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Bad Breath And Bugs In The Belly

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Q. I have a problem with bad breath though I brush my teeth three times a day and use mouthwash. My dentist said, “It’s not your mouth, which is very clean.”

I have read that a stomach infection with H. pylori bacteria could cause bad breath. What can I do about this?

A. Bad breath may result from gum disease, but there are other causes. Many years ago we spoke with Nobel Prize laureate Barry Marshall, MD. He discovered that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori could cause stomach ulcers. He told us that these germs are behind some cases of hard-to-treat bad breath.

Over the years we have heard from readers who reported success after curing the infection: “When I read about a blood test for a germ in the stomach that causes bad breath and gastritis, I saw my doctor. He hadn’t heard of this but he gave me the blood test. It turned up positive. Now I am fine, after years of bad breath.”

Treating H. pylori requires medical supervision, so you will need to see your doctor. Multiple medications are often required to rid the stomach of this bug.

For more details about this infection and its treatment, we are sending you our Guide to Digestive Disorders.

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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4/5 (38 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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My 11-year-old daughter had terrible breath. The dentist said that it wasn't coming from her teeth and referred us to a ENT. The ENT said that he suspected that the small sinus cavities on each said of her nose had fungal infections in them. He prescribed a nose spray that is a mixture of Nasacort and Fluconazo/Triam 15MG/4ML. She uses it twice a day. Within two days her bad breath was gone. Now whenever her breath starts to get bad again we just have her start using the nose spray mixture and it disappears.

Read your article re: bad breath which I am subject to. You suggest medical advise. Do I go to my GP who is an internist, my GI dr. who treats me for GERD or an ENT? If I can eliminate the problem, I'll let you know what treatment worked. Thanks.


I've tried everything to get rid of bad breath. Taken 3 h. pylori tests... all negative. Dentist says it's not my teeth or gums, gastroenterologist says stomach is fine. Had surgery to widen nasal passages in hope of finding something that can cause bad breath.

All came up with nothing. Without asking, my friends have told me I have it, but the docs think I'm crazy because they say I don't. I've done everything from brushing 3 times daily, tongue brushing, baking soda, floss which takes 20 minutes to do it all, expensive mouthwashes and toothpastes, lactaid, vegetarian diet, you name it I've tried it. I'll try the parsely and naselcort, if that doesn't work then what's next? I've done several blood tests to check if it's internal organs and all come back negative.

Please help me. It's socially unacceptable and my job is teetering because people don't want me to talk to them. I'm very social, good attitude, positive outlook, so it's not me in that respect. any suggestions?

Some time ago I developed a problem with bad breath, although I have always been diligent about hygiene. Then one evening, I had a sore throat and no medicine at hand, so I tried a remedy I had read about somewhere (unfortunately, I don't recall the source) of gargling with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 cup of warm water. Gargle and spit, then swallow a mouthful of the mixture, alternating gargling & swallowing until the mixture is finished. My bad breath and sore throat disappeared and I now do this regularly at night before going to bed. It did not create a heartburn problem for me, but this is something you may want to consider.

I have lived with bad breath for over 40 years. My dental hygiene is fine. MY ENT said he could find nothing, plus I had a lung X-Ray as well. My sinus infections come and go, but I have breath issues even when I have no sinus issues. Anyone have any experiences regarding maybe a blockage somewhere or a rotting gut or whatever?

I just went through a course of 2 antibiotics and 1 proton pump inhibitor after the H Pylori was found in my stools. Then I noticed that the bad breath that I had been struggling with over the past 5 years had vanished. I believe that somehow this germ is one cause of very very bad breath.

I have also suffered with bad breath for the past 20 years. I visit my dentist on a regular basis - every 3 months to be exact - I brush 3 - 4 times a day, floss nightly, use a water pik every night before bed and every morning, I have purchased expensive mouth washes, have every tongue scraper know to man and I still have bad breath. It is extremely embarrassing and I hate to talk to anyone for fear that they will walk away. I just don't know what else to do. I will, however, speak with my doctor about performing a test for H Pylori after reading the comments on your website. Maybe this could be the root cause of my bad breath. Somehow I pray that it is so that I can be cured and will no longer have to face the embarrassment of having such offensive breath. If anyone knows of any other remedy or solution to the bad breath problem, I would sure love to hear about it.

