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Pros and Cons of Premarin Cream

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Q. My doctor recently prescribed Premarin Vaginal Cream. It has improved my life dramatically, reducing dryness and easing other symptoms of menopause. Are there any negative effects? Is it absorbed into my body?

A. Premarin Vaginal Cream contains conjugated estrogens just like Premarin pills. It has been approved by the FDA to correct vaginal dryness that leads to painful intercourse. Over three decades ago there was evidence that vaginal estrogen cream (Premarin) could be absorbed rapidly and efficiently into the bloodstream (JAMA, Dec. 14, 1979). More recent studies have confirmed that estrogen in vaginal creams or tablets (Vagifem) is readily absorbed into the body (Annals of Oncology, April 2006; Menopause, Jan., 2009). There are concerns that vaginal exposure to estrogen might increase the risk of breast cancer in susceptible women. Please discuss the benefits and risks with your physician. According to The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics, the long-term safety of vaginal estrogen creams remains unclear (Feb. 23, 2009).

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  • Currently 2.7/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 2.7/5 (339 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I have been using Premarin Vag Cream since my bilateral oophorectomy (ovaries removed) in 1980. I was unable to use the pills (got migraines) or the patch (blisters on skin under it). Cream has relieved the dryness.
When I stopped using the cream (due to the panic about estrogen after results from a study were released) I began to grow a mustache, along with return of the vaginal dryness. I resumed use of the cream!
I have heard reports from two friends using the cream, who have BiPolar Disorder, that if they use too much of the cream, they become very irritable.

I used a compounded vaginal estrogen cream for a couple of years then went to a topical cream also compounded. I couldn't tell a lot of difference in how I felt but then I'd been through menopause about 14 years before and took Premarin. I read several articles about estrogen and it seems no matter what type of estrogen one uses then it is still "estrogen" and if one has a family history of breast cancer then maybe a doctor's advice should be sought out.

Message: I have a lengthy history of urinary tract infections (UTIs) that occur approximately every five months. I have seen a few urologists and had bladder scan, CT abdomen with contrast cystoscoy and SMA 7 blood tests which are all normal. Both my current urologist and my gynecologist are pressuring me to start Premarin vaginal cream. Due to the fact that my mother, her sister and my sister have all had breast cancer and I have had thyroid cancer, I have refused.

Last month at my gyn annual exam my doctor insisted that the vaginal cream does not get absorbed into the blood and will not promote breast cancer. When I refer to all the warnings in the pamphlets and Internet research my doctor got very angry and said the warnings are for the “old HRT” and do not pertain to the vaginal cream.

My doctor went on to say that the medication I have to frequently take for the UTIs are more dangerous than the estrogen in the vaginal cream. I filled the prescription for Premarin but found in the literature insert under side effects the top one is “Breast Cancer”. None of this makes sense to me and I do not know which path is the correct one.

I have always been told with my family history to avoid all estrogen, even soy products. I don’t want to be foolish by damaging my health by the continual UTIs. I called our local cancer hospital and they could not offer any suggestions.

I am in the same situation except I get UTIs more often than you do. My doctor says the same thing and I'm also afraid. I purchased the Premarin and read the insert. Not happy and looking for more advice.

I am curious about the suggestion to use this medicine to correct the UTI's? I have not gone through menopause - I am 48 and still have periods but over the last several months have had symptoms of dryness, itching and UTI symptons right before my period but no evidence of UTI. My doctor also suggested this medicine. I have just started it and the symptoms were gone immediately. I have no history of breast cancer but of course I am concerned about this. However, the relief is pretty amazing.

At my last gyn appt. it was recommended (again) that I use premarin cream. I am 51 yrs old, have not had a period since I was 44. I am single and not sexually active for the past 8 years.

My mother was diagnosed three years ago with breast CA, resulting in mastectomy and chemo. I am hesitant to use this cream as I have not experienced any symptoms. My physician tells me the amount that is absorbed into the bloodstream is minimal so therefore the cream is safe, she also recommended rather than inserting the cream, it can be used topically.

My question is, is there anything homeopathic that can be substituted for this cream? Although I'm not sexually active at this time, there is always the possibility in the future and I do think that sex would be painful.


What is the difference between inserting Premarin with an applicator and applying it topically?

I am a Premarin user. The quality of my life is very important to me. I'm 65 y/o, active in business, have a great social life, I'm in love and I'm happy. Once or twice a new doctor on staff has tried to lower and then remove my 1.25mg twice a day with horrible results.
*Pus filled acne from nose to pubic area
*Body aches
*Hair coarsens
*Skin coarsens, darkens
*Mustache, beard develop
*Cry,Cry, Cry
*Personality changes to dour & unfriendly
*I look in the mirror and see an old woman coming apart at the seams.

Yes, I would like to live to 100 years old IF MY QUALITY OF LIFE IS PRESERVED. To replace quality with the list above is so unfair to me. This should be my choice. Those who take other forms of HR, lucky you! I've tried several, all with poor results.
Just want you to know that there are some who consider this the very essence of life. I'd also like to add that I love horses and want to support any movement to acquire this chemical synthetically.

Just want to know if there is anything else but Premarin that does the same thing, I'm without insurance because of laid off and $169.00 is very high to pay.


I HAD a hx of UTis. I had them regularly all my life, but in 1998 I had 8 separate incidents requiring medication, including two trips to the emergency room for pain and bleeding from the urethra.

I heard about a doctor recommending premarin cream, got some, started using about once a week. In three months I was asymptomatic. I have had one bladder infection since then (following surgery and extended catheterization) - in 12 years! Besides, now I do everything "wrong", such as have intercourse, wear tight jeans, sit in the car for long drives- all things that guaranteed an infection before I started with the premarin. It was a godsend. I now use it once every other week.

This had nothing to do with hormone levels- it is some local action of the cream. I was 44 when I started and did not have menopause until 55.

Hello, I am like you, with a period but my doctor says that my vaginal lining is thinning. I have used premarin cream for 2 days now. How long does it take to notice a difference?


I am a 54 year old married woman, about 3 years ago I had a stroke and have since recovered. About a year ago, suddenly my period left and realized I'm in the menopause stage. I didn't realize I would get dryness and pains during intercourse afterwards.

I had been avoiding sex because of the pains. My doctor prescribed premarin cream, but I have been holding back. I am worried since reading the side effects of the prescriptions. Even though it's been over 3 years since the stroke, am I not a candidate to use this product? Also, over 13 years ago ( at 41 y/o), I had Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it was a staphe infection in the female area. At that time, I had only used a tampon for a few days, and ended up with Toxic Shock. My Gyn physician knew about my situation, but may have forgotten my history. Please advise if I should be using this or something else?

P.S I was told by my doctor that once I start using it, that I must continue forever. If I should stop, I don't want those side effects that others are experiencing. Again, please reply Thank you.

I had vaginal atrophy which is severe vaginal rawness just because I am pre-menopausal. I will tell you that Premarin has made such a huge difference. Pharmacists know more about medicine reactions more that doctors and my pharmacist said, as long as I don't use it for long term. A dose of 0.5 Premarin for 7 days to start and then one time a week or maybe every 10 days.

I can't even explain the torture I put up with for a year before my gynecologist prescribed this.

Wish you the best, Doris

I have lichensclerosis and also am susceptible to UTIs. Will the premarin cream applied topically help or hurt?


I had a sister die from lung cancer that traveled to her brain, one that died from breast cancer, a sister that died from a blood clot. MY FATHER DIED OF LIVER CANCER. I had an ovary removed and a ovarian cyst at nineteen. I am now through menopause and am having a lot of UTIs. My ob/gyn has put me on premarin vag cream. I'm not to use the applicator; I'm just to put it on the tip of my finger just inside the vagina. I'm not sure this is the way to go at sixty-three. Is there anything else I could do?
The main reason for the treatment is thinning of my vagina walls. Thank you

I used to get lots of UTI's too. The best thing to do is stay away from the complexity of hormones, and visit your local pharmacy or health food store for a better dose of magnesium and selenium than you are now getting. It not only works for me but lots of others too--ask around.

I have used Vagifem 25mg for years with no problem. I am 64 years old. My Dr. recently changed Rx to premarin cream, use of 1 gram twice weekly. My mom suffered from breast cancer, and had a mastectomy. I am afraid to use this stuff. Any suggestions? I already have too many health problems. Thanks

Also was just prescribed premarin for vaginal dryness and thinning of my vaginal walls. My mother had breast cancer at about my age now, 57 years old and past menopause. Should I start using it? Am worried. Thanks



I'm wondering how long does it take for "Premarin" to work on the vaginal dryness?

I'm 62, very active, healthy, and have a great social life. For the first time in 21 years I'm in love and I'm truly happy. For years I used black cohosh, primrose oil and a cream (yam) for hot flashes and all of them worked, but I'm now fighting vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. I've tried using ky's and other over the counter lubricants.... nothing has helped. I finally spoke to my doctor and she has put me on Premarin cream. I have to use it for 30 days, 3 times a week before I can have intercourse. I'm so glad to have found this site and read the experiences all of you have had. It has helped me with my decision to use the Premarin cream. I want this new chapter of my book to be the best yet. Good luck to all of you and the decisions you make.

I was just prescribed Premarin Cream and my doctor says to only use twice a week---I didn't ask what time of day to apply it-hard to get a hold of her--If i should apply on exterior (docs orders) it in the morning it will just wipe off on my panties and wipe off while wiping after urinating--and how long after using this will it begin to work?

