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Turmeric and Curcumin for Arthritis

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Turmeric and its most active ingredient curcumin have gotten attention for their anti-inflammatory properties. We have heard from readers that this yellow spice used in curry powder and mustard can help alleviate arthritis pain. One reader offered the following experience. “After reading about turmeric in your column, I started using one teaspoon in my scrambled eggs each morning. My arthritis has greatly improved, and I have far less pain when I walk. “I work in my yard every few weeks, weeding, hoeing, mowing and pruning. Usually I am sore for days after this work. But this last time, since I started taking turmeric, I had no soreness the next day.�? Investigators are also studying the potential role of curcumin against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis and cystic fibrosis. Putting turmeric powder on cereal (as one reader did) or in scrambled eggs might taste a tad strange. One woman told us that she takes turmeric pills instead and they relieved her arthritis pain. When she stopped temporarily, the pain returned. She resumed taking turmeric pills and the pain disappeared.

  • Currently 3.6/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.6/5 (278 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I tried turmeric remedy and it didn't work for me but I told several other people and it did work for them. Could it be the prescribed meds I am on? Also I find stress brings out my psoriasis/eczema.

TURMERIC May very well help
Arthritis, thats why I tried It. CAUTION***if you take blood thinning things such as
baby aspirin you could be
in danger of bleeding. In my case i woke in the middle of night with a bloody nose and and to call 911 and go to hospital to stop it. That was the first day i took it.

I've heard that turmeric can be used for psoriasis. A friend suffers terribly with patches on her heels. she is not a computer person so I am doing some research for her - she told me of an article that appeard in the Palm Beach Post recently - I can'ty find this aarticle - do you have a remedy that I can pass on to her?

Since reading of the benefits of using turmeric, I have been adding it to rice (gives it a lovely golden colour), soups, & sauces. The flavour is good, & I would rather include it in my diet in that way than take yet more capsules...

I've been taking turmeric capsules for about 6 months for arthritis pain in my hands and feet and have really noticed a difference! I have much less pain and even the swelling has decreased. The capsules are very easy to swallow and I now recommend them to anyone who has arthritis pain.

After reading the People's Pharmacy piece in the Dallas Morning News this week indicating that the active ingredient in mustard, turmeric, can be helpful for leg cramps, I immediately went out to buy some turmeric.

The GNC Turmeric 500 MG, 95% curcuminoids appeared to be effective in eliminating the severe leg cramps which had awakened me three to four times each night while sleeping.

My duration of workouts on the eleptrical trainer had substantially increased the past couple of months which apparently was the root cause of the leg cramps.

Heavy ingestion of yoghurt and of bananas had not stopped the cramps.

I started on one capsule per day of the turmeric and am cutting back on it to see what the absolute minimum intake level to prevent the cramps might be.

After reading the article, I decided to try Turmeric to relieve the effects of an outbreak of psoriasis. I had eight places with watery oozing and itching driving me a bit crazy. I realized that ingesting turmeric was going to take some time to see results, I decided to experiment with topical application. I dusted and rubbed turmeric into each of the sores prior to bed time and noticed an almost immediate relief from the itching. By morning, each sore had scabbed over and was dry. I took turmeric in food for the next four days. All the sores have now dried up and the itching is gone. I am continuing to take the herb orally in food daily.

Turmeric has been used in India (Ayurveda) since the 1800 BC for a wide variety of diseases and condtions. It has now been discovered that the antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antifungal, antivral and anticancer properties of turmeric are due to the compound called curcumin in turmeric.

I have used it for ankle sprains and it works great in stopping the inflammation.

I have a degeneration of the L4 and L5 on my spine. The pain doctors want to make me a walking zombie with pain meds. Instead, I began adding 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder to scrabbled eggs in the morning. That was 4 years ago. I am pain-free and able to get out of bed, walk and live a normal and drug-free life. I also stopped wearing spike heals on my shoes and now where the kitten heals. Turmeric in the powder form works. It took about 3 weeks before I gradually experienced drops in my pain level. Have faith and patience when you take it.

Where can I purchase the pills curcumin regarding the article about tumeric? I have been battling psoriasis for some time, and need help.

I have a 53-year-old sister with Downs Syndrome. She has large patches of psoriasis on her scalp, chest, in her pubic hair and at the base of her anus. With thyroid problems, I am not sure if it is safe to use turmeric while taking synthroid. If it is safe, what dosage should I give her and where would I find capsules instead of placing it in her food?

All turmeric did for me was to give me severe heart burn.

I would never even eat any thing with turmeric in it.

My oncologist recommended curcumin, so I have been taking it for over a year. When my dog was diagnosed with cancer I gave it to him, and I believe it kept him alive for an extra two months.

