yellow mustard

Q. A couple nights ago I accidentally grabbed the metal handle of a pot right out of the oven. The pain of the burn was intense.

I immediately grabbed the soy sauce and poured some over the burn, with not much relief.

My husband handed me a gel ice pack out of the freezer. The pain came back as soon as I took it off.

I ran upstairs to my computer, got on the People’s Pharmacy website and found the yellow mustard remedy. I immediately got the jar from the fridge, put a generous amount of mustard on the burn and wrapped it with gauze bandage. Relief was immediate. By bedtime, the pain was completely gone and the burn was barely pink.

The next morning, my hand looked and felt perfectly normal–no pain, no discoloration. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I’d never believe anything so improbable could work.

A. We first heard about this remedy from a listener to our radio show. He recounted a time decades ago when his twin brother fell against a wood stove. They were far away from medical assistance, so his grandmother slathered the burn with cold yellow mustard. There was no blistering.

We’re glad you also got relief. A severe burn should always be treated as a medical emergency.

Some people have wondered if brown mustard or fancy Dijon mustard will work as well. From what we hear from readers, cheap yellow mustard works best.

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  1. Cindy
    San diego

    I need to thank everyone for posting their experience with burns an yellow mustard. I just burned my wrist pretty badly on opening the counter top oven. I heart it sizzle. I ran and turned on cold water and ran it under for about 5 min, wrapped ice in a napkin, it helped but as soon as I removed it from the ice 2 seconds and it was badly stinging pain again. I read these posts online. So I tried it. As soon as the cold mustard touched my wrist almost instant relief!! Wet or dry the pain is almost gone. It does hurt to cover it up with a bandage so I’ll see how I can sleep tonight. I’ll try a lose ace wrap but I’ll first smother the side of my wrist again with mustard. Can’t thank you enough!!! :)

  2. Tracy

    This absolutely works and wish I had learned this in nursing school or as an ER nurse. I burned my fingers on my daughters curling iron that had been sitting on for greater than 4 hours. Every time I removed my hand from ice water it throbbed and brought me to tears. I found this site online and went to the kitchen to grab the yellow mustard, squirted into a plastic sandwich bag and plunged my finger in. The first few minutes the intial coldness kept the pain at bay but then it came back in waves but not as bad as earlier. After about 15 minutes it only hurt slightly and after about 30 minutes I rinsed it off and it no longer hurt! Incredible! No pain the next day either although my finger is stained yellow!

  3. Mark
    Dallas oregon

    I handed my girlfriend a plate of food that had partially sat atop a burner that was off but still hot. While she soaked her hand in ice, I found this page. Wrapped three fingers in mustard and gauze and pain gone next day, no blisters but still tender. This is as good as using diatomaceous earth for fleas and bedbugs and should be given more attention as well.

  4. rita d

    I am doing the mustard for burn treatment now. It is working! My friend says it’s the tumeric in the mustard that helps and that chefs do this in kitchens. Wish I had known this long time ago.

  5. Nichol

    After burning my finger tips & only sleeping for a few minutes last night even after applying prescription burn cream with/without bandages in between grabbing more ice for my poor blistered fingertips (2 blisters already popped) I hopped online in search of a resolve which would allow me to sleep at least a couple hours before facing my day.

    So now instead of sleeping I’m writing to say thank you for recommending the use of yellow mustard on burns as I’m 100% pain free after 30 minutes of using mustard even after several hours of applying ice & burn cream failed to relieve the pain.

    I used plain French’s brand yellow mustard – it being cold in the fridge was an added bonus).

    The process that worked for me:

    1. Cut the top off of a sandwich bag & fill one corner with mustard (I used 1 bag per finger)
    2. Put burned finger inside the corner of the sandwich bag leaving a bit of room (mustard) on the end.
    3. Make sure to take all the air out of the sandwich bag & then tape the ends to seal all of the air out (I used packing tape after running out of medical tape).
    4. Wrap extra tape completely around the burned fingers a few times to add some light added pressure onto the burn (this made a huge difference for me and took almost all of the pain away).
    5. Try to keep your hand (burns) above your heart
    6. Give it a couple minutes as you might feel some light burning/pinching for a few minutes (but for me it was nothing compared to the pain/burning I had throughout the night after I removed the useless burn cream and needed to keep changing my bag of melted ice).

