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Getting Off Omeprazole

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Q. Stopping omeprazole (Prilosec) is really hard. When I tried, my heartburn came back worse than ever. I heard a report on public radio last year that when people stop this kind of medicine they experience rebound acidity that leads to bad heartburn.

An Internet search revealed a number of folks using deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract (DGL) to manage their reflux. When I asked at my local health food store, I learned that many people claim DGL has helped them get off omeprazole.

I went cold turkey off the omeprazole and chewed two 400 mg DGL tablets before each meal. If it was a particularly spicy meal (garlic is a culprit for me), I used an additional tablet after the meal. I followed this regimen for several months and then stopped altogether.

Today I seldom need the DGL, but when I do, I chew a single tablet for immediate relief. I continue to be amazed how effective this is.

A. Licorice that has not had glycyrrhizin removed could be dangerous. People who overdose on natural licorice may experience hypertension, headaches, hormonal imbalance and reduced libido.

DGL, on the other hand, appears much safer. It has been prescribed in Europe and South America to treat ulcers (Gut, June, 1985). Others tell us that DGL can help in gradual withdrawal from acid-suppressing drugs such as omeprazole.

  • Currently 4.5/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.5/5 (222 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Thanks for the comment. I have been reading about using DGL to help get off Prilosec, but had not tried it yet because no one had actually commented on using it. I am going to try it. I had also been advised to drink Aloe Vera juice. Has anyone tried this?

My heartburn goes away completely if I don't eat gluten.

My husband has frequent heartburn since he had an esophageal disorder. Nothing works as fast and effectively as a spoonful of cider vinegar. I tried it. Works like a charm with no after effects, not even a bad taste lingers.

Thanks for this information. I've had painful reflux for about 3 years. Even with daily use of prilosec I often have to take several Tums daily to keep it at bay. Over the past month I started using ginger tea or a hot ginger drink (comes in packets that you mix with hot water) that I bought at the Asian food market. I drink about 2 cups per day and my reflux has gradually disappeared. Sometimes I also eat a slice or 2 of crystallized ginger, also available at the Asian market. Over the past 2 weeks I've cut my prilosec in half and have stopped using Tums, with no rebound reflux. Next week, I'll half it again and see what happens.

Aloe Vera juice works very well. When I have bad attacks of acid reflux I use the aloe vera plus the DGL. Haven't been able to get off the Prevacid yet because of setbacks whenever I get a cold or flu. It takes me months to get myself back to normal then. My doctor did tell me that any respiratory problems will aggravate the acid reflux. I also use artesian well water to counteract the acidity.

In one of your articles in the News & Observer I read about ginger tea helping with heartburn and maybe quitting the use of Omeprazole.
Is this true and what store would sell it.
Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar works for me too.

I had been using Prilosec for about 6 months when I read that it could be addictive. I stopped cold turkey and sure enough my reflux came back. I treated it of and on with baking soda. After about two weeks I was pain free. I now occasionally get it, strangely enough, when I eat chicken, but since reading about almonds for heartburn, just a few stops it in its track. My wife and elder sons also have benefited from the almonds.

Has anyone tried substituting Ranitidine 300 mg (Rx) or the OTC Ranidine 75 mg for Prilosec? I plan on taking this one day a week instead of the Prilosec. I am also going to chew the DGL tablets before meals and drink either Aloe Vera Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar when needed. I already have been eating almonds after meals and drinking Lemon-Ginger Herbal tea. For about a month I have been taking Zinlori 75 tabs daily. I also found that when I went a gluten-free diet my acidity was much less.

I have been on Prilosec and now Nexium for over 3 years. I know it is not good to take it.... I gained 20 pounds after beginning this drug.... it has other side effects.

I have tried almost everything, but not tried ginger or DGL. Ranitidine is not good for us and neither are rolaids. Tums help, but do not heal the problem. I will let you know! Thanks for this site.

I read your column this morning and would like to add a few suggestions. To get off prescription drugs for acid reflux, the following works every time.

Take 2 days and commit to eating soft, non-acidic foods. Doing this allows your throat to heal. No alcohol, minimal or no coffee (l cup, nothing is better), no tomato sauce, etc. Boneless chicken with rice, oatmeal and bananas, etc. are all good. When you start this, get off of the med that you have been taking. If and when you experience heartburn, take a teaspoon of honey.

If this doesn't work, eat a piece of an apple (preferably an organic, red delicious one). Should these two things not work, drink something with Bragg's apple cider vinegar in it. As you know, the vinegar acts to help digest food in people who do not have enough acid in their stomachs to begin with. This is usually most people's problem.

After the 2 days of soft, non-acidic food, resume normal eating. Keep taking the above-mentioned choices faithfully. Figure out which one (or combo) works best. Obviously, it is a good idea to eat as healthy as possible, especially for the next several weeks. A beer, or a bowl of chili may not be the best choices while healing is taking place.

I have been able to get anyone off of their meds with this solution. So if your readers truly commit to this, I believe that they will see great results. If apple cider vinegar works, it is a good idea to drink some before meals. Bragg's actually makes a delicious flavored drink (sold at Whole Foods) that makes this process so easy!

I believe that you can just stop taking your meds as long as you are using the honey, apples or apple cider vinegar (Braggs). What I have found is that when you ask a conventional doctor about this, since they really have no understanding of nutrition or natural remedies, the patient if often met with much negativity and resistance.

Even when I have told my internist of my successful results, she does not acknowledge this information at all. I believe the best way to approach this is to simply tell your MD what you are doing, and ask for their support.
There is so much information on natural cures out there, hopefully, people (including conventional docs) will wake up.

DGL works well, and Dr. Weil advises its use. I have Barrett's esophagus and was told to stay on Prilosec forever, but my other physicians did not believe it was a healthy long-term choice. The solution for me, upon advice from my gynecologist, was to eliminate gluten (baked goods). I could not believe the difference this made in my overall health, stomach and bowel issues, etc. Heartburn ceased immediately, and I have also eliminated Prilosec.

Hi everyone. To share what's helping me: I sometimes wake up at night with severe pain, radiating to my back. (1) I take Pepto-Bismol (Dr. Oz mentioned that this kills the bacteria that cause ulcers!); (2) I take an oil capsule, like flaxseed or GLA or Vitamin E; (3) eat yogurt with organic honey; drink some aloe vera. The pain is gone within ten minutes.

I'm strictly gluten free and take probiotics. Use a salad dressing with Bragg's cider vinegar, organic honey and EV olive oil. Tried the almonds, but they didn't work completely. (Maybe gluten contamination?) The above regimen stops my pain in its tracks. I am so glad I refused the prescription I was handed!

hope this helps someone else..

I started taking Ranitidine after having a rare reaction to a prescription antihistimine for seasonal allergies almost 10 years ago. My local store for some reason has stopped carrying everything generic except for famotidine which I've now been taking for about 4 months. I'd really prefer to not take anything, so I'm looking forward to trying the deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract and have my fingers crossed.

My 14yo daughter has reflux and has been really suffering. We tried ACV to no avail. Her doctor put her on Prilosec, which helps some, but I'm afraid of what will happen when she has to go off. She has also been seeing a chiropractor, which has been the most helpful of anything, though she's still not 100% better. Thank you for these suggestions. We are going to keep trying to find a solution.

I have heard that two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar and 2 of honey mixed with water each morning will help, not only reflux, but overall health. Any comments?

I started having severe acid reflux about 5 years ago after I started taking vitamins with iron. It took me a month of severe burning and reflux before a friend told me that it was probably the iron in the vitamins that was causing my problem. Even though I quit taking the vitamins, I still had the problem and I have been on omeprazole ever since. I have tried to come off of omeprazole, but have been unable to. I am anxious to try some of these home remedies to see if they help. Thanks for posting them.

I am so glad I stumbled on your site. I have been on Omeprazole for about 9 months, and the doc wants me on it forever due to scar tissue in my esophagus. He says it's necessary because he doesn't want acid buildup under my Schatzky ring because it could trigger Barret's and then on to cancer.

I don't want those things to happen either, but I don't want to take Omeprazole forever either. I have noticed that I've gained weight, have had colds that developed into pneumonia or at the very least, severe bronchitis, three times this winter (this has never happened to me before), my fingers swell easily and I have terrible lower back pains in the morning.

Omeprazole can cause pneumonia when used long term for ulcer prevention, can cause kidney failure, hip fractures, on and on. Anyway I stopped taking it last Monday. I have had two "episodes" of pain in the ensuing week. I'm going to try the DCL, aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar, thanks to reading about them on this site.

Recently we have successfully gotten our 14yo daughter off omeprazole after her taking it for ten months. We weaned her off very slowly (two days on/one day off for two weeks, then every other day for two weeks, two days off/one day on, etc.) until now she is completely off. We used DGL and aloe vera juice on the off days, but they didn't seem to make much difference either way. We think the key was her chiropractor. In fact, we wish we had gone to her ten months ago instead of five. She has done the most good and has helped pinpoint triggers for our daughter's reflux. She has had no rebound hyperacidity and is much better than she has been in years. If typical remedies like acid reducers, DGL, etc. don't work, try a chiropractor. Our daughter has gotten very good results.

Ive been taking omeprazole for 5 years for reflux. It didn't really help all the time till I began a regime of no food after my main meal at night. When I got confident I could do this I stopped omeprazole a week ago and eureka !! No reflux or even indigestion when gardening!!

But today I googled and read people's comments on stopping this medication and its freaked me out. Too late now, I'll see what happens. I still eat the same food, the only change is lots of water and nothing after dinner. The only other thing I have is a medslant, I sleep with my head and shoulders elevated, not greatly as I tend to shift down a bit with all my tossing about. I just wondered if anyone had tried this at all ?
I have antacids by the bed but they're gathering dust, fingers crossed it carries on.
This is a very helpful forum, keep up the good work, folks.

I am so glad my mom mentioned I look on here after I recently starting having heartburn so bad that I started taking Prilosec. Well, after taking it for just 5 days I was still miserable due to the side effect of constipation. So not only did I have incessant heartburn every time I ate, but now stomach cramps and bloating.
I've never been much of a pill-taker, as I like to avoid them if at all possible. After reading about others having success with crystallized ginger, I bought some ginger chews at Trader Joe's today and they stopped it in it's tracks!!

I do hope this trends continues, as I have also cut out caffeine (may have one soda every few days), and I am also eating more vegetables and taking supplements along with fish oil.

I didn't seem to have any problems until I started working a shift that has me sleeping during much of the day and working from 6pm-6am...this the case for anyone else?

