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Vicks VapoRub for Treating Toenail Fungus

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If you click on the white arrow above you will hear an interesting story from Jane, a foot care nurse in Massachusetts. She travels the state taking care of patients with diabetes and other conditions that create all sorts of foot and nail problems. In this audio story she shares her experience with Vicks® VapoRub® for treating toenail fungus.


We first heard from Jane many years ago. She alerted us to the possibility that Vicks VapoRub might be helpful against toenail fungus. Initially, we were skeptical. How could a chest rub that has been around for more than 100 years do anything for fungus-infected nails? Dermatologists and podiatrists had told us with great confidence that nothing really penetrates the nail to affect the fungus below.

Nonetheless, Jane had years of experience and she also communicated with other foot care nurses around the country. We decided it was worth writing about. When we did, we began hearing from many experimentally-minded individuals who tried Vicks on their nails and were satisfied with the results. Here are just a few stories:

May 24, 1999
Q. After reading about toenail fungus, I could not resist passing along my recommendation. Four months ago a nurse who does foot care suggested I use Vicks VapoRub for my own nail fungus. I rub it on each nail every day, and my nails are growing out clear. The treatment is cheap and easy. I'm sure many households keep Vicks on hand for congestion just as we do.

A. This is not the first time we have heard about using Vicks VapoRub on nails infected with fungus. Several years ago a professional foot care nurse told us that this old-fashioned herbal ointment might be helpful.

The ingredients in Vicks VapoRub include camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil, cedarleaf oil, nutmeg oil, petrolatum, thymol and turpentine oil. Some of these ingredients have antifungal activity. Applying a dab to a diseased nail seems like an inexpensive and safe treatment, though we have yet to see a published study of its effectiveness.


June 28, 1999
"I never had a problem with nail fungus until a can fell on my foot in the grocery store a few years ago. I began using the Vicks VapoRub I read about in your column and my nail is growing out clear."


Sept. 20, 1999


"I had toenail fungus so bad that there were little white things on the left big toe eating away at the nail. My family doctor said it would take three visits and three treatments and the medicine can be hard on the liver. What really got my attention was the cost: $700.
I checked with a friend who is a podiatrist. He confirmed what the doctor said but assured me that the liver scare was no big problem.

"A week later, just before my wife and I left on a one month trip to Europe, she read your column about using Vicks VapoRub to kill toenail fungus. As soon as we got to Switzerland we went to an international pharmacy and bought a small jar of Vicks.

"I went straight to my room and put on my first treatment. The next morning the white things were gone. Six weeks later, there is no sign of toenail fungus! Now I apply it only once a week.

"I probably should share the $700 I saved with you but I spent it in Europe. I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for printing this home remedy."
Mac McC.


If you would like to see a video about some other ways to solve the nasty nail fungus challengeclick on this link.

If you would like more detailed written information about all sorts of solutions for hair and nail problems, you may wish to download our Guide to Hair and Nail Care ($2 download fee). You will learn how to deal with dastardly dandruff with MoM (milk of magnesia) or Listerine. You will also discover some amazing tips to get rid of lice, should anyone in your circle of friends, family or acquaintances ever need some nontoxic solutions to this vexing problem. And find out why some folks sing the praises of the oral supplement MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for healthy hair and nails.

If you would like to read more stories about Vicks VapoRub, you might wish to download our Guide to Unique Uses for Vicks (also $2). It reveals the most unusual use of all: Putting Vicks on the soles of the feet to ward off a nighttime cough. Here is a cool story to whet your appetite:

"My mother-in-law always used to swear by Vicks on the bottom of the feet for a cough. We thought it was ludicrous.

"Well, Mom might have been right after all. I have an upper respiratory virus and haven't slept in two nights, because of coughing. All day today, I couldn't get out more than two or three words at a time without coughing. My doctor said to just let it run its course and try some Mucinex. But that hadn't worked in the past. So, I thought, why not Vicks?

"I rubbed the bottom of my feet and put on some clean white cotton athletic socks. Within minutes, literally, I could get out a full sentence. I still have an occasional cough this evening, but it is 95% better.

"Hopefully this will give my sore ribs a rest for a few hours. I swear, the last time I coughed, before I tried the Vicks, I thought I twisted a kidney! I do agree with the reports I have read though. It should never be used in children under 2 years old."


Lest you think all the Vicks stories are anecdotes, there is actually some research to back up the use of Vicks VapoRub against nail fungus. Check out this article in ISRN Dermatology, Jan. 26, 2012. The authors concluded:

"Vicks VapoRub (The Proctor & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH) is effective against onychomycosis and is a reasonable option in patients who choose to forgo conventional treatments."

And this article in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine reported on the results of an actual study, demonstrating a "positive treatment effect in 83% of the subjects."

So, there you have it. The People's Pharmacy take on Vicks VapoRub for toenail fungus: It won't work for everyone, but a surprising number of people say it does help.


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  • Currently 3.4/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.4/5 (1070 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I used Vick's VapoRub for toenail fungus. I saw results the next day!

My dermatologist had recommended soaking my feet in white vinegar for 45 minutes a day. I did this for 3 weeks, but did not see any results. I searched online for "home remedies" and found that some people used Vick's VapoRub with good results.
I tried it,applied it to nail once a day and it really worked !!!

Helpful hint: nail fungus will return if you wear nail polish all the time.

When will I start seeing results as I start using vicks vapor rub?


I read in the PP the multiple home remedies for nail fungus over a year ago. I’ve tried tea tree oil, vinegar/Listerine baths, Vicks, and Naftin (a prescription topical.) I have been diligent to the point that I spend most of my time shoeless to let my 10 diseased dogs breath. None of this has worked in over a year. The filing I do about every 2 weeks has the greatest effect of keeping the thickness down. I am disillusioned given the time I have spent on this project to have seen so little difference. In summary, I have found that these remedies are the adult equivalent of catching birds by sprinkling salt on their tails.

Tried Vick's on persistent toenail fungus for 2.5 years. At first, it seemed healthier nail was growing out. No real changes after first 4 to 6 months. The fungus won.

How can I get help with removing fungus from my nails.... I hate it I've had it on my left toes for almost 3-4 years.... and on my right toes its only only nail... anybody has any advice?

I mentioned to my husband, who is a physician, about the info I heard on PP regarding Vicks Vapo Rub for nail fungus about a year ago. About a month ago he came home from work and said he had mentioned the Vicks treatment to a patient he had had trouble treating with nail fungus and he had used it. He had come in that day and said "Doc, it worked!"

My husband had a persistent nail fungus that wouldn't go away with prescription meds. I suggested the Vicks treatment and although it took a while, it was effective.

I've been using the generic equivalent of vick's vapor rub for 5-6 years!!! It is working, but incredibly slowly. I use a disposable emery board to file the top layer of nail every day or two. I apply the vapor rub twice a day, morning and evening. The best time is right after a shower, when the nail is still soft. I have to put bandaids on at night or the sheets get stained... I've also had it ruin a few pairs of shoes. But I figure at the rate we're going it'll be over in another year or less. I tried the pills, which are bad for my liver, twice, w/o effect.

But the ingredients of the vapor rub are not all natural or non-toxic: there's something called "turpentine oil", which means that part of this cure is from using a solvent, which of course is toxic.

Laser therapy has an 86% success rate, but is fairly expensive. ($1000)

I had toe nail fungus in both big toes last year. I came on line and read up about home remedies and the one that worked for me was Vicks. I'd taken my toenails down to the nail bed and cleaned them both thoroughly (after a warm bath of course). Every night I'd rub Vicks on the CLEAN nail bed and wear socks to bed. I went all summer in sandals with ugly toes.

This year, I went back to getting pedicures and wearing nail varnish and noticed that my new clean, uninfected nails were becoming fungus ridden again. I am now back without nail polish and working the Vicks remedy once more. Maybe there's a correlation between nail varnish and fungus.

What do I know? What I do know is that Vicks on toe-nail fungus with the camfor ingredient works for me. Yes, it has turpentine oil --- but hasn't Vicks with turpentine oil been curing people for an eternity?

This is in response to mentioned you went back to getting pedicures. Could that possibly be the problem? If you are going to a salon, you could be getting the fungus from their customers.

I too had the same problem when I went to get pedicures at salons. No matter how "clean" the place might seem, fungus are hiding in places you wouldn't suspect (the supposedly clean basin, nail implements, nail polish, etc). Now I give myself pedicures at home only using my own personal implements and polish and I have not had a problem since.

I would suggest trying the Vicks again to get rid of the fungus, and then, only then, try polish yourself at home on one big toe nail this winter (since no one is going to see your toes for the next several months anyways!)

Hope these suggestions help you...good luck!

I am a 51 year old physician who had some toenail fungus on 1/3 of my great toenail. It had been gradually worsening over the prior 2 years and I did not want to take lamisil orally for 12 weeks for just one toenail. My dermatologist suggested vick's vapo rub applied to the affected nail.

I applied it once a day after showering or bathing. After 6 months my nail is now completely normal looking! I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. I hope that someone does a controlled clinical study on the use of Vick's vapo rub for toenail fungus one day.

I used Vicks for a fungus on my little toenail twice a day for about 6 weeks, and the fungus completely cleared up. I was amazed.

My podiatrist recommended Vicks VapoRub for my toenail fungus. The results were immediate and positive. All of my toenails are now looking better and healthier.
Home remedy solution - Keep it simple, readily available off the shelf and cost effective.

I use Vick's for everything. Drives my husband crazy, but you can't refute the results. Treatment of fungus nails... justifies my faith in this belief!!

