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Q. Some time ago I read in your column about someone who had success removing skin tags with a liquid bandage. I would appreciate hearing about this remedy.
I have several of these growths around my neck where the chain of my necklace rests. I have been considering having them removed by a dermatologist, but would like to try this remedy first.

A. We have heard from many readers who tell us New-Skin Liquid Bandage works:

“I used it twice a day for three days and the skin tags came off!”

Others tell us it may take a few weeks. Another approach some readers have tried involves a wart remedy:

“I found Compound W works just as well for getting rid of skin tags.”

There is also an old-fashioned approach to skin tag removal:

“I had a rather large one on the side of my neck. My dermatologist said to just ignore it. Soon after, I mentioned to a friend (an orthopedic doctor) how much I hated it, and he promptly tied and knotted a piece of thread around it and cut the ends off real close. You couldn’t even see it. He said that would shut off the blood supply to the tag and it would fall off very quickly. It was gone in three days.”

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  1. Richard
    Richmond Va.

    Skin tags are easy to get rid of, cotton ball soaked in vinegar cover skin tag and use a bandaid to hole in place all night. May take 3-5 nights but tag will fall off. Had some under my arms and it worked. Also had another growth on my right bicep. I could scratch it off but a crusty bump would come back. Used same as above and after about a week it was gone and has not come back. It works, use good bandaids to avoid skin irritation.

    • Terry Graedon

      Make sure the skin tags you are treating really are skin tags and not skin cancers. Get the dermatologist to check them over.

  2. Moley

    Apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball until it falls off. Works for moles as well.

  3. Shirley
    Meadville PA

    I tried the tieing off of a skin tag, that got big and was getting caught on things, bleeding and was very painful….Unfortunately I couldn’t reach or see the tag so had my boyfriend tie it…BIG mistake!!! He didnt tie it close enough,or it came lose one..Any way. It grew into the tag, got infected and i had to have it removed by PCP…although that was relatively quick and painless, except for the numbing shot…

    • Shirley
      Meadville PA

      The tag was on the back of my left thigh…I also have one near thebottom corner of my eye….I got rid of in in the90’s by just pulling it out and cutting it off with a artist blade….It hurt like hell..but now its back n too flush to cut..bad spot..

  4. Jacquelyn

    I have been using new skin for a few days and one small one haz off. Do you have to peel off the new skin each day or just keep putting more on top of that, and do you use bandaids to cover them. I have 7 or 8 where my bra rubs.

  5. Chucky

    I just kept twisting it around until it was tight then pulled quick, it came off with no drama. With warts I put Freedom raw honey on them and within 7 days they had shrunk away and completely disappeared and never returned.

  6. Chrystal

    I just applied clear nail polish on mine. Fell off in just a few days.

  7. Daniella B

    IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE POST TO CONVINCE YOU! Read this! I read hundreds of comments on forums before having the confidence to do it. I had a grape size skin tag on my face, near to my ear, that literally ruined my life for nearly 10 years. I was too embarrassed and poor for a removal and I used my hair to partially cover it (even turned down jobs where I’d need my hair tied back several times!) From 20-30 it RUINED my confidence. Years ago I tried tying the tag with floss but got paranoid about the embedded string getting infected and it was sore and bleeding so I took it off. It was so big I couldn’t face snipping it off either.

    So one week ago I tried using just a band aid (plaster), or more like 5 because it was so big, to cut off circulation. I twisted the tag and pulled it downward and covered it with lots of plasters to hold it in place. On day 1 it didn’t feel any different under the bandages (but a bit colder from lack of blood), day 2 it was slightly larger and swelled up, day 3 I carefully changed the bandages and it was big, swollen, much harder and purple, day 4 it was still swollen a little bit sore around the stalk of the tag with some blood and pus (the tag is detatching, I was nervous but the wound is actually very small so don’t worry), day 5 I changed the bandages and it was very dark, getting shrivelled and smaller but still attached, day 6 there was no pain and the tag was a lot smaller, not swollen anymore but hard and dead, day 7 it was a quarter of the size and before sleeping I took the band aids off and it was no longer attached. IT WAS GONE! It took 7 days, there was almost no pain, a bit of gross bandage changing and lot’s of WILL POWER to go through with it but for the first time in 10 years I’m not constantly trying to cover my face with my hair. Peace, Daniella x

  8. Zettes

    My husband suffers from multitagliosis- he has hundreds in his arm pits and groin area. Ick! How do I get rid of them en- mass? The doc charges about $10.00 Each!!

