a glass of tonic water with a slice of lemon

Q. You recently answered a question from a person with high blood pressure and cholesterol who wanted to know about natural management. I’m in that boat as well.

With my family history, I’ll probably be on meds someday, but I’d like to delay that as long as possible. My doctor has recommended daily exercise, 3 grams of fish oil, red yeast rice and a magnesium supplement for high cholesterol. I also watch my intake of sugar and alcohol.

For high blood pressure I watch my salt intake (no processed foods) and drink water laced with lemon as a constant mild diuretic. I’ve lowered my cholesterol from 275 to 206 and dropped my blood pressure from borderline high to normal with this approach.

A. Everything your doctor has suggested makes sense to us.

Exercise is a powerful tool in losing weight and controlling blood pressure. Fish oil and red yeast rice are proven approaches for cholesterol control.

Lemon Water

The lemon-laced water is a new idea for us, but it seems like a safe option. If your blood pressure is controlled you must be doing something right.

Drinking water with lemon or lime in it is one of the simple approaches that John La Puma, MD, ChefMD, has recommended to aid with weight loss. You can listen to our most recent interview with him and possibly get more good ideas.

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  1. frank l
    eagle pass tx

    I have been having my blood pressure 230/120 how can I lower it quick

  2. Dianne

    Interesting and informative read.

  3. Bri Gi

    Good recommendations – I’m trying Lime juice and water 3 times a day. Have heard it’s a little better even than lemon juice and water…

  4. olu omo

    I was diagnosed for HBP at the age of 23. Recently I have shuttle btw drugs and lemon juice with honey. I feel better most time

    • Best Friend

      I have recently been diagnosed with HBP. Mine is between 124/85 and 129/90. I was prescribed Atenolol with Lisinopril and I tried them for one month. Although they controlled the BP considerably, but the side effects were driving me crazy (coughing, feeling of depression, and nausea were part of my daily life). Keep in mind that everybody reacts differently with different medication. After complaining to my doctor, he put me on Diltiazem. Absolutely, no more coughing and feeling of depression, but bitter taste of the medicine threw my taste bud off the roof. Even water was bitter in my mouth. I decided to add lemon juice in my water constantly and that has revolutionized my life completely and immediately. What a powerful invention for me? I am by no means suggesting that anyone should neglect their doctor’s order because I am not a physician, but if you are not allergic to lemon, it can fix your taste bud to help you tolerate the medication to control your HBP. Please take time also to exercise and eat healthy food while you are being treated medically. God gives you a priceless gift of life. Please take good care of it.

  5. Abi
    Long valley

    thank you all. I just called out from work to rush to the store to get a basket of coconut and a 50kg bag full of lemon . Will give it a shot… Thanks to all contribution . You so awesome !!!! . I will let you know how it works …

  6. Rose T.

    My mother had a very high bp and all she did was get a young coconut that have nothing inside but water…no white meat inside the coconut,pour a glass of that young coconut water and add the juice of a lime and drink it every morning for a while and now she her bp is all gone to normal and she is taking nothing.

  7. mayaks

    Hi everyone. I am 43yrs and my bp is 145/90. My doctor has placed me on amlodipine and lisinopril and she say I have to take these medications for life. I am worried about the long time side effects. Are there any other ways of controlling it without being on drugs? Thankyou

  8. Megan

    Will bottled lemon juice in water have the safe effect or does it need to be lemon slices ?

    • ketema Asefa

      could it be possible to control HBP without medication

  9. Nathan

    I’ve tried many so-called natural treatments and most only reduce your pressure 5-10 points or not at all. What works best for me is ginger (fresh grated) tea+hibiscus tea mixed. I also add a tablespoon of honey, a half lemon or lime (squeezed) and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This mixture always lowers my blood pressure by 10-30 points in less than an hour. It also helped me to lower my prescription amount but you have to drink this mixture every day. I don’t mind making it because it cured my vertigo caused by too much amlodipine (blood pressure med). If your readings are less than 145/95 it’s worth trying but you have to remember to take it every day.