I take several antioxidents and very seldom get a cold, and my skin looks really good. My other doctors attribute that to all of the antioxidents.

Exposed to black mold during a major home reconstruction project. Resulted in thyroid/hyperthyroidism. One of the resulting symptoms: GERD. Taking Omega3/Fish Oil; Garlic; Vit E which do help. After watching UNC TV special, you both mentioned Turmeric as a possible herb for GERD. I went right out and purchased some and within 30 minutes of taking 1 capsule, the pain in my upper stomach and esophagus eased away. Excited to see how the next week goes.

I would like to know what the recommended dosage of turmeric is for treatment of mild psoriasis. I have started taking the capsule in 100 mg. I probably should increase this, but to what level.

Thank you.

I was diagnosed as having RA [rheumatoid arthritis] over 10 years ago.

For the last several years I've had trouble with tips of my thumb and first two fingers on both hands cracking. The skin would harden and then crack open like a paper cut. For relief, I've been using a heavy urea foot cream formula nightly. I'd cover my hands with the cream each night and put socks over them to keep the cream on.

Since I started the teaspoon daily trumeric regimen, my fingers have become pliable again and ceased cracking without the foot cream.

I believe that my other psoriasis problems are somewhat better also; however, that improvement is not as dramatic as the relief to skin on my fingers.

i looked in the grocery store for turmeric and even curcumin and couldn't find it in the spices area, where should i order some at? i have arthritis every where in my body top to bottom but not crippling yet.

Curcumin (500 mg. capsule) a day and one advil has made my life beautiful in spite of knee problem (worn out cartilage). I am walking, doing all the extra activities including yoga, gardening, painting, singing. Try it.

Curcumin is available at Whole Foods. Try Walmart, GNC, Fiesta also. It can improve psoriasis also. Make sure you drink a lot of water as the essence of turmeric is hot.

Turmeric: I have been taking it in capsule form for over two years. I have written this website about how wonderful it is for inflammation. I HAVE found that the cheaper brands do NOT work as well. I had bought some really cheaper turmeric at a big box type store instead of my faithful health food store/source.

The cheaper is weaker and has less active ingredients and oils and concentrates; I started getting achy again and have had to take 3,4 or even 5 capsules (to try to get the same effect/results) with breakfast (to finish off the bottle and not waste); I have found my (put back in the pantry/medicine cabinet) almost-empty bottle of my regular high end brand with a higher concentrate of the good stuff and I tell ya, there IS A DIFFERENCE. (In other words, if i had taken the cheapie brand first, I probably would have never kept using it or recommended it like I do;)

I tell everybody I know how good quality turmeric/curcumin can help inflammation, (and I would betcha it might help fibromyalgia and its horrible inflammation and soreness.)
Thanks for a wonderful website and all the great info.
sheila, Branson,MO

I have a 4 year old daughter that we have been battling a "mysterious" bone disease for almost 3 years. It is not an arthritis thing, more in the middle of her large bones, shows up on MRI, severely painful, at times cannot walk. Doctors are mystified, she is currently on prescription strength Naproxin twice a day to keep the inflammation down. Im wondering if I can give this stuff to a child? if so, how much? Anyone's comments might be helpful, I don't want her on meds the rest of her life and it doesn't seem like anyone can help her. We are just in the beginning stages of looking at diet, possibly alkaline issues, etc.

I accidentally learned that turmeric could help reduce my high blood pressure (160/80) to 140/60, when I checked my blood pressure after eating an Indian meal of curry, etc. My daughter, a nutritionist, advised me to use 1/2 tsp.of turmeric daily, which I use with 1 small clove of garlic, blended with fruits, in a soy shake, daily. My blood pressure, after losing weight, is now usually about 109-120/65.

I started looking into the use of turmeric to eliminate painful plantar warts. I have dealt with plantar warts on the bottom of my heel for 5 years. I have had them surgically removed twice and burned 3 times. I have tried every remedy known, with little or no success. I read an article that there was some success in eliminating these warts though the use of ground up turmeric in the plant form or the dried form and placing it directly on the wart. This seemed impractical so I began taking Turmeric in the tablet form (95% Curcuminoids). Within a week I noticed that the pain had subsided and three weeks later, the warts are 95% reduced. I suspect they will be 100% gone in another week. I also have inflamed lower disc issues that I am hoping the anti inflammatory properties in Turmeric may help. I am a believer in the miracle of modern medicine but also strongly support the use of home remedies and herbal supplements.

