Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap
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People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap

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Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap
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Quick Overview

So many readers have told us that soap under the bottom sheet wards of leg cramps we tried it ourselves. It works for us! To make it more comfortable, we developed flat People's Pharmacy Bed Soap.

Price: $8.95

Product Description

We have heard from so many readers that soap under the bottom sheet can ward off leg cramps or restless leg syndrome (RLS) that we tried the soap ourselves. We found this remedy helpful, but having a big bar of soap in bed with you was a tad uncomfortable.

That’s why we developed The People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap. It is flat and comfortable in bed, and it provides more soap than a typical bar. We added a hint of lavender to help people fall asleep (there is evidence that this fragrance facilitates sleep). There is even a scientific hypothesis for why soap might help prevent muscle cramps.

One box of People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap includes three bars of soap. Once the soap has done its job preventing leg cramps it can be taken to the shower and used again to scrub-a-dub-dub.


  • Sodium palmate (saponified palm oil)
  • Sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil)
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Fragrance
  • Vitamin D
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Violet 2 (color)


Product Reviews

  1. This soap is Awesome!!!


    I have had RLS for years!! Never thought something so simple could help.
    I read about it and ordered your bed soap. Thought I’d try ivory until yours got here. I cut them up in small chips 3 bars and put in 3 socks. I kept waiting for it to help. I wasn’t sure how long it would take. It wasn’t working and the bed soap came in. I switched and it helped immediately!! I was so impressed!!! You have a customer for life!
    Thank you

  2. Skeptic Turns True Believer

    Chicago Suburbs

    I thought I had tried everything so I “screamed” at google for help!!! I never once believed soap under my sheet was the answer to my nightly leg cramps so I am still amazed that I have not had one leg cramp since my order arrived 7 months ago. Don’t suffer another night of cramps!!!

  3. Happy that I tried it!


    I was a bit skeptical, but thought it would be worth a try. It has definitely helped with the nightly leg cramps. Thanks

  4. Broke in Half


    It smells so good but broke in half in a couple of days. Finally anchored it to the mattress cover with double stick carpet tape. Much better. No doubt that it works on leg cramps. I do health exhibits for retired teacher groups and have gotten feedback from many people how surprised they were that it worked.

  5. Bed Soap

    Candace Frey
    Akron, New York 14001

    The bed soap was an answer to prayer. It got rid of my leg cramps immediately for a year and half, so of course I ordered more. Even my RLS was reduced, although it didn’t go completely away. I certainly was skeptical about using it, seemed like an old wive’s tale, but now am a believer. Using is believing.

  6. Strong fragrance

    Annie B.
    Cambridge MA

    I liked the smell at the first sniff, but found it overpowering in our small bedroom, so I’m returning the bed soap. It’s wonderful that most folks found that it worked well for them.


  7. Surprisingly Effective

    United States

    Both my husband and I have terrible, screaming leg cramps. Nothing has really helped – dietary supplements, dietary changes, exercising, heating pads, medication. So I thought we would give this a try, what do I have to lose? Much to our surprise, we have gone weeks without a single cramp. Also, it smells really nice. I’m a believer!

  8. Smells wonderful

    Teresa M.

    Smells wonderful, flat and comfortable and …yes it works!

  9. Cannot live without it -- absolutely love, love, love it!

    Irene D.
    Houston, Texas

    Before trying People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap, I read about bar soap under the sheet working. The article said any soap would work and it recommended Ivory soap. I tried it, but it was totally ineffective. When I read about People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap, I decided to give it a try. People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap is 100% effective for me. It’s miraculous! I will not be without it.

  10. Bed Soap


    Sorry, but I found this product absolutely useless.

  11. Works reasonably well

    Rhode Island

    I really think this soap tucked under my bottom sheet works quite well. My RLS is definitely better, some nights I am not bothered at all. Other nights they do but not as uncomfortable as I have had in the past. So I continue to use it and am grateful. Thanks

  12. Bed Soap

    United States

    It didn’t work for us I am very disappointed to report. Neither of us has RLS but do sometimes have leg and or foot cramps. Its an attractive product. Although lavender is one of the few scents I can tolerate, I found it bothered me. I never have any scent near me if I can help it.

  13. Works for hip bursitis, too!

    United States

    I thought I’d try it to alleviate my hip and trochanteric bursitis – which has been unresponsive to all medical efforts, leaving me resigned to sleeping only on my right side. Put 1 1/2 bars in one sock and 1/2 bar in another sock (for length coverage) and put the sock son top of the bottom sheet, next to the painful area. It really alleviated the pain! It took a couple of nights, but I have been able to lie on my left side quite often – with no resulting pain. If I irritate the bursa during the day, I lay the sock next to my trochanteric area, as I sit in my recliner or lie on the bed; and it really helps. Still experimenting with how much and where for my arthritic dog; but it does seem to be helping him, too.