Update....... it's been 6 weeks without omeprazole now and I couldn't be more thrilled !! I had a few instances of heart burn in the first weeks and only treated it with an antacid, no big drama ie I only needed one tablet each time. I haven't had indigestion or reflux since. I'm enjoying going to sleep on an empty stomach.

I've stayed in hotels a couple of nights and didn't take my wedge, I was fine each time, much to my amazement.... but I'm not brave enough to toss it aside yet. I'm striving to lose the weight I put on whilst taking the meds but its a slow process. Its really odd how I was having more problems on the omeprazole as if it wasn't working any more. Or was it that I used them as a prop and thought I could eat my head off later at night.... who knows :-)

Yeah apparently the way Prilosec works at the chemical level explains its horrible rebound. My housemate in college is a microbiology major and his professor told him that prilosec alters the lipids? I think or some cells in your stomach to produce less acid. So it actually changes cells in your body to do something different.

Unfortunately, once you get off the drug, those cells produce more acid? I don't get it too much, but the important fact is that the cells' ability is altered, and so you have to wait for all of those cells to be replaced by new ones, which can take like a month or more if I know anything about cellular biology haha. So its no wonder it takes so long, its a crazy effective drug, and I wish someone had told me why, because I would have chosen something else.

Do you do one of these 3 things or all of them?

I do all three, water (though I'm not so obsessed about that now), wedge pillow and most importantly for me, no eating after my main evening meal. I used to have a nut bar at about 9pm in my reflux days, silly choice now when I think back. I also watch what I eat for dinner ie not huge amounts of meat and complex carbohydrates. I've been a diabetic 44 years and wonder if I had slow digestion problems. Anyway, all's good and we're off on a 6 week overseas trip this weekend and I won't be taking my wedge so it should be..... interesting :-)

Yes, my husband has been drinking aloe vera juice, it not only has helped with the reflux, his blood sugar is within normal limit, I suggest any type II diabetic to try it and see the results.

Oops I'm so sorry. I've just figured out how this forum works and that you weren't asking me a question at all. However I might follow up Port Saint Lucie's reply :-)

I found this forum after recommendations where made to get off Prilosec. I've been on it for almost 5 Years and am 31 years old. I never had any side effects while on it and it controlled my heartburn very well, I pretty much never got heartburn while on it no matter what I drank or ate. I had a endoscopy done recently and the doctor did not find any issues with me, he assumed it was weak LES and told me to continue taking Prilosec. My wife thinks differently and wants me off it so I tried last week to start doing so.

I bought DGL and mastic gum. I had really bad rebound the 2nd day in so started taking half the pill. For some reason taking half made everything worse so I ended up getting Zantac and Pepcid complete AC to help me wean off. I am at day 3 of being off and its not so bad.

Just had 2 mastic before breakfast and been eating regularly thus far. Hopefully I can continue and provide any tips/feedback. I did notice some headaches first few days, was strange but most the heartburn seems to be in the evening. Also found that chewing Gum (Orbit Spearmint) helps stop heartburn while your chewing it. I do this after lunch at work. I order some Acid Ease from Amazon and waiting for it come in this week to replace the Zantac. Best of luck to you all

I have been trying to get off Prilosec. I found that if I get the over the counter variety in tablet form I can split them in half. I took 1/2 tablets for several days and then switched to Zantac, taking a whole tablet for several days and then trying to get by with 1/2 tablets.I haven't been able to get off the Zantac and at times have had to go back to 1/2 Prilosec. I use the Aloe Vera and have tried the DLG which seems to help. I also snack on almonds. I have had bad results with the acid cider vinegar. One spoonful in a cup of hot water and some honey and I start retching. I find that honey alone helps.

A number of people seemed to be helped by the apple cider vinegar, but a word of caution. I would try just one spoonful in a cup of hot water with some honey for the first time. If that works try increasing it to two spoonfuls. Each time I have tried it, even only one spoon full in a cup of hot water and honey, I am immediately have to throw up. My system apparently can not tolerate it.

This has been very helpful. I have been on Prilosec for about a year and a half after being diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. I'm sure that my esophagus was damaged by taking Fosamax for 5 years. Now I've been told I have to take prilosec forever to prevent further damage. The side effects have begun - B12 deficiency - and I know Calcium absorption is diminished and I want to get off the drug. I'm going to try some of the suggestions to stop. Ironic that I took fosamax for my bones and now the "cure" for taking that drug involves decreased CA absorption which will weaken my bones.

I have been on prilosec for 12 years and decided to get off of it. What helped me was drinking a glass of 8 ounces of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of (unpasterized/raw) Apple Cider Viniger with about a 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda,, had to stay with it for a couple of weeks before feeling better than i have for years,,, now going 8 months and only have to drink a glass only once every other day at the most. Anyway,, just sharing that information and maybe it helps somebody to get off of prilosec.

As a Register Nurse, if had not seen it with my own eyes I would have not believed it, My husband has had severe AR (Acid Reflux) for over 2 years, he had all the classic symptoms, Gas, cough, ect ect, since he has been drinking a cup of ginger tea , half hour before dinner, (triple leaf from vitamin shoppe) 6 oz of Georges aloe vera from vitamin shoppe at bed time, and probiatics, he NO LONGER HAS ANY SYMPTOMS, NONE , he can eat everything and nothing bothers him, I think the Ginger tea is AMAZING, if Drs would start patients with something natural before starting with the Rx there would be a lot less people forced to use medicines that provide so many negative side effects.

I have to share with all how great my husband is doing since he started using the Ginger tea, we get it at Vitamin shoppe, he had a severe case of A/R (acid reflux) he no longer has ANY symptoms, totally gone, he takes Probiotic pills during the day (befor lunch) then he drinks one cup of tea one hour befor dinner, and at bedtime drinks 6 oz of Georges aloe vera, if drs. would try natural remedies before Rx that cause soooo many severe side effects, give the patients the choice.

I am very pleased to have found this website. I have been on Prilosec for over two years and am trying to get off it. I got a pill splitter and got the Prilosec in tablet form (over the counter) and cut them in half. I found that I could get by with the half dose. Dr. Mercola had suggested in getting off Prilosec to do it gradually and switch to Zantac as an intermediate step.

I switched to Zantac and after several days cut it down to a half tablet. After a week taking a half dose of Zantac I skipped it for a day, but found I was having considerable problems. I have been drinking 2 oz of Aloe Vera the first thing in the morning and just before bed. I also take a probiotic twice a day.

If I have a mild problem I take 2 chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus tablets, which helps. I find a spoonful of honey also is helpful. Before meals I take a Solaray Super Digestaway capsule or DLG Ultra w/ German Chocolate.

I find the DLG is very effective. Sometimes I will take a tums if I have mild problem, but the DLG is the most effective. I plan to try the Ginger tea. I tried taking the AC vinegar, but even with only one spoonful with honey in a glass of warm water, I could not keep it down. I note that Mike adds 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda to it. I wonder if that would work for me.Thanks for all the recommendations.

If you're having issues with pain radiating from your back like you mentioned, you might want to get checked for gallbladder disease. I was having similar symptoms and that's what I ended up having and had to have surgery to have it removed. Good luck.

I would like to get off omperozle? been on it for about 18months looking for some good remedies.

I am happy I found this site. I have been taking Omeprazole 40mg once a day for the last six months. My MD diagnosed me with GERD after I had endoscopy done. He told me I would have to be on the drug for the rest of my life. I am not fond of pills and I resent taking them but it has helped and I no longer suffer painful heartburn after every meal or nausea because of too much acid production. However, I think I am ready to get off the RX train. I would like to try some of your tips and would like to thank you all for sharing. Will keep you posted on my progress!

Recently after having upper endoscopy my MD told me I have Barrett's esoph. No dysplasia. Early stages.
I have been on prilosec 40mg 2x daily for about 2 months. I have had sporadic relief of mid upper and pain.

The last few weeks the pain is constant regardless of prilosec. My follow up appt. is first week in Jan in which my MD and I will discuss my future plans. I am in the medical field and I am fully aware of the adverse effects of prilosec. I also had a cat scan which was essentially negative. That was a big one because one would always be worried about the pancreas. So, my plan was to set out on researching the possibilities of keeping my Barrett's from becoming cancer without the use of prilosec.

I am sure some dietary adjustment is in order but there has to be some remedies to keep this at bay without presc meds. I once had a very fatty liver, they thought I got hep c being in my line of work it very well could happen. I found a little renowned herb called "milk thistle". After a year my liver enzymes had been returned to normal by using this wonder herb.

So I know there is hope for Gerd. This web site is a great stepping stone in helping everyone with Gerd to find there own individual solution. As time goes on I will report back what I have found and what will work for me. Everyone is different so keep in mind, what works for one person may not work for another. Burp... Excuse me.. until next time. Take care.

Try the ginger tea, it's bitter, but it works like a miracle, also the aloe vera juice from georges, let me know if it works, N Lorie rn

Wayneman: Like you, I want to get off drugs. BUT in the meantime, I changed to Nexium and it works so much better for me than Prilosec. It MUST be taken in the morning on an empty stomach (same with Prilosec). I also found that if I cut back on carbs I am better. The Atkins Diet is great for this. Anyway, I am doing this in order to get my esophagus healed and then I will try to get off drugs. Good luck! Sandra

I have Barrett's (I take PRILOSEC/PREVECID) AND TYPE II DIABETES. After wasting $250 for a local hospital's "course" on diet the dietician just gave me a blank stare and said she could not answer my question.

Here it is: My Type II diet states that I should eat nuts and fresh fruit and vegetables, but my Barrett's diet says "no" to nuts, and acid-bearing fruits and vegetables. In fact, the two diets have a number of conflicts. Meanwhile, I cannot (even with 2 insulins) get my blood sugar under 248. I am completely frustrated. What can I eat?

I have been on omeprazole for 1.5 years after my doctor found polyps and gastritis in my stomach. I had heartburn at that time, but nothing that like what occurred after I started the omeprazole. My doctor did a HIDA scan and found that my gallbladder was not functioning. He took the gallbladder out. I have progressively felt worse ever since.

There are months when I feel okay, but the heartburn is never completely alleviated. I have tried to go gluten free and while it has helped, it has not alleviated my symptoms. They've tried everything (Questran for bile, carafate, ursidol) along with the omeprazole. I've also gone to see a rheumatoid doctor for swelling of joints, headaches, fatigue, and a few other symptoms. He said fibromyalgia. I also have IBS.

Anyway, after being put on Questran and upping my dose of omeprazole to 80 mg, I experienced (am experiencing) a terrible shortness of breath. They took me off Questran and scaled back omeprazole--no relief from the breathing! Now, he wants me to go off it all until the breathing issues are relieved. I'm wondering if this is an opportunity to go off forever! I wonder if omeprazole is my issue! So, I need help.

