young woman applying antiperspirant to her armpit

Many people are concerned about avoiding excess exposure to aluminum, especially after reading that aluminum is a neurotoxin.  Several visitors have questioned whether they should give up aluminum foil in their kitchens. We would say no, so long as the aluminum foil is not exposed to highly acid foods.  The risk could be dropped even more by boiling the foil first, although that does seem like a lot of trouble.

We are much more concerned about aluminum that is applied directly to the skin, especially the delicate skin of the armpit.  There is evidence that aluminum compounds can be absorbed through the underarm. Antiperspirants all contain aluminum, at least in the United States. Consequently, people who would like to minimize their aluminum exposure should look for a different product to control body odor. We suggest that a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant would be a better choice.

There are many deodorants on the market, but we know of only one that was developed as a result of information from this website. Visitors have told us that milk of magnesia makes an excellent deodorant. Sloshing the laxative into the armpits is, however, somewhat inconvenient.  As a result we have developed a deodorant that uses milk of magnesia as its active ingredient. Of course, it is completely aluminum free.

We’ve just produced a video explanation, and we invite you to take a look.

If you would like to order our deodorant, just slip over to the store at

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  1. cpmt

    I don’t understand your question… will you ask anyone why don’t we eat fish or….high in mercury or lead or aluminum? – heavy metals-??

  2. cpmt

    NOT EVERYONE WHO SMOKES gets lung or kidney cancer… not everyone gets arthritis… that you didn’t get cancer or alzheimers, doesn’t mean that maybe 45 % of the population gets it. I am very allergic to deodorants and specially antiperspirant and not everyone has that problem. Thank God for MOM. I think we should have an open mind for people who are not the same like us. I remember one time a lady told me I was lying when I told her I was allergic to fresh Pineapple which I love to eat. She told me no one in the world is allergic to pineapple.

  3. kdelphi

    Well, Sara, I can understand that your experience is prob close to the “norm”, but, some of us have pretty severe allergic reactions to it. I also cannot imagine that stopping up major sweat glands (sweating IS the body’s way to extracting waste products) is good for the body long term. Advanced (and increasingly all) countries do a lot of things that we may not find out are safe for generations.


    I have used aluminum chloride for over 45 years, and have never had cancer. I’m now 72 years old and still use it monthly. It cured my underarm sweating. I don’t glisten and I don’t perspire… I sweat. I would love to hear some actual cases (names & locations) of people who have been injured or have/had cancer using products containing aluminum.

  5. cpmt

    BECKY, I was too allergic to aluminum. The only thing it work for me was MOM milk of magnesia. All deodornats (at least the ones i know) have lots of chemicals that are not good for the body.

  6. Becky G

    I have been allergic to some metals since I had my ears pierced years ago. One of the metals is aluminum, which when in antiperspirants, caused terrible itching in my armpits. Even if I used deodorants without aluminum, the itching would continue for months until the aluminum worked out of my body.
    I tried the natural crystal deodorant and was very pleased, since it seemed to act as an antiperspirant as well as a deodorant. I thought the continued itching was just part of working the old aluminum out of my body. But no, I used the crystal deodorant for over a year, with the itching continuing.
    Then on this website, I read that I was still applying aluminum on my body when I continued to use the crystal deodorant. I stopped the crystal deodorant and bought another over the counter deodorant without alum.
    The itching finally stopped, and I am now itch free. So I know that I am no longer applying aluminum to my body.

  7. cpmtP

    aluminum in some foods.. and medicines too. AND ALUMINUM IS ALUMINUM NO MATTER HOW TO CALLED or where is used.
    Question to Nancy abut DENTAROME do you know if it is organic? or at least is ‘natural plants and herbs”? And where do you get your, in any supermarket or??

  8. carmela b

    what about aluminum in antacids?
    Peoples Pharmacy response: We always suggest using the minimum amount feasible of aluminum-containing antacids.

  9. Nancy D

    To conquer underarm odor, I use something called DENTAROME or DENTAROME PLUS. This was developed by an outfit called Young Living Essential Oils — its original purpose being a toothpaste! Users found that it can also be used on the underarm to conquer odor.
    Not certain that the company promotes it for that purpose; however, I have used it for years, and found it to be non-messy, and instantly effective for this problem. Oh, by the way — it is an excellent toothpaste as well — and serves double-duty when I travel…nd

  10. Gordon

    I have read many times about the dangers of using aluminum in the arm pits. But what EXACTLY is the danger, and what are the symptoms? I have been using rock alum for more than 20 years, and have noticed no side effects from it. What should I be looking for?

