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Doctors Ignore Lisinopril-Caused Cough

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Q. I started taking lisinopril for high blood pressure in December. Soon after, I developed a nagging dry cough that wouldn't stop. I have thrown up because the coughing was so bad. I have also had blood tests and chest x-rays. They all came back negative.

In desperation, I went to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist, who told me this kind of cough is common in people my age (50) due to post-nasal drip. He knew I was on lisinopril but gave me an antihistamine and cough suppressant. They didn't help.

I learned on your Web site that lisinopril can cause a chronic cough. I have not gotten a good night's sleep in five months and I am furious that none of the doctors I've seen suggested changing this drug. Can I control my blood pressure without medicine?

A. Don't stop the lisinopril on your own, but do discuss this issue with your physician and request a different medication. ACE inhibitor hypertension drugs like lisinopril can cause a very persistent cough in susceptible people.

Many non-drug approaches can help lower blood pressure. Adopting one or more may allow you to get by on a lower dose of medication or eventually to phase off it, with your doctor's help.

Weight loss, exercise, slower breathing, and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (especially beets and spinach) can all be helpful. For more details on non-drug options as well as the pros and cons of prescription medicines, we are sending you our Guide to Blood Pressure Control.
  • Currently 4.2/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.2/5 (805 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I too, have the cough occasionally, but my blood pressure is better controlled with lisinopril than most of the others. I had some very bad experiences with others, one for example, Lopressor; I wound up in the ER.
I hate the side effects of the BP drugs, but I am more afraid of having a stroke. I had a mild TIA and I am not willing to take the chance of not taking BP medications. I also take a Chinese herb called Balance 3, or another brand name: Seven Flowers. The Seven Flowers helps me sleep, and it is supposed to help lower BP.
Tessalon Perles, Benzonate (generic) taken at night can help stop the cough for a few hours. My dentist introduced me to it during a root canal.

I had the same problem with Lisinipril. I like it because it doesn't make me feel tired. I told my doctor I would like to carefully monitor my blood pressure with my own monitor while cutting my pills and taking just a half daily. That worked fine. In fact, for several years I could maintain good pressure with 5 mg every other day. That also eliminated the cough. I eventually had to go up to every day. Now I take 10 mg. but still don't have the cough back. I think 20 mg. is what they often start folks with. We aren't all the same. Maybe less would work, save money, avoid the cough. ~ C

I was on Lisinopril for about a year. I had a cough that would not go away. I asked my doctor about it and he switched me to Benicar. Since taking Benicar my cough has completely cleared up. I had a guy I worked with who was complaining about a nagging cough. Without knowing about his medical history I asked him if he was on Linisiopril and he stated he was. I gave him the info I found out and his cough cleared up.

I am having exactly the same experience. My doctor told me to gargle with warm salt water when I mentioned the coughing to her. Yesterday I had a stress test and therefore no medication of any kind. I spent the 6 hours at the hospital with no coughing and had only one short episode during the night--not enough to getup for water or a cough drop. I had no idea that there could be a connection between the lisinopril and the coughing.

Hi, I take Lisinopril and have that cough as well. The only thing that has helped and it really has helped is to suck on Hall's Defense with Vitamin C in the assorted citrus flavors. I am not sure why they work but they keep me cough free for the most part.

My husband (76) also had annoying cough that he couldn't get rid of. His doctor gave him a prescription for it that did not help; the cough persisted. It became so bad that he carried a bottle of water everywhere, as that was that was the only relief he could get. Even though he was sometimes confused, and acted odd at times, still his doctor was unconcerned.

This went on for 9 months, until the night I found him unresponsive and called 911! Rushed to the hospital in serious condition, he was evaluated, and many tests done, their thinking was that he'd had a stroke. Fortunately we had a bright young emergency room doctor that carefully read the results from his blood work & remembered the drugs my husband was on.

His sodium level was down to 117 and he noticed he was on LINISOP/HCTZ, and put 2 and 2 together. Side affects of this drug were both the cough and low sodium... Not only that, he had been washing out sodium with all the water he wad consuming.

My husband spent 3 days in ICU with 5 days total in the hospital, and it was at least 2 more weeks before his behavior improved enough that I could tell his sodium level was getting back to a normal level.

People take warning. Read down to the fine print for every drug you take. It could prove fatal not to!

I also was put on Lisinopril for High Blood Pressure. I started coughing. After purchasing many cough remedies & telling my doctor about the cough,
she ordered a xray which came back negative. I continued to take the
Lisinopril per her order but 3 months later I returned to her office stating that everyone in her waiting room would not sit near me because of my cough. Surprise!!! She stated that one of the side effects of Lisinopril was a cough and put me on another medication. My cough immediately disappeared!!!

I developed a cough after taking lisinopril for two years. The first two doctors I saw diagnosed me with a sinus infection followed by acid reflux. The third doctor switched my medication to diovan and within 24 hours the cough had disappeared. Apparently, they didn't think the cough and lisinopril were related since I had been taking it for so long!

My husband also developed the cough after being put on lisinopril. 6 months or so later when he was going in for surgery I discussed the coughing problem with his surgeons and that the cough started after her was put on lisinopril and I was sure it was the meds. The men looked at each other and said they too had developed a cough after going on it. They suggested that when he got back to his primary care doctor that he request he put him on Fosinopril. He did and with in 2 days the cough was down to his regular 'clear you throat' cough. His blood pressure is still good with the new meds.

I had a strangulating persistent cough and found out it was the lisinopril I was on. My doctor deduced that it was the lisinopril and took me off of it and placed me on something different. The cough almost instantaneously went away.
I am a nurse, and I can almost always tell by listening if a patient has a "lisinopril cough" and try to alert the doctor before he runs up a lot of expensive tests.

I am 56 years old, and have really been disgusted with the side effects of the medications the doctors have put me on to control high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I suffered from intractable nausea three years ago, and finally after months of unsuccessful treatment, CAT Scans, other medications that made me sleepy, eating radioactive eggs, and having a tube stuck down my throat I discovered it was my simvastatin.

Stopped that and the nausea essentially went away. I had been taking Lisinopril for about three months (10 mg) and my throat felt like it was constricting, and I was always on the verge of coughing. After my experience with simvastatin I realized that my "sore throat" was the result of the Lisinopril. Haven't gone back to my doctor yet, but will soon. My insurance insists that I "fail" on Lisonopril before they will approve a more expensive alternative. I guess I "failed."

My husband has had a persistent cough for a couple of years. His doctor tells him that it is a side effect of the lisinopril.

I have the same cough and have been taking this for one month. It started within the first week. The Dr did tell me I had my choice between this one, that causes the cough, or another med that makes you tired. I chose the cough because I already lose sleep with an infant at home...but I won't take it anymore because I am to the point of gagging and not being able to breathe. I am also required to be on the phone a lot at work and cannot talk to clients with this side effect. My eyes water...I almost vomit...can't breathe...and then sometimes start sneezing immediately afterward. Everyone at work thinks I am sick, and I am not! I just called my Dr to switch to the other med that makes you tired. I'd rather be tired than not able to breathe!

I started on 5 mg of Lisinopril about 10 days ago. 5-10 times a day I am overcome by a tickling throat and a coughing fit often leading to some kind of gagging reflex. What are the other drug choices for High BP? Does anyone have any recommendations?

I, too, developed a chronic cough and after seeing some commercial on tv about a different med that said the side effects were coughing, I decided to look up lisonprils side effect and sure enough, the constant irritating, ticklish feeling in the throat, almost vomiting feeling with this cough has to be related to lisonpril. I was on Diovan and never had a problem. I am going to talk to my doctor about putting me back on Diovan.

I started taking the Lisinopril 5mg. about 2-3 weeks ago and have done nothing but cough day and night. It is awful. Guess I may have to change too.

My HMO decided that they would no longer pay for Diovan, so my doctor put me on Lisinopril. Shortly after I developed a persistent cough. A tickle in the throat caused by post-nasal drip. I started using every over the counter cold remedy I could find. In 3 months I went through a dozen bottles of cough syrup as well as numerous pills & tablets.

These were no help, so my doctor gave me antibiotics. Still no help. My routine check-up discovered an enlarged prostate. After being sent to the urologist for a scope up the urinary tract, with no polyps or problems found; the urologist said that I needed to begin taking 2 additional prescriptions for the rest of my life, but not to worry because 50% of men have enlarged prostates. He gave me a stack of literature to read and scheduled an appointment to decide on treatment. I found out about the link between Lisinopril & coughing and went back on Diovan.

No more coughing AND no more cold medicines. In reading the urologists literature I found a section discussing prostrate enlargement brought on by COLD MEDICINES. Since going back on Diovan, I no longer have the cough and subsequently no longer have an enlarged prostrate.
Thank you BIG PHARM.

Wow. I've taken Lisinopril for sixteen months. My cough started a year ago; we called it "allergies" for a few months; then "winter dryness". It persisted and worsened this summer to the point I was vomiting, seeing stars, almost blacking out I was coughing so hard. Curiously, I've also had crazy hair loss - another side effect. I've been on Diovan for two days, and tonight finally think I notice the cough being not as bad as it's been. I hope and pray this is the end of it; they say it can take up to two weeks to go away. WHAT a nightmare it's been; the amount of sleep I've lost, rolling over and coughing and choking, waking my husband. Thankful my doctor finally figured it out, though I'm a little frustrated it took this long...

I've been on Lisinopril for a few months, and also have the persistent cough. The doc put me on Nasonex first, and it seemed to help, but not cure the cough. Then I noticed that the cough seemed to be triggered by consumption of milk or ice cream. One Hall's cough drop to clear whatever gunk milk leaves behind, and I'm usually good to go.

One person told me that the cough is triggered by edema in the throat caused by the drug. The severity of the cough is related to the degree of edema. It feels a lot like post-nasal drip.

About a month ago, I started having episodes of a sudden onset "tickle" in my throat that gets so bad after a minute that I start a coughing fit. This makes my eyes water and my nose run. This has become a 5-10 time per day occurrence.

I went to the Doctor today convinced that I had a sinus infection or an allergy.

Right away the Doctor noticed that I started taking Lisinopril a month ago. He immediately took me off of it and prescribed something else.

I am sure that this will cure my cough in a few days. I'm so happy. I bet a lot of people have this problem, and it is overlooked.

I had been suffering from a persistent cough for months; then went on holiday with my family and it seemed at its worse. I had episodes of a tickly throat and had to carry throat sweets and a drink everywhere but at no time linked it to the medication i was taking.

My family were all saying i should go to the doctor about the cough which i did when i got back from holiday. When i told him my symptoms and he saw i was taking lisinopril he said straight away he thought that was the cause and changed my tablet. Its only been a couple of days but it seems much better already.

Now i have looked it up on the internet and seen how many people have had the same problem i wonder why doctors are still perscribing this and feel annoyed that i have been suffering with this for so long and getting so tired because of it.

I've just started taking lisinopril and have noticed my blood sugar count has gone up. Would this be a side effect?


I have high b/p and currently take lisinopril... when I get a cold or sinus infection not only am I clueless as what to take w/the high b/p n' all... I'm scared to take anything because of the b/p... the Coricidin hbp... does absolutely nothing for me. Is it ok to take something like tessalon perle for the nagging cough that accompanies a cold ??

I too have the nagging cough, I think w/ so many that this should be banned and investigated...
Like the rest I too am afraid to discontinue taking it now that I'm on it but not getting the sleep and nauseated after taking it...


I have been taking Lisinopril for a little over 2 years now, and never had a problem until recently. About 6 weeks ago, this horrible cough started.

At first, I tried some of the over the counter cough and cold remedies, but to no avail. Then, it was time to go to the doctor, at which time I was told that I had a very severe bronchitis, and was put on antibiotics and inhalers, neither of which worked for me. After about 9 days, I still felt very little relief, and returned to my doctor again. Again, he said it was the bronchitis, and gave me more antibiotics, and 2 different inhalers.

I still did not get much relief, but struggled on to get through my days, and my sleepless nights as well. I couldn't sleep due to the cough, and have literally no bladder control at this point when these coughing fits come.

It has gotten to the point now that I am sometimes afraid to eat, because I know if I get to coughing soon after that, I will vomit up what I have eaten. Last week, I had to call the doctor yet again, and this time he advised me to go to the emergency room, because he thought they could do more for me there than what he could in his office. They checked me out there, and did chest x rays and all that stuff, and said there was nothing to be seen, so they considered it bronchitis, and prescribed me a z pack, and a steroid pack, and said that those should be able to kick this for good.

Here I am a week later, and still no change. This is very difficult for me, because I work with the public, and people don't want someone waiting on them who is coughing the way that I am, and have been for weeks now.

I was awakened again at 4am, due to this cough, and was just sitting here thinking. It dawned on me that a few months ago, when I got my Lisinopril refilled, there was a different pharmacist on duty that I had never seen before, and when he gave me the prescription, he asked if I had any questions. I told him no, since I had been taking this medication for over 2 years at that point in time. He spoke up though, and told me if I ever got a condition with a chronic cough that just would not quit, that I should consider that the Lisinopril might be the reason. I don't know why I didn't remember that sooner! So, I decided to go online and look up Lisinopril and cough, and here I am.

Of course, it's Saturday morning now, and I won't be able to get in touch with my doctor until Monday morning, but I will be standing there on Monday morning when they open the doors, and see if we can possibly get this resolved.

I just want to say thank you to all who have posted on this site. It has helped me to see that there may in fact be an end to this horrible cough, and maybe I can get my life back once I can get off of this medicine. I am assuming it might take a while to get back to normal, since I have had it for such a long time, but at least knowing there is an end in sight will be a blessing!

It's just sad that it's taken me 6 weeks now, and more than $500, between doctor visits and prescriptions, to finally figure this out. I hope reading all of this might help someone else figure it out, before it happens to them!

Prescribed Lisopril (10mg) and Simvastatin (40mg) to control BP and Cholesterol back in July 2009. Since starting to take medication, developed a particularly nasty cough, which I have been unable to shake off. Recently I went on holiday to New Zealand for a month and forgot to take my medication with me!! Within a week of my vacation the cough had virtually disappeared and had completely gone before returning home. Once home, resumed my medication and guess what - the cough is back with a vengeance. Time to see my GP one thinks!!

I just came across this site because I've switched from Lisinopril to Diovan and was looking for info on Diovan. I was on Lisonopril for over three years. Developed postnasal drip, coughing, nose bleeds and burning mouth syndrome about eight months ago. Both my general practitioner and an ear-nose-throat doctor kept prescribing different meds to treat the postnasal drip but neither connected it with Lisinopril.

I recently had my annual checkup with my cardiologist who originally prescribed the Lisinopril after my heart attack three years ago. He asked me if I had a cold and when I told him it was postnasal drip he immediately said that it could be caused by Lisinopril. I reminded him that I had been taking Lisinopril for three years and he said that some people get postnasal drip immediately after beginning to take the drug and others may take it for years before having a problem with it. He told me to stop the Lisinopril for two weeks and monitor my BP each day and then begin taking Diovan.

Finally, after eight months of misery all of my symptoms have cleared up. If only one of the other doctors had made the connection perhaps I could have stopped the misery long ago. In my opinion, Lisinopril is a bad drug.

I went to Peru in June and came back with chronic altitude sickness after I went up over 16000'. I had a temple headache that just would not quit. My blood pressure was higher than my norm, but not classified as "high blood pressure". However, my doc gave me 5mg Lisinopril to keep my pressure down till my headache went away since they suspected inflammatory vascular issues were the cause.

About 2-3 weeks later, I started the dry cough. It's horrible. I can't make it an hour without hacking. I have seen a neurologist twice, my internist three times and an ENT who all said no reason for the cough - no post nasal drip. I can't have allergy symptoms because I take way too many immuno suppressants due to a hyper-active immune system.

I was even in the hospital for intestinal issues (something from the Amazon jungle maybe?) and they gave me a chest xray cause I coughed all night. Finally yesterday I am at a meeting and I said I don't know why I cough, some one asked if I take High Blood Pressure meds?

I googled it and found this site. Ha Ha - finally. Well it's been six months and the headache is very mild now. My blood pressure actually is low 90/60 on average(they had to get me to stand up in the hospital one night cause it went down to 62/48). I am calling the doc tomorrow and getting off this stuff!!!

Hi my name is Diana and I am in complete shock by all I have read on today. I developed this chronic cough also after taking Lisinop/HCTZ. It started off with a tickling on the right side of my throat as if it was sticking together. So I would use a peppermint or drink something to try and stop it, but not even that worked. Last night I started coughing and I cough so bad until a sharp pain like stabbing feeling came in my back.

My throat seemed to shut off like everything was pushing upward towards my head and everything became so tight until my speech even changed. The pain in my back was so devastating until I was shaking. I thought I was having a stroke. I thought I was dying. All of this came from my body being under so much constant strain from having this persistant chronic cough. It made my back spasm until it felt like I was paralyzed.

The ER ran all kinds of test and found nothing. My husband took them all my meds and yet no one put 1 and 2 together. Wow! Can't believe no one figured this out. Today I did a follow up with my Doctor and the moment I mentioned I had this persistant cough he said lets change your HP med. I was like huh?

He explained that the cough was coming from the HP med and so like you all I scared the crap out of my entire family and myself thinking I was dying and all because my Dr. prescribed me a med that is commonly known to cause chronic coughing. It put my body in such distress. I think they need to take this med off the market!! Thank you all for posting your comments. It's always good to know that you are not alone out here. God Bless you!

Two years ago I got a cough from Lisinopril. Switched to enanapril for 3 days. It took 3 months to get rid of the gagging cough.

Recently I was prescribed Lisinopril at the hospital. I said that it gave me a cough, but was told I had to take it. After 1 week I got hives; then angio-edema; throat, tongue, lips. Stopped taking it on day 12. Prednisone helped with the cough but after a month, I still have incessant massive hives and angio-edema. The cough was the precursor. They say for the 1% with this side effect it can last for weeks or months. Cute.

Hi JKF! I am a 26 year old male who has just started Lisinopril 20mg a little over a month ago and I have begun the clearing throat during the day/dry cough at night that everyone has been talking about on this site. Another person mentioned having their medicine changed to Benicar and it helping stop the cough immediately. Were you prescribed the same medication or were you given another kind?

Hi T.P. I am a 26 year old male who has just started Lisinopril 20mg a little over a month ago and I've just begun the "clear your throat" during the day/"dry cough" in the middle of the night symptoms. I saw that you and a few other people were switched to a different medication to help stop the symptoms. Were you prescribed Benicar, Diovan, or Fosinopril?

Hi John J! I am a 26 year old male who has been on Lisinopril 20mg for a little over a month and the clearing throat/dry cough symptoms have just started? Were you prescribed Benicar, Diovan, or Fosinopril?

I am 74 years old and have been on Lisinopril for about 5yrs. I awake several times a night with a dry cough. I have told this to my Doctor who precribed a high priced bioctic which did not stop the cough. I am very tired all the time as I suffer from lack of sleep. I am now and in the past can relate to all of the above replys and know how they feel.

I'm 60 yrs old. I started lisinopril dec 12 for HBP started coughing next day. Changed to benicar on 14th. Have been caughing non stop as of today the 28th. I cough so hard I have thrown up and my left side feels like I have cracked ribs. Went to doc today he said lisinopril may have started this but should not last this long. My lungs are clear so he gave me benzonatate for cough and recommended over the counter meds for alergies.

I told him I have researched this and 35% of people get this cough and takes 3 weeks or longer to go away he said this is not his experience. I'm very angry I was given this medication and the attitude of these know it all young doctors. I have not slept more than 4 hours a night and had to leave my office job today due to coughing and gaging. I will let you know if this benzonatate works.

Here it is 5 am after another sleepless night due to coughing! Called my MD yesterday to tell him to get me back on Diovan. Just want to warn others not to stop taking their BP med on their own - see your MD!

I hear ya!! I was on Benicar and Cardizem for 6 years for hypertension. My employer switched to Blue Shield, and they wouldn't cover the Benicar. So Lisinopril was substituted. I hacked and coughed through all of November. And most of December. Then, BINGO! I read the literature I'd gotten with the RX. The cough was casually mentioned.

It was another battle with the doctor (trying to contact during Xmas week) and still fighting w/ Blue Shield. In the meantime the doc gave me a month's worth of Benicar samples.

I wish this hacking, making-me-pee-in-my-pants cough on all of them!! *cough*

I'm sure I've developed a cavity or two from constantly sucking on cough drops. I hate their taste.

I am not on Lisinop but I do take Diovan and Toporol (the generic of each) for HBP. I have a choking, gagging cough which is becoming more frequent. I also have a sinus which is very loose and runny. The coughing has just recently increased in frequency since I started taking an antibiotic (Amoxicillin) for a chest cold/ infection.

The coughing starts when I feel a tickle in my throat which feels like a hair is there. It progresses to gagging and the feeling that I will throw up but nothing comes out and then the episode stops. I have not reached my Dr. yet for an appointment but until I found this page I thought I was dying .

I had been on lisinopril for six months and had that awful dry, fake-sounding cough and asked my doctor what was wrong. He said it was the lisinopril... that he hears it all the time. He switched me to Benicar samples and it improved. I'm back to using up my lisinopril but ready to switch to another HBP medication.

