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Special Savings on Memory+ and Other CocoaVia Products

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Special Savings on Memory+ and Other CocoaVia Products
3 bottles of Memory+ for brain health

How would you like to end 2021 with special savings on CocoaVia products? The company, which sponsors The People’s Pharmacy radio show and podcasts, is having its biggest sale of the year on all of its products, including Memory+. For Black Friday, from Monday, November 22, through Sunday, November 28, 2021, you can get 25% off every product, including subscriptions and bulk purchases. All you need is the special code for People’s Pharmacy customers: CVBF25OFF

If you search the medical publication database PubMed, you will find a great deal of research on the effects of cocoa flavanols on the blood vessels, the heart and the brain. Mars Symbioscience has supported numerous studies that resulted in more than 150 research reports. However, plenty of other research also supports the value of these natural plant compounds.

Keeping the Heart and Blood Vessels Healthy:

A systematic review of 15 randomized controlled trials found that these antioxidant compounds make blood vessels more flexible (Food & Function, Oct. 16, 2019). Both young and elderly people experience these benefits (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Feb. 19, 2020).  If you are interested in boosting your cardiovascular health, you may wish to head to CocoaVia.com right now. From 11/22/21 through 11/28/21, every product on the site is priced at 25% below its usual price. That includes Memory+ with 750 mg of cocoa flavanols per dose. Cardio Health capsules and Cardio Health powder provide 500 mg of potent cocoa flavanols in the daily dose.

The Special Savings Include Memory+:

If you want to forget 2020 (don’t we all?) but enjoy a better memory in 2021, consider Memory+. This supplement offers 750 mg of cocoa flavanols that can support brain health.

In one study, older people who consumed a high-dose cocoa flavanol beverage daily for eight weeks improved their verbal fluency and trail-making scores significantly (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2015).  A systematic review of twelve randomized clinical trials concluded that cocoa flavanols can improve memory and executive function such as planning and solving problems (Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, March 2020).

You don’t have to be a senior citizen to enjoy these benefits, though. Research confirms that even younger people see cognitive benefits from taking cocoa flavanols (Nutrients, Nov. 30, 2020).

Don’t Miss Out:

This big Black Friday sale lasts just one week. So don’t forget: take advantage of 25% OFF right now. For the very best deal, choose 3-month auto-delivery and enjoy better health and memory. Use the discount code CVBF25OFF to claim your special savings.

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