I read an earlier post about a possible connection with nail salons and nail fungus. It is true. I had my nails done for my wedding (first time ever getting my nails professionally done). Within a week, I had a fungus under one of my fingernails. Just as many others, I made a trip to my dermatologist and he gave me a script for a very high priced and small in quantity medication. Of course, I followed the directions faithfully and no results.

I was unemployed and couldn't afford that expensive medication. I heard about the vicks salve remedy from a relative. I tried it and saw results almost immediately. I have noticed that if I wear nail polish for more than a couple of days, I see signs of it coming back so I have decided that the polish isn't so important as the health of my nail bed. My husband is trying it now on his toenail fungus.

I have had good results with Vicks. Yes I found if I wear polish too long it will come back. Actually I have another fungus starting after several days of polish. I started with the Vicks again but then read about Tea Tree Oil. I'm trying that this time mainly because I can put it on and it will dry unlike Vicks where I have to wear a sock. Anyone tried Tea Tree Oil with good results?

I see a big picture of the Vicks VapoRub jar at the top of this discussion. Are the owners of this website getting money from the manufacturers of Vicks VapoRub? I would be interested to know.


Hello Anonymous,

So far there have been only 18 comments to this toenail fungus issue. This is not a universal problem. Do you honestly think that Joe and Terry Graedon are receiving money from Vicks?! How insulting!

If you've taken the time to read the previous comments, you will already know that toenail fungus is not only very difficult to treat, it's an extremely slow process. A small jar of Vicks is around $5. One of the prescription drugs to treat nail fungus is Lamisil--it's ~$2 a pill and you need to take it once a day for 12 weeks. You do the math.

So do you really believe Joe and Terry are making money for touting Vicks?

Tried Vick's on persistent toenail fungus for 2.5 years. At first, it seemed healthier nail was growing out. No real changes after first 4 to 6 months. The fungus won.

I have never seen a mention for something I am just starting to do, which is "debriding" before I treat my toes.

I was studying labels, saw "debriding" on the Hydrogen Peroxide and looked it up on Wikipedia. "Debriding" is removing dead flesh. I figured, "My thick nails have 'dead flesh' under them. I bet dead nail stuff packed deep under infected areas of my nails falls into the 'dead flesh' category." I am sure the Fungus is deeper than I can see, way back in the safe, protective, deep, comfortable nooks and crannies that go inside the body at the nail's root.

So now I regularly PREPARE for my treatment by dabbing on Hydrogen Peroxide and letting it work. Then I clean out the dissolved dead stuff, repeat, then I apply alcohol to kill anything I might have put down there (and hopefully to shock if not kill some of that fungus), and dry out the area (alcohol does that). Then I proceed with [whatever treatment].

Lately I have been dabbing on iodine, let it dry, and then I wear sandals (I can manage with orange-y cuticles). Iodine is a healing agent.

I also have dabbed on Vicks and might try that regularly.

Bottom line, I have removed A GREAT DEAL of that dead stuff without scrubbing or filing -- just a self-done, file-point cleaning under nails and around cuticles. That dead stuff must either contain fungus or provide the deeper fungus with a protective barrier to prevent our healing treatments.

That HAS to improve my odds since I know my treatment is getting that much closer to the bad guys. Best of luck toe-folks!

surgical removal of nail; followed by daily use of thymol (available at compounding pharmacy) stopped the fungus and BEAUTIFUL regrowth of finger nail, now clear for 1 year (after trying all the well intended recommendations above for over 5 years
(surgery performed by local plastic surgeon under local anesthesia in 15 minutes).

As recommended by Dr. Weil, I used Tea Tree Oil twice a day. He said it could take a year but it is working really fast. My case was slight but bothersome and looked ... well ... you know how it looks -- brown stripes. I'm going to see if Vick's speeds the process. I'll report my findings. Do try the tea tree oil!

After more than a year using Ciclopirox topically -- no noticeable change. 30 days using Vicks VapoRub and I could see a difference; after 60 days, the nail is almost clear! Incredible...

I had nail fungus for a couple years and tried a lot of things..vicks, over the counter nail
treatments, soaking, even Lamasil, which made me feel like I had the flu and had to stop it after a month... here's how I finally got rid of it.

I filled a small spray bottle with white vinegar and after shower in the a.m., I would spray all my nails well and let dry before I put on stockings and shoes. There is no smell after it dries. At night, I sprayed them again before bed. I did not skip ONE day.. the nails were completely grown out and fungus free in about a year. That was 2-3 years ago. I now spray my toes only in the a.m. (preventative) and have not had a recurrence.

I have recently got toenail fungus about three months ago. It started off in my right big toe, and then made its way to my left big toe. I didn't know what was going on, and me being young and not thinking about it too much I just let the situation take toll. My left big toe nail is literally off of the nail bed, there's a gaping hole between the nail and the actual toe, has anyone else experienced this problem? The only thing that is holding it together is the root of the toenail. (my doctor said he's never seen anything look like that before).

My toenail still looks normal though it's not hanging off or anything weird like that. I talked to my local pharmacist and he recommended that i tried "Fungi Cure Spray" which I did, and I couldn't really tell if it was working or not. It made my toe not hurt anymore but that's about it. I only used it for about a week. Then I went into my doctor, and he said it looks like it's about to fall off, and to use vicksvapo rub "that will be about the only thing that will save it" he said. I've been applying vicks vapo rub for about the past three days, and my toe is literally hurting! I don't know what to do, please help!

I've been using Tea Tree oil on my toenail fungus every day for two years with okay results. Some of the fungus cleared but if I stopped using the tea tree oil then it would come back.

So after reading of other people's success with the Vicks product I decided to use the expired jar of Vaporub that's been sitting in my bathroom cabinet.

I was very surprised to see a difference in my nails almost immediately! I've been using it once every day for about a month now and the nail fungus is almost completely gone. For the first time in years my big toe actually looks normal and healthy instead of thick, yellow, and warped. I'm very pleased with the results.

MH, if your toenail is practically falling off and hurting then I think you should get the nail surgically removed by your doctor (15 minute procedure under local anesthesia).

My middle toe was nasty with fungus and I read about using Vicks Vaporub. Since I had a jar already I figured I'd give it a try. One thread that I had read had the comment "just keep filing the nail surface and applying the rub" and that is exactly what I did. I've had wonderful results. I still have a teeny tiny spot that has to grow out for the nail to be completely cleared but I'm confident that as soon as it does I will be home free. I'm so glad that I net searched this problem before shelling out the bucks for an OTC fungus product.

Hi MJG, Don't know it you are a guy or girl, but just remember not to use nail polish. It will bring it right back. I put the Vicks on religiously am and pm with a sock for about 6 months and got rid of it and then got a pedicure and had a reimurge after wearing the polish for about a week. It didn't get out of hand and I got it back under control. but long term use of polish is a no no.

How could you possibly see results in one day??

I have had nail fungus since I was a child. It has been about 40 years and I can't take the nails anymore. My physician told me about Vicks yesterday. Today is day one and I will keep everyone updated on the progress. My physician told me that he had five patients try this remedy with excellent results. I tried Lamisil with no luck, and also tried Formula 3 with little success. Wish me luck.

Car - I'm a few days behind you. I've had this fungus since a child too - my mom had a horrible case of it. She thought the thing to do was to wear closed shoes at all times. I've been wearing sandals and filing my toes for most of my adult life. My dad a couple of weekends ago told me about this vapo rub cure - he said it cured his problem in a few weeks. So, I'm determined to try it too. He too had tried Lamasil with no luck, which is why I never bothered with it. Good luck!

I've been using Vick's Vapor Rub on my fungal toes for about two weeks now. When I came out of the shower yesterday morning and was drying my toes, my big toe nail on my right foot popped off. So now my nail bed is bare. I was just wondering if this is normal? And if there is anything I should do? Should I continue with the Vick's Vapor Rub on my bare nail bed? Any information would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.

I cut a lemon in half and would rub the lemon over and around the toes. At first, the worst nail of the ten popped off. I saw noticeable results on all ten nails within the month.

how do u apply it and how often? I am desperate I have tried everything and nothing has helped? how soon did u see results when u did this and did it come back?

I have worn steel toe work boots at work for the last 20 years or so. My feet sweat in hot weather. A perfect environment for fungus to flourish, I would think. I have had toenail fungus on my little toe for about as many years as I have worn the boots. In the last two years or so it has started to spread to my toe next to the little one and my big toe.

I didn't want to take lamacil because of the chance of liver damage. So I did nothing and lived with it. My little toe was thick, yellow and sort of mushy and ugly as hell. My big toe was thick at the end and turning yellow. Also I noticed the skin on my big toe around the nail was sort of dry and whiteish looking. I overheard a guy at work one day telling another employee that VICKS is the home remedy for toe nail fungus and that it had worked for him. I have to say I was really doubtful but about a month later I figured I'd try it what can I lose. I even bought the generic brand at Dollar General.

So I trimmed my toe nails back scrubbed my feet in the bathtub. When I first started to use it I put it on my toes before I went to bed and then pulled a heavy sock over my foot to keep it from rubbing off and stinking up the bed sheets. In less than a week I could see a big difference in my toe nails. The yellow color started to fade, the white crust under my nail appeared to be gone and my little toe (the worst one) is starting to look better back where it grows out from. I've only been using it for about a month and I can't believe how much better my toenails look.

It hasn't been long enough to need to trim them back yet but at this rate I think when they have been trimmed two more times they will be back to normal. The only thing I do different now is I put the vicks on before I go to work instead of before going to bed. And that dry whiteish skin around my big toe is all gone. The skin is the same color as the skin on the rest of my foot. I put the vicks on heavy right before I put my sock on. Can't stand that smell but worth it for what it has done.

