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Cough Is Reaction to Blood Pressure Medicine

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Q. I developed a dry cough soon after my doctor diagnosed me with hypertension and put me on Altace. I would cough and cough until I would gag and throw up at work into my trashcan because the coughing would just come on so suddenly I didn't have time to make it to the ladies room. I even had to carry a small trash bag in my car because I was afraid that I would throw up during my commute to and from work.

I asked my doctor for another medicine. He prescribed lisinopril, and I am still having the same problem. What’s going on?

A. Both of your blood pressure medicines are ACE inhibitors and can cause a persistent cough in susceptible people. We are surprised that your doctor didn’t mention this side effect.

A survey of participants on the Web site revealed that only one patient in four on lisinopril had been told that the drug could cause cough. More than a third of the respondents had a chronic cough.
The Web site offers personalized estimates of drug risk and interaction concerns. To give you more information about other hypertension drugs, including non-drug approaches, we are sending you our newly revised Guide to Blood Pressure Treatment.

  • Currently 4.2/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.2/5 (477 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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After reading the question about a cough being related to taking high blood pressure medicine I want to report that I do take Lisinopril/HCTZ tab20-12.5mg once a day and I do have a cough, especially at night when I lay down (also at times during the day).

I find that if I suck on a Hall's Defense 100% Daily Value Vitamin C (cough) drop the cough goes away and does not come back at all. Generally it will keep me cough free all night and part of the next day. If I have to cough I take another Hall's Defense and it works great. These drops taste great too, Assorted Citrus is the flavor and I buy the economy pack at Target as it is much cheaper there! It is a cheap fix and I can still take the Lisinopril!

i too have had a cough for many yrs, i told my rheumatologist several times and he made light of it , i am on methotrexate 12.5 mg per week and atenolol 50 mg per day and i have a persistant cough, I also was diagnosed with asthma, which is not at all severe, I often wonder if i have it!

i am discusted with meds. i would like to go holistic , is there any thing i could take to replace these med? I am ready to stop them all. I am 76 yrs old somewhat overweight but i am very active and in fairly good shape, i excercise 3 times a week doing wts and machines.
i am tired of being dizzy too
thank you

When put on Cozar, cough went away.

I also was put on linospril and had a cough for three months. I finally told the doctor I was going to stop because I knew that was the problem, I was then put on Coreg cr, but that made my feet and ankles swell. I was put on Lotrel 10.40 and that helped a lot. My bp was still not good and so metoprolol was added. I am now beginning to cough again but not as bad as before. I will continue to monitor and report my concerns to my doctor. thanks

I'M a smoker,have been since I was fifteen,now thirty-six. I'm also on lisinopril (for a year now)10/12.5, and for the last month,mostly when I'm asleep I've been having these deadly coughs,and the only thing that will stop me from coughing is to drink something,anything, to wet my throat seems to help temporarily. I also get them during the day, but not as often as during the night.

I am taking a low dose of lisinopril. At first I would only cough at night; now I cough day and night. But my blood pressure is great!

My elderly mom was started on a new BP medication and developed a nagging cough. Not severe, just an ever-present dry cough. She took it for several months. We never connected her cough with the BP meds because at her age (90s) she needed to go on or off various meds regularly. The only way we found out that it was her BP medication causing it was that she started to cough during an office visit. Her doctor asked if she had a cold. She told him no, that she just had a constant dry cough. He immediately said, "Then we need to change your blood pressure medication because that's what's doing it." He changed it to Hyzaar and the coughing stopped. I was rather annoyed that he hadn't warned us about it. I myself have taken Hyzaar for years, but recently lost my prescription coverage and can't afford it anymore. My doctor switched me to Prinivil, which I know is a coughing culprit. Time will tell if I will turn out to be a "cougher," but I suspect I will since my brother and mother both got the coughs.

I have been on Lisinopril for about nine months and have been coughing for almost the entire time. I've gone to my MD several times and was told I had asthma and was put back on an inhaler. Even with the inhaler, I was still coughing, especially at night. I recently had a chest xray which was clear... but it still does not explain the coughing. Today he told me it could be from the BP medication and will start a new medication tomorrow. I hope this helps, I'm coughing during the day, but mostly at night... which leads to not getting enough sleep.

My blood pressure was borderline when my doctor put me on the lowest dose of bp medication. The coughing started after the first week and has continue for months. I'm wondering if there's an holistic alternative. I'm not getting enough sleep and don't know how much longer I can continue like this. My doctor tells me to drink more water, which I have and doesn't help one iota.

I am on atenolol chlorthal 50/25 plus an additional med enalopril 10 mg each day. My BP was very high and now is nicely controlled. However, I have a cough which sometimes leads me to gagging and nausea.

It happens more often at night but will occur without warning during the day. I hesitate to ask for a med change since it works. Rather strangely, a dose of topril sent me to the ER with a pulse exceeding 200 and a BP of 220/110! In spite of the fact that my doctor told me that it was IMPOSSIBLE, I will never take that med again. Thanks for any input!

My husband has been taking Lisinopril for some time with no coughing until two weeks ago when his doctor doubled his dose (from 20mg to 40mg) because of high blood pressure test results. For the last week and a half he's been coughing so violently that he's lost consciousness.

He did go to Urgent Care and was thought to have an upper respiratory/sinus infection and prescribed Zithromax. It helped the cough slightly, but after four days, the cough worsened again. He coughs up a thick mucus, and he coughs so strongly that he gags-can't get his breath and passes out.

This past Sunday he was climbing stairs when a coughing fit hit him and he passed out.. Falling backwards down the stairs, he hit his head on a table. Of course, he refused to let me take him to the hospital. Frightened and feeling powerless, I did a search online with his symptoms and discovered your web site where many people have documented their own experiences while on this drug.

I rushed to the drawer with his prescription bottles, and what did I find? Lisinopril. I showed him this site and he then told me that his doctor had doubled his dosage. Somewhat relieved that at least we had a clue, we went to a new doctor the next morning and our suspicions wee confirmed.

He was immediately taken off this drug, and now after just 36 hours he's feeling better and coughing less. I'm driving him to work just to be safe until he gets this drug out of his system. I'm just so grateful for your site and the people who've logged their own experiences here. Thank you all. Lots of lessons learned.

I was on atenolol for some time and coughing myself almost into oblivion! My doctor changed me to Benicar 40 mg/day. It cut the cough in half but I still have to use at least 25 mg of atenolol to take care of rapid heart rate and I also take a diuretic.I am tired of coughing!!! Am 68 yrs.old.

my doctor put me on lipsinopril a week before my eye surgery. She said I couldn't have it if my blood pressure didn't go down so I started taking it. I developed a horrible hacking cough during the day and night and after the surgery, I told her I wasn't taking it any more.

She then gave me a presciption for amlodipine. I still have my cough from the lisinopril so I haven't taken the new drug not knowing what is going to happen to my body from it. Also, my doctor did not tell me the lisinpril would cause coughing.

I just got off Lisinpril this morning. It was making me cough, too. My doctor said I was one of the 5% who were effected. I doubt it is 5%. I going to put off taking the new BP med. I want to see for myself if my BP goes up. I have my doubts I need it. Then, really should lose 40 lbs. That would help. I know it.

I was taking 5 mg of amlodipine for year with no cough. Then my doctor raised it to 10 mg, and after two months he gave me Lisinopril in addition to the amlodipine and told me it might cause a dry cough. Yep, He was right i started coughing real bad. I stopped taking Lisinopril and only taking amplodipine but I am still coughing

i was diagnosed with high bp shortly after having my second child. I have been on 3 meds so far. the first made me feel like I was deathly ill. They then switched me to Lisinopril hctz, i developed a horrible cancer sounding cough. I am now on Hyzaar and have developed some type of respiratory infection..still coughing so violently that I am peeing myself and now have to wear a pad to protect my clothes at work. Its very embarrassing and discouraging that this horrible cough has yet to cease. I had to excuse myself from a meeting at work because of a horrible violent coughing spell and went to the bathroom to basically choke and throw up clearish whitish flem. I am at a loss and keep getting told by doctor that I have allergies....Did not have any problems with coughing before being put on lisinopril. Any one experience coughing with Hyzaar?? Or any other type of upper respiratory distress??

I have been taking a low dose of Lisinopril since May. It has worked great for my BP but I too have developed a cough. The doctor told me it was possible, but rare to develop a mild dry cough with this drug. I would not call my cough mild by any means!

I have also had to wear a pad for a month now and if a cough hits me while driving I have to pull over. I would describe it like a gagging cough and I literally can't breathe for a few seconds. What puzzles me though is that this just started within the last few weeks. I've been taking it for 4 months.

Has anyone else experienced the cough starting after so long on the drug?

I have been taking Lisinipril for 4 1/2 months now and just developed a dry cough. I had some light headedness if I stood up quickly. I have noticed that has gotten better since I started to take my meds at night before bed. However, I came down with a sinus infection about a month ago.

The sinus infection lasted about 2 weeks and after a good dose of antibiotics it seems to have gone away. However, the cough never went away. To this day I still have it. I thought it was probably due to my sinuses. I have always had sinus issues. This crazy cough was only once in a while, but the past 2 weeks have been really bad.

I cough all the time and at night it is really bad. I cough so hard sometimes that I feel like I am going to pass out. My husband had told me to go to the dr, but I haven't. I finally decided today to make an appointment with the dr to find out if they can change my meds.

I have been off of Linisopril for almost two weeks now. My doctor put me on a Beta blocker instead in hopes of getting rid of the cough. I am still coughing but not as often. I just wonder if I need to wait a little longer for all of it to clear out of my system.
I really hope this goes away soon. It is really scary to have such a hard gagging cough.
Can anyone tell me how long it takes to clear out of your system?

I have been coughing ever since I first started bp medicine 20 years ago. The first medicine was Vaseretic; the second,Cardizem; and now I take Exforge. I am still coughing, worse when I lie down at night. Why do the doctors act as if the cough is imagined? I am miserable! I decided to stop the bp medicine, and monitor my bp to determine how I will be without taking anything. I am worried about this action, though.

I agree with all comments - the side affects from these medicines are unbearable. I'm now on my (3rd)third BP medicine which worked very well until recently, the coughing has started again. First, I was on Lisinopril, then switched to Diovan and now I'm on Benicar, the severe coughing has returned. We are suffering!!! I don't understand why the creators of these meds haven't discovered a cure for this cough. What will it take? Death.

I've been taking linospril only a week and have had such a cough that it is uncomfortable, it hurts my throat and feels as if it is swelling around the voice box. Sometimes I would feel like I could choke. I quit it so I can tell if it is the medicine or a cold. Off of it 24 hours, the cough is better and seems to be going away. Hope it continues because it was so disconcerting.

Unfortunately I have been coughing for over a year and no one believes its the BP med. I was doing great on lisinopril at 10 mg but when upped to 20mg it started and then when they doubled that to 40 mgs. I was miserable. They finally switched me to cozaar and it did not improve so they stopped everything for about 2 months and the cough disappeared but my BP went up, so then they tried Norvasc 5mg and the cough is back. I have had ENT consult with scope--normal, CXR---normal, pulmonary function tests--normal and finally a CT scan which did not show anything significant. I am ready to just stop the med and see what happens. Can someone help?

i have been on lisinopril for a couple of months and have had a cough. recently i had a pacemaker put in and now this cough is really awful. anytime i try to speak it starts in. my chest is beginning to hurt from coughing so much. Tomorrow i am going to either get my family doctor to change it or my cardiologist.

I had developed severe coughing day and night with Altace and then Avapro and now less so with Benicar.

I, too, have had a consistent cough for years and believed it to be allergies. However, in an effort to find a "cure" for it, I came across this web site and realize that it is the Lisinopril I have been taking! I am going to ask my physician today for another medication for my bp. Glad I came across this information-if I find a "cure" I will post it! SV

With lisinopril I had severe allergy reactions which included dripping down my throat and watering eyes with a resulting cough. I would get attacks throughout the day and especially while lying down. I switched to ziac and within 1 week my symptoms were gone!

I have tried over 20 differient bp meds and have had severe side effects. With several , my lower legs and feet swelled so much that I could not wear shoes. Others made me vomit and the latest batch has me coughing so much I get back muscle spasms so severe that I fall down. I can't keep food or liquids from coming back up with the coughing and feel like I am choking.

I am off all BP meds now and my doctor said she has given up on me. Another doctor told me that I have to get used to the side effects. I wonder how he would feel if he coughed so much that he couldn't talk or breathe. I no longer have drug insurance so I have to rely on the $4 meds at Walmart and have tried them all with no luck. I have been off the meds for three days and the cough is gone.

I was given Lisinopril and developed a severe dry cough in which I could not catch my breath. Vomiting was next, along with a headache. followed by a severe nose bleed. Once we figured out what the cause was I got off the Lisinopril and will not be getting on another blood pressure medication. I'll find other ways of lowering my blood pressure. It took time to get the medicine out of my system and reverse the symptoms.

I was on a low dose of Lisinopril.HTZ because of elevated B.P. Within two weeks, had extreme sinus pain and coughing attacks. I then was then was prescribed strong antibiotic, for what Dr. said was an infection. After that, two sets of long and short term steroid shots, nothing helped. Now have been switched to Norvasc, BP is up, and coughing continues. No help in sight.

I was put on lisinopril approx. 2 1/2 yrs. ago. I too was coughing all the time. A few months later I developed a "belly button hernia," & was operated on. When I went back to the surgeon for an annual checkup, I had developed a 2nd., more serious hernia. While setting a the day/time in his office, he heard my coughing. It was he that told me to go back to my primary doctor to get taken off of lisinopril. Had the 2nd. operation, been off this drug, (now on diovan), & am doing much better~

Lisinopril, Benicsr, Byostolic, azor, they all cause me to cough beyond imagination, to the point I felt suicidal. I think I will trust God to heal me.


I've been coughing uncontrollably- EVERYTHING you've described earlier. My doctor just gave me two weeks of antibiotics and tested my for whooping cough.
THANK YOU for sharing, I've only been coughing for a month, and without this site I might have gone on a lot longer. My doc just changed me to Diovan. Will this be the same? Perhaps I should look into alternatives...any advice?

How grateful I am to have found these comments. I was put on Benicar a month ago and within days, was coughing my head off. Then it hit me...that was exactly why I had stopped taking blood pressure medication three years ago. I returned to the doctor who absolutely pooh-poohed my complaint and very grudgingly gave me a prescription for another drug, saying that the first drug NEVER causes coughing, so it was either a problem with post-nasal drip or asthma.

I told her my allergist had just performed a lung function test the previous day and proclaimed that the cough was DEFINITELY a result of Benicar. She then told me I should just learn to live with it. I told her I have no intention of doing that--and I mean it. Though misery loves company, I am furious to read that so many others have had the same response/non-response from their doctors.

I asked her if I could simply go on a diuretic (as my mother did many years ago) and her answer was, "That's no longer the standard procedure." So what? In any event, thank you all for making me realize I am not alone in this struggle. It has been a most frustrating experience--but I don't need to tell you that, do I?

After my health insurance threatened to increase my cost if I did not go with generic, I was taken off Diovan and put on Lisinopril 20. Five days on this med and I am not getting two hours of sleep at night. The minute my head hits the pillow I feel some fluids coating and itching the back of my throat. This sends me into a violent coughing episode. I suspected the new med immediately. I am not taking this stuff any more. It seems like trading one problem for another. I am sure my blood pressure has worsened just by the lack of sleep caused by this dreadful night and day cough.

I was put on Lisinopril and a week later I developed a dry cough. I was put on prednisone twice and antibiotics once. I then in a conversation mentioned to my doc. that I had developed heartburn after I began my BP med. He told me about the chronic cough issue with a small % of people on this med. I was only on it for six weeks. So now i have stopped it it is two weeks later- i am throwing up each day due to gagging, coughing that lessened a small amount after I stopped the meds.
when will this stop? Is this something that will happen forever? Please give me some feedback.

My doctor put me on BP medicine, Lisinopril, the beginning of Dec. 2008. I have developed such a dry, hacking cough that I stopped taking it as of yesterday. I'm so thankful I came upon this site and to know that I'm not the only person suffering. This cough is really debilitating and I thought I would go crazy from the constant hacking and coughing. My doctor is going to put me on a different medication. Good luck to you all.