I was put on lisinprol about 4 months ago. During that time I too have developed this horrendous chronic dry cough. I have tried cough meds, throat lozenges, water, you name it but nothing has worked. I feel like I am always struggling for breath and the coughing fits hit at any time. I cough so hard I can't breath or talk and it often leaves me gagging. I even start coughing if I laugh to hard. I started thinking that I was having allergy attacks or maybe had developed asthma. After reading this site and others, I am fairly certain that cough has been caused by this blood pressure med. I have been so miserable and I'm planning in calling my Dr. first thing Monday morning! Enough is enough!!

OMG! As I read each of your stories it was like my life before my eyes. I have been on Lisinopril for almost 5 years. 5mg once a day. I have had this cough now I think since I started on it but because I have asthma and bronchitis, and chronic cough, no one thought this medicine could be to blame for the ongoing problems.

Now for the last 2 months I have been on 4 antibiotics, inhalers (the usual stuff) and yesterday a chest x-ray. My cough has gotten really bad and the doctor told me yesterday to stop the medicine that he thought it was now causing all this. I hope to feel better soon. I have been sick bad for these last two weeks. I think my body was saying no more and really reacting to this medicine.

Thank you everyone for posting your problems with this medicine.
It has been a great help to know I am not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

After being put on Lisinopril, I coughed so much I had terrible headaches and neck pain and was actually throwing up. All these complaints have proven to me I need to ask my PCP to change my Lisinopril. Thank you!!!

Another question... doesn't all this coughing put a strain on your heart? I already have a heart murmur. Will this coughing affect it? Make it worse?

United Health suggested Lisinopril because Hyzaar was too expensive. After 1 month I got the cough from Hell! I've had allergies so doctor and I thought nothing of the cough. 2 months later can't recline to sleep, gagging, extreme edema, drowning in bottled water, etc. Thought I had throat cancer. After three trips to doctor, antibiotics, cough syrup, bags of Halls... nothing helps. Thinking I had TB or something I got chest x-ray and ready to call ENT doctor. Nurse suggested symptoms might be caused by Lisinopril. Of all the crap! And the political jackasses say we don't need Health Care Reform. I changed to Benicar... getting over cough slowly.

This is astounding. I am sitting here and wishing I had followed you folks on to the Internet. I occasionally read your column in newspapers. I interviewed Joe Graedon and -- is it Theresa -- forgive my recall -- on WEEI or WMEX Radio in Boston, Massachusetts when one of your books came out in the 1970s, I believe.

I'm 70 years old now. My BP was called "white coat syndrome" for years. I was overweight, hidden under plus size clothes, and very sedentary. Doctors found a mitral valve heart problem in 2009. Cardiologist put me on 5 mg. of lisinopril. It was added to the "cocktail" of HBP drugs Atenolol and HCTZ that I had taken with no known side effects, except lowered potassium from the diuretic. I started swimming 4x a week and got on a reasonable eating program. I've lost 25 lbs. with 25 more to go.

Well, my BP numbers got better, but there was still that tickle in my throat. I did know it might be a side effect, but met many others who did not know. I just told a man in the clinic laboratory who had a hacking cough. He was being treated for lymphoma. I casually asked if he took LISINOPRIL. He said yes. Gave him a Cold-Eeze cough drop and suggested he talk with his doctor. He thanked me profusely!

We're going on a trip. I have a few tabs of LISINOPRIL left and doc suggested I start taking Cozaar when I get back. But I'm thrifty. I took my 5 mg. of LIE-SIN-O-PRIL this morning.

I'm sitting here coughing and drinking tart cherry juice. Thanks to everyone. All drugs have side effects, and so do natural remedies. Learn all you can and make an informed decision.

Portland, Oregon

I was put on Lisinopril 21/2 years ago and of course developed a cough. I wasn't warned by the doctor and it never occurred to me that it was the drug. My husband eventually insisted I went back to the doc. who told me it was the medication & changed it.

The point of writing this is that I have still got the cough & feel that I will never get rid of it. I am 70 yrs. old but otherwise very fit and I have never had a chest infection. none of your correspondents seem to report any successful treatment.

I just started Lisinopril 5 mg lup on 3/18 on the evening of 3/22 I started coughing, by 3/23 my cough is horrible, now I have a sore throat and a runny nose. To top it off, I have COPD! Not good, why did my doc give me this drug knowing the common side effect? Is she trying to put me in the hospital?

I am calling her today 3/24 and don't care what she says, I am taking myself off of it and want something else. Or I will find another doc. Thank you to this forum for opening my eyes. Jeez, now I'm sneezing! What a mess!


I am sooo glad I found this site. I thought I was crazy. I started coughing and sometimes it's so bad people stare at me and think I have a disease about a week after taking Lisinopril. I am calling the doctor on Monday and getting off of this. I haven't slept thru the night in about 3 months.

I was put on Lisinopril 5 mg for mild HBP and LVH (left ventricle hypertrophy). I see that there are other meds for HBP but are there any that will help with the LVH. The cough is unbearable but I also want to try to lessen the damage to my heart walls. My Dr said the Lisinopril is the best chance for improvement.

My Dr. took me off Triam/Hctz 37.5/25 because he said my potassium was low and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. I had been taking it for 2 years with no problems, otherwise. He prescribed lisinopril which I started 8 days ago. The cough I have is horrible. In addition I have a post nasal drip of clear, slimy saliva that comes after a tickle on the left side of my throat.

The saliva fills up my entire mouth. I have hay fever and recently got over a sinus infection. I can't believe my Dr. would give me something that makes me feel so bad. I called and left a message for him today to change my meds. I will not take lisinopril in the morning. I went and asked my pharmacist how long it will take for this horrible medication to wear off in my system. She said because I've only been on it for just over a week, it will only take 2 days for it to completely out of my system.

Has anyone else come off? How long did it take for you to feel better? My best friend, who is a physician, said it took only 2 days for her to feel better. She had been on lisinopril for about 3 years when her cough started. My mother takes lisinopril and loves it. It took her about 7 months to get through the coughing before it stopped. My mom is a saint... I am not... I want off!! Thanks everyone... reading the posts here have given me so much support. I know I am not alone. :)

I switched to Lisinopril after reading the difference between Alpha and Beta blockers. Read an article in "Diabetes Management" magazine about one or the other causing the body to some how block or not use the natural insulin produced. Wish I had saved the article. I also have a slight cough but not a problem so far. I'm on a 40 MG dose.
As soon as Hyzaar becomes generic I'm switching .

My doctor prescribed Lisinopril about 3 weeks ago - It was cheaper than the Avalide I was taking so I was very pleased - then the coughing started. I thought maybe it was allergies but after reading what you all have had to say I'm going back on Avalide. My throat tickles, I start coughing and also have to sneeze right in the middle of a cough, my nose runs and eyes water to the point that I look like I'm crying. Thanks to all for the information. I feel this is very important to anyone taking Lisinopril.

My father is 89 yrs old. He too was on Lisinopril for several yrs. He developed a cough, but we ignored it because he has always been plagued with post nasal drip and allergies. Starting last summer, the cough became uncontrollable. The family physician had to finally be told (by me), that Lisinopril might be the problem. My father also sees an oncologist for low blood platelets.

He suggested that my father stop taking the Lisinopril. The family doctor agreed and did not replace it with any other blood pressure meds. My father stopped taking the Lisinopril in December. The coughing still persists and seems as though it is getting harder for him to deal with. It is unbearable to listen to him suffer. We have tried so many remedies, but nothing makes this cough go away. I have a notion to take action. Should my father take another blood pressure medication to make the coughing STOP?

We need help! Please?


I am 58 years old and was put on Lisinopril in January. I have the same cough and my Dr. wants me have tests for acid reflux another Dr. thinks I am allergic to a feather pillow. The cough is worse when I lie down to sleep and most nights I have to sit up all night just to get a little rest. I will be calling my primary care Dr. and letting her know that I need to get off of this drug as I think the slightly high BP is better than not being able to sleep.

I just discovered this site and it is a lifesaver. I thought I was dying. I recently started taking Lisonopril for HBP and this horrible cough started. It starts with a tickle in my throat and lasts for about 5 minutes. I sneeze, use tissues, cough up phlegm and I've gone through bags of cough drops, allergy medicines and nothing helped. Thank God I found this site and I am not alone. I will not be taking Lisonopril anymore and I am going to lose weight, go on the Rice Diet and take a natural blood pressure remedy.

I have had a cough for months and my doctor had no idea it was lisinopril and I recently was in the hospital with pancreatitis.

After reading your column in the Portland Oregonian, I realized that Lisinopril may be causing an irritating cough. But more importantly, I feel it's crucial that readers understand SOME IF NOT MOST MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ARE NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE DRUGS THEY PRESCRIBE. In fact, in my case, at times our local clinic has been completely clueless; Doctors and nurses are too busy, and apparently no one else does research, which, unfortunately, may be true of other medical offices.

Mine was misdiagnosed for 3 years. One week after discontinuing the drug my coughing stopped.

Ditto. Took 5 mg for about a month. Developed a cough, not severe, but annoying. Would keep me awake.

I d/c'd the Lisinopril for two days, BP rose, so started 1/2 a tablet, which means breaking the tablets. Tonight, after being cough free for a few days, I cut another tablet. A few small crumbs and dust were on the counter and I swallowed it. Immediately, I started to cough.

My question: Is it possible the cough could be localized irritation in the throat? There is no way the drug would have given me a systemic reaction, so the cough would have to have come from swallowing the crumbs.

I've tried several BP medications including lisiniopril, amiloride and benazapril. They all seem to cause a dry hacking cough. Are there any BP meds that don't cause the cough but might be on most pharmacies' $4 medication list?

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this site. I have been on 10mg of lisinopril for 2 months. This horrible cough started and needless to say have had many sleepless nights because when the tickle starts it don't stop. I have gone through bags of halls, peed in my pants several times a day from coughing and have actually avoided even going to the dentist for fear that the tickle would start and he wouldn't be able to finish.

I am so glad I found this site as I was beginning to think something is dreadfully wrong with me. I had asked my pharmacist about the side effects when I started on this and he said he was on it and to watch for dry hacking cough-that isn't even the word for it!!! Anyway I have had so many sleepless nights and I goggled this medication and tickle in throat and BINGO. I am calling my Dr. tomorrow and getting off of this. I need my life back. If anybody is having these horrid side effects call your Dr.

o.k. I have stopped taking Lisinopril for about a month now. I only took it for a short time and I still have the cough.

It is not as bad as at first, but does anybody know how long it takes to completely go away? HELP!

I am so glad that I found this website. I have had a chronic cough for the last past months. I was unsure what was causing this irritation. I blamed it on allergies and the pollen since spring was approaching.

I went to the doctor I was diagnosed with strep throat. I was given a z-pack and other antibiotics. Two weeks later I went back to the doctor and was given a another round of antibiotics. That did not help at all.

I was hopeless, I called and scheduled an appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat Clinic. I was seen by them and needless to say wasted money they could not find anything wrong with me.

So I searched on the internet and read an article regarding molds that causes coughing etc, only to find out after inspection I did not have mold in my home.

Today I was very desperate and refused to take antibiotics for an answer. I went back to my PCP and told her that I was coughing and it was annoying. I told her the pills did not work. She then told me "You are going to be mad at us, your blood pressure pills that were recently prescribed to you have been causing your coughs."

This has had me feeling like I was literally dying. I am upset that it was not caught and I had to go through months of this uncomfortable situation but I am blessed it was caught in time. If you are taking the BP pill lisinopril and notice a nagging chronic cough please seek medical attention.

I started Lisinopril 10 mg. In Jan. 2010, due to the fact that I had mono in December I attributed the chronic cough to that and began to worry that I had something else going on like COPD or a long term illness. I have been coughing non stop since Jan. and looked up chronic dry cough and low and behold there was Lisinopril. Needless to say I stopped taking it and put myself back on baby aspirin until my doc. decides what she wants to give me.

I started taking Lisinopril a few months ago, along with HCTZ and Metoprolol due to extremely high blood pressure. At the time I was a heavy smoker, and had a rather nasty cough which I'm sure smoking contributed to. Well I quit smoking (62 days without a cigarette today, yaaaaaaay!), but the cough has not gone away. A coworker told me that she read about Lisinopril and coughing, and sure enough, all my symptoms are the same as her's. Itchy throat, strong cough to the point of gagging, etc...

Granted, my cough is bad at times, and I surely wish it would go away, but I hesitate to ask the Doc to put me on something different because right now my blood pressure numbers are SOOOOOOO good. I don't doubt it's the Lisinopril causing the cough, but between that and the HCTZ and Metoprolol, my bp is excellent.

I was given a prescription for lisinopril about a month ago. the doctor did mention the cough possibility but said since my father has been taking it for years, I might not have a problem. I'd say a week went by b4 I realized there was a problem. May 10th, I was in a class and experienced a seriously choking cough. Someone gave me a Ricola which helped, and that night I mentioned it to my husband.

I noticed a bit of a hacking gagging cough in the next few days, but now I can't sleep. I cough. I didn't have any kinds of lozenges night b4 last, but picked some up last night. I still slept(sort of) on the couch, with my head tilted up to get some kind of sleep.

I am hoarse and exhausted. Combined w/the fact that 3 days ago my breathing was so labored I figured I was getting pneumonia or something, I am getting off this drug. I had been easily doing 3 miles plus on the treadmill at the gym, gradually working up, and now I can barely do a mile and a half. I feel like crap maybe w/better BP.


Calling Dr. tomorrow enough of this coughing, sneezing, sinus dripping, cough drops, Kleenex and sleepless nights. I thought I had allergies ha! My B/P did good on Lisinopril , but will have Dr. give me something else and hopefully it doesn't cost an arm or leg. Can finally get rid of that empty Folgers coffee can in my car that served several purposes. Thanks for this site.

I'm sitting here reading this after another night of sleep lost to frequent coughing bouts. I get bronchitis about twice a year - no reason why, it just happens. Problem is, I would go to the doc, get antibiotics and because my blood pressure would skyrocket due to the stress of being sick, I'd be put on a month on Lisinopril. And cough for the next 3 months. My friends thought I had TB! So did I after awhile. I've had lung x-rays, throat cultures, and docs put me on antibiotics like its candy every 4-5 months!

This last episode - which stated last Dec - has stressed me out to the max and I am so glad to finally know what it is. Coughed from Dec to March - got some Tessalon from an ENT which really helped and went off my Lisinopril. And just as I was getting used to NOT coughing, I started the Lisinopril again and the COUGHING CAME BACK!

Not sleeping almost drove me insane - I put on a lot of weight, work was affected and I'm just mentally exhausted dealing with this. Tired of people looking at me when I start hacking and tearing up, tired of worrying about my iffy bladder control & ticked off at doctors who don't think this coughing jag is SERIOUS!!

Anyway, thanks for the info. And I know you don't recommend stopping the Lisinopril but I did - can't get to my doc for a couple of days but I've got to get this process started (it takes a while to flush it out). Just a long sad, expensive journey.

Well I stopped taking it Saturday night. Actually slept. Woke up feeling well, went to park w/ hubby, then felt dizzy. Was supposed to work, but called in sick, went home and went to bed. Had bed spins all day. Didn't really feel good, but slept alright - some coughing but lozenges helped. I informed doctor Monday and nurse practitioner has called in a prescription for Benicar. I went to gym today and did over 4 miles on treadmill, had done 3.5 yesterday. Don't think I will pick up the medicine - I will look for natural/herbal/less stressful on my body solutions. Feeling like crap is not worth it, and I truly felt very old and definitely very infirm.

Is there any correlation between when lisinopril is taken (ie, am or before bed) and the cough? Have been taking 10 mg lisinopril for a year at bedtime, naggy cough started about a month ago. Would changing to taking in morning help?


I was taking lisinopril in the morning and had the same cough. Changing the time you take it will not help. At least it didn't help me.

After cutting back to 2.5 mg, my coughing subsided. Recently I caught a cold and the coughing from the cold has been close to unbearable. I wonder if the Lisinopril exacerbates cough due to colds. I certainly don't want to go through any more sleepless nights coughing. It may be time to find another med altogether.

So after watching FOX cable news Sunday's doctor and his mention of ACE inhibitors causing coughs, I did a search and found this website plus many others. My husband, who is 76 has taken lisinopril for years and has had constant coughing and rashes. His doctor/doctors have NEVER suggested that these symptoms could be caused by his blood pressure meds.

I had problems with statin drugs causing muscle breakdown and kidney problem and my doctor was just as ignorant and stubborn . What's that all about? I finally found a doctor who would do some testing and just in time before my muscles and kidney's were permanently damaged. So now I need to get my husband in for a new medication.

Damn wish I read this year or so ago, Have been on 10 then moved to 25 per day for 6 years and gave up outdoor everything as just to wore out to do anything from coughing. Unbelievable, accidentally picked up paper at store and saw a thank you to writer for previous article on cough, Having a Dr at clinic that just takes bp an then rxs doesn't help either.. Thanks for stories and article.

I started taking Lisinopril 20 mg about 6 months ago. When I first started taking this drug my heart seemed to be racing. My doctor said I would get used to this. (I had been on beta blockers for years until they stopped working for me.) I did get used to the faster heart rhythm after a few weeks. Three weeks ago I started coughing. I had raked leaves and thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to the pollens and leaves.

After a week of persistent coughing I called my doctor. His office said they were swamped and couldn't see me and suggested I go to a walk in clinic which I did. The doctor in the walk in clinic diagnosed me with bronchitis and prescribed levaquin (a super strong antibiotic), 2 anti coughing medications, and an albuterol asthma inhaler. I used all these medications (cost $220) for a week and I was still coughing as bad as ever.

I finally got in to see my doctor today and he said it sounds like I have a lisinopril cough and that as many of 40% of the people who take this drug develop a cough. Now ask yourself why in the world would doctors EVER prescribe this drug to the innocent public??!! I asked my doctor this and he said the drug companies won't pay for the more expensive ARB drugs. (which don't cause as much coughing.)

Doctors ought to tell every patient they prescribe lisinopril, about the cough side effect of the drug. They are not doing their job if they don't which can cause people a lot of misery and money.

J. R.

I started taking lisinopril last November and starting coughing shortly thereafter. I have been dealing with this stupid cough for 8 months now and am so sick of it. I am teacher and it's made my work hell. My students ask if me if I'm crying when I start a coughing jag.

I went off it 3 days ago. I've been working out and BP was fine today. I'm calling my doctor next week to go in to follow up. What I really would like to know is when will the coughing go away? After 3 days, I'm still coughing a lot. I am so, so, so sick of it. I am keeping Hall's cough drops in business!

I'm following up to the post I wrote on June 22. After I saw my regular doctor (actually I saw his PA) who said I had a lisinopril cough I got off all the other meds I was on. That included the antibiotic, levaquin, which the walk in clinic doctor had prescribed for me when he thought I had bronchitis. Three days later my cough had changed drastically and I felt like my insides were going to come out each time I coughed.

My husband said my cough didn't sound right. By Sunday (5 days later) I woke up with chills and fever. I went back to the walk in clinic where an x-ray was taken of my chest and sinuses. The doctor confirmed that I had "walking pneumonia" and a bad sinus infection. He immediately gave me 2 shots in my rear (one shot of an antibiotic and the other a steroid) and a prescription for antibiotics and steroids. Hopefully, I am now on the way to recovery. I am writing this to make sure you ACTUALLY have a lisinopril cough and not something more serious like I did.

I think it will take a while for the cough to go away. I took it for a month, actually 23 days and I stopped taking it and realized that I still coughed for a while. I had my last sort of coughing fit about a month after I stopped taking it. The last coughing jag is about a week ago now, so knock wood, it has hopefully, finally stopped.

Thanks so much for your reply! It's been about a week since I stopped taking it, and I am still coughing. I will see my doctor next week. Your post gives me hope that the cough will (eventually) go away.

I starting taking lisinopril last November and starting coughing and gagging shortly thereafter as well. Went to an ENT last week and he started treating me for reflux since he saw some inflamation around my vocal chords.

I am so glad I found this I know what's causing it. However, I also started having this constant "tickle" in my throat that seems to be somewhere around my tonsil, and feels kind of like I have a piece of food stuck. I can't see anything or find anything using my fingers so that's one of the reasons I went to the ENT. It doesn't cause pain, or trigger my cough but it's a constant annoyance.


I wonder how many other people are out there with the same problem who's doctors just made the switch but didn't report the trouble they had to the FDA?? While we may not die from this coughing (that would seem to be the only way to get the FDA's attention), our lives are miserable and depressing while trying to get rid of this cough after going off the drug.

My whole life has changed from this non-stop coughing and I too, want to ring my doctor's neck for prescribing something that could have this much negative-effects on a patient's life.