This is just my idea, but I think that once it has cleared up I will probably be able to use it maybe like once or twice a week sort of like a maintenance dose. I'll see what they look like in a few months and then cut back. Don't take my word for it, ask your doctor if its OK to use. I'm only telling you how good it worked for me !!

I am hopeful, after reading everyone's comments, that I can get a handle on my problem. I don't want to live the rest of my life with fungus ridden nails. I got my fungus when my daughter-in-law offered to pay for a pedicure as a gift. When I took off the nail polish a month later, my big toe was awful.

It 'went away' after a course of the meds, but I will never take them again, as I don't like the health risk. I love wearing polish on my toes, but am afraid that is a thing of the past, as I read your comments. Oh well, there are certainly more serious things.

My husband is a pharmacist and is going to bring home an OTC remedy, but I am going to go purchase the Vicks and then try to help my mother with her feet. I hope it works!!! Thank you for all of your comments.

If you would like to continue getting pedicures, I would suggest going to a place that is scrupulously clean. Then bring all of your own implements, nail polish color, base coat and top coat. That way you minimize your risk of getting fungus. Do not go back though until you are completely cured of your own fungus or you will reinfect other patrons of the salon.

Wow, I can't believe all I'm hearing about the use of Vick's Vapo Rub for getting rid of Toenail Fungus. I've suffered from this condition for many yrs. and haven't heard of this particular home remedy until now. Although in Nov. of 2010 I've begun the use of Terbinafine which is a generic form of Lamisil, and now that we're in almost mid-April of 2011, I'm seeing that my nail are clearing very nicely, but as many of you have already mentioned, it's quite the slow process.

I've now decided to begin application of Vick's Vapo Rub in addition to taking my daily pill, and am anxious to see if the results are as fast and immediate as I've heard.

I'm just wondering and hoping that by applying the Vick's, that I'm in no way counteracting my meds, or endangering the nail itself.---If anyone thinks this is a possibility, please feel free to advise me.

Also, if there's anyone who can inform me as to just "how" the Vick's remedy is applied, I'd also be grateful. Is it merely rubbed onto the tops of the nails? Are they applied w Q-tips? By hand? Will wearing socks to bed after applying affect the treatments? Etc. Thanks for all your help.

I also need to know how and when to use the Vicks. I exercise in a warm water pool 5 days a week. I have a back injury and can't reach to groom my own toes so I have regular polish changes (two weeks) and pedicures every six weeks. I don't have a way to trim or polish my own toes and only a month ago did I notice a fungus on my left great toe with some soreness that has not eased on it's own in these weeks. Someone told me about the vapo rub so with Q-tips I have applied Vicks before I got in the pool this week. I have noticed no ease in soreness and with colored polish I can't tell if there is any improvement. I had to use my best guess to get started but now I wonder exactly how and when to use it. Help.

I am a podiatry student. I'm curious in this just for the sake of being curious!

I would like to say that there is a difference between a "clinical cure" and an actual cure. A clinical cure means that you can not see the fungus anymore. An actual cure means the fungus is gone (which is very hard to do, even with prescription drugs and the lazer treatments). This is why many people will think they are cured, but down the road the fungus reappears.

Also, its a well known fact that nail polish locks in the fungus and promotes growth.

I enjoyed reading this page.

Thanks Everyone.

I will try this tonight and will see what happens. Hope this thing works bcuz I really don't want to Take more useless meds anymore!!

Thank you everyone for the information & tips, you guys are giving me some hope!! I will post again once I see some results or not!

Tnx again!!

I have had fungus on both big toes for a very long time. Have tried Tee Tree Oil, using it faithfully for over a year, it helped but did not cure. My Dr, prescribed Lamasil and after one month, my blood test showed I was allergic to Lamasil. Have used a liquid nail fungus with no real effects have shown. Have just heard of the Vicks Vapour Rub and am going to try it. I wear clean socks every day even in sandals, because my big toes nails are so bad.

my doctor just mentioned the vick's treatment to me yesterday, and I set about trying to figure out why it works (if it does work.)

this 2009 publication by the new york times suggests that the actual compound that effects the fungus may be thymol (the major component of thyme oil.)

it cites another publication wherein researchers found that thymol was effective against another fungus, candida, by disrupting the cell membranes and apparently preventing enzyme synthesis. the abstract can be read here: there are also other related citations on that page that discuss thymol's effectiveness against candida, along with eugenol (clove oil.)


I just noticed my fungus Easter weekend after removing pedicured polish. I too had been using vinegar and topical treatments. The skin around my toe started getting fungus as well. Last night I used Vicks for the first time and it made a drastic difference with ONE application. AMAZING!

I started the VICKS TREATMENT on Abril 3, 2012 and in six weeks the fungus disappeared. What I did differently was that I purchased large surgical gloves and cut the fingers, I then applied VICKS VAPOR RUB to my large toenails and covered them with the rubber fingers. In this way the VICKS stayed on the infected area all day and wasn't absorbed by my socks.

As the nail grew I simply cut off the discolored portions until eventually I had a new clear and healthy nail. I plan to continue this treatment for two more weeks in order to eliminate any fungus that might still be present. I hope that this information will be useful to all.

I have noticed a correlation with continued nail polish use and nail fungus. As soon as I get my toes cleared up I will not put nail polish on them anymore.

How long did it take?

Yes, I have toenails like that. If they hurt, you need to file them down and trim them back IMO. My toenails have been funky since I was a teen when a cross-eyed man in a wheelchair ran them over (true story). I don't know why that made them susceptible to fungus, but it did. If they hurt, you need to hold them at the bed so they don't wiggle, trim them down and file them so they're thinner (but not too thin, that will also make them hurt). I don't know why people say removal cures it. I later jammed my toe in a car door and had to get the nail removed by a doc. It grew back with the fungus again, to my dismay. I will now try vicks with fingers and toes crossed. I've had this for about thirty years now!

Started using VapORub July 2011 once or twice daily. By June 16 2012 all toenails clear. Sandals again after 20 years!

I have been bothered by severe toe nail fungus for around 10 years and have tried just about everything to get rid of it. So far nothing has worked for me. I read your posts on using Vicks a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. I have to admit I was skeptical but willing to try anything.

Three weeks later and the condition of my nails has improved significantly. The surface is a lot thinner, far less yellow and no longer crumbles. The new nail growth is pink and slowly but surely healthy nails are beginning to grow back. The process I use is very simple. Twice a day shower, clean the nails with nail polish remover then apply a liberal coating of Vicks. Just as people are saying, you have to be consistent with the treatment and it'll probably take a few months to completely cure the infection but the results are well worth the effort.

Will vicks baby rub work the same way?

In order for the fungus to be totally cured you have to get rid of the shoes that carry the fungus spores... If you don't, the fungus will ALWAYS win.

Ok I guess but a little scary docs are recommending things to patients that their wife read about on the Internet. Just saying.

I am off to try Vicks treatment now. I will take a picture of my toe now and then take one weekly to see results.

Hi, I have had the same issues from pedicures as many of you. I am doing the vinegar-listerine baths, tea tree oil 3x's a day, and now is my first day using Vicks. I was wondering about the posts that mention cutting the nail and filing the nail. Do you bleach your file and nail cutters after each use?

I am so paranoid that those tools will spread the infection to other toes. (I currently only have the fungus on 4 toes.)

I've just gone out to get some Vicks from the chemist £2.99. Been back home and put it on my big toe nail.

I'm not sure how long to leave it on for.
I'm guessing all day and if so I'll put a plaster on.

For £3 I can't go wrong. If it doesn't work, I've still got something for when I get a cold!

Fingers crossed, I'm sick of this fungus now.

Try surgical rubber gloves, cut off the fingers from the glove and cover your toes with it. That way you have the medication on all day.

The 'base' for Vick's VapoRub is petroleum jelly, which is also used as a nail softener. I think this may be part of why it works - the nail is softened, which allows the anti-fungal ingredient to penetrate to the fungus.

It would be interesting to try a combination of petroleum jelly with a more powerful anti-fungal such as Lamisil. Does anyone know if something like this is available as a product?

I have the fungus on both of my big toes. Last year I started a treatment from something I found on line. I cut my nails down and applied the treatment and it took forever for my nails to grow back. So happy this summer I was able to wear sandals again, I I saw my nail lifting off of the bed again. I am not big on polishing my toe nails. I think I got the fungus from sharing shoes with my niece. I've started a new treatment and I think from now on, I will do my own nails like all of my other friends do. I don't wear polish but I like to get a pedicure with french tips is that a bad idea as well? Will hardner make the fungus grow back? I decided to try the vicks rub. My toes were discolored last year but this year I can see a bubble under my nail where it is lifting up.

I agree that nail fungus can come from salons, and salon pedicures might be best avoided once you've (hopefully) cleared up your fungus. I'm just starting an OTC treatment on both my big toes. Fungus can loosen the nail, and so I gently cut away as much as I, in order to apply the liquid directly on the bed. I think the reason people get different results from different treatments is that perhaps there is more than one kind of nail fungus, and they all respond differently. So vinegar may work on one type of fungus, but not another. And one person might have great luck with Vapo Rub, but the next person does not. It seems the only logical explanation.

have commented in past and am back. After having ridded myself a couple years ago I got a pedicure again and made a mistake AGAIN. So used the Vicks again. And am free of fungus, again. The fungus had always been on my big toe but this time was on my middle, so a smaller problem to deal with. I have a job were I have to wear socks and closed toed shoes so think this helps the speed. I put it on every morning before the socks.

I did heed the advice of another comment about using the cut off glove fingers to cover and I think that helped the speed of recovery this time. I was afraid of the rubber harboring the fungus in a nice warm environment and helping the fungus but it just speeded it up. By the way, just rub it on top of the nail with a q-tip. The nail is permeable.

