Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap

People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap

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Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap
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Quick Overview

So many readers have told us that soap under the bottom sheet wards of leg cramps we tried it ourselves. It works for us! To make it more comfortable, we developed flat People's Pharmacy Bed Soap.

Price: $8.95

Product Description

We have heard from so many readers that soap under the bottom sheet can ward off leg cramps or restless leg syndrome (RLS) that we tried the soap ourselves. We found this remedy helpful, but having a big bar of soap in bed with you was a tad uncomfortable.

That’s why we developed The People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap. It is flat and comfortable in bed, and it¬†provides more soap than a typical bar. We added a hint of lavender to help people fall asleep (there is evidence that this fragrance facilitates sleep). There is even a scientific hypothesis¬†for why soap might help prevent muscle cramps.

One box of People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap includes three bars of soap. Once the soap has done its job preventing leg cramps it can be taken to the shower and used again to scrub-a-dub-dub.


  • Sodium palmate (saponified palm oil)
  • Sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil)
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Fragrance
  • Vitamin D
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Violet 2 (color)


Product Reviews

  1. Helpful


    I use bed soap and have shared it with a friend who has RLS. I also drink tonic water before bedtime to alleviate cramps if I have had a cocktail or wine in the evening. I like the thinness of it and the fragrance.

  2. Bed soap


    I ordered for relief from rls. Doesn’t help but I’ve used for about a month now and has alleviated foot cramps that I sometimes have.

  3. Bed Soap


    It didn’t work for me. At first I tried it just under the sheet–I felt it too much during the night. Then I stuck it in a sock—that made it better. BUT, even though it didn’t stop the nighttime cramps, it makes the bedroom smell WONDERFUL and now when I make the bed in the morning I put it on top of my pillow and it infuses that wonderful lavender smell on the pillow and when I am falling asleep at night I can smell it and it helps me to fall asleep. Oh so nice!

  4. Finally, a soap that fits!


    I have used soap under the sheets as a means of relieving leg cramps for years. The only problem was that the size of the soap made it uncomfortable at times. I also couldn’t keep it in place. Your soap works like a dream — no leg cramps, no bumps under the covers and it stays put! Hooray!


    Fairmont NC

    The Bed Soap definitely relieved pain in feet and legs. I liked the size, fragrance, and color of the soap also.

  6. Definitely Works for Me!!!

    Suzie W.
    Chicago suburbs and Ocala Florida

    I have had leg cramps since I was a child. This soap is a miracle! Worked the first night I used it and has continued to work for a year. I’m reordering today!

  7. Bed Soap


    This soap has worked for me. No more restless legs in bed. Plan to take some with me on my cruise.

  8. 3 Years and Still Going!!!


    A friend of mine first introduced me to your site …Both my husband and I have leg issues and we started using regular soap first ..Then we purchased your soap and really liked it..love the smell and flat size as opposed to a regular bar of soap.
    We now use only one bar between us to conserve costs…I stay with my grandkids 3-4 days a week and take a bar with me also..

  9. It works!!

    Ibiza, Spain

    I don’t know how or why it works, but it does and it smells gorgeous :)

  10. Bed Soap


    It’s OK, but since it is smooth, it tends to roam around under the sheet and sometimes ends up under my hip. I was surprised how large it was. Prefer smaller soap chips. I save soap when it gets too small to use in the bath. That way when the soap loses its cramp prevention power, I can throw it away and put new soap chips in. And they do tend to lose their cramp prevention power over time. I don’t know why, any more than I know why they work in the first place!

  11. Good results for cramps and trochanteric bursitis


    I an delighted with it. I put one long bar in a calf-height sock, and added 1/2 a bar for length and curve. Laid it beside my left hip and thigh. It really seems to help reduce the severe trochanteric an bursitis pain there. Pretty good deterrent to foot cramps but if I forget and the cramp gets bad before I put it on the bed (in another sock I keep hand), then I need to use 1 tbsp of yellow mustard to stop the cramp but then the soap prevents it from returning a little later – which used to be a problem for me. Only issue is that I need to roll over on my left side to get out of bed; and if I am not mindful of the soap there, it is quite uncomfortable to accidentally roll over on it.

  12. Great product!

    Milwaukee WI

    I have purchased two boxes of bed soap in the last several years. I decided to initially try it as it was inexpensive and very interesting to me. I did not have severe leg cramps, however I seldom have them at all after using the bars between the sheets! I also love the lavender fragrance and after a few months will turn them over or even scrape the bars to refresh the smell. Great product!