I have been taking Lisinopril for 3 years, and off and on have had a cough at night, but in the last two weeks it has become chronic. I cough at times during the day, but at night I can't get any sleep. The minute I lay down the tickle starts in my throat and the coughing begins, and continues through the night. What I would give for a good nights rest. My throat is red and irritated, and sometimes actually hurts. Have had my doctor take me off Lisinopril and put me on benicar, which I hope will not cause the cough to continue. Wondering how long now it will be before the coughing ends. :\

First of all I am an Asthmatic. I've been taking Lisinopril for a few months. I also developed a cough and has gotten to the point to where neither I or my husband get any sleep. The same thing happens to me as it does to Judy C. My doctor put me on Protonix (for acid reflux) as well, which also causes throat irritation... Could it be a combination of the two medications?

I am so relieved I've found this site.

I was prescribed lisinopril 5mg about two and a half months ago. After a few days I noticed my throat and mouth were feeling dry, but made no connection. Soon a tickle in my throat turned into dry cough which has become worse each day, to the point of retching and vomiting. Not good when I deal with the public most days and my job involves telephone conversations, which I am having to put on hold while I cough.

I have just had a chat with a pharmacist friend, who is aware of this side effect and it seems that in the uk at least this is often the first choice of drug for treating high blood pressure. Could it be that this is the cheapest drug of its type? I think I'd rather risk not taking the drug as I'm sure my blood pressure goes up anyway with every coughing fit, not to mention the unpleasant effects of retching.
I'm off to see my GP in the morning to find out about alternative medication!

I was going to a specialist for two years for the most chronic, horrid, hacking cough I have ever witnessed. It was mortifying to have a coughing spell at work, in church, while driving my car (needed to pull over at times), or anywhere where people were astonished to see me coughing and gagging and not able to control it for extended periods of time. At one point I was not sleeping, severely depressed, and excruciatingly embarrassed to have to be around co-workers or the public in general for fear that I might make a spectacle of myself at any moment. I would not wish that out of control feeling on my worst enemy.

Anyway, after many, many treatments of steroids, allergy meds, and even codeine for cough, I thought to discuss with my ENT doc the fact that I was on lisinopril. At that point I stopped taking the drug and, in turn, my cough has disappeared, hopefully forever.

Thank goodness for sites like this one where I realized I was not dying a slow, horrible death from some incurable lung malady and that, in fact, I was experiencing a side effect of lisinopril. My doc says it's a beneficial drug, but that he has seen many of his patients suffering with the chronic, untreatable cough. You may have to take alternative drugs for BP, but the cough is just something I can not imagine have to deal with in daily life. It is truly maddening.

Wow, your comments regarding Lisinopril are eye opening! My doctor prescribed Lisinopril for me several months ago and I began to cough almost immediately after taking my first dose! I've been thinking I have allergies (although I've not had this kind of cough before) and decided to start taking Claritin, but it didn't help. I stopped taking my Lisinopril for a couple of days and the cough stopped! When I re-started my daily dose my cough almost immediately returned! It could be my imagination, but I now believe the Lisinopril is the problem! Thanks to everyone for your valuable comments!

I've been on Lisinopril for a few years. I too had the cough but it eventually went away. Now that I have lost a lot of weight the doctor has over a period of a month taken me completely off of the drug.

Now my cough has returned! It sure seems like that old cough that I had when I went on the drug. Is this possible?



Thank you all for the comments on Lisinopril. Please, please, make a statement on the FDA website (for whatever it is worth!) My husband has horrific coughing, gagging from this drug after one month with all the aforementioned symptoms. Went in and got med. changed, our summer is ruined thanks to this drug. And, no, it does not leave your body quickly.

We're both in decent shape, just everyone, please get out there and exercise... Apple cider vinegar works wonders and better diet. Who would even put these drugs out there???

I found this site on a Google search and have read most of the posts, I live in the UK and started on 5mg of Lisinopril over 2 years ago, six months ago I developed a bad chest infection, the coughing gave me really bad headaches and sleepless nights. I had 2 lots of antibiotics over a 4 month period but they did not help, neither did the cough medicines, the infection gradually subsided but left me with an irritating cough, on my forth visit to my doctors I was told it may be caused by the Lisinopril.

The doctor was reluctant to take me off it as she says it is one of the best HBP drugs, as my blood pressure was slightly high. She has now increased my dose to 20mg and says it should prove if it is the Lisinopril that is causing the cough as it will get worse??? She also says it might be asthma and is sending me for some tests, even though I have never had any chest problems before?

I was also advised to start using a steroid nasal spray? I said I was a little concerned that she had increased my Lisinopril dose from 5mg to 20mg but she says this is a normal dose! I am wondering if I should get the nasal spray or not, and what the effect is of increasing my dose of Lisinopril, will I be able to go back to a lower dose if it turns out that my coughing gets worse?

I was so relieved to find this sight. I fortunately have a fabulous pharmacist who told me when I picked up the prescription that I might experience a cough. I started taking lysinopril on July 8. I immediately started coughing and it got worse and worse. On July 27 my cardiologist changed my drug to losarten. The cough continued. It is a violent, gagging cough that has almost made me vomit. Water and cough drops don't help. I haven't slept through the night since July 8. I can't go to a movie or a play for fear I will have an "attack."

Last week I developed other symptoms; congestion, fever, etc and my Dr. gave me a z pack and said that lysinopril does not produce the kind of cough I have. Hello! I would like to refer her to this website. My cardiologist stopped the Losarten last week and said to monitor my bp until the cough is gone and then we will try something else. Obviously the Lysinopril cough was masking something else this past week(Dr says bacterial infection-chest x-ray negative) but I just assumed it was the same cough until I developed a temp.

I am so thankful to have found this website. I just pray my cough will stop soon. I am losing weight and exhausted from lack of sleep. Will go to another Dr. if this doesn't stop soon.


Ditto on all the above. I have had this hacking cough for years--thinking allergies. The embarrassment, gagging, actually throwing up, purple in the face, tickle, reflux etc. is about to go away. Doctor here I come!! My guess is more than 35% taking this drug are affected. This is a nasty reaction and the drug should be off the market. Thanks for all your help.

The only way we can get the FDA's attention on this is if everyone that has been affected files a complaint with the FDA. I am going to!

I have been on 10mg daily of lisinopril for a while now. Due to other health issues and moving to a new area I went to see a new doctor. After reviewing some test results he decided to up the dosage to 20mg a day which seemed fine since I had not developed any side effects to this point. After a few days I developed a cough that I contributed to sinuses. After a week and a half I determined that this was no "sinus cough" and called the doctor's office.

By the end of the day the nurse called me back and the doctor had said to reduce the dosage back to 10mg daily because the med was probably causing the cough. On my next visit in a few weeks the doctor wants to discuss the possibility of changing the med all together.

I was diagnosed with influenza at the end of July. It has now gone, but still suffering from the after effects, ie weakness, lethargy, poor appetite etc etc. Had a slight cough. My doctor found my BP was high and put me on Coversyl, said nothing about a cough!. It is the worse cough by far I have ever had I am 66, It starts with a small tickle, the next thing you are dry retching until completely exhausted. Doctor put me on Micardis 40mg last Thursday 2nd Sept, and assured me I won't cough with this medication, it's WORSE!!

I got 3 hrs sleep last night, and it is causing me great anxiety and stress. Maybe the Coversyl still isn't out of my system. Does anyone know if such violent coughing affects your BP readings. All my tests are clear Blood and Chest Xrays. Also, does such prolonged coughing harm your lungs?

I have been off Lisinopril since August 1 and I still have the dry irritating cough. I also have Asthma, but I know this cough isn't caused by that. It isn't as bad as it was but it's still there and is very annoying. I guess I need to find a good Dr. that cares to check why it's still there.

My husband was on Lisinopril for years and had the hacking cough (and rash) it produced. We finally found out it was this medicine causing the symptoms from this site last spring. As most men do, he put off seeing his doctor for a change of BP meds. When he found himself with a gall bladder attack this summer, he had to go in to have surgery.

So, with all the doctor visits he HAD to keep he talked with his doc about the cough and Lisinopril connection. His doc pooh poohed it but did changed his meds to another type. The cough was gone within days. His new med was wonderful at first.

After about a week he noticed he was getting a rash, numbness and tingling in his lips and throat so he stopped the new med and went back on the Lisinopril. YUP, the cough was back the next day with a vengeance. He's still looking for a BP med that will work for him without all these complications. Again, fighting going back to the doc. What's a good wife to do???

I am 70 yrs old. have been taking lisinopril , for several years, 5mg. I do not have very high bp.. but taking for a beta blocker. About a year ago I started having drainage, tickle, gagging and coughing at night time. My cough sounds like a croup that kids get.

I never smoked, ride bike 3-4 miles a day and lift light wts. I eat very healthy.. am on no other meds. The cough is so deep and hurts.. I just found this web page today, as a friend of mine had same problem and went off and is now better.

These drug companies do not care about us... only the dollar they make. I for one am sick and tired of seeing TV ads that say, if u have taken this drug or that call cuz there is a law suit. Every day something different. Better off taking natural herbs. SHIRLEY.

My medical plan does not cover the pill I usually take and I was changed to LISINOPRIL-HCTZ. My cough is persistent and at night I spend more time coughing than sleeping. I have gone to the doctor thinking I had lung problems and different suppressants were provided. I stopped taking this medicine and the cough went away. I started taking it again and the cough came back...

My mother has also experienced the cough after starting Lisinopril, but it seems to happen mostly at night. She takes one dose in morning and one at night. She is on another medication (Cardivol sp?) for irregular heartbeat and the doctor added in the Lisinopril just a few months ago. Now I am noticing that she is forgetful, asking the same question two or three times in a one to two hour period. Otherwise, she's sharp as a tack. Could the Lisinopril be causing her forgetfulness and insomnia or could there be an interaction between the Lisinopril and the heart regulation pill? Thank you.

Thank you. You have described my symptoms to the t. I thought I was going to lose my job because I couldn't stop coughing and had a drippy nose. The coughing at night was so bad I had to sleep on 4 pillows to get some relief. I tried xray, antihistamines, cough suppressants and now an inhaler. My doctor was going to send me to a lung specialist next. Nothing helped. Then I was reading my drug information sheets when I discovered that coughing was a side effect. This has been going on for a month. I just took myself off the medicine. I hope I have some relief soon.

I discontinued taking my daily 2.5 mg of lisinopril nine days ago. After the second day, my coughing was notably reduced. After five days, I wasn't coughing at all. What a relief. No more waking up in the middle of the night with a cough or struggling to get to sleep because of a cough. I feel like my lung capacity has improved and I can breath again.

I too am on 20 mg of Lisinopril HCTZ daily and have have the horrible dry throat which prompts the clearing of the throat and the coughing so hard to the point of gagging. It started a week or so after starting the meds. I take my pill every night but after reading these are probably side effects of the Lisinopril, I am not going to take it tonight and will call my cardiologist tomorrow.

Here's an update to my July 4th post. I've stopped taking lisinopril and omeprazole and switched to Benicar. No cough, no gagging and the tickle in my throat seems to be going away.

I had been taking Benicar HCT for a while now for high blood pressure and loved the way it worked. We switched insurance plans and I found out I'd have to fork up 107.00 for my Benicar so then called my doctor so she could switch my meds. She prescribed the Lisinopril 40 mg and the separate Hydrochloriathiazide diuretic.

Within 2 weeks of getting on the Lisinopril which was working like a charm on my blood pressure I started with this annoying dry cough that wouldn't let up. It's been a nightmare because I work taking calls from home all day and coughing like that while talking to customers is very stressful. I had no idea that the cough was being caused by the Lisinopril and even thought I might have throat or lung cancer.

I did a search on the internet and Lo and Behold I realized I'm not alone. I've gotten off it and I am taking some Benicar my dad gave me from the ones he takes to tide me over until my doctor changes my meds or my new insurance kicks in and I can go back to Benicar.

I have been taking Lisinopril 20mg for 7 months now. I'm a 40 year old male with no other health problem except high BP. My BP is now normal (70/110) but the coughing got very bad about a month ago; I'd cough so much that my throat ached and my voice was hoarse.

After doing some internet research I learned that iron supplements would mitigate the problem, if not cure it. So I've been taking one iron pill for a month (100% of required iron in the form of ferrous fumerate) 2 hours after taking my lisinopril and the cough has greatly reduced in severity and frequency. Actually, the tickling in the throat isn't as intense so many times it is possible to bear it.

So, from being a serious problem the cough has become a bearable side effect now. I recommend that people try this remedy. One or two iron supplement providing between 100% to 200% of your daily iron requirement. As a consequence of taking iron I haven't noticed any problem such as constipation, etc. Anyway, only a fraction of the supplied ferrous fumerate is actually absorbed by your body so you don't have to worry about overdosing on iron. Good luck

Excess iron can cause problems. I simply refuse to take Lisinopril. It works fine for my wife. I am experimenting with Benicar, but it feels like I'm getting post nasal drip. I'm taking a very small dose.

THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE AND FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS POSTED! I have been so miserable w/ this strange irritation, dry throat cough/gagging thing. Embarrassing when happens w/ a client, nearly every day, often more than once. Have been sucking on lozenges and peppermints to help, but can't do that non-stop! The timing coincides w/ my starting the Lisinopril. Wow! I'll be calling my doctor right away.

Wow!!! Everyone on here is or was experiencing what I am going through now.. I just got diagnosed with Hypertension a month ago and my doctor prescribed me Lisinipril HCTZ pills and about 2 weeks into taking the pill I was coughing and then the coughing turned into coughing very badly to where I couldn't sleep at night, Sleepless nights I tell you...and then about 6 days ago I was experiencing the coughing so bad that I was vomiting up my food and phlegm...

I actually didn't take my pills since yesterday, I just stopped and since yesterday I haven't coughed as much, but I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to have him switch me out. I have 2 kids and not being able to sleep at night and only getting 2-3 hours of sleep is tiring me out. I have to have energy for my kids...So hopefully I get something much better than Lisinipril...

I refuse to take this pill and will let my doctor know. No more of this coughing crap and taking halls and drinking bottles of water every hour on the hour and it doesn't work...Thanks for all your comments, I thought I was just a few out the bunch going through it but I guess not... Can't wait to see the Doctor tomorrow... I will make it there an hour early just to get my new set of pills...

I have had the cough problem with lisinopril also, over some months, using up bags of cough drops. Since stopping my medicine, the croupy, persistent cough has stopped.

I began taking Lisinopril/HCTZ at the end of summer. I, too, started having an uncontrollable cough. I've coughed so hard, my chest hurt and have vomited. I went through an entire bottle of cough medicine that didn't help. It wasn't until I noticed a church member with the same blue medicine case. She told me that the Lisinopril was making her cough. I went back to my doctor (had taken the med a little less than 2 months).

She switched me to Triam/HCTZ. Now, a month later, I continue to cough, so I thought maybe the new medicine was causing a cough, too. I stopped taking any meds altogether. Still, no relief from the cough. I've now read online that the cough may not go away for months. I've began having a pain in the heart area of my chest. Has anyone else experienced this? Could this be due to the chronic coughing? I definitely will post a complaint with FDA.

Well, I've been off the Lisinopril for at least 3 weeks now and am on Losartan and believe it or not the cough although not as bad is still going and going. I'm so sick of it keeping me up at night and it's a living nightmare due to my work which entails talking on the phone all day.

It's stressful to say the least. I was beginning to think it may be something else other than the infamous lisinopril cough but just read another post that it can still give you the cough for months after the pills have been stopped. All I can say is OMG. I'm going to have to talk to my doctor and see if she can come up with something because no medicine is working towards this flipping cough.

omg I have taken the z pack and cold meds and hacking up phlegm throwing up coughing so hard for about 6 weeks now and decided to look up this pill and yep it is not good. I am stopping it right now, thanks, you would think that your Dr. would catch this, nope. dah

I started taking Lisinopril/HCTZ in July 09 and started that nasty dry cough within a few weeks. Then to make things worse the ringing in my ears started. After 6 months I stopped taking all medications, but I'm still have the ringing in the ears 11/1/10, Thanks a lot.

I asked to be put on lisinprol 10mg about 4 months ago. During that time I too have developed an occasional chronic dry coughing fits. Water, RIGHT AWAY is my only immediate relief. I too wake up at night coughing. When I do I spray some Chloraseptic (Phenol)in my throat and go back to sleep.

I do want to continue with the lisinprol. It has really lowered my BP and has no other side effects. I was hoping that I will get used to the medication and the coughing will subside, but after reading here, I feel that there may be little hope of that. The fits are not THAT bad as others describe (i.e. nausea). I may try some of the suggestions here like splitting the dose etc.

I have been on lisinopril for about three years, About 6 months ago, I developed a gut wrenching dry and wheezing cough. I continued to try and get what I though was mucus up, with little to no success. I had never had allergies, so I thought that perhaps I had developed severe allergies. Would start with a throat tickle, followed by multiple bouts of sneezing... so severe that bladder control became a continual problem. Suddenly following that, the post nasal drip would continue in full force followed by severe coughing attacks that would produce an abdominal hernia near the site of surgery some 6 months prior.

Choking, gagging and often throwing up with the heavy coughing spasms would continue. Lived on cough drops which produced some temporary relief. Learned to never be without water close by. Went for three separate Dr. visits, each Dr. prescribing something different including steroids. At the end of this 6 wk period, became so fatigued and despondent that I took myself to the ER. Oxygen level was somewhat lower than desired, given 2 strong doses of codeine cough meds and 2 breathing treatments.

I gradually improved, but the sneezing and coughing continued. For the past two weeks and another Dr visit, chest x ray... was told it was a viral thing and would last about 2 weeks... it's just going around, Dr. replied. Condition became progressively worse and in order to attempt control, In accidentally took too much cough meds over the course of a four day period. I became euphoric, was convinced that I was dying and that I would not fight it.

Took a shower, wrote a note to my family, telling them all that I had taken and telling all goodbye. Few tears, light headed and crazy feeling in my head... I went to bed. Remember seeing a bright amber light off to the corner as I closed my eyes... felt it's warmth and wanted to move in that direction. Suddenly, everything became dark. Another coughing session would awaken me. Sadly to say, I had much rather been embraced by the light.

This is dangerous stuff and Dr needs to LISTEN and to entertain the fact that the serious coughing side effects of lisinopril can prove fatal in one's attempt to survive it's vicious attack. I called my Dr. left a message that I would not take another lisinopril. Today is my third day on new med, Losartan/HCTZ 50/12.5 mg (generic for Hyzaar.) There may be a slight bit of relief or at least fewer coughing spasms as of today.

Hopefully, I'm on the mend. I felt it necessary to share this with you. Your site has given me much hope and instruction in my quest for answers to such an unnecessary dilemma. There is strength in numbers. It's not misery looking for company. It's more about people needing people. God Bless you all out there. Now, keep the faith and pass it on.

I had been on Lisinopril for a couple of years, and just started the coughing about a month ago. I think it may have been triggered by the flu-like symptoms of Victoza. I stopped taking Victoza, but the Lisinopril cough was still there.

My new doctor took me off Lisinopril, and replaced it with Losartan. She also gave me a generic flonase (nose sprays). The cough is still here one week later...but oddly something strange happened...

My husband and I were in an accident 3 weeks ago. One of my prescribed pain meds is tramadol. Over the past week, I found that Tramadol, coupled with nose sprays (at bedtime) allows me to sleep peacefully all night. I do have coughing spells occasionally throughout the day, because I don't like the woozy feeling of tramadol (so I don't take it in the morning). The times I did take both drugs together during the day, I felt like a zombie, but coughing was almost completely gone.

What was the name of the new blood pressure medication that your doctor put you on that stopped your chronic coughing? How long did it take your cough to go away on the new medication.? Days or weeks?

Thank You

Well, I'm just about to start Lisinopril, 5 mg. for borderline high BP but I'm way more nervous about stroke or heart attack than coughing spells. I know they are bad, I have had similar issues in the past with acid reflux coughing spells when I wasn't on any meds that were causing it. My doc DID know about the cough as a side effect, warned me about it and told me to let her know immediately if it started and we would switch meds.

She said though that Lisinopril, if I am among those who don't get the side affect, is one of the better drugs in terms of protecting the heart and other organs. I guess I'll give it a try, I really don't want ANY meds but I don't want a stroke or heart attack either! I'm actually considering just cutting it in half and taking 2.5 for awhile to see if it works. Seems like letting the body get used to it a little at a time would be a good thing...

My plan is to lose weight, exercise and get OFF this stuff as fast as possible!

Can anyone tell me if their lisinopril makes them tired? Can not figure out what is making me so tired, but then I realized it started kind of when I went on lisinopril. Also I am coughing and getting dry throat a lot! Maybe it's from this medicine, now that I'm reading all these comments. But have to say this medication is keeping my blood pressure down lower than others I tried.

Hi, I just read the last person's comments and have found so often people saying they are going to just quit taking the drug. Lisinopril, or that they will cut the pill in half. I do think if you are prescribed a certain amount of the drug you should not take it upon yourself to cut the dose in half or just suddenly quit taking the drug. You go to a doctor for a purpose, and you need to follow their advice until you go back to the doctor and talk about the results you are getting! Please do not take it upon yourself to just stop taking the medication or cutting it in two, it could be dangerous for you to do so.

I still use the Halls Defense with Vitamin C and they work well to quell any cough I might encounter. I don't have to use a lot of them, just one or two. It is a cheap fix! At Target the Halls are $2.79 for 80 citrus drops and they taste really good!!!!!