Bunny, put it on at night so it will have a chance to absorb. It will 'wear off' during normal activities the next day. I do use an applicator to put the cream in, not too far, just inside. The local effect it has on my urethral opening has stopped all the bladder infection I was plagued with prior to using the cream. I had improvement in six weeks, and now only use it once a week w/ no return of symptoms.

I've been using Premarin cream for a little over a month in preparation for vaginal surgery. I've noticed that, on the days I use it, I have a lot of pain in my pelvic area, back and leg aches and now, my lower back and belly itch. I also have a slight rash. Is this a side effect from the premarin? I only use a dot on the outside.

I am 53. I was prescribed premarin cream and used it for two weeks before starting the one or twice a week dosing I know have a fine sandpaper rash on my neck and face -yikes. Could this possibly be from the premarin cream? I do not ever have a rash on my face. So far have not noticed premarin cream helping at all.


You may have Interstital Cystitis. I thought I had recurring bladder infections for years. I'd take pyridium and antibiotics to no end! I later discovered my bladder lining was thinning out and my urine was essentially burning my bladder. IC also increases your risk of UTI's. While I take estrogen to help it sounds as if you need to try every other alternative out there first. While IC can be difficult, there are different treatments for it. Please visit your urologist and ask about being tested for IC. 90% of the afflicted are women and it is not uncommon in the peri- or post-menopausal years.

I turned 40 four months ago and in the last 2 years (after my IUD was taken out) I have not had a period and get a UTI every time my husband and I have sex. I have been to a urologist-- had the cystocopy and a sonogram on my kidneys. I am on Bactrim for 3 months. in the meantime I also went to my GYN and had a host of tests done and yesterday found out that I am IN MENOPAUSE!!!

She has prescribed me Premarin and Activella! I am so worried about taking both and I still have one month left of Bactrim. I have a bunch of menopause symptoms, but the only one I cannot handle is the constant UTI's, plus I am a first grade teacher which makes it virtually impossible anyway. Should I just start with premarin and see how it goes???

I used the premarin alone for years pre menopause to prevent UTIs. When I STILL had my monthly at 55, I started taking the activella to end it. Love the Activella, anecdotally, it has improved my memory.

I am 50 & going thru menopause for the last year. Still get my period whenever it feels like surprising me (may be 1 to 3 months between) and is much lighter than it ever has been. Sometimes it only lasts literally for a couple of hours. Because of painful intercourse (no problem with lubrication, just vaginal tightness and rigidity) and resulting UTI's, I started Premarin cream 0.5 grams twice per week just a week ago.

Yesterday, my period came following some old-fashioned bloating and mildly painful breast tenderness like when I was younger. I am wondering if this heavier period is due to the estrogen in the tissues now... Appreciate any comments.

My wife just started using this. How bad is this for me as a male as I am sure I am ingesting some of it.


NC, I had been using the premarin since I was 45. I don't believe that much estrogen gets into your system from the premarin, it just has a localized effect on the vaginal tissues.
That said, I was still having a 28 day cycle regular period at 55. I believe it is the FSH level that determines when your period stops and testing revealed my level was 'normal'. My MD took pity on me and prescribed Activella, which stopped my periods. I liked the side effects, sharper memory and better bone density, so I am still taking it.

My period stopped three years ago. I tried lubricant beads, no success, intercourse has become very painful. My Dr. gave me premarin cream, but I am scared to use after reading the info included with the cream. Is there something safer that I could try?


Your body gets a lot of Premarin, almost as much as the pill (estrogen) that you would take by mouth.

Is Premarin cream applied several hours before intercourse, but only then, instead of regularly, effective at preventing vaginal dryness during intercourse?

I am 57, post menopausal. When I went for my regular check-up my pap smear came back with irregularities. I have had 2 more pap smears since then (in 1 year) that have come back with irregularities. My GYN wants to put me on Premarin before doing the pap smears but I am reluctant. I have no 'conditions' that I need help with. I feel fine. My problem is the negative results of the pap smears. I don't understand how the Premarin can help with that. I feel like I will create problems where there are none. I have had the ?scopy done and nothing showed up on it and I am willing to have it done again. Am I being over cautious?


My gyn prescribed .5mg premarin 2x a week for a month and then 1x a week. I have used it about 3 weeks and find I want to cry for no reason. Can feel a chemical like depression taking me over. But I think it really did help with the vaginal dryness, discharge and frequent urination. Especially helped with the discharge I was having. Age 51, last period a year ago.

Would it help if I took less? OR did not insert the cream but use it outside?? I tend to insert it deeply, is that a mistake?

I just started taking .625 premarin with a dose of .5mg twice a week. It seems to make my fibromyalgia flare and makes me feel fuzzy mentally. Is this normal? I am 60 years old and was prescribed this for painful intercourse. Is there anything else I can take?

The following symptoms can be signs of the serious health conditions listed above. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms while you are using vaginal estrogen: sudden, severe headache; sudden, severe vomiting; speech problems; dizziness or faintness; sudden complete or partial loss of vision; double vision; weakness or numbness of an arm or a leg; crushing chest pain or chest heaviness; coughing up blood; sudden shortness of breath; difficulty thinking clearly, remembering, or learning new things; breast lumps or other breast changes; discharge from nipples; or pain, tenderness, or redness in one leg.

You can take steps to decrease the risk that you will develop a serious health problem while you are using vaginal estrogen. Do not use vaginal estrogen alone or with a progestin to prevent heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, or dementia. Use the lowest dose of estrogen that controls your symptoms and only use vaginal estrogen as long as needed. Talk to your doctor every 3 to 6 months to decide if you should use a lower dose of estrogen or should stop using the medication.

I was diagnosed with uterine and ovarian cancer last year. After a complete hysterectomy and 6 months of chemo (and now 5 months later), I talked to my gyn/oncologist about the dryness issue. He prescribed premarin cream. He said it's a very low dose estrogen and is not really absorbed into the bloodstream... the pills are a different story and are not advised for someone like me who has had a hormonal cancer. He told me that the risk of developing breast cancer from this is incredibly small (and he's the head of the department and a GYN/oncologist for over 25 years).

I started the cream tonight and we'll see how it goes. I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and not having to fuss with awkward creams that ruin the moment and quite frankly, don't work well enough and leave me bleeding afterwards. UGH.

I am 57, married and we are casually sexually active. No cancers or other medical issues. I have suffered from severe pain with intercourse which has definitely been an issue in our marriage for 10 years.

I have tried Ky jelly, (and other makes), numbing creme, vagifem and progesterone pills. Nothing has worked. I recently applied premarin creme externally for 1 month, smoothed along the lip of the vagina and it is working phenomenally well. I am going to cut back, to once a week, but now I never want to go back. Painful sex is extremely stressful. I will watch for rashes etc. I find soy products make me extremely irritable, but not this creme so far. I'm finally happy, but my husband does not want me to take it for health reasons. Sheesh! We'll see how it goes.

I have been taking premarin vaginal cream twice a week for three weeks. I have just noticed a small amount of blood when going to the bathroom. Could the vaginal cream cause vaginal bleeding?

At the recommendation of my gyn, I began using Premarin vaginal cream May 9, every day until May 30, then twice a week. I now have cramps, my face is breaking out, my mind is doing strange and NOT wonderful things, I am retaining fluid (becoming a human balloon),which of course raises my blood pressure (already high, take meds for that)! At age 66, I am beginning to wonder if the rusty discharge, occasional large dark clots and cramps were perhaps the smaller price to pay instead of trying to treat severe atrophic vaginitis (I had a hysterectomy at age 33, plus took right ovary)!

My mother has had 3 surgeries for cancer (both breasts and vulvar cancer, her brother lost both kidneys to cancer). With Rheumatoid Arthritis, I already take more meds than I prefer; adding to the mix with even more side effects at this point in my life seems just not worth it. If I sound "testy", it must be the Premarin vaginal cream! From comments, it appears that I am not alone in being skeptical about using this medication, even though it seems to work well for some.

You dosage is frequent. After attaining relief from my vaginal/urethral symptoms, I use the cream about 3xmonth which is now adequate for maintenance.

My sister had a liver transplant in January 2010, with complications that knocked out her kidneys and now needs a kidney transplant. She has had chronic UTIs since the liver started going out (she got a blood transfusion tainted with hepatitis C virus in the early 1980s during emergency surgery). She is constantly on antibiotics for the UTIs and they just keep coming back. The transplant clinic just started her on Bactrim instead of the previous antibiotic.

Coincidentally, her gynecologist recently started her on Premarin cream for thinning vaginal walls, and tonight she was in so much pain from the UTI (the pressure, the burning, the urges) she applied some Premarin Cream just to see if it made a difference and the pain stopped almost immediately.

We are going to see her urologist next Tuesday, and will definitely ask about Premarin for relief of UTIs. And of course any contraindications for her new liver and her end stage kidney disease. But tonight, maybe even all night long, she won't cry from the pain of the UTI.


I was prescribed Premarin cream following a urethral sling operation. I am now a month post op, finishing up the cream, and ready to begin trying to conceive. Will I run the risk of problems conceiving due to recent Premarin therapy?

I am a 61 year old female who has been suffering from frequent UTIs for the past 6 years. Recently I had a cystoscopy performed by a urologist who said all was well with the bladder but that I had a cystocele. I was referred to a gynaecologist and although I do have a cystocele it is quite small.... his concern was that I have atrophic vaginitis and prescribed premarin cream Ig for 7 days and then 1g twice weekly which he thinks will also help with the UTI's.