    I vote plain yellow mustard as:

    Well, two finger tips soaking in yellow mustard in sandwich bags taped shut & wrapped with extra tape and my blistered tips are finally pain free! It did take a few minutes & releasing all the air out of the sandwich bag & wrapping the fingers (especially the burnt tips) with extra tape putting a bit of pressure on the the burns/ blisters made a HUGE difference!

  6. christine
    meadow heights victoria

    Thank you all so much for sharing this helpful hint of using yellow mustard on burns after my pressure cooker full of hot soup exploded as I took lid off last night the soup went all over my wrist I applied cold water then ice but the pain was so bad and every time I took away the ice it was worse. Then after trying to find something that I could try online found the yellow mustard went to the fridge put it on wrapped it in an old bandage so it wouldn’t get over sheets within twenty mins. the pain was gone. I slept all night took bandage off no blisters still bit sore to touch and sensitive to shower but am so happy that I tried the mustard. Thanks again guys, am 67 and had never heard of using it but will spread the word now.

  7. Ashley

    My 8 year old son burned the tips of three fingers on a waffle iron. We tried soaking them in yellow mustard for about 10-15 minutes and it worked!! Will definitely use in the future when needed. :)

  8. Tammy
    Austin, Texas

    Mustard does work! Like many of the stories on this subject, I too burned myself badly and mustard cured my pain and burn. I was cooking with melted chocolate, some dripped onto my thumb immediately solidified and blistered my thumb. The pain was intense throbbing, searing pain. I am a CNA and used my medical training first aid. My pain was still severe even soaking in ice and water. After an hour I was still in pain, and I thought I could deal with the pain so I removed ice. The pain instantly worsened to almost the worst pain I’ve ever had, save only natural child birth. I found this site online, read about mustard and immediately applied it. I soaked my thumb in a condiment dish of mustard for an hour, then slathered more cold mustard directly on thumb and covered loosely with cling wrap taping it sealed at bottom so no mustard leaked out. The pain subsided immediately, except for a slight tinge. I reapplied fresh cool mustard and resealed it before bed, and by morning the pain was no longer, and the blister is only whiteness under the skin.

  9. Cherry
    South Africa

    I burned two of my fingertips when I took a baking tray out of the oven last night – even though I used an oven mitt, somehow two fingers were pressed against the pan and the pain was immediate and excruciating for such a small area! I kept it under cool water and then in a bowl of water with an ice cube, but every time the water warmed up or I took it out of the water I couldn’t believe the pain! As bedtime neared I realised I was never going to be able to sleep so I got online looking for a miracle…. and found this page. Luckily I had a jar of Dijon mustard in the fridge so I applied liberal amounts and immediately the pain subsided! As the mustard warmed I felt a few twinges, but nothing like I had before and within 30 minutes no pain at all! This morning I washed off both fingers – no blister (despite a large one forming last night) and only a slight tenderness, so I’m redressing with mustard for the day and by tonight I’m sure it will be completely gone.

    Thank you to everyone who shared this and commented here – I would never have believed this if I hadn’t experienced it myself!

  10. Jen

    Okay so I don’t normally comment on forums but yellow mustard on burns really does work!!
    I burned the end of my thumb pretty bad when picking up a hot lid after dinner. The only relief I could get was constantly holding a baggy of ice. It was almost time for bed and I was worried I was going to have trouble sleeping so I decided to search remedies so I didn’t have to clutch ice all night.
    I found the yellow mustard remedy and decided to try it out on my thumb. Low and behold it worked!! I loaded the mustard on my thumb wrapped it with paper towel and then taped it up. The pain subsided and by the time I went to sleep it didn’t hurt at all!

  11. Bobbie09

    I’m back to let all know that the yellow mustard treatment had done miracles on my burned toe. Next day I could put on my shoes and go to work, and stand for hours. No pain, in the evening I did apply another coat of mustard, wrapped my foot, just in case, and by the end of Sunday, I can honestly say there is no trace of burned skin, no blister, may be a fading line. Impressive. I have to draw attention though. The sugar didn’t drop directly on my foot, fel first on the ground, and then I stepped on it. I was taking the pot outside to cool down, so it was cold and the temperature of the melted sugar was, probably, few good degrees lower. That’s why such fast healing. Don’t want to know what could’ve happen had it been scaulding hot straight on my skin.
    Nonetheless, the yellow mustard does help, a lot.