I started taking a teaspoon of turmeric 6 days a week. (Sundays I take a "pill holiday to let accumulations be removed") I don't know if it helped my elevated b/p, but it is helping with osteo pain and a very swollen little finger joint. It was suggested to me to purchase a little capsule filler. It is easy to use, and you can prepare 60 capsules in 12 minutes or so. Health food markets sell them, and the capsules as well. Be sure to buy the capsule size that fits the capsule filler. It saves a lot of money. I buy the turmeric in bulk from the health food store. It's very fresh and much, much cheaper than the purchased capsules.

I took Turmeric with Bromelain which I purchased at the Vitamin Shoppe. I've only taken it maybe twice weekly for the past month with very little side effects. I took it two days ago along with other vitamins such as C, D3, etc. after eating breakfast. I went out to play a game of miniature golf after taking the pills.

I was bending down to get the ball out of the hole as one does during the 18 courses. One hour later I had to go to the emergency room because I had such severe chest pain radiating up to my neck. My heart tests were negative. I still continue having severe esophageal pain which I believe is irritation from the Tumeric (Curcumin.) I would say to stay upright for several hours after taking and be sure to take it directly with food.

I started taking Turmeric (Curcumin) about 6 years ago as an anti-inflammatory because of joint and muscle pain. After several months my joint & muscle started to subside and I have been pain free for many years.

However, my most remarkable issue experience with the herb is that prior to taking Turmeric I was having several or more bouts of hard cases of pneumonia each year to the point where my doctors ordered every cat scan, MRI, biopsy, etc., available to find the problem, with no avail. After several months or years on the Tumeric my pneumonias lessened and then stopped.

I thought my pneumonias stopped for no reason at all until I read your column about Tumeric being used on Cystic Fibrosis childen. I then attributed my wellness to Tumeric. I explained this happening to my pulmonologist and she advised that the studies were not conclusive. I take Turmeric in capsule form once a day.

I was taking turmeric capsules for back and sciatic pain. It helped a lot, but I quit taking it because it gave me diarrhea. Has anyone else had this problem with turmeric capsules?

I started taking Turmeric looking for help with skin issues, then its anti-cancer properties, now I'd like to send it to work on my arthritic shoulders. My stomach told me recently, 'No more Ibuprofen!' which I was using to get my arthritis to a live-with-it level. I find I can only take 1 tablet w/o acid reflux and a pounding heart. I think the gentleman at the golf game got something right: Probably you want to stay active and upright until it's digested. I've been taking it over a month and have noticed no changes, skin, pain.

How long do I keep trying before I can say it won't work for me?

TIP: Go to the Vitamin Shoppe website and check their prices, then go to the brick & mortar and make/ask them to match the price. They have the good stuff at the best price I've found.

I also take turmeric, I found it at Wal-mart's Vitamin section in the Pharmacy- dept.

I would like to know if taking curcumin with synthroid can be done?


I am praying that someone out there knows an effective way to get rid of chronic diabetic sores. My son (age 50) is a Type 1 diabetic and has horrible sores on both arms. He's tried EVERYTHING to cure them and the only Dr. advice he's had is to "keep your blood sugars level" which would be wonderful in a perfect world... but he's a brittle diabetic and it's near impossible. He checks his blood sugars about 4 times a day and uses the appropriate amount of insulin as needed. PLEASE write to me if you have ANY suggestions. Thanks.

I just bought some Turmeric capsules at Wal-Mart today. I have fibromyalgia and am going to give it a shot. Good luck to you!

Does anyone have any experience with using Turmeric for fibromyalgia? That is what my problem is. Would love to hear from someone who has used it for that.

After being wrongly diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and given massive doses of Prednisone for years, I finally found a pain Specialist that hates Prednisone, after weaning me off it. I still had lots of muscular and joint pain, heard about Turmeric and decided to try it. After lots of research I found a recipe that works very well , if you get rid of the drug mentality and do not expect it to work overnight you will be very surprised within a few weeks,

Recipe 1
Put a mug of milk on to the stove and bring to boil, while waiting put a small amount of milk in the mug and add 1 Teaspoon of Turmeric, 1 Teas of natural Honey ( to taste ) and a sprinkle of ground Black Pepper, mix well, add hot milk stir again and enjoy, (if Diabetic cut back on the Honey and add a sprinkle of Cinnamon to the top of the Milk)

The Curcumin in Turmeric is insoluble in water but totally soluble in Dairy fats, the idea of the Pepper is that it contains Piperine , this will boost the absorption of the Curcumin into the blood stream by a whopping 2000%, and this is where you want it to go.

Recipe 2
If you cannot drink Milk try sprinkling 1 Teaspoon of Turmeric on your toast of a morning, spread plenty of Avocado (the Oil in the Avocado will make the curcumin soluble) sprinkle with Salt and Pepper to taste. Enjoy

I have been on this for 1 month now and have increased mobility and lots less pain

PS I am 68 years old and not on any medication at all.

