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Turmeric for Psoriasis

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Q. My father and his mother both had psoriasis on their shins and elbows, so when I developed this problem at age 50, I thought I was just stuck with it.

I started filling gel caps with cooking grade turmeric and taking several each day for joint pain. My joints are healthier, but the psoriasis completely disappeared! We buy turmeric by the pound at East Indian cooking stores.

A. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is the yellow spice that gives curry powder its distinctive color. Thai researchers investigated the activity of this herb in a skin cell line and found that it has the potential to work against psoriasis (Molecules, online May 10, 2011).

One component, curcumin, appears to be responsible. While physicians await the results of clinical trials (Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, June, 2008), we are pleased to hear of your success.

A word of caution for others who plan to try this: turmeric may interact with warfarin (Coumadin) to increase the risk of bleeding. Some people also experience allergic reactions.

  • Currently 4.6/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.6/5 (126 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
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I would very much like to hear from others who have tried turmeric for psoriasis and were successful. My daughter has had psoriasis since she was eight (she is now 35). She gets shots to contain it and it has worked, however, with her new health insurance provider, it is not on their list of approved drugs. It is costly getting these shots so an alternative route would be welcome. Thanks.

This is helpful and worth a try. Where would one get gel caps?

I found a bunch of sources by Googling "empty gel caps". Amazon has them.

Also oolong tea, probiotics, coconut oil, primorose oil etc.

I have got to try this. Thanks. I buy a lot of Turmeric to cook with also. Empty gel caps can be purchased online.

It would be helpful to know the approximate dosage of turmeric to be taken (i.e. the number of capsules filled with turmeric). Can you give me a clue?

Aloe can offer relief for psoriasis symptoms and treat skin irritations and illnesses which can trigger an attack. Aloe is gentle and contains a concentrated mix of anti-inflammatory fatty acids and compounds that boost the immune system. The gel forms a protective layer on broken skin, soothing inflammation and speeding the healing process. The purest and most effective source is the gel in the leaf of the plant.

I learned about turmeric from PP about 3 years ago. I started mixing 1 teaspoon with applesauce daily and after about 10 days, the psoriasis on my scalp and patches on my arms and sides started to clear. Since then I have only used the turmeric when the itching on my scalp started and was able to stop the outbreak from developing. This year I started the turmeric when the itching on my scalp stated but it seemed to have no effect. I have decided to try turmeric once again but I wanted to share that Listerine applied topically does stop my itching for several hours.

I have RA is this good for that yes or no?


TURMERIC, cinnamon, ginger are anti inflammatory... they probably help with any inflammatory illness.

I have had psoriasis for many years and spent a small fortune on medications and treatments prescribed by dermatologists. I was amazed after several months of taking tumeric capsules the psoriasis lesions were gone. I now take curcumin capsules and it has also kept it from returning. I order them from reputable supplement companies.

I also take turmeric for my health. I have psoriasis, and noticed some clearing of the scales that form on my elbow. Someone should take a survey on the Indian culture to see if they have psoriasis, because they use turmeric in a lot of their cooking.

I am 46, female, of Indian origin and have lived in India all my life. Food at home is rarely cooked without the addition of turmeric. So, I have practically had turmeric for every single day since I was maybe a year old. But the quantity that went in thru food is probably a pinch or two each day.

I have suffered from psoriasis since age 26.Methotrexate controls it. I am now definitely going to increase my turmeric intake to a teaspoon/day. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Thrilled the result of taking a turmeric capsule twice daily for 60 days - the psoriasis on my scalp cleared up. Since turmeric is valuable anti inflammatory I shall continue to take the caps. I am very grateful to the writer in this web site who was preparing caps for her husband's heart disease ( I think) then noticed psoriasis improved.

I was sick of using very expensive prescription shampoo and the doctor telling me there is no cure! Thx PP too, for this column. BTW I get the caps from the health food store , tho I may now look into more economic sources. But these caps served their purpose for sure. Good luck to other sufferers.

Has anyone heard of using slippery elm and safflower oil to treat psoriasis? My son has a severe case of it and was advised by a friend over the internet to try these (capsules of each substance daily). I have not been able to find any information about this. It is clearing it up! He has had some some stomach upset but continues to take it.

No need to make your own capsules. Buy Turmeric Extract 300 mg capsules at a vitamin/health shop. After reading People's Phcy article about 2 weeks ago in local paper I started 3 caps per day. I have atypical psoriasis with small to medium sores with red scabs that can be extremely itchy. Scratching (which is unavoidable) causes them to open and bleed and risks infection (led to a 7 day hospital stay with MRSA!).