  13. Like the scent, but still ahd cramps


    I don’t know if it’s real or not. I tried it, but still had cramps. I think the lavender scent did help me sleep better, though. When you have restless leg syndrome you will try anything to help relieve those symptoms.

  14. Don't want to be without it

    Hazel W.
    North Carolina

    I have been using this soap under my sheets for about nine months. I had used a bar of regular soap for a long time and then ordered the “Bed Soap” from People’s Pharmacy and like it because of the scent and it is thin, does not bother me, but works. I ordered several bars and gave my friends a bar to try. They liked it also. Don’t want to be without it. That is why I gave it the “5” stars.

  15. Great product

    Lee Ann F.
    Spring, Texas

    I am plagued by nighttime leg cramps. Due to lower back issues, I sleep with two additional pillows – one under my knees and one under my lower legs (I mainly sleep on my back). I put two bars of this soap under the pillow case of the pillow under my lower legs. When I wake up with a cramp, I position my legs and feet over the bars of soap and the cramp releases in about 15 seconds. Amazing! I’m very pleased with the soap and would highly recommend it. I love the scent and when a small part broke off one of the bars, I am using it for hand soap at my sink.

  16. BED SOAP

    George W.

    Have used it for a year now and have found I get great relief from CRAMPS IN MY LEGS.
    Before using the BED SOAP I was up every night with cramp in my legs -SO I HAVE TO SAY THIS PRODUCT WORKS (FOR ME).
    I will keep using it till I find it doesn’t work — I hope that is a long way off as I am getting a great night’s sleep now.
    I Am 72 years old and have never experienced anything like this BED SOAP.
    G W

  17. Did nothing for me

    Colleen K.

    Although I adore the scent of this soap, it did nothing for my restless legs. I put it under my sheets and even rubbed it directly on my legs with no relief. It wasn’t a total loss though – after two months of it not working on the restless legs, I took it out of my bed and used it in the shower and tub.

  18. Not impressed

    Ed Como
    Berlin CT

    I was not impressed. It didn’t do anything. There was no change or improvement. My wife received no benefit as well and so did her mother. We all tried it with no positive results. You should send me a refund!

  19. Didn't work


    This didn’t work for my husband. We tried it for several months and it never prevented his RLS. We stopped using it.

  20. So Far, so good!

    Electric City, WA

    I haven’t totally made my mind up yet…I’ve depended so long on Schwepp’s Tonic Water in the middle of the night to rid myself of the leg cramps; but so far, I love the lavender smell of this soap and found it doesn’t bother me being under my bottom sheet. I’ll know more after I trim, weed eat and mow tomorrow. I hope I get the chance to share another review after that!

    If it doesn’t work well for me, I’m not experiencing a loss…I can use it in my bath!

  21. Bed Soap

    Marilyn P.
    Gig Harbor, WA

    I like this stuff very well, it works most of the time for me. I pushed some pieces into my socks on a recent plane ride and it was helpful there too. The most recent purchase went to a relative in Europe and she hasn’t yet reported her findings.

  22. Bed soap


    Seems to be working and love the smell. Just a bit hard on the ankles.

  23. Not much change so far

    Chris Saunders

    Well, i only received it four days ago – it takes time for a parcel to come from the US to Norway. Anyway, I stuck a bar of the bed soap under the sheet near my feet. Tonight will be the third night. I’ve also shoved a few mini bars into my socks for daytime wear.

    Last night, however, I had one of the worst bouts of restlessness/restless legs that I’ve had in months. Backside, legs, shoulders, you name it. I keep an electric massager near the bed for these occasions and it helps sometimes to give the muscles and nerves in my buttocks and thighs a good going over, but not this time. Had no effect at all. In the end I got up and got myself a Sifrol (Pramipexole), which apparently is supposed to relieve restless leg symptoms. I don’t take it regularly, though I did swallow one this evening to avoid a repetition of last night.

    I’ve been thinking about this soap though. If there’s an active ingredient it must be in the etheric oils which leach into the body through the skin. Any ideas anybody?

  24. Relief at Last


    After ever increasing nights of leg cramps this soap has given me welcome relief. When I tried a standard size bar of soap my husband poo-pooed it and says it didn’t work for him. However, since your bar of soap has been under the sheet he hasn’t been complaining with leg cramps. The bar is so slim he doesn’t know it’s there.

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