescribed statins.

    • Lynn

      Sharon, who was your doctor in FL who was so smart to tell you never to take a statin? We need more doctors like that.

      • Joel

        I was prescribed Crestor 10mg 4 months ago. No muscle or joint pains at all. No nightmares or insomnia….. I thought – Wow ! Fantastic! I must the few lucky ones.
        How WRONG was I.
        Lately, I noticed I am losing hair, memory and cognitive skills going down the tubes. Don’t even bring up the mood swings and irritability.
        And the worst is my blood pressure has shot up to 145/95. I have never ever even hit 125/80 in my life (I am 45).
        I have not even checked my liver enzymes and kidney yet.
        Stay AWAY from statins !

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