I have been on Lisinopril for several weeks. I have developed a severe cough. I get up every hour at night coughing and clearing mucus out of my throat. I have severe post nasal drip, especially at night.
I am going to try something different and see if that helps.

Lisinopril almost killed me. I was sick for almost a year. I could not sleep, I would cough so hard I would wet myself and see stars, be incoherent and I would cough so hard i would almost pass out. That has been over five years ago and I still cough so hard I could pass out when I get a cold. oh, and ask about the after life- it takes for ever to get out of your body.

Wow. I was on Benicar for months and it worked pretty well. I coughed at first but it was mild, then it stopped altogether, which is rare.

Then my Dr. switched me to Lisinpril because the hospital system here does not use Benicar. I have been coughing non-stop. Like some others said, I cannot sleep, don't want to eat. Its embarrassing, people think I have some horrible cold and move away from me in public.

I'm just getting to the gagging stage, right now I can control it but after reading all of these notes, I'm taking myself off of this medicine. Hopefully the effects are not permanent. I did not see a clear response to that so I will ask it again:

If you stop taking the bp medicine, does the cough eventually go away?

Thanks for all of the insight!!


I have been on Azor and Atenolol. I started the Atenolol about 6 months ago. I have had a horrible cough ever since, not knowing the BP medicine could cause it. I have gone to my prescribing Dr 3 times for this cough, which now my right side is killing me, he never mentioned the bp med's could cause the cough, he has thrown cough medicine, tons of antibiotics at me, and inhaler and steroids, I think just to get rid of me, saying it was probably pleurisy.

I have even gotten 2 chest x-rays for this. he finally ordered a CT scan and it turns out I have a broken rib from all of the coughing. I have told him 2 times, I need to find out what is causing the cough, not just treat it, he never said a thing, just threw prescriptions at me. I am finding a new Dr.

Oh my gosh, I just happened on to this site and can't believe what I am reading. I have been on Lisinopril for 10 years and have coughed for so many years and just figured it was from sinuses.My husband says I cough all night too, I don't know because I have been on a sleeping pill for 2 years because I couldn't sleep. I am going off the BP meds, I was only borderline high then and have remained great, will monitor myself and keep track. I'm glad I read this.

I am a 67 year old Canadian with moderately high blood pressure. Doctor took me from 5mg to 10mg about 4 months ago. Had no cough on 5 but had terrible dry cough on 10. Went off 2 weeks ago to see and voila no sign of a cough. Hack yourself to oblivion or die of hypertension!!

I was on Benicar 20 for a year and then the doctor put me on Benicar 40/12.5. I developed a terrible cough that was a scratching in my throat and uncontrollable. I was a cola drinker all day and night and thought that my gagging and throwing up thick spit/mucus may be the cause so I quit drinking cola throughout the night to no avail.

I also am a smoker at 56 years of age and have thought maybe that was catching up with me. But; because of a need to change doctors and trying to buy more time I have cut my 40/12.5 pills in half and voila--no more coughing or gagging.

I am definitely going to tell my new doctor about this. I feel so much better without the coughing and gagging! I heard about blood pressure medicine causing coughing on the tv and googled it and found this site. Thank you for all of your input!

Just 5 days on 10/12.5 Lisinopril with HCTZ, I'm coughing to gagging...had some light-headedness..bp as low as 95/66. I'm not taking it now!..Prev BP was 135/88

After being hospitalized, I too was put on lisinopril. I am also on atenolol. I have never had any problems with coughing, until the lisinopril. I addressed it with my doctor and was told I could take a different one, however it was much more expensive. Insurance may not cover it.

Also, being type 2 diabetic I was told lisinopril is easier on the kidneys, which is a big concern. I decided to stay on lisinopril and taking cough drops at night has helped. I have a sporadic cough during the day. It is worse after lying down at night. Try the cough drops. Best wishes to all sufferers.

My doctor put me on Lisinopril last October and I developed a terrible cough. I didn't find out that it was the bp medication until one day in Feb. I was coughing and gagging so badly that I went to the ER. The doctor told me right away that it was the Lisinopril. FOUR MONTHS of coughing and going out of my mind and having everyone thinking that they were going to catch what I had would not have happened if my doctor had told me about this side effect.

I was keeping my husband up all night and had to sleep in another bedroom so he could get some rest before he got up at 6:30 for work. When I went to see my doctor after going to the ER, she said she knew that this was possible and kind of got smart with me. I still have the cough on March 24th but it is much worse. I am wheezing and still coughing so badly at night that I sometimes throw up. I went back to my doctor today and she got smart with me twice.

She put me on four medications including a bp medicine. I am scared to take it. Needless to say I will not be going back to that doctor. I need one that seems as though they care a little and one to whom I can feel comfortable asking questions.

I have been on hyzaar for long time with no problems, take it with norvasc but with the high cost of it I was looking for an alternative but after reading all these comments I am afraid to ask for a change of meds.

The first day of taking Lisnopril HCTZ my cough started and was so bad I contacted the doctor after 2 days. After 2 weeks I returned to the doctor because I thought I had HORRIBLE sinus infection. The doctor immediately told me I was allergic to this drug as well as the rest of its family members (ACE inhibitors). I was taken off of the drug for 3 days and then put on a new medicine. I too need to lose over 50 pounds and have started to lose already. I am determined to get off of BP medicine!

I have been on Altace and Lisinopril and developed a horrible, gagging cough. I also have had sinus infections so thought it was due to those. I went to the doctor yesterday and she changed my bp medicine. I am so glad to have found this information.

I had been on Lisinpril 20 mg for over a year, it was then changed briefly to Amlodipine, but I developed edema and was put back on Lisinpril 20/12.50 HCTZ. That was reduced to Lisinpril 10/12/50 HCTZ. The beginning of this past February, after being on Lisinpril with no problems for well over a year and a half, I developed the same symptoms everyone is talking about here.

I have been back to the doctor every 2 to 3 weeks, being treated for sinus problems, allergies, asthma, but never was my BP med addressed. I was given inhalers, nose sprays, pills, nothing worked. I went back to the doctor last week and I addressed the BP med after reading all these comments. The doctor agreed that it could be, but he said it was strange to now happen after all this time. I have also read that people can develope allergies to medications at any point in their usage.

I stopped the Lisinpril a week ago today and I am still coughing till I gag. I get the thick mucous as well. At times I cannot hold a conversation and can barely get one word out at a time with my breathing and coughing. Just as fast as an attack comes on it will calm down, especially if I remain quiet. Water has become my friend, as has menthol-cough suppressant cough drops. It is hard to go out to eat, go to church, you cough and either interrupt everyone else or people look at you like you are contagious.

I am 66 years old, and exhausted from coughing. I understand it can take from 1 week to 5 weeks for this to stop. Please, anyone who has already gone through this and the cough has ceased, tell us how long you continued to cough. Thank you all for sharing.

I, too, was on Lisnopril for months before I started coughing. It took almost 2 months for the coughing to subside after I stopped taking it.

I have been coughing 5 mos., been to 4 Drs., had blood work, xrays, CATscans taken pnednisone,-still coughing. I am on avapro & I believe this is my problem-my Dr does not think so. I was told my a hypertension specialist that avapro could cause a cough but it was rare. I hate to go against my family Dr but I need help. What should I do?

Is it nifedipine that causes the cough that goes with high blood pressure tablets? My 74 year old mother has a terrible cough since she has been on high blood pressure tablets.

Update on my coughing. Thanks ajhauk for sharing that information. I have now been off the lisinopril for 14 days. I had a couple pretty good days and thought wow, this is going to be okay, finally this horrible, gagging cough is getting better. NOT! It's back again.

It is so hard to hold a conversation, to be active. I am far better sitting quiet, but even then an attack will come on where I cough and cough till I start gagging up mucous. I have inhalers that were mistakenly prescribed for me, they don't work, not the nose sprays or even the cough suppressants pills. It seems these attacks will come on when they want to and last as long as they want to.

I don't doubt for a minute it is the Lisinopril as I have had respiratory reactions to drugs in the past, Remicade, an IV therapy drug for RA, and Voltaren XR, generic form, gave me severe bronco spasms of coughing, worse then these episodes and these are bad. I was misdiagnosed that time to, told I had pulmonary fibrosis as I was losing lung functions.

It took my own research to find out it was from the medication, I stopped it and I was eventually okay. So here we go again, another drug and bronco spasms of coughing. I will keep you updated as this cleansing process of this drug leaves my system and let you know how long I continue to cough.

Dear ZLO, maybe you are like me and one of those people who get the rare side effects. My doctor tried all the different things with me too. His first comment was I had been on the Lisinopril too long for a side effect to show up. Side effects can show up anytime after taking a drug. I had to finally diagnose myself and insist on a medication change. But not until I researched all the BP meds and asked for the one that I felt had the least side effects for me, HCTZ 25 mg.

So far it is working. Plus I have started a weight loss and exercise plan to try and get the BP to lower naturally. I was seriously misdiagnosed before, stay on top of it. Sometimes we have to go with our gut feelings. I have done my own research twice now, and so glad I did it too. Good luck.

I am so glad I found this site. I too have been on Lisinopril and have had a horrible cough and congestion.

My Dr has changed my bp to Lotrel 5/20 and I am still having a horrible cough and post nasal drip. I am not going to take this anymore and will call my dr for a different medicine. I have been on Avapro and my cough was not so bad, but still there.

I thought I had bad allergies and am on allergy shots weekly, plus antihistamines, nasal sprays 24/7. I am so tired. Don't sleep much and so tired of coughing.
Anyone been on a b/p that doesn't cause cough? Please share.
Miserable in Corpus Christi, texas

As I promised I said I would let you know how long it took for me to be rid of this horrible spasmatic coughing caused by the Lisinopril. Praise the Lord, it is gone. It took about 16 days total that I could step back and say, "hey, I didn't cough today". I feel so much better, my sinus problems are gone too. I am having no symptoms of coughing, congestion, all gone. I am doing well on the HCTZ 25. mg.

I have talked to other medical personnel other than my family doctor and it was confirmed by them to me that I should have been taken off that drug immediately as a culprit and not try all the other routes first like he did. I was also told that yes, people can be on Lisinopril some as long as 20 years and all of a sudden they can get violent reactions like I did. My prayers go with all of you for a quick recovery from this medication and its horrible side effects.

I too have been coughing since being put on Lisonopril. It is a gagging cough that makes me throw up whitish phlegm and I too lose bladder control myself or vomit. I can't take it anymore. This happened one other time with ace inhibitors and I had told my doctor but he is new and I guess he didn't hear that. Ace Inhibitors is the culprit. There are other types of blood pressure medicine beside those. I'm glad I read that others experienced these symptoms as I thought it was allergies.

I too have been on lisinipril and coughed till I gagged, was put on Diovan and had the same reaction. I too would like to hear from anyone who has found a BP medication that does not cause the severe coughing. Thank you all for sharing.

I was given Atenelol for migraines a year ago. I have been coughing for a year. I thought it was allergies. I found this website and now I realize it's the meds. I'm getting off this stuff tonight. I don't have high bp, just migraines. My migraines are better, but I'm not sure they wouldn't have gotten better anyway. Dr.'s need to address this when they prescribe bp meds. I spent a year coughing needlessly. I could hardly talk at times. I guess it's up to the patient to look out for themselves, and obviously this isn't as rare a side effect as they would lead us to believe.

Thank you for all the comments. I have been going insane with this cough. I have now stopped Lisonopril. My doctor was quick with the change once I mentioned what was going on. Now I am waiting for the cough to go away.

It's 2:32am and after 4 years of coughing especially at night, I came to the computer to try to find out what horrible disease I must have. My mom told me she thinks it's from my blood pressure medicine. I just found this site and to my amazement, it's true. At least now I know what it is.

All your stories are exactly my symptoms and story. I am on Corgard 20-40mg and I take it at night. Besides a little high blood pressure I developed, I had terrible headaches from my Lyme Disease. Everytime I try and go off of the BP medicine, the headaches come back, so I would rather be on them then live with those headaches. I am going to try taking the BP medicine in the morning. I am over the coughing attacks!

I'm surprised by how many people were not told by their doctor or pharmacist that Lisinopril my cause you to cough. My doctor told me when he 1st prescribed it and my pharmacist told me when I picked up my 1st prescription. My Dr. initially told me there was an alternative med if the cough was too much to bear. It's been a few months and my cough is random, but always unexpected and sometimes bringing tears to my eyes. I find that popping a mint or something immediately stops the cough. This isn't much help in the middle of the night though. I think it's time to ask the doc about the alternative if it's a favorable replacement.

I had tried a couple of BP meds that caused me to swell. Finally, I was put on benazepril. I developed a slight cough after several months; now it is full blown coughing throughout the day and night. My Dr. did tell me that I could develop a dry cough. My cough, however, is not dry. But my coughing otherwise is like most of yours. My Dr. has changed me to Hyzaar. I am so happy to see a couple of posts stating good results with this drug. I pray it ends very soon!!

Did your coughing ever go away and how long did it take?

I starting taking Hyzaar on Tuesday. Today, I noticed that I have coughed twice without gagging myself silly. I will let you know when it completely goes away. Thanks for inquiring. Do you have any suggestions? Are you taking BP medication?

My Husband started on Hyzaar DS over a year ago and he developed a chronic cough, congestion, and difficulty breathing. He now, after a year on Hyzaar DS has been diagnosed with fibrosis of the lungs, the Doctor has taken him off his Hyzaar DS and his coughing and congestion have ceased. But now he is wearing daily oxygen for the fibrosis. His cough has stopped but will the fibrosis get better now this irritant is gone?

I am not a Dr. but have been on many BP meds with frequent coughing reactions. The first Dr. denied until I became addicted to codeine cough med. I was also prescribed Lipitor for cholesterol which caused extreme muscle pain from my hip to shoulder. I became addicted to pain pills trying to solve that problem. The Dr. insisted it could not be the Lipitor and refused me pain meds (I exhibited drug seeking behavior), sending me to physical therapists, massage, etc. I tried stopping the Lipitor, the pain vanished almost instantly. I switched Drs.

My second Dr. put me on amlodapine and Benicar. I didn't cough, but knee pain became extreme and I used ibuprofen increasingly because I didn't want to use narcotics again. I went for a physical for knee surgery and "failed" my EKG. I was rushed to a cardiologist who after a sudden series of invasive tests put me in the hospital for a quintuple bypass. Something about the mix of one of those BP drugs with ibuprofen causes "coagulation of platelets" which was mostly the reason my heart arteries were blocked.

After surgery and for continued knee pain I was on narcotic pain med, which also is ideal for masking a cough. My newest Dr., a cardiologist put me on Lipitor and Coreg, then switched the lipitor to 2 other statins (same type drug) and the Coreg was dropped for Metaprolol. I refused to take any of the statins after my "Lipitor Pain" returned and hurt worse than my surgery so I was back on narcotics for that pain. I'm finally off narcotics again, but now I have a cough!!! Is it the Metaprolol?



Has anyone found an answer to the chronic cough associated with bp meds? I have extremely high bp and take three different bp meds a day. I cough until I can't breath, get dizzy and pass out. I have told my family dr. of these symptoms and he does not think it is important, my cardiologist just says to keep taking them it will get better, well it hasn't.. it has gotten worse.

I know there is some way to fix this problem and I am determined to find it. I cannot take any more of this and I believe there is an alternative to this problem. I am mad as hell at my doctors for not telling me about the coughing and for acting as if it is no big deal when I tried to explain it to them. The Doctors that prescribe these medications should have to do research on them and should be required to know all the side effects and what to do when they occur, not just tell you " I don't know, just keep taking it" One doctor told me "coughing is not a severe side effect, It's just a cough."

I am no longer coughing. I came to this site in July because I was using benazepril and had developed a cough. My Dr. switched me to Hyzaar. My cough disappeared within a week of starting Hyzaar.

I noticed that JBC's husband had a problem with it. I will do more reading on Hyzaar, as I do not want to develop any lung problems.

Have been on linisopril for over a year no problems. Recently got a cold and cough.. and now the cough wont go away.. had it 3 weeks. Doctor said its from the linisopril and I need to change medication.