I am 66 years old, female and have been plagued all my life with breath issues. Nothing seems to help, as it is not my sinus, acid reflux, my teeth etc., I would be interested with the pylori treatment and/or anything else any of you have as a possible cure. Thank you.

I went to have my yearly physical a week ago and discussed my bad breath with my doctor. I asked her to test me for h-pylori and it came back positive. Today I will be starting my treatment to clear up the H-pylori and hopefully my bad breath will go away. I will let you know once I have completed my treatments.

I have suffered with bad breath for over 20 years.I have bought everything from tongue scrapers to nasal irrigation. I recently have been diagnosed with h pylori. I just finished my last pill today. I can honestly say I feel my breath is better, but I don't want to get my hopes up!!

Probiotics such as in kefir or yogurts help prevent the H. Pylori from returning, but also help increase healthy flora in the stomach and mouth--which may help the breath smell better. Excessive use of mouthwashes may be killing the good bacteria with the bad. I've taken an inexpensive probiotic in pill form available from a vitamin chain store for over a year and seem to have a much healthier immune system as well.

I have bad breath for a few years, and went to every single doctor there is to find the source and cure it: lots of blood tests, about 6 visits to the best ear, nose and throat specialists (none said that I should be removing my tonsils even though they look like a peach seed, or that I have sinusitis ), had lung x-ray's, and went to dentists.

I finally went to check on my stomach, got an endoscopy and the result was erithema gastritis , GERD and esofhagitis without the H pylori bug, and the doctor said that this is IT. Got a treatment for 2 months with antiacid pills, maalox, motilium and omez, and now I can say the burns on my throat are gone but the smell ain't completely gone, and still have this feeling like something is stuck in my throat, so have to go back to see what the doctor says to do next.

So, I had my doctor test for H-Pylori and it can back positive. I took the treatments and during the treatment the bad breath went away but returned as soon as the treatment was completed. She also referred me to a gastroenterologist and he performed an endoscopy which was negative. My next visit will be to an ENT specialist to see if he can find the answer to this puzzling problem. I just don't know where to turn!!!

Poor oral hygiene is not only the reason of having bad breath. there are lots of diseases which is associated with that problem. if you're practicing oral hygiene and regularly visiting your dentist but still your breath stinks, then maybe you have an internal disease. Better consult a physician for a thorough check up. Doctors often know the best solution for every health problem.

My bad breath is worse on days when I'm wearing something polyester. I try to avoid poly fabrics, but most coat linings and trouser linings are made of it. Now I need to cut the linings out and replace them with nylon.

I have same problem too. When I took antibiotic, my breath was much better. however, once I finished my medicine, the bad breath came back again. I don't know what to do. I am waiting to visit my doctor 2 months later to test h pylori again.

I have same problem. I had h pylori, took the medicine. However, as soon as the meds finished, the bad breath came back. I don't know what should I do. God please help me!!!


I too have tested positive for H plori, bad breath has taken been a big problem for me, it does not matter how many times I brush or whether I use natural or common products. I am soon starting my triple therapy and praying it will get rid of this problem once and for all. I also see that it was not all in my head cause when I wear polyester material especially when it is cool I find it smells like fish.

I have very bad breath. Even though I do not speak, people become aware of my bad breath. I had gone to dental ward many times and tried mouthwash too but they were all in vain. Recently I had endoscopy and biospy tests as suggested by the doctors and I was diagnosed to have H. Pylori weakly only. So the doctor had given some medicine which I took for 14 days but it was of no use.