  11. CPMTP

    Chris, yes it will remove the smell for a few hours (maybe 5 or 6 hrs. and just have to apply again -after washing the area-, the smell is bacteria, killing the bacteria will kill the odor, but people like you or I need to clean more often. I always have with me essential oil & alcohol (when I am not at home), just to clean then use MoM (milk of magnesia)… and it will last several hours.

  12. Cindy

    Chris, you might want to add a generous amount of white vinegar to your laundry when you wash your clothes. I put white vinegar in a spray bottle and generously saturate under the arms and wherever sweat collects heavily. It really helps. I think it kills some leftover bacteria that might live through the washing cycle. I find the MoM excellent and have used it for about 3 years. I work outside during the hottest weather.


    I bought the MoM deodorant from this site for my husband and myself. It is working great for both of us. Thank you Peoples Pharmacy!

  14. ameliact

    My concern is not the sweat, it is the smell/odor. I don’t sweat more than usual, though I have always used a good anti-persparent. But there is nothing that has helped me eliminate the odor that I emit from all areas of my body that sweat. It is very embarrassing!!! Any help, suggestions? Even if I shower with a very good soap made of soap and honey. My skin is sensitive so I can’t take harsh soaps. I also use a sponge that has a rough side to remove dead skin and remaining lotions and anti-persparents. (Sorry for the wrong spelling but not spell check here.)
    Help! Don’t think Milk of Mag is going to take away odor.

  15. KDelphi

    I would like to reply to SNB…I have the same problem…I want to control the sweat, which ruins my clothes and feels horrible…..I tried the MOM, but, it just sweats right off….I tried tom’s “Natural”, and a French anti perspirant called “Vichy” which seemed to say it contained no alum., but it did (It cost $46), and, now, I give up and use Dove…it makes me break out and itch…anybody? Thanks

  16. Mary

    CBH asked about aluminum cookware.
    Personally, I would avoid anything acidic like tomato sauce, etc.
    Not sure about other foods, though.

  17. JT

    I have always sweated heavily in my underarms. I know there is some risk to using aluminum-based anti-perspirants, but there seems to be no solution to the heavy sweat under the armpits unless one pays big bucks for botox, laser or electrolysis treatment. Deodorants have always made me feel impossibly slimy and gunky! I consider the anti-perspirants a necessary evil.

  18. CBH

    What about aluminum cookware?
    P.S. I use the M.O.M roll on deodorant – it works fine.

  19. cpmt

    It really works well.
    I was hoping you mention something about the ‘crystal’ natural deodorant that has alum. I told a friend of mine but she insisted that it does not have any aluminum. I told her yes it does (based on what you mention in a previous newsletter).
    Well she does not believe me.
    People love the word natural and there is no doubt that “crystal” deodorants are natural. But if the label says “potassium alum” you can be assured that there is aluminum in the product. This is hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate.
    Here are some links you can visit and print for your friend. The science is the science:

  20. SB

    Controlling body odor is just a part of the equation. Some of us sweat profusely, and it’s highly embarrassing to have huge sweat stains under our arms. I am a woman, and have suffered this for years. My teen son has the same problem. Can anyone recommend anything for this that is not super-alumunized?

  21. emh

    I’ve made home made deodorant for years, a powder; equal parts baking soda & baby powder + pure essence of lavender oil, about 30 drops. Mix well with a fork till the oil blends into the mix. I keep it in an old washed out make-up powder jay and use an old make up brush to apply OR just a big pinch and rub under my arm. It works! The make up jar is good because it’s low level jar and has a cap. I even gave as a gift to a GF one year and then she loved it so gave her the recipe.
    We love home-made recipes for deodorant. People who are dedicated to such approaches have come up with some cool formulas. Here is a link to some on our website:
    One word of caution about lavender, though. We considered using it in our MoM (milk of magnesia roll-on deodorant) and rejected it because of potential estrogenic activity. Here is an alarming report of estrogen action from cosmetics with lavender scent:

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