Hello - I was also recently put on Lisinopril and developed a nagging cough all through the night and day. The cough got so bad I stop taking the medicine. It has been 4 weeks and I am still coughing. What can I do to stop the cough? I went to the ER it was so bad chest was clear and they gave me an inhaler which is not working. I am 100% certain the cough is from the BP medicine, Lisinopril.

I started coughing about eight months ago - episodes of dry cough at least a dozen times per day or night. The start of the problem coincides with my doctor prescribing Accupril 5mg BP medicine (Quinapril HCL by Pfizer). Has anyone using Accupril experienced coughing?

Hello Georgia,

You should speak with your physician. My doctor put me on Hyzaar and the cough stopped 2 wks later.

I am taking amlodipine, and it has caused me to have a terrible dry hacking cough which has lasted for 2 months now. I also was taking benazepril which causes coughing also. I have been coughing and throwing up everyday for 2 months and I have lost 12 lbs. because everything comes up as far as my food goes. My doctor did not warn me about this terrible side effect and it has made my life miserable. I have stopped taking it altogether. I have no insurance on my job, so I have to pay a $100.00 dollars every time I go to the clinic. I guess I'll just have to pray that God heals me, because He knows my body better than man. They're killing me!!!!!

I was put on Lisinopril for borderline high Blood pressure. Got the cough, others heard me cough, and told me to ask for a different BP medicine. So I did, and got Diovan. The cough got a bit better, but never went away. Then started getting worse. I have been on antibiotics 2 times now, and use hydrocodine cough medicine on a regular basis.

This week my doctor changed my BP medicine again, upon my request, and I do not have with me right now what it is, but it seems that for those people who react to ACE Inhibitors, if that is the correct term, that there should be an alternative BP medicine, that does not have this in it.

I was coughing so much and so often, that I started to wonder if I had a bad disease, like TB.

I will check back to see if anyone has any success finding a medicine that works.

My husband was on Cozaar several years ago, then it was changed and he was put on Hyzaar. He developed a terrible cough in December, 2005, and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in October, 2006. He had to start taking a heart medication, coumadin, in 2007; therefore, he no longer had to take the Hyzaar, but the damage had been done. He died in November, 2009 of a collapsed lung. All of you who are on high blood pressure meds, really need to force your doctors to reveal any adverse reactions to these meds. We didn't know these facts and there might have been something we could have done that we didn't know about.

I have been taking Diovan for about half a year because of high blood pressure. I cough a lot because of it. I am afraid if I change BP meds I will have to put up with another side-effect, so I haven't done anything about it. I just wonder if the cough is going to cause problems of another kind or if it's harmless. If I know for sure it is harmless, I will just tolerate it. There is a cough drop out there called "Fisherman's choice" It really helps for a time.

I just found this site. Why? Because it is after midnight, and (as is the case most nights) I can't lie down without my throat drying and eyes watering, and of course, coughing.

My usual routine is sitting in the living room in my recliner and taking a mild cough drop (or 2,3,4,...) Seems as long as my head is upright and I'm sucking on a drop, the cough is not as bad. I am going in for a stress test on the 13th. I have had stent placements since June, and been on Lisinopril, Statin (at bedtime) Plavix and Alodipine.

Until I found this site, I thought it may be the Plavix, since my doctor said after the procedure, he would probably take me off Plavix after about a year, since it is a very strong med.

Then I thought it may be the Statin, since I take that before bed, and all the others first thing in the AM.

I don't dare stop them right now, because until the stents are completely settled in, I understand it can be risky. Don't want to have spent all the money on the operation, only to kick the bucket soon anyway. I could have just bought the motorhome I had my eye on, and had fun and took my chances.

One last thing. Seems when I have a good Red Wine "buzz" on occasion, I sleep like a baby that night. My wife says I don't even snore much. Funny though, the drug cautions clearly say "limit alchohol use" and nothing about coughing problems.
I sleep better, cough free, after the wine. Only thing, I can't get away with that [wine drinking] much, 'cause my wife says "your drinking too much wine".
What's a HBP, Stent packing guy to do?

Thanks for the opportunity.....

I am soon to be 59 and have been on bp meds since 2005. Have tried many but only TWO have not made me cough till I was silly: Micardis and Benicar. Neither is covered by my insurance. In fact, last month I got a letter from the ins. co. saying they would give me THREE FREE MONTHS of bp meds if I would switch to Enalapril or one of the other generics like it. Since my Benicar was pricey, I had a new rx written--now I'm coughing at 3 am and writing this and remembering why I switched meds in the first place.

I too tried eucalyptus type drops and even Bailey's Irish Cream (a Christmas present) for the itchy cough. I went to sleep with a cough drop in my mouth and realized I could choke on THAT. I'm already half the 10mg daily dosage. I'm going to half that again. If I still cough, I'm going to go back to Benicar, regardless of the cost. Why don't the cos. offer the discount for the stuff that is not cough-causing? I don't get it, Why make all of us suffer? Thanks for this GREAT site!

Physiologically, what exactly happens to cause the cough? Do the chemicals cause increased sinus secretions? Do the chemicals irritate sinus, etc. linings causing the maddening tickle? I know we all cough, BUT WHY?


Wow! I just found this website tonight and now it makes sense about my cough due to taking Lisinopril. I went to Urgent Care twice in the past month, diagnosed with asthma and was given shots of steroid each time and was given an oral steroid for 5 days and all because I am taking Lisinopril? This does not make sense at all!!

Pharmaceutical Companies need to read this website and give us an answer because I cannot take the all day coughing anymore!!!

I CANNOT believe I found this site!! I, too, have had this terrible hacking/gagging/throwing up cough (along with a stopped up - sinus - head). I've called my doctor TWICE; the first time - antibiotics and a cough syrup was prescribed for 10 days; didn't work so I called and told the doc, so he prescribed another 10 day treatment of a different kind of antibiotic, but no cough syrup; I am 5 days into the NEW treatment and STILL have the hacking/throwing up cough (threw up just an hour ago from the violent coughing).

After my last throwing up (scary) episode, I thought I'd do a search on the internet about 'coughing and throwing up' because I KNEW this could not be normal and I was REALLY beginning to get a little scared since TWO antibiotic treatments weren't working (and in the past, ONE antibiotic treatment worked really well for me when I had a stopped up head).

Anyway, about two months ago, my prescription drug plan substituted Lisinop/HCTZ 20-12.5 (cheaper cost) for the DIOVAN bp medicine that I had previously used; I have been on the Lisinop now for two months. After reading this site, it dawned on me that the Lisinop must be the problem because I have been coughing for the last couple of months (just got worse this past month). Starting tomorrow, I am going to stop taking Lisinop and will call my doc. to see if I can go back on DIOVAN - which I had been taking for 2 years with NO problems.

Sorry if my post is long and repetitious - I'm just so excited to FIND this site! I don't know if the Lisinop is the problem, but my symptoms started around the same time I started taking it, so I'm HOPING that is what the problem is. The coughing, gagging IS annoying for you and others around you and embarrassing when in public, and who knows when a coughing spell will hit you.

I was started on Lisinpril for slightly high blood pressure about six weeks ago. After a week, I developed a severe cough and was diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor I visited said that possibly the bp meds could cause a cough and that my blood pressure wasn't that high.

I took the bp meds for two more weeks and finally got off of them. It is six weeks later and I still have the cough as described by others on this site. Will this go away? Should I see another doctor or specialist? Thanks

Hello, I am so glad that I found this site. I have been taking a B/P med. now since Nov. ( Vasotec ) I have been coughing and gagging now sine Nov. Could this medicine cause you to cough like this too? Also my sister has been taking the Lisinopril for years now and yes she too has been coughing and gagging and throwing up for years, please respond to my letter any advice would be appreciated.


Is there anyone out there that is taking vasotec for b/p and is having severe cough? And also to the people's pharmacy, is there any other generic b/p med that they can change me to that won't cause this coughing? I have been taking maxide for years with no problem, do you think that the doctor could just maybe up the dose of that and maybe I would not need to add another b/p medication at all? I stopped taking the vasotec on Friday Jan 29th and I have not been coughing any at all to speak of just a little bit Friday, and Saturday there has been no coughing at all. I plan to call my doctor Monday morning and tell her I stopped the vasotec and have had slim to none coughing and see what she says. Again I thank god I found this site.

Yes, I also took lisinopril 10mg for a month or more (I did not keep track well) before I developed this persistent cough. I did not have this problem before the medication. The very first time, it happened maybe once at night after I had gotten in bed. The cough starts as a strong tickle in my throat which prompts me to cough, and then cough more violently. It progressed to both day and night, and now gagging and coughing more often.

It is embarrassing and very uncomfortable. My job involves talking to people and the dry cough will flair up at any time. It happens when I am in church and I get up and drink water and take a mint, but they do not seem to help. Tonight, I have decided to quit taking them and substitute this medication with a garlic pill and watch my salt intake.

This persistent nuisance of a cough is not worth it. Also, earlier tonight for the first time, when I was gagging, I almost threw up. That's it!!! Weeks ago, I finally read the side effects, and it did indicate that cough is one of the many side effects, and I did go off my meds. for maybe 3 weeks or so, but the coughing persisted. So, I reasoned that maybe it was not the medication, but now I found this web page and have read other reports like mine and I am convinced that it is the medication. So, I will wait until this coughing finally stops; I guess it will take a while.

Thank you so much for this site. Since finding it yesterday, I have told everyone I know about blood pressure medications and coughing. No one I have mentioned this to was told about possible coughing as a side effect. I am leaving mine off as my blood pressure was not that high. I will try to lose weight and watch my diet better to bring mine down those few points.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about two months ago. The first medication I was on was Lisinopril-HCTZ. I was only on it for two days as it made my stomach feel like I had taken a whole bottle of aspirin. I was switched to Micardis HCT. I have been on it for almost 2 months.

About a week after I started it I started coughing. I also have the gagging/throwing up and dry heaves. This is really embarrassing as I'm a high school teacher. And when you throw up in your trash can in front of 26 kids, well you can imagine. I spoke to my doctor about it and he said it should wear off in a short while. He suggested nothing for the cough. So, my question is... can an over the counter cough syrup work for this cough? And will it effect my bp?

My husband was on Hyzaar DS for about a year and I kept telling the doctor it was making him cough. Finally she stopped it and he went on Tiazac but the damage from the irritation has been done and he has now been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Has there ever been a medical cause and effect established between taking Hyzaar DS and developing Pulmonary Fibrosis? The future does not look bright.


I had used lisinipril also, but I stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago, and my horrible cough is virtually gone!! It was not worth it to me.


The cough is serious and is a constant irritant to the lungs. My husband developed Pulmonary Fibrosis from such BP meds, especially cozaar and hyzaar. Try Tiazac or Altace if the doctor agrees and switch and keep switching till you stop the coughing.

Have your blood oxygen level taken with an oximeter to make sure your lungs are still working properly. The cough can lead to serious problems.

I too am taking lisinopril 10 mg have been on this med once before and developed the hacking cough as well. My doctor switched me to HCTZ the cough eventually went away and all was fine until I was recently hospitalized due to a large blood clot in my right leg. I also have type 2 diabetes and the doctor in charge of my case during my hospital stay switched me back to lisinopril. Now 4 weeks later the cough is back but they also told me that the lisinopril was better in my case because of the diabetes. My question is this is there another suitable bp medication other than the ace inhibitors that I might try?

I was placed on Lisinopril in July,2009. By September I was feeling the need to clear my throat and had a bit of coughing. By October I was coughing full force and it continued to worsen. From November through February I was in my allergy/sinus Dr's office about every 3 weeks. In February he told me that by now with all the medication I should be cleared, but I continued the awful cough with some phlegm, an irritated throat and hoarseness.

My mother passed away from Pulmonary Fibrosis and this has been my greatest fear that I would be hit with it, so I made an appointment with a Pulmonologist. Today he saw me and my lungs are clear, with very good breathing test results, but he does not think it was my BP medication that caused the cough- he says it is allergy related so he gave me a prednisone shot and a prescription of Maxichlor. He says that in 15 years of seeing patients with this type cough, he has found that it is more allergy related than BP meds.

So I will try this and see what takes place. Two weeks ago when I found that Lisinopril caused coughing, I called my primary doctor and he changed me to Cozaar. My daytime coughing is some better, but my nights are still filled with coughing. Has anyone else been treated with Maxichlor to take care of the cough?

Also: My primary doctor, my druggist, nor my allergy doctor mentioned to me that Lisinopril could cause coughing-strange!

Hello Everyone...Well, I'm the school teacher that was throwing up in her trash pail in front of her class of 26 kids. That night I called my doctor and told him he had to do something about this cough, and I explained what was happening. He told me to stop taking the Micardis HCT. I stopped that day. When I went to see him a couple of days later he put me on a generic drug called Labetalol HCL. Within 9 days my cough has disappeared. Talk to your doctors people, mine told me I was "sensitive" to the HCT and that's what caused the cough.

I was on the generic for Maxzide & my doctor changed my medication, because my blood calcium level became too high. This prevented me from taking my forteo. I now take generic for norvasc 10 MG. Last night I coughed so hard I vomited. Then I spit up blood 3 or 4 times. I feel fine. What is a safe blood pressure medicine that does not cause coughing? Thank you for comments on this site.

I am on Diovan, 320mgs. Have that nasty cough. I am hoping that I can get off of the BP meds all together. I am trying to DASH diet, (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies as suggested among other things. (check it out on the Internet-just type in "DASH diet." My BP appears to be coming down.

I quit eating anything canned since everything canned has a lot of sodium. I don't use salt in my cooking, but sprinkle a little on my dinner. Other than that, I eat no salt. It appears to be helping! Only time will tell!

I too have all the symptoms of everyone. I work in the school system and have these horrible attacks of coughing. All of sudden my eyes start watering, nose starts running and the uncontrollable cough starts and I spit up a clear phlegm. I contemplated retiring this year because of this. Never get any satisfaction from my Dr. on this.

I was told I had asthma, bronchitis, allergies and maybe acid reflux. Never was told it could be Lisinopril. I have taken several other high blood pressure meds and had the same results. The worst part is this is the Dr.s dismiss this as a trivial problem and make you feel like you are just a complainer.

It is severe when it disrupts your life like this. The drug companies need to research this before a law suit goes out by all these people. I also thought it could be my nerves and am now absolutely positive that my un-godly coughing is due to a side effect of these medicines. I personally would rather take my chances and die of a heart attack then to live my life like this. Thank you all for your info. Ann

My bp medication has been changed again. I am now on Amlodipine Besylate 5 mg. I had continued the cough even after being changed to Cozaar. In talking with a doctor where I get my allergy shots (a walk in clinic- they keep my allergy medicine there for my shots) she told me to tell the doctor to not give me anything in the ACEI or ARB classes, as these are bad about causing the cough. I called him the next day and that is when he changed me to the aforementioned medication. I hardly am coughing at all now.

Keep insisting and changing your BP medication till you stop coughing. The chronic cough is a chronic irritant, and Pulmonary Fibrosis is caused by chronic irritants. My husband now has had pulmonary fibrosis since November 2007, and is now on full time oxygen, and his mind has been affected. He has just been transferred to long time care, and will probably not be coming home. Sure the prednisone helps stabilize the level (severity) of Pulmonary Fibrosis but affects the mental capacity and interest in living.

Do INSIST the medication causing the coughing be stopped. If there were ever to be a class action suit against Hyzaar DS I would be first in line to get some pay back from the company. I have lost my husband of 53 years, my caregiver (I am handicapped with Post Polio, chemotherapy side effects,and residual retraining from a Cerebellum brain abscess.) Surely with so many concerns, there is some substance that needs some Medically research done to help contain the spread of IPF. Do not just dismiss the evidence as coincidental. Keep pursuing the cause.


Wonderful to have found this site. I'm not crazy. Others are having the same issue with BP medications.

I have moderately high BP. Dr. put me on Lisinopril & HCTZ. Cough & sore throat started almost immediately. Not much luck with getting help from Doctors. Finally by Dr's TA suggested that I get off Lisinopril and put me on Losartan (generic Cozaar). Too soon to tell if this will help. However, I did come across an article that suggests that an Iron supplement has helped many people. Any suggestions or comments will be most appreciated.

Hi everyone, Doc changed my meds once again and still was coughing.He suggested that I use a nasal spray for post nasal drip.....!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! 3 weeks with no cough!!!!

