Q. I began taking celery seed extract capsules six months ago for gout. Within a day, all my foot pain was gone. A blood test six weeks later showed normal levels of uric acid. I take two capsules each morning. Celery seed is a miracle, as far as I’m concerned.

A. We could find no clinical trials proving that celery seed extract controls gout. Nonetheless, herbal expert James Duke, Ph.D., reports that this botanical medicine works well to prevent flare-ups. An animal model of arthritis and gout suggests that a combination of celery seed and New Zealand green-lipped mussel extract (Lyprinol) eases inflammation (Inflammopharmacology, Dec. 2003).

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  1. Ann
    new mexico

    I drink celery seed tea for occasional nausea. I take 1 colchicine tab (now Colcrys) daily and 1 Uloric. Since I started the Uloric 3 years ago, I have not had a flare at all!!! Luckily, my insurance covers both so I’m good to go. Allopurinol raised my liver enzymes, prednisone works but is just too icky as a drug, can’t take NSAIDS, cherry juice did nothing. But everyone is different so to each their own and, if it works, go for it!

  2. Sceptical
    Fall River MA

    I find all of this hard to believe. I am a 47 year old 10 year veteran of the military and come from a long line of gout sufferers, including my mother and my grandfather before her. I have suffered dearly with gout for 25 years now since I was 22. I am on Allopurinol daily and cant take Colchicine at all because I will leave a trail of feces everywhere I go if I do. I also have peripheral neuropathy from Diabetes which is now, recently, rather severe. I tried Black Cherry extract from the health food store 10 years ago because I had chronic gout and was at my wits end. My doctor said “how much did you spend on it”? I replied twenty six dollars, he replied ” I wish you had asked me, I would have saved you twenty six dollars”. Obviously no help! So don’t be fooled by easy cure remedies, Gout is no joke and not easily cured! Today I was put on Gabapentin. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I don’t have an infection from a recent foot wound, in the flesh and bone. I have been on Prednisone for approximately 6 days now and still running a fever of 102 that I cant feel, and he said that is very bad sign it shouldn’t be happening. If this Gabapentin doesn’t work, I am willing to give celery seed a try, but I am truly skeptical!

  3. John A.

    Taking the celery seed, are you able to continue your everyday practices or do you have to give up the things that may cause gout flair-ups?

  4. Ed

    Grocery stores have celery seed in the spice section. A teaspoon or two a day washed down with water works for me. Kind of gritty but better than limping around!

  5. D Rogers

    I work as a correctional officer and have to walk up and down flights of stairs for 12 hours a day. My gout flaired up to the point that I had trouble getting up from laying or sitting down and could barely walk. It was hurting so badly I could have swore that I had broken feet. I started taking allopurinol and eventually was switched to uloric both of which did work but the side effects were worse than the original problem.
    I went from just my feet and ankles hurting to full body aches and headaches. I felt like I was 100 years old. I finally searched the internet and decided to try black cherry extract and celery seed extract.
    I started taking two of each twice daily when I woke up and when I went to bed. My pain and all symptoms were gone almost totally after only 2 days. The strength of the extracts is black cherry 1000mg and celery extract 600mg. I am now only taking 1 of each twice daily still at night when I go to bed and when I get up in the morning. I have been taking these now for 8 months and have not had one symptom return. I actually feel better all over and don’t even have headaches anymore.
    After discussing with my doctor he explained to me that even though he already knew that these items helped people he like all the other doctors are legally unable to recommend supplements due to agreements with the drug companies. I learned a good lesson which is that people need to share any supplement information with each other because the drug companies do a very good job of controlling information and information is power.
    Anyway I can attest that after having my uric acid levels checked they are well in normal range now and I don’t even worry about what I eat anymore. Thank god I found the information when I did. Some people may have to test different dosages as each person may be a little different but, start with a higher dosage and work yourself down to find your proper amount. Good Luck Everyone and God Bless!!!

  6. MDK

    I have recently started drinking celery seed tea. It is supposed to help with inflammation. I just boil a cup of water, pour over 1 tsp of celery seed, then steep for 15-20 minutes. I read it should be drank 3 times a day.
    I am nervous so started at 1 cup per day. Have been at it only 2 weeks, so no thoughts yet, too short to prove anything.
    Anyone else ever heard of this or used this remedy?

