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How to Overcome Under-Breast Rash

How to Overcome Under-Breast Rash

Hot sticky weather makes everyone miserable. But some people are more miserable than others. They are the ones who are especially susceptible to itchy rashes in folds and creases of the skin. Men may experience this as jock itch, while women frequently find the area under the breasts is affected. How can you overcome under-breast rash?

Cleaning Up Under-Breast Rash:

Q. I have read your advice on the heat rash women often develop under their breasts. I myself have tried many things, but then I experimented with wiping the area twice a day with hand sanitizer.

Applying hand sanitizer stings for a minute, but the rash dried up in far less than a week. If I am careful to use this remedy at the first sign of redness, the heat rash never really gets a start. I am sure the antibacterial activity of hand sanitizer is what makes it work so well.

Beating the Yeast with Antimicrobial Sanitizer:

A. Thanks for the recommendation. We suspect you are right. Although we have not seen research confirming that a rash under the breasts is caused by yeast, we suspect that is often the culprit. That is presumably why many women find that antifungal creams or powders help them overcome under-breast rash.

Other Options to Overcome Under-Breast Rash:

Women have come up with ingenious remedies for this common problem. Some have used Listerine, which fights both bacteria and fungus. Elaine of North Carolina told her story:

“Listerine works wonders on this rash under the breasts. Apply it daily following a shower. It doesn’t hurt to apply it before bed as well.

“Once the Listerine has dried, pat on cornstarch or a good body powder without perfume. Results should be seen in less than a week. Once control has been established and rash disappears, apply Listerine every few days to maintain rash-less state.”

Jim in Virginia contributed this:

“I’ve had tremendous success with most skin irritations by just applying Milk of Magnesia. I’ve seen it work on shingles (mine), jock itch (my brother), a scalp rash that was diagnosed as a viral infection that persisted after two years of treatment (a business associate), diaper rash…you name it, it works. Amazing. I buy the generic version at the dollar store.”

Some women find that OTC antifungal creams or ointments do the job, while others devise absorbent bra liners that can be replaced easily when they become damp. Remedies that work for diaper rash can often overcome under-breast rash as well. Helen M. wrote:

“I am using a baby ointment with zinc oxide; when this is finished I plan to go to straight zinc ointment. I use the ointment every day, under my breasts, under my belly and in my groin. What with being diabetic, I have a tendency towards yeast infections. If one slips by my prevention methods, I use Bag Balm to treat it.”

We hope that hand sanitizer, Listerine, zinc oxide ointment, milk of magnesia or an OTC antifungal product will prove useful for anyone dealing with this uncomfortable situation.

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