Diovan made me cough also. I am on Azor now and it has just started making me cough, thought it was allergies, in Florida there is always something in bloom.

Thanks Jo,
I have been using Co-Diovan for my HBP for 2 years. I developed a dry cough about 2 months ago, thinking it was residual form the flu I had just recovered from. Since then, I have been to my doctor several times. X-rays proved nothing. I tried your remedy last Wednesday, used a few Halls and took my medication; and the I have been happy to this day. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Am on Amlodipine Besylate for several yrs ( 1st at 5, but later upped to 10 mg) and only in the past 6 mos. or so have developed a dry intermittent coughing that can also set me gagging. I also thought it's allergies but I wonder... so have you any info on this med causing any irritation to the system as from all the reports listed, I didn't find too much on this BP med. Would really appreciate any helpful info.... I got a coughing fit under the wedding canopy when my son was getting married... embarrassing!!


Just add me to the list- who can afford to pay off formulary prices? So I switched to Lisinipril 2 mo. ago and B/P is the same but the cough is horrible. I quit! And I'm a licensed health-care prof. (RN/CNP)

I too started taking the bp pill lisinopril HCTZ just about a month ago. Started coughing and I have the feeling like I have so much fluid going down my throat that at night I feel like I can't sleep because I am so busy trying to control the feeling that I might choke. I thought it was my sinuses too, until just today a woman told me that she too coughed due to this medicine. Got on here and there you have it.

I called my pharmacist and she said to definitely tell my heart doctor that this is happening. I cough so hard that I throw up and I even get broken blood vessels in my eyes from the strain. Shame, because it really has helped my blood pressure. My blood pressure was so high that it showed signs on an MRI of my brain. Doctor didn't warn me about this drug either. Glad I found out before I started going to all kinds of docs at $30.00 a pop for co pay. I'm 57. Good luck to you all.

Hi Jo Ann- Sorry about your cough. Since changing to Amlodopine in April, my cough has stopped. I have allergies to anything blooming outside, and some dyes in stores, but at night I do not cough and I can sit through church without coughing. It has been wonderful!!. Read my entry I submitted in May (I think) and read what another doctor told me to tell my doctor-about the groups of medication to stay away from. Good Luck.

My reply is to the comments from everyone. I have been taking Metoprolol tart 25mg for one year. I developed a dry hacking cough 6 months ago but 3 months ago my cough got much worse. I cough more severely I gag until I vomit phlegm. I can't sleep well I have a runny nose and I feel like I have a bronchial infection.

My doctor put me on antibiotics; it helped slightly but the problem is still there. I am so tired of this condition until I have looked into blood pressure naturals an herbal fix. I have had 3 different HB meds and I've just about had it. I think we all have become Guinea Pigs.

I have been reviewing the comments by all and it is so interesting the similarities of symptoms and with not much help from the pharmacy Industry. I am a male 67 have been in reasonable good health other than HBP and Cholesterol. Have taken Azor for BP and in last several months have experienced in both legs below knee swelling in ankles, feet, hands, calfs. Went to a vascular surgeon determined I did not have PAD but were scheduling test to determine reason for swelling. By reading your comments there is no question the cause of problem, it's the meds.

Thanks for all of you who share your experiences.

Thanks to all who shared their experiences with Lisinopril and HCTZ. Had similar problems with coughing, etc. I had my Dr. change me from an ACE to a ARB medication - in this case losartan. It has made a difference although not as much as I would have liked.

However, there are other ARB medications and I will try others. You might also want to check the following:

Key Words: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors • cough •
ACE Inhibitor Takers Plagued With Cough May Have Iron-Clad Cure

My husband is on Azor, though now he is taking the lower dosage. He has been experiencing cough, cannot get the stuff up in his throat. Dr. has said it is cedar allergic reaction maybe, but, this has been going on all summer. He also seems more anxious as well as cramping more in his legs. When he went to the Dr. the other day, the Dr. did say his throat was irritated, but, that is when the Dr. said it must be allergy, and not the bp meds.

My husband took info. from internet on drug reactions.but, Dr. shrugged off. I think it is drug reactions.

My physician put me on Lisinopril and didn't tell me anything about symptoms.
I asked the pharmacists when I was picking up the prescription if there were any side effects. She said a dry cough and if I got it to immediately quit taking the Lisinopril and contact my doctor. I started coughing within an hour of taking my first pill. It was such a violent hacking cough. I've only taken the one pill. Still waiting for my doctor to return my call as to what he wants me to do now.

HTZ & Lisinopril did the same to me as to many others mentioned above as far as coughing is concerned. Changing to Losartan has helped a lot but my ETN Dr. told me that it sometimes takes a long time to get all of the Lisinopril out of your system.

Ok, I am going through the same problems as all of you have listed. I am taking myself off BP meds today until i stop coughing and almost passing out and throwing up from gagging so much.

For those that have successfully found other medications that dont make you cough, please share this info with us. So far, it looks like some likely candidates might be: Hyzaar, Ziac, and Diovan. Can any of you out there provide additional info/support regarding these medications?

I suggest you Google the medication that made you cough and avoid other BP meds of that family. I would not recommend Hyzaar, as although some people recommend it, it made my husband cough so much he is seriously ill. I have asthma and can tolerate Clonidine HCL, (Dixarit, Catapres) and Altace. Good for you getting off the medication that was making you cough. Probably prevented serious lung damage.

I can not believe I found this site. I have been having coughing fits for a year and my family is concerned but I no longer trust the competence of doctors. All they want to do is prescribe more drugs. I am healthy, have not missed a day of work in 14 years but have inherited HBP.

Diovan works but is too expensive, Lisinopril makes me cough horribly. Amlipodine caused swelling of my extremities immediately. Now with Atenelol I again have a cough so bad and completely unexpected that I am hesitant to go to meetings because I cough so uncontrollably I gag and tears run down my face.

When I ask my doctor to help me lose only 20 lbs to maybe naturally lower my blood pressure she says "eat less and get more exercise". Like I haven't tried that before. So now she wants to treat the symptoms by prescribing steroid nose spray. Maybe not taking anything and at least being able to function normally and SLEEP would be more help than the medicine pushers. PLEASE HELP. I need something that lowers blood pressure without the horrible side effects.

I have been on bp meds for a few years without coughing. Cozaar worked fine. The generic was exorbitant so the dr. switched me to the ace inhibitors which cause coughing. Will speak to Dr. on next visit. Not taking anything now. Will see if cough goes away.

I have been taking 160 mg. Diovan for two years after developing a cough with lisinopril. Six months ago I developed a cough which was diagnosed as a sinus infection. After two doses of antibiotics I still have the cough and was told it must be allergies, but I have never had allergies so I am sure it is the Diovan even though the doctors say it doesn't cause a cough. I have now put myself on a strong program of weight loss, exercise and meditation and have been able to reduce the Diovan to 80 mg. The cough is better (still there but not constant) so I am hoping if I continue my routine I can get off BP medicine all together. Why do doctors not recognize the relationship between Diovan and cough? What is in the medicine that causes the cough?


I was looking for some info on my hubby coughing and passing out. He is taking lisinopril and hctz20-25. I mean he don't do it all the time but he does have a cough now and it's bad. He gets it when he gets sick and it just won't go away. Well his Dr. in Coldwater Mich. gave him tessalon and it helped him the fist she gave it to him. Now he is spitting up mucus also. I'm going to have him call and get his meds changed. I'm glad I started searching and found this site. All of you have been a help 2 me. I'm so scared for him driving to work and at work.

thank u all for the help mary

I was on an ACE inhibitor for about 7 yrs (at around age 27) as a pro-active protection for my kidneys as I have had diabetes since 1975. I had no problems at all w/coughing til that seventh year. I got the most horrible cough I'd ever had often ending up on my knees bracing myself against the floor & finally gagging & throwing up. After being put on Cozaar, the cough is gone, but ever since the onset of the coughing I have had asthma-like symptoms & was finally diagnosed w/cough-variant asthma which is, as the name says, where you have coughing instead of wheezing.

I've been on as-needed inhalers ever since. BUT as said, the persistent cough-your-lungs-out hacking went away w/the Cozaar.

All that to say this: I think in those who are vulnerable to the ACE-cough that it causes the cough-variant asthma.

Really??? He told you 5%??? He's either a dope or a liar. It's far more than that. It's a very common side effect of these medicines, Lisinopril being the worst offender.

OK.... Now I know what it really is. My doctor changed my BP meds three months ago. But failed to tell me about the dry nagging cough that would result from this new med.... Lisinopril. After reading this blog about all of you that have experienced the same symptoms, I feel better. The ENT doctors were trying to pass it off as acid reflux, and they gave me MORE pills to take. After all, it was worse at night when I laid down to "try" and sleep. I haven't had a decent night sleep since.

I feel worse now than when I had high BP!

I just want to know what will stop the coughing. I already know that it is my HB meds that causes it, I need to know what will help stop it. Thank you

I'm so glad I found this site. I have been on Atenolol for about 3 years. About a 1 1/2 ago my Dr. increased my dose to 2 tablets, one at night and one in the morning. I have had a horrible cough since them. She has sent my to the allergists, have had SEVERAL chest x-rays, antibiotics and basically she has told me it is just the weather. I was going CRAZY with this cough. It hits me whenever it chooses and I can't catch my breath. I'm so tired on sticking halls in my mouth because it does not bring relief.

So glad to hear that it's not me but it's the medicine. Thank you so much for your postings because I am going back to my doctor to change my medicine. There has to be something that I can do.

I know for sure that I have to lose weight and make better choices so that I don't have to take this medicine forever. God help us so that we don't have to be on BP medicine.

I did developed with cough with High BP medication Lisinopril after two weeks. My doctor already informed me about the cough side-effect with this medicine. But, I was not thinking about such a deadly cough. Also, my co-workers were so much concerned about my cough and they offered me natural remedies like lemon + honey with hot water. It did not help me. Now I have stopped taking this medicine and am doing Yoga to reduce my stress, I am feeling much better and have cutd own my BP to 130/90, hopefully I can make it to 120/80 soon.

I would like to know that as well, I just started a new BP medication 2 days ago Hyzaar and although it makes me feel a bit tied I am hoping it will work soon, I have taken Lisnopril for 3 months and have had this hacking cough for 3 months as well. it has also kept me from getting a good night sleep at nights, and I would like to know how long will it take to get out of my system.. it's so annoying and I am up right now because I cant sleep due to the coughing.

It is not as bad but it is still annoying.. I hope someone could tell us something.. by the way the new doctor also put me on Methylprednisolone Steroids Tablets for 6 days and Benzonatate 200 mg Capsules for the cough. Which I just started 2 days ago so let's see.. Thanks again.

I was put on Lisinopril for 3 months by my doctor and since then have experienced a violent hacking cough. It left me sick for a few months not knowing what was wrong with me, every day and night the most I would cough suddenly uncontrollably, it keeps me up all night sometimes. I asked the pharmacy about it and they said it was extremely possible since the meds I was taking is the highest of them all as an ACE INHIBITOR.

I went to my doctor and while I was coughing to no end and lack of air in my chest my doctor came into the room and I told him I believe the BP Meds may be the cause, he just looked at me and said, it was allergies and not the pills whatsoever.

I was dismissed or should I say, HE DISMISSED ME.. and not charged but I felt horrible. I was in tears, my husband called his doctor and got me in ASAP. They confirmed it was the BP Meds. I was So frightened I thought I had some disease.

THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE... IT HELPED MORE THAN YOU KNOW.. I am on hyzaar now so will see.. it is a blocker so hopefully it will help. Still coughing a lot though and not getting much sleep, I guess I have to wait till it is out of my system. Will keep you updated..

I was on Diovan and my BP was still high. In the meantime, received a letter from ins. co. that was "requesting" that I try a cheaper drug. So, the Dr. put me on Lotensin HTC 20/25 mg. once a day, about two weeks ago. I now have a cough. I never cough so I knew right away that it must be the medication.

I remembered my husband had developed a cough while on Lisinopril a few years ago. The Dr. never told me of side effects, I learned of them through this site. I'll just have to have HBP because I am not taking anymore of these drugs!!

OMG!! I just happened on this site as I am very worried about a friend of mine. He has been on BP medication for the last few years but recently had it changed. He has been up all night long for months and is not getting any sleep. The only time he is able to sleep is when he sits up in the recliner.

He has a horrible cough during the day and night which sends him into severe dry heaves. He has lost his appetite due to the nauseousness, and hasn't been able to eat for two days now, if he does he coughs and then vomits it up. I've talked to him about going to the Dr. and he said he has made an appt. but I'm thinking that it is more serious and that he may need to go to the hospital which he is very much against.

I'm really getting worried now as these last couple days have been the worse, he has been dry heaving all night and day. What else can I do?


I have coughed enough due to lisinopril. I have very high blood pressure without meds, so I must take them regardless of the side effects. My doctor put me on lisinopril because I asked her to get me off the prescription I was on due to the high cost of it. I am now going to get back on my original prescription no matter the cost because I cannot take this coughing anymore. Coughing, gagging and throwing up because I am coughing so very hard.... enough!

Everyone on this site wants to know if there are any bp meds that work very well and don't produce constant coughing. I do know of one.... Avapro or Avalide. It is a relatively new drug and I took it for six months without ANY side effects. It is very, very expensive... about 380/month USD. doctor gave me a coupon for 90% off the price. Wal-Mart holds the coupon and charges me about 38 USD/month for six months. I am going to get another prescription for it and another coupon. I hope you all can do the same and it works just as well for you. Good luck to you all.

I have been coughing since the first dose!! (My MD did warn me of the cough.) My b/p got only a little better so she added a water pill and now my cough is to the point of violent - making me gag. It is definitely worse at night - propping on 3 pillows & sucking on cough drops helps somewhat - but I don't get good sleep and I wake my spouse frequently. Is there other alternatives out there? My b/p is controlled now but I can't go on with this coughing - it is embarrassing and frustrating!!


I am replying to the People's Pharmacy comment at the bottom of my 'reply'. Coughing from BP meds, A CHRONIC IRRITANT, is not HIGH on the list of causes for Pulmonary Fibrosis, BUT IT IS ON THE LIST.

My husband just died October 3rd and I have to emphasize strongly to all who are developing a chronic cough from BP meds, get your doctor to change till you find one you can tolerate.

And I also was told this 'asthma' nonsense, and when my BP medication was changed, I do not have asthma anymore. Beta blockers are known to give asthma symptoms to people who have allergies to other things.

There are many BP meds out there and find one that does not give you side effects. Side effects are not necessary, and can be life threatening.

I am concerned that you are willing to have HBP. That could lead to really more serious medical problems. There are many BP meds that you could probably tolerate. I can only tolerate lower doses, so take two kinds, at a lower dose each. Don't quit, insist your doctor keep trying. There are many other meds and many other doctors.

I was put on Lisinopril and developed a terrible cough that began interfering with my daily living. I would get these terrible spams coughs, especially at night. I was taken off it and put on something else recently. The cough hasn't gone away. Atenolol is the only BP med that I can take without coughing fits.

This even affected my last job interview when I got this spasmodic cough. I was so embarrassed. I'm going to try the Halls as the poster said he/she did. If that doesn't work, I'm off that med!

I have only been taking lisinopril for almost 2 weeks and have developed a horrible hacking cough sporadically during the day and seems worse when my relaxes at night. To add insult to injury, I have sleep apnea and no soon as I put my CPAP mask or nasal pillows on, the cough is worse. If I was sleeping before and the CPAP was suppose to help with my getting a restful nights sleep.. well her comes Mr. BP medicine making things worst.

I have to keep removing the CPAP mask all night long, because if you open your mouth, hence coughing or talking with this thing it cuts your breath off... This is NOT going to work. I hope everyone finds some relief and that we all find out what is in these BP meds causing us to DEFINITELY cough!

I have been on Lisinopril for probably 20 years--20mgs. About a year ago my BP was getting elevated so my Dr. who is very thorough, raised the med to 30mgs. I stared clearing my throat A LOT then went to coughing, and the gagging until I felt like throwing up and have thrown up sometimes. I have a pharmacist friend who suggested it might be my BP med and I thought that crazy since I had been on it sooo long. (I never even mentioned it to my DR. because I was around people who smoke and work outside and thought I was developing allergies suddenly--I DO live in the Ohio Valley where this happens frequently.)