I must say that I NEVER EAT (even on meds) ANY trigger foods (chocolate, coffee, caffeine, tomatoes), and I also eat gluten free. For the past two days, I have only had potatoes, bananas, rice cereal, and fat free milk. What can I do to get through this? Thank you so much!

Marc c.

Your dietician is not not educated and you should get your money back OR demand a good dietician! Try a high protein/low carb diet like Atkins. You must have some fiber, so be sure and eat some good quality veggies and especially raw veggies. Honey will help heal your esophogus, but not too much because of your diabetes. You need to educate yourself about carbs. They tend to make your stomach produce too much acid and are not good for your diabetes. Hence a low carb diet should be helpful. Doctors usually only know how to prescribe drugs for our problems, so you must read, read, read and educate yourself! Note the post above that talks about a "soft" diet for a few days....might be good for your healing also. Best wishes. Sandra

Well I do not eat anything about 2 hours before I go to bed. I avoid spicy foods. I in fact am on my 4th day not takling omeprazole. So far so good but I did get first few days some gurgling sounds in my belly. I think it was the acid dancing around after being released from its imprisonment? So far no heartburn. YES I do take some DGL. I THINK it helps.

I also try to incorporate some powdered ginger in my food OR after I eat put a little bit in a warm glass of water. Warm water after a meal helps with digestion and the ginger helps too. Keep Ginger in your diet. I am also eating yogurt regularly to restore or keep balance my good bacteria that the lack of acid was screwing up. For example. I have had THRUSH {CANDIDA} mouth and throat maybe 3 times in past 12 months. I'm thinking this omeprazole had something to do with it.

I'm tired of having to take calcium supplements and b supplements and zinc etc all which are affected by the lack of acid. BTW Take calcium Citrate because it does not need acid to break it down and get absorbed. I do not know the answer. DOCTOR as you all know tells you if you have Barretts to stay on this med rest of your life. OK well what if I watch my diet etc? Why in my mind I'm thinking that I have to take this acid blocker if its going to cause other problems?

You have to be your own health advocate! Research as you are doing now on this site. HELL I don't want to get esophageal cancer! But hey I don't want to get all the other disease either than can come from long term use of acid blockers! Ok today is 4th day. Ill let you know how it goes.

Im no Doctor, but Im beginning to think that taking Omeprazole is and will be causative to many other problems. Today is day 5 off the omeprazole.

So far no terrible acid rebound although Im taking some ginger in hot water as a tea, Im periodically taking a DGL tablet, and eating an apple now and then and im also massaging my tummy when Im relaxing which can aid in digestion.I take yougurt once a day to try to bring back the bacterial balance in my system. An ocassional probiotic tablet but not overduing it.

REMEMBER your Doctor is not a nutritionist! I am also off alprazolam which I normally take .5mg at bedtime to help me sleep. I have a sleeping problem and have depended on this shit to help me sleep but Im not sleeping well without it so Im trying some magnesium and calcium supplement to help gear my body for sleep. Has some effct but not anywhere remotely near my ZANAX{ALPRAZOLMN}

My advice to all who are taking this stuff and even after quitting is to keep your immune system strong! Take a GOOD multiple vitamin every day and any other antioxidants that help immune system. I say this because it weakens your immune system to be on this stuff.

I know because I had THRUSH 3 times in past 12 months and you only get this if your either taking antibiotics or have a weakened immune sysstem which can also be from the antibiotics. The acid blockers are depleting your calcium, zinc, B vitamins and can lead to pancreatitus too! I fuess thats the zinc part of the equation?

A year and a half ago I was put on Prilosec, 20mg at first and then 40mg by another Dr later, due to violent throwing up during drinking the prep solution for a colonoscopy. I felt the trauma happening to my throat and esophagus and was panicking so the Dr did a endoscope as well to check things out. He found and photographed some lesions on the esophagus.

He felt it was caused by the throwing up and ordered me to take Prilosec to allow it to heal. It helped numb the pain but then I developed a chronic cough that would not go away. An onslaught of tests pursued over the course of the next year. The Prilosec was to keep the acids down and Singular to keep post nasal drip away from my throat to allow it to heal. I saw many specialists and ruled out most possible causes.

Lately, I have been having gerd breaking through even with the prilosec. My nails have become sore and like rice paper thin, weak, weight gain, dull skin and hair, stomach cramps, blues, etc. It has been 18 months and I still have the cough too. I decided to wean off the prilosec and Singular since it is not ridding me of the cough and in fact adding more problems.

I added probiotics, enzymes and Qucertian/C for sinus post nasal drip as well as my basic calcium, D, omega-3, multi, morning ginger, turmeric, honey, cinnamon tea. I started by skipping a day of the prilosec for about 2wks and was doing well until I stopped it completely. Today was the worst day.

After reading other posts I went in a got a few raw almonds and it has settled a bit. I think I'll get the DGL Licorice and Mastic gum tomorrow. I need to focus on the trigger foods and keep them away (Super Bowl is going to be difficult Sunday). I know better then to listen to Western MDs unless it is tests to rule out or emergencies. I have used Holistic healing for 25yrs. The difference lately is the high cost of Holistic Drs and out of pocket expense since insurance does not cover their treatments or herbs. I just need to bit the bullet and do what intuitively feels right. I wish all of you the best of Luck!

To Frank, Good advice about the vitamins. I hope you can get off Xanax.... the street name for this is "mind eraser" because it causes you to forget things. Try melotonin (sp?) and Valerian root for sleep. Benedryl will help you get over the hump, but you won't want to take it all the time. Good luck!

What about people who have been diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia? I had an endoscopy done and that's what I have. I take Prilosec every other day and that is enough to have a decent quality of life. However, I would like to get off of it. Anyone here has a Hiatal Hernia and can recommend alternative treatments besides Prilosec? I have a Schatzky ring as well, but apparently I am lucky because the Prilosec every other day is all I need to live a normal life.

Thanks in advance.

I too have a hiatal hernia I call it my HYENA hernia! WELL? I'm not sure how that will be effected by discontinuing my omeprazole we will see. I ate some eggs with ham on a multi grain bread this morning. Had a very slight heartburn but tolerable. HOPING still that I do not get that notorious acid rebound! As far as sleeping, I tried melatonin did not do anything. Benadryl used to slightly work for me but it fails. I took tylenol pm which has same ingredient it seemed to work better but cannot continue cause potential liver damage.

It has been about two weeks off Omeprazole. The past 4-5 days I'm experiencing mild headaches. Not sure if it has any relation to getting off the meds. Anybody wish to share? I also have mentioned that I too have a hiatal hernia. Some say if you have such on top of barrett's esophagus to stay on the meds but I just cannot agree. I'm trying to weigh out the worst of two evils. Stay on the stuff and risk all kinds of other health problems typical with long term use or stay on the stuff to hopefully prevent any residual acid from terrorizing my esophagus? What to do what to do?

After reading all the negative comments, I was very nervous about devastating side effects with stopping. I am taking 1/2 dose daily, will start next week with 1/2 dose every other day, and then go off completely.
So far, no bad side effects.

I was having some digestive difficulties - on-going for months - they were : belching, bloating, heartburn, sensitivity at the waist, intestinal gas, hiccups, difficulty in swallowing capsules, overall fatigue, full feeling at base of throat, pain or burning in upper chest, pressure in the chest, pain in the left side of chest.

So I read on-line about hiatal hernia and I tried some self-massage techniques that I watched on you tube and felt immediately better. Anyone who thinks they have a hiatal hernia please google self massage techniques - there are some good videos on you tube.

A week ago I began taking Prilosec & I eliminated alcohol and coffee and citrus and tomatoes. I'm now taking a probiotic as well.
I do feel much better but do not want to remain on Prilosec for very long so
I'm so glad to have found this site and read about the AC vinegar, ginger, DGL

I've had digestive problems since birth. Had an ulcer in my 30s and gastritis and esophagitis for the last 10 years. My gastro doc told me to take Prilosec and never suggested I stop. Now, 10 years later, I have significant bone loss from doing so and need to go on meds for osteoporosis. The main side effect is supposedly stomach problems, so I'm holding off for now.

After my recent endoscopy the same doc told me to just go off Prilosec. No mention of rebounding. I was surprised by having much worse symptoms after going off Prilosec than I'd ever had before taking it. The warnings on the commercials should include rebound effect and bone loss with long term use. So far I'm not doing very well taking Pepsid, enzymes and DGL. I still have ongoing heartburn and discomfort and am wondering if it is something I will have to bear for the rest of my life.

I'm no Doctor but what are you eating? Are you still eating spicy foods or eating at night before bedtime? I eliminated tomato sauce and other spicy foods from diet and I do not eat at least hour and half before bed and even so if I do eat its not heavy food or spicy. I'm still off omeprazole about 2 months now. Seemingly no major acid reflux or rebound horror so far? I have been told once that you can till have acid leeching to your throat and not be aware of it and was told to stay on this crap to prevent any further damage. I just do not know answer.

I'm trying to get off other stuff too such as .5mg of alprazolamn nightly to aid with my sleep. PILLS PILLS PILLS! Doctors love t prescribe. What we all need is both a western medicine practitioner combined with a naturopath. However most insurances will not cover naturpaths. DO THE FOOD thing, don't eat before bed, take some manuka honey now and then, and eat apples when you experience heartburn see if it helps. Other than that I am as much in the dark as you all are? Last thing I need in throat cancer! Hopefully that will not happen but I have to weigh the odds of taking blockers compared to cancer?

I don't eat any of the nasty stuff nor do I eat before bed. Some days it doesn't matter if it's a scrambled egg or yogurt or anything. Still the same symptoms. The dr said I may have damaged nerve endings by now. Somehow I don't think the currently available western meds are going to hold the answer as they haven't do far.

I just think that all pills are bad as they have other side effects. You cannot take nasids because they are bad for liver o what do you take safely for pain? NOTHING! Its been about two months since off omeprazole and no real bad side effects so far but uestion is, is there any residual acid getting in my throat? Sometimes you don't feel it. Again I read a lot of stuff and I'm not finding any definitive answers

Someone posted that his doctor gave him a 6 week plan for getting off Prilosec :
Week 1: Alternate 20mg of Prilosec (Omeprazole) with 100mg Prilosec
Week 2: 10mg Prilosec
Week 3: Alternate 10mg of Prilosec with 80mg Pepsid (Famotidine)
Week 4: 80mg Pepsid
Week 5: Alternate 80mg Pepsid with 40Mg Pepsid
Week 6: 40mg Pepsid

I have only been on Prilosec for 4 weeks and I gave up coffee, alcohol and citrus.
I also am on a probiotic by Jarrow. I feel ok now but do not want to remain on Prilosec so
I am going to try this plan :

week 1 : alternate 10 mg Prilosec with 20 mg Pepcid
week 2 : alternate 20 mg Pepcid with 10 mg Pepcid
week 3 : same as week 3
week 4 : 10 mg Pepcid
Once off I will try using the AC vinegar, DGL & ginger.

