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People who are seriously depressed depend upon their medication to get through challenging times. Without a reliable medication they can fall back into a dark depression. This reader shares the frustration of generic Remeron pills.

Q. Please let the FDA know that there is a problem with generic mirtazapine. It is not exactly the same as the brand name antidepressant Remeron.

I was on Remeron for many years without any trouble. I had to switch to the generic because the brand is so expensive.

After two weeks on this drug I am having a bad response. The consequences are serious for people like me who depend on the drug.

A. Other visitors to our website have also reported problems with mirtazapine (generic Remeron). We suggest that you report this problem to the FDA directly through

Other Generic Remeron Reports from readers:

Ernie shared a similar experience:

“I have been taking Remeron for insomnia and depression for several years, with good results. The medication resolved my insomnia completely with no side effects.

“When I became aware that there was a generic Remeron (mirtazapine), I began taking it due to its cost savings. I took the generic for a few months also with good results.

“Suddenly, about two years ago, the generic stopped working. The insomnia returned full force. I thought I might have gotten a bad batch of generic meds, so I tried purchasing the medication from several different locations, but continued getting the same bad results.

“After a couple of months I returned to purchasing the name brand Remeron, at triple the price of the generic. Since taking the name brand Remeron once again I’ve been experiencing excellent results. The generic DOES NOT WORK THE SAME.”

F.S. added a scary story:

“After switching to the generic mirtazapine I began to have excruciating nighttime headaches and very bizarre dreams. I requested the name brand Remeron and got the prescription in the white bottle from the manufacturer. That helped.

“Then last month, I picked up the supposedly name brand Remeron. It was in the brown, round plastic bottle that generics come in. The label said Remeron, not mirtazapine, the generic. After taking this medicine, I begin to sink into a deep depression; the headaches and dreams came back and it would take me almost two hours in the morning just to get out of bed, even though I was awake.

“Had it not been for a good family, I would have ended it. Six days ago, I switched to a different pharmacy, got the prescription in the manufacturer’s bottle and have progressively felt better each day. No headaches, no dreams and able to get up and live life as I should. My fear is for the people who don’t have the support that I do. It is a matter of life and death.”

We have no idea what is going on with some generic Remeron formulations. Anyone who experiences a problem should report it to the FDA. Ask both the prescribing physician and the pharmacist to also report the problem directly to the FDA’s Medwatch program.

Buying the Brand Name Through a Canadian Pharmacy:

Anyone who wants to know more about reducing the cost of the brand name drugs like Remeron may want to read our recently updated 20-page guide to Saving Money on Medicines. It will provide details on the pros and cons of buying medications from Canadian pharmacies.

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  1. steve
    San Diego

    I used Aurobindo Mirtazapine 10 years ago and it worked great. Recently tried to get back on it and it didn’t work at all
    Tried TEVA-nothing, Mylan-stomach ache.
    There is ZERO quality control and FDA monitoring for generic drugs and it’s quite obvious.
    The name brand is too expensive so I’m stuck with TEVA which at least doesn’t make me sick

  2. N
    Boynton Beach,Fl

    It is because of your in depth reporting of the negligence of the FDA to monitor the generic companies in India and China that I decided not to enteric Remeron from Au Robinho. I read the comments of the suffering people had gone through after taking this drug.

    I had a serious horrible react ion to generic Zoloft 2 weeks prior,I was minutes away from dialing 911.luckily,my. Husband watched me carefully ully going through extreme nausea, dizziness ,disorientation,.I felt like bugs were crawling in my brain. It took 12 hours to wear off. After deciding not to take t he generic Remeron, Ilooked back. To the generic Zoloft and was I ever shocked to see the dr ug manufacturer was A urobindo!

    Something has to be done, Walgreens said they had a contract with Aurobindo and could not get another generic company. I am very sensitive to meds and decided to suffer thru my anxiety rather than use these. Unmonitored drugs that could cause me more harm.

    Thank you for your effort on behalf of the suffering patients. My husband and I are both retired pharmacists. So we do know about meds and their potential side effects. We had no idea how prevalent these side effects have been to the unwary public.

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