I finally got a chance to go to my Dr. and mentioned the cough and he said it probably the BP med because of the ACE inhibitor in Lisinopril and other BP meds. I am assuming it started when he raised the dosage. I was also on Mobic for a shoulder problem (an antinflammatory) which I accidentally stayed on for too long, because for about 8 months I did not go see my Dr. and now my BP is averaging 184/107, he said THAT med caused even higher BP.

I took an antidepressant Celexa which, I believe, caused me to gain 25 LBS which also contributes to high BP. Just 5 days ago I have it all straightened out. He said to get off the Mobic immediately (only take that med short term), slowly stopping the antidepressant, and switched to Diovan for BP.

I still have the cough but I think it is lessening already. I'm suggesting EVERYONE get a pharmacist best friend and listen to them. I wish they could make meds that do not have side effects, because this is ridiculous. I think the DR.s don't tell you the side effects, because it does not happens to everyone and maybe they don't want to put them in your head--I don't know, but I think I will ask. Good luck everyone!

My doctor recently put me on 10 mg of Lisinopril for HBP. The chronic coughing started immediately. My throat is red and sore and my nose bleeds all of the time. I cut pill in half, thinking a lower dose would reduce my symptoms. It did not help at all. I'm up all night long coughing.

Today I went off of the drug. I cannot live like this. I read up on holistic remedies, and purchased vitamins and supplements for high blood pressure. I exercise daily, and plan to eat healthier. We'll see what happens. Anything is better than being this miserable every single day of my life.

I feel as if I wrote what you wrote! I have been coughing and had serious allergies for 1 year now after being switched to lisinprol hctz from diovan which I could no longer afford to take. I have no insurance and lost my job 3 months ago and my Dr. in the new city I live in is horrible.

I told him I needed to get my hctz 25 mg. refilled that I have been on for 15 years and that I was unemployed and had no insurance and he still wants $125. office visit for a $4 medication. I also take Metropol 2 x a day (cut in half largest dose) Now I know I am not crazy and this persistent cough is due to this lisiniprol.

Any suggestions what to do now? What is a cheap alternative? I feel that I need to call the am heart assoc and try to get some advice. Unemployed and now I feel that my health is deteriorating rapidly at the age of 54. I need help and am too young to get help from medicaid and my husband makes $50 too much a month to qualify for the federal poverty level.

I get a reasonable unemployment check and even if I am offered a job with a 3 month wait for insurance, I probably will be listed under "pre existing" for my 20 year battle with HBP (my last Bs/bc would not pay for any thing related to the hbp) since it was pre-existing. Help!

ditto, ditto ditto - exactly what happened to me... I can't afford to go back on my diovan since I lost my job and insurance... what should I do?

I was miserable for 3 to 4 months when I was on lisinopril. After suffering for 2 months I went to see my doctor, they put me on other medicine same problem. Finally, he placed me on Zocor. Since then I don't have problem. Lesson learned for me was to take time reading all the medication literature.

I hope you read this and get out your misery. Good Luck


This is a bit puzzling. lisinopril is for high blood pressure. Zocor is for high cholesterol. We're not sure why your doctor would substitute a cholesterol-lowering medication for a medication to control hypertension.

First of all, I love this web site. Thank you.

I've been on Lisinopril for one week for high blood pressure and I too, have that dry cough all day long and into the night. My throat is so sore so I'll try the suggested Hall's Defense cough drops as a possible remedy. Keeping my fingers crossed these give me relief.

Tip: I read bananas help lower blood pressure so I'll also work bananas into my diet.

Thank you.

Bananas have Potassium which helps reduce blood pressure. However, you have to keep your sodium intake to less than 100 mgs per food item that you eat in order for the potassium to have any real effect. VERY tough in today's world.

Has anyone heard of a newer blood pressure medicine called Tekturna? The generic name is Aliskiren. I was put on this medication, and it, too, caused a terrible cough. Now I am off of both lisinopril and Tekturna. Am trying Norvasc. Thanks for any feedback. Mary

I have had a cough on and off since September, in November it got worse... today my physicians assistant had placed me on z-pak and then augmentum and then prednisone... when I went in to see the Dr. on an unrelated matter he heard me cough, treated me for my asthma, gave me a cortisone shot and new inhalers and when I got home he called to tell me that he was changing my blood pressure meds and taking me off lisinoprel, that he recognized the cough I had and it was too blame, he said to continue with the asthma meds and that it will take a few weeks, he explained to me that some blood pressure meds are derived from the Brazilian viper pit snake... it was very interesting how bp meds are made you should Google it... it has been a very few rough months and the gagging is the worst!

I am sitting here in tears - I don't know if it is because so many relate to my struggles, or that there is so little hope to find something that helps. I was told both by my Dr. and pharmacist that a "cough" was a common side affect, but everyone is correct - this isn't just a "cough"!

I was first put on Norvasc 5 years ago at age 40. I developed severe swelling of the ankles, and a chronic, gagging, cough. The Dr. wasn't concerned with the swelling, but sent me to an Allergist for the cough. I went through months of tests, meds & treatments for allergies, and asthma (which I have none). Finally, after a year & a half, I was taken off Norvasc & put on Benicar.

The coughing & swelling was gone within 2 weeks and stayed gone until 3 months ago. My insurance company DICTATED that I change my med to a generic to save (them) money. I was put on Lisinopril/HCTZ combo and the misery returned. My Dr. changed me to Amlodipine/Benaz - which through these posts, I find out is the generic for Norvasc! I'm back to the beginning! I will be calling my Dr. again on Monday!

This is the first I have heard of it! Shame on you, doctors at UC Davis Medical Center!!! I wish this site would enlarge their font!!!

I am a nurse and have been struggling with now the 3rd BP med. I stopped taking my BP meds due to the coughing (which feels like you are trying to cough up a lung) nausea and vomiting while at work. I was on Diovan, then lisinopril/HCTZ now two diuretics. I have given each about 2 to 3 months and I have ended up with severe cough, headaches, lack of sleep, large amounts of sputum, decreased appetite, weight loss ( the only good thing from this) and being extremely tired which of course I did not feel like exercising, it took everything to cook dinner and take care of my kids.

BPs have been in the low 100s and very sluggish when it comes to making decisions. Not a good thing in my field. I even half the pills but still the nagging side effects. How does it look trying to encourage others to take care of themselves while I am coughing, eyes watering and having to excuse myself to throw up in a trash can then go back and try to continue to care for others.

I had to walk around with cough drops in my mouth constantly during the day then and at night while trying to sleep. I drank more water than I can say. I know the consequences of high blood pressure. So I will work on diet change, increased physical activity, fish oil, high fiber diet, garlic and some kind of relaxation technique. The sad thing is if you come off these meds some doctors will look at you as though you are non-compliant and stubborn.

I know that everyone reacts differently to any medication but to tell someone that they have to be miserable for who knows how long is just plain wrong.

It's not just being miserable. It's an inability to function in normal every day life. It's not being able to go to the family events, weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs.... whatever it may be. It's not being able to go out for dinner because literally everyone will stop and stare at you as you choke and feel like dying of embarrassment.

It's knowing that as long as you take these medicines at least the headaches will go away, but it won't matter because you can't go out and do anything anyway.
So for me, I choose to live with the b.p. problems. I choose to do the best I can to keep my headaches to a minimum. I choose to live and be happy with my family and friends. I choose not to do my best to reduce my b.p. through diet and exercise. However, I choose NOT to take those damned medicines anymore until someone can figure out a way to make the side effects go away.

I have been taking Cozaar for many years with no problems, when my cardiologist renewed my prescription I was given the generic and started with a cough. I went to the family doctor who treated me for bronchitis with Z pack, than inhaler, cough medicine with codeine. Nothing helped. I called the pharmacist and asked him if it was possible the cough was coming from the new medication, he said it was very possible, called the cardiologist who tried to change it back to the Cozaar but my insurance company won't pay for it anymore.

Went to a pulmonary doctor who agreed it was the new medication, put me on prednisone and I stopped my BP medicine for one week. Than started on Benicar and the cough continued, right now I'm on second dose of prednisone and off all BP medicine for two weeks, or I stop coughing, on the advice of cardiologist. The cough is very bad hard to carry on a conversation with anyone, now have developed headache, chest hurts from coughing, and constantly clearing my throat. Never realized BP medicine could cause so many problems, this is exhausting.
So glad I came across this web site and now know I'm not alone.

You all have my utmost sympathy! My husband was put on lisinopril and ended up being taken to the hospital by ambulance when he passed out during a coughing attack! His doctor changed him to Hyvaar... and the cough is worse! I realize that he needs to take/do something to lower his BP but I have advised him to stop these meds until he can figure out what he can take. It has caused concern at work, it keeps him up at night, and now he's getting paranoid about death... and I don't blame him... as the cough is SO severe!

In the meantime, MORE exercise, MORE fruits/vegetables... NO salt... NO soda, etc.

I also want to say that while this is a bit ridiculous I don't think we can blame the pharmaceutical companies - they're probably doing the best they can in making drugs to treat HBP. Certainly more than any of us can do. And it's reasonable to think that they're working on something to counteract the coughing, as we speak, but just haven't found it, yet. I mean, it would be in their best interest to do so, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I wish you ALL the best and hope you find some peace... and a "cure" for your cough and/or HBP.

I take enalapril and metoprolol, also a HCT pill,and I cough a lot... some dry and some productive... also very short for breath. I feel like CRAP all the time..."0"energy. I do believe this garbage I am taking is killing me as surely as the hypertension would!... Lisinopril and Benicar were no better.... What to do???


I am currently in the hospital due to severe coughing after taking Lisinopril for two months. I have been severely affected since I have a trach and am on a home ventilator. We are currently checking for damage from my trach caused while coughing. No doctor should ever risk putting a vent patient on this medication.

I developed a cough after taking Lisinopril. I knew right away what caused the cough. I changed to Diavan HCT and I am fine now. I could not go on with a cough as severe as that.

I have been sick for about 16 months now. I have been checked for pneumonia, cancer, and so on. It started with a terrible cough. I was told I had Bronchitis. (I was a 30 year smoker and never coughed that bad when I smoked) I had about 8 steroid shots, 9 or 10 rounds of antibiotics, countless bottles of cough syrup that was very expensive.

I haven't laid in my bed in months because the cough is worse and I have shortness of breath. I sit in a recliner and just doze between coughing spells. It has been a nightmare. I was sure I was dying. I coughed til I wet myself and had bad cramps in my back and side. I have also developed a hernia that I can't have tended to til the coughing stops. I cough so hard til I gag and throw up a clear thick mucous.

Last week I lost my voice and haven't got it back yet. I never want to go anywhere because people look at me like I'm going to give them them something or offer me water. I drink lots of water and use Halls cough drops. Sometime it may help a little but not much. It is really embarrassing but it can't be controlled. I went back to my doctor last week and he didn't have a clue. He finally went back over my records and saw that he had changed my BP med from Diovan hct to Lisinopril 18 months ago.

He now says it is the Lisinopril and changed me to Benicar. The cough is still with me. From reading all the post on this site, it looks like it can last for some time. I don't know why it took so long to find out what the problem was and I am sure since I took it so long it will take longer to get it out of my system. I am so glad to find this site because I was really doubting it was the meds when the cough didn't stop. I have a new grand baby I can't even hold for 2 seconds without coughing. I just want my life back!!!

I was on Norvasc and HCTZ for over ten years, I struggled with severe swelling of my legs and feet, as well as my fingers and body. I developed a severe cough and signs of allergies but was told not to worry about it. My feet were so swollen and painful last year that at times I couldn't walk. I had to give up ballroom dancing and other activities.

I bought shoe inserts, support hose, and flat shoes to increase my foot comfort, I lost 10 pounds and my BP went down and I was taken off the norvasc for a month, The swelling is gone and I have my ankles and feet back and my cough was almost gone, but then I had episodes of my BP being extremely high and then extremely low and I was put on Diovan. Now the cough is back with a vengeance.

The cough got so bad that I have severe pain under my breasts (like a severe cramp after I cough. It is like the pain I get when I turn too far doing yoga.) At times I sound like I have whooping cough and cannot get my breath for several minutes. It is frightening.

I was just told I have asthma, is this from the acid reflux that I have developed while on the medication? I am on medication for that but it only partially takes care of the acid reflux and I end up coughing unmercifully. I have been put on an inhaler with some relief but I think stopping the medication will stop the cough and I am desperate to have a normal life.

I am asking to be taken off the Diovan. Will the lung damage and asthma heal if the reflux and cough stop? I need to take ambien to sleep or I am up half or all night, Is there a medication that won't cause these symptoms?

I was just recently taken off Lisinopril due to a severe cough associated with it. I still have a coughing spell about once a day but that is certainly better than a constant cough.

I had to go to the hospital and they put me under for a couple days to allow the Lisinopril to get out of my system a little before they allowed me to wake up. I wish they had let me sleep a couple more days since it was still pretty bad when I woke up.

I use a nebulizer regularly for updraft treatments. I have a great treatment for the coughing now. Apparently, it is a very common treatment for people with breathing/coughing problems. In all these years of my illness, I had never heard of it and felt maybe someone here could benefit as well. I put 3ml of Lidocaine 4% solution in my nebulizer and breath till gone. The coughing stops.

This gives me time to take some Soma which relaxes my bronchial area to help prevent the cough from coming back any time soon. I love it when I can get some rest. It certainly has helped me while getting the Lisinopril out of my body.
Good Luck All.

I cough until I am literally sick... been on low dose for 2 months, can't sleep, have embarrassing choking attacks in public..... is there anyone that knows of a med that does not make you cough?

Hello... just was wondering... I have been on Lisinopril for about 5 months and have been coughing... not all of the time but when I do it is very annoying. I am going to talk to my doctor about it and see what I need to do. I need something for my blood pressure so don't know what to do at this time. Is there anything out there that won't make me dizzy or cough but will help my blood pressure?
Any help would be appreciated.

My grandmother has developed a severe choking cough and thick phlegm that makes her gag. A Dr. switched her from Diovan 160 to Avapro 150 but the cough continues. She also takes Metoprolol 25 mg (twice a day) and Amlodipine 5 mg. She has trouble sleeping at night because of this cough. Which medicine should she change or reduce?


I started taking blood pressure meds about 6 months ago. At first I was taking HCTZ just the water pill but that made my hair fall out. So then I was switched to Lisinopril and now I have this aggravating cough. I can't seem to win. Oh yeah at least my BP is good.

I have been researching ways to reduce BP. I coughed on Diovan, got puffy ankles from Norvasc, and now Tekturna is making me cough too, even though only 1% of people cough from it.

I found several articles that say just taking water pills is often enough. I am going to talk with my Doctor about that!!

Thanks to all of you. I have been taking atenolol 50 mg with Triamterene/HCTZ for about 30 yrs with a slight dry cough. Ten days ago my doc changed meds to atenolo-50m, HCTZ, and Lisinopril-5, and I have been coughing like a fool. So after reading your comments I have learned two things: 1) I'm not nuts, and 2) I've requested my doc to prescribe new meds.

My grandmother has stopped taking Avapro but she still takes Amlodipine Metropolol and Celexa. Could the Celexa be another source of the cough? I have read some reports of a cough side effect of that as well. The doctor reduced her Celexa 20mg to every other day for 10 days and then was told she could stop so we are trying that.

What is with these Dr.s, why are they prescribing these ACE inhibitors and not telling anyone that they can cause so many problems. When I get a new prescription I look up all side effects on the web before I spend the money to get them filled.

I started taking Lisinopril in October of 2010. 3 months ago, I mentioned that I'd been coughing. My doctor assumed it was a dry cough and suggested cough drops. Um, no. It's a hard, exhausting, black phlegm-producing cough which keeps me awake at night, concerns my husband, and scares my teen daughters.

If I actually do fall asleep, the wheezing sound in my chest and throat often wakes me up. My doctor switched me to Losartan but the cough is still here. I even took a month off with NO medications and the cough never went away completely. I was NEVER told about this side effect and it wasn't listed in the pamphlet that came with my meds.

I am only 38 years old and I feel like I'll never get rid of this! I am avoiding social gatherings now because the cough is so forceful that I occasionally vomit, get light-headed, or (TMI, maybe) get a huge glob of phlegm that I cannot gracefully dispose of which usually causes nausea. It often triggers a migraine. It feels like a weight is on my chest.