I'm still not sold on the vinegar thing but ginger and DGL I'm all for it. Here's the thing. When off Prilosec etc there still may be residual acid reflux going on I herd that you may not be ware of. I'm hoping thats not the case. That valve you got between stomach and esophagus if not closing properly can allow a certain amount of acid to reflux into throat. You don't always know it so that a concern but I'm thinking the worst of two evils may to be totally off these long term acid blockers in consideration of all the other crap that can happen long term. Fact is you will NEVER get a straight answer from a specialist. ITS A GAMBLE for sure!

has anyone experienced a significant amount of low/medium grade nausea with heartburn/acid reflux?
I have been having nausea about half the time.. usually subsides mid/late afternoon.

I have stopped taking prilosec (2x a day 20 mg) just this past Monday after about 4 months. It was making me feel worse... generally unwell feeling.
Thank you.

Drinking ginger tea as I write!

I would keep GINGER in your life. Take perhaps some probiotics. start mildly then build up slightly higher. It been several months since I have quit taking OMEPRAZOLE. I cannot say tyat i have had any significant or any heartburn rebound t all! I was taking 20mg once a day but prior to that I was on twice the amont daily. I also have haital hernia and Barretts esophagus. I still really do not know what is the more evil of the choices, Staying on this crap and experiencing all kinds of deficiences including gastro cancer or ggetting off the stuff and risking further esophagus damage. I truly have not found any definitive answers

Thankyou frank for your helpful comments. I will try the probiotics.

Yes take probiotics as Franks says - probiotics are helping me and I do also drink ginger tea daily plus I eat ginger and DGL tablets. I also drink aloe vera liquid and coconut water.

This article was a great find. I have yet to try any of the remedies mentioned on here but I cannot wait to start as I have been on Prilosec for 6 years or so and it has been giving me Sciatica and Gout several times over that time period. Did anyone else experience these nasty side effects?

Anyway, I have only seen apple cider vinegar mentioned in it's liquid form. I'm curious if anyone has used apple cider vinegar tablets with apple pectin. I'm a little concerned about being able to keep down the liquid AC vinegar so I'm hoping the tablet form works just as well.


Triggers for GERD can be coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, chocolate, tomatoes, citrus and other things. I read that greasy, fatty foods and oily nuts like peanuts can cause the LES valve not to close. I think someone on this forum also mentioned it. You have to figure out what you are eating or drinking that is triggering your GERD. Also eating smaller amounts of food at any given time helps. Eating apples and almonds and drinking coconut water is good too.

I have been taking 20mg's of Omeprazole per day for about 2 years. I tried to get off of it once by taking it every other day. What a mistake. Rebound. So what I did next really worked: I opened up the capsule and counted the pellets. There were 18 pellets in each capsule. So I took out 1 pellet and took the rest in the capsule for that day and the next day. Then took out 2 pellets, then 3 pellets until I was down to 1 pellet and then none. No rebound or anything other problems.

Wow that's really an intensive way of adjusting your dosage. All I can say is I have been off OMEPRAZOLE over 3 months now maybe more and I have not had any rebound acid or at least any significant heartburn to be aware of. Crossing my fingers! Am I still concerned about reflux to my esophagus? YES indeed as I heard that sometimes there is unfelt acid that leeches up in your throat that could continue to cause further damage if you already have damage like I was told I do. Yes it scares me to get off the stuff but it scares me to stay on it too!

Here in the states, I get acid reflux about every other day just by drinking a glass of water. I treat it occasionally with Ranitidine 150mg. However, when I'm in Thailand, I eat the spicy food ever put to my lips and for some odd reason, no heartburn whatsoever. Does anyone know why this is?

I just stopped taking Omeprazole after a year. It bothered my stomach and made me bloated. I began taking DGL and Georges Aloe Juice. I always loved black liquorice so I like the taste of the DGL... it's chewable. It also comes in German Chocolate flavor, but I didn't try that one. The aloe juice.. George's brand... has no flavor at all, which I love. Just like drinking water. I slept the night through after the first day, for the first time in... I can't remember when. So far so good.

I've been taking Prilosec since May I went to a Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. And he told me to take it for three months consistently and then gave me the typical diet and foods to avoid after I come off. My problem is like many others I'm afraid of the rebound affect. So I'm on this website to help me do that.

My GI Dr. Who prescribed them in the first place doesn't seem to see a problem with taking them forever he takes them everyday and he doesn't have a problem, he says it's for preventative measures because acid reflux medicea are the no two seller in the world and he doesn't want to get stomach cancer. He even gives them to his pregnant wife.

I told him he was crazy to give those drugs to his unborn child and baking soda worked just fine for me when I was pregnant. He said he would think about it. I tried coming off Pepcid before and ended up at the emergency room, so I'm looking for alternative methods I like to do things naturally and lately I think the Prilosec is making me dizzy.

I got off Prilosec after 11 weeks by the method above. I gave up coffee and alcohol. I'm good now.

I have always had a dilemma regarding taking Omeprazole. I have barretts and Doctor till says to take it for life but I have been off it for bout 9 months and i feel fine! Secret is or logic is to not eat spicy foods and don't eat before bed and all that jazz ALCOHOL ETC chocolates etc.

Did your Doctor who said she takes this stuff regularly mention long term can possible cause esophageal cancer or malabsorbtion of b-12, proteins, calcium, magnesium?I un-naturally lost over 20 ponds from being on this crap. I developed H-PYLORI and I figure that I have to take a chance and NOT take this stuff! Doctors are great for telling you to take a pill for everything but rarely tell you about side effects or long term ue damage.

MY GI said when I argued with him about what I read, he said well everything has side effects but you are better off getting side effects than getting throat cancer!

What do you believe? Who can you believe? No one is definitive in answering the right questions just a lot of BS and some claim long term use is safe other reports scare you to death saying you will need your acid to take care of business in your body and you can get stomach cancer, H pylori, protein malabsorbtion and a host of things that will lead to other health disasters.

Ok so I'm NOT taking the stuff and I gained my weight back and I rarely have heartburn and although I was also told that many still do have acid refluxing into throat and you may not know it o its better to take the acid blockers? I don't know what to believe?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Many gastroenterologists are convinced that PPI drugs like omeprazole can prevent Barrett's esophagus from developing into esophageal cancer. You are right, though, that these drugs can magnesium and vitamin B12 absorption.

Try dgl chewables as needed & gaba for stress/sleep issues. The dgl is very healing & I saw a reference that gaba can help to rehabilitate the les.

Hope this info helps many!

So whats the answer? Does anyone really know? Omeprazole is not meant for long term. However Gastro Doctors say take it or risk chance of barretts getting worse! However they conveniently do not tell you a host of other things that could happen by taking such meds long term? It is a crap shoot! Anyone out there that has actually had an honest doctor that has said different? Id like to know

Frank B - the answer is to modify your diet so you do not eat things that trigger acid problems. Lose weight if overweight and if you have a hiatal hernia, do some self-help measures. You may need to take Omeprazole for weeks or months but there are ways of tapering off it that have been posted here. I did it. But I also modified my diet, gave up alcohol and coffee and other things that triggered me and I did self massage on my hiatal hernia and breathing exercises. You have to do more than just one thing.

I found this site recently as I have been on 20mg daily of Omeprazole coming up to to 4 years. I was diagnosed with GERD 4 years ago after falling ill from stress at work, ended up calling out an ambulance because I thought I was having a heart attack, turns out it was GERD, having never suffered from the slightest indigestion problems before this has totally changed my life. 4 years later I still keep thinking I'm having a heart attack as the pain can get so bad.

Initially I was put on it to help my osp heal, came off it for 6 months and the pain came back I was put back on it. Recently I stayed at my parents house for a while, which meant eating what they cooked and after a couple of weeks of fresh pineapple for desserts and various home made dishes of spag bol, it hit with with a vengeance. Went onto 40mg of omp a day and after 4 weeks had to drop back down to 20mg due to severe bloating. I am now due to have another endoscope in 4 weeks time and they have told me that I cannot take omp for 2 weeks prior to the endoscope, hence looking for somehow to survive the 2 week period.

I have also noticed that my nails no longer grow, I suffer with joint pains which don't go away, went to the Dr who blames it on my age (48) the change, but now, I am not so sure so I am now Determined to stop taking it.
I went to Holland & Barrett and have bought most of the aids listed here, but in a form I can take, so am now armed with ginger tea, Aloe vera tablets, Apple cider vinegar tablets and DGL, today is my first day of taking these and I am presently sipping on ginger tea before I go to bed and am keeping fingers crossed it works. I am going to use these one day and have an omp the next for this week, depending on how it works out I plan to do two days of each the following week as I have to go cold turkey quite quickly I don't have the luxury of coming off it slowly.

I will keep you posted on my progress, so far I have been able to tolerate all of them today, have a bit of a headache but that could be from anything. Wish me luck : )

My doctor told me to take Omeprazole for a month then switch to Zinlori, a natural supplement that is healing. Am trying this and hope it helps my acid reflux. The Zinlori is expensive but I heard you take this for a while then stop. Hope this helps.

LOL that's what I mean Doctor is telling yet to take something perhaps another pill. LOL DON'T TAKE ANYTHING prescription. Eat smart, no acidic foods no spicy foods perhaps natural stuff DGL, Don't eat before bed. Buy some MANUKA HONEY. Eat an apple when you get heartburn. Utilize an occasional baking soda with water remedy if real bad heartburn. Take probiotics to help your digestion.

Sounds to me that all you need is a cheap bottle of zinc and a container of Metamucil! I looked at ingredients for that Zinlori stuff. Main chemical is zinc in some form or another and a fiber based product like metamucil. Might be lot cheaper than buying the stuff he said to get? Research it

Well I am now into my 7th day of cold turkey from omeprazole and can't believe the problems I am experiencing even with all of the DSG, Apple cider vinegar, ginger tea and aloe vera, plus some gaviscon. I even had heartburn as soon as I woke this morning which made me feel bad for the rest of the day. I have trapped wind in my left shoulder blade and under my ribs and continually feel like I am having a heart attack. I do not eat any of the trigger foods and my last meal is normally a good 4 to 6 hours before going to bed and i still get reflux???

