A Cure for Asthma? What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You–and Why

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This book challenges conventional wisdom about the causes and treatments of asthma. Could hard-to-treat asthma be triggered by a persistent infection? Dr. David Hahn presents the scientific evidence.

Price: $16.95

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A Cure for Asthma? offers a revolutionary hypothesis about the underlying cause of some cases of asthma. In an uncertain number of asthma patients, a smoldering infection that is difficult to diagnose can trigger inflammation, allergic responses and wheezing characteristic of asthma. Many of these asthma patients find their condition hard to manage with conventional asthma treatments.

What if it could be cured once and for all with antibiotic therapy? David L. Hahn, MD, MS, has decades of experience. He is a past Clinical Professor and current Director of the Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

In this book, he provides the scientific evidence that supports his hypothesis and presents compelling stories from patients who experienced dramatic improvement after going through his treatment regimen. This book offers asthma patients and their families vital information that they can’t find anywhere else, because their doctors probably don’t know of it. Essential reading for anyone with asthma!

Product Reviews

  1. Kent Autry
    Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte is one of the worst allergy cities in the nation. Every spring and fall I used to get really sick, like a bad cold and flu combined. Then, I started having severe exercise induced asthma. They gave me albuterol and Symbicort. It helped but Symbicort was giving me glaucoma. Quit quickly, butRings around lights are less but effect apparently permanent. My mother was a lifelong asthmatic and was cured by antibiotics and prednisone recommended by a Dr. She met. Her dr refused to prescribe the medicine for over a year. She has had no further attacks for years since taking the regimen. Same for me, about 2 yrs. I think this is analogous to h pylori. Drs still prescribe Nexium without even testing for h pylori.. Two weeks of antibiotics and no more severe heart burn and acid reflux.



    Why am I not able to print these valuable comments? If you can, please make this possible. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this book

    Franklin, Ohio

    About fourteen years ago I encountered some sort of lung infection with afternoon fever, coughing, major weakness and trouble getting my breath. Doctors were sure it was my heart. Had tests, even a heart cath. Nothing showed up. Nothing showed up in x-rays, but I was so sick. During one point I had to lie flat to breath, couldn’t even breathe sitting up. Over the years I get some better, but the slightest thing will set off fever and breathing problems again. A blood test taken a few years after initial infection showed that at one point I had chlamydia pneumoniae, but they said not now, only asthma/copd. Hope I can find someone who might address this problem this new way. I feel like I am living in a very small box. Thanks for this book.

  4. A Cure for Asthma? What your Doctor isn't telling you and why.

    Lloyd A.

    Amazing discovery. I have had a persistent dry cough for going on five years. It’s a wonder I have any lungs left at all or haven’t suffered some aneurysm. Actually, I did have an AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm or Aortic Dissection) so I am lucky to be alive on two counts. Part of my problem was convincing someone in the medical establishment to even entertain the fact that I may be suffering from a long term infection. At the point I am now I still feel my family physician stands unconvinced of that possibility. It’s been a long haul but armed with Dr. Hahn’s book, his research and my experience I am confident progress can be realized. I Thank you Dr. Hahn.

  5. James Berdine
    28654 North Carolina

    I don’t know about his product but: in 1955 my local MD was treating me for an accident I had sustained at work when he said you have asthma, I said I had had it most of my life, just as my father, my grandfather and some of the others had. He had a reparation at that time for treating patients from all over the U.S for asthma and of course I agreed for his treatment. ( And he treated me for free. Amen)) That was in1955 and I’ve never had the durn stuff since, I remember the “Cisco Kid” was there for treatment and his later remarks was no return of the problem. The doctors name was Kenneth McKesson- the area was Chatham County, N. C. and articles have been written about it, Chatham County Historical Society, Pittsboro. The feds came in, checked him out, said he poisoned the patients and to quit or loose his license. A dr. in Missouri also used the same treatment. I swear on the Bible to the truth of this, James Berdine, 511 Cove Gap Rd, Moravian Falls, NC 28654 Also- a very strong mixture was used as a final dose to be used for several days after the treatment, My friend a pharmacist-was able to check that out as it was never mentioned outside of the office.


    Fred B.

    The Holy Bible is my number 1 book, and Dr. Hahn explained everything perfectly,
    from the cause to the cure.
    I can’t thank everyone that was involved with this book, and Thanks to Joe and Terry
    for your part in it too.

  7. Excellent


    Thanks Dr. Hahn. Spirometry results after azthyromycin treatment increased by over 10 % as measured using FEV1 and most significantly ==small airway measures up from 60% to 80%. PLease do not ignore small airway measurements-effort excellent before and after.


    FLEM D.

    I read A CURE FOR ASTHMA?, three (3) times, and to make a fifteen (15) week story short, I am symptom free!

    l literally may owe my good health to Dr. David Hahn and THE PEOPLES’ PHARMACY PRESS.

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