My concern is that although there is no cancer in my medical history as such I do have an illness which predisposes me to blood clots and the treatment for the illness is immunosuppressants which predispose me to cancer. I am not sexually active and did not realize I had a problem there.... my main concern is the UTI's as my autoimmune disease rendered my kidneys to be functioning at only 50% and so I cant afford to get a kidney infection.

Over the counter natural progesterone cream is available in my country and apparently does not have these side-effects. I am concerned though as I am aware that over the counter drugs are under researched and have found very little feedback on natural progesterone cream on the internet. Anyone tried it?

Been there crying with pain, saved by the premarin. Best of luck to your sister.

Thank you for your kind words. After the visit to the urologist today, we walked away with a new prescription for Premarin. Her doctor said that it is certainly true that if your vaginal walls are too thin, you can burn your bladder when urinating, although she is treating this as a UTI. Since my sister has ESRD, her "urination" is different, although she did leave a sample and we do go back to urologist next week.

Her doctor put her on a week of strong antibiotics, a very strong cranberry supplement, and the Premarin cream. We followed someone's advice from above (there are so many great comments!): the one where you if you use a little dab of Premarin on the tip of the finger applied near or just inside, it can help to ease the pain and the overall discomfort of the UTI. The urologist agreed that this was an excellent idea. Again, bless you for your kind words.

There are so many who have received good results from the Premarin cream, and that is wonderful. Aside from the questionable usage due to family history, as well as my own (milk ducts removed from right breast because of bleeding), the benefits for me just did not seem worth the results, particularly since I had no hx of UTIs. No one could figure out the bleeding source (vaginal vs bladder/kidney), so in my opinion, Premarin was just something thrown at the symptoms to see if it would work!

After reading my own comments from June 8, I called my Dr and told her the symptoms I was having and we agreed that I should discontinue using the Premarin cream, at least for now. As of today, my face is clearing up, the fluid retention has not yet subsided, however I am hopeful, and my mind does not feel so "foggy". Perhaps there are those of us who simply cannot use this medication, which works so well for others. Cramps are also not as strong or as frequent, so I will wait and see what another Premarin-free week brings, and let my body settle back down. Thanks to all for shared experiences ... makes some things easier to understand!

I am 83 years old have been taking .625 premarin for 20 years. Dr. put me on .3 mg. and then took me off and after 1 month. I feel terrible. Hot flashes and trouble sleeping. I want to start .625 mgs again. I would like a better quality of life. Am I to old to start them again?
thank you

I am 57 yrs./o and have recently been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) I have just started Orencia IV infusions. I am also taking prednisone, methotrexate, synthroid, and pristiq. Several mo ago before my RA diagnosis my Dr. started me on premarin cream. I used it a few times but got scared of the estrogen so I stopped, but I am desperate now as I am post menopausal, I have no sex drive at all and when my husband and I have intercourse it is so painful I can barely take it.

I want to be there for him and I also feel I need some pleasure in my life. RA being an auto immune disease scares me, especially when it comes to cancer. Any advice on how to boost my sex drive and cure vaginal dryness without cancer causing chemicals?

I need something that really works..... please help.
Thank you

You may want to try one of the over the counter lubricants, KY Jelly and there are many other brands.

I'm 56 and I've just had a full hysterectomy due to a prolapsed uterus and also a bladder tack. Now my Dr. wants me to apply premarin cream to the vaginal area once daily. After reading all the side affects I'm not sure this is a good idea. I've been in menopause for about 3yrs. with no real problems.

So what IS the point of using this? I'm assuming for vaginal dryness but didn't have this problem before surgery. On top of this I'm going to the beach in two weeks and it says avoid being in direct sunlight while taking this medicine!!!! Please advise. I haven't started it yet and have a call in to my Dr.

Why haven't they come out with a generic brand for Premarin Vaginal Cream?

Why Isn't Generic Premarin Vaginal Cream Available? FOUND THIS, HOPE IT HELPS

Premarin Vaginal Cream is a complex natural product. It contains several different estrogens in various amounts. For this reason, it would be difficult to create a generic medication that is exactly like Premarin Vaginal Cream. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not approve any generic versions of Premarin Vaginal Cream until several requirements are met. Most importantly, the exact composition of the cream must be fully evaluated. This is difficult, because it is not clear which components of Premarin Vaginal Cream are "active" ingredients and which are not. Any potential generics must be shown to be identical to Premarin Vaginal Cream in terms of the content, dose, and absorption of these active components.

I am 75 years old and suffering from a rectocele with vaginal prolapse. I was fitted with a pessary and given a prescription for premarin cream. I have since had a heart attack with 2 stents andmininal damage. Should I or not use the premarin cream. If so why???

My Dr. prescribed me premarin to use on a perineal scar resulting from childbirth that is still painful 5 months later. Anyone ever heard of using this cream for such a reason? And if yes was it helpful? Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?

I have a sister who had estrogen related breast cancer. I have had cystitis like symptoms all of my life, now have very severe vulvodynia, and, post-menopausal wondering if premarin or estrace cream would help.... I have tried almost everything else and am in horrible pain, constantly. Please answer, I am feeling so hopeless.

Will the Vaginal cream relieve the hot flashes I've experienced when I've stopped taking the Premarin pills (.30)?


I too was diagnosed with RA... one year ago. Started Remicade infusions about 4 months ago. Am going for my 5th infusion next week. The last infusion I had I was sitting with the IV hooked up and felt the UTI come on over the period of 2.5 hours. I had been prescribed the premirin cream for vaginal dryness (intercourse) and uti's ...

I took it twice a week and got very depressed. Took it 1x week and stopped when I got the UTI.. I am going to start it again. Just once a week and see what happens. The concern is that the Remicade is suppressing my immune system and the UTIs will become more frequent. When you have a UTI or are on an antibiotic, you are not supposed to get the infusion (postpone) which results in more RA pain. Ultimately NO WIN situation.

I am doing bladder infusions now... sigh... will let you know if they help. I rarely have infections, just pain... so not sure it is really technically "cystitis."

I wish my urologist ran some tests... I always feel I have something "brewing" down there.
I am so nervous about the next infusion.

You need a urogynecologist.... I have to admit, as of this week, the bladder infusions are useless.... any codeine makes me constipated and makes it worse... (I have had rectal surgery) I am ready to give up.

I have been using Premarin for about two months now. I experience something that I have not seen discussed yet. After inserting the cream vaginally before bedtime, I tend to discharge the cream on the days following, until the next application. I use the cream twice a week. Is my body just not absorbing the cream? Is this normal?

That is normal. The estrogen is a component of the cream which is absorbed, the other ingredients are just the vehicle for the estrogen and are discharged over time.

I cannot use premarin, I guess, as my sister had estrogen based breast cancer at a very young age.... is that correct? (sigh)

Hi, I just came from my doctors and "my instructions"for the cream, was to "apply at bedtime." Put some on your fingertips and gently "rub" into the vulva area.
Also, when washing that area, do not use a washcloth, use your hands. Pat gently dry your privates area. Rough towels/washcloths can cause more irritation. He also suggested using vegetable or olive oil during intercourse it you are having "discomfort" during intercourse.

Ky Lubricants are "water based", so they tend to "dry quickly" , so use the vegetable/olive oils. I even use non perfumed "baby oil. I agree with "aboves" comments. Quality of life is more important than "a longer life with pain & discomfort"... If you read all labels on all approved drugs... They scare you to death! Follow your gut and "listen to your doctors advice.


In addition to all the pros and cons already mentioned about using Premarin, there remains for me the original problem of how Premarin is manufactured. As much as I'd like to improve my quality of life, I refuse to use a product that gets to market through the inhumane treatment of horses. To make truly informed decisions about using Premarin-related products, we owe it to ourselves to understand where and how these drugs are made.

Premarin is made from pregnant mare's urine. Very often, the mares are kept in poor condition and given little water so that there is a higher concentration of urine. They keep the mares pregnant, and when they give birth, the foals are quickly sold off and seen as cast-offs.

I am 52 yo, and menopausal at age 47, my Gyn prescribed premarin vaginal cream to use 4g every day for 3 weeks and stop for 1 week for 4 months. I stared last week, but when I search in this website (and others) I didn't find any woman using that much, please help, is my gyn wrong? (I am using it for dryness only) thanks every one.

According to Wikipedia's description of Premarin, the years of intense scrutiny and criticism of the old methods of producing horse estrogen from Pregnant Mare Urine farms resulted in an overhaul of the industry.

Seems like a lot! I use 1 1/2 gram 1xweek and it has maintained the desired effect for me (no urethritis or bladder infections).

I've been using premarin twice a day for almost a month. 2 months ago I gave birth and got a 3rd degree tear that didn't heal correctly, resulting in a pea sized hole :( *kind of embarrassing* doc looked at it and prescribed me to this cream but I haven't noticed a change. I'm almost done with this tube and have 1 refill. Should I finish this tube and if nothing changes call the doc again? or get the script refilled and see what happens then??

I have been prescribed .625 Premarin Vaginal Cream @ 1 gram 2ce/wkly. for several years now. At first I rarely used it but my symptoms which were just like yeast infections increased over the months. I was miserable. My discharge looked like it was filled with tiny fat globules. I finally, this past year, came to understand that I was experiencing symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

I began using, as prescribed, and found relief for months and then the symptoms returned. I began cutting down the dose to .5 and used it every 2 to three days. Again, I had relief for months but the symptoms returned again. The itching and discomfort through the vagina may reduce somewhat after taking the cream but very soon the itching becomes a real issue.