  12. Bobbie09

    I was making cremme brûlée. It requires to melt sugar until caramelized, taking the pot off the stove to cool down some spilled on the floor and I stepped on, my little toe got a 1″ long strip of melted sugar. Hurts bad, I kept in water for a while then read about ways to calm the pain, and prevent future damages, I applied yellow mustard, being cold from fridge helped, now I feel is hot, still painful but can support, also feels like swollen. It’s after midnight, why did I get up to make this stupid desert? In the morning I have to go to work and stand for hours, will I be capable? Bad things happen after midnight, a fact.

  13. monique

    Wow!! It’s christmas night and my daughter reached up and touched the stove burner with both hands and her fingers were badly burned! I tried aloe, water, and a cold pack and no relief lasting more then a minute. Thank God I found this site! Mustard worked wonders! 10 mins later after applying mustard and wrapping with gauze she was out like a light and still is! Thank you so so much!

  14. Melanie
    Austin tx

    Yes, I did the same, touched a burning hot pan handle after it came out of the oven. Had the oven mitt ready and still forgot. The mustard helped immediately. We’all see how it is later…

  15. Pasco sure shine

    I was wondering: Does anyone know can you get relief 3 days later? I was making candy and dripped some hot syrup between the index and ring finger.
    Now it feels warm and looks a bit red. It also hurts more today- any help would be great

  16. LOJOLO

    I must say to my amazement that yellow mustard on a burn works! I was pouring hot water for tea when the lid of the kettle came off and hot water exploded covering my hand holding a mug. After placing my hand under cool running water without comfort I reluctantly slathered on the yellow mustard. The pain went away almost immediately. I covered my hand with gauze until morning. Once I removed the covering there was no sign of blistering or pain. outside of the yellow discoloration I can say there were no side affects. Crazy but true! I will keep yellow mustard in the fridge always. Thanks!

    • mandy t

      Hi hun my daughter burned her hand on a soldering iron. I was told to use wet tea bags something in the tea help sooth the pain and also help leave no scaring, you could try applying a cold wet tea bag and see if this helps you in the future kind regards, mandy

  17. Shirley K.

    I’ve known to use yellow mustard on burns since 1965 when my husband spilled hot French-fry grease on his foot and a friend of his thought to pour mustard all over his foot. it drew the pain out and he never had a scar. I’ve since used it myself when I could get to it immediately … doesn’t have to be cold from the fridge either. if I burn myself away from home and can’t get to the mustard I always get a blister. not so with the mustard, tho. :)

  18. Cesar
    sp/sp Brazil

    This did not work for me… I used yellow mustard and no relief. When mustard starts to lose its cool, the pain comes back. I burnt my finger while cooking chocolate with butter. A bit felt on my finger while i was transferring from the pan to the plate… worst pain of all. I immediately stuck my finger in water with ice, then after sometime without ice, pain returns, then decided to use the mustard and it didnt work. Now I don’t know what to do.

  19. timanie

    I was getting up and I accidentally sat on a pressing iron and got a burn on my butt it hurt a lot and I didn’t know what to do so I went on the internet and found this webpage and I decided to use the mustard to see if it would actually work and it did. I feel relief from the pain. Thank you for the info to the power of mustard. !!! :)

  20. SAM

    I too believe this because I have used it as well. I was awaken by an awful smell one night. I found a knife with a plastic handle melted (melting) on the heating element in the dishwasher. Half asleep and without thinking I tried to get it out. The plastic melted enough that it dropped onto my hand. I ran cold water on it and reach for the mustard. I had use it before on minor burns and I knew that worked well. I put the mustard on and it was almost immediate it provided relieve. I would dare say that this would have been a 2nd degree burn. Within minutes there was no pain and the next day I did not have a blister. You could see the whitening of the skin where one tried to form. No discomfort and perfectly well.