Wow, I have had a cough for 9 months I can't even describe how hard I was coughing. I broke my sternum and all the cartilage on my right side rubs. I have not slept in 9 months. I have not been able to go out to dinner, a movie, grocery shopping, I have skipped parties. It caused me to herniate a disk sitting in an excavator coughing so hard, and I lost a $40,00.00 dollar contract due to that.

My life has been on hold while I have been told I have asthma, hay fever, allergies, and every other dang thing that was my health! I found this out yesterday and am pissed! My Dr. told me to stop taking it immediately after I found this out on my own from this site. I am still coughing but just stopped taking it. How long did it take to clear up?!

This cough/dry throat was SO bad, I would need to suck on a Halls all my waking hours! Anyway, I called my Dr. to complain and he started me on a new med that same day.

Well, it's been over one month since I stopped taking the Lisinopril and I still have the cough, not as bad as when I first had my doctor prescribe another medication but bad enough where it really is a hindrance for my job, which entails talking on the phone all day. Does anyone know what the average time to have that cough clear up is?

I've been reading the posts on here and I wouldn't be surprised if this medication is taken off the market in the near future. There are numerous complaints of the now famous "Lisinopril cough side effect" and I'm wondering why they don't at the very least put a warning on the label to give you a heads up. Lots of people have had needless tests done and been stressed out thinking it's something bad me included.

I will say this much for Lisinopril it is awesome at lowering your blood pressure far better than the average medications out there but the side effects are so not worth it. I also have read it causes fatigue in a lot of people.

I want to thank everyone who responded to this site! Until I read your comments, I thought I was dying of cancer or TB. I was put on lisinopril earlier this month for hbp and have had that nagging, dry cough ever since. It's been about 2 weeks now since I've had a good night's sleep. It's bad enough that I have fibromyalgia to keep me awake, but this cough is the pits.

My poor husband is a very light sleeper so you can well imagine that he hasn't slept either. In addition to this nasty cough, I have also developed what I believe to be thrush, probably from spraying all kinds of crap down my throat to stop the cough. I put a call into my doctor this morning so I am waiting to hear back from her. Thank you all again for your comments regarding this drug.

Lisinopril is nasty stuff. My internal medicine doctor prescribed it for me quite a few years ago. I developed a chronic cough, but had no idea that the drug was responsible. I went to my asthma doctor. After an examination, she turned to the computer to check my record. Very soon she spotted lisinopril. She changed me to another blood pressure med, and the cough went away in a couple of weeks. I LOVE that doctor.

I belong to an HMO that computerizes all members medical history. A life saver.

John J. I started the Lisonopril about 2 months ago and am experiencing the same problem. The dry tickle and coughing that does not help. I also have the eye watering. I talked to a RN friend of mine and she knew right away what it was before I even mentioned the drug. I am in the process of going to the doctor to question the side effects of this medication.

My husband now 60 was put on lisinapril years ago due to his HB and began having the tickle and dry cough I found after a bit of research that lisinapril can cause this. For whatever reason we were not able to see his Dr. for a week or so, not willing to take him off his meds without the Dr's. permission I suggested he try splitting his dose 1/2 in morn. and 1/2 in the eve. his cough disappeared.

We finally saw his dr. and told him what we had been doing and he was pleased that it was working and had him continue to take it in 2 doses several hours apart perhaps those of you that find the med is working for them (other that the cough) can ask there Dr. about this way of taking the med. It's been working quite well now for 5 years.

I have been taking Lisinapril for about a year. Coughing, and persistent tickle in my throat began several months ago. At first I thought it was because of an environmental allergy, but I realize now that it is a side effect of the Lisinapril. I am also having tight chest, shortness of breath, redness of my skin, hives, itching, and tiredness which tells me that I am allergic to the medication, also. I will be calling my Cardiologist on Monday (This is Saturday) to get it changed! I will NOT take it tomorrow! Hopefully I won't have any adverse reactions to the next BP med that he Rx's for me!

I had the Lisinopril Curse 1 year ago. My insurance switched to Lisinopril due to cost. It didn't start until about 2 weeks after taking it. the beginning was a tickle in my throat then constant coughing, hacking, gagging and I could not complete a sentence without coughing.. went to my physician and she gave me strong cough medicine . went back in a week with no improvement. I coughed day and night and had to drag myself to work with little sleep. I lost 10 pounds during this time.

When my Dr finally figured it out and switched me to another med it took another 2 months almost to the day before the coughing stopped. This was debilitating and cost me to lose time from work and I did not sleep thru the night for 2 months. When I would drag myself to work you could hear everyone's office doors shut to avoid having to listen to me all day long.

Went to emergency room because I thought I had broken a rib from coughing the pain was so bad I couldn't take a deep breath without crying. My heart goes out to anyone who has been the victim of this medication that should be called lisinoKILL!!

Well can anyone tell me how long after taking lisinopril that this terrible cough goes away? I took it for about 2 months and its been about 2 weeks and 2 days since I stopped taking it and I still have the cough.... PLEASE HELP!!


I stopped taking the Lisinopril around the first week of October and believe it or not the cough did not go away completely until just recently. All in all I think it's safe to say that in my case after stopping the medication the dry cough stayed with me for approximately 2 months. I still have a little bit of cough but I believe it's just due to allergies and a dry throat.

I have been on lisinopril for 3 months. I have developed a chronic cough.
I have not slept through the night for over 2 months. This is very irritating and I am so tired. This can not be healthy.

Thanks so much Glo... I have asked this question several times and needed some advice, I'm sure its a little different for each person but I really appreciate the quick response.

My husband has had the cough and sore throat, etc now for 6 wks. I called his dr yesterday (nurse practitioner) and they called back today to say it might be his lisinopril. I was very upset because he has almost all the symptoms of throat cancer. I thought they were overlooking his symptoms.
After looking up lisinopril online, the word lisinopril cough came up that led me to this site. I couldn't believe it! I will definitely be getting the vitamin c drops for him tonight!!

Well guys I am on that medication too... but I am confused, I get colds sometimes, sinus colds, and I expect a cough a tickle in my throat or scratchy feeling there and of course I cough to relieve it, yup mucus comes up... but its a cough that I will do maybe 10 in a row, and then the coughing is 'Gone.' Half hour later.... cough cough..... and then its gone but there is always that tickle I get before the coughing starts.

I am getting off this med... I know it's the medication... I don't have asthma ya sure I might get phlegm or congestion in my chest but this cough is medication induced. I have never had the vomiting part. I am with you guys about no one wants to sit next to you. My DIL thinks its the dust... but I get it ever where....

Ya... I took it for 2 months and it took about 4 weeks for my cough to fade away. I still have a very minor cough sometimes during the day but the night time horror has ended.

Good Luck!

60 yrs old, put on 10mg Lisinopril a couple weeks ago.... - coughing since day 1, not sleeping, and it's affecting my 'customer service' job where I'm at customers' offices. May try to split them and take 1/2 morning and night. Could that help? Do all ACE drugs have the same effects - so should I avoid others in that family? If this is the best, safest BP control, what would be the next best choices normally? What kind to try & what are their dangers? Want to be informed before I see the Dr in 2 wks, so I can ask the right questions. Determined to loose weight, exercise, eat better and not be on meds for the rest of my life!

I think the most helpful post was the one that says they cut it in half and took the other half later... I think I will do that starting tomorrow. Funny, think I don't do that coughing fit when I exercise... Guess I control my breathing and I am concentrating on the workout.

You can add me to this long list of victims of Lisinopril.

I started 10mg/day of this drug on January 18th. Had my first major coughing fit a few days later. Was walking in the mall when it occurred... actually wet my pants I was coughing so hard. I was mortified, to say the least.

It's been regular since then, day and night. I'm exhausted and my body feels beat up. I, too, went through all the concerns... lung cancer? throat cancer? What horrible thing do I have?

Then it dawned on me today to do some further research on Lisinopril. I entered "Lisinopril cough" into my search bar and boom...... up pops all of this information. Thank goodness it's here, at least we have SOME way of finding out.

I have no doubt my cough is the direct result of taking Lisinopril. While I'm glad I figured out what it is, it makes me so angry to read all of the above comments from other people who have endured this misery simply because they were not properly informed when prescribed this drug. This is beyond unacceptable.

I too, have taken lisinopril for several years and indeed have the little dry "hacking" cough. The cough I tolerate because the medication works and I have no other side effects of which I am aware. THE SOLUTION: Salt. Simple, but it works. I carry the little salt packets from drive-ins and keep a tiny container on my night stand. A few salt grains (from the tip of the finger to the mouth) controls the cough. People look at you funny, but just ignore them.

I too was a victim of my HMO no longer wanting to pay for my original blood pressure med last year 2010. The HMO recommended switching to a Generic or less expensive drug; Linisopril.

I immediately developed a horrendous cough. On my job, I talk all day. It was extremely embarrassing to start coughing, and then choking as my throat tightened to a point where I would have a "gag" reflex. It was worse at bedtime and I would no longer sleep in the bed so as not to awaken my spouse that was aggravated with my persistent cough. I thought I just had some kind of weird winter cough and was prescribed a cough med.

To no avail, after 3 months of the painful cough to the point of my ribs aching, I returned to the DR who said I had an ulcerated throat from the persistent coughing and could have actually broken my ribs. I was then put on Diovan and have had NO MORE COUGHS.

Now once again in 2011, my HMO no longer wants to pay for my Diovan and guess what substitute was on the list? Yes!!!!! Linisopril!!!! (I think I hear the violins playing from the movie Psycho!)

I was prescribed lisinopril 10 mg daily by my physician in the summer of 2010 due to high blood pressure. i was told there was a "slight chance of a mild cough" with this medication but was told i should go ahead with it because it worked so well.

near the end of august, i got a cold. at the tail end of the cold I developed a cough. the cold symptoms vanished within a few days. the cough? well, that remains.

it got so bad by September that I could hardly choke out a sentence. Talking was nearly impossible. I was hardly sleeping and any amount of exertion or exposure to cold sent my cough in to overdrive. I was coughing so violently that I frequently found myself in the bathroom hunched over the toilet gagging, dry heaving or actually vomiting. I won't go in to details, but at one point I thought I'd actually need to invest in some adult diapers. I even coughed so hard that I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye.

Along with the gagging, vomiting, blown blood vessels, lack of sleep and an inability to control bodily functions, I've pulled muscles in my back (more time than I can count) and in my abdomen. My back was such a mess from coughing at one point that I had to be put on some pretty heavy duty muscle relaxers and even had to miss multiple days at work.

The first doctor I saw (in late October) diagnosed me with bronchitis, gave me an inhaler and antibiotics and sent me on my way. No change in my cough. If anything, it got worse.

On Christmas eve, I went back to urgent care and was diagnosed with cough-variant asthma and was given a referral to an allergist.

I was then prescribed a nebulizer over the phone right after new years.

I saw an allergist in early January 2011. He ruled out allergies and asthma, gave me some more (expensive) inhalers and told me it could be an infection or acid reflux. He gave me prevacid and another antibiotic and sent on my way.

Still no change. On January 17 I saw another doctor who finally said he thought it was the lisinopril. He immediately took me off it and switched me to cozaar. He told me he thought the cough should be gone in 7-10 days.

I'm three weeks out and I'm still coughing. Not nearly as bad as I was (I can sleep again and don't cough to the point of gagging or vomiting)... heck... I can even go an hour or more with only the occasional cough, but talking still seems to trigger occasional coughing jags and it seems like I have nights where the cough is pretty bad.

I'm back to the doctor yet again Monday. This is absolutely ridiculous. This drug has basically ruined the last 5 1/2 months of my life. It's cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in missed work, prescriptions and medical bills. Had I been told the truth about how bad this cough could be, I would have NEVER agreed to start taking this medication. Doctors need to do their research and warn their patients before prescribing lisinopril.

The cough will eventually stop but as my previous post says... it took me a good 4 weeks. Now I'm back to normal but I thought I was terminally ill with something else. It appears to be a common thought for folks who are taking this drug and who are unaware of this horrible side effect.
Praise the Lord that it does indeed pass with time.

If the cough from an ace inhibitor is really bad, talk to your doctor about switching to an agiotensin receptor blocker instead. These are also used for high blood pressure but have been shown to have less effects on bradykinins, which are responsible for the cough.

I took Lisinipril for 5 years. Noticed the cough the first week, doc says he takes it, no cough but two nurses do. Said no problem.

Long story short, in addition to the cough, my voice changed and I had shortness of breath for all these years. Finally two months ago the build-up created such an illness, did I have whooping cough, walking pneumonia, bronchitis, congestive heart failure, COPD??

Asked family doc about having heart tested - all blood work, chest x-rays, stress tests, etc all showed perfect health. If so, why are my lungs hurting from the cough to the point of vomiting, sleepless nights, etc. It was really bad. Family doc finally said it was the Lisinipril, changed me to Benicar - coincidentally had 6 month check up with heart doc, and related all to him, he agreed with family doc, also said Benicar.

So, after 5 years of misery, after taking the Benicar for only 3 days all symptoms disappeared!! Cannot believe this - to me this is miraculous. I could not walk from my apt. door to the elevator without huffing and puffing due to the tightness of the bronchial. I am into the 3rd week on Benicar and cannot tell you all how great I feel.

I've been on lisinopril/HCTZ 10/12.5 for about 4 years. I live at 9700' and 10 days ago developed a dry hacking cough that kept getting worse. My symptoms are quite similar to many of you. I tried all the over the counter remedies, tea & honey, many cough drops. Nothing helped.

Finally went to my Doctor today and he took me off of lisinopril for two weeks. To see if if this clears up the cough. Assuming yes, then I will go back on lisinopril and see if the cough returns. It appears that once you have the lisinopril cough side effect it will return quickly if you go back on lisinopril.

I have written here before and have talked my doc into changing my medication she now has given me Cozaar (sp) I started that Sunday night on the 13th bye bye coughing medication but its been just a few days off of that killer coughing meds and I see no change. But I will be patient.

The tickle comes on like a wave then the hacking begins, because you wanna scratch your throat. Then it goes away as quickly as it came (the tickle) then I am fine. I can even (this may sound crazy) think about the tickle and BLAM it comes and I get to hacking again. Cough drops help, so does water but something thicker like a coke. You should see me sometimes at the movies I stuff pop corn in my mouth cause when it goes down it scratches my throat.

I was on Lisinopril for more than 5 years and I didn't notice any coughing fits just until last year. I do not wake up and start to cough but before I settle down to sleep I will have a coughing fit. Morning time I will have a fit and anytime during the day. If I get warm I cough up a storm (hey that rhymes) Nervous, I cough... maybe its all in my mind or maybe that's when my blood pressure goes up and the meds kick in...

I don't know and the doctors don't either. I still carry my inhalers.... god please help me!! You people say the cough is dry, I can agree but after the cough you cough up a bunch of stuff so that's when you think you have a cold or allergies. This is such a mystery.

How long does the cough take to go away? I've been off it for 5 days and I still have the cough. I was taking lisinopril for two months. Can someone let me know, help.


I took it for 2 months and it took me about 4 weeks for the cough to completely go away.
It takes a shorter time for some people but I'm not one of those people. It'll pass soon, I can assure you that.

I was diagnosed with heart problems in March of 2010 and put on Lisinopril and other drugs. I soon developed a chronic cough. My first cardiologist wrote me a prescription for cough medicine when I asked whether the beta blocker I was taking could cause a cough, saying that a non-generic beta blocker would cost me considerably more. I changed to another cardiologist because of the long time spent in the waiting room when I went for appointments with the first doctor.

The second cardiologist insisted that none of the drugs I was taking would cause a cough and suggested an over-the-counter antihistamine for what she thought was a seasonal allergy. I had suffered from this cough for 4 months and went nowhere without cough drops when my primary care physician told me that a cough is a common side effect of Lisinopril and changed my medication. It took a few weeks for the cough to disappear entirely. Needless to say, I found a third cardiologist, who, I later learned, had warned my husband to be alert for a cough.

I'm still outraged that two cardiologists were ignorant of a common side effect of a drug they frequently prescribe. Is it any wonder that the World Health Organization rates the U.S. 37th in quality of health care?

Feb 13, 20011 is when I stopped, today's date is 2/25/11... and no wave of a tickle in my throat... I thought I was going outta my mind... 2 weeks.

I had the Lisinopril cough for 8 months before I found this website. I'd been on antibiotics and steroids 6 times and was on 3 different allergy meds. I was only taking 2.5 mg's of lisinopril, but I was taking it for 5 years. My Dr. put me on something else yesterday and I already see a difference. I can't wait to feel normal again!

I was on HCTZ for several years. Then my BP started to rise, so my doctor put me on Benicar but the cost was outrageous!!! So I asked for a generic and that's when I was put on Lisinopril (January). I began to cough not long thereafter. I feel like I'm going to turn my lungs inside out. I've never coughed this hard EVER! I am asking for a change this week as I have tried everything, including rubbing my chest and throat with Vicks and wrapping, Mucinex DM, Sudafed Sinus, Fexophenadine, gargling salt water, cough syrup and cough drops. That's it, I'm through! I'm exhausted.

Good deal Raputa...only a matter of time now and you'll feel much better...hang in there!

raputa, may I ask what medication you were prescribed to replace the lisinopril? I, along with my father, decided to take him off the lisinopril a number of months ago. He has suffered serious reactions that almost proved fatal at the beginning of February. He is still in the hospital recovering.

Finally got the doctor to take me off of Lisinopril, been off for about 2 weeks, already the cough has GREATLY subsided! Doc put me on Losartan instead. (Taking 3 meds for bp: HCTZ, Losartan, and Metoprolol.)

No more cough. I went to a meeting with no bottle water or cough drops. I felt like a normal person again. Thank you for this website and the folks that add their comments.

My husband had hacking cough, nasal congestion and nasal drip! He was even coughing when he was asleep... I had to awaken him to give him a throat lozenge. My daughter and I have had interrupted sleep due to his coughing. I am excited and relieved that his physician has switched him to Losartan. I am crossing my fingers that this "side effect" cough will quickly disappear.


His cough will disappear. Been on Losartan for about 2 weeks now, cough is almost completely gone. Relief is on the way!!!!! :-)

BTW, almost 300 days since I've smoked! Yaaaaaaaay! Cigarettes, you can kiss my behind! Gone this long without you, I can go 300 more!

My doctor prescribed Lisinopril back in September 2010. I immediately started getting a whole range of side effects, including the cough. I complained to the doctor and he said cut the pills in half and just take half a pill. When I started doing that, after a while the side effects when away EXCEPT for the cough.

The cough lingered and lingered and never went away. Finally, "I" decided I am not going to do this anymore. I stopped taking the Lisinopril but the cough stayed. I complained again to my doctor and he prescribed Hyzaar. Haven't got that one yet, will soon. However, the cough has stayed with me to this day. One Saturday night while at home watching TV, I glanced over at my wife and smiled at her, felt one of those big, huge coughs coming on, sat up in my chair near its edge getting ready for the coughing jag to follow and then . . . I PASSED OUT COLD!

Fell to the floor, hit my head, broke my glasses, cut my nose, bleeding all over the place. Needless to say, it scared the wife to death. I don't know how long I was out, but she called 9-1-1 and I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. They found absolutely nothing wrong with me and the doctors in the emergency room also blamed the Lisinopril. Haven't been on Lisinopril but still have a lingering cough, but it is getting better--slowly, very slowly.

I just got off the Lisinopril my goodness, all I did for the 5 weeks on it was cough day and night nothing at all would help it, started thinking I really had something serious or something. My mom who is living here and fighting her own battle with cancer mentioned something my nephew took years ago and I asked my Doc to call it in, I took one pill last night and finally got some sleep. All day today did not cough one time, these had been really horrible coughing attacks day and especially at night. Its called Benzonatate, but make sure its ok w your Dr-need script for it, and very dangerous to kids. Well good luck to all. By the way now on Diovan and started my exercising again tonight, to get off these meds for good!

I've been off lisinopril since February 13 and after a week and a half the "tickle" in my throat went away but I still had a cough. It's been 3 weeks, and two days ago the tickle in my throat came back. Is this normal for this to happen? Plus I've been hoarse for 3 weeks, can you help me please?

It took me a while to make the connection, but after reading many of these posts, I am convinced that my cough is a result of this med as well. My doctor started me on it around Thanksgiving 2010, and I have had a cough ever since. I thought at first it was just a winter cough, but it just wouldn't go away. Like another person mentioned, it gets so bad that I am gagging and sometimes vomiting, eyes watering & people look at me like I have TB or something. Cough syrup don't help, water doesn't help. I'm calling my doctor ASAP to find an alternative. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

I have been on lisinopril for two years. Shortly after starting this drug I developed what I thought was a sinus infection and irritating cough. Have gone to an ENT and he said it was from deviated septum. Had this procedure done and no affect. Then he inserted stints in sinus cavity. Still no affect. Then he prescribed several vapor sprays with still no affect. In fact now it is worse. This is the first I have heard of the lisinopril cough and an wondering of this could be what I have.