It's too soon to see if the turmeric helps reduce the sores but it definitely helps reduce the itching so I am hopeful. Humira didn't help and I'm now trying Methotrexate, but would much prefer a natural solution such as turmeric.

I recommend turmeric for treatment of psoriasis, have had excellent success with it. It may not be a cure, it may not clear symptoms entirely, but it should reduce symptoms by 50% to 80% within days. I used the natural spice for several years, but then (finally!) tried the curcumin capsules, 3x more concentrated, and they work far better for me, one 300mg capsule twice a day, taken with fish oil capsule because absorption of curcumin/turmeric is known to be issue and taking with oil helps. I also take with a vitamin C tablet.

I started taking turmeric capsules when I had some arthritic swelling issues in my fingers. Not only did my arthritic swelling go away, but the psoriasis that I've had for some 4 decades (I got it when I was ten) has cleared up about 60-70 percent. I also believe drinking Kangan water--alkalized ionized water--got my body into the proper ph balance so that it is able to heal itself better.

I usually take my turmeric in between meals with a capsule of bromelain, which is another great natural anti-inlfamatory. Taking it with some magnesium helps with absorbtion.

I went to a health vitamin store and they told me that every person that came to them for help, they suggested them Turmeric (300mg, 4-6 caps daily for 6 weeks), Borage oil (1000mg, 4 caps daily for 6 wks), and MSM (1000mg daily for 6 weeks) and everyone went back and told them it worked with no recurrent of the psoriasis. I'm trying it now and it is working good. I am 23 and I got it when I was 6. It has made a huge impact on my life and for the first time I fell like a normal person. I hope this helps others cause I know the pain and embarrassment it causes. Best luck to all.

Hi Bret,

I was wondering how this treatment went for you? I just bought what you listed above and hopefully it'll work on my husband too. Thanks for sharing!

I also have psoriasis with itchy patches on my knees. I would like to try the Turmeric. Does it interact with any medications?

I started using Turmeric about 6 months ago. It completely cleared my psoriasis after having it for over 30 years. I buy mine at Walmart in the vitamin section in capsule form. What also has helped me is taking 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water every night before bed. Works miracles.

Taarinee..pls let me know if turmeric helped u..

CILANTRO also can help in some people.. you should try to eat fresh maybe in a green juice.

How is your psorasis now?

I took two caps of turmeric a day and after 50 days my legs were clear of psoriasis after suffering for 12 years and trying "everything." Finally, a cheap, no side effects, treatment that works. Tell others!

God bless you all.

I will buy the capsules. What can I do to get a better absorption of the nutrients? :)

People's Pharmacy response: Curcumin is better absorbed with a little fat (perhaps take it with a meal) and also some black pepper. The piperine in black pepper is supposed to enhance curcumin absorption.

ALSO YOU CAN TRY; OOLONG TEA AND A BUNCH OF FRESH CILANTRO (on SALADS, foods ETC.) not all the natural treatments work for everyone, but you can try. also try to tell them to try to eat more alkaline foods and less acidic (meats fats etc...)

to get better absortion you should take them with fats (oils) and black pepper. For some reason some vitamins/minerals and some spices (components) are absorved better with black pepper and other elements.

my age 35 years. For 15 years psoriasis present.
turmeric uses ?

Yes, but don't put it in open skin since will stain everything. Better to use in /with food -- hot food with some fat = oil-- and only 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. in the pot or dish. don't use more than that. Yes according to some people and researches it will help with psoriasis, also eat fresh cilantro, a bunch (handful) every day with salads or soups or…(put it at the end, do not cook it) drink oolong tea (some people said it helps. Good luck

Hi bret
Did you have success with these 3 things?

When I was 18 I showed my first signs of psoriasis when I was pregnant with my first child, 6 months after her birth it went away, 2 years after I got pregnant again and I flared out again. Soon after the birth it was gone again. 5 years later I had my son and I have flared out the worst yet. It is horrible on top of the flaky skin and itching the pain and soreness from having it on my scalp has caused me many sleepless nights and it is to the point where I have cried from pain. I have been seeing a dermatologist and taking medication after medication and nothing seems to help. I have been doing research and came across this site and everyone's comments and experience with dealing as I do. I am going to try turmeric and see if it helps me. I have spent too much money for creams ointment and Dr visits and no results.

Even if the patches don't completely go away I am okay with that. I have lived this long with psoriasis it is the soreness and constant wanting to scratch from the itching that is unbearable. Thanks for all the posts and help. If there are anymore suggestions please I am all ears. I will keep an update on my results.

Someone here mentioned a few months ago to try cilantro, a bunch everday in salads or soups or… (must be eaten raw so add at the end) according to someone you must try it for several weeks… someone told me this, I really don't know). I hope it works.

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