My Doctor actually recommended this treatment to me over prescription. I ignored this advise for 2 years until it just got to bad, So wife bought the dollar store version to try it out. Doc told me it would take six months that I was to treat it every night and wear a clean sock.

I treated it right away and I kept the treatment all day every day after 3 days I took a close look .. folks it works...I have seen huge improvement I can actually see pink now 1 week in on most of my toe nail I have now been able to trim it I wasn't able before because it was so thick the clippers didn't open enough I've scraped away and trimmed them filed down the tops and I see no reason to stop as ever day it gets better and better.

Just one mans experience take it for what it's worth.

The pain is actually healing I have some of that the fungus for me at the surface areas are turning black and almost liquidy I've taken to scrap daily the black and nail until I get down to the dry white fungus and treat I'm feeling the healing as well the nail is clearing up.

I should add my problem began when I stubbed my big left toe on a door 6 year ago with in day my toe nail fell off and when it grew back the fungus was under the the nail until recently I had not done anything really to combat it the growth and pressure had gotten to the point of not only pain and discomfort that was only increased when I put on tight shoes.

Ever day I see improvement in the beginning it was more noticeable and now I have to be more aggressive with treatment and care to get at where it is. I hope that helps

8/10/12 @ 11:30 I applied Vicks Vapor Rub to my (R) toe and I put on a thick layer of the product and put on a pair of clean socks also rubbing the entire foot in between the toes and filing before I applied Vicks and there's a slight tingle and a warming sensation in the toes. I've had this problem of toe nail fungus for as long as I can remember and never really gave much thought to use a product more commonly used for soothing colds and their symptoms ... I applied the VVR with a Q-tip.

I have heard from my sister who used to work for a Foot Doctor that Vicks Vapor Rub was always on hand for those with Toe fungus and at first thought might have thought she'd lost her marbles but I will keep ya'll posted on the outcome of my toe nail fungus problem and if it really works.

8/10/12 @ 11:30 I applied Vicks Vapor Rub to my (R) toe and I put on a thick layer of the product and put on a pair of clean socks also rubbing the entire foot in between the toes and filing before I applied Vicks and there's a slight tingle and a warming sensation in the toes. I've had this problem of toe nail fungus for as long as I can remember and never really gave much thought to use a product more commonly used for soothing colds and their symptoms ... I applied the VVR with a Q-tip.

I have heard from my sister who used to work for a Foot Doctor that Vicks Vapor Rub was always on hand for those with Toe fungus and at first thought might have thought she'd lost her marbles but I will keep ya'll posted on the outcome of my toe nail fungus problem and if it really works.

I'm really surprised no one in the entire blog ever mentioned what originally cured my toe nail and finger nail fungus. Griseofulvin marketed as grispeg, fulvicin u/f, and generic griseofulvin(warrick). Sure it took over 6 months, but as a pharmacist(retired), i full well understood its mechanism of action, depositing within the new nail growth rendering it fungistatic as the nail grew.

Recently working outdoors in soil, i contracted a new fungus under the index finger. Currently, i'm employing a home remedy many of you probably haven't heard of based on time of use. Methylrosaniline chloride(aka gentian violet 2%).

It virtually dries up the surface, and am using white vinegar(acetic acid 5%) as fungus does not live well in an acid pH circumstance. Based on the many successes mentioned with VVR [Vicks VapoRub], its certainly worth a try based on age old ingredients such as menthol, camphor and thymol.

Good posting everyone. Its the consensus that counts. I do agree that lamisil is NOT my drug of choice due to possible liver consequences. Onychomycosis [nail fungus] in the florida population, is well over 50% and has been for many moons.

If the efficacy of VVR [Vicks VapoRub] seems a bit messy, there is a suitable alternative that can be applied with a q-tip and is a liquid form of VVR. Its simply called Vicks Vaposteam. There is a slight difference in the eutectic mix, but all the core ingredients are present..worth a try!

I have been cured of a toenail fungus for about 10 months now. The issue with my fungus was that it had been on my big toe for about 12 years! I had dropped a cinder block on my toe and the injury turned into a fungus (so said the foot doctor)... the cure for which was taking a prescription drug which would mean constant monitoring of my blood for liver damage. We all know that song and verse here, right? So, he assured me that the nail was otherwise in no way harmful and to just let it be.

Being a lady however, I was troubled by the ugly, cracking, yellow and brown toenail which broke off in chunks as it grew and of course was unsightly. I had heard that OIL OF OREGANO would take care of Nail Fungus if you were persistent and patient enough to wait for the new nail to grow out.

I bought a bottle and applied the Oregano Oil after my shower in the morning and in the evening before bed....every day. As the new nail grew out, I would trim away the crusty fungusy nail and after about 5 months, a clean healthy nail was tightly in place! The oil costs about $20 but there is no harm from the oregano oil. Oregano is a spice we eat on our pizza! A good rub on the infected nail 2x daily (with no nail polish during that course of treatment though) :( but worth it in the end : ). Good Luck to you if you try it!

Great thread! You may find this interesting - there are several different species of toenail fungus which is why I suspect vinegar works for some people but is not powerful enough to shift it for others. So it makes sense to try different things and not be discouraged.

I tried topical creams for a while then gave up. However, my infection is currently stable - slightly discoloured and stripy but doesn't get any better or worse. The nail is a healthy shape and rarely needs filing down. I paint them using OPI polish to hide the discoloured nail and I wonder if OPI base coat has an antifungal agent in it which has stabilised the infection, but is not strong enough to cure it. Painting does not seem to make my nails any better or worse. But I would NEVER go to a salon again - I've learnt how to do my own nails to a high enough standard. I would never share products!

However, I want to go natural so I'm going to start VIKS over the winter. Wish me luck!

Here is a toe-folk method for home pedicures:


Fine emery boards (small)
Wooden cutucle sticks
Cuticle remover gel
OPI base coat
OPI colour
OPI top coat
Pedicure(egg) that you can use in water - looks a bit like a miniature cheese grater

1. Remove old polish
2. Soak feet, use pedicure grater on thick skin of feet to remove
3. Dry feet
4. Cut toenails
5. Apply cuticle gel - wait 5 - 10 mins
6. Push back and remove skin with wooden stick
7. Wash off remaining gel and dry feet
8. File toenails to a nice squarish shape (file thickened nails, wipe with surgical spirit), remove any filings or rough edges
9. Paint base, leave 10 mins to dry
10. Repeat 9. for 2x coats of colour
11. Apply top coat (or do it the next night)
11. Go to bed once polish is touch dry
12. Rub off any stray colour after shower next morning

Hi, I have read the entire thread today. I have had a discolored big toe nail for about a year now. Wasn't sure what was wrong with it, recently it has started to bring about some discomfort, particularly when pressure is applied to the top surface.
I have applied VVR, to it earlier in the day and as someone suggested used a plastic glove with the tip cut off to wrap the big toe after the application. It has been 4 hours and now time for me to show and get ready for work. However, the discoloration went from a pale yellowish color to a full blown dark brown/grayish color. Is this normal for it to discolor before the healing process starts?

If I didn't see this with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it!

I had toenail fungus for about 20 years. I had the ugliest toenails... yellow, thick, brittle etc. I took prescription medication (I forget which one - Lamisil or Sporonex) and it didn't work. So, I tried the other one. It worked. Finally... after decades... I had beautiful toenails.

That was 15 years ago. Back to sandals, back to pedicures (I always took my own tools & polish).

At my last pedicure (3 weeks ago) I noticed large white areas on both big toes. I was hoping it was discoloration due to polish. I took the polish off yesterday, and saw the areas were larger. I tried to wash it off... didn't work. Put on more remover... didn't work.

Oh no! Was the fungus back?

I checked on line and saw Vicks Vapo Rub was recommended. So, all I could lose was a few dollars. I ran out and bought a jar.

I put on the first application at 6 pm. I looked at my toenails at 9 pm. The difference was amazing. One was almost perfect, and the other one significantly better. At 10 pm I put on the next treatment. I literally saw the "significantly better" one clear to almost perfect before my eyes. Woke up this morning to 2 almost perfect toenails. Then I put on treatment #3... and within 10 minutes both nails are perfect.

Now, I did not get a medical dx for toenail fungus this time. And I really don't know what I had. But, whatever it was, it's gone. I will be using the jar of vapo rub until it's all gone. I'm using it on all 10 toes...just in case.

I know it's 8 days later, but having just found this post I came to your entry and I am really concerned about your toe! As a nurse, if I saw someone's toe (or any extremity)"brown/grayish in color" after they had a rubber glove tip fastened to it, I'd be calling the physician immediately! That certainly is an indication that the rubber tip was too tight and circulation was compromised - please update on that scenario!

Regarding the VVR, I'm heading to the dollar store today for a go at this remedy. I am meticulous about foot care, being a diabetic, but I can't get a grip on this Right big toe junk. I just keep filing it down, but if I file too much, the tip basically crumbles off and it's 1/4" of nail bed exposed, and 3 more months of waiting for the nail to grow out.

There is always still fungus there, though. I have found that red polish covers it nicely, but I guess I'll have to go without for a time. Ugh!

Will applying Vicks vapor rub on my fungi nail affect my pregnancy?

I've had a small spot of fungus at the very top left of my right big toe and the right corner of my left big toe for years. This started when I moved to the desert southwest, started wearing closed shoes all the time and slippers at night, never allowing my feet to breathe. Due to a liver enzyme problem, I refused to take the pills so I've just lived with it and cleaned them the best I could. Then it spread to the next nail on each foot.

I might add that I used to be a licensed manicurist for many years and am now retired. I've always been very clean and always made sure that everything that I used was either cleaned with an fungacide cleaning product or bleach. I've been doing my own acrylic nails for about 27 years and had maybe five incidences of finger nail fungus at the most, which can be easier to cure then toenail fungus.