In my case, i happen to have read most of the comments on this site before commencing lisinopril just today. I had been prescribed lisinopril thrice earlier but refused to use it in view of the many negative comments about it i have read on this site in past months.

My cardiologist however insists it is best for my situation and on crosschecking with a nephrologist, he feels the same. I therefore am very hesitatingly commencing the use of lisinopril but wander whether there is no other equally effective drug to protect cardiovascular and renal functions without these lisinopril side effects.


Many people can take an ACE inhibiter like lisinopril without experiencing any side effects of developing a cough. You may be one of the lucky ones. ACE inhibitors are great drugs...if you don't experience complications. Good luck!

A great big THANK YOU to all the people who took the time to post their experience here! I was on the medicine for 3 months before I found this site... and what a difference my life has been now that I am no longer taking it.

During a hospital stay in December, my BP was slightly elevated & the attending issued Lisinopril. My primary physician agreed that I should be on the medicine as well. I always read about the medicines I am prescribed, but when reading that "the less serious side effects may include coughing, etc." you don't think that it would be something as life-altering as the cough was.

I was coughing within the week, but I was unfortunate enough to catch the flu and was sidelined by those symptoms. Several weeks later and I was still coughing, but the cough was noticeably different. I too had the "tickle" deep in my throat, went through bottles of Delsym and packs of Cepacol, but nothing worked for more than a short time. I had to constantly excuse myself from meetings or phone calls because of the severity. As for sleep, forget about it! My doctor & testing bills - not to mention time missed from work - just kept going up and I was miserable.

It has only been a week since I stopped taking the medicine and now I have just the occasional cough. Yay for me and the many others who have recovered!

Seriously people, ask your doctor about Losartan. Seems to be working wonders for me. Doc took me off Lisinopril and put me on Losartan. (Actually, I'm on 3 meds: HCTZ, Losartan, Metoprolol). Couple of weeks ago had a checkup and my bp numbers were 120/70!!!!! :-) And that cough is history!!!!!!!

I'm so glad to have found all these comments about Lisinopril HCTZ. For three months now, I have had a nagging cough day and night. It's too the point where my throat feels so dry I can barely talk and I need to keep water and cough drops with me wherever I go. It feels like I'm gagging on something. Finally told the doctor and she switched me to Losartan HCTZ. I'm hoping the cough goes away now. I've lost so much sleep over this cough. I'm sure my family will be glad to not hear me cough all night now.

All I can say I am totally free of the coughing, its been months .

Today marks 13 days that I have been off of Lisinopril, and my cough is practically gone. Unfortunately, I can't get my Dr.'s office to call me back about switching to a different med so for now I am going without. It is absolutely worth it, to me, not to have that horrible cough.


Your physician absolutely MUST respond to your calls and come with an alternative that does NOT cause cough! We cannot imagine a doctor who would ignore a patient's request for contact about something so very important. Please do not give up. Keep calling!

Just thought I would add my comments as well. I was told my cough may be caused by acid reflux (GERD) and put on the purple pill. After 3 months, no better. Finally went to an ENT. He put a scope down my throat and said everything looked fine, but just in case he put me on a nasal spray Omnaris? and Advair inhaler. Told me to try it for 10 days and if no improvement, then we would get some chest x-rays done. I put down Lisinopril as a med I was taking, but it wasn't mentioned as a possible culprit.

My boss at work mentioned he had the same issue with Lisinopril as did a friend of his. They both got rid of their cough immediately after stopping taking this. It has been about 4 days for me so far and the cough is still with me, but seems to be going away. It has been such a pain to deal with. Thanks to everyone for sharing your comments.

Maybe some of our doctors should read these posts instead of continuing treatment after treatment without even mentioning the possibility of this seemingly well-known side-effect from Lisinopril.

I can't believe what I'm reading. My doctor put me on Lisinopril/HCTZ a week and a half ago and almost immediately after starting it, I had the cough, gagging, scratchy throat and have been waking up three times a night feeling like I was choking. I asked one of the ENT doctors at my work what I could take for my "post nasal drip" and when I mentioned that I was taking this BP med, she said to go off it ASAP, the cough can lead to much worse reactions. I am going to wait for my follow up appointment with my doctor and let him know about this. It's too bad, my BP has been really great on the Lisinopril and I have had no other side effects. =(

I too have been on this medicine for high blood pressure. Developed a terrible cough. I went through every test known to man. Chest Xrays, cat scans of my chest, and blood work. Also, checked for fungal infections. All were negative.

It took a woman doctor at a VA hospital to tell me that Lisinopril, one of the side effects is dry cough. Changed my medicine and feeling a lot better.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I started Lisinopril in December 2010, developed a cough 3 weeks later. Will be contacting my doctor for alternative meds.

Wow, I want to thank this site so much! I've been on lisinopril for 4 days and have developed the ugliest cough ever. Here I sit on a Tuesday morning and 3 am writing this cause of this side-effect. No matter what, I'm stopping this medication. I'd probably be better served working out and eating right, then taking this God awful pill!

I've had genetically triggered High Blood Pressure since I was in my 20's. I had hbp even when I was doing long distance running (10 miles per day). When I was in the Navy, my HBP was compounded by my job (submarine Machinist's Mate) which meant that I was regularly shorted on sleep (36 hour duty days were common) which was compounded by a high fat/low exercise lifestyle diet.

At one point, the Navy docs recorded my unregulated BP at 156/120. I was 25, 6'1" and weighed in at 186. I was then put on Vasotec. Vasotec worked well. I don't remember many side effects, but I seemed to have a recurrent regular problem with pre-mature ejaculation. My wife was not pleased (pardon the pun).

Later, a civilian doc perscribed Hyzaar. Same side effect. Different wife. BC/BS (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) decided that Hyzaar was too expensive. So, my doc prescribe Lisinopril HCL. I get the dry cough... after two years it occurred to me to just carry some Ricola cough drops with me everywhere. I went back and read the side effects brochure about lisinopril. I can deal with the cough, because the others apparently can cause liver damage and the premature ejaculation problem is common.

Thank you all for the valuable info all of you provided... I started taking lisinopril on March 31, 2011, and since then had chronic cough, vomiting, and stomach pain. I thought I it was my allergies. But I take cough medicine for that and it was not working... Went with my husband to his Dr. appointment and his Dr. asked was I taking any meds that end in pril and he said he would ask me and when he did I said my new BP meds and I went on website to check side effects and what did I see? All the symptoms I was having... Thanks so much for your stories.

I'm so happy to find this info out, I've been having coughing and a feeling of constriction in my throat ever since I've started this medication.... I only started Lisinopril because my insurance would no longer pay for the Avalide I was taking. The Doctor said he could not fight back against the insurance unless I took Lisinopril and had a problem with it... I'd say this is a problem...

I've only been taking this for 10 days and it's already a problem, it's great to have this answer as I had no idea what my problem was even tho I had just started this... you'd think I'd have see the connection... but I thought I was in the progression of a heart problem, I was getting seriously concerned. I am in a remote area and won't be able to see my doctor or get another prescription for a week, so tomorrow I will cut my pills in half.... It's hard to believe that this thread has existed since July of 2009, here it is almost May of 2011!!

I will pay for my Avalide if I have to but am getting off this Lisinipril!

Thanks for the postings. I have had this cough for over 6 weeks, I cant sleep, perform my job duties on the phone, or eat good meals because I choke and at times vomit. I get the tingling in my throat, followed by watery eyes, then I cough and choke for 5-10mins. I have taken all the over the counter cough meds in the world, nothing works. This Lisinopril is a silent killer. I have been off it for a week now, although I am still choking, I am very encouraged by all your posts, I think my cough drys will end. If anybody has a remedy to control the cough please post. Thanks

Same thing with me, but in my case the pharmacist told me it would happen. For me it is a terrible itch in my throat that leads to sneezing. It happens sometimes out of a sound sleep. It's funny because the antihistamine and cough suppressant will raise your blood pressure. Doctors should get incentives to make people healthy not to push meds.

What does a lisinopril cough sound like?

Thank God for this site!!! all of these stories are mines, My doctor put me on Lisinopril 5MG three weeks ago and almost immediately after starting it, I had the cough, gagging, scratchy throat and have been waking up three times a night feeling like I was choking, I get no sleep, cannot function at work, I contacted my Doctor only because her nurse had stated that when you start taking this medicine you might have the clear your throat, through out the day, I didn't understand what she was telling me until I started clearing my throat then coughing, nearly choking to death, every time. Thank God I caught this in time.

I have been off this BP medicine for a week, nothing has changed, hopefully soon I will be over this nightmare. My PD did subscribe me a different BP medicine.

Many of the commentators here mention that they were put on another BP prescription. It would be helpful for people to share the name of the new BP prescription and say a word or two about it.

I had exactly the same symptoms... chronic cough over five months to the point that I couldn't get through a one-hour meeting without hacking. Dropped the LISINOPRIL. At first, there didn't seem to be any change, but over a few months the cough slowly subsided to the point that there is just a tickle and occasional cough now. Interestingly enough, BP is pretty good.

A side comment to my fellow diabetics out there who might also be prescribed a statin for high cholesterol: Make sure you look into CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10). I took Lipitor and my leg muscles atrophied something awful. My friend almost lost his legs entirely. Changed to CoQ10, a natural substance that the body produces itself and cholesterol is great and no side effects. Cheap and available over the counter at Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc.

I took Lisinopril for ca 3 month and the cough was really bad. I told my doctor and she put me on Diovan. That's about 9 month ago I'm still coughing and it drives me insane. Does anybody else has this problem? I ask my Cardiologist and my Family Doctor both tell me it has nothing to do with the other medication I take: Metoprolol, Simvastatin and Plavix.
Maybe one of you has an answer for me.


Petra: I stopped LISINOPRIL in December. It's now May and the cough has SLOWLY gone away. For me, at least, the drug seems to get out of my system very slowly, but the cough is getting better. Hope you start seeing results also.

thanks Biff, I hope so too, it's really annoying.


I quit Lisinopril last year (four months at 5mg, then 2.5mg for two months) and it took over four months for the coughing to disappear completely. My BP went up three months ago and I restarted 2.5mg. Within a week the cough was back. My MD says this is an allergic reaction but I am inclined to think of it as just a side effect.

Whatever the case, this thread is almost two years old and I don't believe anyone has discussed how to treat the cough after discontinuing the drug. It's interesting that no one's MD or a pulmonary specialist has offered an inhaler or other treatment to cope with the bronchitis.

I was initially prescribed 25mg HCTZ for mild hypertension several years ago. Due to a rise in BP my doctor put put me on Lisinopril/HCTZ 20-12.5 mg a few months ago. She also prescribed Loratadine for allergy symptoms.

I developed a chronic cough that seemed to be worse but more "productive" during my allergy seasons. But, even when I felt that other allergy symptoms had subsided after peak spring and fall allergy times the dry cough remained. Although I would have coughing episodes during the day, nighttime was the most bothersome. If I changed positions during sleep for example, turning from my right to left side caused throat tickling on the left side of my throat resulting in 10 to 20 minutes of coughing and vice versa.

I am a dental hygienist and review medical history/medication changes with each patient. It suddenly occurred to me that what I was experiencing was similar to symptoms reported by other patients who were forced to change BP medications due to chronic coughs.

I certainly will not discontinue my Lisinopril until I discuss this with my doctor. Until then I will continue to keep an ANESTHETIC SORE THROAT SPRAY by my bed for these nightly episodes. As a hygienist I am reluctant to use cough drops due to the increased risk of tooth decay, but the numbing effect of a localized throat spray has allowed me to get a better night's rest.

Another thank you for this information. Someone at work that was tired of hearing me cough all the time told me about someone she knew that had this happen due to lisinopril. So I went to my Dr today. I've been taking lisinopril for 2 years but only developed the cough about 6 weeks ago. Dr switched me to Havzaar, thank goodness there's a generic now, and I'm hoping this cough goes away quickly! I'll let you all know how long it takes.

I've been taking lisinopril-5mg from MARCH 30, 2011, TO NOW, I start coughing, in the day time, and now it's bad. It's night now, an I can't sleep. and I feel so tired all the time. So today I called my doctor and am waiting for the physician to call back.

I am so happy I found this site. My cough now wakes me up through the night. I just called my Cardiologist and am hoping for a quick return call. I just can't live like this. All those cough descriptions - I have them too. I have been in lisinopril since April 2011. I make my kids scared and my co-workers upset. I'll take whatever solution I can. Thanks for sharing your stories. They helped me tremendously.

Michele: High blood pressure is a health risk, but so is lack of sleep due to coughing caused by lisinopril. I got off it 5 months ago and my cough is down to a tickle. Please see your doctor RIGHT AWAY and get the heck off of lisinopril. I'm so glad that I did. My best wishes to you.

I too had the chronic cough and I too had it so bad I thought I was going to cough my lung out. They took me off and switched me to Losartan. That does not control the BP as well but it helps. I got diagnosed with lung cancer in Dec 2010 and I am a smoker, but I have to wonder about the lisinopril.

Since being on Lisinopril for the past 18 months or so, I've had more anxiety, fatigue, headaches and dizziness, stomach issues and slightly higher blood sugar levels even with proper diet and exercise.

I did have a cough but not to the degree that has often been described on this site. With my doctor's okay, I've slowly worked myself off the Lisinopril and have been off it for about 6 days now. My husband says my mood is better however, I'm still very tired and now am dealing with recurring migraine headaches. As I have to obtain my Rx's through mail pharmacy, I'm still waiting for the replacement bp drug, Cozaar. Would like to have this awful Lisinopril out of my system and start fresh with the Cozaar. Has anyone experienced "rebound migraines" when they stopped the Lisinopril?? Also, how long do symptoms of the Lisinnopril last once you stop the drug?? thank you!

I have been on lisinopril for 5 yrs. I have had a nagging cough since. 18 months ago it got worse with the onset of bronchitis. I have been to the Dr. 6 times since, specifically for the cough, not one mentioning it could be my bp meds. I have coughed so hard I burst blood vessels in my eyes I looked horrible, but still nothing from the Dr. After a friend mentioned the lisinopril I started to research it.

I am no longer on it, am waiting on the dr to put me on something else. She didn't want to change it, but I insisted! I just hope this fixes it. I want my life back & a good nights sleep. Good luck to all! and remember, the Dr doesn't always know best. I got my info from my Pharmacist! she's my hero now!

I have been on lisinprol since Aug 2010 in April i developed a cough, stomach pain. I had to endoscopy's chest x-ray blood and nothing wrong. I was just sent to a throat Dr and was told it is from lisinaprol omg. I have been coughing and vomiting for 2 months no sleep.

I have been put on Amlodipine Besylate about 3 weeks ago. It does not control my BP as well as Linsinopril, but it's not expensive. The Lisinopril cough is slowly going away.

I am back with an update.... the cardiologist changed the meds over the phone. Called in Norvasc instead. Been off lisinopril for two weeks. The very night of my first day without lisinopril, I did NOT cough in the night. I slept right through. It was heavenly.

Bit by slowly, over the next three days, periods of time without coughing increased. After five days off it, maybe I would cough once a day (and with much less intensity). Now two weeks off it, no cough at all, ever!! I am still angry with my GP for not asking the simple question, "What meds do you take?" He was ready to lead me down the poke and prod path of testing and $$$$. What a valuable tool this site has been for me. I am a grateful reader. Best wishes to all of you for relief from this nasty coughing.

I cannot believe what I am reading! I was put on lisinopril 3 months ago for mild hypertension. About 1 month ago, I started with saliva production that could fill a tub. It made me get out of bed at night to compose myself. Then came the cough, gagging and huge amount of secretions. I actually had to pull off the road while driving to gag on the side of the road and regroup.

I am scheduled for general anesthesia next week and terrified of airway issues, so yesterday I stopped the med and called my doctor. She told me to stay off it and prescribed cozaar. The cough is already improving!
Thanks for the validation....

I went to the Dr.s three weeks ago for a sinus infection - found I had high bp so they put me on Lisinopril. Withing 2 days started to hack and hack and hack so bad at times felt like I was choking. My voice very nearly went - so saw the Dr and I had chest inf on antibiotics and was told to stop the Lisinopril till end of antibiotics.

Went back to GP bp was even higher than before - always lower when I take it at my work GP surgery. Dr put me on Lisinopril and Amlodipine - I stated my bp always higher than when at work - his reply we'll need a bp reading here. So foolishly agreed to start the Lisinopril again with the amlodipine.

Again had a cough although never really left me came back sometimes to the point I couldn't get my breath. Been on both meds again for just over 1 week. Major breaking point on Friday 24th - told my husband not taking the Lisinopril as since been on it I have felt worse than before I started taking meds. Not gonna be popular with GP on Thurs when I go back but hey THEY ARE NOT THE ONES COUGHING THERE GUTS UP DAY AND NIGHT - will keep you posted.

Was put on 5 mg. daily of Lisinporil for elevated blood pressure, but Internist not sure from pressures of having breast cancer followed by shoulder, neck pain after surgery. At first, developed cough and hoarseness that went away. Start taking March 3. On June 24 developed a dry cough and after three days of that and nearly passing out this morning I left a message on the Dr. answering machine as everyone was out for the day.

THEN, I read this site and am convinced it is the pill as I have no fever or anything else to indicate other issues. I am taking myself off the pill for tonight and checking with my doctor in the morning. I am so thankful for reading this as thought maybe it was in my head, but I really sensed something was wrong and that it might be that side effect. However, my Internist did tell me to let him know if I developed a cough that didn't go away so at least I feel he was on top of that part and we'll see what happens. THANKS for the info.

I have also had this cough for quite sometime, but I mainly get it at night after I have taken Lisiniprol. Is the cough kind of a barky cough? Please let me know. Thank You, Barb

I was prescribed Lisinopril on 6/27-11. I started out just taking 1/2 tablet in the morning and the other half before going to bed. I am 5'0" and am aware that in most cases a person of 6'2" will get the same dosage as a small framed person.

After only two days of taking Lisinopril I developed a nagging dry cough, tickly throat and a bad post nasal drip. My doctor knows I have a history of bronchial colds which have made my lungs very sensitive to coughing. I've managed to keep from catching a cold for over 2yrs due to the fear of the severe coughing. So I wondered why in the world she would give me this medication.

When I emailed her about it she showed little concern or "oh I made a mistake" gesture. She failed to look at my medi-history as well as focusing on the medication's side effect.

I still have the cough. Now I doubt my doctor's decision making qualifications. I'm tired of coughing (after 3wks)
Thanks for this site.

Just started taking lisinopril July 10. Immediately got the tickling cough and does anyone have leg cramps? Each night I have and have to take a leg cramp homeopathic remedy. Thinking of calling doctor's office come Monday morning. This medication also gives me a "feeling" somewhat like "uneasiness". Difficult to describe.

I have been on lisinopril for over a year. I kept telling my Doctor about this constant coughing and clearing my throat, sometimes to the point of nausea. He never once mentioned that it could be the medication.

It wasn't until he was vacation, and I had to see his associate that I found out about the coughing. She heard it and asked me if I was taking Lisinopril. She did prescribe something else, but unfortunately, it was worse. I became so constantly nauseated that I went back to the Lisinopril.

The point is she, a young doctor, told me right away what she suspected was the problem. My original doctor is an older older man who only wants to talk about his son, the chef. I didn't realize that until after seeing the other doctor too.

Needless to say I now have a new doctor who is trying to help me. No solution yet, but she is at least making an effort to find a better medication for me, and I greatly appreciate that.

I have been on Lisinopril for almost 6 years. At first the coughing was sporadic with heavy bouts only at night. It has been a month I refilled my prescription and the coughing has gotten real bad. I was treated for ragweed allergy but the cough persisted. So now I have asked to go off Lisinopril after being told by the pharmacist and doctor that this might be the cause. I wonder why no one has thought about making a change to the formula.

I had been on Lisinopril for going on five years. Started at 20mg then after a time was bumped up to 40mg. I've always had issues with sinus drainage so didn't think much about the chronic post nasal drip and fatigue I developed after having a bad cold two and a half years ago. I have been to numerous doctors have had many tests as well as a chest x-ray and tried everything from allergy shots to antihistamines and way too many rounds of antibiotics when the drip created the conditions for lower respiratory infections.

Earlier this year the symptoms worsened with chest pains, and tightness and shortness of breath. I had undergone nasal surgery earlier in the year to repair a deviated septum in hopes that it would cure the drip as well, but to no avail. Several weeks after the surgery at a followup with my ENT, she suggested that the Lisinopril may be the cause of all my misery, and suggested that I get off of it. I was put on Amplodipine for a few days, but my BP started spiking. I was also having lower respiratory issues, and my GP put me back on Lisinopril and I went through three rounds of antibiotics. I have been working out of town pulling long hours for most of the summer, and was beginning to get desperate.

I called my GP and demanded to be taken off the Lisonpril. He put me back on Amlodipine and when I went to the out of town pharmacy to pick up my prescription, the pharmacist there was very knowledgeable of the side effects of Lisinopril, aside from the dry cough, which I never had, and she was particularly concerned that I was having shortness of breath. I asked her how long before the side effects would go away, and she said it could take 3-6 months.