Again I went to visit him and he gave me medicine for 1 month. Now I am taking that medicine on regular basis (1 tab in every morning in empty stomach). And currently I am taking it (it's almost 10 days) but I couldn't get any difference. I am very depressed. Even though I remain speechless people around me finds me odd. So I am socially embarrassed. Please if you have any cure or ideas please mail me. Your help can change my life.

I am from Nepal, wish you will help this poor guy.


With my halitosis issue, I too have found that at certain times my foul breath could be sensed without speaking. The smell had started coming from my nasal cavity and mouth. I also realize that if I simply sneeze and don't go and immediately wash my nose and face that I would get a terrible reaction when I'm around people without talking. I would get a reaction from people when I would laugh too with a closed mouth since your nose is triggered when you laugh. So that gave me an indication that my nose is producing extra anaerobic bacteria then normal.

I have tried sinus rinsing which has helped, when I laugh now with a closed mouth I don't seem to get those same reactions anymore. I just have to try and stick with the sinus rinsing longer than a week consistently to see if the odor will leave. I put a drop of tea tree oil or oil of oregano (very good antiseptics) in the water along with sea salt. I am also using a nasal steroid to see if this will help with the odor.

I have gotten tested for h.pylori and I will get my results today. Ramtha
you may also want to look into the manuka honey or special tea used for
h. pylori as well as altering your food choices.

I have also read from some individuals with infected wisdom teeth or periodontal disease that they too have said that odor had started being sensed from out of their nose.

For the last 3 months I have had a sour taste. I have gone to many doctors, including an Internist, Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist, Allergist, Gastroenterologist, and Dentist. I have been told it is not Reflux, had a H-pylori test, and throat culture, both neg. Only allergies I have are to Dust, Dust Mites, and Cats. All Drs. say that everything is normal.

Blood test taken, all normal. I seem to have a nasal drip, and am on Nasonex now. Still the taste. I can still taste my food well. Dentist did find a hole in a crown, and I had it replaced. For one day after that, the taste was gone. Then the taste came back the next day. I then used a prescription mouthwash (to kill any bacteria in my mouth) two times, then got a very coated tongue, and couldn't taste my food, so stopped the mouthwash. Also tried Closis mouthwash, no help.

I feel healthy, have not lost any weight. Coffee and chocolate taste the worst. Can you help me? It is getting me down, and upset that something is brewing and it might be serious. Thanks, HB

Hi, I am 30 years old and I have been having real bad breath for almost 3 years now. I can always feel that I have bad breath and at the same time I feel dry inside my mouth. I brush 3 times a day, teeth are alright... had a minor issue with one tooth and got it fixed but the dentist did say that the bad tooth was not causing the bad breath.

I get sinus on and off and I have been using nasonex spray but still the bad breath doesn't go. I can feel that it is present all the time... even few minutes after brushing the teeth. I just don't know what to do. Could I be having stomach infection or bug?

Also, I have noticed a little polyp in one of my nostril... could that be the cause of the bad breath? If so, then what is the treatment for same?? I am too embarrassed and I am not going out much or even talking to people much anymore... the worst is that I want to kiss my lil 2 year old son all the time and he tries to come close to kiss me.. I always have to turn my face away or ask him to kiss me elsewhere.. it is just so sad! pls someone help.

hello, I'm 35 years old and I have had complaints of my breath for years. I've had my teeth checked found two root canals that needed to be done and the dentist fixed it. Complained to them about the bad breath, I floss and use a tongue scraper and gargle and I brush several times a day! I drink lots of water, avoid dairy products, had test done to test for food allergies/sensitivities and it suggested dairy was an irritant along with other foods and I avoid them.

I finally went to ent and had my tonsils shaved down to keep food from getting in the crevices, I once coughed up a tonsillith and it smelled awful! So I was hoping the tonsillectomy would help, well I still get complaints!

I went to a gastroenterologists and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they found I was positive for Hpylori, on two weeks treatment and then they will retest in two weeks, I really think this is the problem, I've tried everything, I even bought a nettie pot and rinse with it, I used the suggested peroxide and water rinse and brushed with baking soda.