My mom told me about the Vicks cure, a friend of hers who is a nurse told her to try it on her two black great toe nails. She did it regularly as instructed and in a couple months both nails fell off and fresh, clean new nails grew back.

I have tried Vicks but not steadily enough for it to really work. I do notice an marked improvement after about two days. The color is better, the dead skin is lessened. I polish my toe nails sometimes and that seems to help even more. I don't know if it's cutting off air to the fungus or keeping the nail and nail bed drier or what but if I go for long periods without polish, it seems to get worse. It's not the polish that starts fungus, it's using poorly cleaned tools for a pedicure.

Even if you do your own at home, be sure and use the same set of implements on your toes only. Start with the uninfected nails, do the infected ones last. Clean them with antibacterial soap, dry them and soak in alcohol over night. Use the same emery board on the infected toes. Go to a beauty supply store and purchase a nail file that can be sanitized and used over again. If you soak your feet first, make sure and clean the soaking tub and wipe it down with bleach then let dry.

Some salons can be pretty lax on how they clean the foot bath area and mani-pedi tools. It's best to invest in your own set of nail implements that you can clean yourself and ask that they use them. Or ask to see a set in a sealed, sterile bag before hey use them on you. You never can tell about the foot bath so you'll always be taking a chance there.

After reading everything here tonight, I'm going to start religiously on the "Vicks program". I was told to use an old toothbrush to scrub away the dead skin, using white vinegar. Rinse feet and apply Vicks with a cotton swab to all affected areas and under the free edge of the nail. File the thickness down on the nail to a normal level before applying, if needed. I find that if I file much of the nail surface off until it is smooth and even, it looks better already but I only do it every two weeks or so. Good luck to you all! Sometimes the old home remedies are the best! I'm glad that I found this site!

I agree... Lol

I wanted to say that I have been using VVR with tea tree oil mixed in for about a week now and my nails look wonderful. It can't hurt and my nails are softer and pinker than they have been since I was a kid. I will be trying the glove tips starting tonight to save wear and tear on my socks.

I have had a problem with my feet four about 30 years it is about to get the best of me I went to the Drs to and he said to use Vicks I am going to try it and see what happens I hope this works I have not found any thing else that works.

I have suffered with fungus for about 25 years. It started on my right big toe and that was the only one infected until about 3 years ago. Now most of my nails are infected. I have tried to take lamisil but the effects on your liver scares me. I had the right big nail removed 3 years ago and put anti fungal on the nail bed for weeks afterward but it grew back the same thick nasty yellow nail as before.

Last year, I started putting olive oil mixed with a few drops of lavender and tea tree oils on and the right nail turned a purplish black over night. Some things happened in my life and my toenails were the last thing on my mind for awhile but I am now back to trying to cure this mess that has become my toenails.

Three days ago, I started soaking in a vinegar bath. About 30 minutes after the soak I noticed a "pinching" pain under my right big toenail. I was surprised to see someone say that pain is "the healing". I consider that positive. The vinegar soak has also already helped with the dead skin on my feet. I could actually exfoliate them with a towel after the first soak and they have felt soft since. I will continue the daily soak.

I have also started to use the olive/lavender/tea tree oil mixture but I am seriously thinking of going to the VVR.

We will see what happens! I am thinking it is possible that by summer I may be able to wear open toed shoes with unpolished nails again!!

any luck?

I've had discoloured and unsightly fungus on both big toes for years and nothing has ever worked! Nothing the doctor has provided has helped at all however after reading about vicks I thought for three pound it was worth a shot! It works!!! After just four days my nail has completely changed colour, the bottom of the nail has became stronger and clear again whereas the top darkened overnight.

I have dealt with this by filing and cutting the nail daily and its now nearly away with a full strong nail in its place! So pleased and happy. I applied vicks twice a day and scrubbed my feet thoroughly each night, the product is genius!

I posted a while ago but I've not actually stuck to it.
It's such a horrible feeling having the vicks slide the plasters/bandages around in your sock.
Anyone thought of any ideas to stop this from happening? I'll be fine but half way through the day, the plaster will just slide off of my toe as the vick's is slippery.

I'm just going to suck it up and keep them on.

In saying this, I've notice a great improvement so thank you to the poster for this.
I'm glad everyone is getting great results! :)

As a pathologist with interest in nail fungus, I am interested to learn whether anyone has photographic documentation of fungal cure with before and after photos? SAM

Four facts about nail physiology and nail fungus treatment are worth mentioning.
1. Toenails grow out slowly and may require treatment for the entire time needed for an entirely new uninfected nail to grow out, that is for up to 18 months, considerably longer than many current treatments.
2. Visible toe fungus or onychomycosis is often accompanied by subtle subclinical infection in the other 9 nails. Thus all ten nails should be treated
3. Laser treatment has been shown to be safe, yet does not necessarily kill fungus. Multiple laser treatments may suppress fungal reproduction, but there are as yet no published data on efficacy. Certainly 86% are not cured with laser.
4. At least 4 anti-fungal ingredients are in VVR including camphor 4.8% eucalyptol 1.2% and menthol 2.6%, and thymol, the latter listed as one of the ‘inactive’ ingredients Other inactive ingredients Cedarleaf oil, Nutmeg oil, and turpentine have not been proven to have anti-fungal properties, yet may be important in softening of the hard yellow fungal mycelium under the nail. SAM

interested in home remedies

I had really bad toe fungus on all 10 toes. I did whatever my doc and podiatrist told me to do (take pills etc) but nothing worked.

My daughter told me about VVP treatment, and I started spraying all my toes with Vetericyn in the morning and evening and applying VVP on all 10 toes.

I have had AMAZING RESULTS. The toenails grow back very slowly, but my toenails haven't looked this good in years. I'll keep doing it until the nails grow back.


As with others, I have used tea tree oil and on two occasions Lamisil (very expensive) over the past years. Tea tree oil worked temporarily as did the first treatment regimen of the Lamisil. The second prescription did nothing. I started using Vicks and the immediate effects were that the toe nails LOOKED normal to any observers. But over the past few months of daily repeated use of vicks, my toe nails have grown out and 3/4s of the nails are pink and healthy. So far I am convinced, but as noted earlier, it takes months for toe nails to grow our fully and immediate effects are just visual. One suggestion is to make sure you are sanitizing any clippers that you sue after each use so that you do not spread any infection to a new site.

I had toe nail fungus. I did not want to take the oral anti-fungal medications because of their serious side effects that include liver damage. I forget were I read the info about Vicks VapoRub working on nail fungus, but I figured I would give it a try. I put a thick layer on each toe, covered with gauze pad and then socks each night. Took about six weeks, but it completely disappeared and never came back. This was about 6 years ago.

Hi there? Well all these stories are very interesting and it shows I am not the only one with a toe nail secret. When I lived in Mexico I had contacts with a dermatologist and he gave me some oral medicine every month for free and it was working like a charm. Unfortunately I left Mexico before the fungus did and the fungus came back. I knew I should have gotten a few more months supply from him but was ashamed since I had no money to offer him.

I have had the fungus for over 15 years. I finally went to a doctor and got a prescription for ciclopirox topical and it works! Well, it would have been working better if I had not taken a month break and knew to cut the the toe nails off as much as I can. Cutting the toe nails off as much as I can helped dramatically so the medicine can get to the fungus. I think if I had been trimming down those nails I would be done by now.

It is 12 months and all I have left is a little on my big toe and a bigger patch on my other big toe. It would be gone by now but I was not doing it right from the beginning. Also, I had to buy a six month supply at once because I was coming overseas to work. The insurance was not going to pay for it all and it would have cost me an arm and a leg but Walgreens made it cost only 40 bucks if I sign up with them. Oh, I was issued a very very sharp knife for my deployment I would say this is the best tool for cutting away at the toe nail. It is so sharp I cut my finger on it when I first opened it up. Never had a shapr knife like that before. Brand name is coast. Well I would pretty much carefully cut off layers of the toe nail with the knife and this has speeded up things very very fast. Razor blades do not work at all like this knife.

Before I was not cutting away the toe nail which made this whole thing last for more than 12 months. So I will be overseas for another six months and my prescription is running out and so I will be using Vicks 2-3 times a day if necessary. I am determined to go to the pool like a normal person next summer (need to work on my abs and biceps now). 'Be careful with the cutting'

Hello, my pinky toes have always been thicker then the rest of my toes and darker in colour. I never really thought anything of it since weird toe nails seem to run in the family. Until about may I started noticing my two big toenails looked like someone had cut out my toenail from the cuticle to the smile line. I asked my mother about it and she said she's never seen anything like that and to leave it and if it gets worse well go to the doctors.

Well I eventually forgot about it I don't pay much attention to my feet. I don't really wear sandals or flip flops because I can't keep them on my feet and I have to scrunch my feet up and it cramps me, so I just wear running shoes instead. last night was one of my friends birthdays and we went to a club. Some girl at the club stepped on my foot and cracked my nail. When I got home I was too tired to deal with it, and when I got up, I went to go fix it so I clipped it off, and on the underside of the clipped off piece it was brown.

I removed my nail polish and my whole nail seemed striped, and raised like steps and very discouloured brown and yellow. The nail grew for a couple months, then the smile line part came out again and then it grew again so it looked like )))) down my entire nail also my nail was lifting completely off the nail bed, literally down to the cuticle.