In addition to the cough, my nose is stuffy or runny all the time. Doctor thought it was seasonal allergies but I have NEVER had to blow my nose unless I was truly ill, which I haven't been in years. So my question is: how on Earth is this medication helping if I'm spending all my time and energy coughing a lung up and fretting about it? My stress-level has actually gone UP due to the incessant coughing and lack of sleep. :(

I am a 79 year old female who had a stent put in my heart about 5 yrs ago..when they put me on my first BP med.

Since then I have had a persistent cough, when trying to talk, eat and the nights are the worst... I have to have cough drops all the time and tissues ready. I have told this to my doctor and she did not think that atenanol would cause it...Sooooo. I have been on all kinds of sinus meds, had chest xrays a few times, seen an ENT and nothing was wrong... now she wants me on lisinopril... which I know caused coughing problems with my late husband... this coughing is really aggravating... so I have decided to go off my BP meds for a few weeks and hopefully it will help... will let u know what happens in a week or two... very interesting to see so many people have had the same problem...


Hello- Lisinopril was the second BP medication prescribed for me. My cough actually got better- but still had a slight cough on a regular basis. In May of 2011, I had surgery to clear a blocked bile duct and then in June I had gall bladder surgery.

My blood pressure went down and now stays is the normal range for a 66 year old lady-122/82. I think if my doctor had listened to me in 2009, I would not have had to be on BP medication at all. I tried to tell him in March, 2011 about the pain I was having and he did not want to do any testing, just placed me on acid reflux and heartburn medication- which I told him I did not have. I think doctors just do not pay attention to us. We know our bodies and know when something is not right. If the Lisinopril does not help, find another doctor!!

I take Azor and Byostolic. I have unbelievable sinus drainage which at times chokes me and I have to cough to upchuck the mucus. This all started after I was put on these BP. drugs 3 yrs. ago. Dr says not the problem.????????

I too have been having a terrible cough--so violent I've wet and sometimes even have soiled myself. I've been vomiting form it for the past several weeks. I take Lisinopril 10 mgs and amlodipine, 5 mgs. Has any one had problems with the amlodipine or is it mainly the lisinopril?

My husband has been on a couple different blood pressure medications. He is now taking Diovan, and has had a terrible cough. The doctors have treated him for sinus infection, allergies, bronchitis, etc. I really feel it is the Diovan. It is like a continuing cough that drives him crazy, and me also!! He is seeing the doctor next week, and I'm going to see if the doctor will try something else. He has congestive heart failure,and has had bypass surgery, about 14 years ago. Wish he could just stop the blood pressure meds altogether, but that would endanger his life I'm sure. Just don't know what to do to relieve the poor guy from coughing!!

I am so grateful that I found this website. I did not know anything about LIsnopril. I have been on this med for one month. The coughing and throwing up is aweful. I read the info that the pharmacy provided and found it to be very helpful. I am asking to be taking off of the med. There are many drugs out there that might help all of us if we have to take them without these crazy side effects.

If you have elderly family members who might not know that these side effect occur with these meds educate them. We were aware and decided to investigate it more. Think about the elderly who just think that they have to take these meds as if it is their only option.

I am on cilazapril for hypertension. It is now a generic drug for the original Inhabace. I cough when using the generic brand made by PMS but do NOT cough when using the generic brand called Mylan. You should not have to put up with coughing.

Is a cough associated with Furosemide (Lasix)? My grandmother has started to cough again after taking Furosemide 20mg for a few weeks. She also takes Metoprolol 25 mg and Amlodipine 5mg.

I have been taking atenolol and amlopidine. Took atenolol for years with no side effects, but then it hit. I cough, gag, eyes run, vomit up clear phlegm, probably 3-4 times a day. Was treated for whooping cough.

Recently I am losing my voice often, find it hard to talk for over a few seconds, and can't get any air down me, nearly pass out, I can't take deep breaths because it triggers the coughing fits. One night my husband got scared and called 911 and I was taken to emergency room. Have had chest x-rays, thraot ct scans, ultra sounds, used a nebulizer, steroids by mouth, nose and orally, had ENT scope, 3 rounds of antibiotics, now treating for acid relux disease. Nothing helped.

I can't go out among people or to grocery store, church, to see friends or family, because of the coughing, so violent it is scary to those who witness it. Help! Not one of the 3 doctors I have seen has mentioned BP medications as the culprit. It is ruining my life, I am a prisoner to it. After I read all the comments I stopped both meds and am taking a natural product Vasotensin. Pray it works, and monitoring my BP twice a day. We'll see how it goes.

Report on Vasotensin for HBP. I am now on Vasotensin for 9 days. My bp is running about 145/77 pulse 76 It has been like a miracle for me. I am still coughing some, but for 5 days have not had the gagging, vomiting. I know the bp readings are a little higher than most Drs like and I may have to take a little conventional med of some kind, but now I can go to church, shopping, and visit friends. I highly recommend trying a more holistic approach for those who are sensitive to these drugs.

I am on Benicar 40mg. I have a awful cough which sounds like a smokers cough and I don't even smoke! I have phlegm in my chest, even though the Dr. says that my lungs are clear, but still here it moving in my chest. I wheeze at night when I lay down to sleep. Its just awful. This is the third bp medicine that I have tried. I sip on cough syrup all during the day to keep the cough down. nothing has helped it really. I have taken mucinex, didn't touch it! wish I knew what to do.

Sorry to read this coughing til gagging etc is so common. I'm the same and it's telling on me. Went to ER in June '11 with BP 210/110, was put on Lisinopril and almost immediately started coughing but nights only after I'd been in bed (head up on 2 pillows) for a good while... not sleeping yet, lasting for about 30 min, then it would stop if I gagged with clear mucus coming up. Nice. Had to change Dr as ours died and she took me off the Lisinopril and put me on Mycardis and continued the clonodine .1 that I was taking along with adding clonazapam (2.5) and lexapro.

My husband has Alzheimer's thus the anti-anxiety pills. The coughing has continued and is worse, lasts longer and I have a halfway sore throat often and am hoarse off and on from this horrid coughing. I've been on Metoprolol 50 mg twice a day for yrs and cardiologist has added amlodipine. Each pill has its' purpose but I really wonder if, at 79, I need all this. Hard to get my BP down so am now on .2 clonodine patch instead of pill. I'm very active and always had a high energy level but some days simply don't want to do anything. I'll keep checking this site to see if someone comes up with a solution without stopping BP meds. That won't work, either.

People's Pharmacy response: Ask your doctor if there is some way you could take other blood pressure medicines besides an ACE inhibitor (like lisinopril) or an ARB (like Micardis). You are already on a couple of other types of medicine. It may be the stress of care-giving, but there should be some way of helping you control your blood pressure without making you cough all the time. The cough is much less common with ARBs, but some people are ultra susceptible.

One good thing to know is that all Ace inhibitors have cough as a side effect if you are susceptible. I coughed terribly on Diovan. My doc said all Ace inhibitors have cough as a possible side effect. She put me on Tekturna, and 1.1 percent of people taking that drug have a cough, even though it is not an ace-inhibitor. I coughed terribly on that. So now I am off of those and on metetopralol which is a beta blocker, and does not have cough as a side effect. I know my cough will get better now.

Well this is what I've been suffering from for 3 years. Itchy throat, non stop coughing and hacking up mucous, no sleep. Guess I'll try a Beta Blocker too!

I've had to take blood pressure medication for about 10 years. Zestril gave me a cough, so my doc switched me to Diovan, which posed no problem at the 80 mg dose. Recently, an arthritic hip has made me cut my daily exercise down from an hour to 1/2 hour. When my BP went up, my doctor doubled my Diovan prescription. Now I'm plagued with an irresistible dry cough, identical to the one I had while taking Zestril.

I'm scheduled for hip replacement surgery and hope that a post-surgical resumption of my more rigorous exercise routine will let me reduce my med dosage back to a tolerable (non-cough-producing level). In the meantime, which BP medications are least likely to cause coughing?

I am so happy to hear I am not the only one but am sorry we are all suffering in the same way. That is how I have been feeling for weeks now. I have not had a good nights sleep, and can fall asleep at my desk. I have the clear mucus, wheezing at night and coughing till I gag. I was first on triamterene-hctz and had severe shortness of breath and was switched to lisinopril and that's when the coughing began. I just called my doctor today to see what else she can give me. Will update if the new med works.

I have been coughing for 3-4 months. Dr has changed my bp pills 4 times. I am now on Benicar 40mg once a day. My cough is a deep, rattling in my chest. I wheeze all the time and even here a "wheezing" noise at night. Very hard to sleep. I am so tired of this cough. My throat is irritated and sore.

I am thinking I have some allergies too, so when I go back to the Dr. on Monday, I think I will request some antibiotics to see if that will help. My cough is not dry at all, it sounds like I have congestion, but when the Dr listens to my chest, he hears nothing.... strange!!

Benicar is an ace inhibitor. It can cause cough. All Ace inhibitor's can cause cough. Diovan is another as well as lisinoprol. Ask your doctor for a BP med that is not an ACE inhibitor.

People's Pharmacy response: Benicar and Diovan are ARBs rather than ACEs. As such, they are a bit less likely than lisinopril to cause cough, but it is still a possible side effect.

started taking 10mg lisinopril and the cough started not long after - the same day. mostly at night when laying down. then it started happening during the day too, while at work. very embarrassing in my office to have to run to the ladies room because the cough would lead me to start gagging and throw up.
called the doc and she is trying something else. what do I do now with this 90 day supply of medicine I can't take??

I have no idea if this would apply to anyone else or not but a little over a month ago I got fed up with this pill merry go round and the cough I wrote about Oct 31. I decided to go vegetarian easing into vegan.. a plant based diet, no dairy, no meat, fish,or chicken.

In 10 days I woke up and realized I hadn't coughed the night before. Haven't coughed since. My BP dropped to crazy lows with my meds so now am monitoring and taking 1/2 of a pill if I'm over 150. 1/2 of another if I continue at that level but nothing more if I don't. Still wearing the .2 patch.

I don't know what to think but will get a definite plan in place when I see my cardiologist. I read that results are quick and I can vouch for that. Plenty of books/dvd on the subject at Amazon but "Forks over Knives" was the first I bought. Recipe books followed (that don't have weird ingredients), plenty of good stuff to eat, I'll try anything to lower my BP AND be rid of that horrible cough. so far, so good.

Okay, so there is all this suffering going on and what is being done about it? This coughing is not frivolous and we are not hypochondriacs, which the MD's seem to think. What are we going to do to demand attention to this horrible situation. I myself am almost completely incapacitated by the cough induced by BP meds.

I stopped taking them on my own because I simply could not live with the coughing and gagging 5-6 times a day, and practically all night, it was wearing me down to almost an invalid. My cough almost disappeared within 10 days, the rashes and feet swelling went away, and I felt better than I had in a year. BUT my BP went wacko. At first I thought I didn't care because I'd rather be dead than enduring that cough, but then I had Atrial Fibrillation, and finally reluctantly went to the ER was in ICU for two days and now Drs want to do a Cardioversion.

I am back on BP meds, coughing my brains out, not sleeping. I've seen 9 different specialists, all looking for something exotic, and it was so simple. It's the BP meds, guys, pure and simple. Can we all get together on this? Is someone able to organize an organization and present our case to pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Hope someone will step up to the plate, I will help, but not physically able right now to lead the effort. We need to be heard, loud and clear. We are guinea pigs and no one seems to care. HELP. Someone help us.

I am writing again after my med change. I commented on 11/14/11 and have since been switched to Amlodipine Besylate 5mg (Norvasc)and my coughing has almost gone away. Thank GOD, because I was at my wits end with the coughing, not sleeping, gagging, falling asleep at my desk and throwing up!!! Maybe this will help someone else out. Best to all of you!!

I switched to Avapro and cough stopped. No generic available yet. Very expensive w/ high co-pay, but it works.

I was put on Avapro at one time, and it caused no problems at all, but it was so expensive, the Dr switched me to amlopodine. I still have lots of Avapro, think I'll try it. It would sure be less expensive than going to dozen of specialists looking for other causes of this debilitating cough. Let us know if it is still working a month from now, sometimes it takes a time for these allergic reactions to build up in our bodies. Thanks, thanks for comment gwd. .

I have been on an lisinopril medication for 10 years, and 9 months ago, I started having an asthmatic type of non-productive cough that got more severe with each passing month. I am a 70 year old healthy and active woman who scuba dives and coughing while "downunder" is not an option; I feared health issues that I needed to address and hopefully rule out all of the scarey stuff.

I had chest x-ray, EKG, breathing evaluation, all came back negative or normal. I then went to an ENT specialist and had extensive testing of the throat, larynx, and vocal cords and box; thus found irritation, but no abnormalities and was told I most likely had acid reflux and was prescribed MORE medication. My primary doctor was okay with all of the testing for the "what ifs," but never addressed the BP side effects, and I had never hear of it.

I happened to mention my cough while at my husband's heart specialist. He immediately said he was SURE it was due to the BP medication. He switched me to losartan/HCT, and when I conferred with my primary, he finally agreed that the BP medication COULD be the problem.

It has now been 3 weeks, and I THINK the coughing is lessening and not as severe and cough drops seem to help the spasms, but my question is HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR ONE MEDICATION TO LEAVE THE BODY AND ANOTHER TAKE OVER. WHEN CAN I HOPEFULLY EXPECT THE COUGH TO CEASE?

I am slowly, progressively dying from the effects of BP medications. It all started out with a dry cough, gagging, vomiting phlegm, Dr ignored possible BP side effects, saw many other specialists, x-rays showed clear lungs, scopes found nothing significant, cough continued on and on for months, I was afraid to stop taking meds.

Finally quit them cold turkey for 2 weeks, stopped coughing after 5 days, edema went away, rash went away, nausea vomiting went away, but went into atrial fib, just like the other writer, am now back on beta blockers metopropol, diltiazem, Lasek diuretic, blood thinner, and sick, sick sick every day of my life, bloated, edema, rash all over my body, now told there is fluid on my lungs. It's all the result of the side effects of the BP meds. I know it, many of you know it, but haven't found a doctor that knows it.

What can I do? So far I am just succumbing, planning my funeral, damned if I do, damned if I don't. Can someone advise me or help me some way? I cough until I nearly pass out several times a day. But, I nearly died with Atrial Fib. What to do? I've written in before, still no hope still no help. Anyone?

I took Lisinopril for no more than seven days. I began this nagging cough and it did not cease until six months later. I reported the cough about eight days after taking the medication and the Doc prescribed Losartan. I refused to take anything though until the coughing stopped. Meanwhile after four months of continued coughing I went back to the Doc, never telling him that I was not taking the medication he prescribed (Losartan) and he listened to my chest and said, you have asthma, you are wheezing!!

Asthma??? I never had asthma before this. I never had the rash on my shins before Lisinopril either!! Nonetheless, he gave me two inhalers, which I do not know whether or not they helped or not, however, perhaps the steroid effects of the inhalers cleared the "restin" out of my lungs that I have read is the cause for the coughing side effects. I since have stopped coughing and then In early January decided to go ahead and take the Losartan..guess what?? I am coughing again!! SO now I have decided to lose about 60 pounds and go off medication completely. BP meds create just as many problems as just having HTN!!

I am writing as the wife of a cougher who is on Lisinopril 10mg. My husband has had this cough, not constant, but just a single cough followed by times of quiet. I'd say he might cough like that about 4 times per hour, maybe five. So it's not a lot. In the past few weeks, as I have been battling a head cold and bronchitis, my husband would say of his own cough "I must be getting what you have." But the cough isn't any different. It hasn't grown worse.

I'm not sure what made me Google "coughs and blood pressure medications" but I did, and I think this is his issue. In fact, the more posts I read, I noticed people commenting on symptoms of nasal congestion, which is something he also has. He often said during the year a stuffy nose was his allergies and the weather has been so odd all year that I figured it was possible. However, seeing his cough not worsen, as mine has with the infection, I know he is not sick with any type of cold or cough.