It had been four weeks, and I have noticed some changes. Less tightening in the chest and pain, but still occasionally short of breath, and the post nasal drip and post nasal cough continues, particularly at night and when I first get up in the morning. I just hope that eventually the rest of these symptoms will go away and I can get my life back.

This drug Lisinopril is horrible, and I don't think that they tell you the whole suite of side effects that may occur. By the way, I went off the Amlodipine after two weeks because it was causing swelling in my feet and ankles. I'm now trying to manage my BP with diet and as my breathing improves, with regular exercise.

I have had a persistent, non-productive cough for over a year now. This is my second episode. My first episode occurred about three years ago but abated suddenly. At that time I was taking Quinapril. Today, I'm on Diovan/HCT. During my first episode I went to see a pulmonologist, who ordered a C-T scan and breathing tests (spirometry). Nothing definitive was found. He prescribed an inhaler (Alvesco) and Tessalon perles; neither proved effective.

The very same afternoon I visited an ENT, who stuck a probe down my throat, looked around, and found nothing notable.

Currently I'm with a new pulmonologist. I described the symptoms of my cough in great detail, hoping that will lead to a cause and cure. The following triggers often bring on my cough:
1. Attempts to speak,
2. Aromas of certain foods,
3. An occasional spasming sensation in my upper chest/lower throat,
4. Leaning back in a chair, or lying down completely.

Conversely, here's one "trick" I discovered quite accidentally at the supermarket that suppresses the urge to cough for up to ten minutes: inhaling the aromas of laundry detergents and related products. I kid you not!
Since I've never taken Lisinopril, I'm wondering whether my cough is triggered by something other than medications.

My response to taking Lisinopril is a little different; although I too, had a chronic cough for almost two years and went through the different tests for chronic breathing difficulties and allergies problems and of course nothing ever showed positive. Here is my story.

One day at work a co-worker and I were talking about my health issues and she brought to my attention that sometimes Blood Pressure medications will cause chronic coughs--so I went to my Walmart pharmacy and spoke with the Pharmacist and he confirmed that I was taking Lisinopril and yes it could be causing my cough.

Here is the kicker in 2008 I found out due to the chronic cough it had caused my bladder muscles to weaken and I ended up having a sling put in. I literally lost all bladder function one day and one week later was having surgery to put a sling in. FYI-five days before the surgery I stopped taking Lisinopril and was cough free, maybe if I found out sooner I would not have had to have the surgery.

No medical proof to this, just a pharmacists knowledge and my decision to discontinue taking Lisinopril. No problems at this point, expect for urgency. Just working on correcting that problem. Also, wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation.

I started taking Lisinopril for albumin in my blood stream. I do not have heart or diabetic problems. Since I started taking the medicine, I have done nothing but cough. At first I thought it was a cold, but after two weeks of coughing, called the doctor's office & was told it was from the Lisinopril and put me on another cough medicine.

I have not taken Lisinopril for 1 week and still I am coughing. Why is this drug used by doctor's when there are so many complaints about the coughing?

hello everybody, I am male, 49 years old and 6'4"

I started taking Lisinopril in july of 2010.Never had BP medication before.. I was without any side effects til November then I started coughing.It got worse, so I went back to my MD and was prescribed some cough medication..didnt cough continued..then finally in March of 2011 I found this site and desided to give it a try and slowly get off Lisinopril.

I had started to lose some weight and started exercising again. So after 2 weeks of slowly reducing the dose I was off.I bought a BP Monitor and changed my diet .I wanted to try everything to get off that devilish medication. My coughign got better and after 1 week of stopping the Lisinopril it was gone.I did all that without going back to my MD which I would not recommend but Ix guess I am just stubborn.

Now my BP is totally normal,thanks to excercise and better diet..I still check my Bp every day and its fine. I think something needs to be done to get tht Lisinopril off the market. For everybody here suffering, don't give up .just hang in there and get off that stuff..

Good Luck and thank you for this site..


I have been on lisinopril for over a year now, and have had such a bad cough that it interfered with my life and work. I tried the other types of bp meds, but none worked as well as lisinopril.

I actually did finally find something that helps reduce and/or cure the lisinopril hack. It's simply taking an iron supplement. (There is a Japanese study out there somewhere but I can't find it.)

If you take an iron supplement, you will see a reduced cough rate within a few days. It can take 2-4 weeks to get rid of the cough completely.

I've been taking iron at night time for the past 5 weeks, and I can honestly say I haven't coughed in 7 days now. :) Quite remarkable!

As always, be sure to check with your doctor first before taking any medications and/or supplements!

Good luck!


I've been on lisinopril since March, 2011. Developed a persistent cough within days. Doctor didn't think it was the medication and refused to take me off of it. Also started taking Gemfibrozil right around the same time. My doctor was convinced it was acid reflux and that I needed surgery to correct the problem. I started doing some investigation on my own looking up the side effects of both medications, almost every side effect was listed for both drugs and I was suffering severely.

I stopped taking both meds on my own, had a appointment with my gastroenterologist, he was convinced the coughing was from the lisinopril. Another call to the family doctor and now I'm back on Atenolol. Everyone if you're not feeling well after a few days of being on a new med, re-read the side effects for all new medications.

This website is unbelievable ! ! I've been on Lisinopril for 2 years. I started coughing this past June. Diagnosed w/bronchitis twice, at least 4 or 5 rounds of antibiotics. Nothing helped. Then they said allergies. So I started allergy pills. No help.

I've gone through 7 bottles of cough syrup since the end of June. And I don't know how many bags of Halls. So bad at night, I had to go to the ER twice. I could hardly breathe. Everything felt like it was closing up. Horrible feeling. They still said bronchitis. I cough so bad I start gagging & losing my breath. This goes on for 2 to 3 hours sometimes. I have lost all bladder control when this horrible coughing starts. I have never coughed this violently in my life ever.

I went to an urgent care facility yesterday after a very bad night on Saturday. After I told the doctor all this history, and oh let's not forget 4 chest x-rays in 2 months, she comes out with the Lisinopril causing this. My mouth hit the floor. I contacted my doctor today and of course stopped taking it. He will put me on something different. Also prednisone for a couple weeks for the cough. That helps very much.

You've all been so helpful on this website & made me feel that I'm not the only one going through this. Thank you so much. I am very hopeful now that I will stop coughing.

I did not get the cough but I did end up with sever stomach pains. I also suffer from Crohn's and have a very sensitive system. I called my Dr. and he stated that it was not likely that the medication would cause stomach pains. I went online and read and guess what... Severe stomach was listed as one of the serious side effects. I stopped taking it that day and have not gone back to that Dr.

This website is very enlightening! Just found it. Can't sleep due to coughing so I was searching the web and found this interesting website. I started on Lisinopril in July and have many of the symptoms mentioned - coughing, tickle in throat, increased asthma symptoms (need rescue inhaler more than usual). My Doctor says it is allergies. I just took my last dose Lisinopril last night! I am calling my Doctor today to let her know I need to change blood pressure medications. Thank you all for your posts!

Started taking lisinopril 2 weeks ago, which is about the time my cough started. This cough is unreal! I have only slept about an average of three hours nightly since.

I have had coughing spells like this in the past, like a post nasal drip from allergies. At first I just thought thats all it was. However, it never lasts this long or is this unrelenting. It is a gagging, tickle in your throat type of cough.

I have finished a whole bottle of Mucinex cough, a whole bag of cough drops, lots of Advil for the body aches and headache from coughing, prescription type zyrtec daily, several nebulizer treatments, nose sprays, and I have to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go. After a couple nights of coughing so hard, I woke up with diminishing vision in my R eye and had to go to the ER that day. Also went to two eye doctors since. None of them can figure out what happened to my eye. I think it had something to do with coughing so much! Going for MRI today. Luckily I asked for the upright kind because every time my head hits the pillow another coughing spell starts.

Called the doc right before getting on this web site to ask for a different high bp med. Hope it doesn't take a long time to get out of my system like some people are reporting. Good luck to all!

I stopped taking lisinopril yesterday and now have high hopes of feeling better. The doc has put me on hyzaar for the bp. That cough has been driving me mad; Like so many others here I have been getting through masses of throat sweets, halls, cough mixture, gargling with salt water or mouthwash. My whole mouth feels sort of scorched, as if I had drunk something too hot and scalded my tongue. I was even thinking of going to the dentist for this soreness, but will now wait and see if it improves.

Anyway, I'm rather annoyed that I was put on lisinopril in the first place as I've just had a big hernia operation and one of the things that can cause a repair to fail is persistent coughing. I do think that it is a mistake to put oneself completely in the hands of the doctors. We have to read up on whatever health problems we have and educate ourselves too.

I wished I found this website sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of time determing what was causing me to cough, have a runny nose, and watery eyes over the last 16 months.

I was prescribed Lisincopril July 2010 and began coughing ever since.I've been off the Lisincopril for two days and my cough has been considerable less. I had my doctor to prescribe something else. Everyone's post has been very helpful.

Thank you.

Great site! I have probably been on Lisinopril the longest of anyone on this thread, approx. ten years. I always knew the 'cough' was a 'gift' from taking the med but I didn't have it so bad and I lived with it. I now think that my 'post-nasal drip' is another 'benefit' of taking this med as it would never go away.

Well I have now started to experience more frequent, stronger coughs plus a feeling of 'fullness' at the bottom of my throat. I never connected the inability to sleep as being Lisinopril related and just thought it was an aging thing. I need to take melatonin every night (just upped the dosage on that from 3mg to 6mg) or I toss and turn the night away. I have been prescribed Lisinopril 20 mg twice a day and that is the uppermost end of the dosing recommendation. I am going to stop this med for a few days and monitor my B/P daily until I see my doctor for a change of med.

I have recently lost ten pounds and am determined to get that down as quickly as possible (need to lose another 30lbs.). I have a knee problem that needs surgery but I can't do that right now, so that limits my exercise options at the moment as I don't live in the states. So as another poster said he was determined to get off of all meds by diet and exercise and he did. I agree with him 150%! I believe our bodies tell us what is wrong with us, if we just listen and become educated to what they are trying to tell us!

My doctor prescribed lisinopril for my kidneys and eyes due to my diabetes. I started having a bad dry cough and my father told me it was probably the lisinopril. So I asked my Dr about it and this was his reply..."I've never heard of it causing any cough."

People's Pharmacy response: Your father is right. Your doctor may have reasons for wanting you to stay on an ACE inhibitor, but denying the side effect is not an appropriate tactic.

Check here:

I have been on lisinipril for about 2 years but I was also on ultram 50mg on and off for those years. While on the ultram I didn't have the constant cough but I have been clean and sober for 2 months and now have the persistent cough. Did the ultram stop the cough? My daughter and son were both on lisinipril and had to stop due to a constant cough. help!!!!

I was taking 20mg's of Lisinopril. One weekend while visiting in Albany, NY I was getting a gagging tickle. I would hold on to the bed, control my breathing while my stomach would sort of wretch. Stopped the Lisinopril & within a day or so, the problem went completely away. I unnecessarily suffered for all of those days with a tickling, gagging tickle in the throat.

I started Lisinopril 10 mg on Friday of last week. Within 3 days, I have started with the persistent coughing. My throat feels like it's draining mucous, all the while it feels like it's on fire. It gets worse at night once I lay down. I was prescribed this medicine to help clear up protein in my urine, because I am diabetic. I never really read the side-effects label on the bottle until I felt that I had coughed my head off, and being that this was the only new medicine that I had started, I figured that it had to be the new medicine.

The coughing turned into gagging, which turned into vomiting, then I couldn't keep anything down. This caused me to eat less, and I had a horrible Thanksgiving because I had no appetite.

I am thankful for all of the stories here, I thought I was literally going crazy. I will be calling my doctor tomorrow for her to discontinue this medication. It is not worth risking being comfortable more than maybe 20 minutes a day. I need to get back to normal, this is worse than giving myself injections of insulin.

I have been on Lisinopril for sometime and I accidentally ran across this site while trying to figure out this cough. For 3 years I have been on this and no physician I have seen brought this to my attention to this. Why is it so hard to just tell a patient when they know something like this or is it the pharmaceutical companies ? HELP ME

My husband had the exact symptoms described above... he would cough and gag so hard that he couldn't catch his breath. After many doctor visits, x-rays, reflux tests and exams, his doctor had no clue what was wrong.

On a whim, I called our pharmacy and asked if any of his medications could cause a cough.... she said Lisinopril which he was taking for high blood pressure. We contacted his office and spoke to a nurse on duty... she said that Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor, has a reputation for causing a chronic cough.

Since practically every nurse I've talked to said the same thing, I'm wondering WHY the doctor didn't know that Lisinopril was to blame.

I cannot even explain how this drug ruined my quality of life for the past 3 months
It was precribed for high blood pressure first med I had been on for this. When it was given to me the Phys Assistant said you may get a cough just work through it. Well it kicked in a month after taking it and its been the worst cough ive ever had. Coughing fits with wretching gagging and loss of bodily functions. I cannot explain what its been like. Im afraid to go places because a fit may occur. Its made me depressed and although I have stopped I am still waiting for it to go away. The gagging is so awful and there is nothing to do for it. I have gone through bags and bags of cough drops and this drug needs to be removed from the earth. I feel like sueing the company. My life has been hell! I am going to Dr tomoorrow and will beg her not to prescribe to ANYONE!

I ruined a whole weekend using this drug. The gagging fits & gagging tickle were horrible. I stopped the drug on my own & thanks be to G-d it stopped cold, within a day or two. I had two pharmacists who told me that the drug could cause what I just described what I went through. I went from 10mg to 20mg. I did not really notice it on the 10mg dosing?

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but my doctor told me that all of the medicines that are similar to this have the potential to cause this same problem. He switched me to Benazepril, which for awhile didn't cause the cough like the Lisinopril did, but unfortunately now it is starting to do the same thing. I just put a call in today to see if we can try something else. I think the important thing to remember is that you have to make your doctor listen to what you're saying & take you seriously, and if they won't, find one who will. I don't believe the health benefits of this drug (and many others) are worth some of the side effects. Just my opinion.

I started taking Lisinopril in October 2011. This is the first blood pressure med I have ever taken and two weeks into taking this I developed the cough. It was so bad that I could not sleep at night because I was gagging. I coughed during the day but not as bad as at night. I also was coughing so hard that I had to wear a pad because I would leek urine. I was put on two different antibiotics because my Dr. thought it was a sinus infection.This did not help at all so I went back in and then my Dr. told me it most likely was the Lisinopril and It is now December so I have not had a good night sleep in two months. I am hoping the coughing stops soon.

I coughed so hard for three months, I got a hernia. Just had surgery to repair it.

Wow! So many folks with the same experience I've been having. I have been on lisinopril for 4 years now but "the cough" didn't start until two years ago. It's just nasty... cough, cough, cough. Weirdly, it doesn't come at night and usually goes away by noon or so. But in the mornings, oh my goodness! When I go to breakfast with my partner, people move away like I have TB... which I do sound like. Will insist now that doc put me on diff. meds!

Hi I am a nurse with a health blog, and suggest you check out raw (fruit and veg, w/ yogurt and homemade tea concentrate base, CINNAMON) smoothies to lower blood pressure. It worked like gangbusters to lower blood pressure for two relatives of mine.

Part of the key is the raw produce, and the other part is 1/2 tsp or so ground cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon preferred) daily w/ food. You can also add ground cinnamon (half teaspoon or more, according to taste) to ground coffee in the brew basket in your coffee maker to help with blood pressure and insulin resistance.

The blog is, with guidelines for making healthy smoothies, and an article about using Metformin ER off label to control blood pressure and other insulin resistance concerns.

After 7 months of coughing, gagging, loss of bladder control, the cardiologist FINALLY said it must be Lisinopril cough. I've been off the drug for 4 weeks, the coughing has let up, but the congestion when I laugh is still there. I'm coughing nothing up, no fever it has to still be the lisinopril. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GO AWAY? I'm at my wits end!

It can take a few months. It took me 7 or 8 weeks until I could get through the night without coughing. The whole experience put me off (or at least made me very cautious) about taking medication. If I take anything now, the first thing I check out is the side effects. Probably not a bad thing in the long run, but my GP thinks I am overly worried. But then again, he didn't cough his lungs out for months and months.

Hang in there. The worst is over.

Hi am facing breathing problem since last three years. I have undergone several test like T.B. and lungs test but there is nothing shown in my report. I also had chest x-ray but again there is nothing to worry on it.

But in every winter i suffering to breath especially while sleeping. Due to this I have to sleep on chair in sitting position. I tried all kind of medicine but yet no any satisfaction. kindly suggest something.

People's Pharmacy response: Ask your doctor if you have asthma. If so, there are medications that could help. Good luck!

I have been on Lisinopril for 8 1/2 years. I don't think I had a cough until this year. I blamed allergies until October, then realized it was something else. I have had some of the terrible experiences that are already described, but rolled up in a 4 to 10 month period. I suspect the warning about the cough has now finally been stressed because of all you brave people who kept saying "I know I'm right."

I'm only at 2 weeks off the lisinopril; I may feel a little better today. Something else that helps - I don't know why - Gator Ade (or G2) I took it by chance. I'm seriously thinking about no more medications at this point. We'll see what happens. The lack of sleep has made me totally emotional - I cry at the drop of a hat. They said I had sleep apnea - did I? I'm having a brief coughing jag right now - I'm hopeful about the 4 week improvement time. Please let the doctors know what is happening to all of us.

8 1/2 years on Lisinopril & now it is bothering you? My gagging tickle left me within a day or two after stopping the drug. I am inclined to think that it is something else causing your problem. Do you have acid reflex?

Allergies/Sinuses can cause similar problems with the throat. Throat lozenges can be of a great help. Sleeping on your wrong side can cause coughing/tickles. I have to sleep on my left side, although I am more comfortable sleeping (watching TV) on my right side, but then sometimes here comes the tickle, a quick move to the left usually eliminates the tickle.

Good luck.

I finally went to my doctor today after having this dry nagging cough for two months. She said it could be the Lisinopril. I take it for diabetes because it's a good medicine for helping the kidneys. She did a chest x-ray to rule out other causes. The x-ray was clear. I got a prescription for a Z-pack and cough syrup. After reading most of the comments on here I feel sure it's the Lisinopril. I am going to stop taking it starting today. I need some relief!

My physician switched me from Triamterene HCTZ to Lisinopril in June of 2011. In mid October, I got a bad cold. At the end of the cold I developed a cough. The cough as everyone has described, was so bad- hacking, gagging, while at work very debilitating- of course everyone thinks you are deathly Ill and contagious. I ended up taking two rounds of antibiotics, Amoxicillin and then Bacteram (?) for a total of 20 days. Understandably, they had no effect. I also had felt extremely fatigued for the entire duration of taking the Lisinopril. I work out 5-6 days a week, but noticed my energy level had changed.

Finally, after becoming so discouraged, I began thinking of anything that had changed in my life, and came up with the Lisinopril. I simply Googled Lisinopril and the first thing that popped up was Lisinopril Cough. After reading through all these posts I called my doc, got in that day and she agreed with my diagnosis, switching me to Losartan, which is a different class of bp medicine, with no cough side effects. I have only been off two days and still have the cough but am hopeful it will be gone soon. My thanks to all who posted and provided their experiences which helped me solve the cough mystery, I certainly will pay close attention to potential side effects of any medication I may take.

I have been on lisinopril around a year now. I went to my pcp 4 months ago with chest congestion and a terrible cough. It is now 4 months later after being on 3 different rounds of antibiotics. Had a chest X-ray that was totally normal, expensive medical bills as well as pharmacy bills. There is no explanation for me coughing the way I am. I cough until I almost throw up. So I have now come off the lisinopril with my doctors advice and went on a new medication. I hope and pray I am like the other people that posted and my cough stops because I was getting to the point where I was desperate. I was beginning to think that something was seriously wrong with me medically.

I thought something was seriously wrong with me until I read these posts. I am calling my doctor on Monday to try something different!

I was on lisinopril for two years before I developed a horrible itchy dry cough that would make me gag at times, after finally going the doctor, convinced I had something nasty going on, he changed the med to amias, after about three weeks the cough eased slightly and the chest felt better. It's now two months since I've took lisinopril, I still cough a little now and again but I'm 90% better than I was.

I am so shocked by this information. I have had a cough that has kept me up every night for a year. Coughing to the point of vomiting and people looking at me as if I have the plague! I have been to see a heart specialist, a lung specialist a GI doctor. I have been diagnosed with reflux and pneumonia. The cough still persists. Just last month my Lisinopril started coming with a side effect warning of a dry cough. I see my doctor tomorrow. I can not believe I may have went thru all this time and money and stress of not knowing when it may have been- and I am extremely sure it has been the Lisinopril all along-for real doctors are not looking into this. WOW! Thank you all for this information! I hope to get off Lisinopril and finally be cough free it has been so long!

I started lisinopril in May as a lower cost alternative for Diovan. I knew there was a chance I could get "the cough" but decided to try it anyway. My mother developed the cough when she took lisinopril.

I started coughing about 2 weeks ago. I first attributed it to a virus, lung irritant or whatever, not wanting it to be from the med. At any rate, I called my cardiologist and said I thought I had the lisinopril cough. As I am wintering in the south away from my doctors, we just talked over the phone and he concurred with my self-diagnosis. So this is day one of being off lisinopril and back to using Diovan. I hope it doesn't take too long for the cough to disappear. I'm already exhausted from it.