I went out and bought apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and Vicks vapor rub. First I just soaked my feet in warm water to soften up my nails to so I could cut them down. Took me an hour and a bit to get it down because they were thick, and crumbly. So I've got 1/4th of my big toenails left now. then I soaked them in two parts warm water 1 part apple cider vinegar in a plastic tub I had my scarfs in (I washed it with soap and then disinfected it with alcohol before hand). Then I dried them off thoroughly. Then let them air dry for half an hour. Then I applied tea tree oil to all my nails, with a q-tip being careful not to infect the bottle of oil with the side of the q tip I just used on my nail. I just put the Vicks on my two big nails with the q tips careful not to infect the tub. I put it on thick, and wrapped with a band aid so it wouldn't get all over everything while I slept.

I'm not using it on all my toes because I don't like the sock idea, plus they say its good to let your feet breathe. I'm also using the tea tree oil and the vinegar on all my toes, so hopefully that works for them, otherwise I might have to bite the bullet and wear socks with it *cringe*

Anyways, I seen that those three things (Listerine coming in a close fourth) were the most successful. I'm hoping this is the trifecta that will work for me. I'll keep you guys updated :)

The toenail on my big toe on one foot has been getting thicker and also curving up at the free edge (so it looks skinnier where it leaves the nail bed than the nail bed). Under that nail, it was getting this thick yuck look. (technical term, I know).

So I did some internet searching and heard about the Vicks treatment. I bought a jar a few weeks ago, and I have to admit, I wasn't worried enough to put it on every day. (Maybe put some on under the free edge of the nail 3-4 times a week for 2 or 3 weeks.

Again.. I wasn't overly worried.

So today, I noticed that under the edge of the nail, the "yuck" is gone for the most part... it's much thinner there... BUT... I had two stripes that look like a gap of space running lengthwise with the toenail... so I kind of think the fungus "ran" from the Vicks and went back farther into the toenail.

I filed the top of the toenail down considerably and put Vicks on it and covered up with a sock. I'm going to get serious about this now (given this crud seems to have spread down closer to the cuticle).

I honestly think the Vicks was working... but I wasn't diligent enough with it.

I read in an earlier post that you can buy rubber gloves and cut the fingers off. Then slide them over the vicks and your socks stay dry.

I was becoming concerned with persistent white spots on one of my toenails. I tried the Vicks (last night) and this morning, there was a reduction in the number of the white spots...I am wondering about use of polish causing return of the fungus; could it be that the fungus is IN the polish I've already used? Would using new polish help, once my nail is clear?

I have had fungal nail on both big toe nails for about 3 years now. I have tried several fungal nail polish based medication with no luck. About 4 days ago I started using Vicks Vapour Rub. I cleaned my feet and dried nails, I then applied the Vicks Vapour Rub to the affected nails using a cotton bud (q tip) making sure to cover the entire nail with a decent amount. I then popped socks on over the top and left for several hours. I saw an instant change after one use. The nail fungus became darker, almost browny/black. The nail appeared to be softer and after a few more days of applying at night time the nails have become even softer. It has allowed me to trim back the nail with more ease than before. The worst affected nail did experience some pain, just a slight discomfort.

I have read in posts above that it can weaken the nail and cause it to crumble or even fall off. I will post back regularly to keep you up to date with my progress. I am happy with the progress after only 4 days and I am positive about the outcome. I really hope this can end my fungal nail nightmare and allow me to wear flip flops in summer with confidence. :-)

Vicks VapoRub works folks, it really does. I have no idea what kind of fungus I had (I know there are many different types), but both my large toenails were yellowish gray and thick and had been for about two years (podiatrist confirmed fungus and I took an oral round of Lamisil with no results). I started using the Vicks last year and now my nailbeds are pink and my nails are thin again. All I did was rub it on my nails daily (sometimes twice daily) and within a couple of months the new growth was visible and I could feel the line where the new was coming in and the old was toward the top. Don't lose hope because the nails don't immediately look better. It is a slow process, just be vigilant and know that it's not costing an arm and a leg, and there is no damage to your liver. Also be sure and throw out all your old polish.

I have a mild case of fungus in my two big toes, and I'm seeing really amazing results with Vicks. I did have them "off treatment" for a few hours last weekend, and I'm definitely not cured yet, but I think it's getting much better.

What I do is clean each nail with rubbing alcohol (cause I have it around) and then glop Vicks on each toenail, covering them (and some skin around them) completely with a good solid goopy layer. I then put gauze on the nail and wrap the whole thing with surgical tape. I started out just doing this at night but now I do it night and morning, so my nail is basically being treated 24 hours a day (except when I'm in the shower, etc.). Some Vicks does squish out of the gauze (although I try to catch the worst of it after taping), but the damage to my socks is much less than if I had nothing.

I'm very much a nail polish girl so I really hope I am able to wear it again at some point. I don't mind doing it myself, but I definitely want color on my toes! I would also rather not have to throw out all of my shoes (several of which I wear without socks). Anyone have any info on that?

Also, how can I tell when my nail is fully grown out if I'm nearly asymptomatic? Sounds from here like you should keep treating even after the visible fungus is gone, but for how long?

I'm def trying VVR...I've only one fungal toenail but just the sight of it makes me feel so uncomfortable! I use red nail polish so it doesn't show, but the nail has now started to "bend", it's more round and now if you look, you can see the difference in shape between the two big toenails...I've always liked my feet and I have always taken care of them, always using polish to make them look pretty...Fungus appeared a couple of months before I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Not saying they are related or anything, just that the body might have been weaker...Cannot and won't get on oral meds cause I had my thyroid removed on 2011 and it has been so hard to stabilize my body that I'm not risking any damage to any other organ... But I so hate seeing this fungus on my toe! So I'm fighting this ugly thing with all that I can, if VVR is what it takes to win, so be it! LOL! Will keep you posted, people!

Wonder what has been the best treatment to use before you apply VVR. Wanting to try it before I have to have my toenails removed, have tried everything else with no positive results. Will just not get better and uncomfortable.

Wish I would have seen this article years ago my toe nails are hideous I'm ashamed to wear them out I'm definitely going to start trying this.

Was this method effective for you?

I have had fungus on my toes on both feet for at least 30 years. One doctor said he could give me medication but it might affect my liver. Just recently heard about VVR and it sure worked beautifully.

I'm usually very skeptical of such things.
I had a minor fungus from leaving polish on my toenails for too long.
I tried the Vicks thing and it WORKED.
I applied it daily to the nail and surrounding tissue for 3 or 4 days.

I'm joining in this conversation because I'm fighting the same unsightly toenail fungus. I've tried VVR but not as often as suggested. Also, I was just putting a little bit on, not slathering a whole gloppy lot. I'm ready to try again: preparing and trimming the nail, cleaning it thoroughly, putting a whole lot of VVR on it, and covering it. Quick additional question here: has anyone addressed the possibility of the fungus thriving in your shoes? I think I also need to throw away my bedroom slippers. My feet sweat in them and I'm sure they could be undermining my effort. Any comments?

I came across this site in January after suffering with a really horrid fungal nail infection on my left hand's little finger nail. I'd been prescribed curanail by my GP who said it would take up to a year. But the nail was so unsightly and the medicine affected the skin around the nail so I looked for an alternative.

Vicks is the best thing since sliced bread!! As recommended by some of the posts on here, I cleaned and filed the nail every night applying Vicks then a plaster (band-aid in the US) to prevent it from staining the bed sheets. I think the filing was key in the process as it seemed to thin the nail for the Vicks to work on the fungus. Like many others I began to see affect almost straight away and now my nail is completely back to normal having outgrown the fungus. This, in just over two months. I couldn't recommend it more.

Mine had started from a summer's worth of wearing nail polish. So now when I wear it I remove it the next day. If you have a nail infection, use Vicks, persevere with it because it really does work much better than a prescribed and more stringent medication.

My nail fungus is on my 3 of my finger nails. I have had it since 2008. I was given Terbinafine crème (doctor said the crème really did not work) and 250 mg once a day Terbinafine pills for no longer then 3 months. I was told the pills are very hard on the liver by the doctor and the pharmacist.

I had to have blood tests every month while I was taking the pills to check my liver. Well I have been on and off of these pills for 5 years and they both do not work. My daughter somehow found out about Vick's vaporub and told me about it. I stopped taking the pills and started using only the Vick's March 20th 2013. So far it seems to working. I will post again later on.

NOTE: Cause, A friends Aunt had much worse finger nail fungus then I did. One doctor told her that he thought it was from two things. Her fake nails and her gardening. There are 1000's of germs in out door garden soil. I garden big time. Have new latex dipped gloves and a product that is called Gloves In A Bottle. We'll see if I end up fungus free after the summer. Thank you to all that have posted about this.

I've been suffering with toenail fungus on my left big toe for several months now. In March 2013 I had my first laser treatment. It's a very painful treatment to say the least! One treatment cost me $400. I've seen little success, but was told it could take 12 to 18 months to get full results. It was also noted that I could require more than one treatment. I'm doing the Vick's treatment in addition, and after reading these responses I may add a vinegar soak as well.

About the shoes, yes...I was told you have to throw out (or treat) all of your shoes, linens, etc. As recommended, by my doctor, I went to Sally's and bought a product called Barbicide. I washed all linens and clothing that comes into contact with my toes in this. At some point I will soak all of my old shoes in this once it warms up. It is not needed on your white socks if you bleach them in each wash. And yes, I've had to invest in new shoes, which isn't always a bad thing for a girl!

**wishing for good results**

I have nail fungus on one toe nail - of course the big one... I have tried the vicks - as I read here - just recently and not done it every single day but most days. My nail was yellowish, brittle, and lifted from the nail bed in the center. Now last night the nail broke where it had lifted and seems thinner tho nothing else had changed. I am wondering is the nail breaking a good thing? If the fungus part breaks off will a normal nail grow back?