Hi nugget! sure am glad to read your piece on turmeric. I am 38 y/o and I've been having finger joint pain and swelling for a long time that I learned to accept the pain as part of my everyday life. I hope the recipe you shared will work on me. Thanks for sharing. I'll get back to you when I see its effects! 'til then! ;-)

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well. I decided to try turmeric/bromelain capsules and after taking it for two days noticed a big difference in my pain level. I have not had any side effects so far. I am taking a capsule (450 mg) twice a day. I am very pleased with this remedy!

I read the many posting at PP regards Turmeric/Curcumin. Wanted to try it. Bought some. Took some. Got TERRIBLY SICK to my esophagus, stomach and intestines. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to take it that negates or bypasses this reaction?

My mother had immense all over body pain. When we read about this remedy we immediately went to the kitchen and cooked up the eggs with the spice. She recognized immediate help. Over time I have learned a couple of things. Pill forms of Turmeric often lose some of their potency. Requiring a heavy dose to find an effect.

My mother started using Turmeric Force which is in a liquid softgel tab. My mother had the greatest effect from this product. In observation I found that when taking it it built up in her system so there would be days she would not take it but she still got the relief. I would recommend everybody try it. Although I know it won't necessarily work for everyone.

Hi, I found Turmeric at Albertsons, but it was about 2.00 cheaper at the health foods store, Sprouts. I've been using it for about two weeks, and noticed a lot less pain in my swollen fingers.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.


After being awakened by shooting pains in my knees for a week straight, I remembered reading about this in on your website years ago. I found I had organic turmeric in the spice rack. I filled some 00-size gelatin capsules and have been taking two every day. No pain in the knees since Day One! Turmeric is a winner for me! is the turmeric working for you?

I was wondering how much regular yellow mustard one would have to ingest on a daily basis to get the benefits from the Curcumin in Turmeric?


I have arthritis (all over), but I'm also taking coumadin (blood thinner). Can I take turmeric without any interactions?


I'm female in my 80's in good health, I'm taking 5 mg HCTZ, & 5 mg Amlodipine blood pressure meds, and low dose aspirin, as per my Doc's recommendation, I'm thinking of taking Turmeric Curcumin herbal supplement 500 mg daily for arthritis pain. Does anyone have any thoughts, I will consult my Doc first not sure whether he recommends supplements.

I'm 30 years old and have Psoriatic Arthritis and I'm currently taking Prednisone. Can I take turmeric too? Or will there be a risk of interactions?

I Would have the diarrhea than the arthritis pain

While in Hawaii at a farmers market we talked to a healer type Hawaiian guy who was selling fresh turmeric root and extracts, recommending it especially for psoriasis but for nearly everything else. When we got home, I started taking 500 mg capsules for the arthritis in my big toe and the pain/swelling has almost entirely disappeared. Also, just had my BP checked and couldn't figure why it was lower until I read the comment above! Am wondering if the anti-inflammatory properties might be good for heart disease in general.

I cannot speak to why, but Turmeric causes a severe reaction in me: Racing, irregular heartbeat, sweats, stabbing back pain, nausea. I spent the night in the ER believing I was having a heart attack. This is NOT to be taken lightly! I have since been trying to apply it topically, dissolving 1 tablet in 1/4 t. water and dabbing it on with a Q-Tip.

The problem with topical use is that it seems to permanently stain EVERYTHING: linoleum, wood, fabric, plastic. Since I have eczema on my elbow, when I use it I must cover the whole treated area with a bandage. The bandage comes off for a shower, but not amount of scrubbing removes the stain on the skin.

I re-treat after the shower and reapply the bandage. After 1 month I can't say I see a discernible difference in the eczema. But I'm not spending nights in the ER, either.

I've just finished reading information regarding arthritis. I've had Osteoarthritis since I was age 16. I've taken one Aleve per day for about three years now, since my arthritis drug was discontinued. I'm nervous about the side effects of nsaids. I would like to investigate either Certo in alkaline juices or Turmeric doses. Most of your readers comment and share info on Rheumatoid Arthritis so I've not found the answer to my question: What would be the best choice of alternative pain relief for Osteo?

I use Turmeric mixed with Arnica cream (Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for muscle aches and bruising) as a topical on my knees and right foot. It greatly reduces my arthritis pain and I can walk up and down stairs again! It rocks. Also, you might try a product called Noxicare that has turmeric in it. You can do a google search to find it. I recommend the product but my remedy is cheaper and works almost as well as Noxicare. Good Luck.

