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Warts are bumps on the skin caused by a virus, the human papillomavirus (HPV). Even though you can’t actually get rid of the virus, you can get rid of warts. A wide range of home remedies and over-the-counter products may work against warts. Dermatologists also have their favorite treatments. They may sometimes use liquid nitrogen to freeze them off; other dermatologist may prefer to remove the warts surgically. What tactics can you use at home?

How to Get Rid of Warts:

Q. For warts I’ve used instant glue. What led me to this were the anecdotes reporting success with duct tape and banana peel. It seemed that what they had in common was blocking air to the wart. That’s why I thought of cyanoacrylate glue. It goes on easily, doesn’t wash off quickly and is almost invisible.

A. You didn’t tell us whether this glue worked to get rid of your warts! We found one case report in which doctors used surgical glue for a related purpose (BMC Gastroenterology, Feb. 2010).  However, this doesn’t seem to be widely used.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Warts:

Warts are caused by the skin’s reaction to human papillomavirus. People have come up with a wide range of home remedies for this problem, including taping banana peel over the wart with the inside of the peel on the skin. Other readers have used cayenne pepper in their socks or the yellow spice turmeric under a bandage for plantar warts.

As you’ve noted, duct tape is a popular treatment, especially for plantar warts (those on the soles of the feet). A review of research found that salicylic acid (an OTC treatment) works as well as liquid nitrogen for children’s warts and is less painful (Paediatrics & Child Health, March 2014).  This analysis does not show that duct tape is better than placebo in treating warts, and the adhesive can be irritating. We’d love to see a study of your wart-removing approach using super glue.

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  1. Gayle

    Would this work for flat warts? I’ve had them (several) on my legs and hands for many years and have tried a few remedies from my dermatologist; however, nothing has worked. When they are frozen off, about 50% or more return. I have too many to keep doing this. Everything I have read says flat warts usually go away on their own. Unfortunately, mine have never done that. Twenty years later, I’m ready to try again. Has anyone had success with ANYTHING getting rid of flat warts?!

  2. Juli

    I may have sent you this story before. I had a wart for many years on my anterior hand that was painful, especially when I played guitar. I was about 1/2 dime sized and circular.

    I tried so many things, including MD office surgery to remove it – it just came back.

    I was cleaning a filthy apartment before I moved into it and had my hands in hot water and Spic and Span powder and using my hands to clean walls and floors most of a day. I think the hot water and the constant movement of cleaning is what eventually started that wart breaking up – the outer skin of it.

    It itched like crazy so I kept rubbing at it and I couldn’t believe it when it really started breaking apart until I saw little “onion sets” sitting in little honeycomb like structures at it’s base.

    I rubbed those out vigorously and eventually got them all. No more wart, ever, and that was in my 20’s. Now I’m 64. I hope this story helps those who have tried everything else. Some patience and hot water and rubbing worked for me in ONE DAY, after years of discomfort.

    It was painful, but easily handled. No blood at all – those little ‘onion sets’ just came away with vigorous rubbing – no roots.

    I really don’t think the Spic and Span cleaning powder had anything to do with it, but I have no way of knowing. So I mention it, in case.

  3. Paul
    Dallas, TX

    I’m the guy that recommended the super glue. Yes it works great, never took longer than 2 days.

  4. Carey

    I tried several options for warts on my toes. What finally ended up working was Tagament. I took two a day, morning and night. Got the idea here. I do get GERD, so I could justify taking it.

    It was kind of slow, but I could tell it was working, so I continued. I kept taking it for quite a while after they were gone, but eventually stopped and they haven’t come back.

    • Js

      I’ve used super glue for months for a wart on my hand. I’ve also used multiple types. Unfortunately it does not work, not even slightly. I was hoping that it was the trick!

  5. Judy
    Bella Vista, Arkansas

    I have gotten a wart on and off for years! It appears on my right hand middle finger, left side of finger, between the top two joints. It lasts a long time, and I usually try to cut it off, a little at a time. But it takes a lot of time and Band-Aids! I’ve also tried Duct Tape, but it becomes very painful. Any suggestions out side of surgical removal? Thanks!

  6. Charlotte

    Superglue was first developed by scientists at Eastman Kodak who were trying to design gun sights for the military after they found that some of their failed attempts had other useful properties.

    During the Vietnam War, it became life-saving. “If somebody had a chest wound or open wound that was bleeding,” inventor Harry Coover once told the Kingsport Times-News, “the biggest problem they had was stopping the bleeding so they could get the patient back to the hospital. And the consequence was that many of them bled to death. So the medics used the spray, stopped the bleeding, and were able to get the wounded back to the base hospital. And many, many lives were saved.”

    Early superglue compounds could cause skin irritation, which could develop into a serious problem when dealing with an open wound. Later versions of the compound designed specifically to deal with human skin were developed- an antibacterial form of the substance called 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate, which is marketed as Dermabond.

    I suspect that would work too for warts.

    An aside–I once cut my hand after 5pm on the weekend and no doctor was around to stitch me up. I used Superglue. Worked very well, I had no problems with irritation and the wound healed beautifully. I always have some at home in case of emergency.

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