Dec, last week, I started experiencing heart palpitations which lasted for long periods. I had already been coughing. I went to ER; I thought I was having a heart attack. The doctors conducted X-Rays and other tests. All returned negative.

The following Monday, I went to see a doctor, and she said that the lisinopril (that my earlier doctor had prescribed) was causing the increase in heart rate, as well as the coughing. Afterwards, I conducted research. Sure enough, lisinopril causes an increase in heart rate. Like many, I am angry that the ER Doctors did not make the connection. But, I am thankful that I know I do not have heart problems.

With all these problems with Lisinopril cough, why hasn't someone come up with a way to get it out of your system, fast, so we can stop coughing!! Do we have something in our lungs?

I too was prescribed this drug for hypertension and almost at once I developed a cough. Over a period of six months this became so bad that I could not sleep, choked while attempting to eat and eventually began to cough up blood. During this time I mentioned these facts to my G.P. who sent me for chest x rays and a whole barrage of tests all of which showed there was no problem.

After months of not sleeping I suffered a mental breakdown for which I am still on medication. My G.P did all she could to help but did not appear to know about the side effects of this drug. In the end it was I who discovered the cause of my cough and once I stopped taking the drug the cough subsided rapidly. This experience has left me exhausted and as I am a full time carer life has become even more difficult for me.

I cannot understand why my G.P. who is normally excellent did not pick up on this seemingly obvious problem.

I had the same experience with lisinopril, a severe dry cough that became more troublesome at night. I called my physician after taking only 15 tablets of the lisinopril, I was directed to stop taking it and was given losartan for my high blood pressure.

I have now stopped taking the losartan, my cough continues to persist. I have been coughing for appoximately four weeks. I am up several times a night. I am constantly taking cough syrup and using Ricola to try and stop my coughing episodes.

Since I have a strong family history of hypertension and stroke, this diagnosis alone was enough to deal with. Since taking this medication I have the added problem of coughing until I vomit, a sore throat, and a headache seventy-five percent of the time. I also feel frustrated and depressed due to the coughing and lack of sleep.

This experience has left me very disappointed in my primary physician, and I will no longer use his services for any of my health care needs. I have made an appointment with a cardiologist in hopes my hypertension can be treated and controlled with a medication without this side effect.

The pharmacies give us this information on the side effects of drugs and specifically state that this drug can cause a cough and all the problems associated with it yet take it to the doctor and show it to him/her/them and they laugh it off. It's like they think we are stupid to depend on what the information says as "after all, "they" are the all-knowing "gods" of medicine" and who are we to question any of it.

I still do not understand why the drug co. is not forced to find a remedy for this cough. What is the mechanism behind the violent coughing.? This certainly is changing the quality of life for many of us. Why is it still on the market? Why are Dr.'s not better educated as to its side effects? Is the FDA and drug co. aware of all these letters and complaints? The cough has now lasted 2 1/2 weeks, hopefully I do not have to live like this for another couple of months.
May God help us all.

People's Pharmacy response: The cough is actually linked to the way the drug works, so there is no "remedy." There are just people who are more and those who are less sensitive to the cough.

For those who do not experience a cough on an ACE inhibitor, these are great drugs. But people who do get a cough will need help finding another way to control blood pressure.

I use it also only 5mg a day and one hour after taking it the cough will start, I was very concerned, but remembered hearing about a side affect of coughing.... been on it for 4 years and would like to change meds.

I have also acquired "the cough" and then got to reading the last line of comments printed at the bottom of the pill bottle... which after a couple of years, hadn't noticed till now.
It states "may cause a dry cough. if the dry cough persists or becomes distressing report to your doctor" wow! who knew. I am on 10 mg for 2 years (lisinopril). I read in a previous comment on this site of one woman's mom who stayed on the lisinopril for 7 months of hacking and it finally went away. wonder if that's a "one off" or if it would actually fix itself if you could somehow hang in their for the duration. anyhow... after reading all this info.. I think I'll be e-mailing my doc.

After my posting on 2/1 I've had a one heck of a time. I did go off the lisinopril on 1/31 and back on Diovan. Cough still around two weeks later but started to change characteristics, more into my chest. At any rate, it turns out I have acute bronchitis. Don't know exactly what caused it but I am on drugs that suppress my immune system for rheumatoid. Now I am on prednisone, an inhaler, and antibiotic. Feeling a little better today.

I just wanted to share this as lisinopril may not always be the culprit. Having said that, I will be staying on Diovan just to be safe. This whole cough thing may have been the result of a "perfect storm": lisinopril, allergy, sinuses, immunity.

I have been on lisinopril for three weeks and I have developed this terrible cough also. Sometimes it gets so bad that I almost pass out from dizzeness. I went to consult my doctor about the cough but he was unavailable so I just couldn't tolerate the cough anymore and stopped taking the medicine. I am going to start back taking it after missing two days for my health.

I had a similar reaction to lisinopril as you had. My doctor switched me to losartan but the cough is still with me. Did you have trouble with the losartan as well and is that why you stopped taking that drug, too?

What is the other medication that your dr put you on instead of lisinopril. My husband is currently taking it and also currently suffering from at side affect. It's horrible. He's been to the doctor. He hasn't slept well in the last three weeks. He has missed work for 2 days. He hasn't taken lisinopril for 3 months he said. Please help.
Thanks Mele

I thought Lisinopril cough was going to kill me. But after about 8-10 weeks being off it I quit coughing. I'm on Cozaar now and so far so good. No side effects, but it doesn't keep my BP low enough.

The only thing that helps get rid of the cough is TIME!

I have also tried benazapril, it started having the same side effect, so I stopped it before it got too bad. I'm currently on captopril, waiting to see if a cough develops. My Dr.'s nurse practitioner wanted to move me up to the $30/month stuff, but my doctor & I had already agreed to exhaust all of the cheaper options first. I think all of the ACE inhibitors like this have the cough as a potential side effect, but they all effect each person differently. Try something else before you're forced to move up to the expensive stuff! Good luck!

I had the same thing! I thought it was so weird to have to sneeze right in the middle of having a coughing jag! What the heck is that? Also the week before the coughing started, I had a swollen feeling in my throat, like you had over exerted your vocal cords. Has anyone had that??


Any sense of swelling in the mouth or throat might be a sign of something very serious called angioedema. Please report this symptom to your doctor immediately!

I'm so angry right now reading all of your stories. I too was placed on LISINOPRIL/HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE for my HBP. I'm 36 years old too. Just in the last 2 years have I had this extreme hypertension (163/110's). I tried METOPROLOL TARTRATE with amlodipine but it didn't bring down my bp and it gave me a nasty rash.

Then my PCP put me on HCTZ 12.5/LISINOPRIL 10MG TAB twice a day. It was AMAZING to me! It brought my BP down to normal range 120's/60's. I was very happy and relieved. I also started Wellbutrin to stop smoking as well. I'm proud to say I have stopped smoking!!!

Here in the last month (I've been on the LISINOPRIL/HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE for 2 months now)I have gotten "the cough". That tickle, constricting, dry hacking, makes my eyes bulge out my head cough. It is ALWAYS accompanied by a sneezing fit of at least 3 sneezed then a need to clear my throat because it feels like there is "gunk" in the way back of my throat.

At first I brushed it off to the quitting smoking and maybe I was coughing up that nasty tar I polluted my body with, but now that I have not been smoking for a month, the cough has gotten worse. My sides hurt constantly from the coughing, I'm tired because I'm CONSTANTLY coughing at night, even when I drug myself with antihistamines. I can't hardly go an hour without these coughing fits and I too have to be on the phone a lot for my job (I'm a rental manager). Not to mention the vomiting has just started because I'm coughing so violently. I even coughed up bile last night, in my sleep that I actually inhaled (because I was sleeping) and it burned bad!!!! (sorry for being graphic)

I'm so upset that my doctor didn't warn me about this COMMON side affect and I had to research it myself, and I'm so SAD because this drug WORKS for me with only having to take one pill twice daily. I have an e mail into my PCP and we will see what she says.

I'm so glad I found this place and learned I wasn't the only one and I'm not crazy. There were days where I thought I was!!!

I, too, am on Lisinopril/HCTZ 10mg/day and am enduring a terrible, terrible, dry, nagging, will not stop while you sleep, cough. And, guess what, I am about ready to get off of it and get on something else. Thanks a lot Doc for this wonderful RX. I am going to get this switched before I break or crack a rib and or have an aneurysm.

Has anyone had swollen neck gland? Very painful...

I am a 64yr old male. I have taken lisinopril and hydro (20-25) for about 8 years.

It didn't ocurr to me that all my serious depression, labored breathing, exhaustion, lethargy, lack of interest, chest pains and sadness could be med related. I cry at the drop of a hat. I cannot sleep without the tv on all night. My mind races constantly, but no energy whatsoever. I can only walk 50 feet or so and must stop and get my breath. As of late, I simply stay in be all day and sleep. And this damn cough,

I attributed all of this to aging and my diminished business due to the economy. I have always been a wonderfully happy person and it is reflected in my artwork. Over time I have no interest in earning money or painting. I have no interest. No energy.

I went to the pharmacist and she informed me all of these symptoms could easily be the linisopril. I went to my doctor and he confirmed this and has changed my medication and added an anti-depressant.
I so hope this will get me back on track.

Wish me luck...and certainly don't suffer with symptoms because of lisinopril.

for 4-months i have had this cough. These comments above has helped SO much! i just was put in the hospital by my doctor. after 6 anti-biotics, and 3 steroids i find out from here that it is a side effect of this med, Lisinopril! BUT ALSO i have to add and ask everyone above here, DO YOU DRINK MILK? cause i had stopped drinking milk for 2-weeks and the coughs subsided and eventually was gone, And last night i had a cup or so of milk i had just bought. and i have been coughing since and the symtoms i had for 4-months are back. SO i suspect a milk allergy that along with taking Lisinopril makes my cough worse.

SO i am angry at my doctor right now and need to go for a follow up visit, but unsure if i should.

Have been cough-free now for about one month. Bronchitis and asthma are gone after massive doses of prednisone via pills, inhaler, and nebulizer. Still think lisinopril was the start of it all. Then I caught a respiratory virus and that turned into bronchitis which evolved into asthma. No cough at all anymore and will never take lisinopril again! Good luck to everyone in curing your coughs. Sure was a miserable 3 months.

I have been taking Lisinopril since Nov. 8 2012. I have coughed my head off since day one. I have pulled muscles in my belly, back and under my arms. I have just about choked to death. I have almost voIted with each episode. It has been awful and I almost went to the ER several times. I thought I had cancer or some awful lung disease. Thank god I know what has been causing it. Thank you to everyone. Sherry

I started taking Lisinopril about 8 months ago and I noticed a chronic dry cough. I am aware of my body and I believed it was the medicine. I have taken allergy medication, cough drops, nasal sprays but the cough and nasal drip will not go away. Now, I guess I will have to change my hp medication but so far Lisinopril is the only thing that keeps the bp down.

I started on Lisinopril in Sept 2011 and developed a cough shortly thereafter. My cough ranges from a dry cough to a cough with phlegm and a slightly runny nose/nasal drip/drainage. At times the phlegm gags me and I almost vomit, yet the phlegm I pass is small and liquidy clear/white. The phlegm feeling I have in my throat seems so much more than what I pass.

I wake up 3-4 times a night coughing and have at least another 10 coughing episodes during my waking hours. I keep water handy to help the cough stop. I had a chest X-ray that came back negative. I just Emailed my DR and asked if I can stop taking Lisinopril, so hopefully he will respond and suggest an alternative. These postings have been helpful, as it appears it may take a couple of days up to 4 weeks for the cough to go away

I wrote in about a month ago about my symptoms of coughing, lethargy, depression, acid reflux, being unable to walk more than 50 feet without stopping to catch my breath and many other things. After reading these articles on PEOPLES PHARMACY I got my doctor to take me off Lisinopril.

Today, I am cough free, acid reflux free, I am walking two to three miles a day and I feel so much better I can hardly believe it. All the sinus drainage, sleepless night.... I could go on and on.... are all gone.

I am do glad for this site and to be off lisinopril. My doctor prescribed Losartan and I am hoping I don't get any side effects from it.

My doctor took me off the Lisinopril and within 2 days my day time coughing subsided. When I finally mentioned the cough, she said didn't we talk about it. When I was talking to the Pharmacist to get my new medication, she said the cough is a common complaint. Good luck and I hope the doctor changes your medication because you will feel much better.

Same thing. It took several weeks for me to notice this very annoying cough and has been a problem for about three months since. Sometimes it is so violent that I feel like I might pass out but the most annoying and health consequential issue is that I cough on and off throughout the night and have a dry sore throat that keeps me uncomfortable even when I'm not coughing. Also, when a cough is initiated by something making its way to the back of my throat, like saliva, a violent and long lasting cough ensues. My primary Dr. and cardiologist both are sold on this particular medication and have advised me to try and stick it out but I'm insisting on a change during my next visit.

I have noticed that ANY MILK products makes my coughing worse, has anyone else made note of it??

I stopped all milk products (which I never have been allergic to) until I stopped coughing and bringing up phelm which took about 1 week. Waited another to make sure everything was okay, THEN drank a large glass of milk before bed, within 4-hours I was up coughing my head off! So for myself MILK PRODUCTS exacerbates the symptoms!

I get a kick out of the claims of what percentage of patients develop the cough. At a recent Seniors luncheon out of 41 people taking Lisonipril, THIRTY FOUR had the cough. We live with it because it is effective in reducing blood pressure but they should just be honest upfront. I am not sure if ANY other medication will not give the same results....

I was on Diovan for years no side effects. Then started a new job where health insurance would not kick in for two months. Diovan was too expensive to pay out of pocket. My doctor prescribed Lisinopril. I developed a cough and thought I had a cold. This went on for a month, went back to Doctor told him I was coughing and he told me to take Robitussin DM. Still coughing, Went to my PCP's office she said I had allergies gave me nasal spray with steroids and cough medicine with codeine. Still coughing like crazy.

My husband moved out our bedroom I was losing sleep at work I was disrupting meetings. I started vomiting and my chest was hurting. The cough was ticking in my throat and I could not control the coughing fits. Finally a lady at work said are you on BP medicine? She said that sometimes there is a side effect from taking certain medicines. I looked up the Lisinopril website and it stated uncontrollable coughing. I called my Doctor and told him what I had read and he said yes I know that. I responded why didn't you tell me this? He said You knew this. I told him if I knew I would not have taken this drug. I asked him to put me back on Diovan.

I have been back on Diovan for 5 days and I am coughing less. But my husband takes lisinopril with no side effects. Reading this website I now realize how many people have this side effect from this medication. Diovan will be generic in September 2012.

Hello Joe,

I have been on Lisinopil for 3 months with the Chronic Cough. My doctor switched me to Losartan Potassium this week. The cough is getting better but still there. How long after you switched meds did your cough go away?

I have the the fatigue, depression, breathing problems, out of breath walking to the mailbox. Now I have the cough.... calling my doctor tomorrow. Thank you for posting. How are you feeling now?

I have been reading all of the symptoms I have had as well, without being told by doctors this is a major side effect? If it is this prevalent in the population why are they not asking patients if they mind suffering with a gagging cough, spasms so bad you throw up and have sore ribs for days so bad you have to lay in bed as it hurts to move. I have suffered with the tickling cough you know is coming on ahead of time that turns into spasms and you cough up phlegm that seems to be endless, sometimes throw up along with it all. Sleep deprivation goes along with it as you are up often. I did not know if it contained a water pill as I suspected when I barely made it to the bathroom constantly.

This has been one of the most miserable pills I have ever taken and I quit the lisinopril after realizing it was not a sinus infection but the lisinopril. I quit it about a month ago and it greatly subsided down to about one smaller episode per day now, and I am praying it will eventually be totally gone. Cough did not come on until a few months after I had been taking it and feeling excessively tired from it I was not happy with and I never had high blood pressure, I was told I was taking it to prevent another blockage as I had one that was dissolved with a stent inserted.

I also have the start of diabetes type 2 and showed a small amount of protein in the urine and told reason they gave me Lisinopril, to prevent the protein? It took me over 70 years to develop one blockage that was dissolved, why would I develop one in a short while now? I do not know why LISINOPRIL is still on the market? I will file a complaint with the FDA, I hope you all will do the same, to have this removed or at the very least put it in large letters on the bottle of medicine that you may develop a miserable uncontrollable cough hard to get rid of. I personally think it should be discontinued as doctors are also not telling patients about this major side effect causing so much misery.

I am 51 and landed in an emergency room several months ago with horribly high blood pressure (200/116). I started out on beta blockers (Atenolol) for a few weeks and then, after a visit to my doctor was kept on that (25mg/day) with the addition of Hydro(12.5mg)/Lisinopril(10mg)once daily. My blood pressure is fantastic (almost too low sometimes) but, like everyone else here, I got the cough.

It's not constant. I get it a few times a day but it makes me gag and I almost throw up from it. It tickles on one side or the other of my throat/neck/gland area (usually my right side) and makes my eyes water. I try not to cough as that brings on the gag reflex. It's embarrassing in public and dangerous if it happens while driving.

I see my doctor tomorrow for a blood pressure follow up and will mention to her the side effects I'm experiencing. I'll report back.

Hey. I saw that your doctor put you on Losartan a couple months ago..... wondering how it was going. I've had a cough since February, went to doctor after doctor and rounds and rounds of antibiotics. Finally, I made myself an appt with a lung doctor. 10 minutes in the visit he asked me about my meds and when I said Lisinopril he threw down his pen and said "Well, there it is!". Anyway, they changed my bp med to Losartan and now I'm apprehensive of it. I started it today. Any problems for you? Thanks.

Losartan caused my legs to ache 24/7 like a toothache and the bottoms of my feet burned 24/7 and I'd pee a lot, but could not empty my bladder. Four days after stopping the Losartan, they all three went away. Now my B/P is inching it's way back up. Can't take Lisinopril and losartan, hopefully there's another one out there.

Been taking Losartan for a month now, my BP could be lower, A slightly annoying scratchy throat and that could be something else, BUT the problem with the coughing has ceased! AND I can drink milk have cottage cheese without any "allergy like" symptoms. So any amount of milk products did make things worse....

I am so happy to have found this website! I have been on lisinopril for 5 months. I have also had this annoying cough for the same amount of time. Because it was spring I thought I had allergies. I asked my Physician if it could be the medicine but she said no everyone is having allergies this spring. She told me to take Zyrtec. Because it always seems like post nasal drip that gets the cough going, I made an appt. with the allergist and had a series of tests done. He said to me it may be your BP med.

I am so annoyed my physician didn't think it could be. I wake up 2-3 times at night and at work (I'm a hygienist) I have to excuse my self get up get a drink and a cough drop. I was also thinking maybe I had acid reflux. I am making a call to my physician Mon. Thanks to all who posted, I have an answer.

Within a few hours after taking lisinipril (5 mg) I developed a cough that wouldn't go away. This was my first time taking a BP medication. The tickle is constant. Seeing the MD to get off this bad med tomorrow. I have an issue with GERD and believe this drug exacerbates the problem of gastric acid getting into the esophagus by relaxing the LES (Lower esophageal sphincter) muscle causing the tickle/ coughing problems. Smooth muscle in the sphincter is relaxed just like the arterial muscles are affected by the drug.

My 15 yr old is taking lisiniprol for renal failure. It apparently helps to protect the kidney. He takes a quarter of a 5mg tablet daily. Over the past 2months he has started coughing spasmodically. This has now lead to him vomiting about 3 times a day. I thought that there might have been a connection to the medication but now I am convinced. Let's hope that there is something else he can take instead. Now to get him off to the doctors to get him off it.

I am a Registered Nurse and put on Lisinopril for Blood Pressure. Within a week I developed a chronic cough that got to the point that I was waking up several times during the night in a huge coughing fit, let alone at least hourly coughing fits that lasted up to 5 minutes at a time. The best way I can describe the coughing fits is it felt like a dry area in my throat suddenly stuck together. The coughing was an automatic uncontrolled reflex. A few times I coughed so hard I did vomit. Within days of stopping Lisinopril the cough got better and was completely gone in a few weeks. I was almost at a point that I could not perform my job due to my coughing fits. I had to leave many patients rooms during one and explain when I returned what happened and apologize for my abrupt departure let alone assure them I was not sick with something contagious.

I have been taking it for a year and a half and just recently developed the coughing. Coughing violently for over 3 weeks now and finally went to the doctor who took me off it yesterday and put me on something else. 2 days without the medicine and I still am coughing. I hope it stops sooner rather than later.

I was unable to sleep because of coughing profusely, so I thought I'd look on line to see if others are experiencing the same cough. I have been on Lisinopril for 15 years, yes I did say 15 years!

I drink a lot of water because of the dry throat sensation and that seems to slow it down, but when I go to bed I cough quit a bit but eventually get to sleep. I have on my night stand a bottle of water so when I wake up I can wet my throat and go back to sleep.