I manually pull out the cream when it gets down from where I shot it up (I have put it very high into the vagina) because the seeping is so irritating). Currently those fat globule mimics have returned and are increasing in number. I have wondered if I am allergic to Premarin. After reading the above I feel concerned about using it at all. (I awaken with lower abdominal pains all the time and am told I have irritable bowel syndrome, now I wonder if it's related to the cream. I have those cramps now as I write, but it's awakening with them that is the most troublesome.)

In the late 80s I began having what felt like cystitis but confined to urethra. It was horrid. I had lots to do and lots of water to drink. Impossible. I saw a urologist who had NO idea what to do. No infection. Thus the water torture. In one of my group meetings I was directing a woman noticed me going to bathroom every few minutes and later told me she recognized the symptoms.

She gave me the name of another urologist. I went, and it appeared this thing just had to be endured. I was sick about that. I was really in a mess. As I was going out the door he said "Oh BTW, there are some new findings I just remembered..." He told me what was wrong [lack of estrogen to vagina, urethra and more]. He started me on the cream. Two weeks later it kicked in. I had to use it daily, just a tiny bit right on urethra. Peace arrived. But I had to always use the cream.

In 2002 there was a tiny speck in my breast [mammo], and it was VERY early cancer. Got it. It might have gone unnoticed and calcified, but we got it anyway. I just had doctor remove breast [bit overboard, but we decided together it was a good idea]. NO hx of cancer in family. Did well. Stopped the cream. Few months ago my "old friend" started again along with VERY tender skin of all areas plus all of vagina. Put on cream. Both of my wise doctors assured me it was very safe as not very much is absorbed [and others have said the same thing], not to worry, and to get the misery "down there" stopped.

I use it after voiding. If I don't drink enough I get the "itis" but it is slowing after about three weeks now. I probably can back off in a bit. I find that a bit of Calmoseptine is excellent until help arrives. I'm 74, and I don't want another cancer, but I also MUST get out and about. I have FMS/IBS severely, and I'm trying to get it under control so for both reasons I have got to weigh quality of life against cancer I don't expect.

I am scanned every so often for gut problems from surgical errors made during a vaginal hyst in 1997 that necrosed and I had two huge surgeries to repair the mistakes, so an early Ca would show on CT scans as this is both a cancer AND a breast center here. I cannot live with urethritis 24:7 so I'll take a chance and I do trust these doctors. I might add that the entire area is so sensitive I don't like to even touch any part of myself. All due to this not so wonderful aging process.

I too have RA (diagnosed in 2007) and took Arava for 3 years. Arava is very similar to Methotrexate as an immunosuppressent; the normal dosage is 20mg but I only took 10mg daily. It took almost 3 months for the Arava to take effect, but afterwards my joints felt great, I could sit on the floor, do housework, etc., things I dreaded doing before. I was 64 when I started taking Arava. After about 7 months I started having UTIs at least monthly, was almost constantly on antibiotics, had to go to the ER several times, had MRIs, CT scans, cystoscopies, you name it.

When not having a UTI, I took low dose antibiotics daily to try to prevent them but they seldom worked for more than 6-8 weeks. My Rheumatologist insisted the Arava had nothing to do with my UTIs and would not agree to reduce my dosage as this would have been 'off label'. After more CTs, my urologist decided I had a colovesicle fistula (a small tube attaching the colon to the bladder) which allowed bacteria to enter the bladder. He sent me to a surgeon who wanted to operate the next week. I didn't like him and went to a different surgeon and a different urologist. They did all the same tests over and could not find any sign of a colovesicle fistula but couldn't find any other cause for my frequent UTIs.

Soooo, I started taking the Arava every other day, and although my joints didn't feel quite as good, I did not have UTIs for 4 months -- it was glorious. Then I had 3 UTIs in a row, 3 months in a row. I then decided to totally stop my Arava even though I truly loved the way I felt when I took it! I felt I had a choice -- my bladder or my ankles. It's been 6 months now and I haven't had another UTI although I do still take a 100mg Macrodantin every evening, but I hope to stop that after I see the urologist again next month. I don't know what to do about my RA but it is wonderful to be able to make plans without having to worry about whether I'll have a UTI at that time.

The nurse practitioner prescribed premarin for me, the reason given is to "plump up the tissue around the cervix" as I had a PAP come back ASCUS. I am post-menopausal, 54 years old, and I do experience a little dryness.

My sister had breast cancer, my mother died of cancer, primary site unknown, but metastatic liver cancer killed her. I had irregular vaginal bleeding when I had a cortisone shot for frozen shoulder. I brought up all these issues with the gyno, but she said I wouldn't get bleeding, and not to worry about breast cancer, as only a small amount of the premarin was absorbed.

I read the entire insert--and am now more unsure than ever. I go for my re-PAP in mid-December and don't know if I should do this or not. I, too, had a colposcopy come back as normal last year.

I was 72 when my doctor prescribed Premarin Vaginal Cream. I use 1 gram about twice a week. I had a hysterectomy in my late 40's and soon had vaginal atrophy. Sex was painful so I abstained. I met someone and wanted to have a complete relationship and so began using the Premarin. It was heaven-sent - it made a huge difference. I am now nearly 76 and am in a wonderful relationship with a virile, handsome 62 year old. My life is complete.

I have no side effects that I know of. I am currently unhappy though, with the non-availability of the 42.5 gram size. I was getting 2-42.5 gram tubes from Canada for $54. Now I will be paying $66 for 3-14gram tubes. That is more than a doubling in price per gram.

I have the same concerns. My aunt had breast cancer, the type that is fueled by estrogen. My doctor also becomes angry when I talk about the risks and my doctor also says it is not absorbed into the system, but it is and it says so on their website. But I am 45 and have been post menopausal for 4 years and have atrophy. Just now started having the UTI symptoms and possible UTI. Very bad dryness and much much pain during intercourse. And was just prescribed Premarin. I think I am going to try it at a very low dose for only 2 times per week for a while. But I am scared. I am so confused.

SK, I would get a second or third opinion. Estrogen is absorbed into your blood stream and I do understand your concerns. Shame on your doctor for getting angry.

I have gone the rounds on the estrogen including "natural estrogen." I asked several doctors including gyns about cream vs. pills. With a small amount of cream for atrophic problems [vaginal and urethral] there is no problem I am told as it is nothing like a pill. Cream is just tiny bit and most is not absorbed but helps vaginitis. Pills not good for someone with breast cancer [I've had it].

I got nasty urethritis and urgency in the fall [again] and was put back on Prem Cream. It began to help until I sensitized to it this time. I'm to try vit. E or maybe I'll check out other creams. I was told to use it after urination. I'm temporarily using Calmoseptine cream [very soothing] until I find what works. But I'm sick about whatever is in the cream now bothering me as I used it for years before in my early 50s.

Now I'm 74, and to be comfortable and get over the urgency with it's problems for me, I have got to find what works like estrogen cream. [Never should a doctor show anger. That's unethical behavior.] Wishing you the best. Oh, drink a lot if you feel like you have a bladder infection. It helps a LOT.

This is what Dr.Susan Loves (Breast Expert) says...

Vaginal estrogen can be very effective in treating dryness. There are a number of methods currently available for taking estrogen vaginally. Two options are Premarin cream and Estrace. Both are very well absorbed. Some women think that because you apply the cream only inside your vagina, none of it will get into the rest of your body. This isn't the case. Some of the estrogen is absorbed into your blood. In fact, both Premarin and Estrace raise your blood levels of estrogen much the same as estrogen pills.

I am a 59 year old who is post-menopausal. I have been experiencing vaginal dryness for a few years now and have used Replens with some success. It doesn't seem to be working as well as it had and my doctor just prescribed estrogen cream. I am very worried about this. I do not have any history of cancer in my family but don't want to take a chance. I have read all the studies. Anyone else worried as I am?

Yes, I am worried as you are. I read that they have stopped selling Premarin in the UK. I am not 100% sure this is true but reading the insert is enough to scare one to death.
I also wonder how long you can use Premarin and be safe. (Is that even possible.)
It is dangerous only if used long term? I wish we could find out more.

My doctor prescribed Premarin Cream for vaginal atrophy but he said to use only half an applicator-ful once a week. His medical assistant has been using that amount for years and she says that's been enough to do the trick for her. I've used it for only two weeks now and haven't given it a "road test" yet but will let you know how it works out in the bedroom.

Anyway, my point is that the amounts you all are using sound like a lot to me if less will suffice. When I read all the dire warnings that came with the cream I panicked and phoned the doctor, but was reassured that that small an amount would do absolutely nothing in the way of side effects. So those of you have concerns might want to try using less and seeing how that works.

I am a 50 year old woman in menopause. I went to my gyn for HRT because I am having bad insomnia, mood swings, and anxiety (hot flashes too, but they are the least of my concerns). He prescribed Premarin cream 1/4 applicator full every night for the first two weeks, and then every other night after that. Is anyone else using the cream like this? How long would it take this way to have an effect?

I agree with you! I was wondering, are you taking Premarin in pill form or cream?

I am a pathologist with specialty expertise in pap smears. When women become post-menopausal their vaginal lining becomes atrophied (immature and thinned) and this often causes the painful intercourse; atrophy is a very common cause of abnormal pap smears, as it can be sometimes difficult to tell atrophic changes from truly pre-cancerous changes. The reason your doctor wants you to try the estrogen cream is because if the abnormality on the pap smear is due to atrophy, it will resolve after you use the cream, because your cells will respond to the estrogen by maturing.

