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You Can Order Your Own Lab Tests from Verisana

Get a 20% discount from the home test you choose at Verisana Lab with the code PEOPLE.
You Can Order Your Own Lab Tests from Verisana
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You Can Order Your Own Lab Tests from Verisana

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We invite you to learn more about our sponsor, Verisana Lab. We have long been advocates of home testing to monitor your health. This German-based clinical laboratory makes it easy for you to learn about many hitherto hidden aspects of your health. You can listen to our interview with the CEO, Christian Ziegert. He will explain why home testing is so valuable. Click on the green arrow under the photo to hear it.

What Tests Do You Need?

Have you ever wondered about your hormone balance? Does discussion of our complex digestive ecosystem leave you guessing about the composition of your personal microbiome?

Verisana Lab offers the opportunity for holistic health testing with minimally invasive laboratory tests. They can be used by healthcare professionals to get more information about how you are doing. In addition, you can also order specific tests yourself. The laboratory follows German quality-control standards and provides you with detailed answers you can discuss with your healthcare provider.

Measuring Hormones Through Verisana Lab:

Tests available include hormone tests. You provide saliva, and the lab measures male or female hormones, the stress hormone cortisol, a weight hormone check or a comprehensive hormone check. If you wish to evaluate your gut health, you can learn about candida, intestinal inflammation, the adiposity index or gluten intolerance, as well as comprehensive gut microbiome examinations. Sending in a stool sample to Verisana Lab with their specially designed kit makes it easier than you ever imagined.

Get Your Discount at Verisana Lab:

To learn more, go to www.Verisana.com. When you have selected the test you want and are ready to order, enter the code PEOPLE. This will give you a great 20 percent discount on your first test order–absolutely worth it!

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