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Alternate Remedies for Warts

Q. Is there any way to get rid of warts other than duct tape? I have more than twenty of these ugly things on my hands, and I can’t imagine trying to get on with daily life with that much duct tape on.

I have had these warts frozen off, burnt off and surgically removed but they still grow back. I am desperate, but I must say the duct tape really does not appeal to me.

A. There are many home remedies for warts besides duct tape. We will skip some of the stranger ones, such as getting someone to buy them from you with a shiny new penny or finding Tom Sawyer’s spunk water (whatever that is).

That still leaves taping a piece of banana peel to the wart, with the inside of the peel against the skin. Or instead you might try soaking the wart in vinegar or painting it daily with Listerine.

Some readers have suggested using the juice from a milkweed plant or putting castor oil on the warts. There is also the option of taking over-the-counter cimetidine (Tagamet HB). Although studies of cimetidine have had mixed results, some readers report that this heartburn medicine works when all else fails.

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I had a large ugly polyp-like wart under my arm-pit. I’d had it for over 10 years and it was getting so large (about 1cm x1cm x3cm) I was thinking of getting it surgically removed. For some reason I switched to crystal alum deodorant. I accidentally brushed the wart with the damp crystal and after a week or two the wart became quite painful and swollen but dropped of after turning black a couple of weeks later. I also tried it on a small hand wart and it fell off a couple of days later. Neither wart has returned, it is also a very effective deodorant and keeps your under-arms smelling fresh (no perfume) for at least 24 hours and one crystal lasts for months! I checked the result with my dermatologist and she was impressed but perhaps a little saddened that she couldn’t charge me to remove it surgically.

I never had planter warts on the bottom of foot. All of a sudden there are 5!
I called my primary Dr ($25 copay) because they were so painful, it felt like I was walking on thumb tacks. She tried to freeze them. It was too painful, I was then referred to a dermatologist ($40copay). Only to be referred to a podiatrist ($40 copayment), only for him to “scrape” them, and talked me into buying a product from him called Verucide.
He said patients were complaining that it was like $80. He would sell it to me for $40. I’m disabled and don’t want to have to travel to his office again, so I buy it. I go home and call CVS, same exact box and all everyday price $13.88 !!! I start using this painful product, and my back goes out and I can’t finish the treatment. So out of pure desperation, I googled home remedy a. I came across a lot of ideas, however the one that I chose was “listereen.” I soaked my foot in water until it “pruned,” sloughed and clipped extra skin then I soaked my foot in a shallow bucket with the “listereen” for 15mins. Let it air dry, rinsed, blotted dry, air dried again, and put on clean socks. I did this for 4days, and they all turned black and fell off.
BTW , I didn’t have “listereen” so I used a 99 cent store generic brand. I would recommend using “listereen” and paying 99cents, than $105.00 ………….. IF you want results!!!!!!!

Dab apple cider vinegar on the wart itself. Soak small cotton (the size of the wart) in apple cider, place on the wart and tape with duct tape. Change dressing twice daily (once in the morning, once before bed). Wear dressing while bathing – keeping warts dry (except for moisture of apple cider vinegar applications) is essential.
Trust me, it works!

I had a nasty wart on the side of my finger. After trying duct tape (which was effective on warts on my foot), salicylic acid, banana peel, and vinegar I finally went to the dermatologist and had it cut out and cauterized. It came back!
I kept treating it with salicylic acid and tried freezing it off. Nothing worked. It grew and split. Very bothersome and a little painful.
One day I started rubbing it with the mineral crystal deodorant I use (potassium alum). The wart started shrinking and there is now virtually no trace left.
I have started trying the salt block on my feet but don’t see any results yet. I think the salt got into the splits on the wart on the finger and attacked the underlying virus.

I use a dark, good brand of nail polish. All you have to do is dab some on and at the base of the wart, let it dry, and cover it with a Band-Aid. Leave it on until the nail polish washes away, that will probably be about three days. Keep doing this until the wart is gone! Good Luck!

I used super glue on a large, raised wart on my lower leg. I applied it twice a day for a week, gave it a week’s rest, and then repeated. The wart has been completely gone for a month, and the skin is smooth.

I had warts as a child. My mum put oil of cloves on them and they went away. I’ve heard they are susceptible to ritual and positive thinking too. Make up a ritual to go with the application of one of the above suggestions. Good luck!

My son had problem with warts on both hands and lots of them! He started using tea tree oil on them several times a day with a q-tip and they have all disappeared now.

My 5 year old had around 10 warts, and treating them with OTC freeze-off and salacylic acid for months didn’t work. A M.D. prescribed 5% flourouracil cream- it’s painless, just rub it on the warts, you don’t even need to cover them. Works great!

apple cider vinegar! or white vinegar. expose the wart, pull away skin if it’s covered, and apply it with a q-tip. it will sting for the first hour or so, but it works. it will blacken and die.

My daughter had several warts on her hands and was able to kill them quickly with lemon juice. She dabbed the warts with a sliver of lemon 3-4 times a day and all of the warts fell off withing 4 days.

I used vitamin E oil applied 2x a day with a bandaid wrapped around the wart site after the E is applied. In about 8 days the wart was gone and has never returned. I used the vitamin E capsules I take daily and just made a small hole in one end to allow some control of the oil when applying to the wart.

I recently had an ugly wart growing out of the top of my ear. It looked like a small cauliflower. I put hydrogen peroxide on it 3 to 4 times a day with a cotton swab and in 4-6 days it was completely gone. I had a small scab left over the spot where the core had been and it pealed off a few days later completely healed. Three weeks later still no sign of a wart.

I use a drop or two of Iodine as often as I think of it.

I have had success by putting a small drop of “Crazy Glue” on the wart. It takes some time for it to go away, but it works for me.

I use “transparent” duct tape for my warts and also minor skin irritations related to sun damage and it works great! My dermatologist even endorsed it as a good painless way to remove them. He wasn’t aware of the transparent duct tape until I told him.

The remedy for ugly warts is GSE-Grapefruit Seed Extract. It is a anti-viral/bacterial/fungal. I dabbed it on full strength with a Q-tip twice daily. In 2 days it was visibly breaking up; in one week it was completely gone; I continued applying GSE for another 2 weeks to make sure it was gone for good !

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