Oxycontin is a powerful controlled-release pain reliever.

It is an opioid agonist and a schedule II controlled substance that is subject to abuse.

Oxycontin tablets are only to be swallowed. If they are taken broken, crushed, or chewed, they become rapid- rather than controlled-release, and the dose may be fatal.

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  1. err

    I used a few doses of Oxycodone following RC surgery. I did not think, it reduced the pain, but it was a very effective sleep aid. Realizing that I decided I was not going to subject myself to the possibility of dependence, and switched to Ibuprofen that combined with a generous use of ice packs helped me to manage my high pain level.

  2. robert g

    oxycodone worked. I had a full knee replacement. It took a conscious effort to cut back on the medication and when it was time to let go of the oxycodone dependence it was really hard. There are a dozen pills left, and here is the problem: if you are weak minded it would be nice to pop one of those oxycodone, again. Be strong.

  3. smg

    I also take oxicontin and didn’t think it worked but Dr put me on 1 a day and it has. Didn’t think it would be much different but I still have pain it hasn’t been a magic bullet but it helped the quality of life.

  4. J M

    I am on SS Disability for chronic pain and lymphedema. I do not have health insurance so I have to buy my meds. I was on name brand oxycontin when I had a job. After I lost my job, My pain doc put me on 30 mg generic oxycodone which worked well as long as I got the Activas brand.
    Recently, the pharmacy which was great with me gave me a script for MallinKrodt oxycodone. I said, last night I was told that I was getting The Activas. I got home and put the bottle away. I had several days of Activas left to take. The first day I took the Mallinkrodt, I noticed a difference, it felt like there was nothing in there, the M pill felt like a placebo. After A couple of days I was going crazy, felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I got a UTI, had bad headaches.
    I e-mailed my doctor and told him what happened and he told me that he was getting the same reports from other patients in his practice, he only prescribes oxycontin and oxycodone. He told me that he would help get me on a mail order plan which should be better. The pharmacy he recommends is usually very good. I checked with a local pharmacy CVS today,they said they had it in sometimes, but they could not promise what brand they would get, but usually they get the activas. Anybody else have such a bad experience with Mallinkrodt? Thanks for a website that admits generics are not as good as name brand!!!

  5. Somebodyishome

    I have been taking Oxycodone 10 HCL (without the Tylenol to avoid liver damage) for about 2 months following a lower, multi level fusion and it keeps my pain under control. I take 2 tablets every six hours and this seems to work for me, it doesn’t completely take the pain away, just reduces it to a somewhat tolerable level.
    Prior to the Oxycodone without Tylenol I was taking 10/325, two tablets every six hours which was 2600 mg of Tylenol a day. This was just too much for me and my liver, as I started experiencing problems with my liver. Things seem to be better with the Oxycodone without Tylenol.

  6. 1gdgurl

    My husband was prescribed oxycodone several years ago for chronic pain. The prescription has been filled with Endocet at our local pharmacy. When the prescription is filled with generic oxycodone at the healthcare facility (we are members of an HMO), the pain is worse and he says he does not feel “right.” I think it is making him light-headed and upsets his stomach.
    He is concerned about liver damage and addiction, but he rarely takes a whole pill a day. The dosage is 5/325mg. Most days he cuts the tablets in halves or quarters and takes them as needed. The prescription is for 1 to 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours.

  7. jerri

    The medicine works well (very) if you’re not allergic to it, but if you are like I am you will bleed out of your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth and have to be rushed back to the emergency room.

  8. Joan F.

    Oxycontin is a very powerful drug prescribed by my pain management doctor.
    Oxycodone is simply not as effective. Even increasing the dosage did not help. Chronic pain is not easy to live with but the money that is saved by using a generic is simply not worth it. My physician now writes DAW to insure that I get effective medication. I am not alone in believing this. The waiting room at the doctor’s is full of people who have the same complaint.

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