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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) roots
Alternative Health

Can Ashwagandha Help You Sleep Better?

A reader wonders: Could ashwagandha help you sleep? Although this Indian herb has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine, there are no scientific studies.

Man napping in chair
Heart Attack

Is Napping Good for Your Health or Bad for Your Health?

Are you a snoozer? Do you worry about the health consequences of napping during the day? Worry no more. The latest research suggests it may be good for you.

Bottle of 5mg Melatonin tablets
Home Remedies

What Time Is Best to Take Melatonin?

If you want to take melatonin for better sleep, the timing is best if you take it half an hour to an hour before turning out the lights.

Young man suffering from sleep walking while on Zolpidem
Drug Side Effects

Beware Zolpidem Zombies on Airplanes

We all seek a good night's sleep. Commercials for prescription sleeping pills make them seem very appealing. There's no mention of zolpidem zombies, though.

airplane flying in the air above the clouds
older woman with insomnia silencing her alarm clock
Drug Side Effects

Amitriptyline for Sleep problems Is a Bad Idea

Getting a good night's sleep can be a challenge, but relying on the antidepressant amitriptyline for sleep problems has its own hazards! Is Brain fog one?

sleepy woman with alarm clock
Drug Side Effects

What Took the FDA So Long to Warn About Z-Drug Dangers?

The FDA crows about its new drug approvals. It is less enthusiastic about black box warnings. Z-drug dangers now include sleep walking and sleep driving.

tired driver asleep at the wheel
Drug Side Effects

Popular Sleeping Pills Get FDA’s Black Box Warning!

Do you ever read the FDA's black box warning? There are new cautions about Ambien (zolpidem), eszopiclone (Lunesta) and zaleplon (Sonata). Sleep driving!

a woman with heartburn pain
Acid Reflux

Falling Asleep with Zolpidem | Waking up with Heartburn

Millions of people have insomnia. Many try falling asleep with zolpidem. But the drug can cause indigestion. Waking up with heartburn at night is not nice.

Dr. Chris Winter, author of The Sleep Solution

Show 1125: How Can You Find Your Sleep Solution? (Archive)

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, Dr. Chris Winter has a sleep solution that may help. Exercise and exposure to bright light early in the day can help reset your inner clock.

Young woman hold her hands up in fear

Benzodiazepine Dependence | A Hard Habit to Kick

Getting off benzos can be tough. Benzodiazepine dependence is more common than many people realize. Symptoms can be davastating. A SLOW taper is essential!.

Senior man in pajamas sits on bed unable to sleep
Back Pain

What Is the Other Drug Epidemic?

Researchers say there is another drug epidemic in addition to opioids. Doctors are prescribing more benzodiazepines than ever for longer periods of time.

Elastic acupressure Sea-Bands used for motion sickness and morning sickness
Alternative Health

Can Acupressure Wrist Bands Help You Get to Sleep?

Many people find that acupressure wrist bands, correctly placed, can help them get the sleep they need without tossing and turning.

A bowl of Boswellia resin, also known as frankincense
Alternative Health

Will Therapeutic Frankincense Help You Sleep?

A reader wonders whether therapeutic frankincense can overcome insomnia. The aroma may be relaxing, especially in combination with lavender and mandarin.

a woman getting a good night's sleep
Home Remedies

Will Raisins Help You Sleep More Soundly?

Some readers report that eating raisins at bedtime helps them avoid frequent nighttime urination. We have not seen any research to confirm or explain this.

amber bottle with dropper next to two lavender flower spikes
Alternative Health

Will Lavender Oil Ease Your Anxiety and Insomnia?

The scent of lavender oil can help reduce anxiety and overcome sleeplessness in people undergoing surgery. Might it help you too?

a confused or forgetful older senior woman
Alzheimer’s Disease

Can Clonazepam Increase the Risk for Dementia?

People taking benzodiazepines like clonazepam for insomnia are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Could benzos increase the risk for dementia?

sleepy man

Does Too Little Sleep Make You Quicker to Anger?

People who have gotten too little sleep are much more prone to get angry in annoying situations. Sleep deprivation has other negative health consequences.

sleepy woman with alarm clock
Drug Side Effects

A DUI Driving Citation After Taking Ambien (Zolpidem)

Is it possible to be arrested for driving under the inflluence (DUI) while taking Ambien (zolpidem)? This reader was. Others have ended up in the hospital.

Night shift nurse helping a senior patient lying in hospital bed
Breast Cancer

Is Melatonin Safe for Night Shift Nurse?

People who work the night shift may need help sleeping during the day. Is melatonin safe for this purpose? We need more research to know for sure.