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Pomegranate Juice for High Blood Pressure

The evidence from eight placebo-controlled trials suggests that drinking pomegranate juice daily can lower elevated blood pressure.

Should people with high blood pressure start sipping pomegranate juice? That might not be a bad idea, according to a recent study.

Juice Lowers Elevated Blood Pressure:

A meta-analysis of eight placebo-controlled trials found that this tangy juice can help control hypertension. Daily consumption lowered systolic blood pressure by an average of about 5 points. That’s in the same ball park as many blood pressure medications. The dose of 240 cc per day or more (approximately one cup) lowered diastolic blood pressure (by approximately 2 points) as well.

How Does Pomegranate Juice Work?

The authors speculate that natural substances in pomegranate juice called flavonoids may improve vascular flexibility. These compounds, similar to those found in cocoa and tea, might reduce blood vessel constriction.  In addition, pomegranate flavonoids inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), just as some popular blood pressure medications do. It is not clear, however, which mechanism is responsible for the blood pressure effects of this fruit juice.

The authors conclude that pomegranate juice could be an effective tool for lowering blood pressure when added to anti-hypertensive medications: “it may be prudent to include this fruit juice in a heart-healthy diet.”

Sahebkar et al, Pharmacological Research, January, 2017

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I am so very pleased at the effect of lowered blood pressure produced by beet juice. I keep daily records. Systolic pressure is down by about 20 points. Diastolic varies but about 5 to 10 points lower. I also actually feel better.

I am looking into powdered beets but with the right type of juicer making juice about every other day is not a problem. Since the taste is not pleasant I guzzle it down but if you add a bit of fruit into the mix or carrots it improves considerably. I take about 5 ounces twice a day.

This unsugared juice is the best for my intolerance of dry meat causing spasm in the esophagus. Just a sip takes care of it. But every day, no no! It causes a slow blood clotting factor response with my already slow factor. Good for tenderizing steaks. Try it!

Can changing vendors of blood pressure meds. change the way they control blood pressure?

The pharmacy changed vendors and now my blood pressure is way up 177/102. It was staying around 120/80.

Does it affect Warfarin? Thank you.

It may be good for you , but that study isn’t very convincing. A change in BP of 5 points or 2 points?!! That just seems within the normal variation of taking repeated BPs. I am not a proponent of unnecessary meds, but I do think most antihypertensive meds cause more of a decrease than that. (I am a nurse of 40 years.)

Just wondering if Pomegranate extract in capsule form would have the same benefit. I take it daily. Also drink Hibiscus tea for the same purpose. My blood pressure seems to be lower on this regimen.

What type of interactions does this juice have with medications? Grapefruit juice is not good for any medicines. Any info on this juice?

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