  7. DTG

    I was diagnosed with gout and had recurring bouts of it for about 3 months. I was on a veggie and water diet to try to go alkaline and what I think was happening was the blood pH change was releasing crystals that had built up for years. Even if you have high uric acid, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a flare.
    Anyway, colchine didn’t help, they wanted to put my on allopurinol for life, which wasn’t thrilling to be, and they basically threw their hands up after a couple visits.
    I was in excruciating pain … had to gear up to get off a couch or to climb the stairs to bed. Finally got some crutches to at least stave off some of the discomfort, although obviously not a long term option.
    I turned to the net … baking soda is supposed to you make you alkaline, apple cider vinegar with the mother, cherry extract or cherries, I went right down the list drinking horrible concoctions with no relief.
    I read a few stories on the web about celery seed extract and figured, what the heck. Within hours I had no more pain. A few times thereafter, I felt that twing, down 4 pills and it went away.
    You have to get standardized extract I believe it’s 75% or 85% 3nB … it will say it on the label. Today, almost all health food stores sell it or you can get it off popular online stores for $6 a bottle or so (if I remember correctly, but I would have paid $100 a bottle for what I went through.
    Anyway, if you’re having trouble with it over time, the only side effect I am aware of is a little lower blood pressure. Not threatening to most, but still something I wanted to mention.
    It cleared out the uric acid so well that I went from 4 pills 3x a day, to 2-2x a day, then two pills once or twice a week. It has to be the standardized form or you won’t know what you’re getting (in pill form). The other option, which is what I do today, is take celery seeds and grind a half tsp in a small coffee grinder and put it in smoothies.
    My wife says her joints feel better and even my 14yo daughter says she’s noticed a difference in her post-game athletic feeling.
    Good luck.

  8. jeff s

    I have tried it all black cherry. Pills juice bananas spinach colchacine allopurinol hot water heat pads steroids ibuprofen advil tylenol even leeches and acupuncture. some worked better than others but recently I went on a diet lost 70 pounds in 3 months on a no Carb diet . but my gout went through the roof I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks.
    Every time it started to go away it came back I read about celery seed on line but was skeptical IV had gout since I was 23 and would try anything no matter how pointless it seemed. Folks celery seed WORKS I was in the middle of another flare and ate a half a cap fill of raw celery seed within an hour I could walk within a day I walked pain free my whole body felt better it will flush you out but it WORKS ;)

  9. KJ

    Indeed! The ads on tv showing the guy carrying the beaker all over are very alluring, yet once you go to the drug store u find out it costs $160/mo… thus, u have to join their “exclusive” discount list, which does lower the price but it will still be anywhere from $35/mo and higher… (when I was on allopurinol & indomethacin the costs were only a few dollars as opposed to now, on that “brand name” drug in the ads… to be honest, I’ve been on that “new drug” on tv 2 months now, 80mg/dose once daily & my gout is “still” active… I am preparing to ask Dr. in one more month that if there is no significant change in my condition I would like to return to the allopurinol…

  10. William L.

    Great information to promote health. WL

  11. RMK

    I got a pain in my right foot starting a month ago, didn’t know it was gout at first but I’m sure it is after reading symptoms. Advil helps a lot, but I don’t want to take it all the time. I had none in last three or four days (advil), and I started celery two days ago (4 stalks, twice a day) and the pain is 90 percent gone already, enough that I can walk normally and not say “ouch” under my breath at each step. Other than adding celery I didn’t change my diet. Go Celery!

  12. doc

    Snow man can you specifically tell what are the multivitamins, magnesium and potassium you are using because currently I’m using cherry extract and celery seeds for my gout too. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you.

  13. Eddie

    I’ve experienced Gout flareups for the past few years. I’m a 40-something 185lb healthy male. I exercise and try to eat right as much as possible (no fast food restaurants!). But I do love MEAT. Burgers, Steaks, Chops, Ribs… you name it. It seems that this could be the factor for my frequent Gout attacks. Too much uric acid building up. I wouldn’t wish a Gout attack on anyone… feels like your foot is bloated, broken and under severe pressure from within… Urghh!
    I agree… Cholchicine is the miracle drug. Its been around forever and relieves the pain but it will do a number on your stomach & your bowels. I only take it when I get an attack. Many Drs do not even prescribe it because its so old. Most of the time my Drs will prescribe Prednisone for the swelling & pain, then Allopurinol to lower my Uric Acid levels. Prednisone works, but I’ve had a recurrence after finishing the prednisone.
    Cholchicine usually knocks out the pain for weeks after taking it for a few days. A few days is all I can really tolerate, but at least the pain is gone.
    Recently I asked my Dr to prescribe some new Uric Acid medication… you know the commercial with the guy walking around all day with a flask a bright yellow uric acid??? The Medication was VERY expensive $160 for a 30 day supply…I’ll let u know how that goes.

