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Cold Yellow Mustard Relieves Burn

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Q. A couple nights ago I accidentally grabbed the metal handle of a pot right out of the oven. The pain of the burn was intense.

I immediately grabbed the soy sauce and poured some over the burn, with not much relief.
My husband handed me a gel ice pack out of the freezer. The pain came back as soon as I took it off.

I ran upstairs to my computer, got on the People's Pharmacy website and found the yellow mustard remedy. I immediately got the jar from the fridge, put a generous amount of mustard on the burn and wrapped it with gauze bandage. Relief was immediate. By bedtime, the pain was completely gone and the burn was barely pink.

The next morning, my hand looked and felt perfectly normal--no pain, no discoloration. If I hadn't experienced it myself, I'd never believe anything so improbable could work.

A. We first heard about this remedy from a listener to our radio show. He recounted a time decades ago when his twin brother fell against a wood stove. They were far away from medical assistance, so his grandmother slathered the burn with cold yellow mustard. There was no blistering.

We're glad you also got relief. A severe burn should always be treated as a medical emergency.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.6/5 (263 votes)
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I found the mustard treatment myself after sticking the palm of my hand on a hot indoor grill that I did not know was on. I have used it a dozen times since, but have found that yellow mustard is the best, and if I make a compress of a paper towel to seal in the mustard it seems to do better. Sometimes I add ice to the paper towel to keep it cold and mustardy. I also replace the mustard once it has reached room temperature with cold mustard until the pain has subsided if I am not using ice.

The first burn I mentioned did not even leave a mark and I thought I might need medical attention. I thought it was a miracle.

I read in your column a few days ago about applying mustard to burns. I had never heard about it before, but it sounded pretty amazing. Well it was so meant for me to read that particular column. A couple of days later I was having a dinner party and the pot on the stove wasn't getting hot so I pressed my fingers to the stove burner and seared 2 of my fingertips. I immediately put my fingers under cold running water and remembered the column.

I got the mustard from the refrigerator and poured it on my badly burned fingers. The relief was immediate. I applied band-aids on top of the mustard. In the morning there was NO blistering or pain of any kind, just indention on my fingertips where the skin had been burned off. It was like I had poured liquid skin on top of the burn. Absolutely amazing. This is the best home remedy I have ever experienced. You definitely have to see it to believe it!

Over this last weekend, I mistakenly picked up my curling iron on the "hot" end burning my first two fingers, my palm, and thumb. I immediately placed my hand in cool water, used ice to lessen the pain, and drove to the local store to buy some Neosporin. As I was checking out, the lady mentioned that I should go home and cover the burn with yellow mustard from the refrigerator! I was amazed when in about 15 minutes after doing so, my pain was lessening. Today, I have almost no sign of the burn! Amazing!

I have been reading in amazement the affect mustard has with burns, nothing to do with burns at all wondered if it could help with fungal toenails?

My 2 yr. Old burned her palm on the stove, and I immediately ran under cold water then applied ice pack. She screamed over 10 min while I searched frantically online for home remedies. I came across the mustard postings, I immediately poured mustard on it and wrapped with a paper towel and applied ice on top of that. Instantly, her crying turned to whining, then eventually she stopped all together. She just woke up from a nap and there are no signs of any burn. Thank Goodness for the internet! Hope this helps someone! :)


I found out about the mustard for burns remedy when I was in college working at a pizza joint, many moons ago. I picked up a pizza pan right out of the oven and promptly dropped the entire pan. My hand immediately turned really red and the owner, Tom, who was Greek and spoke very little English grabbed my hand and squirted mustard all over my palm and told me not to take it off. I worked my shift, one handed. When the mustard had dried - I washed It off. No pain and no blisters. Amazing!

As a first aid instructor and firefighter I have had some experience with burns. The relief comes from the cool fluid (vinegar) which is almost always beneficial to a burn. But, burns are wounds and food should not be applied to a wound. Infection being the biggest risk. A big component of mustard is salt and it probably not a good idea to rub salt into the burn. If it is a serious burn, you have to a some point remove the mustard from the burn causing more trauma to the site.

Be aware Ice can cause frostbite to already damaged tissue. And never use Egg Whites (full of bacteria) which is another viral email favorite.