I questioned him about his medication and that I seemed to recall our family doctor saying that BP meds can cause a cough. Since he has a doctor appointment coming up in the next few weeks I want to address this. Can anyone comment on different BP meds they've been switched to that have eliminated this nagging cough. I sure don't want it to get worse for him and it would be great to put an end to the constant stuffy nose in the process. (Let's face it, people cannot have a "cold" every single day, and he just doesn't get that.) I was just curious about names of other meds, in case the doctor recommends one. I'd hate to get him switched to another med that might increase the cough even more. So I'm looking for a med or meds that have really eliminated this unpleasant side effect.

Thank you very much for everyone's insight.

To ABBM--I also was on Lisinopril 10mg and developed a cough within a few days- coughing until throwing up. I talked to another doctor and she told me to tell my doctor to put me on amlodipine besylate 5mg per day. The coughing stopped within a week or so. Maybe this will help your husband.

I too have been consistently clearing my throat and can start gagging. I've been taking Diovan 160mg for 6 years. I've been to the allergy clinic, ENT clinic, and family doctor. I've tried sinus meds, sprays, acid reflux meds, and nothing helps. I too wear a pad everyday, due to the gagging reflex. After seeing all the information on this site, I took my last Diovan this morning. I retired about 7 months ago and started going to the gym 5 days every week. I will monitor my Bp throughout the day to confirm I'm keeping it controlled.

My husband had open heart surgery in January about a week after we came home from the hospital he developed a horrible cough... Every time he would talk or eat he would just go into coughing fits he could not stop. Have been to the doctors sooooo many times with no satisfaction. All of his doctors say none of his medications cause cough, which baffles me because I know of other people taking the same med that also have a cough. He has been sent for every test imaginable. Has anyone else had any problems with metropolol?

Started taking lisinopril (10 mg) about 2 months ago. I just now started with intense night coughs. Last night I was up all night. They are very intense. My doctor asked if they were dry? They start out with a tickle in the back of my throat and then it leads to a violent cough. I don't think they are dry. By morning I feel like I have loose flem. I've even sounded like I had a cold in the morning but then as the day goes on it gets better. I'm sure this is a reaction to the meds. My doctor is going to get back to me.

Enough already. I read and read these accounts, so like my own, and I want to sit down and bawl my eyes out. Instead, I am writing a book. I'm starting it tonight. This book will be filled to the brim with accounts of all of us who suffer silently day and night from the chronic cough caused by blood pressure medications. We've been quiet long enough.

Pharmaceutical companies, listen up, Doctors, be aware there are hundreds of us. Surely you can come up with medications that don't harm unsuspecting sensitive patients. Surely doctors should protect their patients and insist on effective BP medication that doesn't cause such horrible side effects.

We aren't going to sit down and shut up any longer. Please all of you out there coughing your very life away, Help me write this book. Send me your account, your story of suffering from ingesting these vicious drugs. Be sure and give me permission to use your story. Shall I title it THE OGRE IN THE LITTLE PINK PILL? or THE GORILLA IN THE BOTTLE? or what? Give me permission to use your unique story and mail to: DLG, PO box 1293, Wilsonville, OR 97070. ps CONTEST: SEND ALONG YOUR IDEAS FOR A TITLE FOR THE BOOK.

Dear PZ you asked if anyone else has had problems with Metropolol Yes at least I thinks so, am taking two medications so don't know which one to blame. It's no laughing matter and I'm writing a book about all the misery the cough and side effects of these drugs can cause. I cough until I gag and throw up phlegm, rips my whole body apart.

Let me know if you find a good alternative. we're between a rock and a hard place, a bunch of innocent guinea pigs. I was just taking the pradaxa the doctors ordered one day when an ad came on the TV. DANGER BAD DRUG it said and warned about the devastating potential of Pradaxa such as bleeding in the brain, hemorrhaging, etc. Makes you feel darned confident in your doctor and the pharmaceutical companies doesn't it? And there I am swallowing the stuff. Yikes. Won't somebody help us?

Reply to DLG from March 08, 2012.
Reminds me of Jack Lemmon with his head out the window hollering, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"
Good for you. I hope many write to you.

There seems to be some void in medical school's lectures on the dangers of meds, and the need to follow patients carefully when just beginning a new prescription.

I'm also glad I found this website. My problem seems very similar to what I've read here. None of my doctors have connected my coughing and throwing up phlegm with my BP meds.
I have had to stop going to the gym and a lot of other activities because of the coughing and gagging. It's scary, to me and the people around me.

Nov 2010 Started with a reaction to "Atenolol" I ended up in ICU with heart missing beats (something like that) until it got out of my system.
Dec. 2010 Started to take "Lisinopril" 10mg. per day
Jan. 2011 Doubled up "Lisinopril" now taking 20mg. per day
Apr. 2011 Started having uncontrolled coughing and throwing up phlegm.
Apr. 2011 Doctors told me it was Asthma related, take Asmanex & Albuterol until symptoms go away. X-rays were OK.
Apr. 2011 Prescribed Azithremycin. More x-rays.
Apr. 2011 Still have the cough & phlegm problem, more x-rays.
Dec. 2011 Still have the cough & phlegm problem. Doctor thinks it's a allergy related.
Jan 2012 Doctors thinks cough is now an infection, prescribed 500mg Amoxicillin 3x per day for a month.
Feb. 2012 Cough might be a little better? Not sure, it's still very bad.

After reading all the posts about the BP meds and these type of problems, I will be contacting my doctor, and see if there are other BP meds I can try.
I have had allergy problems before, maybe that's why my doctors didn't see the obvious relationship between the symptoms and the BP meds? Don't know, but I will be pointing them out.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to share their experiences to help all of us with this problem...

Reply to DK: Don't contact your doctor, change your doctor.

Tekturna shouldn't be taken with ACE inhibitors or ARBs in patients with diabetes or poor kidney health.

I have been suffering with this horrible cough for over a month.The first doctor I went to at my family practice "Dr V" put me on antibiotics for ten days.. When that didn't work I was prescribed another 10 day round of a different antibiotic. Upon the 7th day I called the office and requested an appointment with my primary physician Dr.G who is most familiar with my medical history and all my current medications and actually the best Dr within the practice because he is up on all current information.

(Dr V the first physician I saw regarding the cough also had access to my current medications before the exam as they are available on their computers and the nurse reviews your medications with the patient before the doctor begins the exam) Dr.V never once tied the fact that cough might have been a side effect to the BP med.

Anyway Dr G sent me for a chest Xray after his exam and prescribed a pump for me to use for the cough... The pump did not help at all after six days of use. My coughing at night even made my pet uncomfortable and kept him awake to the point he left the bed and sleeps in his dog bed which he rarely uses.

Anyway Dr G prescribed prednisone 20mg for ten days which I just picked up. He also told me to stop taking the BP med lisinopril. I will keep you posted as how long it will take for the cough to cease and desist... Can't wait to get a good night sleep. And my pet "Happy 2" wants to return to his people bed with both his masters..

I forgot to mention My Xrays came back with a normal reading.

I have been coughing since I was put on BP meds two years ago. All the Ace inhibitors make me cough, and Tekturna, which is in another class also has that side effect. Everyone seems to know that lisinaprol is the worst. I have been put on Hydrocholothiazide (water pill) makes me cough too. When I was switched to Toprol, a beta blocker, which has no cough as a side effect, but, it slowed down my heart too much and I was terribly tired. Norvasc, which is a calcium channel blocker made my ankles swell and also my gums. I am beside myself with this cough, but there isn't an answer. So I'm back on tekturna, coughing all the time. I am considering going to a holistic doctor. Maybe there is something natural I can take.

I have been on Lisinopril now for 9 months, for the last 4 months I have been back and forward to the Doctors with sinus issues and terrible clear white sticky phlegm pouring down my throat also a constant dry hacking cough. I am awaiting to see a ENT specialist. I have been on 3 different kinds of antibiotics and steroid inhalers to no avail. I now know the cause of all this trouble is my BP medication and have stopped taking the med. How do Doctors not know? All this expense could have been avoided and 4 months of hell for me would never have happened. I am so bemused about all this.

Check out my other DK comment: April 5, 2012
I'm now on another Antibiotic for at least a month (Amoxicillin/K Clav 875/125mg twice a day). But, My doctor took me off Lisinopril too. After about 5 weeks my cough is almost gone, But, the last time I was on antibiotics the cough did get better, but never went completely away and as soon as I stopped taking them. Hard to prove which one is the cure, don't care I feel better, might be able to go out to the gym, with out choking and scaring the hell out of the people around me.
As far as the doctors not knowing BP's are the problem. My doctor took me off, because he felt I would be more comfortable.. he was right.

Also, the fact I was having so much problems with the (Sticky Phlegm) he ruled out the BP meds because everything they know about it is it may cause a "dry cough". (I guess you have to say "dry cough" to get them to take you off?

I'm now taking BP med Hydrochlorothiazide. BP is a little high, but no cough. So far so good. I'm a smoker too, which didn't help, smoking and or second hand smoke or almost anything was triggering that cough. So I'm going to try and kick that habit too. I guess now we will never know for sure what the cause was. lol

I have follow up appointments coming up... Because while I took antibiotics in the past the cough got a little better while I was taking them, then came back the same as before. I also take Enbrel & methotrexate So there is a chance it could be a infection and I might have to stop the Enbrel to get rid of it completely... who knows... we'll see..
Good luck, thanks for you input

So sad. Is bemused another word for "Pissed off"?
You needed blood pressure medication for a reason, it is dangerous to just quit it. See your doctor or another and start another BP med. In the meantime, check your BP. Begin any new BP med in the smallest dose, and then have the doctor increase if needed.
It was irresponsible to be put on antibiotics if no test for bacteria were done. The ENT doctor should be up to date on BP meds and coughs. Good luck.

It is so sad to keep reading these unnecessary stories. If all else fails, ask the doctor what Med school she/he went to and was there not a lecture covering side effects of BP meds and what to change to if a patient develops a cough?
Good luck.

All the side effects of the Ace inhibitor drugs list cough along with the accompanying mucus from the drug. I just can't imagine the doctor putting you on antibiotics and why they don't read the literature about the drugs they are giving out.

I have had a terrible cough for two years making it extremely rough on me. I sit in the back at church so I can get to the ladies room quickly. I don't sing in the choir now, can't because of the cough. I don't want to go to a concert or play, again because of the cough. Yesterday I was waiting with my husband in the doctor's office and started to cough and a lady got up and moved to the other side of the room. :)

My doctor has tried every drug imaginable in the ace inhibitor class and all of them make me cough. However, the calcium channel blockers cause ankle swelling and puffy gums, and the beta blocker slowed my heart rate too much. So the answer is, says my doctor, just cough! It is better than a stroke. I will stay on the drugs, not taking any chances. I am going to try to find a natural drug, but wonder if they will be effective.

I have been following Arlene and DK's sagas and am so sorry. I googled Enbrel, and would not touch it myself. Look it up.
Both mention being on HCL, the diuretic, and it is known to cause a cough in some patients.

I have run the gamut like Arlene swollen legs from Norvasc, and developing asthma from a beta blocker. Being on HCL did nothing.
Neither one of you mention the dosage of your medications. I finally am on an ACE inhibitor, Coversyl, but at the dosage of 4 mg. I have no side effects at that level. I never knew it was an ACE inhibitor until I started reading all these sagas. It is not strong enough alone to control my BP completely so the doctor added Clonidine, beginning with .025 mg. then .05 mg twice a day. The two together at a small dose each are effective for me and not causing any side effects.

Keep trying and working on it. It is important to keep trying to control your BP, there are meds out there that will work for you without horrible side effects.

I wish I would have found this site sooner. Unfortunately I haven't learned anything new that I haven't already experienced. What I feel is depression since it looks like if you have high blood pressure problems you are stuck with the side effects. It's that or you take your chances by not taking these meds. Who wants to live this way, certainly not me.

I was recently changed to Amlodipine 10mg and was assured by both my doctor and the pharmacist that these were different and would not cause me to cough. Surprise. I'm still coughing and a side effect is a dry cough. I end up with either a sore throat or sore ribs from the cough. I wish there was an easy answer to our problem. If you have one, please tell us.

Appreciate the comments from JBC. Right now I am on 300 mgs of Tekturna, which is in another class of drugs. But the cough is horrible. I have been on the HCL too, and had a horrible cough from that. I have printed her comments and may suggest to my doctor that I try the combination she suggests, (Coversyl with Clonidine.) Since February of 2011 I have had two surgeries for a rectocele and other problems in that area, and I now fear the coughing has undone most of the repair work. I am seeing the surgeon on Friday, and realize that I will have to have more repair work done. But unless I can get rid of the cough, what's the point!! Thank you JBC, your suggestions are worth checking into.

It's been 4-weeks, since I changed to HCL Diuretic (Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg per day) (And didn't realize HCL could cause a cough by itself) and been on antibiotics "Amoxicillin/clav 875/125mg" 2-time per day. My cough is gone! so far anyway. Time will tell, I'm enjoying this little break.

Don't blame you "JBL" for not wanting anything to do with "Enbrel". It has been working for me for over 10 years now. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis years ago. It started flaring up so bad, I was having trouble walking, couldn't climb stairs, fingers and feet got deformed (had to have inserts built for my shoes because of the severity of the damage to my foot. Thinking about taking a medical retirement from work. But after taking enbrel, I made it to a regular retirement (age 55) can walk, workout, climb stairs, fingers & foot joint deformity almost all went away (no more shoe inserts). So, like all meds should be, the choice to take it, out weighed the chance of the side effects at the time (for me).

But I have read that sometimes infections won't clear up while taking "Enbrel". I have about 5 more days of antibiotics, then we'll see what happens. And maybe figure out (BP med cough vs infection cough).

I have had a cough for YEARS! and I suspect it could be from the Atenolol. In the beginning, a cough was not listed as a side effect so I never thought it possible. Now I am researching and I just bet this "asthma" cough is a side effect of that drug. I will have to gradually wean of it tho as per the drug site. I only take 12.5 mg of it (split a 25 mg tablet). I would be in heaven already to get rid of this cough!

I really don't know where to start. I was diagnosed with high BP a month ago. I was put on metopoplol 50 mg twice a day. We moved to a new home and I thought it had molded carpet. After we moved in I think I started coughing and thought it was because I had an allergic reaction to the mold. I was put on medicine for that. I was back again with bronchitis and then they thought I had pneumonia. I was told I had pneumonia because it showed up on X-ray. I was put on meds for that.

A week later I was told the radiologist read the X-ray and saw no pneumonia. I have not had a good night sleep for a month and a half because I was coughing for about a week before I went to the dr. I have been coughing up green stuff and now I'm not but I am still coughing especially when I drink or eat something cold.

Could this be my BP meds started this off? I am so frustrated and worn out. I have to help take care of my grandbaby and another one is on the way. I am afraid I will not be able to do this with not sleeping and coughing. Should I bring this up with my dr. because for the most part my BP has been good and it before I took meds but I had a lot of family issues come up that made my BP go up in the first place.

I'm sure you meant "Metoprolol". I did check side effects and yes one of them (there are many)was a cough. I'm not a doctor (not even close). You can Check out my other post by (DK) if you like, I didn't take Metoprolol. My cough is gone now (so far). What I did, Told my doctor about this site and that I was convinced that (Maybe) my year long cough might be related to the meds. He didn't think so, he treated me for an infection, but also changed my BP meds to give me piece of mind.

I got over the cough / infection, really not sure what the cause was for sure. Just glad to get rid of that cough... It was terrible.

Anyway, talk to your doctor tell him your concerns, There are plenty of BP meds, He can change you BP meds just to see, and probably will want to treat you for whatever he thinks the problem is. In my case I might have ended up with an infection had a lot of phlegm. So far so good.

Just changing the meds will eliminate one possibility and will help to find the culprit.
wish you
Good luck..

Wow. I'm so glad I came across this site. Thanks to this site, I was able to actually figure out why I am coughing so bad. 2 months ago, in the beginning of May, I started taking Lisinipril for my high blood pressure. At that time, my Mother was very sick in a NY hospital. I started coughing withing days of starting the medicine. I just figured I was catching a cold.

On June 1st, I had to go home to NY and take care of my Mom in the hospital in her final 5 days. I coughed, gagged, and peed myself in that hospital the entire 5 days & nights I was there. All the doctors & nurses badgered & lectured me about my smoking. But I knew it was something more.