It seems such a various time frame from a couple weeks to almost a year in treatments for people. I bought 2 different kinds of nail fungal treatments... so I clean my nail with nail polish remover and alcohol - clean under the nail and get rid of the dead skin stuff and I use one of the 2 fungal treatments - One is like a nail polish and the other is just a spray and let that dry ... then rub a glop (technical word - lol) of vicks and let it dry or put on a thick sock. I read on here someone put on the fingers of a surgical glove - I think I might try that and see if locking in the vicks over nights will help. It's spring - it's flip flop season - I want pretty toes! Will keep you posted.

Turpentine oil is made from the sap of pine trees, so it might not be as toxic as you think.

Vicks really works. It's great stuff. Actually, I've been using a generic brand and it is working well. I wholly endorse this method for curing fungus.

All I gotta say is Vicks worked for me! I read these post yesterday, bought the Vicks applied it under and around my toes before bed and woke up this morning to a Huuuuuge difference! Im happy and will keep you updated! I've never seen my toes clear up like this! I'm a male 28 and have had this fungus under my toes since I was about 13! This really works!

I think you are correct....that is when my fungus problem started more nail polish for the toes... Vicks worked great at getting rid of it.

Was wondering if u have fungus with polish can u put the vapor rub over the polish?

NK, the only way this will work is for you to remove the polish from your nail. After removing the polish, rough up the nail with an emory board, then apply the Vicks daily.

And whatever you do, throw away your nail polish. You will only reinfect your nails. Start with a brand new bottle of nail polish when the fungus is completely gone.

My wife found this remedy for my big toe that for about 1 1/2 years had a white split down the toenail. I thought I banged it on something, she said it was fungus and tried vicks on it. I thought it was silly but after only 4 applications in 4 days it was completely gone and back to normal. It really works

oil of turpentine is a natural product, but as you said a solvent and at the very least will make you sick if taken internally.

Turpentine (also called spirit of turpentine, oil of turpentine, and wood turpentine) is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from live trees, mainly pines. It is composed of terpenes, mainly the monoterpenes alpha-pinene and beta-pinene with lesser amounts of carene, camphene, dipentene, and terpinolene.[1] It is sometimes colloquially known as turps.[2]
The word turpentine derives (via French and Latin) from the Greek word τερεβινθίνη terebinthine, the name of a species of tree, the terebinth tree.[3] Mineral turpentine or other petroleum distillates are used to replace turpentine, but they are very different chemically

Ive had fungus for the longest time. Couldnt remember having normal toenails. I only have fungus in on my big toes. All other nails are normal started doing the vingear baths and applied vicks on them. Cut the nails as far as I can too make sure the treatments get in. My left toe nail cleared up right away but my right one didnt. So strange so now I'm waiting for my nails to grow back to normal size but thats going to take decadessssss..

I've had nail fungus for about the past 2 years on all my right foot nails. Being only 17 it is the most embarrassing thing ever for me and it has slightly started to spread to my left foot.

I've been researching like mad for cures after my nurse said there was nothing she could really do as the infection is in the bed under the nail!

I bought Vicks about 1 month ago and decided to put it on today. I've cut my nails right back and taken off my nail polish.. Wish me luck!!

My right big toe was stepped on and injured by our horse. At the same time I have been going to a "foot spa" to get foot soaks and massage. I think my nail was obviously damaged and then contracted fungus from the unclean soaks. I have never had issues before and I have a liver issue. I am trying the Vicks tonight and praying it works,

More than 10 years fighting this fungus, hundreds of Euros spent and NO RESULTS. I´ve been on Vicks vaporoub for 2 weeks and the result is absolutely AMAZING!!! My nail looks healthy again. It really works.

I have had bad fungal nail infection on my big toe right foot ever since I can remember (now 36) I have always tried to keep short and cover with nail varnish to hide it. Last year I tried white vinegar but gave up hope after about 6 month and no change. Today I have cut the nail right back and filed then added a big glop of Vick. The colour looks slightly different already fingers crossed!

I started applying Vicks two nights ago. My left toe had a green fungus that went away with an OTC product from the drug store, but first it turned my nail purple and black and then it fell off! So this time, I'm trying Vicks. So many websites suggest it.

But I DO have to say this. I didn't know it had transferred to my right toe until I went to get a pedicure and she removed the old polish. The nail was green! She saw it, we talked about and...she painted it with the same polish anyone can use! If it is contagious in that manner, the next woman will certainly get it. I asked her if she would throw away that bottle and she said yes, but I realized later that she must have put it back on the shelf. (Language barrier, perhaps, but they should have a rule!)



You may have hit the nail on the head. This very unclean and unsafe shop you go to for pedicures is more than likely the source of your fungus. Please stop going there!

Let this fungus completely grow out before putting polish on your nails again.

Then find a reputable nail salon in the future. And bring all your own implements, files, pumice stones, nail color as well as base coat & top coat (all brand new bottles). You will be starting with a clean slate so to speak and you should be okay in the future.

For VICKS to work you need to be diligent.

To help the VICKS penetrate use a washable metal nail file to roughen the top of the nail plate. Make sure you clean the metal nail file after each use so you do not reinfect the nail.

Cleaning the feet and nails well is imperative.
After using the metal nail file, twice daily, use a nail brush to clean the nails, around the nails and under the nails. Apply VICKS after each filing and cleaning.

Make a foot soak which has 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of bleach, and 1 cup of vinegar, added to 1 gallon of warm-hot water.
Soak for 15 to 30 minutes every day for the first week.
Soak for 15 to 30 minutes every other day for the next two weeks.
Soak for 15 to 30 minutes every three days during the next three weeks.
Continue to soap weekly for 15 to 30 min.
Apply VICKS after each soaking.

Using KERASAL in conjunction with VICKS will speed up the process. The KERASAL will help to shed the infected nail so that the VICKS can penetrate the nail bed and cuticle easier.

Wear clean bleach-able socks.

Treating shoes
A washable shoe is best when ever possible. CROCS are a great washable shoe.
The CROCS can be tossed into the washer and air dried. DO NOT dry CROCS in a clothes dryer.

Avoid wearing shared shoes such as rent-able skates or bowling shoes.
If shoes can not be cleaned, use 91% alcohol on a paper towel to wipe the inside of the shoe.

To dry moist, wet or damp shoes:
Fill a pair of socks with clumping cat litter and sew the ankle closed.
Stuff this pair of socks into the damp shoe and let sit overnight or for the weekend.

To store shoes in a healthy manner:
Fill a pair of socks with uncooked rice.
You can add a fragrance to the rice filled socks by cutting up dryer-sheets and adding those shreds to the rice filled socks.

Hi from England (UK)

I have had problems with my nails for probably 10 yrs and I am 36 now. I have Tried all the meds but even they didn't kill it. My last option is Vicks is this really going to work??? I am filing down the nails then applying once a day.... We'll see. I am looking to join the Army Reserves (TA) So am hoping they don't look at my nails and say no!

I have had toe nail fungus on my big toe for 3 years and hated the summers. Tried all sorts of over the counter creams but they did nothing. I wouldn't take a pill my doctor prescribed because of liver risks so I tried Vicks. All kidding aside, 1/2 of the nail cleared up after 2 days. I am on my fourth day now and the nail looks great. I went from a white covered nail to clear in 4 days. Bravo Vicks! Thank you

I'm going to give the VICKS a try. I have has nail fungus on my right big toe and on my left big for and the two smaller toes for many years. Got it from I believe shower stalls back in my hockey playing days. Up until recently I said the heck with it and let it be, but going to the beach and pool really suck when you have these ugly things staining up at you so I decided I was going to really try to conquer this.

I started with funginail treatment. It did nothing. Then I went to kerasal nail treatment, I started getting results. It took the thickness down and softened the nail enough to where I could removed 3/4 of the nails, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything any more. The nail starts to grow out and white stuff is still present so I keep trimming it off.

Started the vinegar soak a few weeks ago and now I'm primarily on the Vicks starting yesterday in hopes I can start seeing results again. I will note that I have purchased 3 tubes of the kerasal nail and nothing new. It was with the first tube that the major majority of the work was performed by this treatment. At least it allows removal of most of my nails so that treatment can get more of my nail bed and hopefully now under the remaining nail. I'll try and keep this post updated with my results.

Hi, I found this site by accident after removing my nail varnish and seeing the most unsightly yellow stuff under my big toe nail. I searched the internet and realised the fizzing feeling I'd had for a few days was a fungal nail infection. I was skeptical that Vvr would work, but to be honest the comments on here and other sites I found and the £3.49 price compared to around £20 for the paint on treatment, I thought I would give this a go.

I have been barefoot for almost 2 weeks now, have applied Vvr to my clean nail (trying to push it under the nail as far as I could) 3 times per day and today it is almost clear. I'm really impressed and if you need something to work quickly I can't recommend this highly enough. Thanks to everyone who has already posted on by here, without these comments I would never had known this would work.

Thank you so much Dr. Gibbons! Very helpful regime! I appreciate your detailing all the steps in this way. I can't wait to try the Vicks this weekend.

I have an ankle which was fractured in a motorcycle accident years ago and so have to wear shoes with lifts. I can't throw out shoes as they are very expensive. Wiping them down with alcohol will hopefully help. I am going to try to buy a couple extra pairs of shoes if possible but each purchase with cobbler modifications is about $150.00.

About 20 years ago I got toenail fungus real bad on the little toe of my right foot. My Dr. didn't want to give me a prescription because he said it was hard on the liver. It continued to get worse until I had just a little but thick piece of brown crust for a toenail.

About a year ago I noticed that the other toes on my right foot were starting to get it. I tried every online remedy. White vinegar and hydrogen peroxide soaks did nothing. Then I came upon the advice about vaporub. For the past 2 weeks I have been soaking my foot in a highly diluted mixture of bleach and water for 20 minutes. Then I let my foot air dry and then slather my toenails with vaporub using a q-tip. I press it under the top of the nails and all along the sides and force it under the cuticle. The fungus on my other 4 toes has all but disappeared and the little toe is actually starting to get better.