I was camping and pulled a hot metal grate off of the fire - and the potholder slipped, leaving me with a bad burn on my palm. I kept it cool, under running cool water, but as soon as I stopped the pain came back bad. My sister-in-law suggested mustard. After a horrible hour of pain I put a ton of mustard on my hand and left it there. I have a nice blister, but the pain stopped immediately and it's now healing. Who knew!

Being a microbiologist, most bacteria dislike vinegar due to the acidity. Hence you can leave mustard on the counter without it spoiling, thus infection from mustard would be difficult. There are a few acidophilic bacteria, but they primarily reside on selective orifices in the human body. I have tried mustard for minor burns, and I must say I have better results than using aloe vera. Right now I 'm trying mustard on my bug bites. The itching is receding.

Last night I pulled a pan out of my 425 degree oven and set it on the stove. Two minutes later I grabbed the pan without a mitt. Needless to say, I severely burned my hand. I immediately placed my hand in a bowl of water with ice, which took away the burn.

I held my hand on ice for several hours trying to alieve the burn. Not being able to go to sleep, I jumped on the computer to desperately find a home remedy. I was completely skeptical when I read about the mustard, but thought what the heck, I'll give it a shot.

I poured the mustard all over my hand and then placed my hand in a ziplock baggie. I left it on for about ten minutes. The pain immediately went away. I washed it off and then went back to bed, placing a frozen bag of peas on my hand. I fell asleep. I woke a couple hours later and the pain was completely GONE! The morning came and my hand is a little sore, but there are no blisters and I can at least use my hand. AMAZING!!!!!

This worked for me last night! Thank you!!!

I burned my forearm on a hot tray, it was pretty large, I ran water over it but was still in bad pain. I went online to see if I should go to the ER, found this advice and slathered it with mustard.

Within minutes it felt better and the swelling went way down. I kept reapplying mustard for a couple hours and felt no pain. My husband got home and had some antiseptic burn cream so I used that the rest of the night.

He's an auto mechanic who gets burned all the time while fixing cars, and he was amazed at the result of the mustard. He's bringing some to the shop now to keep on hand for burns!

I also really doubt bacteria could live in such an acidic environment as mustard, and I don't think you're really "rubbing" salt into the wound as the mustard isn't filled with hard salt like sand paper. Needless to say, I wouldn't use it on an open wound.

I will say, however, that it does seem to help. I was cooking salmon for me and my wife tonight and when I pulled the pan out some of the butter I had slathered on spilled into the bottom of the oven. While I was wiping it up before it hardened, being careful not to touch any of the hot metal surfaces, a drop of butter fell from the oven shelf (should've seen that one coming) and burned the back of my middle finger. I put it under cold water for instant relief. I ate dinner with ice in paper towel (to keep it from getting too cold) on top of my finger.

I took two ibuprofen and I sprayed it with Lanacane. The only thing that helped was the water, the ice, and the Lanacane helped for all of about 2 minutes before hurting again. It's minor burn, no blistering, but the pain is debilitating enough I couldn't do my homework.

I saw online a website cited this one as purporting a yellow mustard cure. So, risking being the idiot in pain with mustard on my finger I figured I'd try it. For a few minutes, I really though I was just an idiot with mustard on my finger. Even after typing all this, it still hurts - but it's tolerable. It's not the cure everyone else is having, but analgesics (especially the shots) don't work on me, so that may have something to do with it.

I have known about the Mustard for burn relief for over 30 years. I also know how well it works in an emergency situation. About 8 years ago when my twin girls were 3 years old. I was cooking myself a "Cup of Noodles"in the microwave and had set it on the kitchen counter. One of my twins came behind me a picked the Cup of noodles off the counter and tipped it up as drink it like a cup of juice. She ended up spilling the boiling hot noodles and liquid all over the front of her.

I immediately took off her shirt, grabbed the mustard out of the fridge and applied it heavily to her chin, neck, and face. I covered the burn with paper towel. In the morning I was surprised that there was no horrific blistering or redness. Just a tiny speck of redness remained. Unfortunately the liquid scaled the inside of her mouth and burned her vocal cords but I am thankful I knew about the power of Mustard.

THANK YOU! The mustard works! I am amazed and so thankful.
After using 7 or 8 ice cubes on my blistered and burnt finger, I was still in pain.
Than I found this web page. I only tried it because I was in pain . I never expected the mustard to
Work. But it did! Why have I not heard of this before? The mustard dried on my finger overnight.
The next morning I was 100 % better. The hot water in the tub did not bother my finger at all..
I use the finger like nothing ever happened.