If the abnormality is due to a true pre-cancerous condition (dysplasia, CIN, SIL) it will persist and the cream will have no effect. You should not be afraid to use this cream, if only on a trial basis, to resolve the abnormal pap smear problem. Otherwise you may end up getting biopsied and more tests for no reason. Also, be sure and ask your doctor if a high-risk HPV test was done on your abnormal pap smear specimen. If that is negative, you shouldn't need any treatment at all.

I have no sexual feelings for my husband as I am going through full-blown menopause as my dr. tells me but my husband wont wait forever. He is 46yrs.. & I AM 55yrs. will using the cream give me verility again? And will it help build up my thinning vaginal walls? I miss intercourse also but I go thru burning,itching&bleeding(plz help)!!!)

People's Pharmacy response: Sex doesn't always have to mean intercourse. Finding ways to satisfy him until you can get through this temporary time is a good challenge.

Premarin cream will certainly help with the vaginal dryness, but we do not know if it will help you regain your libido faster.

The premarin restored my ability to have intercourse, but not the desire. I take a testosterone /DHEA prescription from my gynecologist and although it took a long time (11 mo) it did restore my libido- not like I was at 20- but sufficient for a healthy married life.
Talk to your gyn about this. Also, I did not have any negative effects (such as facial hair) from the dose I take.

I tried using premerin. Besides feeling guilty on how they made the product....I itched terribly after using. Stopped using after one week. It is terrible how the horses are abused getting the horse urine. Hope the FDA steps in soon.

I had a hysterectomy and waited 6 weeks till sex. I used to be a sexual demon and now it was excruciatingly painful. I didn't want my husband near me. I got the premarin cream and use it 2 times a week. After 3 weeks of this .........ta da I am back to being a sexual demon. My husband and I are having super great sex. !!!

I tried the coconut oil and the first two times I didn't have any problems. The third time I got a very bad UTI. It was terrible. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if it was caused by the coconut oil. It is the first one I have had, I am not prone to these. Has anyone else had a problem with the coconut oil? I am afraid to try it again, that's how bad the infection was. I don't want to ask the doctor because she is set on having me start estrogen and I am set against it.

Why are they SOOO set on all the patients starting estrogen? Why the push?

When I told my doctor that I was scared to get cancer, she actually said that it is just a way of life now and that it is no big deal. Just get cancer, get treatment and get over it s pretty much what she said.

Appalling to me and now she is not my doctor anymore.

I agree. I don't see why they would take a chance with your health. Cancer doesn't run in my family, but why chance it? On reading some of these posts, it isn't any picnic getting off the estrogen. Why start in the first place?

I am 56 yrs. old and am postmenopausal. My gynecologist put me on premarin vaginal cream at 1 gram 3 x a week. I have been on this regimen for 18 months. Is this too much for too long? My vaginal dryness has been alleviated long ago. Will I have problems coming off of the cream or should I taper off slowly?

I would taper back, but more than likely you will need to use a smaller amount weekly to keep the dryness or burning at bay.

The prescription states to apply to periurethral tissue, while the instructions state to use applicator in vagina. From other comments, it sounds as though it is to just be applied on the outside. Is this correct?

I am 48 and the past year I started with night sweats and loss of lubrication, sensitivity, arousal. My periods in the past 6 months are erratic.

t was like a faucet was turned off. I am disheartened because I finally met a great man to marry and our sex life is taking a big turn downward. I presented my symptoms to my doctor and she just suggested lubricant. I did my research and I believe hormone therapy is a more effective way of reducing these symptoms. She prescribed Premarin vaginal cream. My pharmacist told me twice a week on the lowest dose. I do not feel any change after 2 weeks.

When will the sensation, arousal and lubrication come back? I would rather have comfortable/enjoyable sex with the orgasm and lubrication returned.
Has anyone had these sensations return on Premarin? It is quite pricey and if I can achieve the same comfortable sex with .......coconut oil applied I will go that route.

I had the same thing happen, desire turned off like a faucet, but I was already being treated with premarin cream for years (to prevent urethritis & bladder infections)

My gyn prescribed a modest dose of testosterone/dhea from a compounding pharmacy. It took a long time before it worked- 11 months- but I came back to life and had no undesirable effects.

Premarin will make intercourse comfortable, but it won't increase libido.

Just started Premarin at the lowest dose for twice a week. What are my chances of getting skin darkening on my face?

This answer is coming late, so I hope you already found your answer, but if not, I also have had severe vulvodynia and topical estrogen cream has helped immensely. It took a few months to really notice a significant difference, but I would say at that point it was 80% improved. The only time I get real pain is if I eat hot peppers or spices. The heat seems to travel through the nerves to the nerve endings in that area and it burns like fire until my body clears it.
You might also have a food sensitivity. I would definitely give the estrogen cream a try.

I've started having lots of vaginal pain, especially when sitting. Like something was coming out, a tugging, pulling sensation. Pain radiates into groin and upward through pelvis. Saw a uro/gyn nurse practitioner. After the exam, she said I really should have seen the doctor for this, that it is probably a vaginal prolapse. Possibly rectal prolapse as well. All I know is that I am miserable. Can't even think about sex. Practitioner prescribed Premarin 3x a week. But can't get an appt. with the doc for 4 months.

Does this drug really work for something like a prolapse? She says it will strengthen the muscles that are atrophied. I have my doubts. But I'm willing to try about anything at this point.

Really need some answers, I'm supposed to have total knee replacement in about 2 months. Can't imagine going through that with this problem, too. The thought of being catheterized for the knee surgery makes me cringe.

I am a 59 year old post-menopausal woman and have just been prescribed Premarin Cream for topical use to treat urethral prolapse. I am to apply the cream 2 - 3 times daily for 2 weeks, but I don't know when to apply, how much to apply, or even how or where to apply the cream. I assumed that information would be provided with the medication. While the information mentions topical use, actual instructions with the Premarin are for vaginal insertion only.

I am hopeful someone on this site can provide more information.

First, how much do I squeeze from the tube? Second, how and to where do I apply it? Am I to rub it in locally over the urethra? Apply just inside the vagina as is done to treat dryness?

Certainly your doctor should have told you how to use the cream. However 2-3 times daily sounds like overdosing to me. Call your doctor and ask him these questions. I would think at your age you would need it for dryness as well. My experience at 76 years of age is that every 4-5 days is frequently enough even with only 1/2 an applicator full. Premarin cream enables me to have an active satisfying sex life with my 62 year old male friend.

I was just prescribed Estrace cream for vaginal dryness after becoming sexually active for the first time following menopause. I was already taking 0.25 mg Estrace orally with Prometrium daily as an HRT regimen. I was prescribed an applicator full (4 mg) nightly of the cream x 14 days to start, and was told it is only absorbed locally, not systemically. After 7 days of 4 mg of the cream nightly, I began to have hot flashes, breast tenderness, and twinges in my ovaries like I used to when I ovulated. I immediately stopped using the cream with the approval of my gyno. Now it seems to me that an entire applicator each night is way too much.

I am 55 and have not had a period for over a decade. Although there is no history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer in my family, I am very scared that this brief but large dose of estrogen will increase my risk or actually cause cancer. I'm interested if anyone else has had this experience or a similar one.

Thank you for that. No problem with vaginal dryness or loss of libido. Problem is urethral prolapse. Emedicine site says 2-3 times daily applied locally (externally) for 2 weeks. Doctor says to use "sparingly". What the heck is that? 1 ml.? 2?

My mother is post-menopausal, has had a rare breast cancer (Pagets?), and has a history of heart problems in her family (brothers and sisters, but not her. Years ago she weaned herself off estrogen and progesterone because of all the heart scare. She's suffered through all the hot flashes and is now nearly free of them. Recently, blood was found in her urine, tests were done, and she was told she has chronic bladder infections. Her doc prescribed Premarin vaginal cream. I do not know the percentage nor frequency prescribed - just that she said it is to be applied topically by hand. She had read the literature provided with the medication and it warns of history of heart disease and breast cancer. She fears taking it for obvious reasons, and, additionally, fears having to go through the hot flashes again. We know the drug can be absorbed through the vaginal walls. So - the question is - are her fears founded, or should she stick with cranberry juice and hope for the best?

Thanks everyone here - reading this has been great!

I am 69 years old. My Doc prescribed premarin cream for an ongoing yeast infection. Could this be right? I am desperate. Nothing else is working but I don't see where this will help. I've never taken estrogen, never needed it. Intercourse has never been painful but it sure isn't fun when you have a darn yeast infection that never goes away. I'm thinking it's time for a new Doc.

I agree with you, I have never heard of Premarin Cream for a yeast infection. I would try an over the counter medicine for the yeast.

Take care and let us hear from you.

I recently went to my doctor complaining of painful intercourse, he prescribed Premarin cream. After reading all the scary warnings I am afraid to use it.

I have not seen anyone comment on the warning of dementia. To me this is the scariest side effect. My mom has Alzheimer's so I really do not want to take anything that could increase my chances of getting this dreaded disease.

I am 51 and definitely would like a clear mind for many years to come if possible. However painful sex sure causes me angst? I filled my expensive prescription and I now am afraid to use it after reading the warnings!

Does anyone know how high the risk of fogginess really is?
Any thoughts?

Been having constant pelvic pressure. First thought it was a UTI, as I'm prone to them since starting menopause (I'm 58). Urine clear. Checked for yeast. Didn't have yeast but had some type of uterine infection, so I got antibiotics. That cleared up but still have pelvic pressure/pain. Dr. put me on Premarin cream for vaginal dryness.