I still have 7 more days to suffer before I get my endescope done, wonder if I will survive it? My stomach feels like someone is wringing it out : (
Once the endescope is done I will have to go back to taking the omeprazole and gradually wean myself off it rather than do it abruptly. I can't believe that 20mg of this stuff can affect me so bad when not taking it daily.

Will let you know how the scope goes, in some ways I want them to find something wrong just to confirm it's not in my head, but obviously would prefer there not to be. Very worried it is something really bad ; (

OK have had my endescope, bit traumatic no sedative and no throat spray, as I decided I wanted to be in control. First ripped it back out of my throat as I thought I was going to vomit, but then actually managed to tolerate it. I explained to my friends that it is like sticking the handle of your toothbrush down your throat and leaving it there for 10 mins, not a pleasant experience but glad it's over.
Great results, absolutely nothing wrong with my oesp or stomach, no signs of ulcers either.

I am still concerned about why I am getting stomach pains though :( They told me to go back on the omp, which I am not doing, Why, when I have no issues apart from acid reflux? The other recommendation was that I start to take Sucraflate as they think that bile might be causing the issue as I had my gallbladder out 15 years ago, not sure about this, has anyone else taken it, are there side effects?

I now feel so much better than I was on my last post, I have now been off omp for 17 days, apart from the occasional burning sensation in my chest if I have slipped down my pillows in the night, things seem to be getting better.

I had been on Omeprazole for 5 years. I was on 20mg going onto 40mg daily. I was never diagnosed with GERD or anything, just given to see if it could help with an IBS issue which the Dr thought it could help. Lo and behold it worked within a couple of days.

Having done some research, I decided to come off it about 3 months ago. I tapered it off, ending up on 1 20mg tab every 2 days before I went off it finally about a month ago. Two weeks ago I noticed I started to get some really bad heartburn. I put it down to coming off the meds and I was even braced for it.

Alas reading this forum has made me think I don't have to put up with it and I can try some natural meds, until I hope it goes anyway and my stomach cells perhaps go back to normal.

Tomorrow I go and get ginger tea (and will add cinnamon and persimmon), DGL and cut out and gradually phase known trigger foods and see what happens. I plan to leave some carbs in and see how it goes.

I took omeprazole 40mg for one month, along with sucralfate tablets, and my stomach felt a lot better while I was on them. However, I still had modified my diet. The one night when I had a slightly spicy beef taco I paid for it at bed time. That was back in August. I was able to have beef burgers and french fries while on the omeprazole and sucralfate.

However, after I ran out of pills I didn't request more. But, I kept my diet modified. I have discovered multiple trigger foods and have eliminated them from my diet. I don't eat: chocolate, caffeine, fizzy water, acidic fruits or vegetables (also no bell peppers), potato chips (or anything fried), beef, soy, dairy, salt and I have been gluten free for five years.

I got the gastritis symptoms after a gluten encounter in June. I got twelve days of diarrhea. I was worried it was related to the green smoothies I had a couple days after the gluten thing. I was worried it was e-coli or something, but there was no bacteria in the stool cultures. I also began to have pain in my upper abdomen. I did a BRAT diet for about two weeks as well.

I've been to four doctors about it. The first suggested IBS, and that I try the local natural medicine doctor. He told me someone put a curse on me (will never see him again). The third finally said it sounded like gastritis and gave me omeprazole and sucralfate. The fourth (my regular GP) finally gave me a referral to a gastroenterologist (whom I get to see next week). All stool cultures came back negative for bacterial infections and parasites. All blood tests came back normal. I do not have the antibodies for h. pylori in my bloodstream.

My diet is so restricted. It's ridiculous. I refuse to live like this for as many years as I have read other people have. I simply refuse. There is no reason anyone should suffer like this for so long. I also do not want to take omeprazole or other PPIs ever again (if I can help it). I have a vacation coming up, and I want to not have to fear food as I do now (even if that means taking a PPI for a little while).

I'm planning to take a list of the long term side effects of PPIs with me to the gastroenterologist. I also want to take information on the rebound effects of PPIs as well. I will not follow into the pharmaceutical machine blindly again.

I have been on Omeprazole Dr 20MG capsules for 5 months and I have tried to get off of it and felt like my stomach was on fire. I tried talking to my doctor but she just suggested I stay on it and not try to get off of it, even if I never have any problems prior. I was wondering are you in the states. I opened my capsule and their over 100 beads, what would you suggest ?

Of course your DR. is going to say to try on the OMEPRAZOLE! That is what they do. Pill pushers who benefit from the drug companies. You can get off it. Take half dose for several weeks. Then get off. Of course try to modify your diet by not eating trigger foods like white potatoes and rice, spicy foods, too much fatty foods, and no carbonated beverages and do not eat several hours before bed. No chocolates. Try probiotics in your diet. Take some DGL tablets, buy some manuka honey its expensive but worth it. Use it sparingly. Drink lots of liquids. Chew on gum or anything to produce saliva that protects your throat and stomach lining. DON'T LISTEN to Doctor without trying other natural alternatives. they live for this stuff! Always telling you to take a pill and NEVER telling you long term bad effects of such!

I started talking omeprazole and yesterday I got diarrhea and continues today. Is it OK to take pepto bismol?

I have read several times about people cutting their omeprazole tablets in half to taper down. however, all the OTC omeprazole pills i have seen have time-release coatings and warnings NOT to cut the pills at all. Any advice on this? I can't seem to find any OTC 10MG omeprazole pills...anybody know where you can get them OTC?

I was diagnosed with stage 1 esophaegel cancer and I was treated with chemo and radiation. After several endoscopies I remained cancer free and all cat scans were negative from the beginning. I am taking 20 mg of omeprazole and I would like to get off it but I an not sure how and I am convinced my doctor will keep me on it. Since I did have cancer my situation is different from the other postings I have read. Anybody with the same diagnosis?

I have a endoscopy appt in April 3 freaking years since first because Dr. said so! in the event I got throat cancer in the interim it would be too late for me because dear old doctor insisted every 3 years! however what if I developed something in the interim? It could have been treated!I hate Doctors! As far as getting off OMEPRAZOLE I'm no expert but try tapering down. Maybe one every other day for a few months then see how you feel. Eat proper foods and take DGL and see your private Doctor for the H-PYLORI you likely have developed and get a blood chemistry test to find out which minerals and vitamins your system is lacking as a result of malabsorbtion you likely are suffering.

Marrietta. What do you mean your Doctor will KEEP YOU ON OMEP? Is he your keeper?

My doctor told me same thing and I'm off it over year and half and barely any acid reflux or heartburn. Just don't eat spicy foods and soda and FRITOS etc. Don't eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. Use honey and cinnamon to coat your throat put ginger in your foods and try taking a digestive supplement daily.

Taking OMEP will destroy the good bacteria your stomach needs to digest and absorb and I don't even have a medical degree!

Can I take 1/2 tablet of Prilosec?

Dear Kara. The problem is so big and it name is PRILOSEC! I had diagnosed with Barrett's, chronic gastritis,GERD, H-Pylori. That was in 2005. MD Doctors put me on 20 mg Prilosec. That became my life stile. After 3 year for taking Prilosec my problems begin grown: 3-4 times during the winter time I had severe flu, Bronchitis, loss of bone mass, pain in each bone (hands, elbows, neck, shoulders, back - every where). After million times of very careful research on the Internet The answer was absolutely clear: Prilosec.

Then I understand that my health is in my hands, but not in MDs', I begun the long process to get again healthy. I did careful research for my symptoms, because we all are different and you need do your choice to your symptoms. My - was: bromiline, papaine and a lot other medicine based on organic products (you will see - here is not enough place to write all my life for difficult 5 years.) The result is: after 8 years that I was so sick, few months ago I did my endoscopy and the result: NO GASTRITIS, NO BARRETTE'S ESOPHAGUS, NO GERD. I'm healthy!

But now how to deal with with Prilosec? I tried to cut the pill on half - didn't work (must return to 20mg). I tried 3 times. I addicted severe to this drug, thanks to my Dr-s! # weeks ago I simply stopped taking Prilosec. Now I have very difficult time: severe heartburn 24/7. How I fighting with this all b....? I drink in the morning before breakfast "Zantac"( that helps a little), then I drink a table spoon of Brag Apple Cider Vinegar with half teaspoon baking soda, then I chew DGL (from Germany); some times "Tums", and so, and so.

You can go to Whole Food Market store and choose it all. The most important is food. Try to stay only on organic diet: in the morning salad with all organic veggie with organic olive oil and no gluten bread and small piece of cheese; dinner - small piece of meat( better chicken) and red rice with dried plum and dry apricot with a small piece of organic butter( from Costco store). During the day - salad with green apple, sliced mango, pear with toasted slice of the same bread. You can eat potatoes, yam, cabbage, and all fermented veggie. Make work your fantasy. Best to you

Shell posted this plan--below-- for getting off Prilosec a year ago and I followed it and I also changed to a starch based vegan diet. I quit coffee and alcohol and I looked at youtube and found some self treatment videos for hiatial hernia massage. I am feeling fine today.

Shell posted this & said someone posted that his doctor gave him a 6 week plan for getting off Prilosec :
Week 1: Alternate 20mg of Prilosec (Omeprazole) with 10mg Prilosec
Week 2: 10mg Prilosec
Week 3: Alternate 10mg of Prilosec with 80mg Pepsid (Famotidine)
Week 4: 80mg Pepsid
Week 5: Alternate 80mg Pepsid with 40Mg Pepsid
Week 6: 40mg Pepsid

Hi all
Realised I have not updated on this site since October 2012 when I had been off Omp for 17 days, it has now been 7 months and apart from 2 weeks about 2 months ago when I went back on them due to severe stomach pains I have not been back on them. I believe the relapse was due to starting a new job and the stress. I made sure I only took 1 20mg tablet every other day in the first week and then in the 2nd week one every 3rd day and then cut them out completely. If I felt a little acidy when I went to bed I took a couple of teaspoons of gaviscon and continue to do so if I do now just to protect my stomach overnight as this is when I tend to get the reflux.
Looking back at my notes I can't believe the pain I was in when coming off them and believe that a lot of the pain I experienced when on them was down to the bloating they cause in the stomach area. I still watch my diet and at the moment my stomach is in a good place so I try not to abuse the foods I eat or things I drink. I know it when I have the odd coffee but it's ok as long as I don't continue to have one.