    • Bonnie
      Central Indiana

      The quickest and easiest way is to get a small pair of scissors (like cuticle scissors), some cotton balls, and a bottle of alcohol. Sterilize the blades of the scissors with the alcohol. Blot one with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball, and carefully snip the stalk between the skin and tag (use a magnifying glass if necessary). Blot with alcohol again. There may be a bit of blood with the larger ones, just hold the cotton ball on it till it stops. It really doesn’t hurt, the larger ones just sting the tiniest bit, certainly tolerable. Since your husband has so many, and because of where they are located, I would do it in sessions, to see how many he can tolerate having removed, and not have any soreness the next day. Once you have them under control, removing new ones as they crop up is easy.
      This is a perfectly safe way to do it. My doctor removed mine this way! Once I saw how easy and painless it was for him to do it, I started doing it myself and saved all that money. I just can’t do the ones on the back of my neck, I need to do something about those.

  9. margaret
    new jersey

    I put coconut oil on what seemed to be several warts around my neck. They are gone. I rubbed it in several times a day for a week or two. Then I had a small one under my eye. Same thing. Gone in a short time.

  10. Terry_D

    I have been using nu-skin for at least two weeks, two times per day, and my (small) skin tag did shrink. Last night, I forgot to put it on, and when I woke up this morning it had started filling out again. I put more on it, and I’m hoping it falls off soon. It did burn for the first few times I used it, but now it just feels wet when I put it on. The Dr. Oz show had someone on a couple of years ago that demonstrated the tying-off technique with dental floss, and he didn’t have anything negative to say about it so I figure I’ll do that for a much larger tag I have on my body.

  11. Amy

    Just a tiny “dot” of oregano oil on the end of a toothpick twice a day can remove the skin tag. I’ve removed two this way and it’s really easy and natural. The oregano oil dries it out until it falls off. It really does work!

  12. Yvette West

    Love this page!

  13. joy

    Years ago, I had many skin tags. My Doctor told me to have my husband tie thread tightly around each one and cut the ends short.
    Every one fell off quickly, with no pain, or scar and never returned.

    • Virginia

      The do that in the animal neutering world

  14. Julie

    Tomorrow is day 3. It was the size of a raisin under my spare tire, lol. I took pics of it everyday, and it should fall off tomorrow. Here is what we did: I wrapped a tiny rubber band 3 times around a 3/8 deep-well socket wrench, clean of course. This fit right over my raisin-sized skintag. Then we rolled the rubberband down over it. It pinched for awhile on day 1, but I’m short and fat so it didn’t bother me much. It took 2 of us, and I had to lie down only because I’m fat and short and can’t see over my breasts.

  15. kr

    I have a large skin tag the size of a small grape in the area between my leg and where my buttock starts, I’ve had it for many years and over time it has gotten larger. It does not hurt but sometimes rubs because it is right where the underwear wear. The most logical of the home remedies seems to be the dental floss, what are the suggestions in place of going to the doctor?

  16. Lily

    If I use the string or floss, how long does it usually take?

  17. Robin Singleterry

    I wouldn’t use the string or floss unless it’s where you can get to it easily. I successfully removed mine with a tiny rubber band wrapped a few times. It cuts the circulation off and turns black and falls off in a few days. Yes it can be a little painful but it’s worth it in the end! If it’s not too big you could just clip it with some sharp mustache scissors or nail clippers. Good luck!

  18. Lily

    I’m just terrified if I do use the string, the outcome will be wrong.

  19. AH

    Put some whiskey on it then it should go away or fall off its 1 idea.

  20. Lorna

    I had skin tags frozen yesterday does anyone know how long it takes for the redness to go away or is there something I can put on them to take the redness away as I go back to work in 3 days thank you for your help

  21. lynn

    “Getting rid of tags” Take the inner part of the banana peel and cut the peel in a small size and place the banana peel over the tag with a Band-Aid. Do this daily until the tag fall off. If you don’t want the banana peel on 24 hours a day you can put the banana peel on at night prior to bed but it will take just a little bit longer than wearing the banana peel 24 hours. Works great and no pain.

    • violet

      they don’t go away for at least 10-14 days and are lined with red and turn black and finally fall off. I hate having them frozen. The best way is to have the dermatologist cut them off. They don’t seem to want to do that anymore. I have been fighting them for years.

  22. mezie

    I never comment but am so excited I had to share. I have had a large mole on my chest since I was young. I went to a dermatologist while I had insurance but she refused to take it off since I was pregnant. A doctor friend said he would remove it but changed his mind when he saw size and location. It took mine 4 days to fall off… I was very worried since floss was stuck. Doesn’t look like it is going to scar too bad. I’m so happy to be free of it. Thanks for the info.

  23. Sally

    I’m overweight and have noticed my neck is getting a bumpy appearance. I am sure I will develop a ton of skin tags on my neck due to friction and I want to prevent that. There is nothing to tie off right now and there are so many bumps that I can’t use the freezing type of skin tag remover or else I would need to freeze my whole neck, including the area without bumps. Is there any creams I could try? Dry brushing? Exfoliating? Anything that I can use on my whole neck area? Any advice would be most appreciated.

    • Josie
      New Zealand

      Apple Cider vinegar wash morning and evening, or even put a face cloth in an apple cider vinegar and warm water solution and cover your neck with it for a few minutes a day. It will help :)

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