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Milk of Magnesia (MoM) Banishes Breast Rash

Women often suffer from breast rash in silence. It is nothing to hide. Readers share a lots of breast rash remedies from liquid laxatives to Listerine.

Judging from our mail bag, breast rash is a surprisingly common complaint among women. Not surprisingly, women have come up with some amazingly innovative ways to deal with this uncomfortable condition.

Q. I have suffered for years with dampness under my breasts. This leads to itchiness that will not quit.

When my kids were small, an emergency physician told me to use milk of magnesia on their diaper rash. It worked amazingly well, so I thought I’d try it on my own rash. I got instant relief! I use a blow dryer after I apply it and it keeps me dry all day. I have no more itching.

A. Under-breast rash appears to be surprisingly common. Anything that reduces moisture in skin folds may be helpful against the microbes that cause itching and irritation.

Other women also report success with milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide). This old-fashioned laxative may help dry the skin and change the pH, making the skin less hospitable to bacteria and fungi.

T.W. wrote:

“I use to dab milk of magnesia under my breasts, but now I use the People’s Pharmacy roll on milk of magnesia and enjoy easy, non-messy, and quick applications in addition to a healing plus preventive treatment! Thanks for such a great product!”

To learn more about The People’s Pharmacy Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-On Deodorant click on this link.

Other Breast Rash Remedies

Readers have suggested anti-fungal powders such as Zeasorb-AF or zinc oxide cream, also popular for diaper rash. Dandruff shampoo, Listerine, apple cider vinegar and witch hazel have also been recommended.

Susan in Missouri:

“I’ve been able to prevent these rashes under the breasts, & the underarms by using witch hazel. It’s also a good facial toner & an inexpensive alternative to the pricey toners at the cosmetic counters. I apply it with a cotton pad; it feels cool & refreshing.”

Lilly in Spokane, Washington:

“I mix equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and use a cotton ball to wipe off any area that tends to get a heat rash. I do this as a precautionary to keep from getting a rash as once you get a rash, this treatment burns a little bit. Works for jock itch, athlete’s foot, under the breast and other delicate areas.”

M.C. in Greensboro, NC:

“I use amber Listerine, Zeasorb, and MoM. I do not use antiperspirant in the creases because of the aluminum content and I am breast cancer survivor. Your MoM Aluminum-Free Roll-On is my deodorant now as well.”

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Share your own experience below in the comment section.

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I apply coconut oil under my breasts every day after showering. It works in any moist area where you have a rash or redness with pain and itching.

For breast rash I use powder that has corn starch in it, and it smells good also.

I attack the problem when I wash my bras by hand. I begin with a small amount of liquid soap and I add a few drops of Dr Bronners Magic liquid soap with tea tree oil. I have been doing this for years and I no longer have a problem.

I have a similar problem on my upper back. I can’t stand to exercise or sweat for any reason; when my shirt is wet my back hurts and itches. The rash does not look like much on the skin. (I get visible hives ABOVE my breasts, and I think it’s the same thing, but they rarely bother me.)

The big problem is that I can’t reach to put anything on it! Plus, I am severely allergic to any fragrance. Any type of smell would bother me as much as the pain and itching.

Any ideas?

Even better than Milk of Magnesia is corn starch. Much cheaper and instant relief from itching and chafing.

Baby powder seems to be quite helpful.

Try Lanacane anti-chafing gel. It is one of the best things I have tried in my 83 years!

Back in the day of cotton bras, this was not so much of a problem. The modern material, ie. made from petroleum, lacks the moisture absorbing factor of pure cotton. Most of the new bra material is tantamount to wrapping your breast areas with saran wrap or a plastic bag. Since I do sew, I have at times, lined my bras with pure cotton material, since I’ve always worked in non-AC work situations. It’s is almost impossible to get cotton cup bras, since all undergarments are now made over seas, somewhere. Custom made bras are available, but cost much more. The solutions suggested here, are all good………..better bras will help.

I have done home health for seniors for the past 17 years. I have had numerous patients who have had a terrible break out under their breast. Some were so bad that they were bleeding. The number one product that clears it up within a week is athletic foot powder. Even the worse case I have come across has been cleared within 7 days. I even tried milk of mag. and it sorta worked, but took several weeks to clear a really bad case, plus it was messy and you would have to let it dry before dressing. The athletic foot power is a miracle cure for this problem. Do not use regular foot powder. It has to be foot powder for athlete’s foot.

I went to an allergist for a rash I had and his PA told me to use Monistat Complete Care. It is a “powder gel” and used after my shower regularly has completely eliminated the nasty itching rash I got under my breasts in our humid Houston weather – which lasts here for many, many months!

After bathing, I dry the affected areas well with a blow dryer on the cool setting. Then, I put just a dab of generic Miconazole (same ingredient as Monistat) cream on and it gets rid of the rash within a day, guaranteed. It’s important to keep the area dry and I will sometimes place a bit of rolled cotton along the affected area as well. Works wonders!

I to have had shingles and a rash under my breasts. My remedy is using corn starch. The corn starch alleviates the pain and soothes the itching you get from shingles.

I too have the rash under my breast. Did you use corn starch dry or did you make a paste?

I have used Coconut Oil for years, because it works immediately to kill all fungus growing rashes in all moist areas and many infections since it is an antiseptic and anti-fungal. It also works on dry skin & hair, plus it is an effective remedy for gum infections through oil-pulling.

I started using this when I had shingles a few years ago to reduce the friction between my clothes and my inflamed skin. It worked so well I have continued to use it to help keep my skin dry in those areas that tend to get and stay moist from perspiration, including under my breasts. The remedy? BABY POWDER! (And the fragrance is soothing, too!)

I started using this when I had shingles a few years ago to reduce the friction between my clothes and my inflamed skin. It worked so well I have continued to use it to help keep my skin dry in those areas that tend to get and stay moist from perspiration, including under my breasts. The remedy? BABY POWDER! (And the fragrance is soothing, too!

I use only MoM roll-on under my breasts and any other area which exhibits the same breast habitat. A GREAT way to keep areas dry, comfortable and bacteria free!!

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