Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap

People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap

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Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap
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So many readers have told us that soap under the bottom sheet wards of leg cramps we tried it ourselves. It works for us! To make it more comfortable, we developed flat People's Pharmacy Bed Soap.

Price: $8.95

Product Description

We have heard from so many readers that soap under the bottom sheet can ward off leg cramps or restless leg syndrome (RLS) that we tried the soap ourselves. We found this remedy helpful, but having a big bar of soap in bed with you was a tad uncomfortable.

That’s why we developed The People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap. It is flat and comfortable in bed, and it¬†provides more soap than a typical bar. We added a hint of lavender to help people fall asleep (there is evidence that this fragrance facilitates sleep). There is even a scientific hypothesis¬†for why soap might help prevent muscle cramps.

One box of People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap includes three bars of soap. Once the soap has done its job preventing leg cramps it can be taken to the shower and used again to scrub-a-dub-dub.


  • Sodium palmate (saponified palm oil)
  • Sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil)
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Fragrance
  • Vitamin D
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Violet 2 (color)


Product Reviews

  1. Highly recommend

    middleton, wi

    How this works is a puzzle but it certainly worked to stop my frequent, painful leg cramps which would wake me during the night. My husband changed the sheets one day and unknown to me he forgot to include the soap. That night I had the first leg cramp in several months and my first thought was that the soap was no longer working, until I happily realized the next day that the soap was missing! I am very grateful that I tried, what I thought, was a strange suggestion. I would love to know how/why it works!

  2. So Glad I Tried It

    United States

    I had bad RLS and didn’t want to take yet another medication. Two people mentioned soap to me and I thought it sounded crazy. I’m quite the skeptic! But reading about this product I thought, what’s to lose? If it doesn’t work I can use it in the bath. The first night the RLS started I went to the bathroom, grabbed one of the bars and put it under the bottom sheet. The awful feeling quit almost immediately, and I was more than surprised! I’ve never been without it since and have not had any more “crazy legs”. Love the smell too!

  3. cannot live without it


    Been using for over 5 years. I truly cannot live without it. I even travel with it. I’ve given it away to people with chronic leg cramps or RLS, and they are amazed at how quickly it works!

    Bed Soap is a great gift, but a gift to me. I was suffering with RLS and took a chance. I Love this bed soap. I keep a bar on the couch too!

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