  21. Sonia

    Yeah…mustrard seeds really works…Today I got a burn from a very hot oil. I was in intense pain. Firstly, I dip my finger in icy water but whenever I took off my finger from water the pain became intolerable. Then I got this home remedy from internet. I couldn’t believe…my pain gone..within few minutes..Thanks every1..who recommend this remedy..It really works

  22. A

    I used stoneground mustard, and it worked just as well as yellow. Wow!! What is it about mustard?! I burned my hand pretty badly when boiling hot, thick soup spilled onto it. THANKS everyone! I used aloe earlier, straight from the plant, and antibiotic ointment with anesthetic in it, and they both did very little to help. I’m noticing as the skin stretches as I type it’s still stinging a slight bit, but the mustard is clearly soothing it. What a strange and wonderful medicine…

  23. Joyce T

    I was fixing myself a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey when the cup turn over and I ended up burning my wrist and thigh. I immediately went to the internet and discovered cold yellow mustard was good for burns. I put the mustard on my wrist and thigh and wrapped both body parts with an ace bandage. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone and when I removed the bandages there was no redness. I will always remember this remedy and make sure I keep plenty of mustard on hand

  24. Candace

    The mustard works wonders! I found out about it when I worked in a restaurant a long time ago! Another thing that works is pickle juice. When I would burn myself working I would soak in pickle juice then smother with mustard.

  25. Pearl

    OH my gosh, this is such a life saver!!! Thanks to those people that share this! I wish everyone would know about this, especially if they have kids.

  26. kim rhodes

    I burned the inside of my wrist using a curling wand and it was an intense pain. I read on the internet about yellow mustard, and it really does help with the pain. thank you

  27. TC

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. The insight is just wonderful! My mustard burn story is like yours, as I sit waiting for it (the mustard) to dry, I am feeling no pain, it might be alittle hard to type, but other than that I am very grateful for the info. Thanks again!

  28. Lorie

    I was making flan at home and the first step is cooking sugar on the stovetop until it melts, creating VERY HOT LIQUID SUGAR. I was making this deliciousness and began to pour it into my bunt pan. I wasn’t thinking clearly and, looking at the bunt pan, went to a place in my head that I was pouring cake batter into it…I swiped my finger along the rim of the pan to catch the drippings and instantly remembered this wasn’t cake batter, it was hot liquid sugar and instantly I was in terrible pain.
    The sugar had stuck to my finger, continuing to burn it and began hardening. I ran water over it to get the sugar off then put an ice pack onto my sad fingertip. I held the ice there for about 45 mins. When I lifted the ice pack, my finger had a huge white spot on it and it throbbed so intensely. I was in pain!
    I went to Facebook and put my plight out to cyber world asking for remedies. I had some people say water, ice, milk, urgent care, aloe. I went online and read about each remedy for about 5 mins and then my angel posted a comment to try mustard.
    I read the People’s Pharmacy website and saw many testimonials to the golden savior and tried it for myself. Holy cow, it worked!!!!! The throbbing stopped, the burning feeling stopped, I was instantly relieved. I let it sit for an hour until I wiped it gently and added a new layer then wrapped with bandaids so that I could sleep. When I woke, I lifted the band aid and saw that my finger was super yellow and had a few blisters on it. Oh man, I still had blisters but I had pain relief, so there was that, at least. I took my shower then decided to add another layer and bandage it. I am so glad I did!!! I left the bandaid on all day and that night I took it off….NO BLISTERS!!!! I took a shower and cleaned off my yellow fingertip and that was that!!! GONE!!!! Now, I don’t have a blister, I am not in pain, I believe in the power of the mustard!!!

  29. Deb

    I did the same thing JS did, grabbing the handle of a hot pan with my left hand. It hurt like hell, and I kept it under running cold water for a bit. Then went to ice and the pain wasn’t decreasing. I was wondering what to do when I went to bed, other than pump advil, and came across this page.
    I slathered my hand in mustard, put a paper towel on it, then put it in a ziploc that I rubber banded on my wrist. I was able to get to sleep and when I woke up three hours later I removed everything and washed my hands and was able to sleep through the night. This morning I only have red marks where I thought for sure I would have blisters. The only side effect is that my hand is yellow.

  30. Megan

    I grabbed a pot without knowing the handles were searing hot. I burned 3 fingers pretty badly. I had to run them under cool water constantly and after 2 hours there was no relief. My sister researched the mustard remedy. When I first tried it there was no relief at all. In fact, it seemed to irritate it a bit. However when the mustard started to dry it immediately started feeling better. By the time the mustard dried completely there was little to no pain at all! Hang in there that first hour or so and relief will come!

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