I am a pipe welder I've been welding twenty years and carry mustard with the rest of my tools. I had a old-timer on a job tell me about it. I grabbed a hot piece of metal and it burnt all the way through my gloves. He(the oldetimer) said put some mustard on it. I told him I didn't want to make a sandwich out of it. The burn never blistered up--it works.

Vicks vapor rub every single day smear it on for 6 months to a year religiously and it will go away even after it goes away keep doing it to be sure

I just burned the back of my hand in the toaster oven and immediately my husband said to put mustard on it, I said well butter is not going to work (been there done that) so I squeezed some frenchs yellow mustard on it. Instant relief from the burn, a little stinging but other than that. Anxious to see what it looks like when I take the mustard off....

I just went to a dermatologist. Other then giving me Rx's for my toenails, she told me to mix 1/2 water and 1/2 of the gold colored Listerine. After you shower, file down your toenails, throwing away the nail file each time, and spray your toes with the listerine concoction. Maybe you can get an OTC cream like Miconazole, see if that helps. Do that 2 times a day, using a new file each time so you're spreading the fungus. I saw a difference in 1 day. Good luck!

What kind of prepared mustard are we talking about? Plain old yellow French's mustard? I only have Dijon mustard... has anyone tried Dijon moutarde on their burns? LOL, it sounds like the TV commercial. :-))


OMG!!! Works like a charm!!!!

I have mustard covered in gauze on my arm now.. How long should u keep it on? Do I have to clean it and put again? When I remove it should I put neosporin ?

People's Pharmacy response: Keep it on until the pain goes away. If the skin is raw, Polysporin or something similar is not a bad idea. Neomycin in Neosporin can cause rashes in some people.

Tonight I burned my inside of my hand on 325 hot candy that I was making. I immediately ran cold water on it, sat with ice cube pack on it for an hour it was so intense. I finally decided to google burns, as I was ready to go to the emergency room. I am sitting here now with yellow mustard on it, and it seems to be lessening the pain. I didn't want to make a mess so I put a plastic glove over it. Will that hurt it at all? Does it need air?

I just used the mustard on a very bad burn. I was trying to figure out why mustard would work. Then I remembered that apple cider vinegar is recommended to be poured on burns. Mustard contains apple cider vinegar, but is more effective because it acts like a cream and stays on the burn longer. I was very grateful for this advice, and it worked well for me. Thanks so much!

I want to add that before I put on the mustard, I soaked my fingers in very icy water for 20 minutes with lots of ice! I think this is crucial. Then I used the mustard which was very effective.

I agree with Suzy. I burned my thumb and the sensitive skin between thumb and index finger. Had ice on and off for like two hours. Still hurt. Put mustard on it and the pain decreased and I did not use ice again and I have no blister. I do not even eat mustard and all that was in the fridge was spicy brown mustard and it worked.

I just had to comment on the miracle burn cream. I work in a kitchen and have burned myself twice recently. The first was a small burn on my thumb because I didn't realize the oven mitt had a small hole. I just rinsed it in cold water and went back to work. I developed a blister on my thumb. Later, in a hurry, I put something in the deep fryer and it splashed hot oil across my forearm.

Having already known about this, I grabbed mustard and spread it all over my arm. When it started to dry I put even more on. This mustard was not refrigerated. I looked like an idiot but I left it on until I got off work. The pain relief is nearly immediate. Also, when I washed it off there was a big red patch but no blistering.

THIS WORKS!!! 2 nights ago, I took a stainless steel pan out of a 350 degree oven and after setting it on the stove, forgot it had been in the oven. I GRABBED the handle with the entire palm of my left hand, and held on to it, trying to lift it up. It took a few seconds for the pain to register, so it was burning for quite some time (3-5 seconds!) before I let go. The skin was immediately TAUGHT, looked burnt, and cold water / ice did not help at all. I found this site and after reading the other stories I thought the mustard trick was worth a try. I used Sierra Nevada brand, the only one I had. I slathered some on, covered with paper towel, and within a couple seconds the pain lessened!! When I lifted the paper towel 30 minutes later, the pain returned. For a couple hours I applied more mustard each time it dried out, and before sleep wrapped my palm with the mustard/towel and slept like that.