I've been so down and I don't talk to people much because I don't want to offend them, I find myself alone ALOT! I'm too old for this and I'm single, but if someones breath smelled I wouldn't want to be around them either!

There has to be something that works to help us, I also have used therabreath, so when I say I've done it all, I've done it all, can someone please help! this is depressing. ) :

Have your GI Doctor to give you a breath test for H-Pylorie. I had a blood test for it and it came back negative. 6 months later I took the breath test and it came back positive. My Allergy doctor told me that the breat test is more accurate than the blood test.

My remedy for bad breath is liquid chlorophyll (or softgel capsules when I travel). My doctor says that my problem probably is caused by a chronic low grade sinus infection, so I irrigate my nose regularly. Certain foods also contribute to it. The bad breath comes and goes, and my husband tells me when it is back. The chlorophyll works extremely well.

I feel for everyone who is dealing with this problem. I have been dealing with bad breath for 40 years. It takes your self esteem. I pray that God will give each one of you the solution you are seeking. I have tried so many remedies, dentist, and I practice good oral hygiene. This has been taking over my life for so long. Now, we all have to let go and let God. May God heal each and everyone of you:)

Hi Guys, I have chronic halitosis myself and I do understand the stigma that comes with it.
Just to let you know, I have had this bad breath for years now, almost 10 years, as far as I can remember. I had always thought that bad breath arises due to bad oral hygiene alone. So whenever my breath got worse, I was found flossing teeth / scraping my tongue, which I used to do every two hours or so. Back then little had I thought that it could be because of some other problem. But my breath was getting worse by the day.

I first went to a GP and told him about the condition. I don't know what it is with the doctors, they take it for granted that any patient who is reporting bad breath is just a perception in them and try to talk you out of it. I had to tell him time and again that it is no my perception, but have had my friends and family complain. Then comes the oral hygiene part, which after a brief inspection he was convinced that it is not because of any tooth cavities or something. At the end of it I was given some vitamin supplements and was given some dietary suggestions.

I then started reading over internet about all possible causes for bad breath.
In actual, other than poor oral hygiene, bad breath can be caused by any of the below underlying health conditions. Tonsils, Acid Reflux, Bile Reflux, H-Pylori, Diabetes, Ulcers, cancers, Liver problems, colon candida, thyroid problems ( hypo predominantly ) etc.

All that I came across had Halitosis as a secondary symptom with some other predominant symptom which i never experienced. I was confused myself, every GP, ENT, Gastroenterologist I visited then after had ruled out all possible options of any serious illness causing bad breath, as I always maintained that there is no other symptom that I experience.

I always had a white coated tongue, which in spite brushing and scraping did not go away and even if it did, it came back within minutes.

I even used to rinse my mouth and gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide, but to no avail. Even after doing this I never used to feel a fresh breath. Only effect of rinsing with H2O2 is that it removed the oral thrush (white coat over the tongue) which in my case used to come back a little while after.

I was put on PPI's with suspected Acid Reflux, but I never experienced heart burn ever, so this although I initially thought it gave some relief, didn't in actual. I underwent blood test to test for H-pylori, which came back negative. I was tested for T3 and T4 levels and was told that I had borderline Hypothyroidism. The consequtive TSH level test came negative so this suspected Hashomoto's syndrome causing hypo was ruled out. The last test was an endoscopy, which I think should have been my first test, or at least should have been done in the initial stages itself.
The endoscopy did not reveal any tumors / polyps for that matter, but the one crucial thing that happened was that a biopsy was done and a sample was taken for test analyzing any possible infection in my colon.

This test revealed that I have H-Pylori. Now I am suggested to undergo triple therapy to eradicate this infection, which I will be starting in the coming weeks. Hopefully this should resolve my problem.

