Q. I’ve been advised to use diaper rash ointment containing zinc oxide to keep my horse’s muzzle from getting sunburned while he’s grazing. I’ve been wondering if this would also work to keep me from developing a “horse-woman’s tan.” All of the sunscreens I have tried help me avoid sunburn, but I have brown arms from the edge of my gloves to the edge of the short-sleeved shirts.

A. For decades lifeguards have used white zinc oxide to keep their noses from burning. It blocks both UVA and UVB rays and provides excellent protection.

You could try the diaper rash ointment or get a sunscreen that contains both zinc and titanium. New formulations contain microfine particles that don’t leave a distinctive white color. Human sunscreens can also be used on horses to keep pale skin from burning.

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  1. EB

    The recent report on CNN regarding the study of the Enviromental Group makes one doubt the efficacy of many sun screens being effective.
    There are companies on the web which sell sun protective clothing. Why would one wear a short-sleeved shirt if he gets sunburned.
    My husband has problems with his Crohn’s disease if he gets in the sun. He has used sun protective clothing for years. This could help Lupus patients also. (www. Coolibar.com) has a good selection of these products. There are also companies on the web. Look up “sun protective clothing.” The knit products are not offered as much as the nylon, but are cooler.
    My husband also has a gadget which measures how much UVA and UVB rays get through the cloth, but they are not being sold, as far as we know, anymore. They came from Australia.
    If one really wants sun protection, think about covering your arms, legs, head and hands, too. I also use the clothing so I don’t have to bother with the liquids.

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