Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy
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Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy

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Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy
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This special 524-page edition is not available in bookstores. Natural healing approaches for scores of common conditions. Learn how one reader lowered her LDL cholesterol 44 points in five weeks without drugs!

Price: $26.95

Product Description

This special edition of Best Choices from The People’s Pharmacy  is filled with natural healing approaches for scores of common conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Leg cramps
  • Headaches
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Heartburn
  • Nail fungus
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis

We evaluate prescription drugs so you can get the best buys for your money. Best Choices is packed with remedies that will surprise you, statistics that will shock you, ratings to help assess your treatment options and drug information that could save your life.

Purchases on the web site receive a 23% discount off the publisher’s list price of $34.95. This special edition (524 pages) is not available in any bookstore or elsewhere on the Internet. It contains an expansion of our People’s Pharmacy Favorite Picks (home remedies) and a chapter on Desert Island Drugs and Dietary Supplements. Some of the country’s leading experts have contributed their insights on the best treatments for what ails you.

This information is only available from Rodale Books and The People’s Pharmacy. Click here for more information.

Product Reviews

  1. Eye Opener

    Lisa M.
    Cumming, GA

    I’d never heard of TPP [The People’s Pharmacy] until it appeared our local newspaper, which I look forward to reading each week. My husband has had some serious heart issues over the past several years. Like many people, when the doc gives you a prescription, you assume it’s in your best interest to take it.

    Wow, the past few years have been a learning experience! I just wish I had known of TPP before my husband starting having his issues. He almost died from taking a common heart drug, which sent him into V-tach and a 5-day stint in the hospital. He has neuropathy in his hands and feet, which started after he started taking statins. I had been on generic thyroid meds for several years, and after reading about people’s experiences with brand names on TPP, had my doc switch me to Armour brand. I lost weight immediately and feel much better. But what really surprised me in the book is how lax the FDA is and how our medications can be sold and repackaged over and over to the point that we really don’t know what we’re getting from our pharmacies in the US.

    I also appreciate the insight into Canadian pharmaceuticals and contact information provided. What impresses me is that TPP provides the links to the research studies to back up their statements, but also qualifies that home remedies may work for some, but not others.

  2. Handy Resource


    The book is a handy resource when looking for a home remedy or a more natural remedy for a health issue. Not every remedy works for everybody but at least the alternatives are all in one place. I hesitate to take drugs for a variety of reasons so I’m happy to have other options at my fingertips. The writing style is very readable and not filled with medical jargon.

  3. Most Helpful

    Rockledge, Fl

    Must helpful book, lots of practical tips on natural treatments. I refer to it often.

  4. This is not the first book of the Graedon's I have purchased

    Doris F.
    McCalla Alabama

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I refer to it often, as well as get your newsletter. I have used a number of the remedies mentioned and usually get good results. And if I don’t, well different strokes for different folks. At 91, I need all the help I can get lol.

  5. Best Choices From The People's Pharmacy

    Linda Gard
    Manns Harbor, NC

    I found this information enlightening, inspirational, and most helpful toward a healthier me.
    I am appreciative that my physician recommended you and your resources. Thank you for looking forward in your total package delivery. Love the internet site and resources as well.
    Request: I too would like materials focused on issues from a geriatric perspective – aging gracefully challenged by sensitivities.
    Thanks for your initiative and know that an OBX physician spreads the connection!

  6. Best choices from the People's Pharmacy

    Maureen D.
    Bath, NY

    It’s does offer many references to many illnesses/problems for people my age (past 60), however, I wish there was a book devoted to the older generation so that I could skip those things that no longer affect me. The advice is clearly written and makes sense.

  7. Love this book!


    I love this book! It covers so much information. I am so glad I bought it!! Saves me from going to the internet and wondering if the information is true!

  8. Very Helpful

    Spartanburg SC

    I like my book. It is very informative. I also purchased a few as gifts. Thanks for putting the info together in one book – vs me clipping lots of articles.

  9. Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy

    Torrington, CT

    Interesting and informative. Common sense ideas. I like being able to refer to this book for information that makes sense and may help me to avoid using typical medications or drugs. I’ve been use Ivory Soap for leg cramps and hip pain for several years…it works for me so I’ve recommended it to others. Each Sunday I read your column in The Hartford Courant and find helpful tips there, too. Thanks very much!