But the thing is with H-Pylori test which came negative while examining my blood samples. If this indeed is not a foolproof test, why do the doctors still suggest to undertake that test. As in my case, if this at least were to be followed by some sort of a breath analysis or a biopsys, I could have been cured long back. Many doctors are not even aware that there is some sort of a breath test for H-Pylori and any talk about endoscopy, they fire back saying that the symptoms that I had mentioned does not warrant a endoscopy. I have great respect to doctors but just a little suggestion, please do not undermine your patients intellect or aptitude. In fact with so much info available over the internet, the patient might very well be aware of what condition he/she is suffering from, but would require your expertise to test it positive and get prescriptions for the medicines for cure.

So my suggestion to all those who have tried all this, but not done any biopsy, please get it done as there could be chances that you are H-Pylori infected as me but the initial blood test has come negative.

Sorry for such a long write up, but if this is going to help any one of you even by a little bit or at the least gives you some hope to combat this dreaded disease, my time writing and posting this is well worth.
All the very best !!

Hello HB

Your post seems to be quite old, hopefully you have found a cure for this.
But if this is not the case, may I know what test had you undertaken to conclude that you are H-Pylori negative. Is it just the blood test?

I had under taken a blood test some time back, the results of which had come negative, post which I was on look out for some other cause and ignoring on the H-Pylori infection completely.

Only a few days back i had an endoscopy done to test for any polyp / tumor and on analyzing a sample of my colon has revealed that I am H-pylori positive. Gearing up for a triple therapy some time soon.

So if you are concluding on H-Pylori negative please do not do so only on the basis of some blood test, get a biopsy done.
Hope that helps.

There are many things out there that can help. H. Pylori or not, bacteria and fungus is the source. Try mastic gum, look it up-over 3 thousand years of effective use against halitosis. It kills both bacteria and fungus, yea, both. It prevents plaque and kills strep, h. Pylori, and candida (a fungus of the mouth and digestive tract). Nature is wonderful. It actually targets the bacteria that cause halitosis.

You probably feel a constant lump in your throat and have a white tongue and an endless amount of mucus coating your tongue no matter how well you keep your mouth clean. The lump in your throat is mucus and mucus on your tongue is halitosis bacteria protecting themselves. The mucus keeps them from harm. The white coating is fungus. Mastic gum and manuka honey will cure this naturally.

Hi. I had this problem too, very bad breath despite ALL efforts (including about 10 rounds of various antibiotics) From flossing obsessively I figured that bad breath was coming from between only 3 particular teeth. Interestingly enough, those were 3 exact teeth that a certain not so good dentist fixed years ago. After I spent a couple of thousand of dollars on new fillings and enormous amount of time on being suicidal, I ended up pulling those teeth out in a course of 4 years. I should have done it earlier!!!! The last one I took out about two months ago and the smell has been gone without me taking any medicine. I keep my fingers crossed.

I must say it was not easy to convince my new dentist to take the teeth out because there was nothing wrong with them on the outside. I told them I had a cracked tooth syndrome. My theory is that it's some kind of yeast. I don't know if I still have it. Honestly, I am a little paranoid that my other teeth may get infected. That did not happen yet but I carry floss with me and floss after every meal.

I have had bad breath forever. Tested positive for H Pilori, did the treatment but still have the problem. I know it comes from the stomach as I can almost smell it myself if in a confined area and have been talking for awhile.

I have used apple cider vinegar for awhile but not sure it helped. But will try it again.
See a dentist twice a year and asked him about the problem but not receive much help.

See my family Doctor, have had an upper GI but nothing shows up. Is it possible that I will always have this?

I also have suffered w/bad breath for now 8 years. I'm planning to take the breath test soon. It is more reliable -- my blood test have come back negative.

The stigma and taunts have been brutal on a daily basis from co-workers, family or whoever. It never stops unless you stay locked behind closed doors.

Donna did you try only one treatment of antibiotics. I read on another site that a woman tried the triple therapy 'Prevpac' and when it didn't work she went back to her doctor and he prescribed her Augmentin and Metronidazole and that worked. On another case the person was prescribed antibiotics that didn't work. She went back and the doctor gave her a stronger and longer prescription of the same and it worked.