You really have to bear with this to get off them and push through the pain, try to do things to protect and heal your stomach naturally, I took apple cider vineger, DSG, Aloe vera tablets, drank ginger tea, I no longer do any of these things and on average possibly have a couple of teaspoons of gaviscon a week overnight, so there is hope. Even if you have been diagnosed with osphagitus as I was, give your stomach time to heal, I do believe Omp does help with this so am not totally against it and keep a stash just in case, but once you feel things have returned to normal, give it a try coming off it. I am starting to see the benefits, my hair is looking better and nails do not break as easily, this was the main reason I wanted off them, what other damage were they doing to the rest of my body? Good luck!

I know this is a very old post, but I'm curious if your husband ever had to undergo an endoscopy? I started with symptoms less than two months ago, which I saw my regular doctor for. He suggested I see an gastro doc if they continued. The symptoms were ongoing at the time I made an appointment, but by the time the appt came around I was mostly symptom free (other than a very brief flare-up a few days before the visit). The specialist didn't even want to hear about my problems -- he basically said if you have been having any problems, I should do an endoscopy. That seems kind of fast having been less than two months of problems, and it seems like he would've wanted to talk about my situation.

I schedule the procedure then canceled it as I felt fine -- as soon as I cancelled it I started getting symptoms again! For me it is a bit of pain in the chest, slight nausea at times, and a little pain once in awhile in the abdomen. And constipation (which may well be from the omaprazole I was put on that I stopped taking over a week ago -- that may be why the symptoms came back, the omaprazole was out of my system).

So now I'm really confused as to whether I really need an expensive, invasive endoscopy -- I know they aren't usually too bad to have, but if I don't really need it, I don't want it! But if it is a good idea, I want to have it. Don't know what to do. Two months of problems seems a short time though? The doc is about to go on vacation and by the time he's back my husband's schedule will be such that it will be hard for him to accompany me for a procedure for another month or so. I really don't know what to do!

I've been on Omeprazole for a year now, I'm 30 and have suffered from reflux for about 10 years... Initially Zantac 75 was fab and always helped then it stopped to my GP gave me 150's instead but then after a whole they stopped working. I was going insane!! My reflux is crippling!! He then put me on Omeprazole which if I'm honest has been a wonder drug. The only issue I've had is a little bloating, sometimes I feel like my food isn't sitting in my stomach properly... Obviously because of limited acid and I noticed my weight creep back up.

I'm an avid fitness fanatic now, I've lost 2 stone and have my 18 year old body back again however I've struggled to loose that last little big around the bottom of my abdomen. In all honesty I should look like a bloody fitness model by now with training 6 days a week sometimes 7 and my diet is regimental.

Suddenly it dawned on me that it could be the Omeprazole and sure enough after reading up I though I'd give it a try, within a few days my abs look amazing finally however tonight after a Calazone with pineapple, cheese the works and a few rum and pineapple juice I've felt that creeping of acid up to my throat again uurrgghhh!!

I've been off them about 4 days now and I've just had to take it with some probiotic yogurt which has helped. Also I've have a few cigarettes this evening and seriously I think this is my main issue!! I need to give up, I'm on 10 a day which is 10 to much I know!

Over indulgence has ruined me today so this wont be happening again but if anyone smokes and you suffer from reflux then DON'T DO IT!!! I quit!

I don't know how ANYONE can drink apple cider vinegar. My husband can drink it fine, but for me, I tried it in water, in juice, in tea...and EACH time I threw it up. I am on Omeprazole an NEED to get off of it - I have ad diarrhea 4-5 times a day! My heartburn was SO bad, I would get backaches and bad headaches. Wish me luck - I NEED it.

Quote: I have been taking 20mg's of Omeprazole per day for about 2 years. I tried to get off of it once by taking it every other day. What a mistake. Rebound. So what I did next really worked: I opened up the capsule and counted the pellets. There were 18 pellets in each capsule. So I took out 1 pellet and took the rest in the capsule for that day and the next day. Then took out 2 pellets, then 3 pellets until I was down to 1 pellet and then none. No rebound or anything other problems.Jerry R.

Jerry, you are a GENIUS ! After more than ten years on omeprazol, 2x day generic 20 mg. capsules, I never thought about the most obvious system there could be, reducing gradually the withdraw effects might be the wisest suggestion I ever heard so far. WILL definitely try it from today, even if my capsules contain 180 micropellets, no problem, will take out ten at first, then 20 and so on, until I get free from this nightmare tablet.

Many thanks to you and to all wise people here. Never take for granted what you doctor gives you, always look for natural alternatives. I like very much the combination of green tea, ginger, lemon juice and honey, get a teapot every day, it makes wonders!

I have also been taking omeprazole 20mg for over 10 years now. Doctor was worried about Barrett's esophagus etc.

Had my gall bladder removed may 2010 and it was like my body shut down. Always felt bloated, gained 30 lbs and joints hurt as if I was 80(currently 44). The only med I was taking was the omeprazole. Jump forward to this past week and I had been having right side pains before and after my gall bladder surgery. Doctors said it was IBS, or whatever they felt like dreaming up at that moment.

Got a ultrasound and they said I have an enlarged liver and possible spleen. Did blood work and I have to see the doc next week. But after hearing this I started again researching my med and found a lot of disturbing information about it.

I started milk thistle last Friday(7/5) in hopes it will help the liver and my reflux. I'm also going to get the above mentioned things and try to change my body back to normal. My diet changed last September so I should be ok with that.

One of the biggest things I do now is test and retest. Kelly starrett helped me with a 19 year botched back surgery problem, so I use his methods now for other problems.

I will use this site as a journal and track how I feel and hopefully recover. I'm tired of docs and their "no you have to stay on meds" attitudes.

I am on Omeprazole for 9 years. Dr still ask me to continue. Gained weight, problem with bones, and so, and so, end so..... Now decide to drink one day Omeprazole 20mg, on the second day before taking food - Zantac 175mg in the morning and second pill of Zantac before dinner. That will give me a privilege to cut Omeprazole in half during the month. Will inform on this page, if my system works, because I tried a lot possibilities, but by reality no one was good. Difficult problem that given to us by doctors. I'm so angry about what they did to my health!

I decided to start a gluten free diet, mainly because it's all the rage, and I wanted to lose some weight. After about a week, I noticed that my noisy digestive system had gone quiet. No more embarrassing rumblings and moanings after eating. So I decided that maybe I could get off Prilosec now. It's early, but I'm on day 4 of an every other day regimen after being on this drug for over 3 years. I'm feeling fine.

I tried getting off of it while on a "regular American diet" and my acid reflux would hit me hard before the end of the first day, so this is major progress. I'm planning to continue on an every other day regimen for 2 weeks, and then start an every third day regimen for 1-2 weeks, and then stop altogether. Not sure it will help everyone, but for me, I'm thinking gluten was the culprit. I wish doctors would help patients by making such suggestions of things to try vs. putting us on addictive medicines.

I had huge probs getting off Prilosec on regular diet. I started Paleo (which is Gluten free) in May and have tapered down from 30mg to 10mg today. I am taking it so -- and while not back to normal -- I feel the low carb/gluten free diet is helping alot. Keep me posted on your progress. Keep in mind that rebound symptoms usually appear after 7-10 days, not after 4.

I have been on Prilosec once a day for several years now. It seems that every couple years I go through a stage of heart palpitations and/or bowel changes that last a while and then go away. I'm in the middle of one of those stages now, and when I researched side effects of Prilosec, I read that the palpitations can be a side effect. Does anyone else have that?

I quit the Prilosec today to see if the symptoms subside. I really wouldn't know I have AC were it not for the doctor saying I do after an upper GI and later an endoscopy several years ago. I guess I need to take something whether I feel symptoms of AC or not. I will check at the health food store for options but just wonder if anyone else experiences the heart palpitations while on Prilosec.

Yes, I have palpitations too. I'm on Prilosec near 9 yeas (20mg in the morning). I tried a lot ways to go out from it, but nothing worked - all symptoms returned on 4th day and I must to take this med again. Maybe for you will work other medicine. Wish you luck

I tried one of the methods posted up there and so far, it's been really great to get off Omeprazole and feel better.

This is what I'm doing:

I opened up the Omeprazole capsule and started to remove the little pellets inside.

Day 1: Remove 1 pellet
Day 2: Remove 1 pellet
Day 3: Remove 2 pellets
Day 4: Remove 2 pellets
Day 5: Remove 3 pellets
Day 6: Remove 3 pellets

.. and so on

As of today, I'm removing 17 pellets.

Also - I've started doing yoga 4 times a week. I feel the yoga has helped to strengthen my stomach muscles, while getting off the Omeprazole slowly.

Overall - I feel AMAZING!! I can eat anything right now. I'm still trying to keep my portions down and not eat very late at night. But even when I eat large meals, or too close to bed time, I still feel fine. I've tried eating every kind of food, just to test it out, and so far it's been no problem at all. I've even gone out drinking (way too much) and just had a regular hangover, nothing crazy with my stomach.

I'm very happy now, feeling like I'm back to myself and that I'm finally conquering my GERD.

well I figured I would check this out..
I am in the process of trying to lose weight.. have lost almost 50.but was eating yucky stuff, eating a lot healthier.. I am on omeprazol 40mg. and have been for about 4 yrs, I want off.. I also take lozaratan for BP, and also have PKD.. the lozaratan and omeprazole are supposed to not react well together. I don't do spicy foods.

so I am going to try cold turkey and try the aloe vera and powdered ginger... I do have apple cider vinegar, but trying a spoonful of that just makes my head spin.

I've been on Omeprazole for the last 7 months for early Barrett's. I've had a history of palpitations from time to time before med's but just recently had some that were above and beyond a normal little heart blip. Enough to scare the hell out of me. Did some research and found out these things were blocking magnesium..which helps regulate heart beat.

I didn't even think about weaning myself off the Omeprazole. I just stopped taking it. I'm feeling it in my stomach now, but I'm hoping some of the suggestions here will help.

My doctor suggested I remove all sugar and white flour from my diet. Also adding a probiotic. Sounds like that's a very common solution. I'm going to have to try it.

I'm glad to have found this forum because it's been very enlightening and helpful.

Hello everyone,
I have been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, hiatus hernia with no dysplasia. I am so down. My doctor told me to take PPI medications for the rest of my life. First I was taking tecta. I had to stop because of the side effects. Then I tried prevasid, I also had side effects. Currently I am taking Losec. It's not bad like the other two, but I am weak. I know that those pills causes extreme side effects. Can anyone tell me If I should switch to DGL, would it be as effective as the PPI medications? I am so lost. I don't know what method is the best for my condition. I don't know what type of food I should have. I also want to share that even though I am on the PPI medication, I still have a heartburn.

