an aloe plant in a pot

Q. I have been stressing out over a wart on my face. I have tried every treatment mentioned in your column for over two years, including banana peel, vinegar, Listerine and duct tape.

Nothing worked, no matter how conscientious I was about applying the treatment. Finally I read about the aloe plant and how to apply it by peeling it and applying the juicy material directly to the wart. That worked! Now I don’t feel like a Halloween witch with her big facial wart.

A. We are delighted to learn that topical application of Aloe vera gel got rid of your wart. This is the first time we have heard of using aloe as a wart remedy.

Other readers have had success soaking warts in hot water, applying duct tape, castor oil, lemon juice, vinegar or the prescription antiviral drug amantadine. Others tell us that taping eggplant or banana peel to a wart will also make it disappear.

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  1. Anand

    My grand father used to have a large piece of land and he cultivated various medicinal plants amongst which aloe Vera. I will try one on the wart on my sole and hope to report on its positive use.

  2. Jamie

    How did ou apply it, and for how many days, and for how much time do you change it???

  3. jm

    I used the leaf of the aloe vera plant for my wart as a child and it worked great. Now my 13 year old son has a cluster of about 20 of them on his foot! I started using the aloe vera and they are almost gone. Just thinly slice one side of the leaf off and put the thicker open side on the warts at night … they will be white looking in the morning. They dry smaller everyday. Awesome…. the freezing and burning do not work and they scar. This is the most effective and safe way to go!

  4. CLC

    Just a couple of days later I am here to report that after swabbing with Bragg’s organic ACV my warts have visibly lessened. The one I mentioned is half its size; it’s drying up and diminishing. First I use the ACV and then use my usual 98% Aloe moisturizer. I think we have a winner. So glad I checked out this site! ACV = magic potion. Aloe good too. ;D

  5. CLC

    I am noticing an upsurge of facial warts lately, including one above my eye, on the bony ridge under the brow, not on the lid. I use Aloe Vera gel daily as a moisturizer, and it’s not doing anything for the warts … I’m not using the plant leaf itself, but Jason 98% AV Gel which has a few other things in it as well. I’m about to try apple cider vinegar. Surely wish the AV would be the ticket! So I’ll try the juice of the leaf for a while.

  6. karen

    I had a wart appeared on my thumb couple of years ago… I put the inside of an aloe vera leaf onto it and covered it with a plaster every night for about 2 weeks. Then everyday I just put it on without a plaster for about 3 weeks.. the wart has completely gone left no mark… it’s brilliant stuff.

  7. S D I

    I have used aloe vera gel for a wart problem, and it worked in about 10 days, the wart never returned. Great article, I found a lot of useful info here.

  8. LMA

    I used a Costa Rican recipe. Put a regular aspirin on the wart. add just enough water to help dissolve it a tiny bit. put a bandaid ot tape to hold it in place. Did this for a wart on the top of my hand for a week. Came off & has never returned!

  9. KA

    My daughter had warts. I took her to the doctor who prescribed the commen OTC wart creams. They didn’t work. I tried a home remedy and it worked. The wart left and never came back. A drop of Castor oil is put on the wart, then you cover it with a piece of fresh garlic, and a bandaid over it. This is done 3x a day for 3 days.

  10. Daniel

    We can’t have fresh aloe vera because of the climate. My wife used bottled Aloe Vera gel. It works excellent for the skin.
    I’ve used Aloe Vera gel internally for healing my bile problems and it works too. So I recommend Aloe Vera to all my friends.

  11. mas

    When my son was about six he got a wart and even the doctor could not get rid of it. Aloe worked great. I just taped a slice of it on his little hand and it worked great.

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