top screwups front cover
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Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them

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top screwups front cover
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It is a well-kept secret, but harm from health care is a leading cause of death in this country. Get practical suggestions to protect yourself and loved ones from medical mistakes & drug disasters.

Price: $15.00

Product Description

Protect yourself and your loved ones from health care harm! TOP SCREWUPS has dozens of questions to ask and tips to trouble-shoot potential mistakes before they cause irreversible damage or death.

Find out about the Top 10 diagnostic screwups doctors make and the questions to ask to reduce diagnostic disasters.

Get tips for preventing dangerous drug interactions and discover the top 10 most dangerous pills in the pharmacy.

Learn which drugs should almost never be prescribed to older people because they may cause memory loss or confusion.

Avoid dangerous drug combinations that could compromise your health and find out why doctors and pharmacists have such a hard time preventing interactions between incompatible medications.


Learn the top screwups that happen for conditions like acne, ADD, Alzheimer’s disease arthritis, asthma, back pain, breast cancer, celiac disease, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heartburn, osteoporosis and more.

The life you save may be your own or someone you love!

Product Reviews

  1. Top Screwups Doctors Make

    Dallas, Texas

    I wish every doctor in the country could be given a copy of this and then made to read it. My husband is suffering from terrible after effects of five years of taking statins and years of taking a proton pump inhibitor. He has a so-called geriatric physician who appears to be kind of tired of listening to old people all day long and just does the minimum. I haven’t been able to find a doctor at all. And my greatest problem is dreadful dental problems but not able to afford the oral surgery, etc. that is needed. This book holds a lot of information that doctors and patients alike can use if they will. I long for universal healthcare that will include dental and visual. Something like Switzerland or Denmark or Thailand can offer. This book is good to have.

  2. Top Screwups Doctors Make

    Linda Feild
    Lakeland, FL

    Great book. Will refer to it many times and won’t go to the hospital without it! Thank you for this invaluable information.

  3. Great start to becoming your own advocate for your health

    Diane E. D.
    PA, USA

    Both my husband and I will be using this book for reference to help take control of our health concerns at the doctors. We are both 66 this year and I especially have many concerns regarding prescriptions and procedures. My husband says he finds the book excellent to look into a bit at a time. We like the style of writing and the anecdotal features. I find doctors often skeptical of any information coming from a patient regarding their own care and hope to get more information about drug side effects and other ways to look at health care. There is good info about using the internet to best advantage and how to better communicate with concerned parties. Have not read cover to cover yet but am excited to have it; well worth the price.

  4. Loved it!


    I bought this one for my sister- her husband only believes anything if a doctor says it. No questions from him and he is paying dearly for this attitude. Maybe seeing the things in the book will nudge him towards taking care of himself better.

  5. Very informative for the patient

    Plumas Lake, CA

    An inside look for the patient on what really goes on in doctors’ offices. I most appreciated reading of possible drug interactions and how we must advocate for ourselves.

  6. Top Screwups Doctors make


    I think the book is very informative, to many people are not taking a stance to be in charge of the healthcare. That said, being 70 and wearing reading glasses, I found the print way too small and light, I usually finish books in a day or two and I’m still plugging my way through this one. Darker and bigger would be a big help, I can’t be the only one who is having a problem. I’ve enjoyed all of your products and the podcasts, keep up the good work.
    Sue A.

  7. I agree with screw ups...


    I agree with screw ups…appalled when I go to the Dr. and he is more interested in his stupid computer screen than his patient, no eye contact etc. I finally didn’t talk at my last visit, sat there till he stopped clicking on that darn computer and I said, are you ready to listen and talk to me without that computer going, think he was shocked but I wasn’t there to talk to his computer, I was there to talk to him not his computer. Our world has less people contact and I think its a disturbing problem…….its scary! People contact has always been, computers are an excuse not to have people contact! How sad is that!

  8. some doctors will give you medication but they won't tell you the side efects

    william sanders
    raleigh n c

    it has to many harmful side effect and not enough good ones

  9. Required Reading for All


    Retired RN, everything in this book is right on! I am going to give one to my PCP because he really tries to keep up, but as stated in the book, it is not possible for him to read everything that’s out there. We patients need to be more astute about ourselves.

  10. Patients Beware... screw-ups really do happen.

    A Bull

    The book is timely and certainly addresses some of the problems with medicine today.

    Physicians, especially those in Primary Care, have serious constraints on the way they must practice medicine. Adequate time to spend with patients, insurance restrictions, Medicare and Medicaid as well as RX formularies come to mind. Physicians should be able pay attention to you, the patient instead of looking at their computer screens. They need enough time to listen to patients in order to accurately diagnose problems. The end results of these constraints are often, “ScrewUps.” Pressed for time, too often clinicians rely on what they think is the problem is and fail to “Look For The Zebra” a term for thinking outside the box for a possible diagnosis. That takes time and often, more than one office visit. Specialists are not immune from this situation. The reliance on expensive and often unnecessary tests has impacted the “art” of medicine. Clinicians rely more and more on technology. Medical malpractice also factors into how medicine is practiced today.

    Patients Beware… screw-ups really do happen. This book is well worth reading initially, and certainly when dealing with a specific problem. Patients need to be their own advocates… aware that physicians do not always make the correct decision. No profession is completely error free. It is not possible to always have the correct answer. Medical mistakes can be deadly. Be sure to review the dangers of RX drugs. Read about over the counter medications that also have side effects and should be used carefully. These are just some of the important issues addressed in the book.

    Top Screwups Doctors Make And How To Avoid Them is well worth purchasing, reading and keeping. You will refer to it often.

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