On my new prescription bottle is the warning label that says "persistent dry cough can develop."

This was an excellent thread to read, thanks to all who inputted their info. On my next office visit I will discuss a different med for HBP.

Hi I have been on Lisinopril for just three months and all I can say is that it's like I have just inhaled a pigeon

I am going back to the doctors tomorrow

Thanks for this site and all your comments

I started taking Lisinopril just for one day I have been coughing ever since. I went to emergency room the doctor seems to think it might be from the Lisinopril or viral infection. She put on a nebulizer for 30 minutes I felt better. Then sent me home with an inhaler and Codeine Lintus which doesn't work. The only reason I changed my medicine because I was taking Hyaar (prescribed by regular doctor he suggested I see the cardiologist) The cardiologist prescribed the Lisinopril.

When I called the cardiologist about the side effect he side it is not the medicine it should have cleared up in a day suggested I try Cozaar. These doctors are clueless about these medicines. I received this bad rash which I hated from the Hyaar. It is total nightmare I can't sleep nights and days I cough constantly, any suggestions for the bad cough or is any way I can come off these medicines and go natural.........



I'm the "inhaled a pigeon" guy above and it took about 4 days for the cough to subside after the UK Doc put me on a "drug holiday" - I was hoping to party for a week on Ibiza, but no. Cold Turkey. After a week and a half I returned and .... finally he put me on Losartan (Cozaar)

No cough and my head doesn't feel like it is going to explode - so that's success.

All I can say if you are suffering with the Lisinopril (ACE) Cough go back to the Doctor armed with all that has been said above and nag them until they give you the clearly more expensive, but with lesser side effects, ARB's.

Best of luck folks and thanks again for this thread

I now have chronic lung disease because I went through Drs. who put me in touch with ear nose throat specialist who put me on acid reflux meds. when that didn't work Dr. put me on allergy meds. this too was unsuccessful. 8 years later I finally was diagnosed with rhinotitis. I researched on line and found cause was the ace inhibitor I had started 8 years ago and Drs. never looked at it as a possible cause. I changed meds and the cough is gone, but the scars on my lungs are permanent and my breathing difficulties chronic now. I wish I knew 8 years ago what I know now. My life and activities are limited now and will never get better.

All medications have the potential for side effects that can differ from person to person but this coughing side effect is more common than I think the manufacturer of Lisinopril acknowledges. You have to listen to your body. When you aren't feeling well always look at what drugs/herbs you have been taking and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Your doctor can't always put the pieces together because they don't always look into what you are taking and their possible side effects. Be your own advocate!

I am on 5mg of lisinopril which I started 3 months ago and have had some stomach issues that I think could be from the drug but I am not sure. I have to keep taking and and see if it goes away. I don't have the cough, but my father did and my aunt did so it is common.

This website has been comforting to me. I was on LIsinipril for two years without symptoms but saw a nurse coworker encounter the cough; laughed and said I have no effects like that. Well, 6 months later, I developed a cough that woke me up at night, so hard I urinated, couldn't laugh without coughing and irritating all that were near me day or night. After a month of coughing, went to my primary, he said I was wheezing, put me on prednisone, albuterol and z-pac antibiotics.

Well, it didn't help. Went back after three weeks. Now he gives me Advair which is 245 dollars. I went through 4 bottles of cough medicine and hundreds of cough drops. Also got a chest x-ray last week. NEGATIVE. When my primary's nurse called me to tell me the x-ray was normal, I said could I please try a different BP med. Reluctantly, they switched me to Cozaar. Now I will wait for results. This is very distressing. I work in an O.R. and need my sleep and it hasn't helped my husband's sleep either. RM

I am a nurse and one more 'sufferer' of Lisinopril side effects. Started Lisinopril December 1, 2012. Started coughing December 2, 2012. Cough is dry and choking and absolutely nothing will make it productive. No amount of fluid intake nor humidifier nor expectorants. Cough suppressants do not suppress this cough etc. etc. I do very frequently have such powerful coughing and choking spasms that I urinate. Thus, I now wear pads for people with urinary incontinence - just in case...

I have very little 'quality' in my everyday life now. I sleep very little as I must sleep sitting up straight in bed. Bottom line is that following my extensive research my PCP switched me 3 weeks ago ( January 30) to Losartan. He prescribed Prednisone and Amoxicillin and Proventil. My cough has not improved even a teeny tiny bit after 3 weeks. I have not given up hope as I simply cannot deal with the remote possibility that I will suffer from this intolerable cough the rest of my life. I absolutely must have hope that it will eventually subside.

I am convinced that the people that suffer from this side effect of coughing are very high. Perhaps as high as 50 to 60%. Ace inhibitors.... INHIBIT - OR BLOCK! a natural enzyme that causes blood vessels to narrow. Thus... Ace Inhibitors BLOCK A NATURAL PROCESS OF THE HUMAN ANATOMY. It is believed... but has yet to be substantiated... that this enzyme which is BLOCKED is part of a natural process that breaks down substances in the lungs. When this enzyme is BLOCKED - THIS CAN CAUSE THOSE SUBSTANCES IN THE LUNGS TO ACCUMULATE. THESE ACCUMULATED SUBSTANCES ultimately lead to coughing as the lungs keep trying and trying to get the substances out. This is a sad state of affairs and as I wrote above... I must have hope that this cough will subside.

Sorry about the following self-centered harangue-filled comment/question. So, here goes... I don't have a cough during the day, but at night I get to coughing from "an itchy/dry" throat and it won't calm down unless I (strangely enough) try to not breathe for about 20-30 seconds... so no air from my nose or mouth goes by my throat. (This sounds silly, but my breathing made my throat feel so dry that I quickly realized that relaxing and pretending I did not have to breathe for a few seconds actually slowed down the persistent "itchy throat" cough.)

This has only been happening since I've been on Lisinopril (for the past 4 to 5 months). Since it's not too horrible and only lasts off and on for about two hours, I know I'd choose this over a stroke (my B.P. is normally about 190 over 130, and I still have old teenagers/young 20s/college kids to take care of, so I realize the responsible thing is to take the darn Lisinopril!) BUT it would be nice to not wake up my husband (and myself!) :) :), with this coughing. Does anybody have any suggestions besides holding my breath - which DOES work, but only sometimes.

When you guys in this discussion mention that cough medicine doesn't work, are you talking about the over-the-counter stuff that never works anyway no matter what the situation, or are you referring to the lstuff that in most normal situations truly does work (meaning the cough medicine mixtures that contain actual codeine and not simply a weaker derivative?)

Sorry; it sounds like I am touting dangerous drugs. I don't mean that at all. I'm just an old-lady mom who has a bunch of adult kids at this point, and it is clear after 20 to 25 years of trying over-the-counter cough meds that they almost never work. Therefore, I'm reluctant to waste my money trying them for this Lisinopril-induced cough.

THANKS for letting me vent, as I am feeling a bit impatient with this night coughing. So, as I asked a million sentences earlier,... any suggestions? The Lisinopril is working well otherwise, so frankly I do recognize that I am being rather wimpy-ish to complain! Thanks!


Dear akk:

We can think of no reason in the world why you would need to continue taking lisinopril (or any other ACE inhibitor blood pressure medication). It is not as if there are not other medications to control hypertension. is not either take lisinopril and cough or have a stroke. You should be able to control your high blood pressure without suffering uncomfortable side effects.

Here is a link to our Guide to Blood Pressure Treatment with both non-drug and different drug treatments. Please discuss this with your physician.

Just came from ENT and he told me right away about the coughing side effect of Lisinopril. I described the cough as what a whooping cough might be like. It hits right at the gag reflex area of the throat and is very debilitating. Lemon honey cough drops are really the only thing I've taken and they really help. Looking forward to getting more sleep now and hope that I don't have to wait weeks or months to see the cough subside.

I came off Diovan/HTC in January 2013 because of a change in my insurance coverage. I was put on Lisinopril/HTC. Almost immediately I started the cough. But it lowered my blood pressure so much better than the Diovan, that I thought I could put up with an occasional cough. Then the cough got more persistent. I am on the phone 99% of the day in my job and it is now beginning to effect my job... as well as my sleep.

I went to PCP and he said it was allergies. Did an allergy test, stated I was allergic to everything and prescribed Montelukast 10mg.

I am 55 years old and have never had any allergy problems. I firmly believe the cough is directly related to the Lisinopril. I don't want to start a medication that could potentially cause worse side effects.

Anyone know anything about Montelukast and it's effectiveness on this cough? I really would like to just come off the Lisinopril. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

People's Pharmacy response: If your cough is, as seems likely, a side effect of lisinopril, montelukast will not be effective. You will need to discuss an alternate medication with your doctor.

After a stent placement 7 weeks ago I was put on lisinopril and haven't had a good nights sleep since, cough for hours on end...cough till I am sick...I am sure this must be good for a new stent placement? The doctor gave me something new and it has the same side effects...going to just go back to CoQ10

I had been taking Lisinopril for several years and when I told my Dr. about the persistent dry hacky cough she immediately took me off the Lisinopril -however I've been off the Lisinopril for 4 weeks and still cough uncontrollably frequently -along with urine leakage, sore muscles and torso from coughing so hard, loss of appetite because of the constant coughing and feeling like someone is sitting on my chest-(except I'm super grateful to report I don't cough during the night).

Even though I don't have asthma I've started using an inhaler -it seems to stop the coughing spasms for a while. I have had sinus and chest xrays that were normal.

TO THE PHARMACY-does anyone else have any products to use to of help relieve the cough-cough drops-syrup/water don't help or suggestions to get the medication out of our systems more quickly?

I've been off lisinopril for 2 weeks and will never go back, but my nagging cough is still there. It feels like my throat is always dry and my lungs are itchy, but I don't have sputum or anything.

Driving me crazy! I hate that medicine! I've never had chronic cough before and I don't smoke or drink. I'm going back to the treadmill at least it doesn't have side effects.

I have been on Lisinopril for 1 year. After taking it for a few months I developed a cough. I was treated for allergies because of it. That did not help. The cough has continued to get worse and worse to the point that I now wake up many times a night coughing. Sometimes I feel as if I was about to choke or as if I stopped breathing while asleep and had to cough to start again. I always get the cough when I stand up or lie down. Because of the sleep loss I am tired all of the time. I have an appointment with my doctor this week. After reading EVERY comment on this page I am telling my doctor I want off this medicine now. THANK YOU all for sharing your stories.

I started lisinopril the first of November and got sick (I thought) the latter part of the month. Since I am accustomed to a seasonal battle with sinus, I didn't think much about it. In Feb. I went to a walk in clinic and although my lungs sounded clear they diagnosed me with a respiratory infection, z PAC and all.

Weeks later and a different doctor prescribed a different antibiotic and different cough meds. After that my doctor told me I had severe allergies and I am the proud owner of $350 of Nasonex. I went to an allergy doctor and had 71 scratches on my back, 19 sticks in my arms, a ct scan of my sinuses and blood work.

No one could find anything wrong yet I had a horrible cough and kept Halls cough drops with me at all times and a bottle of water at my side. Working with the public was hard, I told them I wasn't contagious and they asked for that in writing. During a phone conversation with the allergy doctor I told her evidently the meds they tested me with were out of date because I was definitely sick and no one could tell me why.

She realized that I was taking lisinopril and I immediately stopped. It has been 2 months and I am still coughing but not as violently. Hopefully it will clear my system soon and life will return to normal.

Seven weeks ago after having been put on lisinoprel for high blood pressure I got this wretching horrible cough along with gagging, choking, vomiting and loss of bladder due to coughing fits... throat felt like it should have been bleeding it was so horrible... I was not able to leave the house... people suggested allergies, which I have never had... finally I gave up on Dr that I had, went to local on call office to a new Dr who listened to me... he then finished my sentences describing my condition and immediately blamed the lisinoprel... he sent me for chest x-ray to rule out anything was clear as he thought, and told me to stop taking lisinoprel and substituted a generic brand which I began this morning... it may be mind over matter, but I feel better already... I was saved after less than an hour in this office after seven ungodly weeks of hell...

I too was on Lisinopril and after taking it for a little over a week I developed the tickling throat on the left side and then the horrible coughing spasms to the point of vomiting and after the spasm it was like someone opened the faucet. My nose would run copious amounts and my eyes also would run. At that point I was taking 2 tabs Lisinopril/HCTZ a day and began searching for a reason of this sudden onset of coughing. When I found out this was related to Lisinopril I made an appointment with my doctor and cut back to 1/day until I saw him. At this point I was exhausted from the coughing and from being up half the night with it. I was taken off the Lisinopril and put on Cozaar after a week of no Lisinopril. I had looked up Cozaar and sure enough cough was one of the side affects but I took it thinking it probably was not that much of a risk. WRONG!!!

Within a week I was back to coughing but this time it felt like gravel was in the left side of my throat so did the best I could to visualize that side. I saw a white patch and immediately went to the doctor again. The doctor said it was either a cyst, and abscess or yeast infection from diabetes. Prescribed a swish and spit med and took me off the Cozaar and now am just taking HCTZ for HBP. I still have some coughing spells and it feels like there is still something on the side of my throat. Before taking these medications I was fine since taking them it has been the worst 2 months of my life in the expense involved and the discomfort I have had.

It seems to me that once someone displays a reaction to a med they should not be put back on another med in the same family. High blood pressure is very dangerous and I want mine under control but not at the expense of what you go through with these meds. Yes, all meds have side affects but apparently more people than not experience this particular side effect. I just hope that in time things will get back to normal for me my fear now is this thing on the side of my throat.

I started on Lisinopril in July and took it for approximately a month (10mg once a day). I had somewhat high BP but not excessively high. I am 65 years old. The coughing started about 3 weeks after beginning Lisinopril. I thought at first I had bronchitis. After extreme coughing and chest congestion for a week, I went to urgent care on the weekend to be told it was the drug. I had already suspected this and went off it earlier in the week. On Monday I went to my PCP who said "oh no, this drug does not cause this type of coughing". She told me to stay off it for 2 weeks, take Sudafed and OTC Claritin and come back in 2 weeks at which time she would put me back on Lisinopril. I know this coughing is an after effect from the Lisinopri!!

After being off it for a week, I can finally see that my cough is getting somewhat better! I will not be going to this PCP any more and it is very annoying that she did not accept that the Lisinopril was to blame for the cough. Looking for a new doctor but my confidence has definitely been shaken.

My chest and throat tingled. Asthma pump didn't work. Cough so bad I almost passed out. Sleepless nights too. Why do they keep giving this stuff?

Good example of why I try to avoid the medical industry like the plague.

After having gone years without a checkup, finally broke down & went in for a physical because my BP has been high lately. Was put on Lisinopril. Fine. Till a few days later when the coughing started. And it has gone on....and on....and on...

Luckily I remembered reading that a dry hacking cough can be a side effect of this drug. I'm not even going back to the dr. I'll just quit the Lisinopril & try to control my BP through natural means.

Yeah, I'm sure there are other potions they could put me on. The question is, how horrible are the side effects and/or withdrawal symptoms?? I mention withdrawal because I only just recently managed to get off Effexor, which a dr. prescribed for me 13 years ago for anxiety due to a specific situation I was going though at the time. What she didn't mention was how nearly impossible it is to get off it thanks to the horrendous withdrawal symptoms. Quitting smoking was easier.

I wish you all the best of luck. Me, I'll just eat healthy, exercise & hope for the best.

Lisinopril belongs to a class of high B.P. meds called "Ace inhibitors". There are numerous ways to control high blood pressure. You should ask you doctor for an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (close in function to ACE inhibitors). These drugs supposedly do not cause the cough.
Good luck.

Thank you, Nelson B., I'll ask my doctor about that. After thinking about it some more I realized that having a stroke or heart attack would probably be a bit worse than dealing with the side effect of BP meds ;-). I wouldn't want to put up with a hacking cough for the rest of my life though, so if there are other drugs that don't cause that it's definitely worth looking into. Thanks.

These pills don't just make me cough sometimes they cause me to choke for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's so bad I will get nose bleed the same time I am choking for no reason. Been coughing for years on them thought I just had a chronic cough. I will inform my dr I just had a gagging episode I never knew that Lisinopril was the cause of my cough. Now that I do I will wean myself off of them. That is why I looked this up. this last one I felt in my right lobe of my brain making my blood pressure spike I'm sure.

I have been taking 5mg for 5 weeks started coughing last week, since I have asthma I thought it was that, but this different, gagging to the point of vomiting! Can't sleep because of it. I am not taking this anymore. My pharmacy did warn me of this problem when I picked it up.

Have been taking Lisinopril for 18 years, now 74, and just three weeks ago started with the dry hacking cough around the clock making me lose sleep. Unbelievable after all this time. I knew what my problem was right away, as a few years back I had a friend with the same problem from the same medication. Guess I was hoping it would go away, but after reading all these comments I will call my doctor tomorrow.

Why all the deference to the MD's who incompetently fail to recognize a common side effect of Lisinopril (dry cough)?

I take Lisonipril, my husband also. For years he has been sort of clearing his throat constantly. Two weeks ago he began to cough. It was constant and so severe that he was unable to stop. Prior to this he was put on an inhaler, nasal spray and Nexium. Dr visit last week he was taken off of the Lisinopril. That was 4 days ago and he is coughing nonstop. I'm very serious when I say nonstop. It's very scary, he can't even say more than a word or two without setting it off. I gave him some robitussin with codeine and a little bit of his clonozapam after he coughed non-stop for 3 hours, was dripping with sweat and unable to catch his breath.

Maybe that was wrong, but he's been this way for four days and it's only getting worse. I read on another site that Iron Supplements can help with the cough. He can't eat solid food for fear of inhaling it, so it's frozen yogurt and water, or gatorade. I don't cough, but always feel like there is mucus in my throat, or something like a seed is stuck to the back of my throat. Bless you all for this thread !!

I'm so concerned that he's going to break a blood vessel or something really bad is going to happen to him if this cough doesn't go away. He retired two weeks ago and this is one awful welcome to retirement! I feel like this drug should be taken off of the shelves since I have seen so many comments about it and the cough. So much is becoming clear to me with little symptoms we have both had over the years. Now I can only hope that this horrible cough ends and soon. With bronchitis you get a break and somethings will give you relief.

It would be so great if something would help out now for my husband. If you found something that worked or you were at the point of suffering like my husband, please feel free to comment. He can't go like this much longer and it's getting worse. Seriously, I know I said it before, but this is non stop until the codeine and benzo I gave him put him out. That lasted about 45 minutes before it started again.

DOE, very sorry to hear about your husband. Sounds like he's suffering miserably with this thing.

I switched from lisinopril to Losartan & it has brought my blood pressure down with NO side effects. No cough whatsoever. I take 50 mg a day.

I hope you'll contact his dr. & ask for some other medication. Your husband shouldn't have to go through this.

I started taking lisinopril in 40mg. in 2008 and the coughs started with in the same week of taking it. I talked to my doctor about the dry painful cough he act like it was not a big deal and assured me it will go away soon, but the coughing got worse at bedtime with the result of throwing up. Again I talked to my doctor and he prescribed a suppressant lowered my dosage and also prescribed Norvasc and told me that the lisinopril I have to take for the rest of my life and cannot be substituted for any other blood pressure medication.

Over the next year I noticed my body temp was rising like I was running a fever like the flu so that night I went to work because I've never been sick but once in my life as a child and never been sick til I started taking lisinopril and it didn't help it made things worse. One night at work I went to use the blood pressure machine and checked my own BP even though it was checked earlier at the doctors office and what was told to me there and what I saw with my own 2 eyes and I checked twice my bp was higher than what they told me at the doctor 239 over 138 and when I reported that to the doctor he started accusing me of over eating stop eating pork and I need to exercise well I reminded him of my profession at walmart as a security officer and walk 6 hrs. out of a 7 hr. shift. I don't eat pork can't stand the smell and either eat lunch or dinner NO breakfast then he used ethnic stereotype we all eat fatty greasy foods and we are lazy and then started getting angry with me because I started asking more questions til I got sicker and had to apply for disability and asked for my medical records so he in response sent me a letter dropping me as his patient.

Shortly after I found another doctor and right away he took me off lisinopril but kept me on Norvasc then took me of and prescribed Amlodipine and ordered blood tests to see what damage lisinopril done and showed it has slowly been raising my gloucose levels it had already caused me to start having gran mal seizers, muscle loss with muscle pain, rashes night sweats swelling of my throat face and lips so if anyone who has or have had weird side effects within your states statute of limitations get a lawyer because the state of Illinois is 2 years and that doctor knew just how long to conceal the side affects and the unknown ones and also to protect his free vacation source I didn't have a chance.

Taken this drug (Lisinopril) for a couple of months, not a big effect on my blood pressure, but a cough from hell that I am still trying to get rid of. I have tried most every otc cough medicine, as well as Tessalon Perles, still no relief. My husband has been sleeping on the couch because the cough has been keeping him up at night as well. They now have me on a inhaler, still as miserable.

I work as a cashier, and this has made my life nothing but hell. Who ever said a light tickle or small dry cough has not sat there hacking so bad that they are gagging and trowing up with it. From what I have read it last for months. Has anyone found anything that works for it?

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