I just wonder if it's a matter of changing or upping the prescription. The good thing is at least many of the people here have a diagnosis for this nightmare. The rest of us don't know where to turn or what's causing this and we're practically OD'ing on supplements and herbal supplements! That garbage doesn't work for a problem as severe as this.

Halitosis is a very brutal problem that I've suffered with now for over 20 years and counting. I've gotten my tonsils removed, teeth pulled, taken every test there is to take, to no avail. I would wake up and brush for minutes, gargle, scrape my tongue, and floss until I was in pain sometimes. Then, right after I'd go and comb my 5 year olds hair for school, (and we all know how honest kids can be), and she'd say, "Ooh mom, did you brush this morning?". This hurt!

The Doctors are really not sincere in their concerns or efforts. If you don't experience the pain and embarrassment of halitosis then you can't relate. My husband of 15 years knew my pain and suffering because I would never leave the house. The Internet and t.v. were my best friends. Tried to get jobs and was well aware of the looks and comments. I have given up on medications and doctors. I do pray that one day God will lead me to the culprit that has taken over my happiness and my life.

Good luck to everyone and God be with you!

HMP have you ever tested for H. Pylor? I've tested negative twice for the blood test, but I've heard recently that the breath (urea) sp? test is more accurate. I know my problem comes from my stomach. I have a lot of lower abdominal discomfort and I've had severe pain in my side for the past several years. The doctors say this could just be gas but I have that pain even when I fast for up to several days.

Have you tested for a bladder infection? I also plan to do that.

My biggest problem is I wish I could stay home and lock myself in a room. I would be living on the street. I have no other choice but to try and work but this problem gets so bad that people will eventually find an excuse to get rid of me or the harassment is so bad I end up leaving on my own. The smell spreads a good ten feet around me and it's humiliating because people all know it's coming from me. One day the entire office called HR the smell was so bad. The supervisor came over and said I could leave early that day. It's just a horrible way to live.

I've struggled with bad breath for over 7 years! I brush my teeth 3 times a day, floss and scrap my tongue. my dentist says my gums and teeth are fine and the white coating I have on my gum is normal. but its somehow turning my gums white which doesn't seem normal to me. sometimes I get a bad smell from my stomach too. I'm guessing maybe tha'ts why my breath smells but not sure. when I tell my doctor she doesn't do anything. what kind of test should I ask her to do?

Thanks everyone esp Max. I am 37, and have been struggling since 2003, and when I spoke to my doctor-he dismissed me and said he think my problem is psychological as he does o0t smell my breath. I know my breath stinks coz most people hide their nose when I speak to them and move back with 100 questions on their faces. Those who don't, I am convinced they do have sense of smell.

My tongue is forever white coated, I removed my tonsils in 2004 as per my ENT advice that tonsil stones causes smell now it is worse. I will see my doctor and request and endoscopy as Max advices as all blood tests and dentists tests came out negative.
The truth is if you do not have this problem, or sm1 close to you has the problem you cannot relate. What makes me sad is that colleagues are highly offended by this, they somehow assume you are untidy and you are polluting the working environment.

I have tried it all.... sinus rinsing, gargle with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda nothing worked... what worked a bit was taking acidophillus vitamins ( with 3billion living organisms)+ activated charcoal tablets...the white thrush on my tongue disappeared and the smell was fresh but after 10days- the breath smelled again. I will try Endoscopy and give u guys feedback and I urge everyone to try this breath test.

I also suffer bad breath. I would like to know d outcome of ur treatment. Please sdvice me what to do to treat my breath problem. Im so depressed. Thanks

I need feedback on the outcome of your bad breath treatment. My name is rahim and live in london. I duffered from bad breath many years and depressed all d time pls help

Where can I get mastic gum and manuka honey? Pls help. Thanks

please let me say too all of its inspirational how we all survive with such a major social block and barrier its depressing and sometimes this issue of bad breath which personally for myself have had for over two years now has taken me to a darker side of myself that I didn't know existed.