  14. Aubrey

    Colchicine is no longer manufactured. You had better hoard all that you have on hand. The drug that replaces it must be taken daily in order to prevent gout flare-ups. Allopurinol affects the liver, so make sure your doctor keeps a check on that through a simple blood test. I had to be taken off Allopurinol because my liver readings went high.
    To keep my gout under control, I drink about 3 ounces of PURE BLACK CHERRY JUICE each morning. (MAKE CERTAIN IT IS PURE JUICE AND NOT CHERRY DRINK.) The pure juice can be found in the organic food section of Kroger in my area. I also eat canned black cherries about once a week… just as an additional aid.

  15. percy M

    I am 77yrs. old with Hardening of the Arteries and poor circulation have had three Operations on my right leg and two on my left leg. I had still pain in both legs but in 1997, I woke up during the night with pain in my right big toe the foot began to swell and the pain was unbearable. I went to emergency and was told that I had gout was given two tablets in the meantime I asked the nurse for a print out. I was given a prescription 20 tablets and was sent home. On my way I remembered reading about celery seed extract for gout I don’t like taking prescription drugs if they can be avoided.
    I went to my computer and put in celery seed extract and ordered it, I received it in two days and took 28 drops three times a day with a glass of cherry juice one day the pain was gone four days later the swelling was gone.
    I keep both the liquid and the tablets on hand if I feel a pain in my big toe the next morning I take one tablet and and at bedtime if I have no pain during that night I discontinue them until the next time I have not had gout since, so I know it works.

  16. John M

    Gout subsides with medication. Other swelling in the hands and legs with celery teas. Also noticed anytime consumption of corn syrup, in candy, soda, or anything especially sweets… gout returns with a vengeance.

  17. M.L. Wilson

    I start eating 3 sticks of celery when i had my first gout attack. Not only did the gout disappear but other areas of early arthritis disappeared and my blood pressure dropped impressively. I still try to include 3 sticks of celery a day as my snacks. I want to try the celery seed extract but can’t find it locally and really don’t know a good manufacturer. Any suggestions?

  18. Snowman

    Here is my magic combination:
    2 celery seed extracts twice daily (totally 4 a day)
    3 cherry extracts twice daily (totally 6 a day)
    1 omega 3 oil pill twice daily (totally 2 a day)
    To compensate the loss of minerals, I also take 1 multivitamins in the morning, and 500mg of magnesium (to combat the effect from celery seed extracts) – 250mg in the morning and at night. To dilute the blood acidity, I also take potassium 100mg daily.
    You may say I take too many pills. But I am pain free since my last flare up (which lasted for 6 weeks) many weeks ago. And comparing to taking Colchicine, Indomethcin, Naproxen, Celebrax, and Diclofenac (yes, I tried them all), which don’t really do much (not to mention all the side effects), I would rather take those natural products. I thought about taking Allupurinol, as also suggested by my GP, but I ditched the idea because of its numerous side effects. And tell you what, I have been eating sea food like scallops, salmon, and lobsters without worrying too much. Take you pick!

  19. Gout Man

    Here it is Nov 1 2010, and I’m having a flare up. Would someone please make a cure for this? I’ve tried everything to keep my uric acid level low, but nothing seems to work. In my last article I was taking black cherry but I came off of them because I hate taking pills, looks like I might have to start back.

  20. Paul43

    The magic pill to take the pain of GOUT away in a couple of hours is called– COLCHICINE — when I went in with my big toe SWELLED to a least twice it’s size– he told me –I’m writing you a script for COLCHICINE go to the pharmacist right away and take the pill as soon as you can an another 1 hour later & another 1 1/2 hours later & your pain will be gone”— I told him he must be on drugs–I had gout before and suffer for about 2 weeks– He told me to shut up & do as he says— Sure enough I went straight to the pharmacy and got the pills–I took 2 to start with and another 1 later and damn if my pain all but disappeared– I took 1 more and still have plenty left in case of another attack.
    He also gave me allopurinol to control the URIC ACID –I have take this years ago when I had this gout before and quit– I just had LAB REPORTS done & told the Doc to check for uric acid—it is right in range so I am stopping th Allopurinol & will get another lab report in 3 months & see what the uric acid reads—I HATE TAKING PILLS.

