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Download 4 pages of ways to use Vicks for toenail fungus, dandruff, cold sores, and more

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Download this 4 page pdf on how to use Vicks VapoRub for toenail fungus, dandruff, cold sores, and more — even as a squirrel repellent!

Product Reviews

  1. Generational Soothing and Healung product😇

    Teresa G

    Hello, I’m the fourth generation in my family.. of using Vick’s Vapo Rub!
    I remember my Mom using it on Me….and seeing both my Great-Grandmother and Grandma using it as well .
    Since than I used it on my Babies as needed, and now on my Grandbabies as well !!!
    There’s so much more to what this product can do for the Love of your Family…Thankyou Vick’s…for such an awesome product…that helps soothe in so many ways.

  2. claudette

    Unbelievable..Why is cough syrup still around I threw all mine away..

  3. Wish I'd tried it sooner


    We always had Vicks put on our chests as kids and hated it. But I used it on my daughter without much success. My daughter suffers with regular colds and the coughs are usually awful, keeping her awake for nights on end. While waiting in a chemist for my turn to be served I overheard a woman telling the pharmacist that she puts Vicks on her childrens feet when they have coughs and it works like a miracle. The next time my daughter was ill I forgot all about it until after the cough had cleared. On the next occasion I remembered and used it and Hey Presto – Magic! We could all get a good nights sleep. And tonight I’ve just done the same again and the coughing has stopped within seconds of applying it. I can only assume that because all organs have nerve endings in the feet it has something to do with that. I now pass this tip on to anyone and everyone I hear mention coughing. I should have shares in Vicks with the amount of people I’ve converted to using the magic elixir. Thanks Vicks for your fantastic product, I will always be a faithful customer.

  4. Vicks on bottom of feet really does help coughing at night.

    Millie C.
    Tulsa, OK

    I am 86 years old – have had a bad cough for about 5 days – last Saturday night I was awake most of the night due to intense coughing – my youngest son told me to put Vicks on the soles of my feet – I told him to quit “messin” with me, I had been awake all night and I wasn’t up to his funny comments. But he assured me he was very serious. So I thought I have nothing to lose by trying this – and to my amazement IT WORKS. I did not awake the entire night.
    I have used Vicks all my life – my Mom used to rub it on my chest every time I had the sniffles (which I did not like at the time) and I did likewise with my 4 sons – So I am an old customer but this new use is so wonderful I had to write a review.

  5. Love it

    tonya h.
    cartersville, Ga

    Love it my mom used it on us growing up, and we have all done the same with our kids.

  6. Peoples

    Cobh, Co.Cork

    My little girl aged 6 has a bad cough she was vomiting with the cough and cried ” it won’t go away mommy” my sister and mother told me put Vicks vapour rub on her chest back and soles of her feet, what? But I will say it did work, the night before we were awake all night, put it on her feet tonight at 8pm, it now 2:45pm, not a sound from her room, and I can go to sleep now

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