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For decades, scientists thought of the brain as something of a black box. You could see inputs and outputs, but figuring out what was going on inside was too difficult. However, that is starting to change. Testing brain function is still complicated. If you want to know how well your brain is working you generally need to visit a neurologist, undergo a battery of expensive tests and maybe even have a CT scan or an MRI. Until now it has been impossible to measure brain function at home.

Measure Brain Function:

Our radio show and podcast sponsor has changed the game with special technology that utilizes the sense of touch to measure brain function. The Brain Gauge looks a lot like a computer mouse, but it has two buttons that buzz your fingers. How your brain senses these vibrations can reveal a great deal about neural connections. Are you intrigued?

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You can learn more at This device can be used by physicians, scientists or ordinary people like you and me. It can tell a lot about brain functionality.

For example, someone who has experienced a concussion or traumatic brain injury will be able to assess recovery. Other conditions that may benefit from this new technology to measure brain function include ADHD, diabetes, OCD, migraine and pain. It also helps evaluates cognitive function.

Medications may have unrecognized effects on brain physiology. The Brain Gauge can detect subtle changes due to medicines, sleep and meditation. To learn more about how to measure brain function at home or in the clinic, check out at this link. Health professionals who see patients may also be interested in this intriguing brain-testing system.

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  1. Cindy
    Seattle, WA

    I have a “brain gauge” that’s far less expensive. It’s called “crossword puzzle.” So many of the answers are things I’ve heard sometime or other, and when my brain is sharp, the answer just comes burbling up from the depths. I don’t KNOW that’s the correct answer. The word just comes to me like magic, and by golly, it turns out to be correct! Same thing with the puns and wordplay. When the brain is sharp, you can work them out pretty fast; but when it’s not, the solution doesn’t come. It’s amazing what an accurate “brain gauge” a crossword puzzle is!

  2. Patricia

    I have been diagnosed as having osteoporosis, but prefer not to take any of the popular medications currently suggested by my primary care doctor. I walk several miles per day, do yoga and weight training, as well as eating calcium rich foods (sardines, leafy greens, little meat, yogurt and milk. I am 81, ideal weight with good vital statistics. Any thoughts on my not taking a medication?

  3. Concerned
    North Carolina

    Can you tell me is spinal epidurals affect one’s memory?

  4. Rich F.
    Houghton , MI

    This was developed for detecting traumatic brain injury, which would be nice for mental health counselors to use to screen their clients when other options are not available. The model for multiple users is a little expensive unless an agency with multiple practitioners is buying it.

  5. Gregory
    San Antonio, Texas

    Sounds interesting.

  6. Maria

    My doctor says I need calcium and that I should take two Tums every evening. My friend who is a chemistry teacher says that your body does not absorbe this type of calcium. What type of calcium is absorbed by the body. I eat about seven fruits and vegetables a day, but only one glass of milk a day. What would be a good calcium supplement?

    • Sandra

      Calcium from the diet is best, but it is very hard to get enough from non-dairy sources. Calcium Citrate is much better absorbed than Calcium carbonate. You can find the former in generic form next to the brand name Citracal.

      • john

        To get the calcium your body needs, you need to drink raw grass fed cow or goat’s milk. Find a reliable clean source. You wont get it from industrial heat treated milk. The calcium has been altered. I always treat (sanitize) raw milk with approx, 1/2 oz regular 3.5% household hydrogen peroxide per quart of milk. The same stuff you’d rinse your mouth out with, after brushing with your baking soda/peroxide toothpaste. Just mix thouroughly into the full milk container. Another benefit …it extends the freshness life of the milk. Fresh greens,(spinach, lambs quarters , kale.dandelions, etc) are a good source of calcium. If you are on meds like blood thinners, better to ask your Doc about the greens. Also rinse your greens w/hyd peroxide water before consuming. They’re best raw. Make sure they havent been sprayed by some trigger happy weed killer!

      • Cyndie

        There is also a plant-based Calcium derived from seaweed contained in a supplement called AlgaeCal. Supposedly, testing shows this form of supplement to be easier for the human body to absorb than Calcium Citrate or Calcium Carbonate. As I am lactose intolerant, Calcium supplementation is of great interest to me.

    • Sally

      My gynecologist also used to suggest Tums for calcium until a friend, also her patient, developed very painful kidney stones requiring emergency treatment. The tending doctor doctor that said the stones were caused by the daily Tums. Our gynecologist no longer makes this recommendation to her patients.

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