I'm due to see an ENT doctor but here in london that takes forever so my advice for you is when you do get the chance to see your local gp and doctors is to make sure you express yourself and how bad your suffering. I just found how from a stool test sample which tested positive for some kind of bug in my stomach the way you would know if we share problem is that your inside also feels weak and you get hungry quick. So it is some kind of infection so I'm having a blood test coming up soon I'm currently under going a gum treatment and am due to see my ent I have had all my wisdom teeth removed except for one which I need to have done. It could also be my tonsils which sometimes add to the smell. Bad breath is a difficult problem to find the source but my advice to you is too keep trying and try your best to keep your head up. do not stop being social and believe in yourself that you will over come and that one day there is going to be light in the tunnel.

Thank you so much for this informative post. SO MUCH! it has been so helpful. I am going to see the doctor tomorrow -- and never have I wish so much for a positive test for an infection!

Max -- How did your triple treatment go? Did you find a functional cure? Again-- thank you so much for sharing. It really is helpful to know we're not going through this alone.

Hi John

I am cured of it completely. The medication showed results almost immediately..

I wish you all the very best.. Never lose hope, stay positive and you will get out of it sooner than you think..


That is AWESOME news, MAX! Unfortunately, my breath test came back negative for H Pylori. I am now crossing my fingers for a positive result on the stool test (which I should get in a week).

Just curious: what was your regimen that cured the H Pylori? I've read that some therapies do not cure it completely. I will try to talk my doctor into giving me your regimen. And, again, THANK YOU!!!

hi nessi, are u ok now? I also have same problem wth you it feels so sad, my daughter would say I smell bad.. hope u could reply or email me. tnx

hi atm, how are u ryt now? are u bad breath free? I'm from Philippines.. I've been suffering this for 2yrs now. its been hard for me because I was married.. hope to hear from you and your breath stories..

People still posting on this?

Hi there. I am writing this in the hope that it will help even one person who has endured the hell of living with halitosis that I have. I have had it my whole life, was teased at school & although no-one in my adult life has come directly out with it, I know that they could smell it.

I was totally aware of it as I'm such a hygienic person. I visited dentists, doctors, ENT clinics all of whom said I was fine. I wasn't fine, I was dying inside because of this horrible illness, I would to anything to avoid being up close & personal to people, even though I longed to be & would avoid social situations where I knew I would be too close to anyone. When my son was 6yrs old, I noticed he had it too, I knew I had to do something.....

It's taken years of research & persistence but finally I can see some light at the end of the tunnel...., my GP agreed to do some tests & it turns out that my so. & I both have Helicobacter a Pylori, a bacterial infection of the stomach. I have just completed a triple therapy & the difference I feel is unbelievable. Previously my tongue was always coated with foul smelly stuff, that got worse when I ate anything creamy ie, yoghurt, chocolate, milk etc. this has now completely disappeared & my tongue is clear.

In the morning I used to be able to smell my own breath, this has also stopped!!!! I am praying this is long lasting. My son has been taking his course for a few days & his bad breath seems to have disappeared, I used to be absolutely foul in the morning & again hopefully this has gone for good!!!!! Hope this helps someone xxxxx

Did you ever find a solution? Would really like to know. I have a friend who is really suffering and says she has done these same things for bad breath and still nothing.

I have had bad breath for years. I have been offered a toothbrush twice. My dentist says it's not my teeth. So I told the Physician Assistant and lss- I've tested positive for H pylori. I'm taking two antibiotics. Hopefully this problem is resolved in 10 more days. I didn't go to Sunday worship because I just couldn't handle the hand to the nose this time. I feel the pain that you all express. I know post antibiotic therapy you have to take probiotics to replace the good bacteria. So, I'll let you all know the outcome in about 15 days. Thx!!!

I hear certain foods can effect the stomach acids, you might want to experiment and omit certain foods for example, foods that contain msg ingredient. Also I hear taking 2 teaspoons every other day can change the ph balance in your stomach. Apple cider vinegar are used for many health remedies. You can research this.

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