People's Pharmacy response: It is not clear that DGL could be substituted for a PPI without other life changes such as diet and exercise.
You can learn more about Barrett's esophagus and how to reduce your risk of esophageal cancer in this hour-long interview with gastroenterologist Nicholas Shaheen, MD:

Dear Iza. Do not give up. My story is like yours, but now I'm free from Barrett"s, free from chronicle gastritis, but not free from hiatus hernia (that is not so dangerous, you can live with hernia to the end). How I did my improvement? First at all you must to change your living style. Begin to change food. Go to organic store and buy all greens for your salad in the morning with organic apple cider vinegar from Bragg company. Please read all recommendation very careful, because I went on the way to try a lot of things before it almost gone.

I was diagnosed in 2005 and just in 2012 became free from Barrett's. That a good news for you, but the bad one is that you have to choose your food carefully to the rest of your life. Again begin from food. Only organic salad in the morning with cheese(non fat) and with olive oil (organic) and forget about mayo, dressings, citrus, milk and milk products, all kind of ketchup, sauces, all food have to be prepared in oven or cocked. You can eat all kind of meat, but preferable chicken, turkey, pig (non fat, you can buy in Costco).

Absolutely avoid all that contain sugar -NO CANDY, NO CAKE, NO WHITE BREAD, NO GRAINS. You can eat brown rice, sweet potato. I cannot give you all very important things, because I need to write, maybe, for 3 hours. My husband and I did a huge research on the Internet, I bought on the Internet different supplements that helped a lot.

Dear Iza, some people have good results by going on a low carb diet.....NO sugar and no flower products. If you must take something like Prilosec, you must take it in the morning on an empty stomach, and no food for 30 minutes. I don't know why doctor's don't tell patients that!!! Hang in there will get better, but you have to educate yourself.

Getting off all FAT and OIL was important for me. Recently I have been drinking kombucha tea which has good bacteria in it.

The bottom line is, you stopped taking omeprazole and now need to change your diet. Here is what I did and continue....

Cut out all processed foods - if it comes in a box, don't eat it.
Cut out all wheat - anything with wheat, stop it.
Dairy - I personally don't do diary anymore, but do use almond or coconut milk.
Soda - replace it with water. The sugar intake alone will keep your body down.
Red meat - limit your intake of meats. Once or twice a week and eat small portions of it.
Caffeine is your enemy - stay far away from it.

What do I eat? Lots of fresh produce, eggs, meats, fish, chicken. If it's fresh, I eat it. If it's in a box, no thanks. I prep a lot of things ahead of time that way I can cook it within a matter of minutes.

My heartburn is almost gone. Sometimes if I am stressed, it will kick up a little. I tried raising the head of my bed, but that didn't really help.

I also cut out all vitamins and now only do a multivitamin. I may slowly introduce fish oil back into my diet, but fish oil + omeprazole made me have an enlarged liver and spleen. 2 weeks after stopping omeprazole, I was back to normal.

Anyway, I can guarantee that 75% or higher that most peoples problems are their diets. You can either live with heartburn or make positive life changes. It's your body!

Hi She'll, I guess we are all different! Carbs is the problem for me, Fats are no problem as long as I don't have carbs (sugar and flour). Best wishes!

I was wondering if there is anyone who doesn't have a pancreas that uses this method? My three year old is on omeparzole and has been for over a year now. He doesn't have a pancreas and the biggest problem we have is the need for the omeprazole to protect the lining of the stomach from the enzymes he takes. Because he is so little he will not swallow a pill, thus we have to crush it and it is super nasty on the stomach, it just eats it away.

I would love to get him off of it, but until he'll swallow the pill we need to keep his stomach protected. so my question is, does the omeprazole protect the stomach, or simply reduce acid?

Just wanted to provide my results and feedback. I've been taking Prilosec since 2005 and was 25 then. I started when I got frequent heart burn and went to see a doctor. Instead of actually taking the time and diagnosing the real issue He prescribed me Prilosec. I took it for years and never questioned it. Fast forward to 2011 my wife began getting concerned and stating I shouldn't take this pill for ever and asked me to see a Gastroenterologist.

I Scheduled an appointment and had a endoscopy done. Post endoscopy test showed nothing abnormal, no hernia or anything. The doctor said if Prilosec is working keep taking it (my wife was shocked). I tried getting off the 1 a day pill several times with failure because the intense heartburn I got which I later found out was rebound from the drug. Starting September 2013 I tried again with more research and better approach. I began by reducing the amount of Prilosec from 1 a day to ¾ for 1 week then to ½ for week.

After 3 weeks I used Tagment and Pepcid AC frequently to treat the rebound created by Prilosec. It was extremely painful and I’d wake up frequently at night with massive heartburn. I begin taking a Probiotic enzyme with every meal and Now Foods Betaine HCl. This worked for several months while I tried to wean myself off the Pepcid AC and Tums popping. I tried everything from DGL to heartburn stop. It appears the rebound lasted 4-5 months. This might be due to me being on the pill for years. Now in Feb 2014 I am not having to take any enzyme or probiotic.

I also began exercising early January and began eating healthier. I’ve lost 13 lbs. I did not consider myself fat either since I frequent the gym to lift weights 3-4 times a week. I’ve cut out eating out (Both restaurants and fast food) and my energy is great and no heartburn. I started P90x3 and its been a blast! It’s rare that I reach for a tums, generally only when I drink lots of wine or coffee. I hope that any of the information above helps anyone trying to get off taking this pill. Best of Luck to you all!

Hello free and happy,
I am very happy for you that you are free of your problem. Your post really interested me. I would really appreciate if you could take few minutes of you time and respond to me. What type of Probiotic Enzyme were you having? What brand? What is Foods Betaine HCI? And what is P90x3 ? And what brands were you using ? Thank you very much for your time and respond,
Best regards,

Hello Dear.
I have Barrett's Esophagus too. I thought, and through my research the veggie diet should be good, not the opposite. I have changed my diet-no dairy, gluten free. Juicing all kinds of veggies. Chicken without hormones and antibiotics. Nuts and seeds. But I feel still burning in the esophagus, even though I take DGL, slippery elm, l-glutamine... I am getting worse. The problem is that the sphincter of the esophagus does not close and the acids go up. Is there any natural way to neutralize the acids? I am Lost. I have tried a lot.

Hello Frank
My problem is exactly like yours. I am lost. I don't know what else to do. I am not on the meds. I got so weak and sick while taking them. I have changed my diet. No red meat. No dairy. Gluten free. Raw veggies. Cooked seeds and nuts. Fruits. Chicken without hormones or antibiotics. I take DGL, slippery elm, L-glutamine and digestive enzyme. And still feel nausea and burning, sometimes pain. I've heard that MSM is good to neutralize the acidity... I am not sure about that, I haven't try that yet. I don't know what else to do... any suggestions?

I really appreciate if any one will take few minutes of their time to respond to me, Best regards

Iza - Minimizing FAT was key for me. Chicken is 24% fat. You can google the plant & starch based way of eating and get a lot of info. Changing my diet to vegan took care of my GERD and it lowered my cholesterol as well. Too many nuts and seeds are not good. I eat potatoes-yukon golds- that are steamed and I mash them with veg broth. I eat rice with veggies & beans. I have a lot of delicious soups like lentil soup. That's is good you got off red meat & dairy. I would do a 30 day trial of the vegan way of eating if I was you. You want LOW FAT.

I have been taking prilosec for more than 4 years for heartburn and bile reflux. I have experienced a slowing of digestion, this is called gastraoparesis, to the point where all I can eat is eggs, cooked not raw veggies, jarred/fermented fruits, laughing cow cheese (swiss light is the only kind I can eat) with pretzyl chips (plain), pita bread, and plain hummus. Chocolate is a culprit. I can eat some cereals if they are very plain. I can eat breads and yogurt and some cheeses. But no coffee, jalepenos are the DEVIL, no sweets, no red meat, very little chicken or fish, low sodium, and absolutely no coffee or tomato sauce, no peppers or onions. I think coffee is the main culprit for me. I take a cup of bone broth with every meal (see the GAPS diet for details) I have to eat 1 cup of food every two hours to regulate blood sugar and avoid over eating since my digestion is so slow.

I reduced the prilosec to 1/2 tablet in Jan. of 2013 with no ill effects and my symptoms improved, I have been able to gradually add other foods to my diet, but gastroparesis flares up in 2 to 3 mo. cycles so I have to adjust my diet accordingly. Today is my third day off the prilosec and I have replaced it with a tsp of apple cider vinegar, tsp of aloe juice, and tsp lemon juice first thing in the morning, which I will slowly increase as I can tolerate it.

Since I stopped the prilosec I have a headache and shoulder, and ear pain and ringing in my ears every evening about 4:00 and a feeling like being poisoned. I have been extremely tired and irritable, noises bother me and my stomach makes loud noises like squirting sounds. I have had endoscapy which showed the top valve to be not functioning, I have heard that this is indicative of vagas nerve damage and can be corrected with a stomach "pacemaker" and/or a modified diet and vitamins/minerals are very important, especially vitamin C.

I have also discovered that the valve at the bottom of my stomach is not opening properly and causing acid and food to back up, especially if I over eat. This is enough to drive a person insane. The gut/brain connection is very strong, one fouls up the other and vice versa. I am starting to do deep relaxation meditation and yoga. Deep breathing exercises help too. If I can be more consistent with these things I think it will help. Also doc says I am not allowed to have any STRESS whatsoever. Anyone else experiencing similar symptoms from taking prilosec? I have had a terrible time and even developed an aversion to food and eating altogether.

I've been taking omeprazole for 8 or 9 years. I have tried many times to get off of it but have struggled each time with severe rebound. I went to a gastro who scoped me and said that i have no ulcers or signs of damage. He recommended that I taper off. I thought that this would be easy but is most certainly not. I started the process 3 months ago by reducing my daily intake very slowly.

I bought a pill cutter and I cut 1/4 of each pill (and kept the piece for use later) I then alternated each day, 1 full pill then 3/4 pill for a week. on week 2 I switched to 3/4 pill each day and did that for 2 weeks. I then started alternating 1/2 pill and 3/4 pill for two weeks and eventually I switched to just 1/2 a pill each day.

It has been going ok like that. I am mindful of what I eat and I do occasionally take tums to help. I stick to one cup of coffee a day and have reduced sugar and fatty foods, but nothing extreme. I have just started alternating 1/4 pill and 1/2 pill but I am hopeful that it continues to improve. I am determined to never go back to anything more than 1/2 pill. I think I've failed in the past because when things got bad, I went back to the full dosage and started the process all over again.