  21. Melody

    Choltracine is good to stop a flare, BUT it causes diarrhea as a side effect. I hate being tied to the bathroom for 6-8 hours when I have a flare and take the 2 pills for 2 days in a row (normally I take one pill a day).
    Is there any concern with taking Choltracine and the celery seed together?

  22. ML

    I have seen celery seed work for gout on several people I know. It is very good when combined with nettle in capsule form. I suggest getting it from a health food store you trust.

  23. Gout Man

    I’ve had gout since 1993 when got out the navy. I have taken everything under the sun for gout. Recently I’m trying Black cherry concentrate hardshell capsules, 2 everyday and they seem to be working.

  24. GPG

    I too have peripheral neuropathy (PN) issues related to BOTH MS and T2DM, rather severe in fact, and am also on gabapentin for the resultant pain (one area in particular: “meralgia paresthetica”) — BUT what really helps the PN related numbness, lack of feeling, low-level burning sensations etc, etc. is: “Acetyl-L-Carnitine” (ALC =1 gm/tid). It really helps to tamp down all the negative sensations I get w/ PN. I find the larger supplement-houses (online) have pretty competitive pricing for ALC. Good luck!

  25. Gary

    It’s amazing how many natural ingredients will help in some way towards relieving pain or suffering and to see these articles on sites such as yours is good to see.

  26. Joseph the magician

    I messed up my feet in the navy in the late 60’s on a ship… well the docs never set it right so I’ve always had pain and on occasions I had to use crutches. I’ve had a doctor tell me that he can operate but that he could not guarantee success or just live with it and that’s what I decided to do… Live with it until one day in 2008 I was in a doctors office with my foot and crutches, in pain.
    A gentleman was siting next to me and said… looks like gout… I thought well that’s a heck of a name, but I had no idea what he was talking about. I told him I think it is the results of the accident I had in the navy, and he said, no that looks like gout. When I saw the doc he said lets x-ray it and see if there is a sprain.
    I told him we’ve done that before but no results, no hairline fracture or anything the x-ray would pick up… so I said to him, can you see if it is GOUT?
    He said well lets check your uric acid, and sure enough it was through the roof. He gave me some pills for uric acid and another for the gout, after the pills were gone he checked the acid and it was normal. The gout receded. Folks let me tell you about a little green miracle pill for gout, have your doctor tell you about it, I swear to it. Anytime I feel that feeling that gout is coming on…you know the feeling, I take the green pill and it just goes away… the name of the pills there are miracle pills that work.

  27. paul43

    Went to bed a couple of nights ago feeling fine–woke up the next morning with the BIG TOE of my Right foot RED as Rudolph the reindeer’s nose–& swollen 1 1/2 it’s normal size.
    Just by chance I had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon for High Blood Pressure problems and when I showed my toe he said– “YEP that’s Gout” which I already knew because I had it years ago and suffered for a couple of weeks before it cleared up.
    He wrote me a prescription for what I call a MAGICAL PILL called—-COLCHICINE— he told me to go straight to the pharmacist and take 1 or 2 pills right away and another 90 minutes later and another 3 hours later –IF I NEEDED IT– and the pain would be gone—I told him he must be on drugs himself to make a statement like that as I had gout before and suffered for weeks—he just laughed & said–“Do what I tell you.”
    I picked up the pills at the drive thru and took 2 in the car before I drove away and another 90 minutes later which by then the pain had subsided amazingly–by the time I took the 4th pill the pain was was GONE– I couldn’t believe it as I said I had gout before and suffered for weeks without relief—when my Lab Report came back my URIC ACID (that’s what causes GOUT) was only .5% above the top level–the doctor put me on ALLOPURINOL to keep the Uric Acid under control—how long I’ll have to take the Allopurinol I don’t know.

  28. Robert

    My stepfather has gout and can’t get rid of it! He can hardly walk when it comes on. I will tell him to try celery to abate the swelling. Thanks!

  29. J.L.

    I have been struggling with a “form” of neuropathy for several months as a result, I am convinced, of a doctor “fixing” a stress fracture right above my tail bone and getting into the nerves. I’m presently taking a total of 400 MG of Gabapentin a day. If anyone is experiencing or has experienced this same problem, please give me some feedback on what you’re doing or have done to correct this problem.
    Thank you very much.

  30. P.C.

    If you’ve had gout before you know the feeling as a flair-up starts. That’s when I start a full teaspoon of celery seeds washed down with a glass of water. Three or four teaspoons every two hours and the flair-up is abated!

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