hard of hearing man cups his ear to hear better

Vitamin supplements have been denounced by many health professionals as a waste of money. A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that antioxidants vitamins such as beta-carotene and vitamin C, along with the mineral magnesium, are associated with better hearing.

The researchers reviewed data from more than 2,500 volunteers in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The investigators noted that free radical formation in the ear contributes to hearing loss, so they had participants fill out a detailed 24-hour dietary recall questionnaire and undergo audiology testing.

People with better intake of beta-carotene, vitamin C and magnesium from both food and supplements were less likely to have hearing loss. The researchers recommend that people consume diets with plenty of yellow and orange vegetables, for beta-carotene, citrus fruit for vitamin C, and green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grains as good sources of magnesium.

[American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Jan, 2014]

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  1. Luci

    Hearing loss runs in my family as we reach old age. My grandma was totally deaf, an uncle, an aunt and for the last several years my elderly sister who refused to wear a hearing aid. She had a routine MRI two weeks ago and she couldn’t hear anything going into the machine but when she came out of the machine she heard people in the room talking. When she got home she turned on the radio and said she could hear every word. She called me on the phone to see if she could hear on the phone. Ditto. She heard me clearly. It has been two weeks since this occurred and she is still hearing. It must have been all of the knocking and vibrations of the MRI machine that restored her hearing. Either that or a Christmas miracle from God Himself.

  2. tutorjb1JB

    Hello Oldetimer. I have a wonderful, sweet deaf friend online so have been following this story with interest. I haven’t heard of any nutrients that restore hearing, but it would seem that those that protect against its loss(in the above story) might help a bit. If you’re desperate, you might search healthcare.gov for a plan that covers cochlear implants.
    JB – as usual, just trying to put signs on life’s routes.

  3. tutorjb1JB

    HI Paul, ALL: I got it backward. I apologize. The Wonderful Terry Graedon informed me that the story above is about the antioxidants beta-carotine and Vit. C Plus Magnesium acting to Protect hearing. I don’t know what I read wrong. Just too hurriedly, I suppose.

  4. DB

    I’m hoping that they were careful to eliminate from the sample people with a history of noise exposure that could have caused noise-induced hearing loss. That would likely have been working class people, who may have had lower incomes and were less likely to purchase and take supplements. If they didn’t look at this history then the study probably falls into the “correlation not causality” category.

  5. tutorjb1JB

    Hi Paul.
    This is JB and I’m a bit confused by the original entry from the P’s PHARM. Are they serious about it being dangerous to one’s hearing to eat carrots or food high in VitC (such as oranges) and take magnesium supplements at the same time???
    I’m going to email Terry and copy my Doc to tru to learn more, though my Doc doesn’t check her email often. So I don’t know when or if I’ll get a reply.
    Next time, please specify what, exactly, you;d like to know more about.

  6. Oldetimer

    Is there anything at all (vitamins, foods, etc.) that have been scientifically tested that can actually REVERSE hearing loss? Or is hearing loss, at this time, irreversible?

  7. Ark

    Good to know. Thanks.

  8. tutorjb1JB

    Consumer Reports (CR) and knowledgeable M.D.s with whom I have spoken also say most vitamins (especially multivitamins) and supplements are worthless, if not dangerous so I have cut out most. The few I take (1000 IU of D/day, 250 mg. Magnesium/day, 1 super B complex with B12/day) have met with approval. CR reported that calcium in pill form that many women take to “protect their bones” leads to an 80% increase in stroke and heart attack and that extra calcium in one’s diet does not pose such risk. CR also reported that most Vit.E is one of the worst things a person can consume.
    All statins(such as Zocor – simvastatin – and the rest) pose many dangers. The latest to be discovered and reported in CR is a 50% greater likelihood of cataracts at an earlier age.Fortunately, you can reduce high LDL(which is what statins do) with CHOLESTYRAMINE POWDER and it also blocks fat absorption. When my Doc told me hers had prescribed CHOLESTYRAMINE POWDER for her; I asked if she would prescribe it for me and have never been so relieved in my life as I was to be able to TAPER OFF statins prior to starting CHOLESTYRAMINE POWDER.
    Thank you All,

  9. Paul43

    I would like to hear more on this subject.

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