I wish everyone luck in their efforts. It's somewhat relieving to know that others are having success, so thanks to everyone for sharing.

CONSIDER THIS TOO! long term omeprazole also depletes calcium, magnesium and some protein metabolizing. I had lost 25 pounds in few years I was taking this drug. My old girlfriend saw me in safeway store after not seeing me for long time and had to ask if I was well! She thought I looked sickly. This stuff is no good for long term. I really do not know the answer other than watching foods you eat and perhaps taking alot of ginger and DGL. These Doctors push pills and they never explain the long term or short term effects. I still worry about my esophagus because I also smoke. Sure he says the chance of getting cancer from barretts is very low but yes still worry.

ONE MORE THING. I also developed H-pylori from being on such because you need a certain amount of good bacteria in your system and your acid level is low. You need to supplement with probiotics TRUST ME! I wound up on antibiotics to address the hyplori imagine that? More good bacteria was lost which can leave you open to other problems. I'M CHOOSING AND HAVE FOR LONG TIME TO STAY OFF THE OP. I will have to gamble I guess but the bad to good ratio is favoring not taking it anymore. Just do great diet drink a lot of water, indulge occasionally on your bad foods but avoid carbonation, excessive caffeine, greasy foods and take dgl

I was taking omeprazole twice a day, feeling miserable. My doctor insisted I stay on even after telling him I was feeling worse.

I decided to take myself off. I did it simply by taking one pill put of the capsule and the next day taking two out... next day three... four next day, etc until there weren't any left... after that I didn't take anymore ever.

I have been great ever since.

Agree with Frank. You need good bacteria. I eat raw cultured vegetables daily and only drink cold water process coffee occasionally. Cold brew coffee concentrate is easy to make-you can google it-67% of the acid is removed as the coffee grounds do not come in contact with hot water. I avoid carbonation, fat & grease & sugary foods also.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My MD just prescribed Prilosec ..40 mg a day..I have not picked up the script yet and after reading this blog.. No Way am I going to start! Yikes! I did not know about almonds, but I would often eat a few when my stomach was upset because it seemed to soothe it. Now I know why. So much great information.

Suggestion. Eat light as you can. Incorporate ginger in your diet. Add it to your tea or soothe stomach with chamomile but to note this tea is a ragweed so if you have bad allergies to ragweed maybe reconsider. No carbonated beverages! Avoid caffeine and to soothe a bad throat use honey. Add honey to your tea. Instead of eating a large dinner keep it your lightest meal of day. GREASY foods! That's a no no. Broil, bake but avoid greasy foods and frozen dinners. FRITOS and other chips bad news. Keep hydrated.

I was on omeprazole for 4 years and went cold turkey with no problems. I had nocturnal reflux with acid rattling and wheezing in my chest usually relieved by getting up and vomitting. I used a slanted pillow which helped a lot but eventually it caused my legs to ache so I stopped that about 2 years ago. I've been existing on careful eating at dinner time eg nothing too heavy, and keeping gaviscon by the bed. I was finding I was taking gaviscon more frequently so came back here to check out some other treatment .....and I think I've found it !! I take one DGL licorice capsule at most meal times (no drama if I miss one or two) and one before bed. I religiously go to sleep on my LEFT side.......AND I can eat what I want, although nothing after my main evening meal, I've shoved the gaviscon into the drawer !! I know a lot of you have very serious GERD and I think I was heading that way myself, who knows. But I'm truly grateful of the expertise from everyone here, thanks to you I'm in heaven with undisturbed sleep at long last.

I want you all to do me and yourself a favor. Next time you see your gastro Doctor ask him to tell you the side effects of taking omeprazole and see what he says. Or if he is just newly prescribing it to you stop and see if he gives you any info about effects or long term effects. If he does not tell you that taking such can prevent many absorptions of vital nutrients such s proteins, calcium, magnesium and b-6 to list a few and if he does not warn you that long term use can cause H-pylori and stomach cancer then you need to tell him straight off "WHY ARE YOU NOT INFORMING ME OF THESE POSSIBILITIES"?

Most will not tell you this. Mine said to me after I made him aware of what I know that "WELL? Consider the worst of two evils he said. You can risk cancer if you have Barretts or just put up with other end results. What a quack! Those other things can equally kill you! YOU need to ask questions, speak up! Your paying dearly for that visit don't let DR. Think he has upper hand or his opinion is more important than your concern. He is a pill pusher and he does deals with drug companies to push these pills.

READ EVERYTHING YOU CAN on your condition and exercise your right to seek answers and knowledge. Mine got pissed of with me.

I was diagnoses with STAGE 1 ESOPHGAEL CANCER AND WAS TREARES WITH CHEMO AND radiation. Finished treatments 4 years ago and I am cancer free. Probably have some barrett's left. I was told that I will have to take the omaprazole 20 mg for the rest of my life. I hate the medication. Have no heartburn. Please help

As a followup, I am now off of Omeprazole completely with no real discomfort. Its been 3 weeks now and I'm so happy to be free of that stuff. In the past week or so I have been experimenting a bit to see what if anything triggers heartburn and have been surprised at how well I've done. Yesterday I had caffeine, sugar and alcohol all in the same day with no heartburn. It's been a long journey to get here, but we'll worth it. I still eat and drink my trigger foods in moderation and occasionally use TUMS Freshers to combat minor HB, but I'm never going back to Omeprazole.

Best wishes everyone!

This site has been is helpful. 6 days ago I stopped taking Omeprazole. I was only on it for a month. The first five days were fine and the the 6th day the rebound, burning and upset stomach. I didn't have this before I started taking the med. imam deciding if I should take one tomorrow and go every other day, weaning off more slowly. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hello everyone,

I was told by a few people as well as I have been researching on the internet that juicing raw potato is very good for the GI track. But You have to be careful because if you don't do properly it can cause headache and vomiting. You have to drink that juice at least for a month, 3 times a day on empty stomach .5 tsp each time. Some people say drink half a glass each time. The way you do it is you peel the skin of 3 medium size organic potato (yellow or red skin) wash them and juice them.

You have to wait 3 minutes after the starch comes down and you drink the only juice from the top. My friend has cured her stomach ulcer by drinking raw potato juice without any medication. I have Barrett's esophagus and gastritis, I am going to try that. I suggest you do research first. If anyone of you have other suggestions regarding Barrett's, acid reflux, stomach problems, I really appreciate if you share them with me and others,
Thank you.

I have been on Omeprazole for three months. I have not taken Omeprazole in the last ten days and I feel just fine. If you ask me what happened I would not have any idea. My digestive system was not doing well for 18 months until I took Omeprazole.

Hi everyone,

I've stumbled across you all because I am into day 3 of my omeprazole wean!
After being on the drug for the past 15 years, I've started to notice problems like severe bloating in my stomach to the point of pain! And just generally feeling really ILL every morning after taking them! This has been going on for at least 5 months, so I decided to start digging online to gather knowledge from others about the problems people are having with omeprazole.

After doing a lot of reading and discovering how potentially dangerous omep is, I've decided to quit it and see if my symptoms improve. For the record I've been on 10mg omep, 80mg half inderella beta blockers, and 25mg lustral for the past 15 years. Gradually over time have notice LOTS of damaging problems. Weight gain from which I cannot recover no matter what I try, skin problems, hearing problems, liver swelling, bloating so painful I ended up in A&E (Accident and Emergency)! Dizzy spells, twitching nerves in fingers and eyes that I have no control over, changes in my bones, Painful Stiffening of my muscles. The list seems endless!

Omeprazole is my first step, second will be the beta blocker, and lastly the lustral. I am weaning myself because my gp will not support me after requesting for the past year to be weaned off them! So I've adopted the mentality that if I want something doing I have to do it myself. And so, here I am! After the rambling of history to give you all the heads up, I'll explain what I've done for the past 3 days.

Day 1, I opened the capsule, counted the micro beads inside and halved them. Popped the cap back together and discarded the rest. I didn't feel any different.
Day 2, same as day 1, still no change just felt a little floaty, light. Can't explain it any better really.
Day 3, I FEEL THE ACID!!!! It's not overwhelming yet, but I definitely can feel it starting up. In a way I'm excited but in another way a bit scared because I'm not sure with how to handle it. I'm feeling warm and tender in my stomach and shaky and stressed in my head and body. But I am determined to continue and get myself drug free!

What is bothering me the most is that the above symptoms I've been experiencing lately aren't being dealt with by the GP, they don't much care, but if I persist I get the feeling they will just give me another drug to counter act the affects the first batch of drugs are giving me thus bringing on a mad cycle of rattling like a chemist! I don't want this lifestyle I'm 39! I want to be free of these drugs and not accept any others! So as my requests fall on deaf ears, I found myself here!

Hi Jules, you are certainly on the right track.....getting off as many prescriptions as possible! Please google your other drugs and side effects and act accordingly. For example, you can't get off beta blockers cold turkey.... you can die! You may be getting off of the wrong drug first. Check side effects of the other two drugs (I googled them) first. I got off the same anti-depressant and refused beta blockers. There are natural alternatives. The best thing you can do for yourself is exercise! I know. Dirty words, diet and exercise! But it helps everything! I have tried everything to get off Nexium, but cannot do so yet. I finally decided that it was better than esophageal cancer. BUT I haven't given up....and you shouldn't either. I know it takes a long time to get the stomach back in order. Best wishes!

All I know is that gastro Doctors all say same thing. To stay on OMEP rest of life. They always fail to tell you the bad effects of such. The malabsorbtion of magnesium, calcium b vitamins and metabolizing proteins. You can speak up to your gastyro Doctor. Mine did not like me to challenge him. All I can tell u is that he said what's the more evil of two choices? To stay on this stuff and perhaps not get cancer or get off it and not suffer countless other problems. Yes I have a hiatal hernia too and my barrett's is not very big in centimeters and he said only about 1-3% of people get esophageal cancer. I'm out to lunch on what to think anymore. Remember Doctors love to push pills. They get nice stipends from drug companies from promoting these drugs. I would suggest also taking digestive enzymes and probiotics regularly.

For the last year I have been making my own kombucha tea. it's easy and cheaper than buying it. google it. I take about 1/4 cup of this tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and it really helps.

Well it seems even the medical community does not have solid answers for us. I'm confused as anyone and I get scared too having barrtett's as I do smoke but I do not drink and my diet is actually fairly healthy and I take supplements every day and anh avid green tea drinker which helps. These doctors we4ll there's a local TV doctor in Hawaii who comes on every Thursday and takes peoples calls. He said he takes omeprazole and for a very long time and he has no worries? SOOO who do u believe?

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