As a women that suffers from arthritis in my thumb joints on my hand the pain is unbearable. I can use my thumbs, or hands without pain running thru my hands, joints and the palm of the hand. I saw a doctor and he said that I have arthritis, bone cyst growing on the bones.. I have try everything, celebrex, aleves, pain pills, natural things, TRY THIS, have found this to work the best.-------- this works---------


#1- First you fix a 8oz glass f milk, you add 1 teaspoon of (TURMERIC) to the milk, stir then you #2- get a teaspoon of minced garlic and add a small amount of honey on top of the teaspoon full of garlic, You then eat minced garlic on that teaspoon fast and wash it down with the milk fast.. With a couples of hours you'll feel a very big CHANGE in your body..

About a month ago I began taking 500 mg. turmeric capsules twice a day for my arthritis pain. It has helped and I'd like to continue taking it indefinitely. I have read that large doses of turmeric taken for long periods of time can cause stomach ulcers in some people. I can find no information on how often this actually occurs. How concerned should I be?


I never tried turmeric seasoning as the taste was too much for me to be able to use on a daily basis.

I used to use curcumin capsules that were 95% curcuminoids (875 mg per capsule) with bioperine to enhance bio-availability and this worked very well to alleviate arthritis pain as well as lower back pain. Unfortunately, I developed an allergic reaction to curcumin after many months of use.

I got large red welts starting on my abdomen and then radiating out to the extremities. I discontinued the curcumin and the welts slowly dissipated over two to three weeks. Oddly, I have the exact same reaction to the prescription drug Celebrex as well as Naproxen/Aleve and similarly, those both work better than Ibuprofen in terms of pain relief for me, but I can't take them.

The curcumin worked so well that I wanted to believe that I wasn't allergic to it and tried to take it again with the same result of red welts all over so I discontinued the curcumin again and cleared up after about two to three weeks. Still hoping that it wasn't the curcumin causing the welts, I tried to take it again after a few months of being welt free. This time, I took less, but the welts came back again! I was so dissapointed because it worked better than anything else I have tried for arthritis pain and lower back pain. My sister tried curcumin also and she also had a similar allergic reaction, though not as severe.

I did some reading to see how common allergic reactions to curcumin are and wasn't able to find much on the subject. I tried googling, " curcumin allergy ", and it seeed like most of the results discussed how curcumin might be helpful for treating allergic reactions or allergies rather than causing them, but I guess anyone can be allergic to almost anything.

Btw, I also have psoriasis (plaque type) and I never noticed that the curcumin helped alleviate those symptoms at all.... not even a little bit. I tried mixing the powder from the capsules in coconut oil and applying it topically and this did seem to help my psoriasis somewhat, but the mess and staining of everything it came in contact with made this approach too impractical to use. It stained my clothing, bedding, kitchen counter top and it even stained my skin!

There is a newer form of curcumin available now called Meriva that is suggested to be more effective at a lower dose because it is more bio-available than regular curcumin. It also does not have the bioperine in it that some curcumin products do. Bioperine improves the bio-availabilty of the curcumin, but I have read that for some people it can be hard on the digestive system. I took bioperine separately in capsules to help improve the bio-availabilty of other supplements I have taken and it never gave me any problems.

There is a significant price difference in Meriva from supplier to supplier, so if you ever decide to try it, it should be worthwhile to shop around at the different internet suppliers to see who offers the best price.

I have tried turmeric for my very painful arthritis... sometimes I can't even walk. It had no results I was aware of, but I recently started taking Curcumin capsules and, after about 8 days started noticing a significant drop in pain levels and ability to move about. I'm sold. I'm a big person, 6'2" and I've been taking 4 (4X500mg) a day with food. I recommend trying it.

I've had hereditary kidney stones for 35 years. At 42 my DR said that should be my last. Now at 53 I started taking turmeric 6-8 months ago and now have another kidney stone. Research shows connection. I love my turmeric but need a safer source. Could Cumcumin C3 Complex be safer for me? Would I receive any benefit if taking 3 months on and 1 month off for kidney detox?

I have arthritis of the spine and can no longer take the old tried and tested Celebrex for my condition as is exacerbates my tinnitus. My spine was really, really sore and a friend gave me a medical snippet from the Daily Mail suggesting a teaspoon of Turmeric mixed with warm milk. I tried it, and it really worked. When I stopped taking it for a day the pain and soreness returned. I now take this remedy every day and it has no side effects!! Brilliant.

I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. Only cortisone shots were keeping me from a knee replacement. My MD's nurse suggested curcumin, as I can no longer take any of the prescription NSAIDs due to gastric irritation and a strong family history of cardiovascular disease. I got pain relief on the second day I took curcumin from my local supplement store.