I noticed when I was feeling especially bad pressure, I used Premarin cream and it made the cramps worse. My doctor says premarin cream doesn't cause cramping but it did in me. I don't have any periods or bleeding but still feel a pressure, ranging from slight to more pressing. Dr. says it could be my IBS coming back, but I don't have the IBS symptoms that I had before, so I'm not sure if it's IBS. Have been taking Ortho Biotic Pro-biotics but not sure if this is the culprit or the premarin cream.


PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Ask your doctor what else could be causing this pressure, and don't let him or her brush you off. You have a right to know what is behind it, so you can address it.

I to have felt the pressure, diagnosed with vaginitis, took antibiotics. Didn't really make it go away so Doc prescribed premarim cream. After 8 days I have soo much pressure that I feel about 4 month pregnant. Went to emergency as I thought I had a full blown infection yet all was clear and ultrasound revealed no problems with ovaries other than the uterus was a little enlarged, about the size of a very small pear.

I think the hormones in the premarin caused some major inflammation or aggravated the existing inflammation. But the entire thing is very unpleasant and currently I've stopped the premarin for the last 3 days and the pressure is still there. One reason for the reaction was the fact that I was prescribed 2mg per day for 2 weeks and I think from what I'm reading that the dose was way too high.
Does anyone know the side effects of too much premarin?

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I am 20 years old. I have had issues with multiple birth controls in the past. I have been to my family doctor, an OBGYN, and a specialist. They all say different things; my family doctor says I have BV, the OBGYN says I have a yeast infection, and the specialist says that my tissues have thinned from using birth control. This specialist wants to put me onto another birth control though (not sure why if birth control thins my tissue). SEX IS SO PAINFUL THAT I CRY DURING THE WHOLE THING. This severely affects my relationship with my boyfriend. I use a lot of lubricant, but it does not help.

The OBGYN prescribed me Premarin cream, but I never used it because my pain is more internal than external. She only wanted me to use it external. I just visited the specialist and she has prescribed me Premarin cream for external use. I told her my pain is mainly internal. She said that the cream will radiate and help with the internal pain. None of this makes logical sense to me. Can someone please help me???

I found too much premarin gave me bad PMS. My Dr (female) said that I could play around with the dose initially to find what helped without being too strong as every woman is different.

How, exactly, do you apply the coconut oil for vaginal dryness?

I think it's quite interesting that 1. there doesn't seem to be much research on how much of the vaginal cream winds up in the blood stream; and 2. women are advised to use the cream "only as long as is necessary". If one develops vaginal atrophy post menopause, which for most women is in their 50s and 60s that means that unless some miracle cure arises to cure vaginal atrophy, in order to be comfortable and pain free, "as long as is necessary" should be changed to "for the rest of one's life."
Is no-one working seriously on this problem? We no longer die in our 40s before vaginal atrophy sets in. How are women supposed to deal with possibly 40 years of this problem ?

I am 43, and just recently had my second ovary removed, so am in menopause. No history of female cancers. My Dr had me start prempro. I had no problems for about a month but then got a raging bacterial infection which the NP said was due to pH changes from the dryness (I may be getting that wrong), and prescribed Premarin for 7 days, 1 gram, then ongoing just twice a week. I hate all that goopy mess and so I've cut back to .5.

I'm liking the idea of just topically applying it, but because I still don't feel right--always a bit itchy, I wonder if the infection is still hanging around, am I sensitive to the Premarin itself? I also have lichen sclerosis so it's hard to know what's what. But here's the big question. Because I'm only 43, if I had 2 ovaries wouldn't I be exposing myself to those hormones anyway for a few more years? Am I at less risk for these drugs to be carcinogenic than if I were at a more natural post menopausal age?

I have been using a very low dose (1g/wk) of Premarin cream for 5 months. About 2 months ago I began experiencing episodes of irritability/anger/temper flares uncommon to my nature. I am 61 years old, post-menopausal and was prescribed the hormone post pelvic prolapse surgery. Has anyone else experienced this problem after taking Premarin cream?

I have pelvic organ prolapse affecting my bladder, urethra, small bowel, large bowel and vagina. I am now on estrogen cream and after a few weeks of 1gm every other day I have suddenly put on 6 pounds in weight over the last 2 weeks and feel bloated and blown up in my body, face, fingers, legs.. everywhere. I have had to reduce my eating to very little but still the bloating persists.

Can the bloating and water retention be due to estrogen cream?

VC, Please check with your doctor, of course, but I responded negatively to Premarin (which is made from pregnant mare's urine) with similar symptoms as yours, plus high BP... elevated liver enzymes.. Switching to Estrace (which is plant based) ended the side effects. These were oral medications. but... My urogynecologist recommended me sticking with Estrace products when she added vaginal cream recently. Best luck to you!

I am so confused! How does applying Premarin on the outside of the vagina, help with dryness inside the vagina?

DR...I have the same question and cannot seem to get an answer no matter my research. I want to know how applying it topically on the outside can help with vaginal dryness INSIDE.... where the pain is during intercourse. This makes NO SENSE to me and no one seems to know the answer. If you are reading this, please let us know. I see several on this thread have asked.

Also, how in the world do you know how much to apply and when? DO you apply it just on the days you plan to have intercourse or do you apply it daily or WHAT? I ended up asking my pharmacist and he basically told me when you stop using it, you atrophy again. So yeah, could someone please answer these basic questions for us?

I am 56 and post-op for rectocele and cystocele. My doc prescribed Premarin Cream to build up and heal the vaginal walls. I am also taking estradiol in drop form every morning...progesterone troche in the evening. Should I be worried about adjusting my doses?

What is the difference between PREMARIN and a COMPOUNDED estrogen cream? My physician would not prescribe a compounded cream because she did not know enough about them. Health enthusiasts claim compounded creams are safer, but is there any evidence of that?

I am 50 years old, I have just been prescribed Premarin Vaginal cream, I've been reading that its used for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse which I have none of those at all, I am not having intercourse or have been experiencing any dryness. I thought it could help with my hot flashes. will it help with hot flashes ? and I read the word cancer over and over again. I've not used it yet. I called my doctor today and have not gotten a call yet. what should I do? and it was very expensive, I know I can't go to my pharmacist and say "can I return this". I've not had my period in two years, so far, except for two months ago I bleed for a whole day and my left ovary feels uncomfortable.

So what do I do now? I read that I can use it two times a week and the my prescription says use once a day in the evening. now what !

Hi I am 57 years old I have a drop bladder, I am past menopausal. I also experienced painful sex. I am using Johnsons baby oil or Elizabeth anns baby oil during sex and it is working very well. The non perfume baby oil. Premarin has different effects on people.
The problems we are facing now to get treated is ok. The side effects we may or may not have to face in the future from estrogen is a decision that only we can make.

I started to eat healthy fruit and veg see on the internet for foods that can be of benefit for the bladder esp cranberry or cranberry juice, paw paw, pomegranate, it also help the menopausal problems.
It is helping me. It also keep UTIs away. Drink a lot of water as well
My granny was never on HRT and she had 11 children. She died at 94years old.
Thank you for sharing your stories with me

I had a long history of UTIs but in the last year or so, I'd been getting them so very frequently I was at my wits end, not to mention my regular antibiotic quit working, and the new one wreaked havoc on my body (I'm now taking probiotics to help with some of the 'damage' to my system from Cipro). Doc prescribed Premarin 3x a week - she told me "I love estrogen!" Well, I didn't get why she would until I began using it and it changed my life - I feel like Me but better - or I should say, the me that was me before menopause.

My earlier years of menopause (I'm 55 and went through menopause in my late 40's) weren't bad - I was lucky, but the last two years I've noticed a lot of changes that I don't like, and the very dry vagina is one of them.

I don't use the applicator - she said I didn't have to apply it that way. So 3x a week I apply the Premarin - and the results were very fast. What can I say but my vagina is "younger" - dewy, moist, and sex isn't painful any longer. I will add that I'd been using testosterone cream (a compound cream from a "natural pharmacy") for at least a year before this, and it helped my libido a lot -maybe too much so that I cut back on it! Now between the estrogen and the testosterone, I'm feeling rather feisty! I will also add that I'm fit - I exercise and eat well - this is important, everyone.

I don't know if there is an correlation, but, I could swear my lips look fuller. I started noticing this about a week or so ago - maybe it's my imagination. But, all the same, there seems to be a difference in my lips - on my face *laughing* - I'm sure the other lips are different too :D In fact, my face does look different in other ways, but maybe it's the extra aerobics, or my new vitamins, or the probiotics, or who knows. Still, makes me wonder if my entire body will benefit in some way from the low dose of estrogen.

I'm sold, and I don't want to go back to the "before estrogen cream" me.

I am 24 and have premature ovarian failure which caused early menopause. I started taking premarin cream about 3 weeks ago everyday for the 1st 2 weeks now 3 times a week for vaginal atrophy and dryness. I can already tell a difference from using it. I also have a long history of cancer and leukemia and also a chromosome abnormality that puts me at a higher chance of developing cancer.

My GYN and hematologist and transplant doctors all agree that the chance of this causing any type of cancer is very low. They told me that the amount that is absorbed into the blood stream is less than what your body naturally produced before menopause. With me being so young I agree with my doctors that this medicine is better than going through the rest of my life unable to have intercourse. There are side effects with all medicines and you have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for your self if this medicine is right for you.

km, I had the same UTI problems, very longstanding, which were CURED by Premarin. I have been using the Premarin cream for 15 years now. I tried Estrace once and became symptomatic again, so I have never varied since. I need it much less frequently now, maybe once every week or two.