  14. No more RLS!

    Pasco, WA

    I haven’t had an episode of RLS since I put a bar of it under the sheet. If it’s all just my imagination, I sure wish I could imagine the arthritis in my hands away as well.
    P.S. The smell is heavenly.

  15. Louis B.
    United States

    I like the product but it doesn’t work for me.

  16. Love it

    United States

    I would use this bed soap even if it didn’t work for RLS, the smell is so relaxing that I truly think that alone would would help me sleep. The bonus is, it does work. It was not instant for me as some have said but over the course of 2 weeks, my restless legs just got better and better until I no longer have a problem. Thank you for this product.

  17. Bed Soap stops Leg Cramps and Restless Leg

    M Perks
    United States

    I love this soap: from the delightful essential oil of lavender (I hate synthetic “perfumes”) to its saving of Restless Leg Syndrome 95% of the time and leg cramps every time so far. I’m giving it a 4 star rating but think it’s worth at least a 4.5 only because only once I had to take a homeopathic remedy to stop the RLS and get to sleep and I have some concerns about the nature of “Fragrance”. This is a great product which I will buy again and will even send some to family in Europe.

  18. didn't work


    This did not work at all for me.

  19. Soap


    Love it – -seems to work – and have it in both Florida and Michigan

  20. Bed Soap

    W H (Bill) Ford

    I have been very happy with this product. My only problem is getting it. I am in Canada and with the dollar difference and shipping and handling can be a problem. For a person on pension this can be a drag. I also purchased Mom’s anti-perspirant and like it very much. These products last a long time so that helps. Bill Ford

  21. No more leg cramps

    Sandy Johnson
    United States

    I had had infrequent leg cramps and thought I would try the soap to see if it would eliiminate the problem. I haven’t had any cramps since I started using it. My husband felt the soap once and I explained it to him. I like that the profile of the bar shape makes it unnoticable under the covers.

  22. It did not help me.


    The bed soap did not help me, but 2 stars for your suggestion. I am a dedicated follower of your columns. I am trying the drunken raisin regimen now.

  23. Works well

    Lee Ann
    Spring, Texas

    I use 2 pillows under my legs due to back pain – one is under my knees and one is under my feet. I put two bars of bed soap inside the pillow case of the foot pillow. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but it does seem to alleviate the leg cramps when they happen. However, it does take about 30 seconds for the cramp to subside – I make sure my legs are directly on top of the soap bars. Sometimes I just can’t wait that long, so I leap out of bed and crouch down like I’m going to ski down a hill. That gives instant relief. I love the lavender scent of the soap, but my cat hates it.

  24. So-So

    Gary J.

    I have been using the soap for several weeks and still have had some leg cramps. Having said that, I have only had one bad episode along with a few minor cramps in the lower part of my legs. Previously, the bad leg cramps were not that frequent but enough that I was willing to try the soap. I would have to say that there is some relief but I couldn’t say that it is the total answer to the problem. The other issue is that the bars break so that there are several pieces under the sheet. I’ll continue the use of the soap as it certainly can’t hurt.

  25. Highly recommend

    middleton, wi

    How this works is a puzzle but it certainly worked to stop my frequent, painful leg cramps which would wake me during the night. My husband changed the sheets one day and unknown to me he forgot to include the soap. That night I had the first leg cramp in several months and my first thought was that the soap was no longer working, until I happily realized the next day that the soap was missing! I am very grateful that I tried, what I thought, was a strange suggestion. I would love to know how/why it works!

  26. So Glad I Tried It

    United States

    I had bad RLS and didn’t want to take yet another medication. Two people mentioned soap to me and I thought it sounded crazy. I’m quite the skeptic! But reading about this product I thought, what’s to lose? If it doesn’t work I can use it in the bath. The first night the RLS started I went to the bathroom, grabbed one of the bars and put it under the bottom sheet. The awful feeling quit almost immediately, and I was more than surprised! I’ve never been without it since and have not had any more “crazy legs”. Love the smell too!

  27. cannot live without it


    Been using for over 5 years. I truly cannot live without it. I even travel with it. I’ve given it away to people with chronic leg cramps or RLS, and they are amazed at how quickly it works!

    Bed Soap is a great gift, but a gift to me. I was suffering with RLS and took a chance. I Love this bed soap. I keep a bar on the couch too!

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