It is almost unbelievable how well it has worked for me. I now go up and down stairs with no pain, the swelling around my knees is greatly reduced, and even on three capsules a day I have not had one single side effect. It has been over three weeks. I read all the info I could find on it, and decided to give it to my husband for general good health and possibly protection from Alzheimer's disease. I would like to know if anyone else has had similar spectacular results.

what should be normal dosing of turmeric for joint pain?


I am on Plavix, Warfarin and carvedilol (sp) and in a great deal of pain from osteoarthritis. Is there a possibility of bleeding with Curcumin? I am taking Hydracodone for pain (not too successfully).



Can I just ask, what brand of Curcumin do you recommend? If taking Curcumin capsules, should it be combined with turmeric capsules? What about taking the Curcumin capsules with the daily teaspoon of turmeric? Would that be too much? Lastly do you recommend taking turmeric capsules or curcumin capsules or a daily teaspoon of turmeric?

Thanks for answering.

Out of the blue I acquired arthritis, pains all over the place and also cervical disc disease causing excruciating pain in arms. I'd like to try turmeric or curcumin but I take Blood pressure tablets and after getting a heart stent put in recently I'm on Effient, Aspirin, Dilzem, Zoton and a calcium tablet. I rarely sleep despite taking ibuprofen and tramadol for pain. I'm going insane and I'm exhausted. (6 months ago I had nothing wrong and was a keen runner!) Can I risk trying this cure with all the meds I'm on?

People's Pharmacy response: Turmeric (curcumin) interacts with warfarin, at least sometimes, to increase the risk of hemorrhage. As far as we know it doesn't interact with any of your medications, but we recommend you discuss this possible remedy with your physician so that you can proceed with appropriate caution.

Does anyone know does turmeric help for ankylosis spondylities. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with this disease and I am on anti-inflammatory drugs and they giving me a gastric problem. Does anyone know can I use turmeric capsules to reduce my inflammation if anyone knows or has experience please write to me.

I am a 50 year old police officer (and alternative medicine skeptic!) with severe osteoarthritis in my shoulder and neck joints from work related injuries. Recently had shoulder surgery and have been struggling with the pain 10 weeks down the track. 2 years of NSAID's and other pain killers have done nothing.

3 days on Curcumin capsules and I am 50% pain free. 1.5 grams a day. Range of motion has improved and I can now sleep. Quite unbelievable. No side effects that I am aware of. Bring on the next few weeks!

My age is about 31. I suffer from ankylosis spondylities. I want to start curcumin treatment to reduce inflammation. I am not in very much pain yet but I think it is better for me to start a natural way to reduce inflammation. Drugs in my country (IRAN) are very expensive and there is not any support by government, but the spice of curcumin is available. If anyone has information about this way to reduce inflammation of this illness please write me.

People's Pharmacy response: We don't know if curcumin will be helpful for ankylosing spondylitis. There is some evidence that it can help other forms of arthritis at a dose of approximately 1,200 mg/day (3 doses of 400 mg each). That is concentrated curcumin; it would take significantly more turmeric.

See Nugget's answer above on how to take the spice in milk with black pepper.

Mix one half teaspoon of ground turmeric in hot coffee; drink while hot. You will have relief in 15 minutes. I suffer from deg disc disease and this is mixture is the only thing I have found to ease pain. Believe me it will work.

I read it, but the Nugget's answer above is about a Polymyalgia Rheumatica and also her age is about 60. I wanted to hear about the my illness and the probability experience about it in my age. But I will try that recipe 1 and I will come back here.

reminder, clarity to people. I researched turmeric online as an anti-inflammatory supplement (I have a number of overuse injuries... plantar fascitis, rotator cuff/frozen shoulder issue as well as osteoarthritis in my back) because I wanted to cut down on NSAIDS (ibuprofen) because my doctor told me it's not good to take those long term.

Curcumin has been found to be the active ingredient in turmeric, and is the major "curcuminoid" in turmeric. If you are going to take a capsule (ie not only the whole spice), you should look for one with a high percentage of curcumin/curcuminoids. Because supplements in the US (anyway) aren't that well regulated, you could find "turmeric" for a seemingly-cheap price but it might not have any more curcumin than the spice (which you could get much cheaper as a bulk herb/spice online or in natural food stores).

For example, the best ones are standardized to 95% curcuminoids and on the bottle it tells me, of each 875mg capsule, how many mgs are curcuminoids... and curcumin itself.

You should pay attention to how much active ingredient you are getting per capsule. Not only for cost, but if you want to have a certain dose of curcumin per day taking 20 capsules won't be as fun as taking 1 or 3.