It will most certainly not completely clear up in one day but you will see a big difference! I'm not sure if this works on all people but it worked for me and I had taken Lamisil for almost a year. By seeing results in one day, I'm sure they saw what I did. The nail was much clearer, the white dead skin was gone, the white stuff under the nail was gone, and it looked much cleaner all around the nail!

You still have to do a lot of filing because the nail is still thick but it's a great start! If it's going to help your nails you WILL SEE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY!

I'm really glad that I have read all the feeds as I have been to the doctors, chiropodist, dermatologist, you name it and finally after 2 years my doctor has only just confirmed that I have a fungal infection and has given me a 4 months supply of Terbafine of which I am still awaiting my blood test results before I can take them.

I am now very anxious about taking these oral tablets as I have just googled them and they can be very dangerous to your liver or heart. I am now sitting here typing my comment with a generous amount of VVR on my foot and toes praying that I will not have to take the prescribed tablets. The fungal infection is on my right foot, mainly my little toe nail, but has now spread to the next toe, but not as bad. The skin around my toes started itching last week and has now gone all crusty looking.

Please please let this work as I have always had nice manicured feet and have always looked after them, so this infection has really knocked my confidence as in the summer I am unable to wear open toe shoes.

Both of my big toes have had a fungal infection for about 15 years. They were ugly, thick and black. They were difficult to trim as they were so thick, hard and cracked. Every three or four years the toe nail bed would get separated from the toe nail itself and I would remove the toenail. It would always grow back with the fungus infection and the cycle would repeat itself. I really hated it.

Last August I stumbled onto this web site and read about Vick's. I removed both the big toe nails, as they were already loose, and started the VVR treatment. I make sure my toes and feet are completely dry, most of the time using a hair dryer on them after showering. I have applied the VVR religiously. I wear two pair of socks. The inside set are the low cut athletic type. It has now been about 6 months. My two big toe nails have grown back to about 2/3 of their full size. They look great. NO fungus at all. I took before and after photos of the nails and believe me there is an incredible difference. I wish I could post them to show the dramatic change and improvement.

I went to my doctor and a podiatrist with this problem and they told me they see many people with the same issue. I asked about the Vick's solution and my doctor said it was worth trying. I believe it will work in most cases if it is applied to DRY nails and done so EVERY day for about 1 year. I even do it when I travel. I try to never miss... I believe that's the key. It's taken over 6 months for my large toe nails to grow partially out. Nails are slow growing and this is a slow process. Good luck.

Had fungal infection in big toe for 5 years. Tried Vicks vaporub & it has worked! Takes several months for black nail to grow out of course. Put vicks on at night mostly & mornings when I was not going out.

My wife got a nail fungus from a nail salon about 20 years ago. It got so bad that one day her nail lifted 90 degrees from her finger. Took her to the ER where they removed the nail. Was told by the doc that it would take 6 months for the nail to fully grow back and he was dead on. 6 months later she had a full healthy nail. Always sterilize any nail implements that are used on any infected nail. If not, you will transfer the fungus to healthy fingers and toes. You can use Betadine or a 90% Rubbing alcohol, both easily available OTC at any pharmacy area.

I am diabetic and now have nail fungus on several fingers and several toes. Started today with the vapor rub treatment on my fingers. I used a plastic straw to insert into the vapor rub jar, wiped the outside of the straw with a tissue to remove the vapor rub from the outer sides of the straw. I then inserted the straw into the appropriate finger of a surgical glove and blow the vapor rub into the tip of the glove finger. After putting the glove on my hand, I massage the vapor rub around the tip of each finger to insure that the top and front areas of the nail are completely covered. By inserting the vapor rub into the glove finger tip, it is not all over my hand when I put the glove on.

The glove will keep the vapor rub confined to the area of treatment and will keep it from being rubbed off and I am noticing very little aroma of the vapor rub. No mess at all. My hand is feeling very warm from the glove so I will probably cut the main part of the glove off of my hand, leaving only the effected finger portions intact.

I am keeping a log and photos of my results and will try to post updates on a weekly basis.

I got the surgical gloves at my local Harbor Freight months ago. I occasionally work repairing household drains. Was great to have them here and not having to go to a pharmacy to get them. I had the vapor rub in my medicine cabinet. A must in any household. lol

Good luck to everyone.


I am a police officer who, in 2008, bought a pair of water tight boots for duty, as some areas I patrol are like marshy wetlands. One a cold wintery day I spent the entire day in my cruiser and unbeknownst to me my feet were cooking.

After about 3 weeks I noticed my toe nails curling, change color and i was in alot of pain. Ashamed, I never sought treatment and bought over the counter meds and creams but to no avail. This continued until December of 2013 (5 yrs) when I ran into this website and tried the Vicks (that I hated as a kid growing up in the early 70's) and WOW! I had handsome feet before the fungus and gave up on ever wearing sandals this summer.

So, I arrested the fungus with a warrant from this website and the court sentenced the fungus to life, away from my handsome feet. Who would"ve ever thought that vicks would do the job.


Dear Officer Aaron,

Thank you for such an amusing and affirming message. We are so pleased to learn that the Vicks VapoRub treatment worked for arresting your nail fungus!

I have a pesky fungus spot on my left big toenail that has been getting worse and worse. I went to a dermatologist at Yale University who gave me two options for treatment... Lamisil (the traditional oral pill treatment that can cause diarrhea and also should not be given to those with liver problems) and Vicks VapoSTEAM.

She said a study was performed with Vicks VapoSTEAM (this is the clear liquid stuff you put in a humidifier). The subjects were first instructed to file down their diseased toenail until it was very thin and then they were to apply Vicks VapoSTEAM with a cotton ball once in the morning and evening. Results were just as good with the Lamisil, but took longer. You are supposed to keep doing it until the nail grows out and you need to make sure you keep the nail thin. Toenails can take 6-12 months to grow back, with big toenails taking an average of one year.

I filed my nail down and saw significant improvement within a few days.

I'm using Viks Vaporub on my toenails, and it seems to work. Half of one nail (top layer) has come off. When, and if, it disappears, how long do I have to use Vaporub afterwards? Until the nails come back? I put it on mornings and evenings now.

I had a full can of paint accidentally thrown onto my big toe over 10 years ago. It took a month before it turned purple, then black and eventually fell off. Ever since then about once a year the nail starts lifting on one side and 3/4 of the nail tears off. I thought it was a damaged nail bed or from the marathon walking I do, but the pedicurists always said it was fungus. It takes 4-5 months for it to grow back to full length and then the process starts all over again. Any over the counter medication turns my toenail yellow. So quite by accident I found this Vaporub remedy. It has totally changed the color and strength of my nail. It's not lifting or weak at all. It looks so healthy. Give it a try. Nothing else has worked for me.

How long after I have "lost" the nails do I have to carry on with the Vaborub? I have been using it now for 10 weeks, and most of one nail has fallen off.

Works great! I constantly recommend it.

I suffered for 7 years before trying Vicks Vapor Rub, nothing worked. In 3 months the fungus nail fell off and a new nail was half grown and soon after reached the normal length with no further problems.

Pretty enough for pedicures and no embarrassment.

Got toenail fungus at a nail salon about 7 years ago. Tried everything short of the oral medication that rots your liver (I'm a nurse). Nothing worked. Had all 10 toes lasered about a year ago. All have cleared up except the 2 great toes.

I am doing the VVR rub at night as well as applying white vinegar with garlic oil every day to totally dry nails. In addition, I do a pedicure on myself once a week and thin the nails using ... ta-da .... my Dremel tool! (a trick I learned from a podiatrist) The nails are looking so much better and I really believe all the little piggies will soon be beautiful enough to go to market again. (Forgive the weird humor).

Didn't realise I had toenail fungus until recently when I looked it up! Just thought for years that I had bad, sweaty feet. But my two big toes and two little toes were yellowish, thickened nail and lined - not very nice. Fed up of not being able to wear open toe sandals in the Summer I recently looked it up to discover it's a fungal infection.

Was going to buy Lamasil until came across this site. I started two nights ago with the following routine at bedtime. I got one of those battery operated feet files and filed feet and toes and cut back all nails. I then soaked feet in soak recommended by Dr GC Gibbons DPM (who posted here - see above) and then dried feet thoroughly.

I then applied (liberally) the Vicks Vapo rub to all toes (just in case), slipped socks on and went to bed. In two days I can already see a difference to the affected toes and the skin around them which has already changed to a nice healthier pinkier colour. I think the filing and soaking allows the Vicks to get in deep in to the skin which must speed up recovery.

I have also been wearing leather flip flops to let the air get at them - that shows just how quickly it has worked - I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing them before. Based on the results so far I am confident that it will be clear soon. Will post updates. So thank you to everyone for posting here. Good luck to you all!

Dr GC Gibbons DPM - thank you so much for posting this soak 'recipe'. I have been using it for just 2 nights and already see a difference. I will continue with your regime and I am confident that my toes will be healed. Many thanks. SW

I have had nail fungus for 20 years. I have tried just about everything except prescription medication. I saw on a facebook page people saying to try Vicks. I have been applying it for two days now after filing down all the thick yellow gunk and the nails actually look better than they ever have. They are still discolored but I think this may actually work. I will post again in a few weeks and let all of my fellow sufferers know whats happening.
If Vicks works on my toenails it will be a miracle.

after reading all of the comments regarding Vicks VapoRub I will go out and buy some today to start the process and also post my comment regarding the results. wish me luck

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