  10. Book review

    Prestine Macy

    Excellent book. Reliable information on alternative medicine. Many thanks to the authors.

  11. Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy


    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this book. As a nurse I find it down to earth, simple to understand and THE BEST advice. I have personally bought several for gifts for friends in need. They have uncovered the “medical worlds” dirty little secrets.

  12. This book is a very good read

    Kay Risinger
    Tyler, TX

    This book is a very good read. I have not made it through the entire book yet but what I have read has told me of many remedies that I will be trying. I am very glad that I ordered this book!

  13. The Peoples Pharmacy

    Bob F.
    Naperville, IL

    Just the kind of book I was looking for. It saves me from running to the Doctors every time I have a problem. I always try what is in your book first. So far I haven’t needed to run to the Doctors. I share it with my family all the time.

  14. Unexpected information


    Lots of good information and came across some very valuable to me, personally. I have trouble getting to and staying asleep…nightly! Try to eliminate all possible causes. Found out from your book that I take metoprolol extended release daily and this drug is capable of affecting my sleep. Unfortunately I have been taking the once a day drug after supper. I clearly should at least change the time of day I take it and also ask doctor if I still need it since AFB has greatly improved. (Sleeplessness not listed as a possible side effect.)

  15. Easy read


    Delivered timely. Easy read, like having a conversation with the Graedons. I purchased 2 books and find that it was value received. Again, good job you two.

  16. Impressions on "Best Choices from the Peoples Pharmacy"

    John J. M.

    1. Overall, I like the book. I haven’t had a chance to use it on a lot of occasions yet.

    2. I have had insomnia for many months. The information on the use of Magnesium to help cure insomnia was a Godsend for me. It has really worked!

    3. I recently picked up some poison ivy, and was discouraged to learn that the book doesn’t have any information on possible ways to treat skin problems.

  17. Best Choices From The Pople's Pharmacy


    I just received your book a few days ago. I haven’t gone through it completely yet of course, but what I have perused looks like I will be using the book as a reference guide for a very, very long time. Now, if other pharmacists and medical personnel would read it perhaps our health care would focus on people and their health and not always on the bottom line, we would be better off.

  18. Best Choices from the Peoples' Pharmacy


    Very interesting book with possible remedies for various conditions. I’m using the raisin gin remedy daily with excellent results for my painful right knee. Two lady friends are successfully using the yellow mustard leg pain remedy.

    I have the 2007 edition. Do you need to publish a new edition with your latest findings ??

  19. Diverse topics

    Ken Moffat

    Good book, many topics covered, well written.

  20. An excellent reference

    Robert H. Banaszak
    Hamburg, NY

    Very informative and easy to read reference book! Easy to understand for a healthy and active life, regardless of an individuals age.

  21. Helpful info on every page.

    Pat Murchison

    I leave this book out on a table so that I can reference any subject that comes up in conversation or the newspaper. I have used some of the suggestions provided and so far have found the book to be a great help in finding better solutions for areas of concern.

  22. Great Source of Medical Information

    Diane Wright
    Rock Hill, SC 29732

    There’s a lot of information in this book that you can’t find anywhere else that is a tremendous help on what works and what doesn’t. These authors collect valuable data from many sources which makes this book a great reference on many of the issues that we face daily in trying to stay healthy.

  23. Best Choices From The People Pharmacy

    Ursula Jaynes
    Hampton, VA

    I received your book about three weeks ago, it makes good reading. I have learned a lot just by skimming thru, it also gave me answers to some questions. I pick up the book every chance I get. Ursula

  24. Best Choices from the People's Pharmacy

    George Spencer

    Lots of information with good index.

  25. Great Info

    United States

    Very helpful. Bought 2 as gifts and 1 for myself.

  26. IT would be helpful to include the copywright date so that we know if this is an update or the 2006 version.


    The blurb says that it is not available on the internet or in bookstores. Yet if you search the web and bookstores you will find it everywhere – so is this an updated version that is not yet available to the internet or bookstores or is this the 2006 version which is widely available – one would hate to buy the same book over and over again simply because it sounds like a new version. Please include copywright date so we know what we are buying.

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