I buy my supplements at Swanson Vitamins online. I have no affiliation with them. Shipping is cheap. There vitamins are high rated by Consumer Labs (independent testing lab) as containing what the label says they do in good quality (not always the case with supplements). However, they too will (inadvertently?) pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting person... again because these things are not regulated.

For whatever supplement you want to take, find studies and recommendations as to how much of the active Ingredient you need. Then scrutinize the products contents label in the back to make sure it has that amount of the ACTIVE component.

For example. Swanson's brand Turmeric is pretty cheap for 60 capsules. Reading the fine print I see it tells me little of the curcumin content. I conclude it could be as low as in regular Turmeric. You can also by curcumin that is 40% curcuminoids there.
I by the more expensive "Swanson Superior Herbs" curcumin complex..which is standardized to 95% curcuminoids and is around 80% pure curcumin (says the label, which I DO trust).

I take one 875mg a day pill because I read some studies that used 500-1000mg per day of curcumin and my total curcumin intake from that one pill is a bit more than 500mg.

hope this is helpful

I'm a 60 year old female with osteo-arthritis. Apart from supplements the only medication I take is HRT. I began taking turmeric capsules on Monday. My capsules say each is equivalent to "500 mg Curcuminoids of Curcuma longa". I took 2 on the first day and after half an hour I felt quite "spacey" on and off for a period of about an hour. Same thing the next day. On day three I took only one capsule and still the same spacey feeling. Today, which is day 4, I took one capsule and was spacey for less time.

I can only assume my body is adjusting to the turmeric. I hadn't read of others having this side effect. What would the turmeric be doing that is making me feel spaced out? Any suggestions please?

Hi, My name is Dawn and I also have fibro. I am trying a few different natural things also and am considering using the Turmeric. Please let me know how your test goes. I am going to try the recipe above too, but not for another month as I am trying something else at the moment.

I am nearly 81 years old, and have been taking turmeric for 3-4 years. I do not have an ache or pain in my body, and I attribute it to turmeric. Turmeric keeps my body very limber, and NO PAIN. I believe you must take a good amount to start, as 1 capsule a day did nothing for me. I went to 4 capsules, twice a day, and within one day or so, NO PAIN.
Turmeric is that good!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years back and placed on Lyrica. I have joint pain and swelling in just about every joint and also suffer lower back pain due to degenerative disk disease. What would be the recommended amount of turmeric/curcumin that should be taken on a daily basis to to alleviate the swelling and pain? Your help is much appreciated!

Thank you for the information. I bought some and took 2000 mg on day one. I'm very hopeful this will work for me!

I started taking 1 or 2 capsules of turmeric, and each capsules was about 500mg. I just did not see much difference. However, I read in Time magazine that a 70's something year old man had two hip replacements, and took nothing but turmeric for any kind of pain. He successfully got both hips fixed, and recuperated faster than most people. He takes 4 capsules, twice a day, which I did back when I started. I noticed results in a day or so. I take 2 capsules, twice a day now, about 750mg each, for maintenance. you may try little larger amounts, and cut back some when the pain subsides. Good luck!

You can google Time Magazine and Turmeric, and read that article. It is outstanding.

I am taking exemestane until this December. Is there any interaction with turmeric? I have osteoarthritis and cannot tolerate NSAIDS. I also take zyrtec, magnesium, and fish oil.
Thanks for your attention.

I wrote in here last August when I was just starting on curcumin for knee arthritis with a lot of inflammation and pain. I have continued it, including a little Boswellin, 4 caps a day since writing. I have had NOTHING in the way of a side effect, and my knees are so much better I seldom think about them; maybe a twinge going up or down stairs.

I will have my labs checked soon, and hope to have normal kidney function (NSAIDs were causing an abnormal BUN, a measure of kidney function.). I also take fish oil caps and a liquid glucosamine-chondroitin supplement. I feel great, and seem to have escaped my usual round of colds, one or two by this time nearly every year. I bike, walk 2-3 miles every day, and care for a big vegetable garden. I think this ancient natural remedy is a wonder drug, and I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner, before years on ibuprofen, Vioxx, and Mobic.

I hope those of you who are doubtful will give it a try. My doctor didn't know anything about it, but his nurse, who is East Indian, grew up with Ayurvedic medicine and gave me a gentle nudge. I thank that man often!

I am on Prolia shots for osteoarthritis, 2X a year. Will this react in any way with my taking Turmeric? K.B.

I have been taking turmeric for two months and I feel it helping my arthritis. The swelling has gone and I am pain free. I have developed a irregular heart beat but I don't know if Turmeric is the cause. I would be grateful if you can confirm this or otherwise.