RESULT: I'm not kidding, in the morning my hand had NO signs of serious burn, only a TINY pinkish mark in the area that was the worst (not red, not raised). Two days later (today), even that pink mark is gone, no blister, no pain, nothing there!

ADVISORY: I agree with the paramedic's comment that this wouldn't be a good use on open/blistered skin (you wouldn't slather ketchup or mayo onto an open wound.. so don't apply mustard.. duh), but it definitely helped on freshly burned (unbroken) skin. For me, this was a life saver.

I used Dijon Mustard, and it worked great for me.

I grabbed a pot without knowing the handles were searing hot. I burned 3 fingers pretty badly. I had to run them under cool water constantly and after 2 hours there was no relief. My sister researched the mustard remedy. When I first tried it there was no relief at all. In fact, it seemed to irritate it a bit. However when the mustard started to dry it immediately started feeling better. By the time the mustard dried completely there was little to no pain at all! Hang in there that first hour or so and relief will come!

I did the same thing JS did, grabbing the handle of a hot pan with my left hand. It hurt like hell, and I kept it under running cold water for a bit. Then went to ice and the pain wasn't decreasing. I was wondering what to do when I went to bed, other than pump advil, and came across this page.

I slathered my hand in mustard, put a paper towel on it, then put it in a ziploc that I rubber banded on my wrist. I was able to get to sleep and when I woke up three hours later I removed everything and washed my hands and was able to sleep through the night. This morning I only have red marks where I thought for sure I would have blisters. The only side effect is that my hand is yellow.

I was making flan at home and the first step is cooking sugar on the stovetop until it melts, creating VERY HOT LIQUID SUGAR. I was making this deliciousness and began to pour it into my bunt pan. I wasn't thinking clearly and, looking at the bunt pan, went to a place in my head that I was pouring cake batter into it...I swiped my finger along the rim of the pan to catch the drippings and instantly remembered this wasn't cake batter, it was hot liquid sugar and instantly I was in terrible pain.

The sugar had stuck to my finger, continuing to burn it and began hardening. I ran water over it to get the sugar off then put an ice pack onto my sad fingertip. I held the ice there for about 45 mins. When I lifted the ice pack, my finger had a huge white spot on it and it throbbed so intensely. I was in pain!

I went to Facebook and put my plight out to cyber world asking for remedies. I had some people say water, ice, milk, urgent care, aloe. I went online and read about each remedy for about 5 mins and then my angel posted a comment to try mustard.

I read the People's Pharmacy website and saw many testimonials to the golden savior and tried it for myself. Holy cow, it worked!!!!! The throbbing stopped, the burning feeling stopped, I was instantly relieved. I let it sit for an hour until I wiped it gently and added a new layer then wrapped with bandaids so that I could sleep. When I woke, I lifted the band aid and saw that my finger was super yellow and had a few blisters on it. Oh man, I still had blisters but I had pain relief, so there was that, at least. I took my shower then decided to add another layer and bandage it. I am so glad I did!!! I left the bandaid on all day and that night I took it off....NO BLISTERS!!!! I took a shower and cleaned off my yellow fingertip and that was that!!! GONE!!!! Now, I don't have a blister, I am not in pain, I believe in the power of the mustard!!!

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. The insight is just wonderful! My mustard burn story is like yours, as I sit waiting for it (the mustard) to dry, I am feeling no pain, it might be alittle hard to type, but other than that I am very grateful for the info. Thanks again!

I burned the inside of my wrist using a curling wand and it was an intense pain. I read on the internet about yellow mustard, and it really does help with the pain. thank you

OH my gosh, this is such a life saver!!! Thanks to those people that share this! I wish everyone would know about this, especially if they have kids.

The mustard works wonders! I found out about it when I worked in a restaurant a long time ago! Another thing that works is pickle juice. When I would burn myself working I would soak in pickle juice then smother with mustard.

I was fixing myself a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey when the cup turn over and I ended up burning my wrist and thigh. I immediately went to the internet and discovered cold yellow mustard was good for burns. I put the mustard on my wrist and thigh and wrapped both body parts with an ace bandage. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone and when I removed the bandages there was no redness. I will always remember this remedy and make sure I keep plenty of mustard on hand

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