I am 67 & recently underwent a hysterectomy for a prolapsed uterus. Foll surg was left with what is diag as "overactive bladder." Pre-surg had no prob with bladder issues, no hot flashes. Have been presc PREMARIN crm .5grams vaginally daily. The overactive bladder is leaving me housebound; however having read all the preceding comments I see that no one has been presc Estrogen for my issue. While I may have vaginal dryness it is not presently an issue as I am a widow & don't presently have a sexual partner. Anyone out there taking premarin for an overactive bladder???

Well, if you've read the comments all over this page, women use estrogen creams to address very real problems like vaginal wall atrophy that makes one dread(!) intercourse and recurrent urinary tract infections. Add incontinence (leaking pee) and a failed vaginal wall (cystocele, rectocele and prolapse) for me that required extensive surgery that includes a graft to rebuild my vagina! And that was with no excessive or abusive sex.

Everything is a trade. If you have no urine or vaginal wall issues, lucky you. Obviously, many menopausal women DO have these problems. For those of us that enjoy sex and that have regular partners that consider intercourse important to the relationship, estrogen creams are beyond a godsend. Yep, I want sex. Sex without constant fear, pain and infections.

I take it for vaginal atrophy and UTIs, but I too have had full pelvic floor surgery, bladder resuspension and vaginal wall reconstruction. Surgery greatly reduced my incontinence, but only estrogen cream has been able to fully stop it. All the kegel exercises in the world did not stop the leaking before. Anyone who thinks leaking pee all day is no big deal doesn't have much of a social life, so I'm all for proactive management.

Estrogen will not make for a less active bladder. Your doctor is probably counting on it to improve your vaginal wall muscle tone and flexibility (which it does). That improvement, paired with kegel exercises, can help reduce or even resolve incontinence for many women. Keep notes. If it is not helping, there are other answers from drugs that reduce bladder tone (they relax it) to very specialized surgery. If you don't get a good answer, don't give up! If needed, I highly recommend you seek the help of a gynourologist as they specialize in female urinary/pelvic floor issues. They are many a menopausal women's heros!

SR and DM, Premarin provides estrogen throughout your body. It is absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream. By applying it to your vagina, it is felt (assumed?) that that area will receive the higher concentration of estrogen. Premarin will (as many commenters here celebrate) impact your vaginal wall health BECAUSE it does travel inside the body. No witchcraft here, just ordinary pharmacological science and physiology.

Such a good point. Quality of life matters, and I'm willing to trade low dose use of Premarin to keep my marriage and myself happy. I eat carefully, exercise regularly, control my weight, don't smoke and have an active social and spiritual life. If cancer comes, I will feel no guilt for having used Premarin. We make all sorts of trades in life everyday! My grandma just told grandpa no more sex after she turned 65... ha, that's not a realistic option for me.

Before the days of Viagra and Cialis (and prescription testosterone and HGH!), the intercourse problem took care of itself in many households as men aged too. More that half of all men eventually lose some desire and varying degrees of their ability to have much sex as they age. That was a godsend for women with UTI and vaginal wall prolapse.

Without hypertension and erectile dysfunction drugs, we can all guess the number of naturally potent elderly men there could be, because all those Viagra ads are for someone, eh? Ahh, but since men can easily get a script for affordable generic Viagra, doctors better keep allowing those women having vaginal problems some choice to get some estrogen support. Now can we get our insurance companies to cover vaginal estrogen for women? That's the fight we need to make!

I too am post-menopausal, total hysterectomy. I have been on the Climara patch for years but have had bad vaginal dryness so my provider just prescribed Premarin vaginal cream. The prescription states one applicator full. That is 2g and I had quite a lot leak out this morning. Do you think if I used a little less in the applicator less would leak out? Do I need to have that much for the same results?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Try it. It is unlikely you need the entire applicator, but you will be the best judge.

Alex, I'm very excited! I'm glad you said how long you were on it - for I was a little worried about how long I could take it!

But I haven't had a recurring UTI yet! So far so good - the 90 days of antibiotic I am sure helped, but I believe the Premarin is a big factor. And, it has changed my sex life for the better - WHUPOW! *smiling*

Thank you for this comment -I am encouraged. I have just been prescribed the premarin cream because I sat in my Dr.s office and was very upset - telling him that I have been absolutely, physically unable to have intercourse with my husband for 4 years! due to vaginal atrophy. I don't think my Dr. truly believed me when I told him the other 5 times! I am 45 and had premature menopause (I have not had a period since I was 39). So, I am encouraged by your comment and look forward to better days ahead. Thanks!

I was given a prescription for premarin for my toddler years ago, she is now 19. I noticed several times while changing her diaper that the vaginal opening would stick together and she also had many uti's. I was told by the Dr. not to use it for very long periods of time if I noticed that her breasts were 'budding' (not sure if that's the correct term). What I didn't know until several yrs later that there was an increased risk of breast cancer. My daughter's breasts now are very large 34 DD and she Is a very small girl.

I can't help but wonder if the cream caused her to be so large and if she will ever experience any issues of cancers. She also has shown signs of being bi-polar and I have thought I need to get her in to see a Dr. I am reading on the websites that premarin cream has been known to cause bi-polar symptoms, does anyone know this to be correct? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

I was diagnosed with an overactive bladder. My Doc explained to me that this requires dietary changes. He said that certain things are "irritants" to the bladder and therefore as a natural reaction the bladder tries to rid of the offending substances and we therefore will use restroom more frequently and with less output each time.I have to work on decreasing these irritants such as caffeine, artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, acidic foods, msg, vinegar, hot peppers, some alcohols etc. And smoking is the #1 irritant. And I'm to drink at least 50 oz water each day. They said to sip it, not to drink large volumes at a time and that way you wont be in bathroom all the time. I thought I'd pass that info on for you to try.

If you use an edible oil, like olive oil for vaginal dryness, what is the dosage recommendation?

My doc (woman gyno) said the same thing about "old HRT.". BUT Every time I use the Premarin cream in the vagina, my breasts get sore the next day and I cramp. My family doctor said yes it does get in the blood stream, but at a smaller amount than the Premarin pills. I went into menopause at 40 and had low estrogen levels for years before this, so I am very very dry to the point of pain, but I don't want to use hormones. That's just my opinion though as of right now. Google Premarin and read on the reputable pages such as Mayo clinic and you will see that it does get in the blood stream.

I also had intermittent spotting. Unpredictable and annoying. I finally mentioned it to my doctor in January and she began ordering tests which found a uterine polyp. I had it removed and biopsied last month and it turned out to be cancerous and I'm scheduled for a radical hysterectomy next week. The lesson here is to TELL YOUR DOCTOR about these symptoms. Do not wait, like I did. Intermittent spotting is not normal and you need to tell your doctor and maybe get an ultrasound or a sonogram.

Mss thanks for the heads up. Good advice! Best of luck with your recovery. Sincerely, Alex

Try using it only at night. That way, the cream has 7-8 hours to work and the only leakage is in the morning when you first get up. That's what I have been doing -- I have been using Premarin cream for years.

QUESTION for PEOPLE'S PHARMACY and the group: Is there another version of Premarin cream that is as effective? My gynecologist says no -- there is no generic equivalent and other brand versions are not chemically the same compounds. Premarin is expensive. But I am reluctant to try anything else as I have been using it for years and am happy with the results. It may be my imagination, but I believe the cream not only enables me to continue to be sexually active but also improves my mental acuity. Keeps me from feeling sluggish -- on all fronts.

Also -- having looked at all the previous posts, I notice PP keeps mentioning coconut oil as a lubricant. Sounds interesting and natural -- but Is there any risk of bacterial infection associated with its use vaginally during intercourse? Any other oils besides olive and coconut that you would recommend? What about baby oil? Any recommendations gratefully appreciated.

People's Pharmacy response: So far as we know, the primary risk in using olive or coconut oil for lubrication is for people using latex barrier contraceptives. Any oil will destroy latex.

Very likely any edible oil would also provide lubrication. We have heard from people who have tried almond oil. You do, of course, have to keep the applicator (your fingers) scrupulously clean.

Although there is no generic for Premarin per se, there are estradiol creams that could be used for the same purpose. Estrace and Vagifem are quite well known and might be worth a try. Estring and Femring are designed to stay in place for several months. All of these are prescription drugs, so you will need to talk over with your physician.

Will Premarin cream help with the inability to completely orgasm?

Hi I am 37 years old, I am a diabetic and last year I had a hysterectomy where my uterus was removed and after that my body reacted in a very negative way,now I am in menopause,tonight is the first time I'm going to use Premarin cream because I been having terrible pain when having intercourse and other discomfort ,I want to have a normal sex life and want to desire that pleasure.....I need to know how to boost my desire for sex.............please someone answer me......can I have sex while this cream is inside of me or how do it work....I'm on the Premarin pills too.....been having hot flashes and many other symptoms.....will all these help me?

I also used coconut oil once or twice for lubrication and it worked, the next time I used it was HORRIBLE. I also wondered if it was the oil or just menopause. It was so bad, I went to the gyn, was put on an antibiotic for UTI and Premarin for dryness.

I'm using it and it has helped but I'm concerned about the dangers.

Just wanted to say that I have started using Luvena for the dryness and for the horrible discharge I was having and stopped using the Premarin. I don't have the discharge any longer and no dryness. however, I couldn't tell you about the sex because I haven't had sex in forever because of the pain. As soon as I try it, I will report back, but I will say that I no longer have discharge or discomfort. You do have to use it often and it does not "restore" tissues like Premarin does, so I am not naive about what Luvena does. I am just saying that it helps me because I don't want to use Premarin for these two symptoms.