I have had back pain for a year and think I might have Forestier's disease or DISH as it is also known. I started taking 2mg per day of curcumin (2 1000 capsules). On the second day I had diarrhea and wonder if, assuming it's a side-effect, it is something the body will adjust to and will go away shortly. Also, I read that curcumin is good for GERD, but also that it may interfere with prilosec, which I now take for GERD. Any thoughts on this?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Some people do experience digestive distress from turmeric. It is not for everyone. It should not be taken by people on warfarin, as it could interact to make bleeding more of a risk.

Hello MM this is why you start with a lower dosage and then gradually you raise it. To have lose stools is a known side effect when taking to high dosage.
The rest I don't know about.

I am new to turmeric. I have osteo arthritis age 69. I have Macular degeneration and am under Dr.'s care for the disease. I cannot take aspirin or blood thinners.
Does turmeric thin blood?

Hi Marla,
Are you still taking the Turmeric and is it still working for you..What disahe are you taking?
I have RA too.Thank you for the help.

Ginnie your son who as a sufferer of Type 1 diabetes, the advice you could use for him is as follows. Take 1/4 cup of genuine pure honey and mix it with a 1/2 cup of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). After mixing it very well apply it to the sore (ulcer) once a day, cover with a sterile dressing. When removing the old dressing and it sticks to the sore just wet it with boiled cold water until it comes loose. I am giving this advice to you because when after going to the local hospitals wound clinic for 10 months and a large medical bill the sore never got healed and an elderly lady gave me this advice and my 3 leg ulcers healed up within 5 weeks . Good Luck I hope will help your son

I found by accident that drinking ginger and turmeric tea was really staving off my increasing pain in my back and hips. I really like this tea but ran out. That's when I discovered I have atgritis in my hips. Started up the tea again and am able to move around again. I'm not 100% pain free, but hugely less. Latest Dr appt said my atgritis is so bad I need both hips replaced. So under the circumstances have to believe the turmeric has been doing the trick.

Look for Turmeric in the health nutritional aisle along with vitamins and other supplements.

I have taken tumeric in the past but do not remember if it really helped me. I was just at the vitamin store I go to vitamin World) to buy some items I needed when the sales person suggested Tumeric Curcumin for my arthritis and I bought a bottle of 1000mg. And it says to take one capsule preferably with a meal. The bottle also says that the capsules may be opened and prepared as a tea.

I recently bought Turmeric Root Extract, 95% Curcumiboids with hopes it will help with my arthritis pain and stiffness. Each capsule has 500mg of Turmeric Extract (Curcuma Longa 95%). The bottle says to take one capsule daily, but is seems many people take more than one capsule daily. Also, it seems that many people take this supplement with something else since turmeric and curcumin are poorly absorbed from the G.I. tract.

It seems some people take it with piperine, a constituent of black pepper. My questions are: How many capsules should I take a day? How much piperine should I also take?
Thank you,

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Why not start with one capsule daily, since that is the label suggestion? Taking it with breakfast or dinner will mean you'll be getting a little bit of fat (and maybe some black pepper) to aid absorption.

I take 2 1000mg tablets a day of 95 Percent Curcumin with Bioperine, which is supposed to help with absorption. My glucosamine and chondroitin have a bit of Boswellin in them. This combination has helped a lot, and allowed me to move around freely in my house, which has a lot of stairs. None of these bother my stomach or give me any side effects, and I have taken them for about 1 1/2 years. Sure beats the knee replacements I was considering!

In answer to your question, I think it's hard to get too much Curcumin. If one tablet a day isn't helping much, I think it would be safe to increase it to two, and you can buy the Curcumin with Bioperine or piperine included in the formula.
Good luck, and let us know how it helps you.

I presently am taking 1 teas. Turmeric daily. Would 1 800mg. capsule be sufficient? Thank you

People's Pharmacy response: According to WikiAnswers, a teaspoon of turmeric is about 2300 mg. That suggests you could take three of those 800 mg capsules, though you might find two to be adequate.

Does turmeric interact with prednisone at all?

I see where several people asked if they could take turmeric with prednisone but I saw no answer. Please let us know.

What, if any, legitimate, scientific studies have been done to determine specific, effective dosages, based upon actual study groups of believable sizes?

Testimonials don't tell how much of what concentration to take for what specific conditions.

If Natural Health treatments want to truly be of service, they need test results that are equal to or better than conventional medicine. Otherwise, it is just Medieval guess work.

People's Pharmacy response: There's a good bit of animal research and some human tissue work. We definitely need good clinical trials. You might find this review of interest:

how long does it take for Turmeric to work, for you to know it does? HELP

I've started buying root turmeric from Chinatown in London. I dice it and mix it with porridge or rice. Too soon to know how it works.....

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