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Bottles of Red Yeast Rice on a store shelf
High Cholesterol

Is It Safe to Take Red Yeast Rice for High Cholesterol?

Most people who take red yeast rice to lower their cholesterol do well with it. But a few experience side effects such as muscle or nerve problems.

close up of blueberries
Grilled lean white meat chicken breast with green and red peppers.

Is White Meat Better for Your Heart Than Red Meat?

Should you choose white meat such as chicken instead of red meat like beef or pork? To lower cholesterol, pick plant protein in a low sat fat diet.

test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
High Cholesterol

No Need to Fast for a Cholesterol Test

For purposes of predicting heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems, a nonfasting cholesterol test works as well one taken while fasting.

close up of eggs and one egg broken to show the egg yolk
High Cholesterol

How Risky Is It to Eat an Egg?

Evidence from a Finnish study shows you could probably eat an egg a day without increasing your risk for stroke or heart disease.

bowl of turmeric spice

Turmeric Lowered Cholesterol Raised by Glucosamine?

Have you ever taken glucosamine and chondroitin for sore joints? Did this combo raise cholesterol? Turmeric lowered cholesterol AND eased inflammation.

Brown flax seeds in spoon and flaxseed oil in glass bottle

Must You Grind Flaxseed to Get Its Nutritional Benefits?

The scientific consensus is that if you grind flaxseed, you get more of the fiber, lignans and omega-3 fats that make it a healthful food.

Man sitting in deckchair falling asleep in the shed

How Can You Overcome the Harms of Sitting Too Much?

How much time do you spend sitting on average? Chances are it's way too much and it's surprisingly bad for your health. How can you counteract the harm?

shrimp and steak on a grill
Cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)

Why Would Anyone Want to Raise Cholesterol Levels?

We're told that total and LDL cholesterol are really bad. What if such lipids are very low naturally? Are there any risks? Can you raise cholesterol levels?

kiwi fruit slices close up
Heart Attack

Will Kiwifruit Raise Your Good HDL Cholesterol?

A reader found that eating two kiwifruit daily for many months raised beneficial HDL cholesterol into the desirable range.

test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
High Cholesterol

Can You Use Cinnamon to Reduce Your Cholesterol?

Adding cinnamon to food or taking a water-extracted cinnamon supplement may help you reduce your cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

bottles of crestor lipitor and simvastatin cholesterol-lowering drugs
Drug Side Effects

Statins and Muscle Pain: What Else Can He Do To Lower LDL?

Many physicians are adamant that statins rarely cause any side effects. And yet readers continue to report a connection between statins and muscle pain.

Refrigerated shelves of butter and margarine at a supermarket
High Cholesterol

Is It Possible to Lower Cholesterol with Margarine?

A reader's experience confirms research showing you can lower cholesterol with margarine that contains plant stanols or sterols.

test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
Drug Side Effects

Can Repatha Substitute for Statins to Lower Cholesterol?

Many people tell us they cannot tolerate statin side effects. Will Repatha substitute for statins without side effects and lower cholesterol successfully?

Steven Nissen, MD, heart health expert

Show 1147: How Do You Control Your Cholesterol?

To prevent heart disease, you need to control your cholesterol. Do you do that with diet, supplements and exercise, or do you also take medication?

bottles of crestor lipitor and simvastatin cholesterol-lowering drugs
Drug Side Effects

Doctors and Patients Confused About Statins and Muscle Damage

The FDA lists myositis as a statin side effect but many people are clueless what that means. The connection between statins and muscle damage is bewildering.

rows of yellow mustard on a store shelf
Back Pain

Will Yellow Mustard Ease Cramps from Statins?

Have you heard of SAMS? It stands for statin-associated muscle symptoms. It may be more common than doctors think. Could mustard and/or Coenzyme Q10 help?

pitcher of grapefruit juice
Drug Side Effects

Is it Risky to Take Atorvastatin with Grapefruit Juice?

Millions of people take statins daily. Are there dangerous food and drug interactions? What about simvastatin or atorvastatin with grapefruit juice?

Bowl of psyllium husks, an excellent source of dietary fiber
Heart Attack

How Can You Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally?

Consider adding soluble fiber such as psyllium to your diet to lower your cholesterol naturally. There are also other tasty options.

Man grabs at his heart during a heart attack
Drug Side Effects

Will Alirocumab Save You from a Heart Attack?

A new study shows that alirocumab added to statins can help some people at very high risk of a heart attack. How high is your risk?