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People who suffer from serious heartburn often use PPI medications such as Dexilant or Nexium to control their symptoms. When a home remedy helps, however, they greet it with glee. Many people find that a persimmon tea with quite a bit of ginger in it can help tame acid reflux.

Persimmon Tea for Reflux:

Q. A while ago I read about persimmon tea for acid reflux. I suffer from time to time, but my husband suffers constantly. It is so bad that he wakes up almost every night and throws up! Prilosec, Nexium and a host of other drugs along with extra strength Gaviscon or Pepcid do nothing.

I made the persimmon tea. He drank a shot glass full the first morning and a shot glass after supper. From day one, he has slept soundly, and so have I. Nothing he eats now has caused him heartburn since we made it. The recipe was simple, though we did have trouble finding persimmons at first.

We just found out our insurance will no longer cover any of his expensive acid-suppressing drugs, so we are extra grateful!

Ginger and Cinnamon as Well as Persimmon:

A. We first heard about persimmon punch, a concentrated cinnamon-ginger drink, early in 2005. A woman wrote that she had tried it in a Korean restaurant and found that it stopped her heartburn. She made some at home and added 3 tablespoons to her tea morning and evening. After several months, her cholesterol and blood sugar were also lower. Perhaps the ginger and the cinnamon in the beverage produced those outcomes (Azimi et al, Review of Diabetic Studies, Fall-Winter 2014).

How Do You Make Persimmon Punch?

We looked for a recipe for persimmon punch. This one is in our book, Recipes & Remedies from The People’s Pharmacy.

  • 2 quarts water
  • 2/3 cup fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 fresh ripe persimmon, sliced thinly (or 1/2 cup sliced dried persimmon)

Add ginger and cinnamon to the water and bring it to a boil. Turn the heat down and simmer the tea for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and add the honey and persimmon. Refrigerate the tea; it will keep for up to a week.

Some people may find that reducing the amount of honey helps their heartburn even more. Research indicates that decreasing sugar in the diet can be helpful in some cases of acid reflux (Newberry & Lynch, Current Gastroenterology Reports, Aug. 2017). An elimination diet may also help control symptoms.

Revised 7/24/2017

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  1. Mary W

    Do you eat the persimmons or strain them out of the tea before drinking?
    Can the tea be frozen for later use?

  2. Lynn

    What is the difference between the Persimmon punch and the persimmon tea? Are they the same ingredients?

  3. Hank

    I find it interesting that cinnamon is part of this mix. My mother (97) was having problems, and taking anti-acids from the over-the-counter selection at the grocery store.

    For the last 2 years, I have been adding cinnamon to her morning breakfast cereal, along with a little allspice and ground cumin seed. She has not needed those pills since.

  4. Micki
    Huntsville, AL

    Where can I find persimmon leaf tea? If you have to brew the tea leaves, how strong do you make it?
    I seriously need to try this tea. You drink only a shot glass amount twice a day before meals?
    I have been on a PPI (Aciphex) for almost 11 years for my serious acid reflux. I have now been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and hardening of the arteries at an alarming level. The sad tale of this is, none of my doctors seemed to know that the long term use of PPIs were causing any damage. Only my extensive research brought this to light.
    I “cold turkey” from taking the PPI about two weeks ago and it has been difficult, but taking an H2 blocker (Zantac) and an occasional Gaviscon tabs is getting me through the withdrawal. If the Persimmon leaf tea helps. If you can share any info on helping me with this, please do.

  5. Mark
    Long Beach, CA

    Also, I used fresh persimmons, turmeric and ginger root (not the ground up dried spices out of jar).

  6. David
    Tallahassee Florida

    When I looked for persimmon tea, it was all made from persimmon leaves.
    Will that work? Do you have to have the fruit?
    I was on Prilosec for around 10 years. Nexium for the last two.
    I am having all the symptoms of someone on PPI’s for too long.

    Mainly though. Are the persimmon leaf teas any good?

  7. Robin in Vermont

    PPIs are very powerful drugs, and in some cases, life saving. As someone who lost both parents to esophageal cancer, I take my gastric health very seriously — but even I will never take them again.

    As someone who has been on Prevacid everyday for 13 years, I’d like to caution anyone out there who has taken PPIs for a long time — if you decide to discontinue taking it, talk to your doctor — and if you can, a naturopath who specializes in gastro issues. There are safe, effective supplements, and supportive products, that can help get you through the first few weeks, as well as the rest of your life. Please believe me when I say that the detox is bad and should NOT be attempted on your own. There is available help if you ask for it.

    I went off the drug because I developed severe lower back pain over my kidneys. It was so bad even opiates couldn’t touch it. I also had 2 medical conditions that my doctors and specialists couldn’t diagnose. I complained about them for years, but every urine test showed nothing was wrong.

    Within 24 hours of stopping Prevacid, the back pain was gone. Within 48 hours, the other frightening conditions were gone. (Inability to empty bladder, constant and profuse sweating.) I finally knew what had been making me sick for at least six years. And yet, I know that despite seeing me sit in her office soaking wet from my hair to my sox, my doctor won’t believe it.

    PPI manufacturers say right in their literature, “Do not take for more than 14 days; and no more than twice in one year.” But I got 90 of them at a time, and I took them faithfully, thinking they were as benign as gummy bears. Why are doctors in denial about this drug?