I am 57, 7 yrs post-menopausal and just got a prescription of Premarin vaginal cream for dryness. I am to use 1gr every day for 1 wk and then .5gr 2-3x wk for 30 days. I too am concerned about the side effects but willing to try. My sexual desire is all but gone (married for 11 years). My doctor said loss of sexual desire can be a sign of early onset depression, and vaginal estrogen will not restore desire just vaginal moisture making the ability to enjoy sex without discomfort. So I am also interested in something that will enhance libido/desire. Maybe therapy is the answer to that. And yes, I love my husband - just not finding that I want sex very often.

I think the same thing happens to a lot of us at this age, it's the drop off in hormones. It happened to me. I wasn't opposed, I just lost desire. I was already a long time premarin user, but premarin does not provide significant blood levels of hormones.

I do take a hormone replacement pill, estradiol and progesterone. When I talked with my gynecologist about the lack of desire issue, he added a modest dose of testosterone and DHEA to my prescription. It took a long time to take effect (11 months like I said it was a modest amount) but when it did I became a responsive partner once again. My husband always notices when the hormone pill bottle gets low so I guess he appreciates my taking it!

You have to get it from a compounding pharmacy. Talk to your GYN. Good luck!

I had the same problems with the dryness and was going to stop having intercourse altogether. Recently went to get a second opinion and was told that KY is ok to put on the men but women should be using Replens. HUGE difference! I don't believe you are supposed to use Premarin as a lubricant as it can cause problems for your man.

I am a 44 year old female who has had breast cancer in 2011. Had a mastectomy, chemo, radiation, more chemo and lastly had a chemically induced menopause (zoloadex) because of my her2 status. Because of the menopause side effects I sometimes feel that I would be better off dead than go through the awful symptoms of menopause. The absolute worst was the vaginal dryness, infections all the time. Very painful intercourse and the 24 hour discomfort.

I have explained these symptoms to both my oncologist and my gynae explaining that I am avoiding sex altogether and this is now affecting my marriage and to date neither have recommended the use of Premarin Cream. They suggest MI use a water base gel or even vaseline but both of these have done absolutely nothing for me. Out of desperation I googled for help, and this is where I got the idea of Prevarin cream. I explained my condition to my pharmacist and he didn't seem to have a problem giving it to me. But then I read the enclosed leaflet and now I am really scared. What do I do?

FMH...I am a 66 year old female and up until last august was on .065 premarin pills - since 1995. It was a 20 year mark and the docs thought since I had rectal cancer I should not take it anymore although the doctors I saw in the group were torn on this. Some felt it was okay and others not since I had a full hysterectomy they had mixed opinions. So I went off, first cold turkey (not good) and then weaned down. I didn't notice any change right away but within a few months became irritable, had frequent UTI's and yeast infections, dryness and so many other issues. I did not connect it to the hormones until I realized wait, what changed over the last few months or so and voila that was the only change that was made.

I finally asked today after visiting my gynecologist with a severe UTI and yeast infection (itching) if I could have vaginal cream instead as I heard the pills are not as safe. I honestly think that if this med makes us feel better and live a fuller life, what harm can it do if we go to the doctor, have our regular checkups and mammograms and such and are monitored? I'm very diligent about this. I would talk to your doctor and be honest about your quality of life and you feel better on it. When I talked to my doctor she asked me what I thought, patch, pill or cream and I told her what I had read and felt the cream would be the safest. She agreed. Now I'm just going to wait a few days until this stuff kicks in again. I so miss it. Be well. mvan

I use a small dab of topical premarin twice a week inside my vagina to top a tumor from getting any larger. What, if any, side effects are there?

I was started on premarin cream nightly for one month and then 2 times a week thereafter. Have been using it 2 and a half months now. Definitely helped with dryness problem, but have had LOTS of nausea in the first month and now end up nauseated and throwing up the day after each bi-weekly application. Just put the pattern together in this last week. Called the doctor's office and they said they're very doubtful it's the premarin.... to go see my primary care for reflux or something. Anyone have this side effect? Really still believe it's the premarin. Going to stop it for a week or so and see if nausea abates.

I purchased this prescription, which was 90 gms. Was suppose to be a 50 day supply. I was to use it 2 times a week for 1 month then 1 time a week from there out. When the tube was opened and the cream poured out before I could get the applicator on, then after the applicator was taken off it still poured out. I only got 6 applications out of this tube. My insurance would not pay for another so soon. I contacted Pfizer and at first they were going to replace the spent tube, via pharmacy, then decided to refund for the rx. Didn't do me any good, because out of pocket would have been over 200.00. I still haven't received the paperwork to get the rx refunded and has been 2 weeks. Not a good way to dispense the cream. I had the doctor put me on a low dose of estrogen and it has helped.

...I assume because it is 'absorbed' and the tissue is can easily transfer the benefits internally...

I had the same problem. It must be a flaw in the tube. Even when I try to not squeeze the tube, after I pull the applicator away the cream still pours out and is lost. Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to handle this.

For all of you worried about the side effects of Premarin you should do a web search for premarin mares. You'll find that the drug is made from horse urine obtained from mares that are kept pregnant year round with a tube in them to constantly extract the urine. Most of their male babies are sent to auctions where they are shipped to Canada or Mexico to be killed or they are just killed outright at birth. The mares are sent to kill auctions when they will no longer accept pregnancy immediately after giving birth. They are kept tied up for 23 hours a day to give this urine to you.

Is having sex worth the abuse of all of these animals? Does your bed partner know you use horse urine on your private parts? Did you know?

A simple change in diet can help with vaginal dryness when going through menopause without
worrying about the side effects on you and the animals from which your drugs were obtained.

In response to your the research I did, I found out that they no longer use the abusive practices in the production of Premarin, that is outdated information. Additionally, whereas I am sure your intentions are well meant, they do come across as harsh and uninformed. As a 14 year practicing organic household and HUGE promoter/practicer of organic, humane etc... I know it is rash of you to think everything can be controlled with' diet', it can't.

I am a leukemia survivor (in the worst sense)...menapause was brought on prematurely in the hospital where i lived over 9 ½ months 'dying', making hard decisions and suffered many ill effects in the process of saving my life. I just had my 13th surgery in life-saving/body repair, and through God's grace, I am very whole looking and acting (no-one could tell, I can not only walk again, not be on massive pain meds, but am able to remodel my house and serve others again) though I still suffer from side effects.

Because I have been systematic and unrelenting in my purpose to NOT be a drain on family & society, I have worked VERY HARD to re-build my body...feeling that if I am to still 'be here', I am to be 'useful'.

...and you have it backwards, my 'partner' is my loving husband of 33 years who sacrificed GREATLY through the years of my illness, complications & is my gift to him, not his requirement of me. We are too young to accept no option of physical intimacy...and it is not your place to ask us to do so.

Maybe try to 'read between the lines' and understand you do not have the facts to everyone's situation in a quick blog post before you go off ranting on animal cruelty and such... animal LOVERS that we are and long-time foster parents for the humane society and rescuer on every level, last I checked humans were as important, and in God's eyes, more important that animals, bing made in His image. God DID give us the charge to take care of our animals (A righteous man careth for the needs of his well as giving man dominion to be in charge of and care for animals and the earth). Granted, man has done a poor job at large, but I as an individual have done MORE than my share, and continue to do so in ways this blog does not have space to outline.

...Every-time I see a long expensive commercial to send money for animal shelters, good as that is, I think, 'where are the commercials to foster and care for the 'humans', the abandoned children (we have taken in more than our share of those too)...

...kindness & understanding, informing current information in a compassionate manner...that does more for the humane & organic movement than coming off as harsh and uninformed.

Thank you for your time...and I am sure you have some very good responses to my post, but I do not wish to get into a battle of ethics, I just had a simple comment to begin with....

Thank you for your thoughtful response. It was very well stated.

I have been battling cancer since I was 11 and have been in menopause since I was 14. Was I suppose to go through my whole life without knowing the touch of an man? Did you only post on this page to try and make people feel bad for wanting to live their lives? Changing my diet will not make me produce more hormones. I knew this medicine was made out of horse urine before I used it but I don't care I have suffered enough and I deserve happiness too. So next time you try to judge people, who's situation you know nothing about, don't. I am 26 married a deserve to be able to be with my husband without pain.

I was prescribed this earlier in the week and used it once. How common are yeast infections using this? Have discharge like an infection from one dose.....

Thank you for your thoughtful response. It was very well stated.


I'm sorry for your unpleasant beginning, I can only say that this was not my experience...I went from worst case possible to 'normal' after the first 2 weeks of daily use as prescribed...(then to use as needed)...

Perhaps this is just a coincidence...?
best wishes...

Interesting...I have been using both the pills and cream for many years...yes, works for dryness...but I have had bouts with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and trying to get a handle on it...even had my gall bladder removed last year...when trying to analyze what I ate, etc...this last time...the light finally went off when I realized I had used the creme the last night before I got sick...since I have had all types of gastro tests...I am reaching at straws... It could have it been the Premarin all along?..interested in your findings...thanks BC

Very concerned about this Premarin Cream. I wake up twice each night since I began 5-days ago.
My pdoc directed to use 2grams each night for 14 days. Then use twice weekly.

It feels like it's too much; I want to cut this amount in half--- does anyone else feel this way?

Is it okay to take premarin pills and premarin cream?

Yes, that seems like a lot. I was prescribed 1gm 2x week at first. Now I use every other week and achieve desired effects.

seems like a lot to me, I was prescribed .5 gram a night for two weeks, then as needed...

Thanks so much for your note, so very helpful!

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