    • clare w.
      victoria bc

      what do you mean by tea+ hibiscus tea mix? I have hibiscus raspberry tea will that do? Please and sincere thank you

    • Zishan Nisar
      United States

      How do u make this mixture? Can you please explain it to me. Thanks

  10. Adnan Z.
    Saidon - Lebanon

    My Aunt of 70 years of age, her blood pressure went up 200 / 100. She received medication but the medicine she received it helped but not to the normal b/p. Then she was advised to squeeze one complete fresh lemon into a glass of water and drink it each morning. This practice according to her has helped considerably in further control to her b/p.

  11. Lee

    My boyfriend has malignant hypertension 245/137.
    ER brings it down but we are still not sure what triggers it. Its such a concern.

  12. noelene

    Hi. I’ve never suffered with high bp, but just 1 day, my mouth start getting dry and just felt as though I was going to black out. Went to the hospital and my bp was high. I’ve suffered an anxiety attack once and now I’m not too sure if the anxiety had anything to do with my pressure going up. Its gone up 3 days in a row now. Advice plz. Thanks

  13. ROBERT F.

    The lemon water really does help to lower your B/P. I drink a cup of lemon water every day. I all ways get a tall glass of water and put a slice of lemon in it.

  14. Jim

    Was this question ever answered?

  15. Barbara

    how much water and lemon per glass. also how often a day does he drink this. thanks

  16. Alan F.

    If you have Malignant Hypertension….Better get to the E.R. to immediately bring BP down…If you wait for lemon water to cure you, prepare for your journey to the gates of eternity, as this illness kills its victim in as little as a few months…

  17. Cynthia

    I have vertigo, highblood, diabetic, and now depressed. My doctor advised to take lexapro antidepressant 5mg. Will it raise my blood pressure, just worried about taking lexapro, but I need some medicine to relax and calm me down. Hope to hear from you.c

  18. sandra

    I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and high cholesterol I need help to lower them.

  19. LK

    I would like to thank everyone that has put ideas on lowering BP here…. mine shot up but didn’t know it until I went to the ENT for prescreening to have a procedure done. It was through the roof and the surgery will not be done until it comes down. SOOOO I was put on a BP med and while I am taking it, there are side affects that I am not happy with. BUT love the idea of Lemon and Coconut Water and Red Yeast … have already made my drink. Thanks again everyone!
    I don’t have any investment in this machine except I am using it and seeing results.. it is called RESPeRATE and has loads of testimonies and research on it over on their site.. if you or someone you know has high BP they might be interested. If nothing else it helps you relax for 10-30 minutes while listening to it.
    Thanks again, LK

  20. MaryKay P.

    My 81 year old mother and I (55) started drinking FRESH LEMON water (1-2 glasses a day) with 2 slices of lemon (NO SUGAR)…
    My mother’s cholesterol went from 283 to 243 in 2 months and mine went from 213 down to 183 in ONE month! The numbers will vary for each person but it WORKS!!! Mother said it has lowered he BP also! Our doctor is VERY pleased!!!

  21. Laura

    I also was told if you eat Cherries, it will lower your blood pressures. It even mentioned about putting a warm Cinnamon Tea with a tablet spoon of honey lower your blood pressures, too.

  22. Alan Feierstein

    The only caution would be that if a person is suffering from Malignant Hypertension…220/120; the person must be given an immediate drug…Nitroprusside in the E.R. to bring the blood pressure down immediately…This condition can kill its victim in a short amount of time if left untreated…

  23. Agarwalji

    I have High Blood Pressure 190/124. I am taking Lemon juice at Lunch time. I am feeling best before. Also taking Homeo care drops.

  24. cynthia

    Hello I have high blood pressure for 8 years sometimes my BP goes up and down I drink lemon water to lower BP I FEEL MUCH BETTER later.

  25. Yadav

    I am 23 years collage student and I am suffering from high bp so plz suggest me, how to reduce it

  26. Orla

    Please all, for clarity sake, does this lemon juice and coconut water actually cure (where there will be no more need for medication or any daily taking of herbs) hbp or offers temporary relieve like the mainstream medication which one has to take everyday? I believe the reason we want alternative remedy is to be totally free from daily routine of medication and to be free from unpleasant side effect.

  27. Qland

    The lemon juice and coconut water definitely work and I can testify to that. My boss (of all people!) recommended it to me and in practically no time my pressure normalized.

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