    Remember, PPI’s began to be prescribed approx 15 years ago, and now, those of us who were the first to take them, have been taking them long enough to make us sick. If you, or anyone you love, has been on these drugs for a long time, and are experiencing unexplained medical conditions, please check the list of severe side effect of long term use. I wish I had 6 years ago. All of my problems were listed there, except the sweating, which I think was my bodies attempt to rid me of the toxins it could not eliminate normally.

    My advice is to get a food allergy test, at the very least. Something you are eating is making you sick. And even when you stop eating it, you will still experience acid stomach with out the other supplements, at least in the beginning. But it does get better day by day.

    It truly saved me when my naturopath told me “no dairy.” I’m lactose intolerant, and I thought Lactaid milk and yogurt was ok. Not for me, it’s not. That information inspired me to look at everything I was eating, and consider it carefully before I put it in my body. I am eating less, but I’m getting the benefit of what I eat nutritionally.

    I’m also less trusting of my doctors. Now I ask more questions.

    I am only on day 18 of my recovery, and so far, I’ve lost 11 pounds from being sick, had a burning case of hives wake me up at 4 AM, and ended up in the emergency room with heart palpitations. But that’s because I tried to detox off of PPIs on my own. Now I take supplements and enzymes, and drink aloe vera (fillet) juice before every meal. The great thing is, if I do that, no acid. After two weeks of backlash, I can eat a meal again, without being sick. Even my gallbladder is happy again.

    I’m very grateful to have found the cause of what was making me so sick, and I try everyday, not to be angry toward the woman who prescribed it. She’s just following the protocol that every other doctor is following, blindly.

  8. Diane

    Somewhere I read that chewing gum will help and it does, but doesn’t always last a long time. The problem is finding gum without chemical, dyes, and some sweeteners that one should avoid. Also, apple and I’m not sure about that as I haven’t tried it long enough.

    • Robin in Vermont

      Gum helps me, but you need to avoid mint of any kind, at least at first. While peppermint tea is supposed to be good for the gut, it actually always gives me heartburn.

  9. Steph

    I have gastritis, would this work for that?

  10. Kiturah

    How long does this keep in refrigerator? That seems to be quite a bit of tea. Since persimmons aren’t cheap don’t want to waste it!

    • Emily

      Maybe you could freeze the extra tea in small batches?

  11. Crystal

    Is it ok to use these herbal remedies for reflux while taking Zantac?

  12. KathyD.

    I found dried persimmon at Whole Foods in the produce department.

  13. Susan

    Trader joes has dried persimmons also Asian markets

  14. Barbara

    I bought dried Persimmons from Local Harvest Stores found on web site.
    If you already tried this tea I hope it worked for you. I have had the acid trouble for years and at soon to be 78 it’s about time I found a non prescription fix.

  15. cpmt

    If you have a korean supermarket near you they have frozen and dry persimmons and possible persimmon tea. Most of large cities have these supermarkets. N.Y., Philadelphia, Atlanta etc..

  16. AD

    What is the correct way to brew persimmon tea or ginger tea and what kind of cinnamon?

  17. John I.

    Hey Hannah! I live in Raleigh, too.
    I just went out and bought a nice supply of dried persimmons from the Korean market on the corner of Pleasant Valley and Duraleigh. Thanks for the background information about the nature of the drink as a desert drink. Very interesting.

  18. SS

    To Hannah….Thank you for saying this. I read that Persimmon Tea was a mixture of cinnamon and ginger too. I believe you are correct that the Persimmons are a last minute add-in. Does anyone have the recipe for this Korean tea?
    I would like to know what portions of cinnamon and ginger are used. And if there is a specific type of cinnamon that should be used.

  19. Frank

    To handle acid reflux I used Nexium and Omeprazole capsules for several years before switching to eating persimmons – check the following link for the various types of persimmons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persimmon In California, Washington state and Oregon, fresh persimmons is available (Nov, Dec, Jan) at all Asian, Middle Eastern countries super markets and even Costco.
    Another alternative is a drink in the form of persimmons leaf tea (available in Asian super markets) with added Ceylon cinnamon (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamon In addition to eating persimmons and/or drinking persimmons/cinnamon tea it is important to stop what causes acid reflux in the first place – the persimmons/cinnamon will not do the job alone.
    Some of the drinks and foods that cause acid reflux are all alcoholic/soda beverages, regular tea, coffee, citruses (oranges, tangerines and lemons), chocolate, mint, tomatoes, green or red paper, fried food and red meat. Avoid all spicy food in general. It is worth mentioning that if acid reflux is not handled properly (stopped) there is the possibility of developing, among other things, what is known as “Barrett’s Syndrome” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrett%27s_syndrome .

  20. Linda s

    Get her off the drugs! I have been on them with horrible side effects. Better to try anything naturally!!!

  21. Andre

    Persimmons are hard to get outside of asia.
    I live in Korea and take Persimmon leaf tea for that has all of the benefits of the fruit without the fuss of peeling and cutting. I take it to reduce cholesterol and clean out my arteries. Yes, recent research at Gyeongnam University has proven that it is effective at this, too!
    Think of it as a kind or ‘drain cleaner’ I strongly recommend it – and it tastes great too.

  22. NW

    What are DGL tablets?

  23. DA

    How much do you drink a day? and when?

  24. mllea

    nutsonline.com has dried persimmons at a very reasonable price.

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