I came home to Florida and was convinced I had picked up bronchitis while in that hospital. 1 month to the day after my Mothers passing, my 29 year old Brother committed suicide. Besides being totally devastated, the cough got worse and worse to the point that I totally lost my voice. I hadn't slept in 2 months. Just coughed, gagged, and peed myself all day & all night.

Last week I started Augmentan antibiotic. Coughing continued to get worse. Finally I googled "reasons for chronic cough" and one of the reasons listed was BP meds. I continued to do more research and came across this site with people telling the same exact stories as mine. I called my doctor yesterday and told him I suspected my Lisinipril was the culprit for my cough. He said no and sent me for s stat chest xray.

Xray came back clear. I did not take the lisinipril yesterday at all. My doctor told me to stop taking it. I guess he was starting to believe me. By last night, the coughing was starting to ease up. I went to bed last night and slept for a couple hours and woke up this morning with my voice already coming back and much less coughing. That Lisinipril was causing my problems for 2 months and I never knew it.

I was not told about any side effects by my doctor. If I had been told, I would have not suffered for 2 months. The improvement from being off that med for the last 24 hours is amazing. And it's all thanks to this web site. The coughing was so violent, every muscle in my body hurt. I stopped going out in public because of the embarrassing cough, gagging, and peeing myself. Much better day today. Thank you for this site.

Wow. I'm so glad I came across this site. Thanks to this site, I was able to actually figure out why I am coughing so bad.

2 months ago, in the beginning of May, I started taking Lisinipril for my high blood pressure. At that time, my Mother was very sick in a NY hospital.

I started coughing withing days of starting the medicine. I just figured I was catching a cold. On June 1st, I had to go home to NY and take care of my Mom in the hospital in her final 5 days. I coughed, gagged, and peed myself in that hospital the entire 5 days & nights I was there. All the doctors & nurses badgered & lectured me about my smoking. But I knew it was something more.

I came home to Florida and was convinced I had picked up bronchitis while in that hospital. 1 month to the day after my Mothers passing, my 29 year old Brother committed suicide. Besides being totally devastated, the cough got worse and worse to the point that I totally lost my voice. I hadn't slept in 2 months. Just coughed, gagged, and peed myself all day & all night.

Last week I started Augmentan antibiotic. Coughing continued to get worse. Finally I googled "reasons for chronic cough" and one of the reasons listed was BP meds. I continued to do more research and came across this site with people telling the same exact stories as mine.

I called my doctor yesterday and told him I suspected my Lisinipril was the culprit for my cough. He said no and sent me for s stat chest xray. Xray came back clear. I did not take the lisinipril yesterday at all. My doctor told me to stop taking it. I guess he was starting to believe me. By last night, the coughing was starting to ease up. I went to bed last night and slept for a couple hours and woke up this morning with my voice already coming back and much less coughing.

That crap Lisinipril was poisoning me for 2 months and I never knew it. I was not told about any side effects by my doctor. If I had been told, I would have not suffered for 2 months. The improvement from being off that crap for the last 24 hours is amazing. And it's all thanks to this web site.

I now call Lisinipril the devils medicine. The coughing was so violent, every muscle in my body hurt. I stopped going out in public because of the embarrassing cough, gagging, and peeing myself.

Much better day today. Thank you for this site.

Sometimes the docs just don't know. I have coughed on almost every BP drug they give me. The one I'm on now is called Tekturna. It comes with a cough too, but not as bad as Diovan, or Lisinopril. At least I'm not coughing all night long like I did on others. My doctor is great and realizes it is a side effect. She has tried so hard to help me, but there are no choices out there. She's very compassionate about the issue.

I was on a beta blocker, Metatoprol which does not cause such a cough, but it slowed my heart down too much. Then I was on a calcium channel blocker which caused water retention, swollen gums and ankles!!! So the choice for me is to take the one that keeps my BP down, and causes less of a cough. What a problem. Why oh why can't they make a drug without side effects. I guess to help something, they have to screw up something else! :) Frustrating!

Also, because of the constant coughing for several years now, I have had prolapses and have had to surgeries to fix those. When I cough It's like I'm bulging everywhere! :(

I know I need my bp meds (lisinopril 10mg) & was wondering if anyone has found a way to lessen the cough & post nasal drip associated with it? I don't want to just live with it.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: The only way to take care of a cough from lisinopril is to ask the doctor to prescribe a different type of blood pressure medicine. You are right that controlling your blood pressure is crucial for your health.

My husband smokes and I've been really wanting him to quit. His cough has been really consistant to a smokers cough. He tells me its allergies and all his family has it. he is taking lisinopril-hctz 12.5 mg. On his last refill I noticed a warning label about the cough. Now I'm wondering if the med is the problem. He needs the blood pressure med so I think I'm going to stop him from taking it for a week and see if the cough goes away. I like the comment above about the vitamin c drops........

I take Accupril and developed a cough that wakes me almost every night. Once it starts it doesn't stop until I get up. I'm wondering what the medication actually does. Whether it makes us have more phlegm, or inflames our bronchi, or does something to our lungs. I see a lot of explanations that it causes cough, but what does it do to cause the cough?

I have taken Metoprolol 50 mg. 2 times a day plus Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg once a day and have a nagging, dry cough. I am sure it is one or both of these medications. The cough will not stop. I feel well but the coughing constantly is not a good thing.

I wonder what other medications can be taken to keep the high blood pressure in check.

I am thin, not overweight so that is not the cause of the high blood pressure.

What other medications are not cough producing that can alleviate high blood pressure? Are there any?

I have been on many BP meds. Diovan (terrible cough) all of the Ace inhibitors can give you cough. I've tried all of them. I was on the Hydrochlorotiazide just like you and coughed worse than ever. I have been through every med possible, and cough all the time. One that doesn't give you cough is the metroprolol but it slowed my heart too much. It also made me so tired. Then they tried Norvasc and my ankles and gums swelled. Now I am on Tecturna, and only 1.5 % of people cough and on that I cough non stop. I am not obese. As a result of the coughing I have pelvic prolapse and other issues because of the strain. My doc says it's better to cough than have a stroke. I wish there was an answer!!

This exact thing happened to me! I have now been put on 3 different BP medications due to the dry, hacking, gagging cough. I am now currently on 10mg of Amlodipine. Last week my son told me that my coworkers must hate me because my cough is so annoying! My doctor assured me that this one wouldn't cause me to cough, and here I am again on the internet researching the side affects. My cough stopped for a short time in between each prescription, then came right back! And as I suspected, based on several other posts and yours, Amlodipine also causes the cough.

I'm so done with this! Its annoying, embarrassing, and painful! My throat is constantly sore, my tongue is constantly raw from sucking on cough drops nonstop, my sleep is interrupted by waking up coughing and gagging and I wake up with headaches!

Update to my post from yesterday! I had the most aggravating nights sleep last night! I threw up in my mouth from coughing so hard! However, as an experiment I didn't take my Amlodipine pill last night, and imagine my surprise today that I have hardly coughed all day! This is now the 3rd BP medication that has caused a nonstop dry hacking, gagging cough! Granted, it's only day 1, and my cough is usually at its worst in the evenings and when I go to bed, but I suspect my cough may clear up entirely in the next few days! I will post an update tomorrow!

This is day 4 without my BP medicine! Guess what? almost no cough! During the day I'm no longer going into coughing gagging fits at all. And at my coughing is very minor. My throat is still sore but I'm guessing that it may take a week or so for the medicine to get out of my system all together! The purpose of my postings is to confirm that no matter what your doctor may say, Amlodipine, does cause the dry gagging cough! I hope this helps someone else :)

It amazes me how many doctors don't have a clue about the side effects of medicine. Especially BP meds, so many cause cough. I went off of mine too for about two weeks, but my BP kept going up. No choice. My doc says either cough or have a stroke. I guess I'll cough. Horrible, I'm so tired of it.

Reading all of the comments are interesting, I was on Lisinopril until yesterday, but my doctor explained beforehand about the possible coughing side effect. Unfortunately, it happened to me and was getting a little worse. My doctor is now switching me to another medicine, he explained that there are so many different blood pressure medicines available that there is no reason for anyone to suffer side effects.

It can be a trial and error scenario to find a fit. Also, I developed red blotches on the back on my hands and on my forearms, he said that some blood pressure medications can make a person more sensitive to the sun also. I am using a cream to see if it helps. I think working closely with your doctor can give one a good result in the end.

I just had open heart surgery & about 10 days after developed a horrible cough all day & night on Metropolol.

I also have this dry cough that will not go away. I have had this cough ever since i was put on Lisinopril. Have been coughing cronic for over 4 months now. I also cough so bad that i have to wear a pad so i won't pee myself, and then sometimes do because I cough so hard that I can't control my bladder. Can go use the bathroom and just have emptied my bladder and pad will get soaked from coughing so hard.

Takes my breath away and also can't talk for a while because words won't come out and can't catch my breath. This is getting really annoying plus makes me feel so bad. my eyes will also start watering and tears will start rolling down my face.

I am also on the same medication for about 3 years. I starting coughing about 1 and 1/2 years ago.

I have had to go to several urgent cares because the cough would come on unexpectedly and I could not stop coughing. It gets bad at night. It comes on all of a sudden. The doctors always give me a cough suppressant and penicillin but it comes back. Sometimes I cough so hard I cannot get my breath.

My family has noticed the sudden onset. I have finally decided not to take the blood pressure med. I have been off the meds for three days. I am waiting to see if the cough goes away.

It seems to be getting better already.

Peoples Pharmacy response: It is critical that you let your doctor know you have stopped taking your blood pressure medicine. It would make sense to report that your symptoms have improved. You could even request a different blood pressure medication. It would be preferable to have one in a different class, not an AC E inhibitor.

this sounds exactly like what I've been experiencing. I was on Lisinopril for 3 weeks with a dry, hacking cough that got so bad I would gag and throw up. after 1 week of this, My doctor told me it was impossible for it to be the BP medicine and was all in my head! then after 3 weeks, he changed it to Losartan AND put me on an acid reflux med.
then said- oh I guess some BP meds could cause a cough that's why he changed it.

Been on this one for 4 weeks, the Acid reflux med seemed to be helping- watching diet very carefully to avoid reflux. as of last week, the cough and gagging are back. Even water makes me cough and gag sometimes. This is the third BP med I've been on in 3 months- looking to change doctors since he doesn't believe it's the meds!

is there something to relieve this constant dry scratchy throat and cough?

Peoples Pharmacy response: Although losartan is much less likely to cause cough than lisinopril, sometimes that is also a side effect of losartan. It sounds as though you and your doctor need to keep trying different medications for your blood pressure. If your doctor really doesn't think that blood pressure pills can cause cough, perhaps indeed you need to look for a different doctor.

That is very helpful indeed! My roommate takes Lisinopril and coughs so much and so loudly. It is very disturbing and has also given her a headache at times. We're getting Hall's Defense and we are so grateful for this insight. Thanks a million and God bless you!

I had a doctor that put me on Triamterene/HCTZ 75/50 (Generic for Maxzide) several years ago. NEVER had a problem with the medication. Then that doctor left and I got a new doctor this year. She was very thorough and said there is a BETTER med out there so let's change and see how you do. She DID tell me that one of the main side effects is a cough.

When I went to get the prescription filled, the Pharmacists told me the same thing about the cough. My new doctor said she would call me in 2 weeks to see how I was doing. What was the medicine?...LISINOPRIL!!!!

When my doctor called I told her about this horrible cough I developed and not only that, I was tired; had heartburn at night; my feet and hands started to swell and had no energy at all during the day... probably because I was up all night coughing!!!! She told me to STOP the meds and for me to go back to what I was taking before.

GUESS WHAT??? I STILL HAVE THAT HORRIBLE COUGH!!!! It's so bad at times I feel like I'm going to "toss my cookies"!!! All the other side effects have gone away, but the cough remains. I'm guessing it will take some time to work out of my system.... but it can't happen soon enough!!!

If doctors know this is a side effect... why give us the meds? I just don't get it!!!! Only makes our BP go higher when we cough constantly and can't get a good nights sleep!!! I just went today to purchase Hall's Defense Vitamin C cough drops. I'm hoping this will help with the cough.

It's only been a week since I went back to my old meds and stopped the Lisinopril. I will give this a try, and hope it provides some relief with the coughing. I will be contacting my doctor if it doesn't help. Side note: My sister had the same thing happen to her and the doctor gave her a different med. Side effects are much better now but it took MONTHS for the cough to subside.

Wishing all of us luck with this horrible problem!!!! Doctors need to get with the program and stop giving us ***p that causes other ***p!!!!

I have been on so many different BP meds. The first Diovan, terrible cough, and many different ACE Inhibitors. Then HCT. Then she tried beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. I think I coughed less with them but had other problems, swollen ankles and exhaustion. Finally I was on Tecturna for a few years. Coughed and coughed but there were no other choices. Recently they took Tecturna off the market all together, caused some serious problems, wish I know what.

My doc decided to take me off BP meds all together and I've been off of them for many months now but I am still coughing. Seems I have acid reflux which causes a cough. But my question is why did the cough start the exact time I was put on BP meds!!! Crazy.

I think it messed up the valve in my esophagus allowing the acid to reflux to my throat. Tomorrow I am having a gastroscopy to check this thing out. I am so tired of coughing!

I have been on Avapro for a number of years. I too have this persistent and unexplained coughing. My husband thankfully told me of this possible concern. I am wondering if Avapro could be the cause? I plan on talking to my doctor and/or pharmacist. Does anyone know if Avapro is a medication for high blood pressure connected to this coughing.

The coughing gets so bad it's hindering my life and is embarrassing.



Grace, the official prescribing information makes it seem as if the cough associated with Avapro is comparable to placebo and therefore is not drug-induced. We have doubts about this, however.

ARBs (angiotensin receptor blockers) are a class of drugs that are thought to have a very low incidence of cough, especially compared to ACE inhibitors. Avapro (irbesartan) is an ARB. But the more we dug into this issue the more we have become convinced that some people are susceptible to a cough while taking ARBS.

To read more about this, here is a link with comments from visitors to this website. We hope you can discuss this with your doctor and find an alternate approach.

Wow, I had no idea the blood pressure medication was causing this terrible cough. I had a chest-x-ray and blood work performed results everything negative. My doctor never stated the side effect of benazepril. I can't continue having this awful cough, phlegm, an irritated throat and hoarseness. Even worst than the coughing, I have not being able to sleep. This is causing more problems than just a cough. This has cause me to be very sleeping during the day and my job is transportation. I do plan to contact my doctor asap. Hopefully, someone will help the many people who suffering with this chronic cough.

I've been on Metropolol 50mg for about 4 weeks now.. and have been coughing. Not severe but bothersome enough. Just wondering if anyone had has had the same problems with this.

I am a male in my 30s and rarely have take any medicines in my life at all as I am prone to side effects of meds.
The doc had warned me about my high blood pressure which has been too high for couple years now. diagnosed as hypertension it did start to effect my cognitive thinking skills and decision making I acted out of character. I'm very reasoned and logical normally.

I reluctantly agreed to take blood pressure medicine as advised. I've been on it 4 weeks and 3days -

LISINOPRIL HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE TABLETS USP 10MG /12.5MG Rx only and for the last few days I've got a persistent very annoying harsh cough. It starts dry feeling almost like hairs in throat and fits coughing so hard and long I nearly blackout or see stars I feel my whole abdominal jerk move lungs and throat are tired and my throat feels sore swollen I've coughed so much.

It is literally tiring and stop me enjoying anything even tv or reading is disrupted its so uncomfortable. its frustrating espec. when in conversation having to stop and leave the chat! I've tried cough sweets and lozenges and drinking water helps a little. It seems to worse if I change from standing to laying down. I have had little sleep with it either. am over tired from it now. I've been choking coughing even as I type here!

has anyone found a good bp medicine that doesn't give us this cough or mess with our parts please!?

Amazing. 6 years of comments all very much the same. Started on BP medication 2 weeks ago.(2mg) Perindopril tert-butylamine, and yes you have probably guessed, dry cough and vomiting. Seeing doctor tomorrow to discuss. Will update.

All the same issues. The cough is UNBEARABLE.
Going to see Pulmonologist at Mayo Clinic, this week. Will see what he or she wants to try.
It is a HORRIBLE condition, and only we, who suffer from it, know the pain of it all!

Great site - best I've found on just about ANY subject!
Thank you -

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